(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 7, April, 2017      

Chapter 76

A man is all

August 20, 1960.

We have seen here that a man becomes God. This is the culture of life power of a human being. See, this is such a culture of unimaginable life power.

The term God is the self -prejudiced word. This is used to explain the thing. But whatever happens is encircling a man.

Indication of a state beyond ‘Oneness’

August 23, 1960.

See, a strange thing has happened. Today is 23rd August. From 1st August till today no news has come that any new man has seen me. So I am analyzing to-day that so many people have seen me within them and from 1st August none has seen me within them, which of these two is stranger? Whether none has seen me for 23 days?

Even one month before seeing me within you in four states e.g. reality, trance, dream and meditation was so unthinkable and miraculous phenomenon, because in the history of mankind this is the first that a man is seen within the bodies of myriads of people irrespective of caste, religion, age and sex. So putting the old history in the grave this new era is established. But my boys, this is also nothing. Oneness? Is oneness all? Though Vedas and Upanishads have ended here. Still I am saying, no, this is not the end. Do you know what will happen now? From this body whatever will arise will envelope the brain of the human race, though they will not know that, yet his thoughts and acts will be guided by the new cells created within his brain. And this will be for the welfare of mankind. Whether my form manifests within a human being, the action will be there in the brain.

Man becomes God in the present life

August 27, 1960.

My Supreme knowledge is given by the human race – you have given. Then what happens here? Seeing me within you become reciprocal. When I see you within me that is individualistic but cannot be proved. But when you see me within you that is universal and with proof. See, I cannot say what will happen after death and what I was before my birth that is also unknown. We have got this life. And what we have seen after having this life? A man is transformed into God. My boys, this proof is borne by the human race, because they are also transformed into God. Unless one becomes God how Godhood is proved!

In Jibankrishna’s era an unknown thing is manifested

August 27, 1960.

One thing I must say – We have got a foreign experience. The life is there and in addition we have got an extra experience whether we have got any other thing but we have got such foreign experience.

Ordinary people do not know this phenomenon, so I am naming it as ‘foreign’. That means taking a thing unknown to ordinary man we have got a new experience. What is its root and where it will end is quite unknown to us, but with such a mysterious phenomenon we have led a life!




(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 7, April, 2017      

I saw Diamond in meditation before knowing anything about Diamond

Kripanath Batabyal of Beltala Road, Kolkata narrated the experiences of his life thus :

In my first life when I used to live in my home place at Khanakul (Hoogly District, West Bengal State, India) off and on I used to meditate alone. Whenever I meditated I used to see the form of an old man far in the sky. I tried many times to replace that form with Sri Ramkrishna or Swami Vivekananda, but always that form used to come. I had no idea who he was. It was in between 1946 and 1954. After a long time seeing the photograph of Diamond I recognized that the old man was Diamond.

In the year 1966-67 I was introduced with Bhabani Banerjee, a regular companion of Diamond. I didn’t know anything about Diamond that time. I only heard that he used to go to his religious teacher off and on. But I showed no inquisitiveness about it. Later on I heard from Bhabani that he was admitted in Cancer Hospital. After a few days I heard that he expired. Still then I didn’t know the details about him. I had such idea that he might be a type of traditional religious teacher. From my very boyhood I always had great regards and recognitions for Sri Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekananda and had many divine realizations. So I had this in my mind that when time would come, god would arrange for my real teacher and moreover I would get it at home without going here and there. But I always prayed to them to arrange such good religious teacher.

Then one day I took a Bengali magazine and a book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (English version of Religion and Realization written by Diamond) and a new concept I got from these books about God and the universe. How strangely his explanations were tallying with my concepts! Since then I began to fell a great attraction for Diamond.

I am now narrating two of my divine dreams. So far as I remember, it was either 1970 or 1971. One day, after finishing my dinner I went to bed and at night I had a dream: I had gone to a doctor’s residence by his car. I used to live that house. From there both the doctor and I went to a place to visit a patient. The roads seemed to be new. The natural scene, surroundings were looking beautiful. There were few pedestrians on the roads. After going for a while the car and the doctor vanished and instead of them I saw Bhabani. He told me, ‘Let me take you to a place’. Both of us walked and crossing several roads we reached a field. The natural scene was very beautiful with a few houses. We were the only persons and I felt nervousness. Then ultimately we reached a place where we saw some big temples. We were hearing the going of the bells. I wanted to go there,  but Bhabani said, ‘we shall go later on. Let us come this side’. Then I noticed a hill with some streams. We were crossing all these. In a place we saw that a married lady and two-three naked boys were fishing in those streams. We crossed them and reached a hilly area with a temple and beside the temple there was a crematory where we saw many slaughted heads of human beings and goats with blood everywhere. After crossing those areas we entered into that temple. It was facing south, elongated in the east-west direction. There was a platform on the east side of the temple with some idols of gods and goddesses. We saw idols of Ram and sita (of Ramayana). Each idol was decorated with red clothes, flowers and vermin. On the north side there was another platform and standing on it Swami Vivekananda was giving a lecture with his golden voice. He was white dressed and we were listening to his lecture. After a while, there was a discussion about his illness. But Bhabani  told, ‘we shall discuss later on. However, have you taken your incantation?’ I said, ‘No’.  So he told me, ‘then you take it’. As soon as Bhabani said this, Swamiji came to give me the incantation I knelt on the floor and Swamiji held my neck, dragged my head on his chest and uttered the hymns on my left ear. Strangely, I had a desire for that hymn, because that was the hymn of our family. I was feeling a peculiar sensation and fell in the ocean of bliss with spontaneous recitation of that hymn. Swamiji sat for a while with the same posture. Then he was transformed into either Sri M. Gupta (Mahendra Gupta, writer of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) or Diamond which I could not understand clearly. He remained like that up to 4-00 am. When I woke up he vanished in the air. I also felt a void sensation. This sensation persisted for a few days.

Another day, I dreamed that I was having some discussions about religion with somebody. After the discussion when I was getting down, I heard, that Diamond was saying from upstairs, ‘the world is full of bliss and divine consciousness’. My dream went off.



Volume 7, April, 2017      

Chapter 94

Visualization of far past incident –Scene of Noah’s Ark

428). 10th August, 1980, Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I was travelling alone around the world. Suddenly great flood came and all the cities, towns, villages and human beings were drowned in the floor. But I noticed that I alone survived and was travelling on a boat.

With a great surprise I observed that even the hills, the mountains, all were drowning under the water. The vision was so unnatural and beyond any description and within the dream it seemed to me that it was the scene of the great flood and Noah’s Ark as described in the Bible. Here the dream went off.

[These past and future scenes can be seen during austerity as past, present and future are merged in the seer. In microcosm it indicates my esoteric condition – Only I exist and this is a realization which is mentioned in Upanishads.]

Achievement  of  double  power  of  life  force

429)    12th August, 1980. Tuesday.

Early morning dream:   I saw a double-storied bus standing in front of me and I got up in the bus. There I saw some passengers sitting. The dream here ended.

The double-storied bus indicates double life force carrying passengers. This means that the seer will gain double powered life force which is capable of having mass austere as because it requires double force for mass austerity.

Incerase  of  capacity  of  cerebrum

430)    21st September, 1980. Sunday.

Early morning dream:   A very beautiful house was seen where the main drawing room was a huge one and very nice looking. The books ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’(Diamond’s Bengali book) were kept in a very well arranged manner, Meanwhile the then the Governor of West Bengal, Sri  Tribhubannarayan Singh got down from the car. As soon as he entred the room, reading of the Gospel was started. Somebody said, the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ should be given to him. I said in an unconcerned manner, ‘It can be given’. Then nothing could be kept in memory.

The dream indicates that the spiritual body of the seer has become much stronger and larger which can allow mass austerity. Here Tribhuban narayan means mass austere.

Overcoming  obstacles  for  austerity

431)    28th September, 1980.  Sunday.

Early morning dream:   A huge and spacious area was seen where the end could not be seen.  Along with my younger brother Malay and another unknown one, I would go to the other side of the vast land. While going, I found a narrow bridge of three inches width which was extended on a water body. I thought how I would cross the bridge as I was not a good swimmer. My brother Malay was ahead of us. Approaching a while I fell down in the water. I was helpless and went on thinking that I would be drowned in the water. But surprisingly I came by taking another route.

The scene changed. This time I saw that the whole earth was under water and I was traveling by a train on that water. Two third of the height of the train was under water and I was standing in the water wearing waterproof and gumboot. The scene was a novel one and at the same time horrible also. The dream then went off.

The dream indicates thus. The huge field denotes that the seer has developed his cerebrum of great capacity to hold superior qualities of realizations and there may be many obstacles which with the help of Mahabayu (Mslay) or life force and God (Unknown person) will be overcome in due course of time.

The second scene also indicates the same thing:  Train is life force. The seer is well protected to overcome hazards (wearing waterproof and gumboot).

Indication of vastness  of  spiritual brain  capacity—Exposition  of  new  cells

432)    29th September, 1980.  Monday.

Early morning dream:    I saw the school building where I use to teach . But the vastness of the building which I used to see in my previous dreams was multiplied several times—so vast which could not be imagined. It had innumerable rooms, portico, bridges, roads and what not! It resembled a huge ship which had the same things. I was roaming inside it.

Then the scene changed—One unknown person suddenly opened a cork of a bottle and a bursting sound was heard. It appeared as if this sound happened inside the brain of me and due to this suddenly I woke up.

The dream indicates that the spiritual brain capacity of the seer increased to a great intensity and the second scene indicated that new brain cells opened for new realizations.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 7, April, 2017      


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Living in the midst of ‘Women and Gold’, it is absurd for a man to realize God”.

Really, no such binding exists. Because, “If God out of sheer grace frees Himself from the body of a man, then and then alone, God is seen”.  – Sri Ramkrishna

It is so in Individualism as well as in Universalism. ‘Diamond’ is seen by thousands without being heard or seen. Afterwards somehow or other, they come, see and corroborate. It is their consciousness or Life Power which assumes the form of ‘Diamond’ and they see Him.
586. “If anything is to be begged, then it must be begged of God”.

It is in the parable of ‘Akbar’, the Mogul emperor and Fakir (Hermit).

It is dualism and illusory. A real hermit will never want, no desire of entertaining his visitors will crop up in his mind and he will never come to Akbar to disturb him. Any desire in heart and he is far away from attaining Godhood.

  1. “A thunderbolt strikes a house and it cannot affect the heavy articles in the house but it makes the window panes rattle”.

Thunderbolt – Symbol of Paramatman or the Universal Self.
House – body.

Heavy articles – lower portion of the body from neck downwards – the physical sheath and the subtle sheath.

Window panes – from neck to the cerebrum, the causal body and the zone of Bliss with eyes and ears as the vibrations make their way into the seventh plane and create disturbance.

Thunderbolt – is the metaphor used in the Upanishad for Paramatman. But in the rituals it is used in a queer way. To worship Siva, ‘Bajra’ or thunderbolt in the shape of a flower with incantation of some holy words (Mantras) is placed on the head. Such is the difference between the ritualism and the Yogic realizations and what a wonderful degradation?

Yes, this Paramatman is seen in the seventh plane just like a brilliant flash of lightning to pass through the cerebrum. But it is Individualism.

In Universalism it is in the shape of a living human being and He is seen in the spiritual world by thousands and in some cases living at a far distance and without being previously seen.

  1. “This very world is a fountain-head of bliss (mirth)”.

Yes, it is so. When a man becomes God this life appears like an ocean of ambrosia and he wants to have an eternal life. He does not want to part with the body – the world – as he has become fully aware that this body is the primal cause for attainment of Godhood.

Even the Rishis of the ancient age prayed for an eternal life so that they may enjoy this unique bliss of life eternally. They prayed, “Take me from death to eternal life (Mrityormamritam gamayah)”.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 7, April, 2017      

Chapter 12                              

Sagar Banerjee, a boy of ten years and a student of fifth class from Bolpur, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One night in the year 2003 I saw that I was drowning in a pond full of lotuses. Then a big old man came and saved me from drowning. I understood that this grandfather loved me and I remembered that his photo is in our room. Then my dream was off.
[The meaning is thus: Lotus-cerebrum or seventh plane,due to drowning means the mind was going to be disseminate in the seventh plane. At this moment God-the-Preceptor came and saved him, otherwise he would have expired.
Sisir Ghosh from Charupalli, Bolpur(Birbhum) has narrated his dreams thus:
1.One night in the year 2003 I saw that Jibankrishna was seated. I went to him and sat near him. Seeing, my worried condition he said,”Why are you worrying? I said,”My eldest daughter is not well, as if she is becoming thinner.”Then he said,”Don’t worry.” Saying this he opened his mouth and at first two hibiscus flowers came out and then a garland of marigold flowers followed by some woodapple leaves. Giving them in my hand he said,”Give these to your daughter. She will be alright.” Then my dream was off.
[The dream indicates the spiritual sickness of the seer. Daughter means the seer’s  causal body. Flowers are realizations and garland is oneness. God-the-Preceptor gives his grace on the seer.]
2.One night in the year 2007 I saw in my dream that Sri Ramkrishna wearing dhoti and Punjabi was observing my palms and then said,”you have to take a pokhraj (a jewel).” I said,”what will be the benefit ?” He said,”you will have promotion in your service.”  I said,”No, I cannot take those jewels. Well, let me see your palm.”Saying this when I pulled his hand, I saw that this was the hand of goddess kali and there were no fate lines on her hand. I thought that as it was a hand of god, so there were no fate lines. Then dragging the hand I pushed it on my head. In the mean time an unknown fellow came there and asked him,”You are Ramkrishna, isn’t so?” He said,”There are more 32 years.” At that moment I woke up. Then and there it appeared in my mind,oh,he was not Ramkrishna, he was Jibankrishna!
[ When a man gets God within him, he does not depend on any materials to divert his fate, because he knows that God himself has taken his responsibility due to this the seer disagreed to hold any jewels in his fingers.
Kali means the body or primeval mother. Sri Ramkrishna is also primeval mother and so he is not under any fate, on the contrary he himself writes the fate of human beings.
“After thirty two years” means after 32 years of Sri Ramkrishna’s demise Jibankrishna was born. Sri Ramkrishna expired in the year 1886. Another 32 years means 1918 when Sri Ramkrishna showed Atma or God to Jibankrishna and merged into him.It means the transformed form  of Sri Ramkrishna is Jibankrishna after 32 years.

Arun Maji from Sainthia (Birbhum district) has narrated  his dream thus:
One night in the year 2003 I saw in my dream that a lady said during our conversation,
“Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is in our house and at the same time Jibankrishna is there.” Hearing this I became stunt and thought that I had never seen him during our reading the Gospel  of Sri Ramkrishna! Then about which Jibankrishna he was saying! So I said to her,”well, let me see your room for Thakur.” Going there seeing the photo of Jibankrishna I shivered with great joy. I shouted,”Oh, this is our Jibankrishna!” At this moment my dream was off.
[Jibankrishna is universal. He is for all.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man


Santosh Bhakat has narrated his dream thus:

On 26th june,2003 I saw in dream during night that a middle aged gentleman was seated on the bed of our cot. He had bare upper body, wearing dhoti and had clean shaved head. We are seated on the floor. He was giving us lecture on spiritualism. When I woke up, his words were out of my mind. Next day, when I went to our neighbor’s house for listening to the book of Jibankrishna (Dharma O Anubhuti in Bengali and Religion and Realization in English) it flashed in my mind that the same words he was telling us in dream last night! At the same time seeing the photo of Jibankrishna I was confirmed that he appeared in dream last night.
[Jibankrishna’s form is in every human being as Atma or soul and wherever congenial ground is available, he appears in dreams, trances or even in reality.]