(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 10, May, 2017

Chapter 78

What is Universal religion

September 4, 1960.

Those writers failed to say what is oneness. Oneness has manifested here. You have come to knowwhat is oneness and at the same time you also know what is Universal Religion. Now let us see what is Universal Religion. Universal Religion has not yet manifested. It is now in my left grip. Yes, now a days I am telling you  that I am seeing all of you within me. Now if something arises within me, you will also get that. For these few days I have been telling you that my state is changing. I can understand now that whatever will arise in my mind, that will flash in the whole universe and the world will be benefited due to this. Whatever will arise in my mind will arise among the human race without their knowledge. I shall get its proof. Do you know how this will happen/ What they will get will be part and parcel of their existence as a man takes breath it will be like that and this is the Universal Religion which is not yet manifested. See, unless it is manifested I cannot say anything. But if it occurs, it will be like this. I cannot accept any imagination. Unless it is manifested I cannot say anything so definitely.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 10, May, 2017     

Seeing Diamond in dreams by reading his book

Mou Bhattacharjee is the granddaughter of Madhusadan Banerjee residing at Nafarchandra Das Road, Kolkata. Mou is 12 years old. One day she saw that her grandfather was reading the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (English version of ‘Religion and Realization’ written by Diamond). She took the book from her grandfather and read it for some time. She understood it to some extent. Then touching the book on her head, she returned it to her grandfather. After a few days she had a dream which is narrated now in her own version.


I was walking on a road. I saw some boys and girls of my age were peeping inside a hole. I asked them, ‘what are you seeing’? They said, ‘There is a snake inside this hole.’ So, I also peeped inside it and suddenly a snake came out and bit me with its fan. I shouted and my dream went off (I was given the explanation later on that snake is the symbol of Kundalini according to Tantra and she was awakened in me for more divine realizations).

After this dream I began to dream very frequently.

  1. September, 1988.

I saw three persons were seated. But strangely three of them had the same forms. The first one wore dhoti and Punjabi, the second one wore red ochre dress and the third wore trouser and coat. And three of them then gave their blessings on me.

  1. February, 1989.

A ritual fire ceremony was going on and I was observing it. Then I saw a rabbit jumping again and again inside that fire but none of his hairs were burning. I realized that this rabbit was not an ordinary one. I asked, ‘Who are you? You are jumping inside the fire but you are not burnt’? Suddenly I saw that the rabbit was transformed into a man. He said, ‘Do you know who am I? I am Brahma (Supreme One)’.

  1. February, 1989.

A family man drove his son after beating him. The boy went out and saw in one place that some monks were performing ritual fire ceremony. He approached further and again saw that under a tree a group of monks were performing the same fire ceremony. Then again he approached further and saw a white dressed man was having meditation beneath a tree. The boy asked him, ‘Well, I saw that in two places some monks were performing fire ceremony, but you are not doing it’! The man said, ‘God cannot be achieved by wearing red ochre dress. The real sacrifice comes in mind. As I have sacrificed everything in mind. I have seen God.’ The boy told him, ‘Can you show me your God’? The man said, ‘Come with me.’ Then he took the boy to a place and showed him a man sitting beneath a tree with light illuminating from his body. The man said, ‘He is God’,and my dream went off.

Later on after seeing Diamond’s photo I could recognize the same man seen in my dreams.


Volume 10, May, 2017     

Chapter 97

Vision  of  the  Holy  Ghost  in  another  form

438)  30th April, 1981,  Thursday.    Early morning dream:    After a long gap I saw Jibankrishna but in another form. I was standing on a road and Jibankrishna was coming towards me but had no conversation. Then I woke up.

Sometimes in dream the Holy Ghost  appears in different forms as it used to happen in case of Sri Jibankrishna.

Vision  of  Sri  Chaitanya – ecstasy  in  the  seer  

439)    16th May, 1981 .  Saturday.

It was then 6-15 A.M. and just before waking up in my half sense I saw that a devotee Debkumar Choudhury came to my residence. He was looking very cheerful and bright. My residence was very huge, multistoried covering a huge area. Seeing Debkumar, I said to him, “So you have come, it is well and good. I had been thinking for 3-4 days that I shall listen to the song ‘Mona chalo nija niketane’from you.” He said, ‘well, I shall sing. But I have dreamted about you several times. In one of them I saw that you swallowed me’.

Then he narrated other dreams, though they were not in my memories. When the narration was completed, my next brother Asit entered the room and opening a box was noticing something. When Debkumar began to start the song I said to him, ‘wait for a moment, let me go down and call my mother so that she can listen’. When I went down, saw she was cooking rice. She said, ‘I am coming’. Then when I was going up via another passage of the house heard that somewhere a song was sung on spiritual body. Hearing the song I saw that my body was swinging with ecstasy and became full of bliss. At that moment I saw Chaitanya Mahaprabhu with very beautiful dress. I was looking at him and feeling that there was no difference between me and Sri Chaitanyadeva ! He and I were identical ! In one of the previous dream the same experience was attainded by me where I was converted into Chaitanyadeva. I went on swinging with ectasy and became overwhelmed with divine joy throughout the body and at this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicates that the seer has achieved the eternal bliss in his body which will flow throughout his life.]

Vision  of  future—the  dream  came  to  reality

440)    7th June, 1981.  Sunday. Place :  Rourkella.

I faced a dispute with others regarding the editing on ‘Manikya’ magazine and being hurt, said to Indranath Mukherjee, one of the editors, ‘Why are you not understanding all these’? Still he went on debating. So I said, ‘Then it is not possible for me to continue this edting’, While saying this, the dream went off.

[The seer did not pay any importance on this dream first. But after a month the same scene was repeated in reality at Taltala’s office of ‘Manikya’. So the seer decided not to involve himself in all these editing affairs and became aloof from all these.]

Experience  of  Sacchidanda  Samadhi  in  dream

441)    19th July, 1981. Sunday.

Early morning dream:   I had an experience of Sacchidanda Samadhi 2-3 times. In the dream I was realizing that I was having Sacchidannada Samadhi.

Increase  of  brain  power—Crying  on  the  occasion  of

the  Holy  Ghost’s  grace  for  human  race

442)    31st July, 1981. Friday.

Early morning dream:   A huge building was first observed and I saw that one or two more stories were constructed on it and these were ornamental. I was realizing that this building belonged to me.

After this, I was crying and saying to myself, ‘Jibankrishna was giving to us so much—so graceful he is’! The dream went off.

[The building represents the seer’s body. Huge one indicates the huge capacity of the seer’s spiritual body. One or two more ornamental stories mean that in future the seer will have more new and higher realizations.]


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 10, May, 2017     


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Is she afraid of the elders? Has she been possessed by a ghost”?

The proper reading should be:

“How is that? She is not afraid of the wicked elders. Has she got within any Devata (Divine power awakened in her)”?
The wicked elders – yes, passions of the human body are first to appear in the body. They have got a priority claim over the body and they are all wicked as they are the obstructions on the way of the attainment of God. Like parents and other superiors who have come first and I have come afterwards so the passions have come first and they are compared with the elders.

Has she got any Devata in her – yes, her Life Power is awakened in her by the grace of God, so she sets at naught all the evil passions.

  1. “Filled with restlessness, she cannot keep her dress arranged”.

Dress – body.

The awakened Life Power proceeds upward and makes her forgetful of the body. Radha is a lady and a lady is to keep her body well covered; but Radha fails here, i.e. she has become forgetful of her body. It is so with a Yogi. He forgets his physical sheath. Thakur sometimes in high mood used to go naked.

  1. “Her jewels have fallen off; she trembles every now and then”.

The proper reading should be:

“She is in a sitting posture and shudders every now and then; her ornaments from the body fall off”.

Shudders – sometimes Life Power becomes more powerful and brings about shuddering.

Yes, trembling is also an insignia of Yogic Vibhuti (expressions over the body) but it is of inferior quality. Shuddering is looked upon as a Samadhi in a lesser degree.
Ornaments – inside ties of the body.

Every now and then the Life Power is marching to the cerebrum and coming down again and it makes the passage easy by removing the inward obstructions and making the nerves strong enough to withstand the force of the Life Power.

  1. “Alas, she is so young! A princess born, and a wife besides”.

The proper reading should be:

“Alas, she is tender! A princess born and a lady of the Zenana besides”.

She – causal body.

Tender – newly grown.

Princess – daughter of a king.

The term ‘king’ may be read from two different aspects – (i) Self and (ii) human body. The causal body may come in Descent and it may come out in Ascent.

A lady of the Zenana – not unlike a woman of the Zenana (harem) the causal body remains confined within. (The harem system was introduced into India some 400 years before when Chandidas flourished). Here Chandidas compares the causal body with the lady of the harem.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 10, May, 2017     

Snehamay Ganguly reads regularly Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) at Bolpur Reading Centre where many people irrespective of ages, sexes and religions see Jibankrishna in dreams, trances and in physical body after listening to the reading.

Snehamay has narrated two of his dreams thus:

On October 22, 2011 I saw that some of us were taking bath in sea water.  The colour of water was not blue, rather similar to river Ganges water (dusty). Suddenly a huge wave came towards us.  One of us said, ‘see, as soon as Rabindra Nath Tagore is remembered, he appears’, I thought, ‘oh, Rabindra Nath (The Lord of Sun) means Jibankrishna – the universal sun as life! And when, he is remembered, he is manifested! This wave is be!.

Then the wave broke and the water level raised.  My feet were touching the ground. Now my feet was raised above he ground and I floated like a feather on the water.  I was floating with the waves and feeling a great limitless hilarity.

[It appeared in me after waking up, is it called the great consciousness or Brahma Ocean, where the waves of divine consciousness appear! The divine consciousness in in-numerable human race appear and ultimately gets merged in Param Brahma or supreme self which is the Ocean of great consciousness.] Myriads of people enjoy this Bliss, when this appears in my mind; I remembered a dream seen on November 13, 2010.

In this dream I saw that I found two photos of Jibankrishna of his young age.  One was with a bit beard and another clean shaved, fair complexion, reddish lips.  Though it seemed to me that these were the photos of Jiban Krishna, but actually these were the photos of jay. Then the one of the photo became living.  He smiled and white teeth were visible.  Looking minutely I noticed that those were not teeth – white dressed young boys were seated, who were the listeners of the Reading Centre.  Within their bodies waves of divine joy were flouring and within them the divine smile of Jibankrishna was glittering.

[The dream indicates that Jibankrishna is the universal man who enjoys his own sportive forms with innumerable people.]

Ms. Prakriti Banerjee from Gargaria, Birbhum (Wet Bengal, India) has narrated a dream.

One night I saw that I was stealing the mind of all the persons, as if mind was an object.  When I was stealing the mind of one of my friend he understood and  said, ‘why are you stealing my mind’? I said, ‘stealing the mind of many persons will result visualization of god’.  He said, ‘ten it is all right’. When after stealing mind of many people I united all the minds into one a bright light was formed and then it was transformed into the form of Jibankrishna.  I got a great divine joy and my dream was off.

[Jibankrishna is the collective consciousness of all human beings.  The dream indicates that the unification of the whole human race is the form of Jibankrishna.]

Subhasis Das from Bolpur, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated a dream thus:

In the month of February, 2011 one night I saw in my dream that I was going somewhere by a bus. While travelling suddenly looking at other passengers I noticed that the forms of all of them were like mine, as if all of them were me.  Again I was feeling that each of them passengers was feeling the same thing as I was feeling. That means, each of them was feeling that each passenger was like his form.  With a great surprise I woke up.

[Getting Jibankrishna or Diamond within the body the ultimate result occurs like this within the seer. It means it is a sense of oneness which produces love for each human being and thus in the long run the real universal love will manifest in the whole human race.]