By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-6, March, 2012

 Brahma is a living human bein

Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘A man seldom attains knowledge’ – Sri Ramkrishna’s ‘knowledge’ has got two aspects:

1.  To visualize ‘Atma’ or ‘Bhagawan’ or ‘Brahma’ in the seventh plane – the rare most thing which ever happens with a man; but it does not tantamount to the ‘Supreme Light’ – ‘Parama Jyoti’ of the Vedas.

2.  To be merged in the First cause or the Absolute or the ‘Laya yoga’ where no-ego-consciousness pervades and then to come back and declare to the humanity that ‘Brahma’ is ‘Avangmanaso gocharam’ – ‘Brahma is beyond the conception of mind and speech.

At the outside a man starts to know the ‘Supreme One’ but after his journey’s end he comes back and says, ‘well, nothing can be known of Brahama’. It is a negative knowledge and this description of ‘Brahma’ is an erroeus one – as given by Sri Ramkrishna.

With the Vedas, Brahma is a living man. He distributes his Brahmahood to others. The recipients experience, acknowledge and announce.

‘Brahma’ is ‘one’ and the receipients get ‘oneness’ with Him. This is knowledge – I am all, all is one and one with me’, or in plain language ‘I am Brahma and the whole humanity is ‘Brahma’ – with me.

It is the grand equality of the French Revolution where in the humanity demanded equality. It lies in an unmanifested condition in the ‘Atmic’ zone of their own bodies. Subconscious state ventilated it through vocabularies but in the Atmic sphere it is factual and demonstrates its proof.

Ocean of humanity

Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘To-day I am merged in the ocean’.

This is a long standing metaphor running current from the vedic period as it is used in the Vedas. Sri Ramkrishna in a visit to the then most eminent Pundit (lit: erudite scholar) Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar (ocean of learning) played a pun over the term (‘sagar’) – ocean. In Samadhi in individual life, an ocean of light or water is seen and the seer, sometimes, like a fish being overjoyed, swims and dives into it. It is called – ‘Minavat’ – ‘Like a fish’ enjoying the perennial bliss as it rests in the memory for ever.

Sri Ramkrishna mentioned this metaphor keeping in tune with the vedic reference entangling the word ‘Vidyasagar’ – the ocean of learning – along with it. He (Sri Ramkrishna) is a river and the Vidyasagar is an ocean. The ultimate goal of a river is to join an ocean. The ultimate goal of this human life (inIndia) is to get merged in the ocean, i.e., Brahma and thus his mission in life is fulfilled. But the Vedas have got another sense. It is the ocean of humanity – ‘Jana Samudra’ – the humanity as an ocean. To join the ocean means to appear in his very identical from made of god’s light in the bodies of all men and thereby to join the ocean and thus to make them ‘one’ with Him. This is ‘Liberation’ in the true sense of the term. It entails its proof and makes scores of thousands to have a gift of bliss and liberation. Here to quote Swami Vivekananda – ‘you must liberate the whole universe before you leave this body and then only you shall be established in the eternal bliss’. Also we must remember ‘Nagarjuna’ of 2000 years ago – the founder of ‘Mahayana’ or the great vehicle – who great ‘Avolokiteswara Bodhisattwa’- a creation of imagination, who out of his magnamity wanted to render greatest service to the mankind, the liberation of each and everyman. This fictional ‘Avolokiteswara’ declared that he would not accept his own liberation until and unless the whole mankind would be liberated. This good wish is not yet realized and it remains unfulfilled.



Volume – 6, March, 2012

 Diamond in his life-time

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna) 

Ananda Mohan Ghos

Probably that was December, 1950 or January, 1951. One day my neigher Bisnudas Pal told me, ‘Let us go to a Holy man. You will see that he is like Mahadeb (Shiva)’. So I accompanied him and reached a house at Kali Banerjee Lane of Howrah Town (near Calcutta). It was four O’clock then. Both of us entered into a room putting off our shoes outside. I was on the back side of brother Bishnu. Diamond was half-lying on a cot. Seeing them he sat straight and brother Bishnu bowed down to him. I was hesitating to touch him if there was any flaw in me. But as brother Bishnu indicated, I touched my head on his cot with great affection he patted my head and back and said very sweetly, ‘come my boy, come!’

He allowed brother Bishnu on the cot facing him. Hesitatingly I sat on a chair kept on the southern side of the room. But instantly Diamond said, ‘why there my boy! Come and sit on this cot’. But I was hesitating unless brother Bishnu indicated me to sit on the cot.

The room was small extended in a north-south direction. The entrance door was on the eastern side. On both sides of the door there were two windows. There was another door on the western side for going inside the house. On the north side also there were two windows.

Inside the room there were two folding chair and an easy chair. On these were seated Basanta Samanta, Satya Pal and Kesto Maharaj. On the eastern wall a photograph of Sri Ramkrishna was hanging.

Diamond gave the book ‘The gospel of Sri Ramkrishna to brother Bishnu and told him to read. Then he asked me about my whereabouts and family. Brother Bishnu said, ‘He is my neighbour’ and then he narrated about my family.

Brother Bishnu then started reading the book in a sweet voice.

I was noticing Diamond minutely. He wore a dhoti and a white ganji. He had short black hair cutting with shaved face. The body was muscular and reddish complexion. The face was round shaped. He was listening to he reading with half closed eyes. After a while he asked me, ‘My boy, have you your own family’? I couldn’t understand his queries, but brother Bishnu said, ‘No, he is not married’. He expressed a sigh of relief. During reading he was explaining some of the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna in yogic form. Once he asked me, ‘Are you understanding our discussions’? I nodded and said, ‘No!’ He said, ‘gradually you will understand’.

By this time evening was approaching. Someone put on the switch. He was about to meditate and told others to do so by switching off the light. After some time the meditation was over and he asked me whether I had meditation. I said, ‘No’. However, it was time for our departure and after bowing down to Diamond while we were coming out, he said to me, ‘Come again my boy!’ And both of us departed.

After this incident I saw dreams in three consecutive nights:

1. Some young ones were singing devotional songs in a room. They seemed to me very familiar, though I never met them. As soon as I entered into the room all of them shouted, ‘Come ! Come!’ As if I am very familiar to them. I entered and joined them. While singing I fell in ecstasy and should saying, ‘Say Hari, Hari’ (Another name of god) and then sat still losing my power of speech and movement. Inside I was feeling an unspeakable divine joy and satisfaction. I saw that those friends who were singing devotional songs stood up and encircling me they also started singing devotional songs. I was at this stage for a long time and then woke up.

2.  Next night I saw this dream: I went to an unknown place accompanied by a boy named Sindhu who was residing next to my house. I saw a saint there a thin stature, fair complexioned body covered with ash and garland of ‘Rudraksha’. The place seemed to be a sacred place. He was talking with me for a long period. Once I thought that I should tell him to accompany him leaving my families, but due to shyness I could not tell him. Ultimately when I told him my intension he said, ‘Why will you leave families? You are quite well in your family!’ I said, ‘I am not liking to stay at my family’. But he said, ‘So what? You think about God within this time and that will serve the purpose’. But after a while he said, ’Come to me’, and then told me, ‘Just now you have to go’. I was surprised to hear his words. He again said, ‘Now it is 3pm. It is the right time’. I thought that this would be my last departure and I would never come back. Meanwhile the saint told something near my ear but I couldn’t remember anything, and I woke up.

3.  It was a strange thing that in the third night I saw another dream. I saw that I was sitting on the lawn of a field along with my friend Sachin facing east direction. I noticed that opposite side Jibankrishna was seated facing us. On his right side a gentleman was seated silently and hearing the ‘gospel of Sri Ramkrishna read by Jibankrishna. Then both of us sat beside him and he read the book and gave yogic explanation. Again within a moment I saw in a next scene that we were seated the same way we were in the previous scene, and Jibankrishna, walking on the lawn was discussing about the mythological stories with a gentleman standing outside the fencing of he field.

Suddenly his legs touched my body and he sought an apology with folded hands, uttering the name of god ‘Narayana’.

I told him, ‘see, last night I saw a dream’. Then I narrated the whole dream. He was listening to my narration with great curiosity and then began to tell me many things which I could not remember later on. I woke up and saw in the clock that it was 4 a.m.

Then throughout my life I had innumerable divine dreams and was a blessed person being a regular companion till his demise in 1967.

May, 1969

Kailash Basu lane,Howrah


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from our bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Seeing Diamond in dream after his death through Reading Centers

Debi Padmavati is a resident of Lucknow City of Uttar Pradesh, India. There is a reading Centre at L.D.Colony,Kanpur Road,Lucknowwhere the book ‘Religion and Realization’ written by Diamond is read on regular basis and Padmavati attends the reading.

Within a few days she started dreaming Diamond in various ways.

The following are a few dreams as narrated by her :

1)        I saw that I was lying in a new room of Haridasi aunt. Diamond was holding me after putting off my old dress substituted by a new one. Just at that time a huge snake climbed up my body and then entered into one of the hole beside me. But next moment coming out through another hole she again climbed up my body and with a hissing sound was talking and again entered into the holy. Then she again came out and said, ‘Religion is not a matter of outward expression. Religion is an internal thing. By playing drums one cannot achieve true Religion. What does it mean? Unless there is realization, the Religion will not be manifested within the body of a human being. There are seven planes within the body. Even if the mind reaches the sixth plane, religion can be achieved. When it reaches the seventh plane, then only a man can achieve the true Religion. Oneness is the true Religion! Oneness is the true Religion! How does it occur? When a person appears within myriads of people in dreams, trances, meditations etc.

[The dream indicates how God-the-Preceptor teaches the seer in dreams.]

2)        In the month of March, 1988 I dreamt that Sri Ramkrishna wearing a black coat and dhoti (to cover lower body with a long white piece of cloth) was seated on a chair resting his two arms on the two arms of the chair. He was very healthy. On his right side three Vedas were kept on a tool. He took those books and tearing the books said, ‘Nothing is there in these books. He then asked me to sing a devotional song. So did I with folded hands.

Hearing the song he expressed his joy. At this moment I noticed that another Sri Ramkrishna of 16-17 years age had appeared there. But he had short stature and was not so healthy. He encircled older Ramkrishna seven times and then stood on his left side. And beside him a listener of the reading centre named Arati was standing.

I asked older Ramkrishna, ‘My lord, you are the Ramkrishna, but how did another Ramkrishna come’? And why he is so short-stature ? He seems to be very weak. He said, ‘I am Ramkrishna and he is also Ramkrishna. I have achieved Universalism so I am healthy and he has individual austerity, so he is weak.’ After a while the weak Ramkrishna disappeared. The next moment I saw that older Ramkrishna also vanished and in place of him Diamond was seated on the chair.

Being surprised I asked him – Are you Jibankrishna (Diamond’s real name)?

Then and there I saw that Swami Vivekananda was seated on the chair.

Diamond told me, ‘I have placed Swamiji here which meant I had placed ‘Rajyoga’. Get this dream published in the magazine.

[The dream is self-explanatory.]

3)                On 18th May, 1994, I dreamt a small hut and I used to live in that hut. The door was closed. I had no male or female signs on my body and I wore only a small piece of cloth. Inside the room some swans were moving with quack sounds. In the meantime Diamond entered into the room accompanied by quite a number of Vedic Rishis. They had long hairs bound on the head. Entering the room showing me Diamond told those, Rishis, ‘She is Maitreyee, the wife of Rishi Jagyabalka’. Then holding my cheek he was telling them, ‘see, she has family but has achieved the Supreme knowledge – She has no lust. This impossible task becomes possible. Seeing her you will also improve and get Supreme knowledge without any lust.’

When Diamond was telling this to the Rishi, I noticed that I had grown a third eye (eye of knowledge) on my forehead.

Then lastly Diamond told them, ‘See, she leads a family life and is associated with notorious people, but yet she can live safely and cautiously saving herself from all hazards.’ Here the dream was off.



Volume -6, march, 2012


1)      14th December, 1973 :

Early morning dream : Diamond had come to my house and spending time with me. I was feeling extremely happy. At night I saw a big cot in the room covered with a white cloth and this arrangement was made for both of us. We were having endless conversation. Once it appeared to my mind to ask him one question which frequently used to come to my mind in waking condition that just like a dream Diamond also should give me companion in real life and whenever I would get the opportunity in dream I should ask him about this. So to-day this opportunity had come. But surprisingly whenever I started asking this question I felt, Oh! Where are the differences between a dream and waking condition! This dream also had been seeming to me same as waking condition! So why should I ask him about my desire! With these thoughts the dream went off.

The meaning of the dream may be effective in the seer’s body in future when waking life will seem to him as dream. [And this often uses to appear now-a-days.]

2)      26th December, 1975, Place : Makardah (Howrah)

Early morning dream : Many companions of Diamond were seated in a room. Among them Anath Mondal and Ananda Mohan Ghosh seemed to be prominent. Somebody said, ‘brother Ananda will be returning to Kanpur to-morrow, so he should read Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita.’ (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). Thereafter Ananth Mondal started singing devotional songs. When the dream went off, with a great surprise I heard the same song sung by brother Ananth which was sung by him in he dream.

[this dream reveals that the feeling will be established in the seer in future when there will be no difference between the dream and waking life – this was a realization of Vedanta].

3)      3rd January, 1976, Place : The Agri-Horticultural Society of India.

In reality the annual flower show was going on in the Society. At present I had to stay at the garden due to heavy pressure of work. In the night when I slept, I saw a dream. In the dream the same flower show was going on, but at the same time spontaneous uttering of the word ‘Jibankrishna’ was going on within me. The whole body became full of joy. At this moment the dream went off. Throughout the day even in the midst of the show the same joy persisted in my body followed by the same uttering of the name Jibankrishna.

Here the same realization was revealed in the seer where there is no difference between dream and reality.

4)      8th January, 1976.

Early morning dream : Someone with folded hands bowed to me and my head suddenly jerked due to the exertion of the life force within my body. With this jerking I woke up and noticed that my head was still jerking.




By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -6, March, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

19 .  “Alas, he is not free, already married”!

Continence is an essential requirement for attaining God in the body. All animal passions are but obstructions to the way of God’s freeing and manifesting in the body

“The man who has renounced the pleasure enjoyed in the company of a wife, has really given up all the pleasures of the world”—Shri Ramkrishna .

Everything on the face of the earth takes place as God wills it . The man is fettered with a wife at the will of God . So in this case it appears that God’s grace is less. Had he been favoured by God there would have been no marriage at all for him .

20 . “Ah me ! He is not only married but has also got a child”.

A son is born of me and it is reckoned as a second birth of my own body .

“You, in another form, are your own son”—Shri Ramkrishna .

The full measure of your body has gone down at the birth of your child as he is come out from your body. It means a loss of potential power in you . So there will be very meager emanation of God in your body and you are not favored with all the knowledge of the sportive forms of God in you.

The body is required to be kept intact in an unsullied condition . Then there will be an emanation of God in the body in full measure . All the sportive forms of God will be seen . The mystery of life and death in connection with the world and everything else surrounding you will be solved . For instance, the world, you see, appears to be before your eyes. But really it is not so . You have seen God within you. Then you will come to see that this world in the God within you . Your knowledge of self-ego plus body is but a mirror and the world is reflected there. So you are seeing the world in the outside but it is exactly like a mirage—something not in existence but appears to be true and real.

21.  “Is she endowed with goodness (Vidya-sakti) or badness (Avidya-sakti)”.

Goodness is conscience, renunciation, of God etc.

Badness is to have a keen worldly attachment, to have more creature comforts, devoid of the sense of right and wrong .having no respect or regard for God etc .

God has manifested Himself in everybody in the form of life-force, and in some this life-force is tinged with goodness and in some again with badness .

Why there is such difference ?

It is predestination .

What is predestination ?

It is very clearly exposed in the story of prahlada in the Mahavarata, a mythology of India .

Prahlada was sent to school when he was but a mere child. He saw the first alphabet “K”and tears rolled down from his cheeks. (K is the first alphabet in the list of letters inIndia.Krishna, the name of God as described, starts with K). The alphabet K reminded Prahlada aboutKrishna. His love of God burst out seeing the simple letter K. Kiddy Prahlada was not aware anything of God. It did not matter with the child but tears came out spontaneously. The spontaneity signified predestination .






















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