By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-9, April, 2012

 Difference between Avatar or incarnation and Universalism

Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘An Avatar is for a devotee and not for a man of knowledge’.

Here Sri Ramkrishna makes a partition between man and man being guided by the idea that the disposition of the mankind is divided into two sections as some are emotional and some are rational.

The Vedic principle differs. The Vedas offer oneness for the whole humanity. Not unlike sunshine it is distributed bearing the nature of automation.

Many a time Sri Ramkrishna declared that an Avatar is for a devotee whereas there was no room for an Avatar in the Vedanta.

Yes, the difference lies herein that Avatarism is confined in an individual life whereas the Vedanta is universal. Avatar canot prove his own identity of Avatar whereas the Universalism of the Vedanta is a de facto data proved by the human race.

Avatar sets up an idealism – ‘give up wealth and woman’, – ‘Give up everything and follow me’, – ‘Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect’ – but nobody could follow or achieve it.

‘ONENESS’ is a free gift. There is no forbidden fruit in the Vedanta as every member of the human race has got equal right to taste and to start life a new in harmony with the rest under its cool shade in the scorching heat of a tropical sky.

The difference between individualism and Universalism

In individual experience an aspirant after visualizing god becomes God but as his Godhood remains confined in him and furthermore itis indistinct and it fails to bring satisfaction even so far as it may be looked upon as a passing ideas as no substantiation of it follows: so Sri Ramkrishna was of opinion that ‘ego’ or ‘I-ness’ never dies and his instruction was to pass one’s days by becoming a servant to god but of course in imagination as no god would come to him to partake of the food offered to him.

Yes, ego or ‘I-ness’ gets extinct when universalism follows after attainment of god-hood.

‘I am all the humanity’. ‘One’ remains and there is no ‘Two’.

Natural death of the individual ‘Ego’ or ‘I-ness’ follows and in the language of Sri Ramkrishna ‘the rascal’ is gone and gone for good leaving the universal ‘I’, in eternal ambrosia and in the language of Swami Vivekananda establishing this Universal ‘I’ in an ‘Eternal Bliss’.



Volume – 9, April, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

 I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) in dream before seeing him in reality

Panchanan Bag

Panchanan Bag narrated his experience thus: For a long period I had been getting the company of monks and saints and had a great urge to read religious books. I am not a scholar or well educated. I am merely a mechanic of an iron foundry on daily wages. I got no opportunity to study. But God has no special affinity for anyone. To Him all are same.And I got the proof like this.

It was in the year 1956. Madan Koley was our neighbour and we were acquainted with each other to some extent. But I got his real introduction one night at a grocery shop. Sitting in that shop he was reading a book. It was ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ (The gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). Sometimes he was giving explanations.

Being curious I stood aside. These seemed to be very new explanations with which I was not accustomed. So I debated with him. But brother Madan was so strong in explaining the matter that I became greatly astonished and thought how and where could he learn that a man becomes god? Heaven is an imagination the meaning of all the idols has an esoteric meaning!

However, he told me, ‘If you wish, you can come to Kedar Deoti Lane (Howrah). Jibankrishna (Diamond) resides there.’

For a few days his request was churning in my mind. But one night I saw a dream where brother Madan indicating an old man was saying, ‘He is God!’ My dream was off.

After this dream I couldn’t hold my patience. Within three days I went to Kadamtala and from outside I saw Jibankrishna and became amazed seeing him to be the same man seen in the dream.

So far as I remember that was Saturday, but could not remember the exact date. it was monsoon time. One gentleman (Later on I came to know him as Manoj Sinha) was singing the devotional song on Rama of Ramayana. The room was fully packed with listeners sitting even in the outside corridor. His cot was also full of listeners. In between them Jibankrishna was in meditation. Without looking anywhere pushing the crowd I entered into the room. I was scared about anybody’s objection, but nothing happened.

After a long time when the song was finished, some listeners came out, and somehow his look fell on me. He called me by waving his hand as if I was very familiar to him. He said, ‘sit here. You are a very simple man. You will get the Truth’. Hearing this I was overwhelmed with joy and bowed down to him touching my head on the floor. Patting on my head he told me, ‘If you ever dream, remember it’. The I returned home with brother Madan saturated with great divine joy and satisfaction.

After 2-3 days I had another dream: Some people were singing devotional songs in front of an earthen house. I had full beard and wore the dress of vaisnaba cult. I was also dancing with them uttering the words, ‘will there be no photo of my Lord? Won’t you take his photo? His photo will be created automatically’. Pointing out Jibankrishna, whom I saw enjoying the song, I was telling everybody, ‘His photo will be created automatically’. Then I saw my own brother Samatul. He was distributing two chapattis (Flat thin disc like food made of flour) to each house. And I was continuously singing, ‘Won’t you take his photo? His photo will automatically be created’. Then my dream was off. After hearing my dream later on he told me, ‘This dream is indicating your future life’.

[But the most interesting part of the dream was that, he never wanted to have his photo. But miraculously without his knowledge someone took his snap and that was printed after his demise. During taking of snap he was in samadhi state.]


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from Bengali magazine ‘Manik’published by Bolpur Reading Center)

Seeing Diamond in dream after his death through Reading Centers

Nitya Gopal Rudra

Part – 2

Nitya Gopal Rudra saw Diamond in dreams after listening to the reading of Diamond’s book ‘Religion and Realization’ and thereafter through him his mother, wife and daughter also saw Diamond in dreams getting him as their God-the-Preceptor.

His mother narrated her experience thus :

I dreamed that I entered into a room. I saw my son-in-law Nikhil was seated nakedly, though he did not resemble Nikhil. Seeing me he said, ‘I am waiting for you, why are you so late?’ I felt a bit surprise and though I didn’t know anything where he would go and what was the reason. So why he was angry? Here my dream went off.

Afterwards seeing the photo of Diamond she told her son Rudra that Nikhil seen in dream resembled Diamond. Nikhil means infinite. Diamond is infinite ad why so late? As she got Diamond as her God-the-Preceptor at the last stage of her life.

Rudra’s wife narrated her dream as such : I saw in my dream that Diamond was calling me saying, ‘come and visualize Atma’ (Soul or God’s light). I followed him for a long time through a forest and at last reached a place beneath a wood apple tree. I told him, ‘why? You did not show me Atma?’ He said, ‘there it is. Look at the sky. What are you seeing?’ I said, ‘I am seeing luminous sky.’ Then he said, ‘Now you have to take a seed. Go to my mother, you will get it there? I could not see him any more. I approached and after a while I saw a broken old hut. Again I heard the voice of Diamond. He was telling his mother, ‘Mother, give them the seeds’. A  widow came out of the hut and handed over to me two paper packets. Opening the packets I saw with surprise that these contained the seeds of cucumber, peas, ridge-gourd etc. My dream then went off.

In the dream it signifies that the seer saw the luminous sky which is a form of Atma and is seen in the fifth plane. A seed signifies that the universe is endless and at the same time it is like a seed as described in Upanishads.

Rudra’s daughter Sunandita narrated one of her dream as such :

In reality, my aunt, uncle and I went for a tour at Ramtek Gumpha of Gangtok. We saw that all the lamas of the Gumpha were males. In my dream I saw that we had gone to the place. But instead of male lamas we noticed that all the lamas were females. They were showing us everything. Gradually it became night. The started studying inside the mosquito net in electric light in a room and standing on one side of the room we were watching their activities.

Suddenly we heard the ring of a bell outside the door and a rope attached with all the mosquito nets was stretched. All of them came out of the nets. We saw that Diamond entered into the room. He wore a dhoti (a long white piece of cloth) and his forehead was marked with sandalwood paste. One of the lamas told us that he was selected as their Preceptor. I became very happy,   though I had the idea that they select two years old child as their Preceptor. According to their belief, their previous Preceptor after getting instruction through dreams writes everything in a letter and then expire. After two years the letter is opened and read about the place where the previous Preceptor is born. And according to the instruction the Preceptor is selected. However, Diamond marked on my forehead with the sandalwood paste and said, ‘a young lama fell sick and he had to go for his treatment. You also come with me.’ So I went with him and saw that he was sleeping on a small cot. He was a foreigner. Both of us holding the cot took him to hospital and dream was off.

Lama signifies the Preceptor after taking rebirth. Diamond is God-the-Preceptor of every human being, but he is eternal and there is no question of taking rebirth.



Volume -9, April, 2012


10)    Merging of reality and dream 

10th March, 1979, Sunday, Place : Kalimpong.

Early morning dream: Binay Mukherjee, a devotee was standing in front of me. Some discussions were going on and once I said, ‘I am going to have deep meditation and saying this I was going to be dissolute, my sleep became lighter and during this half awakening condition it was seeming to me that my body became paralyzed, though forcibly I drag my mind to reality and then I was fully awakened.

11)    Merging of dream and reality

 27th March, 1979, Tuesday.

In the midnight in my half awakened condition I felt that the word ‘Bhagwan’(God) was continually and spontaneously uttered in my mouth. How long it continued that was not remembered, but it seemed to me that this was happening in an awakened condition. But actually when I fully awakened I realized that it was my dream or trance.

The sense of difference between dream and reality is going to be annihilated within the seer.

12)    The dream seemed to be real

March, 1979.

A few days after the previous dream, I had early morning dream :

I was sleeping in one of the lower floor room of my residence. Suddenly in the early morning my cousin brother was pushing the door shouting, ‘Get up! Get up!’ It was so loud that I hastily got up and went to open the door but immediately realized that it was a dream and nobody was outside.

I again went to bed, and in a trance it flashed in my mind – Oh! The name of my brother was Suprabhat, means good morning! Then it was carrying some good senses! Then I woke up.

 13)    Merging of dream with reality

1st week of August, 1979.

As I could not have a nice sleep in the first half of night, at the end of very late night I felt sleepy and in a trance saw that a very senior devotee Dvijendranath Roy of Ghatsila of Bihar (Now Jharkhand) was narrating some facts. Within the trance I was telling him ‘I could not hear it properly as I am feeling very sleepy. After the sleep I shall hear it properly.’ All the facts seemed to me to be a real one. But actually when I woke up from sleep, I realized – Oh! I was dreaming so long!

The dream means that I have grown this sense that reality and dream are identical as per Vedanta.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -9, April, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

29.               “Always  remember  God  and  talk  His  glories”.

Shri Chaitanya always used to repeat the name of God, Krishna, (Nobody knows the real name of God . Aseribe any name to God and pray with sincerity and the response is sure to come.

You will find that God will come out in the form as described by you and He will talk with you). This continuous repetitions of God’s name will bring the tongue in touch with the roof of the palate.

This soft hurt between the tongue and the palate will create and start Yoga—transformation . God is in the body in a dormant condition. He is to be awakened ; in other words, manifestation of God may come in this way . There are two points in the body from where the transformation may start . Softly to clap one’s hands and utter God’s name or to repeat God’s name and thereby the tongue will continually touch the roof of the mouth . “Both in the morning and evening repeat God’s name by clapping your hands”—Shri Ramkrishna.

30 .                Every  now  and  then  pay  a  visit  to  God’s  devotees  or  holy  men”.

Who is a holy man ? By a single utterance of God’s name the man who gets himself transformed into God is a holy man . In meditation a man is transformed into God but it is a slow measure . To be transformed into God at every moment denotes perpetuity to remain in the state of being God .

The man who has seen God is also a holy man but not in full measure .

Who is a devotee ? The man who manikin form of God (Manus Ratan)—vide, fore  ward, Page 34) in him and carries the Manus Tatan all along his body is a devotee.

God is in the body, and in the body He Himself assumes the form of a devotee and repeats the name of God by clapping His hands . And here, God, God’s name, and the devotee meet, unite and become a triad (Avatar) .           

31.                  “A maid in the household of a rich man is very particular to do her duties but her mind is fixed on her own home in the native village .”

Maid—is body .

Household of a rich man—is this world .

Own home—is God .

You are a mere spectator and passerby in this world of grandeur and you should be remembering that you have come from God and you belong to God and you must return to God .



A letter to my pen friend

[When I was a college student, I had a Danish pen friend John Just Andersen though he was much older than me. During that time I used to go to Jibankrishna. I had several correspondences with him about the mysterious phenomenon encircling Jibankrishna. This is one of those letters.]


April23, 1960


Mr. John Just Anderson

Bradevej, Seest pr. Kolding, Denmark.

My dear brother John,

I offer innumerable thanks for your last letter received by me duly but at the same time. I like to lay down the following lines for your personal opinion and remark as well as for opinion of the expert psychologists of your country. The matter may please be placed before them and their opinion and remarks may be taken and I may be duly informed about it.

Some innumerable people including men, women and children of all ages see a particular man in dream, in meditation, in trance and also in awakened condition. Nay, not only that, it so happens that whoever comes in contact with him, sees him to instruct about religion either in one  or more or in all the four items.

The case is so with the Hindus, the Moslems, the Parsees and the Christians. It transpires that a man belonging to any religion of the world, if comes in contact with him, he shall be seeing him to instruct religion in one way or more in others.

The occurrences take place in the following ways :

Those who come in contact with him see him in dreams etc.

(1)The womenfolk and the children after hearing about him from their                   husbands or any relative or any neighbor even, they see him in all the four ways as mentioned above.

(2)There are some people who without hearing about him or without seeing him, get him in dream or in trance, or in meditation or in awakened condition, even in some cases as a man alive and get instructions about religion.

(3)Furthermore, we got a report that one gentleman after coming to him declared that he saw him in this very posture some 50 years ago while he was merely a boy of 10 years old and the man who is referred here to was 15 years old; and to add to it a good number of people, who have seen him now, saw some 30, 20, 15, 10, 7, 5 and 2 years before they come in contact with him and even in the very night before the day he came to him.

To all intents and purposes, it appears to me to be mysterious and a wonder. He even does not know the cause how this happens when we approach him to solve the problem he says that he does not know. The thing happens so far he knows and it transpires that he is sincere in his declaration. All these things are happening clearly and distinctly with a large number of people for the last 19 years. Otherwise it appears that the thing has its start with him when he was a boy of 15 years old and evident corroborates the fact. I am citing here a particular incident from the West which happened 19 years ago during the World War II, in the hard winter of December, 1939. A Frenchman, Paul Adam by name, who was a commander of the Machine Gun Division in the Maginot Line and he was overpowered with the fear of sure and imminent death due to onrush of the Germans and in the night he dreamt this Gentleman, who spoke to him “you will never die in the battle” and directed him “to come to India after the war is over.” In fact, since 9 years, this Frenchman is here in India and now a Professor of French in the Mithila Institute. This Frenchman came to this gentleman who is the Living figure of all these wonderful happening on the 11th December, 1958 and narrated the above dream to him and he recognized the gentleman.

The person who is the centre of this rare happening is a living old man leading a very simple and ordinary life of retirement and never goes anywhere out of his residence. The main striking feature is that he always teaches about religion to us in dreams, in trance, in meditation and in awakened condition as a living man in our own home. When we meet him be talks only about religion, religion, religion or God, God, God and nothing else as it transpires God first, God last and God for ever and nothing else.

Really I shall be thankful if this thing is clarified by the expert psychologists of your country – how these mysterious observation by thousands of men are made and what about this man?

The old man does not permit his photo to be taken and it is not available in home or anywhere else. In special dreams of the two gentlemen, it is forbidden to take his photo.

All that is solicited is an early reply and again thanking you.

Yours brother in love,

Dipak Pramanik






Dear brother Dipak,

Thank you ever so much for your very interesting letter, about the mysteries of other people seeing the religious man in dreams. As a matter of fact, I am not able to tell you anything about what Danish expert Psychologists are saying about this problem, but I may be later on. I am very much interested in the thoughts of your superman, and I shall not be in the least astonished, if one day I shall be able to see either him or the Lord Christ. As I may have told you before I know a lot of the Indian way of thinking, and all these things are very familiar to me, and I think that it is so because in one or more of my former existences I had been an Indian. This is the only way that I can explain my strong interest for India and the Indians, and that I do not get surprised, when you tell me this or that about the things you have been seeing in a vision. I have had the same feeling myself not so long ago, when in the night I felt that my dead father heard my prayer and came to my bed in order to strengthen my mind……

All our best wishes to our brother

From your brother and sister in Denmark,

Therese and John