Volume -11,October,2011

Vedic Truth as manifested in Diamond

Diamond says:

The very Vedic Truth as experienced in one’s life is going to be related with its full fledged form; how it works in a man and what experiences are made when the goal is attained. It is personal experiences narrated. And thus, it is Truth. And the veracity of this personal Truth will be corroborated when it becomes universal as spoken in the Vedas. By the form of the experienced man, it proves its own Truth and this form will appear within the body of innumerable men, women and children. It is meant for each and every man, boy and old alike. It is en-masse, as the attainer of the Supreme Light in the cerebrum is the Universalle-La-Homme. It is this ‘I am the Prefect and the Supreme One’. The ancient Vedic Rishis experienced this very Truth in the days of yore; and with an open heart, they vested this heritage to the human race.

Even to-day, to our utter astonishment and bewilderment, we find the very same heritage winding its course in every human heart to burst out like a midday sun to illuminate the globe and to shower the world of bliss over the human race by uniting them into ‘one and oneness’. By personal experiences as well as by bearing the proof of the ‘oneness’, it passes unchallenged, as it is experienced by the person himself. BY these personal experiences, the challenger becomes a witness to the veracity of the Vedic Truth, nay, not an idle witness, but becomes an active announcer.

No, it is not confined here. Swetaswetar Upanishad announces, ‘Let a man attain this Brahmahood (Supreme one) and in the immediate succession follows the Vedic Truth; that is, thousands and thousands of people will see him (the attainer of the Brahmahood) in his living human form, that is, the very identical form of the attainer within them and speak out the wonderful statement of the Vedic Truth.

The Vedic Truth is meant for the whole human race. It is not confined to any ‘ism’. It is the cosmic law of the mankind which conducts him in each and every second of his life; nay, it is the very vibration and the breathing of his heart. It evinces that the Vedas are not the monopoly of the Hindus alone; and again, it is not confined to any race and in India alone. It is meant for the lowliest of the low and the highest of the high. It pervades the globe from one end to the other.

And now, how this most wonderful miracle takes place in a man is related.

The Vedic lore runs thus :

‘And thus this Man, rising from the lower plane to the seventh plane, attains the Supreme Light, and by his own form made of god’s light, appears within myriads of people to prove his attainment of Brahmahood as he is the perfect and the Supreme One’.

“The attainer himself will also see almost all within himself whosoever will come in contract with him as has been mentioned in Kaivalya Upanishad, ‘The attainer of Brahmahood will be seen by all in them (in their own bodies) and he himself will see all in him (i.e., within his own body) and there is nothing furthermore. This is ‘ One is all and All is One’ – Pantheism.

This is the most mysterious feature of the miracle as it is nothing but the most un- surmountable miracle for one Man to be seen by myriads of men as long as he lives.

Now the question of solving the mystery and bringing out its nature in the day-light is left to the scientists.


Volume -11, October,2011


7)   June , 1974 .  Early morning dream  :  I was looking at the sky . Suddenly a huge image of Jesus Christ up to bust appeared in the sky covering its major portion. It was so living and wonderful! Then the image disappeared, and the scene was off.

In the next scene I saw that on the top of a hill there was a plateau and Jesus Christ was seated on an open place. I had some conversations with him . In the mean time I saw that Arun Ghosh along with some other devotees of Diamond had gathered there surrounding Jesus. They were listening to His teachings with rapt attention.

After sometime, with great curiosity I asked Arun Ghosh , ‘What a strange thing ! How did we come to Jesus Christ’? He said, ‘from era to era we use to come with ‘these Prophets as their companions’. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream is self-explanatory . During advancement of austerity these previous births are seen, though it can be explained like this in microcosm : The whole universe including past , present and future is within Atman or Great Soul . Atman is within the human body. So the whole universe is within the human brain. At any time this past or future may reveal in a pure and divine body .It is a strange coincidence that in the month of May, 2011, I saw a photograph in a website about a hill top( where Christ gave the sermons and it is the same place which I saw in my dream. These types of coincidences happened many times in my numerous dreams. ]

Vision of future

Forecast of Diamond – the spreading of his image in future

11th January, 1976.

Early morning dream : A huge building was seen on a vast land and Diamond was seated on its first floor. I was also seated in front of him. Diamond seemed to be in a very joyous mood and discussions were going on among us. Suddenly I noticed that many ladies were seated near him listening to his advices. I took my mouth near the ear of Diamond and made comment that lots of ladies were seated nearby. But he did not give any importance to my remarks and continued to be seated with a smiling face.

I again said, but is it not following the old tradition’? He said, ‘it matters nothing.’

Then I asked, ‘well, you have discarded the term ‘Netaresam’ (not for all – as per Upanishad) but it is seen that this spiritual development does not occur in everybody, although your image is within every human body, though in a dormant condition. So why this is not blooming’? He told me many thing, the sum and substance of which revealed to me that gradually and slowly the brain power of human race would be developed and his image would bloom accordingly within the human body.

However, after all these conversations, I had in my mind, ‘Oh!  When these opportunities have come, should not miss it, I should tape all these words uttered by Diamond. With these in mind, I took a tape recorder kept in my custody and noticed Indranath Mukherjee (a devotee) sitting nearby. I told him, ‘I shall keep the recorder behind you and tape all his conversations so that it is not visible to him.’ With these words thought that the batteries should be charged and so I opened the recorder, putting new batteries in proper place. Ut as soon as I wanted to tape Diamond’s words, the tape did not work. ‘Oh sheet’! with these words and with great annoyance I left that place and went to one of my familiar person named ‘Ajit’, took meal and again returned to the previous house, though in another block where Diamond was present. I spent some time with Diamond. Here the dream went off.

Again I fell asleep and dreamt the same house where I saw many devotees sitting there. When I described my previous dream to them, one of them made a comment, ‘the dream indicates the condition of Indranath Mukerjee.

In the same dream the scene again changed – I have gone to my native place, Shantipur. There I was standing near my house. There were buildings all over, but surprisingly without any human being. It seemed to me that the whole world was without any human being, and I was the only one person in the whole world.

Unmindfully I was roaming here and there and was continuously singing, the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) in the tune of country-song. The meaning of the song was thus- ‘Jibankrishna pervades everywhere and everything’. With this song I was merged into  bliss and as if the song was echoed throughout the universe, as if it was making me mad. The song continued for a long time and then the dream went off. While I woke up I noticed that tears were coming out of my eyes on my cheeks. But overcoming all these I got up from the bed.

The 1st scene indicates that Diamond removed all the barriers and obstacles of the spiritual word.

The 2nd scene indicates also the future of the world where ultimately the philosophy of Diamond will dominate everything and also the life of the seer will be ultimately dedicated to only Diamond.


Volume – 11, October, 2011

Diamond in his life time

I saw Diamond in dream before I met him

Panchanan Bag

Panchanan Bag narrated his experience thus: For a long period I had been getting the company of monks and saints and had a great urge to read religious books. I am not a scholar or well educated. I am merely a mechanic of an iron foundry on daily wages. I got no opportunity to study. But god has no special affinity for anyone. To Him all are same. And I got the proof like this.

It was in the year 1956. Madan Koley was our neighbour and we were acquainted with each other to some extent. But I got his real introduction one night at a grocery shop. Sitting in that shop he was reading a book. It was ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). Sometimes he was giving explanations.

Being curious I stood aside. These seemed to be very new explanations with which I was not accustomed. So I debated with him. But brother Madan was so strong in explaining the matter that I became greatly astonished and thought how and where could he learn that a man becomes god? Heaven is an imagination the meaning of all the idols has an esoteric meaning!

However, he told me, ‘If you wish, you can come to Kedar Deoti Lane (Howrah). Jibankrishna (Diamond) resides there.’

For a few days his request was churning in my mind. But one night I saw a dream where brother Madan indicating an old man was saying, ‘He is god!’ My dream was off.

After this dream I couldn’t hold my patience. Within three days I went to Kadamtala and from outside I saw Jibankrishna and became amazed seeing him to be the same man seen in the dream.

So far as I remember that was Saturday, but could not remember the exact date. it was monsoon time. One gentleman (Later on I came to know him as Manoj Sinha) was singing the devotional song on Rama of Ramayana. The room was fully packed with listeners sitting even in the outside corridor. His cot was also full of listeners. In between them Jibankrishna was in meditation. Without looking anywhere pushing the crowd I entered into the room. I was scared about anybody’s objection, but nothing happened.

After a long time when the song was finished, some listeners came out, and somehow his look fell on me. He called me by waving his hand as if I was very familiar to him. He said, ‘sit here. You are a very simple man. You will get the Truth’. Hearing this I was overwhelmed with joy and bowed down to him touching my head on the floor. Patting on my head he told me, ‘If you ever dream, remember it’. Then I returned home with brother Madan saturated with great divine joy and satisfaction.

After 2-3 days I had another dream: Some people were singing devotional songs in front of an earthen house. I had full beard and wore the dress of vaisnaba cult. I was also dancing with them uttering the words, ‘will there be no photo of my Lord? Won’t you take his photo? His photo will be created automatically’. Pointing out Jibankrishna, whom I saw enjoying the song, I was telling everybody, ‘His photo will be created automatically’. Then I saw my own brother Samatul. He was distributing two chapattis (Flat thin disc like food made of flour) to each house. And I was continuously singing, ‘Won’t you take his photo? His photo will automatically be created’. Then my dream was off. After hearing my dream later on he told me, ‘This dream is indicating your future life’.

[But the most interesting part of the dream was that, he never wanted to have his photo. But miraculously without his knowledge someone took his snap and that was printed after his demise. During taking of snap he was in samadhi state.]

Diamond’s action after his death

Diamond’s appearance in physical body

Deblina Kundu resides at Howrah Town near Kolkata. Her maternal grandfather Basudeb Roy was a regular companion of Diamond from his young age. Deblina heard many times about Diamond  from Basudeb though she never saw Diamond physically. As Basudeb was her grandpa, she used to consider Diamond as her grandpa.Deblina had some ideas about Diamond’s figure as his photograph was kept hanging against the wall.

Deblina narrated two very interesting incidents happened in her life at her early age which she never forgot. The first incident happened about 18 years ago when her age was about 2-2.5years old. One day she was lying on her grandpa’s cot. After a while she decided to get down but couldn’t due to her height. Suddenly  Diamond, coming out of the photo held her and put her on the floor. Later, seeing Deblina moving on the floor everybody was surprised and asked,’How did you get down from such a high cot?’ she said, ‘ Why?That grandpa came out of the photo and put me down on the floor.’

The second incident happened when she was 4years old. She was then a student of St Thomas school at Howrah in the nursery section.

One day, the teacher did not come to the class in the schedule time. As a monitor she became in charge of the class, but could not control anybody. So all became out of control and made a great noise within the class. Nobody was listening to her. Suddenly Deblina saw that on the teacher’s platform goddess Kali,Sri Ramkrishna and (as she mentioned) grandpa of the photo( Diamond ) appeared and  scolded the students so loudly that everybody kept silent at once. Within a moment they disappeared. After coming back  home she narrated this incident to her mother who after long years told me for my magazine. Deblina is now 22 years old and still she remembers that scene .]


(By Diamond picked up in the street))


Volume – 11, October, 2011

Human body is the only way for manifestation of God

There is but one law or fundamental rule and that is the manifestation of God in the human body. It does not know any distinction of caste and creed, any time or place; all that is indispensably required is the human body and God’s mercy, The ‘only way’ of God’s manifestation in the highest form is through the body of a man and this is the ‘only law’ of highest expression in the world. There is but only one way and there is but one fundamental rule – the highest manifestation of God is in the human body. ‘Several creeds have got several ways’ – it means one law and one way, and it is fundamental as there is no variation in it. Some three thousand and five hundred years back Moses was tallying with God and three thousand and five hundred years after Sri Ramkrishna is engaged in talking with the divine mother in the temple of Dakshineswar. The very same thing is repeated and there is no variation in the fundamental law of God’s manifestation in the human body. The principal requirement for God’s manifestation is the human body.

Let him be a Hindu or Buddhist or Christian or Muslim or let him belong to any other religion of the world or let him live in any part of the world, if God (Atma) takes pity on him then He will manifest Himself in the body of the man and the man on his part will see God in his own body. This law is fundamental.

God is in the body. He is in an invisible and unattached condition. He emanates from the body, manifests himself in full-fledged form in the cerebrum, when God-the-Preceptor points out and shows God and himself melts away in God. The seer understands it distinctly that God is in the body and He has sprang up from the body.

No special dress is required for attaining Godhood

Sri Ramkrishna led his life as a life is led by me. I wear shoes, socks and cloth, but on a shirt lie down on bedstead, take fish and chew betel leaf as they were taken by Sri Ramkrishna.

But Sri Ramkrishna saw and attained God in him. Let him have mercy on me and one and all and give his grace to all so that everybody may see God and attain God in the ordinary course of life. To get His grace, yellow cloth is not required, ochre-coloured dress is not needed; a loin cloth is not to be sought after. All that is required is to pray for his grace. There is no difference in outward form between Sri Ramkrishna’s life and an ordinary man. Akin life creates affinity. Sri Ramkrishna’s life belongs to all and everybody belongs to Sri Ramkrishna. So Sri Ramkrishna is the ideal of the era.

He said, ‘Who knows what special dress will help one to attain God in him!’ In plain words it signifies that no special dress is required for attaining God. It depends merely and solely on his mercy.