Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-14, June, 2012

Visualizing Diamond within the body is the practical Religion which is not mentioned in Vedic era.


Diamond said:

The phenomenon happening here is neither knowledge nor devotion. Even if you say this as ‘Religion’, it is a practical Religion. We are corroborating this both from inside and outside. This is a continuous process. Many things I cannot tell you. Unless these manifest outside, how can I tell you! But still you see, these have manifested in my practical life. So far this phenomenon has manifested outside, it is true in our life. Here the quote of the Rishis uttered mine-ten years ago ‘one exists’ is flooded away. The Truth is ‘one’, and that was unknown to them why? Then so many religions would not come in this world.

[Mundaka Upanishad has mentioned about this person existing outside and inside thus:

Heavenly, formless is the person )Purusha)

He is without and within, unborn,

Breathless, mindless, pure

Higher than the high Imperishable (2.1.2)

When a person is transformed into Soul or Atma with his form its proof is borne by mankind


Diamond said:

The phenomenon of visualizing God or Atma (soul) does not carry much sense as it is very rare. Thousands of years ago Rishis announced, ‘Atma can be seen’.Then thousands of years passed by, we find that Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) had visualized god as he said, ‘I swear that I have seen God’. But within these long years there is no evidence that anybody saw God so specifically. So what have I told you? God has made me step by step. The proof of my transformation into universal soul with my form is borne by myriads of people irrespective of cast and creed, religion, sex and ages. My own form is the form of human soul: Esa Atmeti (I am the Soul – Upanishad).

The individualistic austerity (in full fledged form) will never occur, because we have surpassed that stage and got universal austerity. And if anybody does not visualize Atma or Soul, what will remain? Man – you exist. But am I getting peace? Where is this peace? ‘So Aham’ – I am ‘He’. But who is ‘He’? He is Brahma (Supreme Self). But now come on. Have you seen that Brahma? Among four hundred billion people even if three to four persons see that ‘Brahma’, that is insignificant. Suppose mankind believe and obey these persons. But what they have achieved? Nothing. So long this ‘He’ was unknown to mankind. But now we have the right to say, ‘Yes, we have seen this ‘He’ and he is the form of a living human being and this is my form. So this ‘He’ is human being and this is my form. So this ‘He’ is within our knowledge now. So far mankind believed three to four persons who had individual austerity as in the case of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) who said, ‘I swear that I have visualized God’ and the world believed his words. Even Swami Vivekananda revolted against such words and he said, ‘In recent days people started talking such peculiar things, but it is quite to have such realizations in recent days. So one has to believe the religion’.

Diamond said, now, one disbelieved, but what matters to this? But what I have told you? The spontaneous austerity which has happened within me never happened and will not happen with anyone in future. On what ground people will believe this individual austerity? ‘Belief is not religion’ – I have mentioned it so many times and have written it in my book (Religion and Realization). So long the world was based on this ‘Belief’ and this term ‘He’ was also based on ‘Belief’. But now we have got the proof.

Now it is not based on ‘Belief’ but on ‘Evidence’.



Volume – 14, June, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

My experience of meeting Jibankrishna (Diamond)

Barin Chatterjee

From my very childhood I had great attraction for god. Everyday I used to buy idols of deities and after worshipping I immersed them.

When I was about eight years old, this tendency gradually was eliminated. I was engaged in studies and games. When Iwas in ten grade, some peculiar sensation covered my mind. Everything used to be appearing as illusion to me During this period I started reading any type of religious books. But nothing subsided mental agonies for peace. In the mean while I had many divine dreams. It was strange thing, whenever any queries appeared in my mind about the books’, I got solution in reality.

I used to go to the temples, churches, mosques, but got no real peace in mind.

During this period one day a film on Swami Vivekananda started in Aloka Cinema Hall of Howrah. I went to see the film along with a friend. At the end I was going to leave the hall with other spectators. Suddenly I had a vision that nobody was there. In its place was standing a huge figured man illuminated with divine light. The light was yellowish. I looked at him and saw he was a monk with a garland of Rudraksha in his hand. Oh, I knew him! He was Sri Ramkrishna Deva! But the face did not resemble Sri Ramkrishna. He gave a charming smile and then vanished. Suddenly I saw that my companion went ahead and so I also approached towards the door, but I disclosed this vision to none. I thought that this might be my hallucination, but the doubt remained in my mind. I did not think anything, still why did I see this!

So days pass on and I had so many dreams and ecstacies. Then I started searching for Vedas. But where should I get It? My elder brother was an employee of guest keen Williams company. One day he told me that for a week I should take his tiffin to him in the office. So everyday I used to go to his office. Before crossing the rail line I noticed that in a house some people used to have discussion on God. All on sudden it flashed in my mind, perhaps here I would get the Vedas. So one day I entered into the house. I saw that one old man was working infront of the house and a boy was reading a book. The old man asked, ‘What do you want my boy’? I said, ‘Vedas’. He said, ‘Yes, I have’. I was surprised. He then said, ‘This gospel of Sri Ramkrishna means Veda. I was again surprised to hear his answer. He asked me, ‘Do you have dreams’? Oh, how did he know about me’? And I said, ‘Yes I see dreams’. From that day I became acquainted with the old man named Gour Dutta.

Days passed on. One day showing a picture of Sri Ramkrishna, he told me, ‘If I get an order, I shall take you to him’. I was confirmed that I was in the trap of a mad person, because Sri Ramkrishna expired long time ago.

Again one day he said, ‘Oh, I have got the order’. In those days there was a rule of Jibankrishna (Diamond) that unless one of the listeners of his room or the new comer got an order in the dream, he would not be allowed to go to him.

So one day Gour Dutta, one of my companion and I went to the residence of Jibankrishna at Kali Banerjee Lane, Howrah. Entering into the room I saw 10-12 people sitting the floor, and Jibankrishna was seated on a cot covered with winter cloth. As soon as I entered, he ordered me to sit on the cot. So my companion and I sat on the cot. Suddenly grabing my hand he said, ‘This universe is within you? I thought even a brick cannot be accommodated in the head, and this universe is within me! Just at this moment he said, ‘In the dream you see this world within you. Isn’t so? So I felt relief. After the reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was finished, all of us came back home.

Later on I heard from Gour Duta that Jibankrishna said my companion would be a family man. It was a strange Coincidence that in the year 1962, he had to marry by force and against his will.

However, after coming in contact with Jibankrishna, I had series of divine dreams out of which a few are narrated here.

1. One night within a few days after going to Jibankrishna I saw in my dream. I was lying on my bed crying for not getting god so intimately. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna was standing near my head. Whenever I was crying, he was pushing and scolding me saying, ‘get up my boy, get up’! I get up and again slept and the same scene was repeated several times. During this time I saw him as Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna both.

2. One night I saw in my dream that Jibankrishna was climbing up on the top of theHimalayamountain. He wore a winter Punjabi, with him were Gopal, Anath and I. I asked Jibankrishna, what should we eat? He said, ‘Oh my boy, we only eat a bit boiled rice’. Saying this he showed us his closed palms. We noticed that it contained handful of very nice boiled rice. All round we saw the ice, but the cold was soothing with soft sun rays. The scorching rays of the sun were transformed into soothing light and we were climbing up. The dream then was off.

3. I saw that in a weekly market Jibankrishna he said, Market means the world. This phenomenon will be universal oneday?

During every immersion day of goddess Durga’s idol each year Jibankrishna used to feed all the listeners of his room. Once I was late at night and it waseleven O’clock. I thought that had I go to him, I would have dishes. Thought it was late night, still I approached towards his residence at Kadamtala. There was none anywhere around his residence and he was walking alone in front of his house.

Seeing me he said, ‘Oh, come, come!’ Then entering into his room he said, ‘oh, there is only one plate left’! I finished that plate and availed the last bus to go back home. I used to go to him earlier when there was thin attendance in his room. He always used to tell me, ‘Jaga (my nick name) eat and take physical exercise heavily with meditation. But none of that I availabled due to my distress condition. But still I am fulfilled in my life achieving endless spiritual wealth with innumerable realizations!


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Seeing Diamond in dream after his death through husband

Part – 2


Mrs. Renu Kejriwal, after getting Diamond as God-the-Preceptor in dream has seen many divine dreams    out of which a few are narrated as per her version.

In the month of December,2006 one night I dreamed that I had died and I myself was making arrangements for my own funeral. At the same time I was seeing that everybody in my own form came there for attending my funeral. I saw Ajit, my husband, with his own form only, sitting with a smiling face on the steps. Four persons carrying my cot were also of my form. Then the dream went off.

Her dream was interpreted thus – the dream indicates that the seer’s ego consciousness is wiped out. The dream also establishes the quote of Upanishads where the ‘Rishis’ are saying, ‘I only exist’ (Aaham asmi).

February 5, 2009. Thursday.

Early in the morning I dreamed that I was seated in my room. Suddenly I saw two lanky persons up to the height of the ceiling had come to me. I understood that they had come from the king of death. They had short ropes and tied the thumbs of my legs with a view to take me to the pandemonium. I scolded them and said, ‘why do you take me? Do I fear death! Death is a joy, and I myself can go’. Hearing my words, they shrunk into tiny ones. And I went forward. After going for a while I saw a round room on a raised place with 7 steps to enter the room. When I started getting up through the steps, I noticed that they were becoming narrow. Ultimately when I stood on the last step with one foot resting my another foot on the lower one, I saw that inside the room only sofa sets were set up and on each sofa my own forms of different ages were seated.

When I was going to enter the room, suddenly my husband Ajit dragged me down holding my hand, though so long he was not noticed. Then and there I woke up.

[Her dream was interpreted like this – the hymns of Upanishads are personified in the dream, ‘Take me to immortality from mortality …’ The seer says, ‘I do not fear death which means she has overcome the fear of death. It only comes when a person gets the knowledge of own self.]

April,16, 2009. Thursday.

We were at Hrisikesh (near Hardwar of Himachal Pradesh, India) for some days. It was then6 p.m.My husband Ajit went out for a while and I was lying on my bed, holding the book ‘Lost man’. I was thinking that the name of this book is ‘Lost man’ (this book is compiled on the basis of Diamond’s realizations thought his life), but why this name was given”? Diamond still appears among human beings in dreams and reality! While thinking this, I slept.

I dreamed, somebody knocked at the door. I opened the door and saw Diamond standing outside the door I became puzzled and thought what to do, whether I should bow down to him or not. But on the contrary he saluted me with folded hands. I told him, ‘please sit down’. But he told me to sit on the chair and he sat on the floor and said, ‘I am very thirsty’. When I got up to bring him water, he said, ‘No, No, you need not get up’. Saying this he took out a cloth bag from his bag and then opening its mouth he began to drink water from it with the help of a pipe. Then he said, ‘I am feeling sleepy, because I am very tired’. I was thinking where he would lie? Suddenly it appeared in my mind, that I had a mat; let me put it on the floor (In reality it was kept vertically supporting against the wall).Then Diamond lied down on it. I told him, ‘should I give you a pillow’? He nodded and slept. After some time he woke up and looking at different directions he peeped into the kitchen and said, ‘Oh; all arrangements are ready here’! Then he asked, ‘where is Ajit? Where is he now’? I hold him, ‘you are asking about his whereabouts. But he has become very worried about seeing you in dreams (in reality Ajit often asks why he does not see Diamond in dreams frequently). Diamond said, ‘It will be delayed. Tell him to keep his mind calm’. I said, ‘He well not believe me, better you tell Dipak about this’. He said, ‘of course, I shall tell him’.

At this moment Ajit rang the calling bell and I woke up. With a great astonishment I observed that really the mat was kept opened on the floor. But actually it was kept in vertical position being rolled up. So how was it possible! [The meaning of the dream is that the dream was so vivid that she actually performed this in reality within the dream. Here the dream and reality became merged. Moreover, God-the-Preceptor shows his sportive forms in dreams which are mentioned in Upanishads.]



Volume -14, June, 2012


 Gaining  the  blessings  of  the  Holy  Ghost  – Continuity of dream

2)           5th September, 1976 .    Early morning dream  :  Within the dream it seemed to me that  Jibankrishna had again come back to life after his demise and was residing at his previous residence at Kadamtala, Howrah . I was having a sense of great joy. Finishing my works very fast I started for Jibankrishna. The time was 9A.M. After reaching in front of Jibankrishna’s house, I noticed that cleaning operations were going on after  Jibankrishna;s fresh arrival . Dilip Mitra was cleaning the floor with a broom. As soon as I entered the room, Jibankrishna, with a very happy mood said to me, ‘Oh, you have come! After so many years you have come!’

With my head placing on floor paid his regard to Jibankrishna and placing his hand on my head poured his blessings. After a while jokingly he said to me, ‘For so many years you have forgotten me, how do you feel now’! In the same manner i answered, ‘Now I am feeling how difficult task it is’! However, Jibankrishna was looking very strong and robust. After this nothing was remembered and the dream temporarily went off.

I again fell asleep and had this dream—This was the second day after the first day’s visit to  Jibankrishna by me and this time the visit would not be temporary but permanently to stay with Jibankrishna. A bed was ready in his room. Meanwhile I noticed that my next brother Asit and eldest nephew Sanjay were present on the verandah. I thought whether I would bring them to  Jibnakrishna, but instantly it came in my mind, he might be disturbed, because this was his bed time . Again it appeared in my mind, that they had come to him and this would serve the purpose. The scene changed.

In the next scene the I saw Khagendra Nath Ghosh, a devotee, but this time he was without beard and moustache and was seated. Seeing him I went on thinking—Oh! Ultimately he had been here! Good grief ! Then I said to him, ‘at last you have come to us, it is good, otherwise you have gone through so much austerity. Had you not come to us, You would have some defects . Besides this in one of my previous dream  Jibankrishna said to me with a great disappointment—‘I told Khagen to come to Calcutta, but he didn’t (In reality he said it long time back to Mr. Ghosh to come and settle at Calcutta for his service, although Mr. Ghosh was already had his family at Sainthia of Birbhum District) . After this the dream was off.

Vision   of  Future  and  elimination  of  doubt                

about  previous  dream with narration

3)            26th October , 1976 .    Early morning dream  :  The first scene was Mr. Raghunath Sen’s room at Taltala, (where regular spiritual discussions are being held among the devotees) Kolkata .At this moment one of my old school mate(1956 A.D) Atulesh by name came and was seated and with a great respect began to listen to  Jibankrishna’s sayings . I became too much astonished and then watched that many of my College mates also had come there and listening with great regard to the discussions about  Jibankrishna, and then I  woke up .

I  again felt asleep and this time saw in dream discussing with many devotees about  Jibankrishna and narrating to someone about the vision in trance seen on 4th July,1976 in which my life was transformed into a point . The listener asked, ‘how did you feel at that time’? I answered, ‘I was transformed into a point without any body-sense. There was no world and nothing else in the sense’. The dream then went off.

In reality I had a doubt about my previous vision in trance about Viswarup Darshan (The whole Universe in the body) whether it was an imagination or real spiritual visualization, but in dream God eliminated my doubt . This is the way the Holy Ghost teaches the seer.

The dream also indicates that in future the philosophy and influence of  Jibankrishna will spread among school and college students .

[It happened later on when innumerable students at Bolpur, Birbhum District began to see  Jibankrishna in dreams.]

 Visualization of the previous dream’s snake

4)        8th June, 1979, Friday: Early morning dream: I saw the same snake on a table as seen in the previous dream on 19th May’79. I said to myself, ‘Oh! This is the same snake as seen in my previous dream’!  It was lying on the ground almost half dead. Then the dream went off.

This type of repetition of dreams seemed to be very strange and no specific meaning came out. One interpretation can be drawn that snake represents Kundalini which represents Tantra. As in my case the austerity of Vedas (Spontaneous evolution of life power) has manifested, so Tantra becomes defunct as it gives stress on exertion for achieving God.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -14, June, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar


43)     “Once faith is gained, then everything is gained”.

Faith means God’s emanation from the body and to witness and realize. His sportive forms, otherwise no real faith can grow. Realizations are of two kinds—a complete one and the other by part. By part, it means to see God with form or to see God’s light and in some cases it means both, God with form as well as God’s light. The complete realization is to see God as shown by God-the-Preceptor. Thakur said to Naren, the junior, “If you do not see God, then how can real love for God grow in you”?

44)  “You must have heard the tremendous power as exercised and evinced by faith. The Purana (Hindu Mythology) says that Ramachandra, though he was God Himself, required a bridge to be built to cross over the sea to Ceylon (SriLanka), Hanumana (an ideal devotee) had faith in Rama’s name. By dint of his faith, in one jump he crossed the sea and landed on the other side. No bridge was required for him”.

Ceylon—represents cerebrum where life-power transforms into God.

To build a bridge—means to go step by step in the process of transformation.

Ramachandra, though he was an incarnation of God, went step by step in the process of transformation of becoming God. Hanumana was a real devotee. He saw Ramachandra, the embodiment of God. To see an incarnation of God is equivalent to get oneself transformed into in spirit. Hanumana trusting in the name of Ramachandra crossed the sea in one jump as he saw God. He had not gone by steps. He was perfectly aware that God and God’s name are one and the same. “Utter the name of God and along with the utterances, the life-power will be transformed into God . Then you have attained the matured power of transformation”—Sri Ramkrishna . Life power being transformed will reach the cerebrum in a jump like a monkey. Hanumana saw God so he had such real faith in the name of God.

Here in the simile of Ramachandra and Hanumana, a difference has been set out between the transformation of life power into God as happens in case of an incarnation of God and a true devotee The incarnation of God is acquainted with every nook and corner of the process of transformation whereas a devotee gets the thing all on a sudden. The former is a full- fledged one and the later is the result only.

45)        “Vibhishana wrote the name of Rama on a leaf and tied it in a man’s wearing cloth as the man was about to cross the sea. Vibhishana said to him, “Don’t be afraid. Have faith and walk over the sea . But mind that as soon as you will lose your faith, you will be drowned,” The man went on easily over the sea . On his way a keen desire burst out in him to see what was tied in the corner of his cloth.  He drew out the leaf and found only the name of Rama written there on. He thought—“Well, the name Rama only?” No sooner had doubt crept into his mind than he sank in the water”.

“If God out of sheer mercy frees Himself from the body, then there is emanation and liberation”—Shri Ramkrishna .

Rama was God. Vibhishana was not God. He was a true devotee. He wanted to show    mercy so that the sea of life and reach the cerebrum. But it could not be. Only God and God alone can show such mercy; then the man can easily walk over the sea of life and reach the other coast.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Amritadhara’)

Vol -14,June,2012

 Diamond discussed:


August 25, 1955  How do I recognize a real saint?  Whom   I shall see within me whether it is in dreams or

trances or meditations. He will  be the saint to me. Because God is the only saint in this world.  He is within our bodies. When He will manifest  within  ourselves in the form of a person, He will be the saint to me.


November 16,1955

Your realizations are much superior than the specific ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’ visualization. Suppose you have seen Sri Ramkrishna within yourself. Now he had all these austerities on Vedas, Atman, Vedanta, Godhood and so on. So, whenever you are seeing him within, all these attributes are absorbed within you. Whoever will see him within,  according to the capacity of his body he will get these attributes accordingly. Now, the explanation is thus –  Where are you seeing Sri Ramkrishna? Within your body. Then automatically you are becoming Sri Ramkrishna. I am in my form, again I am in his form – both simultaneously.


December 20, 1955.

Long time back it flashed in my mind, Oh! So many woman-folks used to come to Sri Ramkrishna and he used to give them spiritual advices. But in my case nobody is allowed to come as restricted by sri Ramkrishna. It came in my mind,   how spiritualism would grow in them? Afterwards in an unconcerned way I began to tell everybody that merely by sitting inside their houses, woman-folks will see me within them. And after that I saw, whoever were coming to me, their wives, daughters, maids began to see me in their dreams and even in flesh and blood bodies.



January 2, 1956

If God liberates Himself within the body, then only there will be true liberation. God is in the human body. He liberates Himself like a scent and taking the form of a person attaining godhood teaches the seer. This person is the God-the-Preceptor. The explanation runs thus: God, with the help of Yoga, through gradual unfoldment and transformations is seen within the human body as bliss and then again through yogas this bliss being concentrated takes the form of a person and teaches the seer yogas.

Sri Ramkrishna has given us a completely new thing when he said, ‘man cannot be a spiritual teacher, only God-the-Preceptor can teach spiritualism.

At my 12 years 4 months age I first saw Sri Ramkrishna in my dream. At that time even I did not hear his name or see his picture. At 13 years 8 months I saw Buddha (later on realized as Swami Vivekananda). Throughout the night he taught me ‘Rajyoga’.

Every night Sri Ramkrishna came to me in dream and used to teach me on yogas. But I couldn’t understand anything. When I was 15 years old, I first saw his picture and then thought, oh, he comes to me every night and teaches me yogas!



January 1,1956

Religion is nothing but a cult. It is created from within this body. Whatever you are seeing outside, you have already seen before within you. Here is the difference between Western and Eastern philosophy. They say, first we see outside and then take inside. We say first we see inside and then take outside. First is Soul or Atman and then the universe within Atman.

Vedas have mentioned about spiders. Immediately after birth they eject nets from inside and the live inside the net. The net was not outside, it was inside. In the similar manner whatever we see inside, we reflect outside afterwards.

The oracles also do not come from outside. It is created within the brain. Socrates got the oracle, from a priest of the oracle ofDelphi, ‘you are the wisest man inGreece’. This also happened within his brain. Otherwise, why others could not hear that? Were they deaf?














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