Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-12, May, 2012

 The meaning of Brahmagyan or Supreme Cult


One day Diamond says:

What is the meaning of ‘Brahmagyan’or Supreme Cult? All become One. Nobody knows this meaning even today. Why so many diversions in the world? Due to lack of this oneness. Why so many diversions among Hindus, Muslims, Christians? It is because due to lack of oneness. Nothing will be there. There will be no necessity of temples, churches, mosques. When a man gets God within his own body it will then become temple, church, mosque etc. All will be extirpated automatically.


Man in sun is visualized within the body, not outside

24th June, 1958.

Till now four persons have seen me in the sun within themselves. They are Saila, Kali, Santosh and Abhay. Most of them told me about their dreams how many will I consider. Let these go on.

Now this man in the sun within the body is described in Isha Upanishad as ‘Param Brahma’(Supreme One) They are describing – O Nourisher (Pusan), the sole Seer (ekarsi), O controller (Yama),O Sun (Surya), offspring of  Prajapati, spread forth thy rays! Gather thy brilliance (tejas)! What is thy fairest form – that of thee I see. He who is yonder, yonder person (Purusha) – I myself am he! [16]

For a few days I have been reading it. These four persons have seen that ‘Param Brahma.’ Isa Upanished have 18 hymns. Only two of them have mentioned about ‘Param Brahma’. Just imagine how much importance they have given on it!

But two things they could not say. One, where this man in sun seen – whether outside or inside. And two, if they saw this person, who was this person and did he look?

See, Isha Upanishad also is making a mistake! They are saying that this person can be seen in the sun outside, and as a result what happens? Thousands and thousands of people tried to perform ‘Tratak’ to see that man in the outside (inIndia) and lost their eyesight. We can see this reference even in the life of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). He had also lost his eyesight by this process. Though by his spiritual power he got back his eyesight. Just imagine what a harm did this Upanishad to the mankind!

What Isha Upanishad could not say, these four persons have said. Each of them told me, ‘we have seen a person in the sun in our dreams. And that person was you.’

Why Isha Upanishad could not say this clearly? Because what they have written was not visualized by them. Hearing from other persons they have written. They have also confessed that after hearing from others they have written it. For this reason Upanishads are called ‘Sruti’. They were merely scholars; not Rishis and they had no realizations like Rishis.



Volume – 12, May, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

 My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Khitish Chandra RoyChoudhury

It was 1951. Probably that was the month of September. I was staying at my maternal uncle’s house for some days. I had a discussion with my maternal uncle Sudhin (Sudhindra Nath Sinha) who was my boyhood companion also. During discussion he told me, ‘See, I have met a nobleman who experiences Samadhi (Full conscious state with god) off and on. One can know about Sri Ramkrishna after going to him. I shall take you there when time permits. ‘What is his name’? I asked. ‘Jibankrishna Ghosh’ – he answered and then went on describing, ‘He lives in his cousin brother’s house serves inCalcutta’ corporation. A bachelor, age is nearly sixty. He stayed for some time inEnglandfor study’. Then he narrated his own experience of first meeting and I listened to him very attentively. One special expression was noticed on his facial appearance as I noticed that day. Lastly with a great eagerness I asked him, ‘When are you taking me there? I shall come to you that day? ‘There is an inconvenience’ – he said. ‘You have such illness. Be recovered, then we shall go. And he somewhat selective in this affair.

Jibankrishna gives much stress on strong physique. Hearing this I was a bit hopeless. Sudhin again said, ‘But there is one thing. Have you seen Sri Ramkrishna in dream anytime? He gives much stress on it? I failed here also, but still keeps hope in mind.

After about a month, it was about Oct-Nov. I went to my dwelling place atAllahabad. I had a dream: I was walking on a crowded road and came near the clock-tower. I saw some fellows were coming by a tanga (cart pulled by horses). It stopped near me and I noticed two passengers. I also stood when it stopped. It seemed that I was seeing some familiar one after a long gap. Oh, yes! Sri Ramkrishna and Sri ‘M’ (Mahendra Nath Gupta, writer of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) were the passengers. Sri Ramkrishna was smiling. He asked me,’How are you? Is everything all right’? ‘Yes’, with a smiling face I answered. I was going to say something more, but my dream went off.

I was really satisfied, because I thought that I got the key for entry to Jibankrishna so unexpectedly. It wasDecember 16, 1951. Saturday afternoon. The day remains memorable throughout my life. I started to meet Jibankrishna accompanied by Sudhin and younger maternal uncle (Monoj Sinha, elder brother of Sudhin). We entered into a small house at 2/1,Kali Banerjee Lane,Howrah.

As soon as we entered, I heard a sweet voice, ‘come brother Monoj, Sudhin’! I clearly understood that he is the man. Some gentlemen were seated on a cot and he was one of them. Two-three persons were seated on chairs and on the floor on a woolen body cover some persons were seated. It was a very ordinary social gathering in a winter afternoon, but compact. And among all he seemed to be an extraordinary and it was not difficult to differentiate him from others. All of us bowed down to him Sudhin gave him my introduction. He said, ‘He is my maternal nephew. I told you that I would bring him here and he saw Sri Ramkrishna in a dream. Seeing my health he seemed to be worried and came to know that I took the initiation. He expressed his disappointment saying, ‘Oh, Sudhin, your nephew is a mango packed by crows, as Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said?

This penetrated my heart. But later on this prejudice was wiped out by a dream. [This was like this: I was seated and reciting the hymns which I got during my initiation. But during recitation I forgot the hymns. Being worried I ran to a person who could solve this problem: He reminded me the hymn and keeping it in my memory I rushed back to my house. I woke up uttering that hymn. But realized that I was uttering the wrong hymn. After a long time somehow I remembered that hymn. Hearing this dream Jibankrishna asked me its meaning. I said, probably my prejudice was removed. He accepted].

However, Jibankrishna wanted to hear my dream and I narrated my dream seen in Allahabad. He told me, “my boy, you are directed to read The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna Sri ‘M’ is the symbol of the gospel (As he is the writer). If you can, read it. What an amazing interpretation! I have never heard it before and even I have not seen anybody listening so attentively to another’s dream.

Then the evening was over. The light was turned off. As per his instruction everybody started meditation including himself. After the meditation was over, the light was turned on. He asked everybody whether they had any realizations. Even he asked me. But what would be my answer when I had no meditation. The reading of the gospel again started with his interpretations and different symptoms of yogas were seen in his body from time to time. Once Sudhin told me, ‘see, this is called samadhi’.

His interpretations seemed so sweet to me, but he seemed to be much sweeter. So long what have read all the yogic symptoms in the religious scriptures, I have witnessed in my own eyes here. Once all on a sudden he asked me, ‘Well can you say where God exists’? What I answered I cannot remember now, but faintly I remember that I said, ‘He is everywhere’, though this answer was not liked by him. So he again asked, ‘Well, you have said that you have seen Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna)?

I said, ‘yes’. ‘Where have you seen’? My answer was, ‘In Allahabad’. But even this answer was rejected by him. He repeatedly asked me the same question in various ways and ultimately it stood like this: I have seen Thakur in dream. The dream is seen in the brain. The brain is within the body. So I have seen Thakur in my body undoubtedly. Thakur is incarnation. The incarnation is God. So God is within the body. And this answer I had to repeat several times.

At about 9 pm the reading was stopped and we departed after bowing down to him with a divine joy and peace.

Within a few days I began to have innumerable divine dreams which continued throughout my life. I should mention here a dream which I had within a few days: I had gone to a garden which was picturesque. Seeing such beautiful garden I could not check my temptation to take a snap. So I was focusing my camera. But meanwhile the security guard came and told me that photography is prohibited except the permission of the owner. So I told him, ‘Then let me go to your master’. In the meantime the owner came out of his room – complacent appearance with white beard and well dressed. I told him, ‘If you permit I shall have a snap of your garden’. If you permit I shall have a snap of your garden’. But with a smiling face he said, ‘No my boy, don’t snap. But you see it as much as you can. The dream was off I narrated the dream to Jibankrishna and he said, ‘you have seen me and you have seen our situation’. I heard before that there was a restriction to take his snap, though prior to this dream it was out of my mind.

Rabindra Nath Tagore has written, ‘The key of the dream world is lost from this earth’, but no! We have found that key of the dream world in our life.






Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Seeing Diamond in dream after his death through Reading Centers

 Mahadeb Kundu is a regular listener of Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh of India) reading center. After attending for a few days he started to have divine dreams.

Three dreams are narrated by him as such:

1)          One day in the month of February, 1987, I dreamt a huge place where there was a large gathering of people of different races, religions and languages. Diamond was there to give lecture. He told me, ‘Listen, I am not going to give lecture Bengali as you can see there are people here of different languages. I shall give lecture in English’.

He started the lecture in English and continued for a long time, though nothing I could remember later on. At the end of the lecture he said and wrote on the black board, ‘Leave not the path of God.’

[The dream is self-explanatory]

2)     1st June, 1997.

I was dreaming as if I was inside a large dark room. I saw that through the hole of the window light was coming. Going near window I saw through the hole that Diamond was standing outside the window and that light was emerging from his body. Through the hole I went to him. He was holding a pack of playing cards, and he was spreading the cards in the light. In each card two lines of poems of the great poet Rabindra Nath Tagore were written like this –

“Don’t be afraid of cloud

     The sun laughs behind it.”

        [The dream means that after visualizing God the gloomy state of self

egoism is removed. Cloud means self-egoism and sun is God.]

3)     15th August, 1998.

I dreamt a small hut which was the small monarchy of Diamond. Here always discussions on God, devotional songs used to be held. Diamond used in a disguise. I asked ‘him, ‘I shall go to Nischintapur, but I have forgotten the right path. Can you show me the direction’? As he was sitting with his backside facing me, I couldn’t recognize him. When he looked at me, I recognized him and asked, ‘Sir, you are here’! He said, ‘I stay everywhere.’ Then he took me to Nishintapur and my dream was off.

[Here hut means the seer’s pure and simple body. Too go to Nishintapur with Diamond means the seer becomes free of anxieties when he gets God-the-Preceptor within him. ‘Nischinta’ means free from anxieties. To stay in disguise means that God is within a human body in disguise and cannot be recognized unless he wishes.]



Volume -12, May, 2012


19)    Dream and waking condition are identical 

1st September, 1999, Wednesday.

Early morning dream : First I saw that two devotees, Arun Ghosh and Souren Bhattacharjee were seated in a room. Dhiren Mondal was also present there though he went out for some works. Then I heard, somebody  was telling them that hearing the news of the disturbances created due to printing of more pages of ‘Amritadhara’ in the magazine ‘Manikya’ and also due to other disturbances for its publication, Jibankrishna was shedding tears. Hearing this news I was feeling very hurt and said with a grief and sorrow, ‘See, I shall go to him and say everything to him so that he feels peace in mind. And you should know that if anyone gets real religion, he will not blame and hurt anybody. He will become calm and tolerant.’ Saying all these I was going to come out of the room and standing near the door again said, ‘And you also listen, religion does not mean the show of deformation of body’ and saying this. I copied the posture of that deformation and then came out.

The dream revealed the real incidents happening for publication issues.

20)    Reflection of dream on reality 

26th April, 2005, Tuesday.

At 1-00 P.M. I was on my bed and once fell asleep. Once I woke up and it was  2 O’clock and again had a sleep. Suddenly I heard a loud sound mixed with affection ‘My boy!’ It came from outside the window. The sound seemed so loud that I sprang up on the bed and wanted to say something. But with a great surprise I saw nothing. I saw the watch. It was 2-15 P.M. Getting up I started translating my own dreams and understood that God-the-Preceptor was always giving attention to my work. The sound was created in my cerebrum and reflected outside.

21)    Teaching of Diamond in dream and his consolation to the seer – Dream and waking life are same 

16th May, 2004.

Early morning I had to go to bathroom from bed and again came back. I had still the effect of trance and automatic recitation of the name ‘Jibankrishna’ was continuing like other days. Ultimately that recitation stopped, but I was still in trance, At this moment I had the same feeling of thought waves in my brain as it happened beforehand.

[Strangely these waves were transformed into real happenings. In this case the same incident happened]. Then I had a dream and saw that Diamond had come to me. We sat together. He was looking very jolly and joyous and it seemed as if his affection was pouring on me. We were having lots of conversations. In one moment I told him with slight complain, ‘Well, why they behaved with me in such a fashion’ (meaning the behavior of a few devotees on publishing the magazine ‘Manikya’). Hearing this Diamond kept silent for a moment and then began to say, “See my boy, ignore all those matters. And see, in my worldly life I used to say, ‘wherever I look, I feel pity’ and for this reason, in one of your previous dream I showed you that I had come to you without any tension (seen on 08.06.2002). My boy, don’t bring those affairs in your mind”.

Then I said, ‘see, so many queries come in mind, will you come from time to time and solve’? He nodded with supporting mood. I said, ‘But you have to come off and on.’ After this it was decided when he would come but it was out of my mind after I came to sense. When I woke up,

I went on thinking, what type of realization is this? – Reality? Trance? Dream? Or thought waves transforming into reality?



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -12, May, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

39          “Elephant God and Elephant-driver God”.  

Elephant God—is mind in the body .

Elephant-driver—is Atma and He expresses Himself in the body in the form of consciousness .

The mind has an inclination to conduct you for enjoyment . But the mind is to be kept under control . So you should always be guided by your conscience exactly like elephant driver who controls the elephant from going astray .

40 .                        “Water is God but it has its  own form”.

God is in every man . In some men He has expressed Himself with good attributes and in some again with badness . Good is to be courted and bad is to be shunned .

41 .                 “There was a meadow, The cowherd boys used to tend their cows .A poisonous snake lived there .Everybody was afraid of it . None dared to come near the snake.

One day a Brahmachari(a man with a vow of celibacy for attaining God in his own

body) came on the way .The cowherd boys warned him not to go on the way .The  

 Brahmachari did not hear them .He went on .The snake met him .The snake was charmed. It got its initiation from the Brahmachari. He told the snake that he would come and see it after a year . The snake became very docile. The cowherd boys noticed it. One day they took the snake by tail and dashed it repeatedly against the ground . The snake was severely hurt . It did not dare to come and again from its hole in the daytime It was reduced to a skeleton . A year rolled by . Brahmachari came back and enquired the cowherd boys about the snake. The cowherd boys replied, “The snake is dead” .Brahnachari knew that it cold not be . He went to the hole of the snake and called it. The snake came out and bowed down . The Brahmachari was much moved to see the reduced condition of the snake and asked the cause of it . The snake related the whole episode . The Brahmachari said that you should be knowing to protect yourself and added  that you must be raising your hood and would hiss but you must not be biting others”.

The cowherd boys—are the passions in the body and they tend and tempt a man for enjoyment and other misdoings .

Cow—is body . The body is moved according to directions of the cowherds .

Snake—is life-power .

Brahmachari—is God-the-Preceptor .

This life-power may be conducted outside in the world or it may be diverted towards the cerebrum  in the inside of the body . When the life-power is let loose in the world it runs for enjoyment . The cowherd boys are highly satisfied as they are the masters of the body .

God-the-Preceptor came and gave His grace . The God’s grace turned the life-power in the inside of the body . None of the passions would attack vehemently . At this stage you must be resisting them . God-the-Preceptor has given you His grace . You are sure to win . “When a father takes his child by his own hand, there is no fear for the child to fall down”. —-Shri Ramkrishna .



Amazing facts in Diamond’s life time

Seeing Diamond ( Jibankrishna) (in dream by a Sikh gentleman

from 500 miles distance without seeing him in reality

Mar 10, 1959

Diamond (to the listeners) – I was stunned after hearing a news from Allahabad. Some three persons at Allahabad have seen me in reality here. The rest fifty have seen me in dreams without coming to me. Among them are old, and children. Once a week they sit in a place and read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. One day one Sikh gentleman asked them, ‘What do you read there’? They said, ‘There is a gentleman residing at Howrah. He has written a book on yogic interpretation of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and we have come to know him as God. You take this book Forward and read. That very night he read it and saw in a dream that I have gone to him and said – ‘You give lecture on religious matter and write article on newspapers but you have no idea about religion, but yet why do you do all these things? You read this Forward well and then I shall talk to you’.

After four days he again dreamed that I was walking on a sea and calling him waving my hand to follow me.

Diamond then explained, ‘The sea is Brahma (Supreme self as symbol) and I am also Brahma (God in form) so it was shown that I was walking on the sea and indicating him to follow my path.


Seeing Diamond(Jibankrishna) by womenfolks in dreams without  seeing  him  before

August 16, 1959

Diamond discussed with the listeners about two incidents happened with two ladies who saw him in dreams without seeing him in reality.

1. One day Mr. Midde’s wife requested him, ‘You take me to the person whom you meet often’. Mr. Midde told her, ‘You are a devotee of goddess Kali, so you pray to her. She will make arrangements’. Accordingly, she prayed to goddess Kali that night and dreamt that goddess Kali holding her hand took came to me and said – here he is.

2. Arun comes to me here off and on and hears that woman folks, merely sitting at their houses see me in dreams. But he does not believe it. But he never told her mother about all these things.

One day Arun’s mother was dreaming that I had gone to her and said, I am that person to whom your son goes. So, in the morning Arun’s mother told him, ‘See, I have seen the person of Howrah to whom you go frequently. Arun asked his mother, ‘How do you know that he is Jibankrishna (Diamond)’? Arun’s mother said, ‘He gave his own introduction’. What a wonderful phenomenon, just imagine!

October 17, 1959

Radhacharan Mitra narrated to Diamond (Jibankrishna) about an incident happened with his elder sister. His narration: One day I went to my elder sister’s father-in-law’s house at Haripal (Hooghly district, West Bengal). She told me that she had seen you one day in a dream wearing shocks. Another day she saw you in her dream in a meditation posture.

Another day my mother and she came here after seeing you from outside she told me later on that you were the same person whom she saw in her dreams.

Hearing this Diamond said, ‘What a strange matter! How strong are the brains of the women that they are seeing me in dreams prior to seeing me in reality!










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