Jibankrishna(Diamond) the personified Upanishad

Volume-10, April, 2012

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’ or Beyond Upanishad)

[Diamond used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners coming to his residence everyday. The discussions were mainly based on the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna as described in Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and it used to continue from noon to night.

 These discussions and daily experiences were recorded by some listeners in their diaries and later on have been published in a Bengali magazine since 1968.These are compiled in my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’ and later on is translated into English. ]


What is Atma or Soul – Description of visualization

of Atma by Diamond– Its effect

Diamond narrated different stages of his visualizing Atma on different dates.

OnMarch 11, 1956, He said, ‘In the spiritual world visualizing ‘Atma’ or ‘Soul’ is the fundamental. Who will have austerity he must have the visualization of Atma. And in one era only one must have this visualization, just like Sri Ramkrishna in his era. But this is not the end. There is no end in austerity. After visualizing Atma if He wishes He performs austerity within the seer’s body. Then comes the austerity of vedanta’.

On March 11, 1956, Diamond said, ‘There is a specific age when this visualization of Atma occurs. I came to know by the grace of Sri Ramkrishna. It happens in between twenty four and twenty five years age. Sri Ramkrishna visualized Atma at twenty two – twenty three years age and in my case it was twenty four years eight months age.

If at this age it occurs then it is all right, otherwise it does not occur accurately’.

On December 21, 1961, Diamond said, ‘What is Atma or Soul?’ The whole life force of the human body including all the attributes percolates within the seventh plane, merged within Atma in finer form and visualize Atma from within Atma.’

One day in October, 1956, Diamond narrated his experience while visualizing Atma, ‘visualization of Atma occurs in lying condition when the body remains completely at rest. After visualization when my consciousness comes back, I saw myself in lying condition. I couldn’t say how long I was at this stage. After a long time I got up’.

On Februay 6, 1956, Diamond said about the path from the sixth plane to the seventh plane for visualizing Atma, ‘See there is a channel on the right side from the sixth plane to seventh plane. When the seer’s mind goes through this channel to the cerebrum Atma can be seen.

It is nobody’s job to find out this mystery unless one has the visualization of Atma in full-fledged form.’

On June 27, 1961, Diamond described his experience in visualizing Atma, ‘See, during this period, nothing can be said whether Kundalini or life force is moving upwards. The scene opens like this – Sri Ramkrishna extending his fingers and showing me Atma is saying – This is God, this is seeing of God. And I am seeing this from inside the Atma. Do you know what I was seeing? An aurora and within this there is a thumb-like place demarcated by a fine blue lining. And inside that place I am seeing a point and encircling that point some atom type particles are whirling. Next that aura turned in the back side taking the shape of the tail of a comet. At that time it can be understood that something is moving through the organ of generation, organ of evacuation, naval, heart, and throat and ultimately through the eyebrows enters the cerebrum (in between the middle and back side of the brain) and at that moment it ignites all on a sudden. But it does not take so much time as I am speaking. This happens long after visualizing Atma what happens? The passage becomes clear though during visualizing god the passage becomes clear to some extent. But this happen to clear the passage more distinctly. It cannot be understood then and there. I have understood it after a long time. Now, what is this individualistic austerity? This has been mentioned in Upanishad though not so distinctly. But when you are seeing me in dreams is it within Upanishad? No! They have correctly mentioned about me when are saying, ‘Thou art woman, thou art man, Thou art the youth and the maiden too; Thou as an old man tottering with a staff; Being born, thou becomest facing in every direction’. [Svetasvetara Upanishad 4.3]. Rishis could not mention about you. What you have achieved is beyond Upanishad – a completely new phenomenon.

[What Diamond has experienced in visualizing Atma or Soul has been mentioned in Katho Upanishad though not in such details.

It is mentioned as such:

‘A person of the measures of a thumb in the inner soul; Ever seated in the heart of creatures; He is framed by te heart by the thought by the mind; They who know that, become immortal. (Svetasvetara Upanishad – 3.13)

Again Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad has mentioned thus: This Person (Purusha) here in the heart is made of mind, is of the nature of light, is like a little grain of rice, is a grain of barley. This very one is ruler of everything, is lord of everything, governs this whole universe, what so ever there is. (5.5.6)

–  To be continued



Volume – 10, April, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Abhaypada Mukherjee 

It was the incidence in the year 1951-52. Oneday I was going to meet Khitish Chandra Roychoudhury (who was also a companion of Jibankrishna (Diamond). On the way I met Radhacharan Mitra. I was acquainted with them for a long time due to our office affair – when we reached the residence of Mr. RoyChoudhury, he was not present in his residence. His son sajal said, ‘My father has gone to the noble person’. I couldn’t understand its meaning. When I looked at Mr. Mitra, he said, ‘Do you want to go to Khitish? Come’. So he took me to the front window of a red building atKali Banerjee Lane,Howrah. Peeping through the window he said, come silently inside the room’. Entering inside the room I noticed that Khitish was in meditation. There was another gentleman, a bit older than him. Later on I came to Know that he was Jibankrishna (Diamond). He was also meditating. After the meditation was over, he wanted to know my introduction. When I was coming back he told me, ‘come again’. Then three of us came out. I was not feeling to talk anything as I was having an unnatural feeling. When I came back home, it was almost evening. At that period I used to reside at a colony of Srirampur, (Hoogly district,West Bengalstate,India). On the thrird day after my meeting with Jibankrishna, I saw a dream: The sun rises on the eastern side of a pond and Jibankrishna was seen inside the sun. On the other side of the pond a sage seen a few days ago lying on a brittle cot was drowning inside the pond. After a few days when I went to him with Khitish, I narrated my dream to him. Hearing this he almost jumped and said, ‘within, three days after coming here, you have seen me in the sun’!

Then my regular attendance started. Whenever I got time, I used to go to him. So many dreams I had after going to him, a few of which I am mentioning:

1. At Gomoh Inspector’s Room room I was dreaming that Jibankrishna along with some of his companions come and called me. I told him, ‘Wait, let me put on my ritual thread, and then I am coming.’ He said, ‘Hang it, come soon.’ So I followed him. After going to a certain distance I noticed that a huge stone was lying on he road. Unless it was displaced we could not go. All of us tried to remove it but failed. Jibankrishna said, ‘That is not your work’. Saying this with single snatch he held it above his head looking at the stone we saw that it was a globe. My dream was off.

2. I got up on a roof-top, through there was no passage to go there. Hiren and Kali used long bamboo poles fixed on their legs and got up on the roof. I approached towards a big room on one corner of the house. When I was approaching, I saw tha Jibankrishna was coming out of the room for urinating. Reaching near the door I saw that my parents were standing there (Both of them expired at that time). I told my father, ‘Ladies are prohibited to go to him.Why have hou brought my mother to Jibankrishna’? Without paying any attention to me he took my mother inside the room. I stood on one corner of the room. After returning, Jibankrishna sat on a huge cot. My parents complained against me to him, Jibankrishna asked me, ‘Hey Abhay, what am I hearing’? With my head down I answered, ‘see, whatever I earn, I hand over all to them’. Hearing it he told my father, ‘well, you will not get such good son’. Here my dream was off.

3. I had gone to goddess Kali’s temple at Kalighat (Kolkata). It was mid-night, the temple was without any visitors. After bowing to the goddess, when I looked straight, I saw Sri Ramkrishna in place of the idol. I surprisingly thought, How did it happen! I again bowed down and when I looked straight, I saw Jibankrishna in place of Sri Ramkrishna. Being overwhelmed I bowed down to him. Then holding my hand he lifted me and said, ‘oh, you are fulfilled’!


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)


Banabithi Biswas (7 years old)

(Narrated by her mother)

September,2008Banabithe is 7 years old. One day she told her mother, ‘Mom, I saw an old grandfather in my dream. Being asked she told, ‘I am dreaming a rainbow in the sky and saw him sitting with folded legs inside that rainbow.’

Afterwards her mother showed her the photograph of Diamond and she said, ‘yes, I have seen him in my dream’.

Strangely she never heard anything about Diamond.

Kota, Rajasthan, India.


Ritam Roy (6 years old)


That time Ritam was four. One day he dreamed that in the morning he was playing under a murrya plant on their portico. Suddenly he saw an old man, fair complexioned wearing a dhoti and short cut hair style and bearded. He told Ritam, ‘are you playing? You are a very good boy.’ Saying this he parted on his head. Then he woke up. Later on when Ritam saw photo of Diamond he recognized him to be the same man seen in his dream.

Harisabha Madhyamgram

North-24 Parganas

West Bengal

I saw Diamond in dreams after hearing his name   

Sanjay Sen, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata 

Sanjay Sen resides at Netaji Nagar, Kolkata. On 1st July, 1971, (after Diamond’s demise in 1967) he went to Mr. Dhiren Roy, a devotee of Diamond and heard many things about Diamond from him. After then upto 2nd July he felt very gloomy and could not pay attention to his work. On 2nd night Sanjay saw in a dream that he was going to visit Kedarnath (Hindu sacred place). After crossing Gupta Kasi he walked alone leaving other companions behind. Kedarnath was only 6 miles away. Suddenly I noticed that Dhiren uncle was accompanying him going on one side of the road he saw that the river Alakananda was well below their spot. All on a sudden Dhiren uncle pushed him down. While falling, he saw a tiger standing on a place of the hill. But strangely his body was resembling a tiger while the head like Buddha. While falling down further he saw a lion standing on another place of the hill, but his head was like Swami Vivekananda. Then further down he saw an elephant whose head was like Sri Ramkrishna. He was still falling down and just at the point of falling in the water, he saw a tall and stout holy man emerging from inside the water and standing in the water up to his knees, held Sanjay on his lap and came out of the water. He wore dhoti and a long coat but completely dry as if he was not at all inside the water. He had fair complexion with back brush hair, sharp nose. Holding Sanjay’s hand he started walking along the bank of the river. Within a short moment as seen as he recovered from the shock of his falling down, he found no trace of him. Sanjay was alone then, and the dream went off. The whole day Sanjay felt joyous and peaceful.

After a few days when Sanjay narrated this dream to Dhiren uncle, he showed him a photo of Diamond. And what a surprise! The same man appeared in his dream! Though   the photo was of his old age and bald headed. The man in the dream was middle aged and with hairs on the head. Perhaps he saw Diamond at his middle age in his dream.



Volume -10, April, 2012


14)    Dream and Reality became identical 

6th August, 1979, Monday.

Early morning dream : I heard that Diamond had again come back to his residence at Kadamtala, Howrah. I was ever whelmed with joy. It was seeming to me that Diamond again reappeared after his physical death. But everything seemed nomal to me and as usual I went to Diamond’s room, had some conversations with him and then came back as if the next day again I would go to him. At that moment I had a feeling that leaving everything I should spend my days with Diamond only.

Then I had a break in my sleep and within a short while had a trance and again had a feeling that when Diamond had come back, I would not go to school to-day. I was feeling then the existence of Diamond at his residence at Kadamtala and the whole incidident was seeming real to me. But at that moment I actually woke up from sleep.

[This dream indicates that reality and dream is becoming identical to me and this feeling is going to be stable in my body. Moreover I had an experience of getting accompaniment of the Holy Ghost after a long gap. And after thirty years, such situation came when leaving all professional fame and work I had to spend days after doing work for Diamond].

15)    Stability of dreaming State in the body 

20th December, 1981, Sunday.

Early morning dream : The scene opened with a nice town, well arranged with everything like roads, paths, houses etc. It was then raining cats and dogs. The roads were drowned under water though the feet were not drenched. I wore sandals and went on walking and walking. In some places I saw mud but went on walking on that and thought that after going back home I would wash my legs with water.

After a while I set on the front steps of a beautiful and huge milky white building. It was like University building of Kolkata. I sat silently there. Then I noticed that an old devotee Sudhindra Nath Sinha was going to the residence of another devotee Raghunath Sen at Taltala, Kolkata. I told him, ‘you please take some food, there. I am giving it to you.’ Saying this I gave him some food. He went to Taltala with that food. Then I was seated there in a dreamy state. Everything was seeming to me like dreams. At this moment I saw a senior devotee Jitendra Nath Chatterjee coming to me. Quoting the reference of Sudhin Sinha I said to Jiten Chatterjee, ‘see, I can’t understand whether I saw him either in dream or in reality. You are also seeming to just like dream.’ Just at that moment Raghunath Sen came from somewhere and said, ‘See, I use to say that he (about me) is passing through a higher stage, but this will pass away and he will be in normal condition.’ Then the dream went off.

The dream is self explanatory.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -10, April, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar . 32.             “ First get your hand besmeared with the oil of divine consciousness and then set your hands to other work in the world “

 Oil—is the symbol of Bhakti in the first instance .

Oil—is Chaitamya or Divine Consciousness in the second instance . The last symbol of Chaitanya is honey ; and Chaitanya itself looks like a brilliant red light . The oil of divine conscious-ness is Chaitanya, that is , Tattajnan (no ego-consciousness but a perpetual consciousness of God).

For a man to live in this state is merely to live for speaking about the manifestation of God already realized and seen and furthermore to witness God’s all other sportive forms which are to come .

33 .               “If you like to have butter, then you let milk set into curd in a by-place.

                     If milk is shaken every now and then, it won’t turn into curd .Next ,you

                    set aside all other work, sit alone in a secluded retreat and before the

                   sun rises you must churn milk. Then only butter may he had”.            

Butter—means God,  Atma .

Let milk set into curd in a by- place—means to be along . The mind is to be withdrawn from the world and to be kept confined in the body . You must not see such thing, touch such thing and hear such voice as may agitate your mind and create the least disturbance in your blood . If these bindings are not rigidly observed then milk will not turn into curd .

Before the sun rises—means within 25 years . In full-bloom-youth, (i.e., 25 years) the butter comes out the body must be in an unsullied condition, both inside as well as outside ; the age must be within twenty five ; you must be giving away the body i.e., you must be separating from the body and get your animal life transformed into God and for good .

Kundalini or life – power is the churning rod . She makes her way into the cerebrum and by soft dancing softens the cerebrum making room for God and ultimately God comes out .

34 .           “If the butter is placed in water of the world then it will not mix

                  But it will keep on floating”.

This state is obtained in Tattajnan when no ego-consciousness exists and divine consciousness  of ‘Thou’ and ‘Thou’ predominates .

35 .            “Is there any possibility of seeing God”?

Yes God with form and without form is seen in multifarious aspects . Its start is to see and get God-the-Preceptor (Satchidamananda Gura) in the body .

You adore a certain form  and ascribe the form to God . God will assume the form and He will appear to you with the form . It is seeing God .

God-the-Preceptor is showing you the Atma, God . It is seeing God .

The world is seen within the Atma, God . It is seeing God . Thi8s Universe is again changed into a seed . It is seeing God . The seed in its turn again changes into a dream . It is seeing God .

Next succeeds the unknown and unknowable region . Here comes a temporary lull in the realization as no-ego-consciousness rules or exists .

Again when consciousness comes back it is divine consciousness and it cries out . “Not I, but thou ! Thou !”

“My friend, I go to seek out my own self but I cannot”—Sri Ramkrishna .

This ‘Thou’ takes a form and flares up like a meteor emitting brilliant and light . And again starts the seeing of God .

Then comes the visualization of Descent . The divine consciousness is coming down with forms and they are seen . It is called the Descent of Chaitanya .

Next, the manikin, Manus Ratan, is seen . It is succeeded by God’s sports and the Absolute and vice-versa—the two termini aspects of the very same thing . Here is also seen the sportive forms of God . It is also seeing of God . ‘There is no end of it‘.



The mystery of Jibankrishna’s photo


[Jibankrishna or Diamond, remains a great mystery in the world history by his supernatural activities on spiritualism.

Being born in May, 1897 at Howrah Town, West Bengal, India experienced divine realizations and ultimately visualized Atma or Supreme Soul at the age of 24 years 8 months after getting Sri Ramkrishna as his God-the-Preceptor at 12 years 4 months age, and as a result, was transformed into Supreme Soul. This proof was established by the fact that he was seen by myriads of people in dreams, trances, meditations and even in physical body without his knowledge. Thereafter, coming to him they recognized him as the person seen in dreams.

The most amazing part of this phenomenon is that, even after 44 years of his death innumerable people are seeing him in the same, way and after seeing his photo they identify him to be the same person seen in dreams etc.

Being appeared within the human race Jibankrishna becomes their God-the-Preceptor or the Holy Ghost transforming them into superior self and establishes oneness among the human race, irrespective of races, religions, sexes and ages.

I am now presenting a very amazing incident about Jibankrishna’s photo which was narrated by one of his followers Radhacharan Mitra and later on published in the Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’. Here is its translation : In the month of September – October of 1951 I first met Jibankrishna. That was the second day of the goddess Durga worship festival. Thereafter, I used to go to him almost everyday after my office hours.

Almost five years have passed. Once it came in my mind that his photo is required for the future when in his absence people can identify him through his photo after seeing him in dreams and other states.

This thought always used to penetrate me how to have his photograph and so I discussed with some of my friends in the room. Though they were of the same opining, but could not come to any conclusion, because we observed that no body could work anything against his will even to offer anything at our own expense. He disliked and never allowed all these things.

Once the same discussion was made in his room about taking his photograph, but he said, ‘once one man came to me to take my snap but I told him, that in that case I will not survive’. So he left that attempt.

Mr. Khitish Roychoudhury dreamt that Jibankrishna was telling him, ‘Whenever you want you can see me in dreams’ (this happened in his case).

So gradually, this idea faded away. But from time to time this thought used to be prominent, but nothing I could do.

Once I thought, well, he went to London once, so there must be a photograph in the passport. Though it would be an old photo, but still there is no harm. I felt very happy thinking that at least there was a hope.

Now how to search for it? And moreover, he should not know it.

The question came who possessed his passport? At last after discussion with friend Kali I approached in this matter.

Jibankrishna was brought up by his maternal aunt. So his maternal brother Manik Bose was approached without giving any hints to him about our intention.

After a few conversations with him about this matter he informed us that Jibankrishna’s passport was there but without his photo which was perhaps picked up from the passport.

We became surprised and at the same time felt a great sorrow.

Later on I began to realize that was there any necessity of having a photograph? Jibankrishna is in our heart always. He is the great Soul or Atma or Superior Self. So he is immortal and moreover he told Khitish in dream, ‘whenever you wish you can see me.’ So ultimately this intention faded away.

A few months passed. One day in the early part of 1956 one of my friend Sibu came to my house to take a few snaps. He had a studio (Bengal Studio) at Kadamtala, Howrah.

I told him about taking a snap of Jibankrishna after giving his introduction. Accordingly one day he came to the residence of Jibankrishna at Kedar Deuti Lane, Kadamtala and made a survey how to take the snap. But he couldn’t come to any conclusion hoe to take the snap. So one day I took him to Jibankrishna and introduced him with Jibankrishna keeping secret about taking his snap.

Like others Jibankrishna welcomed him saying, ‘come my boy, come, sit down! Have you read the Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna)? Had you have any dream’?

Sibu often used to go to him and plan how to take his snap. Everyday he used to take his own costly camera, but couldn’t do anything.

About six months passed on. One Saturday in the month of May – June, 1956 after 7 pm., the Ramnam (songs on Ramchandra of the great epic Ramayan) started. Monoj Sinha was the singer. This was the usual practice and during that time Jibankrishna used to have meditation.

To-day also as usual before meditation he the listeners, ‘Those who want to meditate have it, the rest join the Ramnam.

After this he sat on the cot with folded legs and putting his two hands on his lap fell in deep meditation with closed eyes.

The song started and some were deeply engaged in Ramnam and some in meditation. Some were only listening.

Jibankrishna seated east-facing was in deep meditation. His body was covered with mosquitoes but he had no outward sense.

Just at that moment Sibu entered the room with his camera. Some saw him but couldn’t understand anything. In the meantime he came in the midst of the room and pressed the shutter of his camera. The light flashed for a second and he almost rushed out of the room. Then hastily he reached his studio, and entered into his dark room. After developing the negative he was puzzled and overwhelmed with surprise. What a great mystery! In the negative he saw that both the eyes were opened. He was confused. Was it that Jibankrishna’s both eyes remained open at that time? But it couldn’t be. He saw that Jibankrishna was in deep meditation with both his eyes closed. He had no outward sense at that time.

He thought later on that everything is possible for such type of noble man or great Saint and this remains mystery with him throughout his life.

However, after 2-3 days of this incident I saw that Jibankrishna became ill. He became very weak and speechless. Everybody was looking at him with gloomy faces with a hope that he would be all right within a few days, I became very nervous and felt guilty. That very night I saw a dream. I saw a beautiful garden, full of flowering plants. There was a narrow morum garden path and a bit away there was a temple. I was roaming there along with one of my friend and photographer Mr. P.K. Bose with a hanging camera. In the meantime we saw that JibanKrishna was coming toward us, wearing dhoti and Punjabi. His complexion was very bright with a smiling face.

I told Bose, ‘Now take his snap’. But it seemed as if he heard our conversation and so he said,
‘No my boy, don’t take my snap, then I won’t live’. Just at that moment my dream was off.

I became very frightened after this dream. In spite of Jibankrishna’s instruction I organized to take his snap and I should not be forgiven. My mind became depressed very much and couldn’t decide what to do. With such mental condition I was not willing to go to Jibankrishna and I thought that I was responsible for all these matters. For some days I couldn’t talk to anybody. I went to Sibu’s studio with an idea of destroying the negative. But I heard that he was attacked by typhoid severely. Hearing this news I got lost. I began to feel a great uneasiness. If Sibu could not be recovered, I would be responsible. So without any delay I went straight to Jibankrishna and saw that he was recovering gradually. He had smiling face and was seated on his cot. Seeing me entering into the room with an unusual manner, he asked very affectionately, ‘sit my boy! Are you well? Have a dreamt anything? What a strange thing! He came to know everything! I was so ashamed and sorry that I became motionless speechless. He said again, ‘Tell my boy, tell whatever you have seen in dream’! So I narrated my dream. Hearing this he only smiled and the reading continued. I thought that accordingly to his will the snap was taken and where was my part? Unless he wished, this photograph could never be taken, and the proof was that he was in meditation with closed eyes, but when the negative was made these were found opened and the book was so bright and penetrating. So all my doubts were gone. Afterwards we saw that Sibu was gradually recovered. In consultation with him it was decided that negative should be preserved very carefully and it should not be printed at present it should be preserved for future.

This photo is now available and numerous people now-a-days identify the person in their dreams, trances and reality with this photograph, even after forty four years of his demise.

[This was the last photo of Jiabnkrishna and another attempt failed to take his photograph when he was in Puri in 1962-63 along with some followers. A companion Jiten chatterjee took many varieties of snaps at Puri and also took his snaps. But amazingly when the negatives were made it was found that except his images all other snaps were successful. This still remains mystery and unexplained. – Dr. Dipak Kr.Pramanik]

















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