By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-8, March, 2012


What is grace of God

Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘To render services to the cause of the humanity without having the least selfish motive is required for visualizing God.

To start with another saying of Sri Ramkrishna where he spoke out to an eminent and well respected devotee of high order, ‘well, with all your exertion and attempts god cannot be visualized without His grace’.

Grace means spontaneous revelation which is tantamount to the vedic principle – ‘god flourishes in his body wherein He desires to manifest?

Another of Sri Ramkrishna’s speech is added here which bears the same character as grace: ‘If God, out of His grace, frees Himself from the body then there is liberation’. To render services to the humanity is the noblest pursuit but with all its best it will not enable a man either to visualize god or to attain godhood.

Innumerable are the examples from the days of yore and up to the date where we find the noblest spirits of the mankind laid down their wealth, life and everything dear to them for the services to the humanity but all these did not enable them to attain this ‘Paravidya’ – the spontaneous establishment of oneness which this Vedic truth creates, evinces and distributes through the agency of the five elements. Here it is spoken of the effect and not the process with their scientific proof of minute character. But effect is to be accepted as cause. There is no agency in the world which may enable a man to visualize god or to attain godhood, i.e. ‘Para Vidya’ of the Vedas save and except by automation…..

Rebirth – The line of heredity

….Swami Vivekananda opines – ‘According to some particular schools of the Vedantists there is no rebirth. But rebirth does not speak of the ‘Immortality of the self’. The line of heritage carries along with it the data of ‘Immortality of the self’ as it is transmitted from father to son and so on. Here also the Vedas announced:-

“Atma passes through the line of heredity as it is immortal”.

Why does Atma do so? The perfect manifestation of ‘Atma’ lies in establishing ‘oneness’ in the midst of the humanity and till it is achieved it is to run on.

Well, another question crops up. What will follow then? The reply is a very simple one. The world has not yet reached the stage. The humanity has got to wait to attain it and then the result will be read.



Volume – 8, March,2012

Diamond in his life-time

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Sudhindra Nath Sinha


After ten days when I went to Jibankrishna, I had a stock of a dream. Being asked by him I narrated my dream thus. As if I had gone to eh room of Sri Ramkrishna at Dakshineswar temple. Many devotees were seated on the floor. Sri Ramkrishna entered into another adjacent room from that room. Without looking at anybody as soon as I introduced one of my leg through the door, my dream was off. Hearing my dream he said, ‘The beginning is good’.

After the completion of reading at night I came out like a drunken man.

After a few days I had this dream. The combined male and female form was seen. The root of my spinal cord became sensitive and put me in sitting posture. The life force began to move upwards through ‘Susumna’ nerve.’ The dream was off. For a few days some addictions captured me for meditations. Both reality and dream became merged for a few days.

One strange thing I should mention now. About eight years before I first met him after the demise of my mother I went to some sacred places of Himalaya. But after coming in contact with some saints I got no satisfaction and came back. Sitting alone in a lonely room the thoughts of Sri Ramkrishna automatically came in my mind and I had a confirmed belied that surely god had appeared on earth and this might be nearby. Unknowingly my mind searched for him with great urge. During this moment one night I had a vision in a dream. A road enlightened by moonbeam appeared before me. From it a branch narrow road emerged which took my view in front of a room of a house. That room was half illuminated, filled with f few people listening to the reading of ‘the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and discussions were going on about him. Then that vision disappeared. After a few days that vision faded away. During the period when India got freedom in 1947, I again saw the same vision in a dream. When I went to Jibankrishna for the fourth time in 1951, on my way back at night suddenly that vision flashed in my mind and I realized that the same road and room of Jibankrishna I saw in my vision previously. Next day when I went to Jibankrishna, he told me, ‘Do you want to say something? Wait for sometime’. When everybody left except Basanta Chattejee, he asked me about my dream and I narrated to him my previous vision. Hearing this yogic symptoms were expressed in his body and due to the enormous force of life power of his body he began to jump from time to time in a sitting posture and he roared, ‘yes my brother, this is the place which you have seen in your vision? We witnessed such unthinkable scene that day. Thereafter I had innumerable series of dreams a few of which are narrated.

One night I heard a very sweet instrumental music as if someone was playing it in the form of a shadow and a naked child of 2-3 years age was following it in a bluish light. As he was stepping on the lotuses, they sprouted one by one and as if within my body. When crossing the region of my neck, I heard the sound of the instrument ‘Bina’, and saw open sky overhead. Then he followed that sound crossing the region of eyebrow and through a tunnel reached a plane ground situated at a higher place. Then that sweet sound began to fade away to a far place and a vast lake with silver color water was visible. The child dived into that water and disappeared inside as if swimming like a fish with eternal bliss. The dream went off.

The next scene was so beautiful and beyond any description. I saw a huge mango tree and beneath that tree the person who lifted that child from the lake was Sri Ramkrishna himself. Seeing that the child was forcing to go to the lake he pushed a sweet into the mouth of the child and dragged forcefully towards him. Then holding his hand he crossed so many cities, mountains, forests and lastly a void zone. Suddenly the scene changed. A beautiful ornamented garden was visible. The child was seen there with a flower crown on his head. The surrounding was filled with sweet scent and it was luminous. Sri Ramkrishna was dancing clapping his hands and the child was also dancing and singing with him. Both of them were moving forward. After a while I saw that Sri Ramkrishnawas coming out through a heavy silken curtain holding the hand of the child from a fire globe. On this side Mother Sarada (wife of Sri Ramkrishna) was seated with affectionate eyes, pleasant face. Coming to her Sri Ramkrishna handed over the child to her and disappeared into that globe. That child also wanted to follow him but mother Sarada dragged him towards her lap. The child was crying and requesting her to leave him. But mother with great affection took him in her lap and gave him an affectionate kiss on his cheek. With that divine touch I got back my consciousness. In every hair of my body the eternal bliss was expressed.

When one Sunday I went to Jibankrishna and as soon as I entered his room, he asked me whether I dreamed anything. So I narrated my previous dream and asked him, ‘where were your existence at that time’? He said, ‘My brother, better you ask Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). After returning my home that same night I dreamt about that same huge lake and the Tree. Under the tree Sri Ramkrishna turning towards the lake was holding the hand of that child with his left hand and on his right side was standing Jibankrishna touching the body of Sri Ramkrishna with his body. Thakur put his right hand on Jibankrishna’s shoulder. He was nearly 2-3 fingers taller than Jibankrishna, but his chest was broader than that of Sri Ramkrishna. Then my dream was off. Hearing this dream later on Jibankrishna admitted his friendly relation with Sri Ramkrishna. He also said about his spiritual relationship with Sri Ramkrishna. The child in the dream was me.

One night I saw in a dream as if in Central Asia from a very high hilly area I was descending on a green valley with a stick at hand and driving a pack of sheep in front of me. I asked myself, ‘This time also have I to tend the sheep on grazing land’? After this dream I grew a great urge to read Bible.

In many of my dreams, I used to see many old cities and localities of the Vedic or pre-Vedic ages once I saw a Chinese saint and somebody was announcing, ‘Lao-tse! Lao-tse!’

I had once a very remarkable dream: As if there was a stone-built room at a very high place, might be in the sky. There was an-ornamental cot inside a room. It was dawn and the rays of the rising early morning sun were penetrating the room. When I woke up I saw that Jibankrishna was sleeping so long beside me. He also woke up and within a moment opened the door. In front of the room wide steps lead to the ground on the left side. From the door seeing me still lying indicated to follow him. With gentle steps he stepped down to the corridor connected with the vast portico. Far and far below the localities were visible. Quite a large number of fire places were burning though most of these were almost without fire. From one of the fire places I took ash for brushing my teeth and at this moment my dream was off. The dream came true in my future life when one night I had to sleep beside Jibankrishna at Alipukur (Howrah), his old residence. Some of us stayed with him at his residence for a few days.

I have a belief that my life has become fulfilled with the main objective of human life, i.e., to know the Truth by knowing the Supreme Being. We have got Him and we have known Him.


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

 (Collected and translated from the experiences in Bolpur Reading Centre)


Diamond’s grace on the whole family through reading his book

Part – 1

Nitya Gopal Rudra narrates the experiences how he and his mother and daughter saw Diamond in dreams without knowing anything about  him

Some twelve years back I was at Nabadwip (Nadia District of West Bengal State, India) and came in contact with Bholanath Mukherjee, a regular companion of Diamond. From him I came to know about Diamond. Prior to that though I had divine dreams but never understood their importance. After listening to the reading of Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ my wife and daughter saw Diamond in their dreams and in flesh and blood body. After a few months we came to Bolpur and settled there. There we were regular listeners at Sriniketan reading centre. But strangely I never saw Diamond in dreams and always prayed to God for showing himself to me. At last after a long waiting that day came. On 26th January, 1989 I was supposed to join a gathering at the residence of Himangshu Das, a companion of Diamond. But I couldn’t attain. At that very night I saw a dream – I had gone to Himanghsu’s house. Pushing the door of a room where the reading of Diamond’s book was going on I saw that the room was fully packed with listeners. On one side boys and girls of Charupalli reading centre were having functions. On their back side there was a throne, and on it a framed photograph of Diamond was kept. In front of the photo Diamond was in a standing posture. Seeing me he showed me his palms indicating my protection. I felt a great joy and my dream was off.

On 2nd September, 1992, I was in my dream that I was floating onBrahmaPutraRiver adjacent to my place. A riot was going on everywhere and there was a tension in everybody who was worried about a safe shelter. I swam and reaching a Hindu dominated area heard a woman voice probably my mother’s voice. She was announcing that many refugees had come there. Suddenly my eyes were fixed on a glass wall in front, and inside that a life giving process was going on in many seed. Those seeds were jumping like fried paddies on a frying pan illuminating white wanted to see the creator of this phenomenon.

Suddenly a search light was focused on a palace in front with a vast open space. I saw there a huge clock and good architectural works. The place was empty. All on a sudden I saw Diamond like a Brahmin priest came by a by-cycle and stood in front of me. With a great surprise I kept on looking at him. I was feeling a great divine joy and at this moment I woke up.



Volume -8, march, 2012


8)      Accompaniment with devotees and the Holy Ghost – feeling of unification of reality and dream

17th December, 1977, Saturday.

Early morning dream : The scene opened with a new place and a new building with a common room for all the devotees of Diamond (Jibankrishna). All would assemble there. At this moment Diamond came there. It seemed as if he had returned with his physical body after his demise and also felt as if he had no physical death in reality.

With a great joy I was thinking that now onwards I would narrate to Diamond all the happenings at Taltala where all the devotees used to assemble and at the same time about my dreams also.

The whole environment was seeming to be filled with great joy. At this moment I noticed that Diamond was about to keep one jug of water at the entrance of the door. I was seated on the floor and at this moment my feet were touched with the body of Diamond, so I bowed to him by touching my hand on the feet of Diamond with was seeming to be so intimate to me. Then Diamond kept the jug full of water near the door and the dream went off.

[The dream was long lasting and I felt no different between the dream and the reality.

9)      Achievement of sense about the merging of dream and reality 

 1st March, 1977, Thursday.

Early morning dream : After about six months I met Diamond in dream (Last meeting in dream was on 6th September,1978). I came to know that Diamond had come to his old residence at Kadamtala, Howrah. So I went to him and observed that he had become much older as he would be 85-86 years old in reality. The body skin was pale and shrink. As soon as I reached there, with great happiness Diamond welcomed me saying, ‘come! Come!’ as he used to welcome in reality. After bowing down I took my seat. Nobody was there as it was noon time. Narrating an incident of Sri Ramkrishna, Diamond began to give me some instructions. Very attentively I was listening to him which I forgot after waking up.

After a while I returned home. Afternoon was approaching and I went on thinking that in the evening I should go again to Diamond. Then evening came. I went to toilet and determined to go to Diamond. It came in my mind ‘oh! Now so many devotees have come there and spiritual discussions are now going on’! My mind became restless while thinking these and at this moment the dream went off.

Then again I went on sleeping and had a dream like this : I met Dhiren Mondal, an old devotee saying to him, ‘I have dreamt that Jibankrishna has come to Kadamtala and I have decoded that I shall go there regularly.’ He said, it would not be wise to go everyday.’ Then I went out with him on road. The dream continued for more time and then went off.

Again I went on sleeping and dreamt that as if Diamond  was still at Kadamtala and I had to go to him and the same thing was repeated 3-4 times in dreams that I had to go to Diamond as he was still residing at Kadamtala. Then finally I woke up.

One peculiar thing was observed that whenever I used to meet Diamond in dream, his figure and age used to be the same as it would have been in reality. This clearly indicates that the reality and dream became merged within the seer which proves that the seer has acquired a highly developed brain capacity. This is further establishing the saying of Vedanta that there is no difference between dream and reality.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -8, March, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


25 .                        “No, no, not clay ! The  image  is  made  of  God’s  light “

A real devotee sees that the image is made of God’s light . At first a shining light is seen all around in the image . Then the light develops and covers the image . The image appears to be made of light only . This light does not come from outside but it emits from the eyes of the devotee . First it takes the shape of image in outline and then it covers the whole image and lastly there remains the form of image made of God’s light . The God is within you and from there, comes out His light through your eyes and shrouds the image .Apparently, on the surface it appears so but if a deep penetration is made then it transpires that the devotee is seeing this image of light in his own brain and the happening before his sight is but an outward reflection of his inner condition . At this atage the devotee is not in a position to demarcate the inside from the outside . He knows that it is an outward occurrence .

An occurrence of Thakur’s life in the form of realization is quoted here which will throw light over the confusion of inside or outside .

Thakur once saw that Eternity (lit : eternal time in the form of a man called Kalapurush) came out of his body .

Thakur prayed to his Divine Mother to do away with the man . The Divine Mother at once hacked the man into pieces .But there was no blood there in the outside . Thakur witnessed the whole episode within him and nothing happened in the outside .

Another realization is cited here which will throw more light and clarify the thing . God is seen . Then various sportive forms of God are also seen . By such continuous realizations the body becomes very light . At this stage it is seen that God with form comes out of the body and enters the body again . God in the body makes you know that God with form seen in the outside does not come from without but comes out from your own body .

26 ..               “Thousand  lectures will  not  render  the  least  help 

                       to make  a  man  understand  anything  about  God”

If God reveals Himself to you then you may know God, otherwise nor . You yourself do not know the sports of God as evinced by your lectures, then how can you make others understand about God ? Had you been acquainted with the thorough text of God’s sports then you would have remained silent . Of course, those who get God’s commandment have a different case . They do not deliver lectures but they simply live by speaking out the God’s sportive forms as seen by them in their body ; nay, not only this, but they find out that they do not speak out but God in them talks and teaches others .

27 .               “If  it  Is  required  that  others  are  to  be  taught  then  God Himself  will teach  them. He lives  in  every  man , Granted,It is an error  to  worship  the  image  of  clay, but  God  is fully aware that  He is  worshipped  in  that  way  and  He  is satisfied  with  it . You  need  not  be  beating  your  brain  over  it “.

God living in you understands the disposition of your mind and if it is sincere one. He is satisfied with it .’The image of clay’ is this human body. The body is to be worshipped and propitiated and then God will emanate from the body and will appear as Atma in the cerebrum . “Till a daughter (Parvati—is the name of the daughter . She is Bhagavati Tanu—fourth sheath—sixth plane ) is born in the house of the Himalaya, theHimalayais but a huge heap of stone—i.e., clay”.Himalayais a man, Daughter is Bhagavati Tanu .

28 .                 All  the  various  forms  of  worship  have  been  provided  by God  Himself. He  is  the  Lord  of  the  Universe . Every  iota Of  creation  is  His  own . It  is  his  arrangement  to  provide different  men with   different  stages  of  manifestations  and realizations .  The  mother  sets up  separate  menu  according to  the  taste  of  her  different  children .”

Here it is  spoken of God’s emanation in the body. God emanates in the body in different measures. Somewhere a shilling and somewhere a pound .

In some cases there are realizations as depicted in the holy Tantra (a treatise on Yoga and the realization is to see God with form . But Tantra does not end here . After seeing God with form there comes realizations of the sportive forms of God. At the time of death the ego-consciousness merges in Mahakaran or the first Cause,. Tantra’ has got four sheaths in six planes ) .

In some cases God manifests Himself with the realizations as laid down in the Vedas—five sheaths in seven planes .

Again in some cases God expresses Himself in the realizations of the vedas and also that of Vedanta (lit ; the end of knowledge), i.e, to know God stage by stage till nothing remains—the ego-consciousness melts away in the First Cause ; the God opens Himself and shows His inward composition and component parts (i.e, Sadhan of Atma). This Vedanta is realization of God in five stages and they are —

1.   God  is  in  the  body .

2.    The  Universe  is  in  God .

3.    Universe,  the  God,  changes  into  a  seed.

4.    This  seed  again  changes  into  a  dream .

5 .    The  dream  vanishes—the  ego-consciousness  evaporates .

What  remains  nobody  can  know  or  say .

The Ascent (Agam) ends here . Then comes Descent (Nigam). In descent there are multifarious conditions and realizations .










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