(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 13, July, 2017

Chapter 79

Reading the book of Diamond ‘Religion and Realization’ the human race will see him within them

September 15, 1960.

Do you remember one of my dream? Some 12-13 years back which was written in my note book based on my yogic interpretation Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, ‘Have you fed me by writing?’ With a louder voice I said, ‘Where is the document”? Away from us Sri ‘M’ ( Mahendranath Gupta, writer of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) was standing. What is the meaning of feeding by writing? It means, this ‘Religion and Realization’ book will be read by the human race and they will see my form within them. This is the actual yogic interpretation of feeding by writing.

Atma or Soul has the form

 September 24, 1960.

‘Salgram’ (Black Stone) is a symbol, the symbol of Atma, but not Atma itself. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) saw two eyes of Sri M (Mahendra Nath Gupta, writer of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) in ‘Salgram’. This means the universe in Atma. Two eyes, part for the whole. Again when he says, ‘I see Salgram in everybody’, it means the Atma or Soul is within everybody, an extension of mere imagination. Because Thakur is visualizing alone. And what is happening here? I am the listeners and you are the speaker(When people come to him and say, ‘I have seen you within us’). So Atma has a form. Upanishad says, Sah Uttama Purushah, eso Atmeti’. The form of this Purusa (Person) is Atma. So you are having innumerable realizations within that Atma or Purusha whatever you say. You have seen the universe within that Atma – Part for the whole.

The world says about the visualization of God

 September 24, 1960.

Kathoupanishad said, ‘He who is Brahma (God) needs not say that I am Brahma.’ But nowhere its proof was not given, neither in Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) nor in Upanishad. Can you give that proof? To see my form within your spiritual body bears that proof. The best proof is those who has seen me within them without prior seeing me or without knowing or hearing anything about me. And its yogic interpretation I have written in my book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali book and ‘Religion and Realization’ in English). What is that? Babu (Gentleman) is God. A living human being is God. When a man is transformed into God, he needs not say, ‘I am God.’ The human race will announce, ‘Thou art woman, thou art man. Thou art the youth and the maiden too. Thou as an old man tottering with a staff. Being born, thou art becomes facing every direction. (Svetasvatar Upanishad- 4.3)



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 13, July, 2017

Seeing Diamond in dreams after reading his Bengali book

This is an experience of Amar Ghosh residing at Sashi Bhuson Neogy garden lane of Kolkata, how he saw Diamond in dreams. His narration is such : For long eight years I had been residing in the same house of Mr. Nakuleswar Bhattacharjee, but never had any discussion on any religious aspects.

In 1977 I started my tution at his residence. One day I observed that a book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of the English book ‘Religion and Realization’ written by Diamond) was kept on the self. Out of curiosity I started reading the book. I felt it so interesting that I requested Nakuleswar to give it to me for reading. Then I started to read the book and some peculiar divine sensations started in me gradually. After completing the book, on 15th April, 1977 I had a peculiar dream which is as such:

I was standing on the side of river like Ganges. There was a huge ship surrounded by many boats. Suddenly I observed that a beautiful lady, wearing a beautiful red sari was coming towards me by pushing her hands through the water. When she was pushing the surrounded water was becoming red. While seeing this scene, I suddenly saw a huge sized man about 2-storied height riding on a similar sized horse was passing through the river with a very high speed. I kept on watching him so long he was visible. He had a white dress with a French-cut beard. Then my dream went off. When I narrated my dream to Nakuleswar, he showed me a photograph of Diamond where he was seated on his cot having clean shaved face and head. But I couldn’t identify. Then he showed me another photograph taken in the hospital before taking his body to the cemetery where he had short hair-cutting and short bread. Immediately I could recognize him as the same man seen in my dream. I don’t know why he showered his grace on me. It is still a mystery.



Volume 13, July, 2017

Chapter 100

Accompaniment  of  the  Holy  Ghost  and  devotees

454)    13th February,  1985.  Wednesday.

Early morning dream: I hired a room in a hotel. The room was on a top floor. Immediately after that I heard that Jibankrishna was coming to me and then saw he had come to me accompanied by Anath Mondal and many other devotees. Jibankrishna was seated inside my room and I went on working and at this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicates that by such accompaniment of the Holy Ghost and devotees the spiritual brain capacity is increasing.]

Control  on  Samadhi

455)    10th November,  1986.

Early morning dream:   I was discussing spiritual talks with a man of a Hindi speaking man. After describing every Vedic plane of the body when I concluded that God would be seen here in Sahasrar (the seventh plane of brain), I fell into Samadhi. While coming from Samadhi state I had in my mind that it was a showmanship and it should be controlled and at this moment I woke up.

[The dream has three aspects:  Firstly a future picture of the spiritual world is shown when whatever spiritual talks the seer will have with anybody, the listener will have spiritual realizations; secondly this universalism will spread among other states of India among Hindi speaking people; thirdly the seer will have control over Samadhi which means that he will cross the region of Samadhi state as Sri Ramkrishna said to Swami Vivekananda, ‘you cross the region of Samadhi’. It means that the seer will have higher and higher realizations in future.]

Achieving  the  state  of  Sacchidananda

456)    15th December,  1986.  Monday  :   Early morning dream  :   Iwas walking on a road singing a song based on human spiritual body and it was continuing for a long long time which he could not recollect.Gradually my body became full of heavenly joy and noticed that each and every hair of my body transmitted this heavenly joy. Then I saw a condensed form of heavenly joy which looked like a shoothing white fog. I became merged in that and had a state of Sacchidananda or eternal divine joy. Then the dream went off.

The dream is self-explanatory i.e., the seer had an experience of Sacchidananda in his causal body.

Accompaniment  with  the  Holy  Ghost

457)    2nd June,  1988. Thursday.    Early morning dream:   After almost one and half year gap I had a dream where I saw myself giving accompaniment to Jibankrishna for a long time. I said to Jibankrishna, ‘I saw you in dream a few days back’. Only this conversation was kept in memory. After this I spent a long time with Jibankrishna and then the dream went off.

[The dream indicates that the seer’s brain is now ready for more realizations]

The transformation  of  the  world into divine joy

458)     Second week of  October,  1990.     After almost  two and half years gap the I had a dream early in the morning. I observed that the whole world had been converted into a divine joy. Wherever I was going I saw the condensed form of divine joy which could not be described in language. Within the dream I was feeling that I was merging into the ocean of divine joy. The dream then went off.

[A long gap and then such realization indicates that the brain of the seer was being prepared for such type of high quality individual realization and in future the seer will have such feeling in reality when continuous flow of divine joy will persist within the body of the seer as Sri Jibankrishna used to say long time before. ‘You will see that a continuous flow of hilarity will persist within your bodies’.]

Experiences  of  different  types  of  Samadhi

459)    13th December, 1990.  Early morning dream:   I had some different types of Samadhis. One I called as ‘Kilakinchan’; in another one I saw myself laughing and laughing and then and there I realised that it was another kind of Samadhi (as Jibankrishna defined in reality long time back), though it was of lower category . Then the dream went off.

[Here the causal body had experiences of different types of Samadhis.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 13, July, 2017


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “How he plays his magic flute, whose music thrills my soul”?

The original reading is:

“I know not how does He look and who is He, the producer of the sweet notes”?

The Life Power has created an unquenchable thirst and hankering for God. It is real yearning.

  1. “Because He is out of my sight my heart aches; I cannot stay at Home”.

The original reading is:

“My heart is bursting to see Him and I cannot keep to my room”.

Heart bursting – Life Power has reached the heart and trying to make its way through the knots chit-jara-granthi of the heart.

Keep to my room – the room is up to the sixth plane (forehead) and the roof is the cerebrum or the seventh plane. It signifies that Life Power is making progress upwardly and it beautifully portrays the marks of the Life Power in its upward course, the fifth plane, the sixth plane and so on.

  1. “My soul yearns for Him; wrecked with pain, it longs to see Him once more”.

The reading should be:

“My heart fails me, it pains; I only survive to see Him”.

My heart fails me, it pains – the process of the transformation of the ego is going on and in some cases it entails a sort of delightful pain.

I only survive to see Him – It is Salokya Samadhi – in the same zone with God. In the seventh plane God is in the centre and the aspirant is on one side. Yet there are but two, God and the aspirant.

  1. “Says UddhavadasaBut you will die, O Radha, when you behold him”.

The reading should be:

“When He will be seen, it will give you back your life”.  – says Uddhavadasa

Radha or an aspirant or the Life Power will be transformed into God when God will be seen as shown to the aspirant by God-the-Preceptor. The aspirant has become God and He sees Himself from within His own Self. It is so much so peculiar and wonderful.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 13, July, 2017

Chapter 18

Gaurav Dutta from Gargaria, Birbhum (West Bengal, India), a 12 years old boy has narrated a dream.

On May 1, 2010 I saw that an earthen lamp was bu8rning.  From the rays of the lamp an egg emerged and from that egg a man came out and grew up, to a big size.  He said, ‘will you go to Jibankrishna’? I said, ‘yes, I go’.  So both of us went up the sky by climbing a ladder.  Going there we saw a door.  That door opened automatically and inside there was a large space.  The automatically and inside there was a large space.  The surrounding was killed with blue light, and on a stone Jibankrishna was having meditation.  My dream was off. [Lamp – Body, light – Divine consciousness, the man is the seer’s own self, sky is the cerebrum or seventh plane, blue light is the universal consciousness.  Jibankrishna is the image of universal consciousness. The seer experienced the universal consciousness].

Surajit Das Dalal from Gargaria, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated a dream.

One night I saw in a dream that I had a high temperature.  As the fever persisted my parents called for a Doctor.  The doctor came, patted on my head and immediately my fever vanished.  After a while I looked at the doctor and saw that he was Jibankrishna.  My dream was off.

[Jibankrishna is the Doctor who after appearing as God-the Preceptor cures all the ailments of human being.]

Subhadeep Mukherjee from Gargaria, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated a dream.

One night I saw that I was returning home in the dark night being too much seared.  In the meantime I saw that Jibankrishna was going somewhere holding a hurricane in his hand.  I followed the light of the hurricane.  After some time he said, ‘you take the hurricane and go’.  My dream was off.

[Jibankrishna is God-the Preceptor who guides the seer.  After progressing in the spiritual world, the seer gets the power to enlighten others.]

Ms. Ankita Mukherjee from Purandarpur, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated a dream.

One night I saw that I was riding on a beat to cross a river.  Suddenly, I fell down in the river and at once a shark swallowed me.  Entering into its stomach I saw a gentleman seated with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti.  He asked me, ‘can you recognize me? Say who am I’? I said ‘No’ twice, but ultimately said, ‘oh yes, I have recognized you.  You are Jibankrishna.  He said smiling, ‘yes, now you have recognized me’!

[During visualization of God or great soul or Atma the seer sees god within the soul.  Here the shark is the insignia of Atma, Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor showed and introduces God to the seer.  Here god introduced himself to the seer.]

Sumit Raha from Ilambazar, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated a dream.

In the month of January 2010 I saw in a dream that a gentleman was smoking a black cigarette.  The smoke coming out of the cigarette formed a word ‘Oneness’.  The dream was off.

[Cigarette is the spinal cord and the light of the cigarette is the divine consciousness.  Smoke is represents spiritual realizations, forming ultimately ‘Oneness’. It means through innumerable realizations a man ultimately attains the goal i.e., oneness’].