(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 6, March, 2017

Chapter 75

Celebration of birthday was unaccepted by Jibankrishna

August 7, 1960.

Can you say what is birth celebration? God is manifested within a human body and that is the birth celebration. Dasu Babu, Basanta, they dreamed that they were performing my birth celebration. When they came and asked for my permission I told Dasu Babu, ‘Oh Dasu Babu from time immemorial this birth celebration of so many great men have been performed, and even now it is performed, but is the benefit of the world? And besides it, this celebration is out of brain.’ So I objected their effort. Though they got hurt, but they did not perform it.

But can you say why I have objected it? I am eternal who is born in human body everyday has no special day for birth. So I prevented them. Again think its opposite side. Those who permits to celebrate their birth day, they have not visualized God. They were not able to be transformed into God.

The cycle of austerity is completed in Jibankrishna or Diamond

August 9, 1960.

Byasbhasya, Shandilya bhasya, Narad bhasya, Ramanuj bhasya, all are saying in their scriptures that ‘a man having supreme knowledge become Brahma or Supreme’ But they cannot be omnipotent. What I have said in one word? I have said that according to them this omnipotency is hidden outside. But challenging them I am saying that a man can achieve omnipotency. Whatever will arise within my mind will manifest in the world.

To-day so many memories are arising in my mind. Basanta saw in his dream a rope with innumerable knots and holding the two ends of the rope when I stretched it, all the knots were opened. I told him, ‘You have become free from Asta pash’(eight affinities).

I saw in dream that I spread a net on the whole world like a spider spreading its net. Now that net has become concentrated within me (Completion of the cycle of austerity).

Rajyoga means to become king of yoga

August 13, 1960.

At my 13 years 8 months age when Rajyoga was manifested within me, from that day I have become universal. Rajyoga means to become king through yoga. I have understood that Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) achieved Rajyoga. Now why this Rajyoga has manifested within me at my 13 years 8 months age? There were so many people in the world. What is its cause? Some say that this happens due to good prejudices of the previous birth. But there is no proof. Again nothing can be said what is its cause. I have not conceived till now any reason. It is mysterious something.

Listen, you are the authority. Whatever you will say will happen.

These things happen in the nineteenth century. A man from Garalghacha (Howrah) once told me, ‘None like this has appeared in the twentieth century. You are the man of nineteenth century. I also understood that he was correct!

This human body is mysterious

August 15, 1960.

This phenomenon (Seeing Diamond in various states) is the evolution of human body. This occurs spontaneous according to the law of nature. It is natural evolution of human body – no, it is not correct to term as nature. Automatic evolution of human body. No, even not that, because when it is evolution it is automatic. This human body is so mysterious that when the grandfather of a man said something and his grandson did not hear it, yet those words may manifest within his body. This human body is so mysterious.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 6, March, 2017

Sarat Chandra Dutta

Part – 2

Sarat Dutta narrated a few of his divine dreams :

On 20th December,1990, I dreamed that I was reading the magazine ‘Manikya’ (Trimonthly Bengali magazine on Diamond phenomenon), while holding the magazine in my hand, I saw Diamond coming out of the magazine moved away in front of me. I also followed him holding the magazine in my hand, but couldn’t reach him. When he was increasing his speed. I also was doing that, but the distance between us remained the same. After going to a certain distance, we reached a field, and he started running and so I, though the distance remained unchanged. Ultimately I saw a tree in front. He pierced through the trunk of the tree, but I couldn’t. Whenever I was trying to cross the tree, it was creating obstruction to me by moving. When I became very tired, I saw Diamond coming infront me said, ‘I have come to know that you have come with me. I am very satisfied with your reading. First you should read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and then ‘Manikya’ magazine’. The dream went off and I felt a great peace and joy.

On 7th January,1991, I dreamed that Diamond stood in front of me and told, ‘we all, go to the reading centre. Come there with all your associates’. I said, ‘I am having a leg pain, I cannot move’. He said, ‘you come, you can do everything, I am with you’. So according to his request I went out to call everybody thus with Murari De, Panchakri Das, Kalyan Sen, Debasish Sen I accompanied Diamond. After walking for a certain distance, we reached a field where a small low wooden plat form was kept. Diamond sat on that platform and all of us sat encircling him. I noticed that many other listeners came there, but all were unknown.

At first Diamond told Murari to sing a devotional song. After the song he ordered me to read. Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) and I also started reading. After a long time we saw that a bright light appeared on the place Diamond was seated and he disappeared. My dream went off.

27th Janiary,1991.

I dreamed that I had gone to the residence of Himangshu Das, Diamond’s companion for listening to his reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Religion and Realization. I sat near the window. Murari and others sat on the floor. Gospel Roy was reading Gospel. Suddenly I saw that he had been transformed into Diamond while others other were transformed into Sri Ramkrishna. After a  while again I saw that the reader’s sitting place became vacant and in front of that two words of illuminated neon light emerged as ‘I’ and ultimately in place of all listeners the word ‘I’ emerged with illumination. The dream went off.

31st January,1991.

I come to read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna everyday at the watch shop of Murari. On this day as Murari had not the 2nd volume of Kathamrita, he told me to read another book ‘Sudha Kumdha’ (written by a companion of Diamond on him) and accordingly I read that book and went home. That night I dreamed that Diamond, appearing before me was saying, I have previously told you to read ‘Kathamrita’ first and then ‘Manikya’ magazine and other books (I dreamed it on 28.12.1990) and Murari knew it. How could he hold you to read ‘Sudhakumbha’? So I begged his apology and requested him to for gave Murari also. Diamond told me, ‘Henceforth, you should start reading with ‘Kathamrita’ and then other books’. The dream went off.

20th Ocober,1991.

Early morning I dreamed that I was going to an unknown place. After some time I reached a field. That place was decorated with Muslim style. Some flags were waving. The situation was very calm. I saw a Muslim gentleman reading Koran. Seeing me he told me to sit there and forwarding a huge tree leaf told me to sit on it. Then he again started reading and I began and I began to listen. Suddenly forwarding that book towards me asked, ‘Can you read this book’? I answered, ‘I am Hindu, I don’t know Urdu language, how do I read’? Then he brought Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna from somewhere and told me, ‘you read this Kathamrita (Gospel) and let me listen’. I began to read with a great concentration in my mind. Suddenly looking at him I noticed that instead of that gentleman Diamond was seated, and my dream went off.

1st January, 1992.

Early in the morning I dreamed, that a huge light was approaching towards me from a for distant place. As it was proceeding, it began to be smaller in size. Ultimately it entered into my body. But after a while Sri Ramkrishna came out of my body and stood in front of me. After a while when he disappeared Diamond came out of my body and stood in front of me.

Then Sri Ramkrishna again reappeared in front of me, and both of them stood in front of me. I paid my salute to both of them by touching my head on their feet. The dream them went off.

After getting Diamond as my God-the-Preceptor my life is fulfilled and always feel peace and divine joy. I have realized that he is the truth.



Volume 6, March, 2017

Chapter 93

Vision  of  the  Holy  Ghost  in  Nirguna  and  his  forecast  about  the  seer

424)    30th July, 1980.  Wednesday.

Early morning dream:  In the first scene I saw that I had come to Esplanade area. The time was 8-3o A.M., but still it was complete dark. Very few people and vehicles were moving. I was unable to avail any vehicle. Standing there I was saying to someone, ‘Even in this morning it seems as if it is midnight’.

The scene changed and now I saw that I was seated in a place along with Jibankrishna. I was telling Jibankrishna about my previous dream, ‘You know, even at the deep darkness I was visualizing him’. Jibankrishna asked, ‘who’? I said, ‘Jibankrishna’.

He made comments, ‘Oh! This has a great meaning—the way you have dreams in a systematic manner, it has a very significant meaning’. Then as he was going to explain the dream, due to a sound the dream went off.

[At this moment the meaning did not reveal anything. But after 19 years (20-10-99) when a devotee Dhiren Mondal was reading this dream in presence of the seer, suddenly its meaning flashed in his mind. The meaning is thus: so long there were references of seeing  Jibankrishna within the sun by  quite a number of devotees and this type of vision was described in Vedas though they meant it probably in macrocosm.

Jibankrishna said on the basis of this Vision, ‘Who is this man within the sun? So many men and woman saw me within the sun. What is sun? It is the Life force. So long this sun will persist or rather to say so long human beings will continue to see me within themselves, I will persist’.

But it appeared in the mind of the seer, that even one day the sun will be perished due to cosmic changes and will be merged in Nirguna or darkness and there is no destruction of Nirguna—it is eternal.

Seeing Jibankrishna in the darkness within the dream indicates the meaning that the image of Jibankrishna is merged within the Nirguna and it means that he is eternal and it will never be destructed. In the dream he could not explain the meaning. It means that he keeps the scope of automatic revelation of the dream within the seer in proper time.]

Indication  of  introspective  condition  of  the  seer

425)    31st July, 1980.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:   I saw inside a room that a non poisonous snake came out of that room and stayed at that corridor. I feared whether that snake would enter the room. To prevent that snake entering the room, the seer shut all the windows and doors and then the dream went off.

The dream clearly indicates the introspective condition of the seer.

Indication  of  unfoldment  of  forecast  of  the  Holy ghost

within  the  seer  and  vision  of  future  of  the  world

426)     6th August, 1980. Wednesday.

Early morning dream:   In the first scene I saw in a room some devotees Mukunda, Himangshu Das and 2-3 other devotees were seated. Conversations were going on with them. But Mukunda could not conceive anything. Once I said, See Jibankrishna said, ‘In my life time I have stretched your sahashrar (Cerebrum) on me, but after my demise your own sahasrar will stretch you inside your body. (In reality, the previous day when copying a diary for ‘Manikya’ magazine, I found this saying. In addition, Jibankrishna continued to say, ‘But it will not be applicable to all. It will depend on the quantity of the manifestation of God-the-Preceptor’s activities within the body of the seer’.

When I was saying all these to Mukunda, he was showing a sense of ignoring. So being a bit annoyed I said something to him which I could not recapitulate later on.

After this dream when I was about to wake up, I saw myself crying like a child thinking that, Oh! The human beings of earth are still being suffered and oppressed in how many ways. What would happen to them? I was crying as if my heart was broken with pain and at this situation I woke up, though there was no tear in my eyes.

The first scene indicates the fact that the forecast of the Holy Ghost may be unfolded in the life of the seer in future. The second scene indicates a future of the world when human beings in mass may see Sri Jibankrishna within them and find the real peace.

This dream was corroborated by a dream of the seer seen on 10-9-79 where Sri Jibankrishna was shedding tears in the midst of war field for the sake of mankind, and almost same dreams were experienced by the seer seen on May, 1978 and 27-12-78 where the seer was crying for the sake of mankind. The effects of the dreams may be revealed in future.

Dream coming to reality

427). 9th August, 1980, Wednesday.

Early morning dream:  In a room many devotee had assembled and Arun Ghosh was also present there, though still with an injury in his spinal cord (in reality he fell down from the hanging balcony of the 1st floor and got injury in his spinal cord).

While the spiritual talks were continuing his neck began to move due to upward thrust of Kundalini. I got scared and pointed it out to another devotee Raghunath Sen that it might hurt him more. Then as I looked at Arun Ghosh, he said, ‘no, no, nothing happened to me, it became cured.’ The dream was off.

In reality also Arun Ghosh was cured very soon thus proving the dream to be true.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 6, March, 2017


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Alas! What am I to say? Everyone is but a customer of Kalai pulse (worthless)”.

In Vividisha (spontaneity), it will so appear. This Individualism (realizations), in fact, is such a rare thing that it comes rarely to a man and that is also not in full measure. It can be corroborated from the history of the world. There was but one Moses, one Socrates, one Lao-Tzse, one Confucius, one Buddha, one Christ, one Mohammed, One Sankar, One Ramanuja, one Guru Nanak, one Ramananda, one Kabir, one Chaitanya and one Ramkrishna – yes, in the course of some 3500 years! What about the rest of the humanity?

But Universalism tells a different tale. This ‘Diamond’ is seen by thousands and thousands of men, women, children and old men varying in age from 4 years to 92 years irrespective of creed or any other bar.

It evinces that ‘Diamond’ is in every human being and it is a logical conclusion though somewhere manifested and somewhere un-manifested.

It transpires that every human being is but a customer of Oneness and not of Kalai pulse.

  1. “Ravana said, ‘When Rama is seen within me, the most beautiful celestial women like Rambha and Tilottama (the most beautiful women in the mythology – of course celestial bodies) appear like ashes of the funeral pyre”.

Yes, Rama means One.

When one gets this Oneness within and this Oneness is corroborated by the members of the human race, then no other desire arises – the mind is filled with the ambrosia of Oneness – any and every kind of desire (Kama) disappears, not to speak of any distinction.

  1. “To one who has seen the beauty of God (to see God means to become God), the berth of Brahma seems to be insignificant”.

Berth of Brahma – means the ruler of this Universe like Yehovah of the Jews or Jupiter of the Greeks.

The beauty of God is to be seen in the seventh plane as shown by God-the-Preceptor and then one becomes Self-alone (Advaitam) in the shape of his own identity and it is to be seen and heard from others. The thing must be taking place during the lifetime of the seer of God and then all else will appear ephemeral.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 6, March, 2017

Kuddus Molla from Mahidapur, Binuria(Birbhum) has narrated his dreams thus:
1)      One night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that I had gone to a religious place. There I saw a priest. He scolded me for not going there so many days. After a while calling me he patted on my body. I saw an image of him just beside him. It seemed that the name of the place was made by his name. Then my dream was off.
Next Wednesday I went to brother Sridhar’s reading  centre at Jambuni and listen to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhuti”(Religion and Realization in English). The interpretations impressed me too much.
2)      On October 28,2003 I saw in a dream that I had gone to a masjid. Many lectures on Islam were delivered there by lots of people. But I did not like it. So from there I walked out and reached a temple. Inside it worshipping was going on. In front some people were dancing. But I did not like this also. So I was thinking  where to go? I was not finding any way. At that time a gentleman came and  showed me the path. Through  several lanes I reached near a hut. It seemed as if I had gone to Chandidas era (About 600 years ago. Chandidas was a devotional poet and first announced that Man is the eternal Truth and above all). There I noticed that two priests were worshipping a human form inscribed on the wall. But they were not using any flowers. They were only using admiring words. I bowed to that form. I could see only one leg of that form. The hut was in the middle of the road. But strangely whenever any vehicle was coming near the hut, it flew above and crossing the hut came down on the other side. As a result , the hut was not damaged. I was astonished and after waking up I realized that the form was of Jibankrishna.
[Religion is not in temple or Musjid, but it is within human body as God or Allah is within the human body. By the grace of God-the-Preceptor this sense grew within the seer. Two priests are two books e.g. “Religion and Realization” and “The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna” which have placed human race above all.]

Ms. Sikha Mukherjee from Kagas, Amodepur (Birbhum district) has narrated her two dreams thus:

1)      One night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that a monk had come to our house. During a conversation with him I told about Jibankrishna, and sang a new song “Jibankrishna Swami” written by me. Hearing the song he was very  pleased and said, ”I liked it very much. You should sing it before everybody .” Then I saw that the monk was transformed into Jibankrishna.
[Jibankrishna is the real monk and he is the true world preceptor.]

2)      On January 18, 2004 I saw that my son was giving examination. It seemed that he could not answer properly. So I went to help him. In the mean time the invigilator came and told me, ”What are you doing? Why you are writing yourself?” I said, ”No, no, I am not writing. As I was scared so I was giving him courage.” Saying this I came out of the hall. I met a person Sankar who wore white dhoti and Punjabi. He was complacent. Coming near me he said,”I love you.” I became stunt  and said, ”What are you saying ? As I am a widow and so you are annoying me!” He said,” I am telling you the truth. I shall become your life companion.” Then my dream was off.
I left my bed and going near Jibankrishna’s photo I complained to him, ”What rubbish dreams, you  are showing me! Can’t you show me good dreams? Then with a bad mood again I slept. Then again a dream started.
This time I saw that Jibankrishna came out of the photo and sat beside me. Then patting on my head he said, ”Who said that your dream is bad? Do you know its meaning? Then listen.
Your son is giving examination – It is the examination of the spiritual life. Mother means the Holy mother without whom how can he pass in the examination? So you helped. Then you met Sankar who is lord shiva, means it is me and I love you. Unless I love someone then can he or she always think about God? So when I shall become your life companion, then only you can spend your life with God. With a great joy I hugged him and said, ”why did you come to me in the disguise of Sankar? For this reason I could not recognize you. Come as Jibankrishna. You are my all. I was crying with divine joy. Then my dream was off.










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