By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-5, February, 2012

 Traditional religion in relation to Vedic principle – Universal Love

The Hinduism and the Jewism are not proselytizing religions. It means toleration. But it is neither liberalism nor love. To a certain extent it is but a passivity and to a strict psychoanalyst it is a kind of inertia, nay a bit more, it is but hatred in th subconscious state.

All the major religions of the world are proselytizing and it is an open declaration that they do not love man as a man but they love to increase the boundary line and numbers in relation to their ‘fold’ and ‘ism’. Swami Vivekananda pointed it out as politics and not love. Any student of history with a sense of rationality will come to this conclusion as every page of the history of religion will evince it.

No doubt all the teachers had a bonafide purpose to conquer by love but their bigoted and fanatical followers upset everything. The religions advanced and accepted more areas and more different groups of the humanity, not by showering the bliss of love but by drenching the humanity with blood.

So to love all is a sorry failure and a by-gone terminology. The humanity has this divine tendency but animality being predominant could not achieve this noble purpose of establishing a world of love.

The vedic principle runs thus:

I love myself best. Let me be one and all – “Ekoham Bahunsyam”. How to be?

Universal Love

Through the medium of Rajyoga it is experienced that the same self is in one and all, it is but an individual experience. It is also called ithe visualization of god or in the vedic term to attain the ‘supreme’. This supreme light works and works in a miraculous way through the agency of the five elements making all ‘one’ with the attainer of the supreme light by replacing his ‘self’ – his very identical form made of god’s light within the hearts of a numberless people evincing that ‘onenes’ is love and it has its realistic form like the Sun in the horizon.

Thus we find that the Vedic principle creates Universalism, Universal love, and proves ‘oneness’, may, not only this but it sets up a pragmatic proof of love and this one is but a living ‘self’ of love.

Of course, this operation takes place within the hearts of the mankind and not in the outside world and furthermore no evidence is to be brought forth, as the members of the humanity are themselves seers and knowers. This ‘oneness’ will unite all into ‘one’ through love and love only as it is self-evident and not an empty sound known as universal love.



Volume – 5, February,2012


My first experience of meeting Diamond


Gopal Chandra Roy

 It was the month of May, 1951. I have a carpentry work-ship at my residence. One day I was having light bantering with other boys while working at my workshop. Meanwhile my friend Anath Mondal came to me. Waiting for a while he went away.

At my very young age I lost my parents and so, I couldn’t study more. Later part of my life I had always repentance for this one of my intimate friend Jagu used to come to our work-ship regularly. As I had always an urge to learn English language it was decided that he would teach me English.

One evening I was having my lesion from Jagu. Suddenly he extended his right hand to me and said, ‘Hold one finger according to your wish.’ I couldn’t grasp this mystery. So without thinking I held one finger. Then he said, To-morrow evening I shall take you to a place. And I agreed, though I did not know where to go and why. I had no idea then, that this incident would change my whole life.

Next day in the afternoon I reached in front of a house atKali Banerjee Lane,Howrah(West Bengal, India) along with Jagu by bus and then walking for a distance. I saw Anath standing there. He told me, ‘Two years back (1951) one day  I went to your work-ship but hearing your irrelevant talks with others I came back. The reason of going to you was that I had a dream one night before that day. I saw in my dream, ‘One unknown person was saying that there is a devotee of Sri Ramkrishna in this place. Saying this he showed you’.

After this conversation both of us entered into the room and saw a pleasant looking Gentleman with good physique and shaved face was seated on a cot. The room was gully packed with listeners. He said to us, ‘Sit down my boys’. Later on I came to know that his name was Jibankrishna (Diamond). On one side of the wall, there was a little space and we sat there some how beside two old persons. Diamond said, ‘The boy is very intelligent. He has chosen the right persons’. I liked his words, because I was a very insignificant boy. Not imagine that I might get such a sweet behavior from anybody.

The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was read in the room. I couldn’t understand anything. With my head down I was sitting with a half conscious state. Later on he asked, ‘Have you seen anything’? I said, ‘In tranc I saw you.’ In the meantime I noticed that hearing some words from the Gospel his body was jerking and then he remained still. Later on I came to know that this is called ‘Samadhi’ (Full consciousness of God). At 8 PM, I bowed down to him and came back. He told Jagu, ‘Take him here again. He is very calm boy.’

After three days I saw a dream, ‘standing in front of our work-shop he was watching my work.’ Thereafter in some nights I saw in my dreams that he was working with me at our work-ship. Whenever I was unable to do a work with my effort, he was doing that.

Hearing these dreams he told me, ‘You are not working yourself, I am doing it.’ During this period, I used to see him in my dreams every day. After attending 3-4 Sundays to Diamond, one Sunday he told me, ‘I am going to stay at Calcutta.’ But he didn’t say anything where he was going. After a few days one Sunday taking the new address of Diamond from Kesto Maharaj Anath, Jagu and I went to Bengal Boarding near Sradhananda Park at Calcutta where we found Diamond’s name in the boarding list. We stood in front of his room in the 2nd floor. The door was closed and we heard him reciting the hymns of Upanishad. As we opened the door we saw that with folded hands he was offering his regards to the picture of Sri Ramkrishna hanging on the wall. Seeing us he said, ‘come my boys. I have not informed anybody.’ Then giving Anath a rupee he told him to buy some sweets and snacks for us. So he went out to buy the snacks.

Diamond asked about every body’s health. During conversations once he told us, ‘see, I have become older than Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) won’t survive for a long time, so how will you spend your life? Better you should accompany Sudhin, because he had taken my brain (in a dream).

We used to go to him every Sunday. Then one Sunday he changed his address to Midland hotel near Sealdah Station atCalcutta. Here the room was bigger than the previous one.

One Sunday going to him I saw that the room was fully packed. He told me. ‘Gospel, to-day, there is no body sitting on my chair. You are Chairman to-day.’ Then again said, ‘your face is looking dry. I have money in my pocket. Take a rupee and go to the sweet shop and eat something.’ Then and there I took the money and went to the shop. When I returned, he asked me, ‘what have you taken’? I said, ‘vegetable chop, and fish-fry.’ He said, ‘you have eaten the right thing’. After this the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was read for some time and he was explaining the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna.

Next Sunday I had gone to Diamond in the morning. No. body had come yet. I sat on his cot. Suddenly a storm came and when I got up to close the window, holding my hand he said, ‘your hand is very soft. The soul may emanate from your body.’  After this incident I used to feel some current passing in my hand and still I feel it.

One night I saw in my dream a river looking like Ganges flowing very forcefully. There was a column beside that river. All the family members were flooding away and I was picking up everybody holding the column.

When I asked Diamond about such forceful current of the river, he explained that my devotion was so forceful.

Throughout my life I have seen Diamond in my dreams in various ways and my life has become fulfilled with divine joy and peace.

August, 1971.

17/2,Omkarmal Jatia Road,

Howrah – 3.


(Translated from Bengali magazine ‘Manik’ published from charupalli reading center, Birbhum)

Diamond’s after-death grace on the family through reading his book

Mrs. Kanaknalini Banerjee is an old lady residing at Sultanpur, Birbhum District (West Bengal),India). She is a regular listener in the reading centre at Snehamay’s residence.

She narrated her own dream as well as the dreams of her son and grandson thus :

I saw in my dream that I had gone to a marriage house. Gradually time passed and darkness was nearer. But how would the snaps be taken? It seemed to me that the sun did not set yet. So I went an adjacent pond to wash my face. Suddenly I noticed that a big flat dish like sun was coming out from the water and the tiny waves of the pond was touching the sun. When it came out completely from the water, with my great astonishment I saw the luminous face of Diamond covering the whole sun. With a great joy I cried and told others, ‘See the sun is rising.’ Looking at the back I saw the sun rays falling on the room through the windows and everybody become busy to take the snaps. My dream then was off.

[The face of Diamond in the sun confirmed the hymns of Isa Upanishad where the pray for visualization of a person in the sun was mentioned. This pray came true in Diamond’s era. The man in the sun is Param Brahma or Supreme being who establishes’ oneness.’]

My eldest son Baidyanath has also got the grace of Diamond. I am quoting his own version on the dream he saw some days back.

I was coming from Bolpur accompanied by Diamond. He told me, ‘Hearing the dream of Moni (my wife) you said that you would want many things when Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) would come to you and wish to give you boons. So I, want to give you boons. You want whatever you wish. But I kept silent, and both of us entered into a shop. He gave order for two cups of tea. We started drinking. He again said, ‘Why, you didn’t want anything? Say, what do you want’? He repeated thrice. I was thinking whether I should want for wealth so that I can live my life comfortably in my poor family. But I couldn’t want anything and my dream was off.

My eldest grandson Chandranath was 7 years old. One day he saw in his dream that he went to his maternal uncle’s house with his mother at Charupalli. When they reached there, Diamond came forward by opening the gate and affectionately took them inside. His dream then was off.

Sri Ramkrashna used to say that our maternal uncle’s house is God’s house. Chandranath was a child but even he got the grace of God.



Volume -5, February, 2012

The future of a political leader in dream – How it came true

April 3, 2009, Friday.

Early morning dream : I had gone to the residence of Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the opposition leader ofWestBengalState(India) at Kalighat, Kolkata. In reality I had never gone to her residence. My elder brother was with me. It was a one storied small house. I sat in her drawing room because I had to hand over a key to her.

She was coming out and in but without any conversation with me. She seemed to be very calm and complacent unlike reality. Then I handed over the key to her. The dream was off.

[The dream seemed to me to be very significant to her future life as in a previous dream I saw her in my dream offering tea to her, and within a short time she became Railway minister ofIndia. Such type of dreams has happened with many other important persons and their future changes were observed.

In this case I felt that she might get an uplift in her carrier and her aggressive attitude would be transformed into calmness.

Note : on 16th May, 2009, it was observed that she won with a huge majority from West Bengal for Loke Sabha election ofIndia. Not only so, she had a remarkable change in her attitude making her very calm and patient.]

Then on October 22, 2009, I again saw Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the Railway minister ofIndiain my dream. She had come to me and sat on my cot. She was looking very calm and pleasant. I was giving her many advices, though I couldn’t remember later on. The dream then went off.

[On 13th May, 2011, it was an amazing incident that her party defeated Left front Govt. of West Bengal State with an overwhelming majority and became the Chief Minister of the State.

This is really a mystery why the effect of such type of dreams is seen with the persons appeared in dreams. And it has happened with many others in previous dreams.

Only one conclusion may be drawn that Diamond’s forecast is coming true when he said, ‘I shall control through the inside of a human being in the form of pure consciousness and thoughts changing a man gradually to perfectness and this will happen without his or her knowledge. But this is merely a hypothesis still now and can be established by more and more evidences.]

Indication of the future publicity of my book ‘Beyond Upanishad’ – It came true

May 10, 2009, Sunday.

Early morning dream : I saw that lots of bundles of my newly published book on Diamond ‘Beyond Upanishad’ (Upanishader pare) were stacked on a room of the 1st floor of our residence at Santipur, my birth place. I was doing miscellaneous works. Later on when I entered into that room, I saw that all the bundles of the books became drenched with heavy rain water through the window broken by strong wind. I became shocked. But some voice told me “Noting harm will happen.’

Just at the moment of waking up, I thought what a fool I am! The rain water means God’s blessings. Overcoming all the obstacles his blessings are poured on my book. It means that the book will be published to a large extent as well as the human race will be blessed by God in future.

[Within a few months the book had a great demand among a large section of people and everybody liked it.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -5, February,2012

 (Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  asThakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

Place-“-PURI” in Orissa .

15) Look there  :  There was Shri Chaitanya sealed . He was talking about Radha’s (a female devotee) love for Shri Krishna to his own devotees .

He looked like both Jupiter and Cupid combined together . But simply he had a torn rag on his loins . To attain God by self-exertion (Vividisha) through privations and cynicism was introduced by Buddha and Sankar ; but it was not so prominent with them as it was practiced and followed with rigid principle by Shri Chaitanya  in his own life .


The world was the magnetic and dazzling figure of Shri Chaitanya . But from a distance, mangave up a sigh, lost his heart and went by . Only in passed in his mind—“Alack ! he is not mine”.——

Thakur had a wrapper on his body and sleepers on his feet ; yes, he attained God in accordance with the outlined principles of the Vedanta (Paramahansa) .

Shri M brought back hope in the mind of the humanity by this description of Thakur who was not unlike a plain and simple man his daily dress like others .

In winter I put on a wrapper on my body and sleepers on my feet . Thakur led a life—a very similar life like that of mine. But Thakur attained God. How am I to do so ?

Yes, there is expectation and hope for every one us . We must be remembering the announcement made by Thakur—“Uncle Moon is everyone’s uncle.” God is for everybody. (Moon inIndiais a man and not a woman like Diana of Roman mythology).

Thakur attained God and through his grace I shall be attaining God also .

16)     “With whom shall I talk to, when I go to Calcutta if Keshab dies ?”

God expresses Himself in and through a devotee . He creates a true devotee by giving him His grace. Thakur took a liking on Keshab (Keshab Chandra Sen was founder and leader of a Brahmo Sect), gave him his (Thakur’s) grace and Keshab saw God in the form of Kali ; so he acknowledged the existence of Kali . Shri Keshab was a real devotee ; so Thakur had a deep affection for him .

17)   “Well, do you know one Mr. Cook is come ? It he lecturing out here ?”

Thakur was perfectly sure that lectures cold not render any help to make a see God .

Lectures are but temporary measures . The people will no doubt listen to you with all attention but they are sure to forget it in no time . It does not leave a permanent stamp on the audience . No action will be produced in the body of the audience if the lecture has got no commandment from the God . “If God frees Himself from the body then there is liberation (Mukti)”—and it means religion .


18)  “The brother of Pratap did come here . He stopped with me for some days, he was out of employment . He told me that he wanted to live with me . I came to learn that he left his family at his father-in-law’s place . His family is a big one and a whole brood of them .He was taken to task for this .Just a fancy ! He is the head of such a big family ! Will his neighbour feed his children, take care of them and bring them up ? Is he not ashamed that his wife and children are maintained by somebody else and they have been left in an uncared condition in his father-in-law’s place ? He had a severe scolding from me and I asked him to pick up a job . Then he was induced to leave this place”.

Here is a sketch chalked out by Thakur for an ordinary man to lead his life . He must be earning his own livelihood ; if he is a family man he must be maintaining his family and at the same time he must be praying to be a real devotee and love God . “A gentle breeze shakes a leaf of a tree . God with it, and the leaf is shaken”.

Pratap’s brother is encumbered with a family. It is so ordained and it has turned out to be so . But he comes to Thakur ; that is, he has got an inclination of love to God . Yes, it is so ; let him earn his livelihood, maintain I is family and let him love God at the same time . This is Thakur’s injunction on Pratap’s brother.

Let us scan here a bit of Thakur’s own life . What did he himself do at the outset ? He came in thetempleofDakshineswarand took up the work of worshipping the Divine Mother Kali and he had a fixed pay for it . Then a through change came over him both within and without . The proprietor of Dakshineswar temple granted him a pension .

Thakur himself used to say, “I live on person”.