(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 8, April, 2017 

Chapter 77

Equality of rights for woman folks

September, 1960.

What is equality of rights for woman? I told Tara (Diamond’s old friend) that I shall establish that equality of rights. How this equality will be established – not as a woman, not as a mother, not as a daughter, but being transformed into a male (By seeing Diamond within the body in the spiritual world).



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 8, April, 2017                         

Debasish Sen, residing at Kolkata, used to go to the watch shop of Murari De, a regular companion of Diamond for learning watch repairing. Every day he used to read the book written by Diamond, Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and the Bengali magazine on Diamond. He was also a regular listener. Here is his narration:

On 15th May, 1983 I went with Murari to the watch shop of Sailen Seth of Dasnagar, Howrah Town (West Bengal State, India) to get a job there and I got it.

After a while Sailen requested us to go to his house. Accordingly we went there and our sitting arrangement was made on the roof top room. From there we were taken at 4-00 pm to Sailen’s garden house. There was a colored picture of Sri Ramkrishna hanging on the wall. Everyday Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna is read there. After a while it was started. Some listeners were also present there. I was listening also with rapt attention. Within a moment my eyes became closed and I fell in meditation. I saw a light green snake coming out of Sri Ramkrishna picture floated in the air and entered my mouth. My cheek became paralyzed. Then again I saw that a blue colored fish with golden tinge came out of Sri Ramkrishm’s picture and entered my mouth. At that time I observed that my face turned into a lion’s face. And from the cheek the whole lower body was transformed into a jute bag containing those fish, snake and water. But I felt no uneasiness. At this moment my kundalini or life force awakened very forcefully which persisted next day.

[God is in a human body. Fish is a symbol of ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’; Snake symbolizes kundalini and water can be seen in the forth plane of the body. All these gradually are transformed into God seen within the body].

After this incident I began to have many divine dreams, out of which I am mentioning a few.

  1. One day I saw in my dream that my body was going upwards and then was converted into a big tumbler, containing milk.

In the milk there was a churner and it began to whirl with a great force forming a good amount of butter. Ultimately the whole milk was converted into butter.

There was a photo of Diamond hanging on the wall. Diamond in living form came out of the photo and pointing out the butter told me, ‘This is Atman (Soul)! This is Atman!’ At that moment my kundalini awakened very forcefully and so I woke up.

[Butter is a symbol of ‘Atman’, because it is formed by churning milk. In the same way, ‘Atman’ or Soul, through Churning by kundalini is formed and seen within the body].

March 22,1999. I dreamed that in a place there was an arrangement of reading the books of Diamond, and he himself was supervising this. Many of his companions were also present there and  everybody was listening with rapt attention. Two of Diamond’s companions were reading and he was   giving explanations.

At the end Diamond called me and said, ‘you read this portion of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realization’ written by Diamond). So, I started reading. Suddenly stopping me he said, ‘If anybody reads this book, all the short comings will be wiped out. Moreover, now-a-days Doctors are prescribing many strong medicines for which yoga and realizations cannot manifest within the body’. Here the dream went off.

Lastly one thing I must say that after getting Diamond as my God-the-Preceptor in dreams, I always feel a divine joy and peace in mind. [Diamond expired in 1967].



Volume 8, April, 2017              

Chapter 95

Long accompaniment with the Holy Ghost—

His trial on the seer and his success

433)    9th October, 1980. Thursday.

I had gone to our old house at Howrah Kadamtala and there I  got the news that Jibankrishna had resurrected after his physical death and came back to his residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Kadamtala Howrah. I took a bicycle from my residence and rushed to him. But by mistake I crossed the junction of the lane. When I realized my mistake, I asked one rickshaw driver and he pointed out the correct direction. So after coming back a few yards I entered the lane. I noticed many changes in front of the residence, and saw many unknown devotees were seated on the open corridor in front of Jibankrishna’s room. It was then 7  o’clock in the morning. He was still lying on his bed. Keeping my cycle on the road opposite to Jibankrishna’s room and I stood in front of the door. He came out of his room. I noticed that he was looking much older. It seemed to me that Jibankrishna was now 86-87 years old and that was the reason he was looking so (In reality also he would be 86-87 years old). But still he was looking very happy and exuberant.

With a very happy mood he was asking many things about their news and everybody was answering. I noticed that Dhiren Mondal and Abala Kanta Dutta looking at me were smiling as if they were feeling fun thinking that when Jibankrishna would notice me, what would be his feeling. But as I was covered by many devotees, Jibankrishna could not see me. However, along with them I entered the room and were seated. It was observed that the house was looking like an unused one for a long time. After a long period it was used. It was discussed where he would stay. I said, ‘why, this house can be taken by rent’. Now Jibankrishna’s eyes became fixed on me and he became brighter. Then I said. ‘I came to you during my boyhood and then after getting your accompaniment for some years I got detatched from you’ (which happened in reality also). After hearing this he got the clues and with a very peculiar smile began to speak, ‘Oh yes, when you first came to me, immediately after seeing you, it appeared to me—oh well! You were looking like a monogolian and what a sound health ! (it was so in reality). After saying this, he said, ‘come my boy, bring your head near me, let me rub your head with mine’. It seemed to me as if he was wanting to test me whether I could resist this.

Then he began to rub his head withmy head for a long time. At that moment I was having a peculiar feeling beyond any language. But at the same time I  was in full sense. Jibankrishna continued to utter ‘Peace ! Peace!’ At that moment an incident happened at Ghatshila was also playing in my mind. When  Jibankrishna hugged Dwijendra nath Roy, an old devotee to transmit spiritual power to him, but Mr. Roy was managing himself by standing firmly. I was feeling at that moment an unfathomable bliss but at the same time resisted myself from being unconscious. Then for a moment fell into Samadhi. After I got back from Samadhi, Jibankrishna asked me, ‘Hadn’t any worldly matter appeared into your mind’? I answered, ‘No’! So he said, ‘Then it’s  okay’.

Then I started for my home along with his father to fetch pudding, arrange for materials necessary for cooking and to telephone Arun Mukherjee of Serarmpur 9who will cook). The dream here went off.

The dream has the indications thus:   Firstly , The seer has grown enormous spiritual brain power by the incident of  Saakti by Jibankrishna when the seer resisted and it was diagonally opposite to Swami Vivekananda’s incident of Saakti done by Sri Ramkrishna when Swamiji cried for his parents. But here nothing appeared in the seer’s mind.

Secondly, the life of the seer would be spent in complete devotion and dedication to Jibankrishna in future.

Curing of Annamaya Kosha sheath i.e., 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane –

and  indication of future austerity of Annamaya Kosha

434)    12th October, 1980. Sunday.

Early morning dream:   One of the part of my first and 2nd plane i.e., the lowest planes have been damaged. I was about to be hospitalized and it was decided that the affected part had to be longitudinally operated and the process started in that way. With full conciousness I was feeling the operation which was successfylly done and I was back home. Afterwards a devotee Raghunath Sen said that the part was affected by cancer and that was operated and detached from the body. I was cured very fast.

[The meaning seemed to the seer instantly that in future he might have the experience of austerity of that plane i.e., the 1st & 2nd planes or Annamaya Kosha or sheath of the body. Actually the austere starts from pranamaya Kosha or the 3rd plane, but the seer may have the same from the 1st two planes and for that cause probably the parts were cured by God. In relation to this dream it is noteworthy that the seer had a dream ling time ago where the goddess Chamunda (a form of the Goddess Kali) said to the seer that Sri Jibankrishna had in his dream a vision of her and that she had been evolved from Annamoya Kosha which was unknown to the seer and tater on came to know from a letter of a devotee that goddess Chamunda is seen in Annamaya Kosha. With this vision all the evils are destroyed.

The effect of this vision will be understood in future.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 8, April, 2017                         


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Put on shoes and walk on the thorns of the world”.

Shoes – Atman is Self and shoe is body.

Get yourself separated from the body then the body becomes shoes.

(To lose one’s shoes means to be devoid of physical sense – videha).

Thorns of the world – When Atman is separated from the body the troubles, anxieties and worries of the world cannot affect the mind.

In the Yoga it means separation of Atman and body. In the physical world a man wearing a pair of shoes can easily walk on the thorns. Whereas in the Yoga the body becomes shoes and Atman is wearer. When Atman and body are separated then the six passions – the thorns cannot do any harm as the passions along with the mind are subdued.

Friday, April 24, 1885

  1. “M – Shall we give her milk of green cocoanut, Sir? Thakur – Better to give her drink made of sugar candy”.

To drink the milk of green cocoanut – when an aspirant’s realizations of the Tantras are complete, he shall see it in a dream or in a trance – he is drinking the milk of green cocoanut from the shell.

Sugar candy – Brahma.

Drink made of sugar candy – it is Bhakti or the juice of Hari – Harirasa.

  1. “I like to see, you two argue, but no compromise, please”.

As long as there are two, so long there is argument. But when one, there is no argument – Advaitam. Yes, everything stops functioning.

No compromise – Religion is a positive thing and never admits of any compromise, either yea, or nay. Either you have seen God or you have not seen God – there is no half-way measure.

Religion is a positive thing and in individualistic religion it cannot be so proved but it bears its own proof in Universalism. Yes, in Individualism it is confined within one individual and the rest of the mankind have got to believe him, whereas in the Universalism, the people realize and they speak.

Universalism means the seer of God becomes God and attains Godhood and the proof it bears that He will be seen by thousand others within their bodies and they shall announce it – the most wonderful positive proof and something unique in its character as it never happened in the annals of the world.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 8, April, 2017                         

Chapter 13                              

Ms. Prakriti Banerjee from Gargaria, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated a dream and a trance.

1)      On November 15, 2009, listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) I fell into a trance and saw that from an egg Jibankrishna came out and said, to-day is 26 Kartick (Bengali date – 15 November in English) and I am newly born.  I have become immortal. My trance was then off.

[Egg is this body.  In reality Jibankrishna used to say many times that he wants to live with this Physical body. In one sense his form has become immortal because after his death (13 November, 1967) still people are seeing him in dreams and physical body for 2-3 generations.  He also used to say that as every day he is born within human beings, he has no special birth day.]

2)      On May 6, 2010, I saw in a dream that somebody spread mustard seeds from a packet.  In the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna it is mentioned that once the mustard seeds come out of the packet and spread, these cannot be packed up.  But I could pack up all the seeds very easily.  Then I saw that all those seeds being united were transformed into Jibankrishna. The dream was off.

[Sri Ramkrishna is the insignia of individualism or dualism but Jibankrishna represents universalism or oneness.  It is just opposite to dualism.  This was shown in the dream.]

Ms. Baisakhi Mondal from Charupalli, Bolpur (Birbhum, West Bengal, India) has narrated a dream.

In the month of November, 2010, one night I saw in my dream a huge field.  The sun rays were smooth.  I was walking through the field.  My parents, elder and younger sisters were accompanying me. At certain distant place a group of people (they wore Arabian dresses and seemed to join a marriage party by procession).  We approached towards them and saw a tall and very fair-complexioned man wearing red ochre dress.  His two hands were extended towards the sun with his bead in upward direction.  It was a wonderful posture, when we saw in front of us there was another surprise.  There was a sea with blue water and on the edge our own beloved Jiban Krishna was standing with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti up to his knee, as if he was waiting for me.  He invited me by waving his hand.  It seemed that once he called me like this before.

I was not wanting to leave my family, but I couldn’t check the attraction and jumped into his chest.  What a peace, a divine joy I felt cannot be described.  What a strong but soft was his body and an affectionate touch!  It was beyond any description by language.  Holding me in his chest he drowned into the limitless sea and my dream was off.

[The seer got the limitless grace of god. The sea was the sea of god (Sacchidananda Sagar or Ocean of Bliss).  Moreover, she crossed the regions of Semitic cult (Arabs) and Hindu cult (red ochre dress) and got the truth by merging into the ocean of bliss.]

Honey Cult in dream

Amrita Chatterjee from Ilambazar, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated his dream thus:

One night I was seeing in my dream that I was staying on the first floor of our house.  Suddenly in the sky a drop of honey like substance was seen and in that drop Jibankrishna’s face was visible.  That drop began to descend on earth.   I also ran down and saw that was a honey drop and fell on a yam leaf. It was not sticking on the leaf and I feared that it might drop down.  When I went near it I saw that a pipe was fitted to it.  When I entered that pipe into my mouth, the whole honey came inside my stomach. Then coming near a mirror inside my room I saw a large bee hive inside my stomach.  In every chamber of the bee hive there was a honey drop and each drop Jiban Krishna’s face was visible.  I was shivered by seeing so many faces of Jibankrishna inside my body. I called my brother to show him this scene.  But he said that he could not see it. Then my dream was off.

[Honey is the second class symbol of divine consciousness.  This consciousness exists in every human being and is seen as honey, because Jibankrishna’s body in the supreme and so he saw divine consciousness in true to sense.  In each human body Jibankrishna’s form exists.  The proof is that, innumerable people see him within them without seeing or knowing him irrespective of races, religions, ages, sexes and places. Believe is Parama Brahma or the supreme self who is within us.]








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