Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-13, June, 2012

Diamond – the man in the Sun.


Diamond discussed

Up till now four persons have seen my form in the sun. They are Saila, Kali, Santosh and Abhay. All of them told me about their visions long time ago, though I did not give much importance. Thousands of people are seeing me in their dreams. How many I shall count! Let it happen in its own way.

But this man in the sun is ‘Parama Brahma’ (Supreme Being) [Chandogya Upanishad is mentioning: Earth, fire, food, sun (are forms of me, but) the person who is seen in the sun – I am He, I am He indeed (4.11.1)]

I have been reading it before you for a few days. Isa Upanishad has eighteen hymns. But out of these only two have mentioned about ‘Parama Brahma’, so try to understand how much importance they have given on it! But Isa Upanishad could not mention two things. Firstly, where this man in the sun can be seen’. And what happens? For thousands of years people tried to see this man in the outside sun and lost their eyesight. What a harm this Upanishad has done to mankind!

Another thing Isa could not mention. That is about such persons who said, Sir, we have seen a man in the sun within our bodies, and that person is you’. Whether this person can be seen in the sun within the body is mentioned in Sankaracharyya’s version when he is mentioning, ‘A standing person within the cerebrum’, though this proof is judicial. But here it is with evidence.

Why Isa Upanishad could not mention it? One of the cause is that the writers wrote these without any realizations.

They have written on the basis of their listening from others and they have confessed it. Why Vedanta is known as ‘Sruti’? As because these were written after hearing from others. We confuse these writers as ‘Rishis’. Actually they were merely scholars. Second cause is that they had no idea about Vedanta. Unless you press lentil, oil will not be extracted and you will not know whether lentil has oil in it.


Diamond’s body is the living form of Soul (Atman) – He is the Uttama Purusha (Best man) as mentioned in Upanishads


On 1.2.1959 Diamond said –

Dr. Urquhart comments in Pantheism – ‘The moral life thus becomes Universal to live in perfect goodness is to realize oneself in the All’. – A man, who is in perfect goodness, he feels himself within all. But where is the proof that he feels himself in all? But when the world will bear the proof that we are seeing you within ourselves? What will they say? You know that my body is the Abstract form of Soul (Atman) and you see, the same thing has been mentioned by a foreign philosopher David Hawkins in his book – In the Aristotelian tradition, the soul is described as the form of the body and by ‘Form’ is meant all the habitudes and capacities of that body.

……….. What I say frequently to you that as soon as you see me within yourselves, at that very moment you have achieved all aspects of my spiritualism though in embryo. And it will expose itself according to situation.



Volume – 13, June, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

My first visit to Jibankrishna


 Manujendra Nath Sinha

 It was a winter, 1951. I roam around different places for want of peace.In leisure time I used to go to different religious places but couldn’t findwhat I was wanting.

During this period I observed that my younger brother Sudhin used to go somewhere in the evening after his office hours. After enqiry I came to know that he goes to a place where the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna is read. But it created no impression on me. I thought it might be a traditional matter.

One morning in a holiday, after waking up I suddenly thought, what is the harm of going with my brother! The whole day I was in tension and in the evening I went with my brother to a small house ofKali Banerjee Lane,Howrah(West Bengal, India). In a small room a gentleman was seated on a cot facing eastside. His eyes were deep, fixed into his own self. Near the window another gentleman was seated on a chair. My brother introduced me with him. While bowing I heard his voice, ‘Come my brother, come’!

That voice suddenly removed all my restlessness and ……. With a great astonishment I kept on looking at him. His age seemed to be in between fifty five to sixty, with a medium height and very strongly built body. He wore a medium height and very strongly built body. He wore a dhoti and a full-sleeve vest, having a smile of a child. According to his instruction I sat on side of the cot. Suddenly he asked, ‘Where is god, my brother’? While I was thinking what to answer, he said, keeping his hand on my shoulder, ‘Why, he is within you’! Immediately after the utterance of this word he made a sound in his mouth and remained still (Later on I came to know that this was Samadhi). In the meantime four gentlemen came into the room. As per his instruction Vishnu Pal started reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. During reading he was giving the yogic interpretations of Sri Ramkrishna’s metaphors.

Those interpretations seemed so sweet to me. I also noticed that during giving the interpretations he had different yogic symptoms in his body which was quite new to me. I thought, perhaps my long cravings are going to be fulfilled after such long search.

It was then 9 pm. The reading came to an end. While bowing down to him at the time of departure, he said with sweet voice, ‘come again’! With a bunch of joy and peace I returned home with my brother.

That night I had a dream: As if I started from my home to go to Jibankrishna. I reachedMahatma Gandhi Road. It wasmidnight. There was no one on the road. It was so silent everywhere. I went on walking. But it should be described as such. As if I was not walking on the road. Some force was pushing me forward in a floating condition above the ground within a very short moment I crossed college street, Burabazar area. Some dogs were lying on the road. A child’s cry penetrated my ears coming out of a house. Gradually crossingHowrahbridge, Buckland bridge I reached near Jibankrishna’s house atKali Banerjee Lane. With a great surprise I noticed that some antisocial boys of that area were moving around Jibankrishna’s house. Though they were not talking but from their attitude it seemed as if they were guarding that house. Approaching to a certain distance two three boys came towards me. I understood that their attitude was not showing good will for me. Suddenly a boy probably their leader told them with a great regard for me, ‘Don’t tell him anything. He uses to come to Jibankrishna’. Then I stood in front of the door and went on thinking, oh, it is now midnight. He must be sleeping. How I could I meet him! Suddenly the door opened and standing there with a smiling face Jibankrishna told me extending his hands, ‘Come! Come!’ As if he was waiting for me. The dream went off.


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from our Bengali magazine)

Seeing Diamond in dreams after his death through her husband

                                                                    Part – 1

Mrs. Renu Kejriwal, wife of my friend Mr. Ajit Kejriwat sees Diamond in dreams in many ways.

Being asked by me, one day she narrated her experiences through dreams.

I was born in a very conservative family, though my father was liberal and I have got that nature, having no belief in traditional and ritualistic religion. Yet I had a great regard for Sri Ramkrishna Deva.

However, I grew up and got married. After a few years I got in touch with Asim Mukherjee through my husband as they were the members of the local swimming club. Asim Mukherjeee, having long acquaintance with Diamond often used to discuss about him with my husband and so I also got to know about Diamond.

Once it appeared in my mind, how will it be if I translate the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realisation’ written by Diamond) into Hindi! But I knew nothing about Bengali. So I gave up the idea. In the meantime one day I had a dream that I was looking here and there standing on the road outside our apartment at Ballygunge Calcutta. Meanwhile, an unknown and unseen gentleman was telling me, ‘what are you looking for? You see here’! I thought, ‘what is this! He is quite unknown to me, how can he dare to say like that’!

I was holding then a book in my hand, though I had no idea what was that book. The gentleman told me, ‘Will you spare the book for my reading? Within 2-3 days I shall return in to you after completion’.  So I gave it to him and he went away. But days were passing on but he showed no interest to return the book to me. Ultimately being very annoyed, I told my husband, ‘how is this gentleman that he is not returning my book’! He said, ‘well, I shall take it back’ and then he brought back the book to me. Opening the book I saw with surprise that it was written in Bengali. Then my dream went off.

When   this dream was narrated to Asim, he only said, ‘Oh! This is O.K’! And also said that perhaps I saw Hiru Chatterjee (another devotee of Diamond).

After a few days Asim invited both of us to his residence as Hiru was supposed to come to his residence the same day. So we went and entering his house I saw that gentleman and exclaimed, ‘oh! I have been him in my dream’!

However, a strange incident happened within a few days. When I began to translate ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ into Hindi, I noticed that I had no trouble in translating the book and ultimately it was completed. I realized if God wishes, anything is possible.

Henceforth I was having many divine dreams though I never saw Diamond in my dreams.

My husband had an urge to see Diamond in dream, but he always used to repent as he couldn’t see him. So one day when he was repenting to Dr. Pramanik he said to my husband casually, ‘why don’t you scold him before going to bed? He himself used to tell others to do the same thing. And you will see, he will definitely appear in your dream’.

After hearing this from my husband I did the same thing and in that same night I had a dream. In between 18.10.2007 to 21.10.2007 both of us were living at Hrishikesh (Near Hardwar). One night, it was then 8-45 pm, Ajit was reading the book ‘Harano Purush’ (Lost man) compiled by Dipak and I was listening. After a few minutes I went on sleeping and dreamt that I was talking to myself with a sad mind addressing to Diamond, ‘Old man! You appear in dreams of so many persons who do not know you, call you, and I want to see you so much, yet cann’t you show me you face’? Just at the very moment Diamond appeared before me and addressing to somebody said, ‘see, she is blaming me because I don’t appear before her in dreams. But ask her whether she saw me in a dream 3-4 months back when walking with him she was having conversations’! Just at that moment the same dream flashed in my mind that I was walking with a tall, stout man in a garden and we had conversations though, I couldn’t remember anything. At that moment one gentleman from an adjacent house called me saying, ‘you should be honored that you are talking with God’. I answered, ‘there is no question of being honored. But yes, I had a divine joy in my mind’. And here the dream went off.

I felt a great satisfaction that at last I got Diamond in my dream as God-the-Preceptor. And henceforth I am having numerous dreams involving him. No doubt I have got   peace and divine feeling in my mind with complete eradication of all worldly hazards.



Volume -13, June, 2012


1)      Future Vision – Forecast of the Diamond for seeing him by human being in flesh and blood in future – a long companion with Diamond

 8th March, 1976 :

Early morning dream : I saw myself within a distant past ages – a period of Buddhists, with Buddhist caves and temples. I was roaming here and there aimlessly.

The scene changes – now I was seated with Bhabani Bandyopadhyaya, a devotee of Diamond in a room. He was asking me, ‘well, do you weep in a dream’? I answered, ‘I have a special stage in a dream – that is a condition of Samadhi’. As soon as I uttered this I instantly fell into Samadhi returning from this condition wanted to say the same thing and again I fell into the same condition. At last being in a normal condition, I said, ‘yes, I shed tears but that is completely different – that is the shedding of tears with love for God.’

The scene again changed – now I was approaching to my previous agricultural school at Vidyanagar of 24–Parganas (South) via Diamond Harbor Road by Bus. There I was Indranath Mukherjee, a devotee of Diamond in my previous quarter where I used to stay long time back during my research work. It seems to me as if Mr. Mukherjee had been staying there for a long time. He was seen cooking something. I took Chapatis from him and ate.

After a while I began to roam here and there and went on thinking – oh! Diamond had spent some days here and Mr. Mukherjee also enjoyed with him! It would have been a great pleasure to me had I accompany him here!

Again the scene changed – I was now present at Mr. Mukherjee’s house at Makardah, Howrah. There I saw many of my relatives who had recently come to the house. Suddenly I noticed that Diamond had come there as if he would spend some days with the seer. A feeling was also persisting within my mind as if Diamond had come back to stay with me after his demise. I became overwhelmed with joy and was intending not to leave him. Diamond was seated near the seer along with the seer’s father. After some time Diamond had gone somewhere for a work and I noticed that my father was having meditation.

After Diamond came back, he started discussions with me on many spiritual topics. By the way he suddenly told me, ‘see, before I leave my previous physical body, you appeared in my mind.’ With great surprise I asked him, ‘how is it possible? For so many years I am off from you (In reality from 1962 onwards till his demise), and how you can remember me! Besides, there is a similar incident when for months Dilip (Dilip Mitra, a devotee) could not come to you and when he came to you, you couldn’t remember him’. With a smiling face he answered – ‘No, No, it is not like that.’

Then I asked him, ‘well now you are appearing before us in dreams after your demise, can it be possible in future that you would appear before us in physical body as because this strange phenomenon never happened before in the spiritual world? He answered – ‘Yes it is possible.’

After a while, he gave me an enamel cup saying, ‘Give me water in this cup.’ I went outside with the cup and noticed that it was dirty so I took another glass, washed it thoroughly, filled with water, entered the room and handed it over to Diamond with a posture of kneel-down. He with his hands shivering just he used to take water during his physical existence. I wanted to take it from his hand, but he told, ‘No, I myself am going.’ But when he came out of the room, I also came out and told him to hand over the glass to me. Then he handed it over to me.

Diamond then entered the room and me also. Then I observed, Diamond was playing cards with my father and uncles, but unconcernly. After a while he sat with his mouth shut. Meanwhile somebody entered the room and started talking to Diamond, but when he became a bit rough during talking, I became furious and told the gentleman, ‘what he did, is right.’ When the gentleman turned his head to see who made these cements, I angrily said, ‘I have told it, who else would say!’

After a while Diamond gave me a dose of homeopathic globules saying, ‘tell your mother to take this medicine.’ Meanwhile my mother entered the room and Diamond told her, ‘Mother, I have given you this medicine, take it into your mouth.’

After this I had a long accompaniment with Diamond although nothing could be remembered after the dream went off.

Throughout the day it seemed to me as if I had a long accompaniment with the Holy Ghost in reality, the dream was so realistic!

The dream indicated many aspects :

(a)The seer had an experience of Samadhi in the causal body;

(b)God-the-Preceptor gave me a long company removing all my grievances of being detached from Diamond;

(c)He pours his blessings upon the relatives of the seer through him;

(d)Diamond is forecasting and confirming that in future the human race will see him in flesh and blood [It has really happened in his life time.]

In recent years, a sense of detachment is coming in the mind from all materialistic matters.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -13, June, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


42)   “There are four classes of man. They are—(1) those from whose body God does not emanate. They are called Baddhajiva (of fettered one) . (2) Those who have inkling for God but cannot break up the fetters of the body and if sometime it is done, the emanation is but very poor . They are called Mumukshujiva (or an aspirant for liberation). (3) Those from whose body God emanates in full measure and gets Himself separated from the body. In some cases it may happen in the life time and again in some cases at the time of death. To get God separated from body in the life time is a rare thing. They are called Muktajiva (or liberated one) . (4) Those who have got God separated from their body with their birth are called Nityajiva (or ever-free).

1)   Baddhajiva is a man belonging to the ordinary category. He is fettered with woman and gold. “They camel chews and eats thorny plants. Blood trickles down its jaws. But its thinks that it is the best life”—Sri Ramkrishna .

2)   Mumukshujiva is he who has got a taste of God’s emanation from the body but in fact the taste is a meager one . Sometimes he forgets the taste and sometimes it awakens in him .

3)   Muktajiva are of two kinds—

(a)  God emanates from the body in full measure. He is shown by God-the Preceptor in the cerebrum and He is seen by the seer. This is but the supreme liberation.

(b)  There is also another class of liberation. The God comes out from your body in your form. With two hands uplifted. He dances with jot and says, “I am free! I am free!” It happens before the very eyes of the seer and he witnesses the whole episode. “God with form will stand before eyes and speak out, then it is correct and prefect and you will be rest assured”—Sri Ramkrishna.

4)   Nityajiva—Nityajiva is he in whose body God emanates and assumes the form of God-the Preceptor, chooses the body as His field of sportive forms and expresses in various manifestations. These Nityajivas in their form live forever and God when required takes the form of a Nityajiva and appears before a devotee.

Moses is seen by devotees even now though some 3500 years have rolled by. Buddha though born 2500 years ago is seen. Jesus of 2000 years old is seen. Mohammed though born 1500 years ago is still seen. Sankar, Sri Chaitanya and now a days, Sri Ramkrishna are also seen.

How does it occur?

God is in the body. The whole Universe is in God. The Universe is partitioned into three chambers of time—Past, Present and Future. God-the Preceptor appears in the form which had been in the past and gives His grace to the devotee. A Jew will get Moses as his God-the -Preceptor, a Buddhist will get Buddha, Jesus for a Christian and so on. In course of time if God is so disposed then He will make the seer understand that all these forms of Moses, Buddha and Jesus are but separate forms of God in the body.




(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Amritadhara’)

Vol -13,June,2012

A few words

Jibankrishna started reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna at his residence (He used to stay with his cousin brother), Howrah town from mid 40’s of the 20th century along with 4-5 friends. Gradually the number of attending people began to increase day by day. After 1955 the number of listeners increased to a large extent. It used to start early in the morning and continue up to 8 p. m. hardly he got time to take rest except his lunch. Throughout the day he used to discuss on God and give yogic interpretation on the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna during reading. Some of his companions maintained diaries on his discussions. In all these diaries his discussions, and daily activities were narrated. In 1968, after Jibankrishna’s demise a few companions started publishing a Bengali magazine where these diaries were included along with amazing experiences of numerous people after meeting Jibankrishna for the first time.

Since 1976, I have engaged myself in compiling different aspects of Jibankrishna from these magazines as well as diaries and ultimately published thirteen books in Bengali with a view to present the Truth achieved by us from Jibankrishna before the whole human race.

Keeping in mind about the rest of people who are ignorant about the Bengali language I tried to translate my books into English for their convenience.


(A collection in between 1953 and1956)

Jibankrishna discussed:


This human body and the manifestation of God within that body- This is called Aryan cult. Except Indian Aryan nobody had an idea that God is within a human being and He shows His sportive forms after manifesting Himself. This knowledge had long been suppressed in Hindus. Sri Ramkrishna has again revived it in the nineteenth century. Being asked by Swami Vivekananda whether he had seen God, he answered with open voice,’Yes, I have seen Him as I am seeing you. He is known to pure mind and intellects.’

This is the primordial religion – a human body and the manifestation of God within it. How does it happen? It occurs spontaneously. For this only a human body is necessary and that should be flawless. Where ever it is available on earth, this will manifest, let him be a Fin,Lap or Hotentot.



The main object of human life is to achieve God. So he is born. Unless he achieves that, he feels a lacking. But he cannot understand what is that lacking and so he from one sacred place to another without knowing that God is within his body and He is the nearest One, the best friend. Whenever he gets Him within his body, all his lacking will be removed.



God is within you and nowhere else. All of us are carrying God within ourselves. Now the question may arise –  what is God? He is within this body as ‘Soul’ or ‘Atman. He shows Himself in each step of the body. This universe is within the ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’. Again the Soul is within the body. That means this universe is within us. As soon as we are born, we reflect this universe outside and live in it. In Vedas this has been compared with spiders. They have mentioned that a spider ejects the net and lives there. Sri Ramkrishna has explained this with two words, ’Maw’ and ‘Raa’. Maw means God and Raa means universe. The Atman or Soul is within this body and the universe is within Soul or God.



Atman or Soul is visible in ‘Samadhi’ stage. The Soul is percolated. It means ‘Kundalini’ or Life power is percolated. After percolation from the whole body it is accumulated in the cerebrum or the seventh plane of the body and is seen. If any cell of the brain is defective, the man will not thrive at this stage. The life power will melt. And if it is flawless, the life power will descent from the cerebrum and just at this stage the Soul or Atman is seen.

Some say that  Soul  looks  like a thumb made of God’s light, some say again that Soul looks like the tip of paddy straw. I saw the Soul or Atman like a thumb at the first stage and then like the tail of a comet. But when I saw it, I had no idea of these things. What I saw, I ignored.


August 23,1955

kundalini is the life power of the human body. The gradual upward movement of life power makes the seer being devoid of ego-consciousness. When she reaches the fourth plane (Heart) the seer sees God’s light and everything outside seems to be illuminated. When she reaches the fifth plane (Neck), half man and half woman form is seen (as Soul has no sex). When she reaches sixth plane (forehead), the seer sees different forms of God. It means Kundalini is transformed into those forms. When she reaches cerebrum or seventh plane, the Soul or Atman is seen, i.e. Kundalini is transformed into Soul. Then the Universe is seen within the Atman. That Universe is like a seed. The seed then becomes dream- like and ultimately that dream like stage dissolves. This is the Supreme knowledge. Now you can see that Kundalini, which rests at the root of spinal cord or ‘Muladhar’, ultimately with gradual  transformation  becomes ‘Brahma’ or Supreme One.

Whoever has this experience goes by negation. This  means , when he has this conception that I am this body with flesh and blood, now I see that I am Kundalini, not this body. When Kundalini is transformed into God’s light then he says, no, I am not Kundalini; when that light is transformed into half-man and half-woman form, he says, I am not the light. Thus with this gradual transformations when the seer visualizes Brahma  in  the cerebrum, he becomes silent. These cannot be explained by language. These can be understood   through  realizations. God is within you. When He explains from within you, then only you can understand.










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