By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-4, February, 2012

 Real form of God

Visualization of God is, according to the vedic principle ‘Paramajyotin Upasampadya’ – attainment of the supreme light, as pointed out and shown by the unknown human form made of God’s light comes down from the Brahmapura, making the man, in the first stage, ‘Samprasada’ or blessed and the chosen one and then taking him to the cerebrum or the seventh plane and making him see God and He himself 9that is the human form) merging in it. It is the rare most thing which happens in a man’s life. Happeining of this unheard of and un-thought of amazing thing is followed by the wonderful evidence of ‘samprasada’ being seen by scores of thousands while samprasada (the man) is alive. We do not find such occurrence in Sri Ram Krishna’s life or in any part of the globe or in the life of any past teacher.

Yes, now approaches and appears God’s real form. It is a dilemma and upto the date no report of ‘The Real Form of God’ has reached the humanity. All the reporters of eminence and highest reputation and all the public teachers of the world, I mean the newspapers, are silent over it though the helpless human race depends upon them with anxiety and unquenchable thirst since the birth of newspaper. The original authors who brought about romantic and un-thought of change in the destiny of the mankind could not bless the humanity by a description of Real Form of God. As for carventis ofSpainor Jerome K. Jerome ofEngland– it is better not to bring them in the arena. Even Sri Ramkrishna or any past teacher of the world – the creators and makers of all these ‘isms’ did never mention the Real Form of God. Ah! Poor mankind! The Vedic principle teaches that a man becomes God and by appearing in his very identical living image made of God’s light within the hearts of women, men, the young and the old alike, verily proves the Vedic declaration – Twam Jato Bhavasi Viswatomukhah’ in other words god is one and all. This very oneness establishes godhood and this is but god’s Real Form and there is no other God anywhere else and to finish it with ‘Sankhya philosophy’ – for want of proof, the existence of God is denied – ‘Ishwarasiddheh Pramanabhavat’. The author of sankhya did not visualize God.

Difference between ‘ism’ and ‘oneness’

Each and every ‘Ism’ in the sectional religions of the world thinks that his religion is right and solves the problem of the humanity. But in its historical and practical aspect we find that it has created hatred, dissensions, disagreement, divisions and in each and every turn trying to lower down others to establish thereby one’s own superiority, not to speak of the bigots and fanatics who play havoc and transform this beautiful earth into a pandemonium. The leading idea giving impetus to him is that he is the best and others are irrational and brainless, very lower in rank in the order of merit. Let us enlighten them. Their thought and ideas about themselves make others think that they are groping in the dark and they are not the chosen people of the ‘Lord’. But they have been allowed to roll in false vanity so that some day or other better sense may be awakened in them and they may come to know that every member of the humanity is god, or Brahma. Now about having it tallied with the sun. There is but one sun in the horizon. So to have it tallied with the sun means to have oneself transformed into the one. Who is this one? This one is made by Nature and in the Atmic zone of the human body He shall be seen by millions denoting oneness with the one Sun – the Perfect one.



Volume – 4, February,2012

 Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’ or Great Divine Life)

I saw Diamond in dream before meeting him

Kalicharan Das, Metiaburuj, Kolkata

Prafulla of Fatepur, Kolkata arranged for my meeting with Jibankrishna ( Diamond )in my life. He had his photo binding shop. He himself does the binding work and in leisure period uses to read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. One day I, along with one of my friend Vinod went to his shop. During conversations on religions Prafulla told me, ‘Sri Ramkrishna has again come. Do you want to go to him? With a great enthusiasm we asked, ‘where does he stay’? He said, ‘at Kadamtala,Howrah,’ and he gave us the address and direction.

But four days before going to Diamond I had a dream. I saw that I had gone to Diamond’s room and saw him lying on sided and resting his head on his left hand. Prafulla, sitting in front of him was reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Entering into the room I paid my salute keeping my two hands forehead on his feet. He sat from lying posture. I asked him, ‘how do you get holy mother’? He at once hugged me and I began to cry shouting ‘Mother! Mother!’ The dream went off.

However, after four days in the middle of 1956 at 7 AM we reached Diamond’s residence. The door was closed at that time. I asked one gentleman of that house, ‘where is he ‘? He said, ‘he stays in this room. Now he has gone for a walk. He will come back within a short moment. You sit on the outside verandah.’ Later on I came to know that the gentleman was the cousin brother of Diamond.

So we were waiting and within a short time Diamond came back. But what a strange thing! As if he knew us beforehand and so cordially addressed us; come, come inside the room’! It did not take time for me to recognize him, as four days before I saw him in dream. Paying our salutes to him we sat on the floor and he also did so. Then he asked about our whereabouts. I said, ‘Prafulla has sent us, He asked, ‘Prafulla of Fatepur’? I said, ‘yes’ and then told him, ‘see, I have seen you in dream.’ He asked, ‘What have you seen’? I narrated the dream and he became very pleased. The he said, ‘I saw in a dream that you would come to me.’

After a while two-three devotees came. I said, ‘Sir, we shall go to Belur Math andDakshineswarTemple’. So he said, ‘well come again’ Paying our regards to him we came out.

Thereafter I had experienced plenty of divine dreams out of which two dreams I am narrating.

1)          I saw a clear sky with soothing moon beams. I had gone to a temple with an illuminating lamp. Suddenly looking at the sky I saw Diamond’s form with smiling face. In the twinkle of an eye he to me and began to talk about God. In the meantime there started a heavy storm and the lamp became off. When I was going to ignite it, I saw a huge snake was running towards me and entered into my naval region and my whole body began to shiver. The dream then went off.

2)          In the year 1977, one day I saw in my dream that I had gone to the residence of Diamond though it was another house. My two daughters (one was 4 years another was 6 years) were with me. We entered into his room though he was not there. My daughters began to play and ultimately slept on his cot. One old lady was cleaning his room and before Diamond came back she left the room. I paid my salute to him lying on the floor. At the time of my sitting straight his legs touched my forehead. With the big toe of his leg he pushed my forehead and at once it seemed to me as if a closed door opened and my mind began to rise upwards. I fell in a ‘samadhi’ stage. After a few minutes I got back to normalcy. Diamond said tome ‘take this sugar candy syrup’. After drinking it, I wore new dress but could not see my daughters there. I came out alone from the room and the dream went off.



[Translated from my Bengali book ‘Debswapner Kahini(Tales of divine dreams)]

seeing Diamond in dreams through Diamond’s companion

 Nidhis Mukherjee from Baruipara lane, Kolkata was devotional from his childhood and had divine dreams sometimes. In the year 1964-65, once he saw in his dream that he was flying and ultimately reached a room. He entered into the room through the open door and saw Sri Ramkrishna lying on his cot. With folded hands Nidhis sat infront him with kneeldown posture and then and there Sri Ramkrishna touched his leg on his chest and with a posture of blessing he kept his right hand in upward position. The dream then went off.

In 1967, he was transferred to N.R.S. Hospital  from Bagbazar office. Going everyday to the office by bus he was acquainted with Jyotirmay Basak who was a regular companion of Diamond. After a long time he introduced Arun Ghsh, another companion of Diamond with him.

On 1st November,1979 Jyotirmay took Nidhis to the residence of Raghunath Sen at Taltala where regular discussions on Diamond used to be held. He was so attracted that he used to go there at regular intervals. Now he got peace and divine joy in mind having regular divine dreams.

15th June,1980. Sunday.

At noon time was reading the magazine ‘Manikya’, Gospal of Sri Ramkrishna and Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond. After finishing reading, he was thinking with a great ailment that Diamond used to appear among so many people in dreams, but why he does not appear in his dream? Then he slept and dreamed. He saw in his dream that along with his elder brother and his sons and daughters he went for a walk. After a while he noticed a dog chained with his hand. They approached and ultimately saw a bridge on a calm sea. They crossed the bridge and entered into a jungle. After walking a distance he told his brother, ‘let us go back, otherwise it will become dark while returning’. Here the first scene vanished. In the next scene he saw that they had reached a locality and handing over the dog to one of his friend they returned home by a car. The house was very huge.  After a while the friend came there keeping the dog there. While Nidhis was getting down from top floor to catch the dog, he saw himself floating in air and then caught hold of the dog.

Next scene :- Someone was telling Nidhis, ‘do you know the sweet shop of Kalakanda (a type of sweet)? He answered, ‘there it is at Amherst Street’. Next moment Nidhis saw himself standing in-front of that shop and noticed that Diamond was holding some small earthen glasses in his left hand. He was the shop owner and was selling continuously two sweets in each glass. After a while he observed that a young man was also working at the shop. Somebody said, ‘The shop-owner is the father of that boy’. Then Nidhis saw some customer gave Diamond one rupee, though the customer was not clearly visible. But Diamond did not return the customer twelve annas (3/4th of one rupee). He kept the balance in a packet of sal tree leaf and told that with this money it can be enjoyed with ganja (hasis) and sweet. The dream then went off. But there remained a repentance in Nidhis’ mind that Diamond never talked to him. Yet the consolation was there that after a long time he could see Diamond in dream. In the dream he was seen with dhoti with bare upper body just as he is seen in photo.Thereafter I have seen Diamond in many



Volume -4, February, 2012


Future indication of a famous Cricket player and it came true

December 16, 2005, Friday.

Early morning dream : I was seated in the lounze of Calcutta Airport. I saw that the former Indian Cricket Captain Sourav Ganguly coming down from the plane came to me. He wore a tea-shirt carrying a bag in his hand. He was looking at me with an intention of sitting beside me. So I gave him a place beside me. We had a long discussion and ultimately I took him to my birth place at Santipur (Nadia district,West Bengal StateIndia) I was preparation tea for me at our residence but at this moment my dream was off.

[The dream appeared to me on two aspects :

1)  There may be a change in Sourav’s Cricket carrier towards a betterment. And next I was surprised to see the newspaper. The whole country was agitating for his inclusion in the Indian Cricket Team as he was under the unjustified decision  to be out of the team. This meaning is in macrocosm.

2)  In microcosm the dream is indicating that in future my dreams may be spread like a sent as ‘Sourav’ means inscence.]


Indication of publicity of my book ‘Amritadhara’ (Eternal sayings of Diamond)

March 20, 2006, Monday.

Early morning I dreamt the Taki Toad running from Barasat to Taki. It was very wide, and in a place few Kolometers away from Barasat Town sitting on one side of the road I was writing my next book ‘Amritadhara’ on a desk. It was dusk then. Gradually evening was approaching. Suddenly I remembered that I had missed one thing and I had to bring it from my home. The place was very lonely and I started walking towards the bus stand. It was almost dark and nearly the town, it suddenly flashed in my mind, Oh! I have left all the manuscripts on the road! If someone takes it away! Just at this moment I noticed that two people were coming and it seemed as if they would go towards that side. Though they were unknown to me and couldn’t be recognized due to darkness, still I requested them to watch the manuscripts. One of them agreed instantly.

After a while I returned from my home and going back to that place observed that both of them were guarding my papers. I noticed that the man who agreed first was meditating. I understood that the person was of a very high spiritually powerful one. After the meditation was over he began to sing devotional songs and my dream was off.

[Later on both the persons seemed to me Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna (Diamond) who seemed to be more powerful.

The dream also indicated another aspect : This book ‘Amritadhara’ (Eternal sayings of diamond) may spread in future. And within a short period it came true.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -4, February,2012


Place-Temple of Dakshineswar

15.    “He had a moleskin wrapper put on him .”

This is the first touch of description of Thakur in his ordinary life as given by Shri M.Thakur was a well-reputed monk (Sadhu-half of God emanated from the body), a saint (Sannayasi—the body and God separated). But he had neither matted hair, nor clean uniform of ochre colour, nor wooden sandal, nor a big staff, or a wooden water-pot nor any outward sign of a monk by which he might be recognized . He dressed and looked like an ordinary plain country gentleman . What sort of Paramhamsa was this ?

Thakur was the God incarnation of the era (Avatar) .

Every era has its own requirements . The life of Avatar (Incarnation of God) was the fulfillment of those requirements. Thakur led an ideal life of the era, keeping balance with the environment and as such, to teach others that His life would be followed.

It was the era of Buddha ——–

Shri Buddha was seated. He had a dress put on him like that of a Buddhist monk. His whole body was covered with cloth of yellow colour. His disciples, the monks, had the same dress on .

The world saw  Buddha and his monk-disciples . With an extreme reverence they paid their respect and homage to them but they kept aloof by standing at a distance and they eyed askance . The world did not dare approach them nor sat by them. Well, the Buddha and monks were gods—a different set of people and they were not meant for, nor did they belong to, the ordinary human race . Shri Buddha was for his monk, disciples and not for the world . My own dear one would be living my life . He had no necessity for such fine dress of ochre colour —

Yes, it was Shri Sankar (Shri Shankaracharya—A.D. 788-820) with well-shaved head and face, dressed in ochre-coloured uniform from top to toe. Like a fountain his genius was showering sparkling water all around and his erudition and scholarship like another sun were shining and illurninating the horizon .

With all his glorious disciples Shri Sankar was found seated . There were Padmapada, Mandam Misra, Trotak and others . It was a mad thought to judge the superiority or inferiority in them .

It was an amazing sight to the world—Shri Sankar with his disciples . The human race with all their reverence bowed down to them and went by with a sigh of grief thinking that this life of Shri Sankar and his disciples was never meant for them, as it was impossible for them to get the talents, achievements and self-assertions of Sankar and his disciples. The human race left them and went after pondering within that God was simply for Sankar and his disciples and not for ordinary man–

Shri Ramanuja appeared in the arena after some two hundred years and a new edition of Sankar ; besides, there was a severe strict rigidity in him .

With equal reverence showed to Sankar, the human race bowed down to Ramanuja and went by . They could not find any link between their life and the life of Ramanuja . They approached him with great expectation but they found that it was not for them—