Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-16, July, 2012

The real meaning of ‘Shiva” – The goodness is ‘He is one” as mentioned in Vedas – The form of Diamond

 On 1.2.1960 Diamond said –

What is this form of ‘Shiva – goodness’? You cannot conceive anything through past. Those words are personified here. Shiva – the goodness’ has been used as adjective of ‘Shiva – the oneness’. Atharba Veda has mentioned, ‘He is one’. Then he becomes Truth. Now, come on and say, Who is this Shiva – the goodness? Listen, my form is the form of Shiva – the goodness? Why Hindus see me, Muslims see me, Christians see me, Jews see my within themselves? In one word, who appears among myriads of people irrespective of religions, casts, ages and sexes is the real Shiva – the goodness. How many times I have told, don’t take the abstract idea of religion. When you see the proof, then only you should take it.

Diamond’s realizations are beyond the five sheaths

as mentioned in Upanishads


For a few days, some bubbles of thoughts are appearing in my brain. Why Vedas have mentioned about the five sheaths or seven planes? But I saw that there many more sheaths and the realizations of those sheaths were manifested in me. But as they have mentioned only those sheaths, so I have mentioned to you about those sheaths. Though they have only mentioned about the sheaths, they have not mentioned about the realizations. And I have mentioned my realizations so vividly and clearly so many times. But do you know what has happened? I have such realizations which do not come under any of those heaths. As for example, the mysterious ‘Maya Murti’ (dancing lady)! What is the sheath of that realization? Thus I have so many realizations which do not come under any of those sheaths.


The all pervading state of Diamond due to his merging in five elements of Nature

On 9.4.1960 Diamond said –

Rishi Uddalak said, ‘I am Brahma’, and now the human race is announcing that with me. Here with proof they are establishing these words. Listen, his phenomenon is the reconciliation of ‘Advaitabad’(Non dualism) and ‘Visistadwaitabad (Combination of Dualism and Non dualism). Some three thousand and five hundred years have rolled by. After so many years it has been proved here. Big incidents always happen in such a way. For about eighteen years I have been continuing it and now I have conceived this matter and the world is carrying this proof to me.

I have become the life of the world. Can you say what is the requirement for this? To achieve such state one should be merged into the five elements of nature. And I have become so when at my 13 years 8 months age Rajyoga was manifested within my body.


Re-establishment of Brahmavidya or Supreme cult through Diamond

On 30.4.1960 Diamond said –

Listen, this phenomenon (manifestation of supreme cult) has happened in our country long time before. Now we are trying to explain it by our worldly consciousness. This is a very mysterious phenomenon which has happened here and it is beyond any explanation.

‘I was one and have become many’ – we have got a specific proof of this here. In Upanishads they have mentioned it like this, ‘In the beginning there was self alone in the shape of a person’; ‘your soul is the inner self of all beings!’ ‘All is one’ – when all of you see me within yourselves. This universe is within every human being. Every body is projecting this world from within him and visualizes. I am within you and you are within me. It is very difficult to conceive it due to maya (Illusion) or the worldly attributes of the body. When one dies, the world vanishes to him, but remains as such to others. And another thing I use to mention frequently, that past, present and future, everything is within a human body. And here no question of rebirth or previous birth arises. According to Swami Vivekananda, ‘When the knowledge of self is manifested, it is realized that there is no rebirth. Otherwise everything is there’.

I have become all these. In Vedas there is only one adjective with God – ‘He is one’ and this we are witnessing here. I am placing a challenge that no desire can exist beyond this oneness within a human being and nothing exists after it.



Volume – 16, July, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Shyamashyam Roy

‘To see God is to become God’ – This used to be quoted by Jibankrishna very frequently, when I first heard it I could not conceive at all, though I must admit that I have seen God as soon as I have seen him within myself. I have witnessed this grace on innumerable people irrespective of casts races, sexes, ages and religions. There was no bar for anybody except mothers to go to him as they used to see him within themselves by merely sitting in their houses. This was the mystery.

To meet Jibankrishna was a strange phenomenon. I didn’t meet him through any dream or through any of his companion. Who has guided me to meet Jibankrishna was a lady of some supernatural power. She was my spiritual guide. She used to reside at Behala, Kolkata.

From my early life I had a great regard and fascination for Sri Ramkrishna and I always thought that it would be so nice had he be in existence still now, and talking with us face to face.

So, one day I had gone to my lady guide’s residence to attend the reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and to listen devotional songs. Then once I asked her, ‘Well mother, is there anybody now who experiences ecstasy and Samadhi like Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna)? She laughed and said, “Why not? He is there. Do you want to see him? I was shocked hearing her words. Is it possible? However, I was greatly satisfied after hearing this. So I said, ‘I wish very much to meet him’. Mother said, ‘He resembles a bit Thakur though his complexion is not so fair as Thakur and a bit shorter in height than Thakur. He is bachelor and free of lust. He does not allow women folks, very sweet in dialogues. He never accepts anything from anybody and he undergoes frequent samadhis. Most of the time reading of the book ‘The gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ goes on and he gives explanations on Thakur’s saying.  You go one day. He will receive you very cordially.”

I became very restless to meet him hearing all these from her. So she gave all the details about his residence.

It was the month of May, 1957, a religious festival day for Hindus. My office was closed due to this festival. Till morning I was restless and excited. At 2-30 pm I started from my residence and reached Kadamtala market. From there I walked and reached infront of Jibankrishna’s house. There was a raised corridor in front of a room and inside I saw Jibankrishna sitting on a cot. He had a bare upper body wearing a dhoti. He had short hair cutting with black and white short beard and a very good physique. He seemed to be so bright. As soon as I entered into the room he received me with a very affectionate voice, ‘Who are you, come my boy! From where are you coming?’ I said, ‘From Kalight’. ‘That is too far away. Certainly you faced a great trouble to come in such a hot day’! I only thought what a sweet and affectionate voice he had! It seemed as if I have heard it before. I looked at him very minutely to find the similarity with Sri Ramkrishna. Before I entered into the room, reading of the book ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ was going on. Due to my entry it was stopped for the time being. It again started and he began to explain from time to time. After a while he asked me, ‘My boy, have you seen any dream’? I said, ‘I see but cann’t remember’. He said nothing. When a topic on saint came during reading he asked me, ‘How do you recognize a saint? Whether he has red ochre or huge spiral hair on head’? As I couldn’t answer, he said, ‘He will be the true saint when mind and everything are merged into God. He will always talk about god, think about god’. See at my 12 years 4 months age Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) appeared in my dream and since then he did so many things through me.

The reading continued up to 7 pm. One by one everybody started to leave the room after touching the book on the head and when I was going to leave, he asked me, ‘How did you get my address’? I said, ‘From my spiritual she-preceptor’. He told me with folded hands, ‘Pay me homage to your mother. Again come and if you see any dream inform me?



 (Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)


Seeing Diamond in dream after his death through Reading Centers

Ms. Chanda Ghosh attends Lucknow reading center and listens to the reading of Diamond’s book ‘Religion and Realization regularly.

In the month of April – May, 1988 she had two dreams and narrated as such :

1) I was seated in a boat and a man sitting on another side was rowing. I told the steersman, wherever I want to get down you have to stop there. The boat was running, and after a while I saw a quay and it was written there on a board ‘Amrita Ghat’ (The quay of nectar). I told the man, ‘wait, I shall get down here’. I got down and wrote on the board ‘Kathamrita’ in place of only ‘Amrita’ (Kathamrita is the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). Then I got up in the boat and it started running. Again after going to a certain distance I saw another quay where on a board it was written ‘Dharma Ghat’ (a quay of Religion). I told the steersman, ‘wait, stop here’. I then got down and replaced the word ‘Religion’ by writing ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’(Religion and Realization’ book written by Diamond). Then the steersman took me to another quay but I could remember anything and my dream went off.

2) In my dream I saw that some monks from Ramkrishna Mission had come to me by a car.      Their main object was to take a donation from me. One of them stood in front of the door but couldn’t enter inside. He said, ‘There is a force inside the room and so I unable to get inside.’

When I allowed him. He could enter and then said, ‘To serve the Living beings we have come for donation.’ I told him, ‘Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) has said about serving God and you have come to serve living beings!’ The monk said, ‘We spend our time for serving living beings. We have no time to remember or call God.’ Hearing this I was thinking what to do. Then I saw that Diamond entered into the room and bowing down to the photo of Sri Ramkrishna opened the book ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. He said to me, ‘Ask them three questions – (I) What is Bhagabat (Book of God); (II) Have they visualized God? (III) What is the criteria for measuring God.’ Then I came to the monk and told him, ‘I shall ask you three questions.’ The monk asked, ‘Are you a journalist?’ I said, ‘yes’. The monk asked, ‘Which journal’? In answered, ‘Manikya’ (the magazine full of articles and dreams about Jibankrishna or Diamond).

The monk couldn’t answer any of the three questions, and said, ‘I cannot answer and need not donate anything.’ Saying this he went away and my dream was off.

[The dream indicates that special dress is insignificant for achievement of God.]

3)         February, 1997.

In my dream I saw that Diamond was taking our examination in a class room. In the answer paper there were three questions and the answers should be written on it. I wrote as such.

Q. : (I) Was Sri Ramkrishna an accomplished man about God?

Answer :- Yes.

Q. : (II) What is beyond Samadhi?

Answer:- To see Jibankrishna (Diamond).

Q. : (III) What is Religion?

Answer :- Oneness.

The dream went off.

[The dream indicates that God-the-Preceptor teaches the seer through dreams.]



Volume -16, July, 2012


 6)        Narration of previous dream in the next dream – Indication of more powerful brain power

 3rd November, 1979, Saturday :

Noontime dream: Two of the senior students of my ex Agricultural College was telling   me that they had seen Sri Ramkrishna Deva coming by train at Ranikhet and he liked that scene very much.

Thereafter they had come to my residence. The name of one of them was Bimal and the other was not remembered. They were taking tea and describing this fact. Hearing this I said to Bimal, ‘I have also seen the same scene in my dream.

In the next scene I saw the house of Raghunath Sen. I asked Arun Ghosh, ‘How are you now’? In reality he had a fever. He answered, ‘well’. Then I narrated all the incidents to him and then the dream went off.

Here the reality merged with dream and also narration of one dream in another dream indicates a powerful brain of the seer.

7)        Narration and effect of previous dream

3rd December, 1979, Monday :

Early morning dream : I saw in front of me two devotees. One was Khitish Roychoudhury and another one was Dhiren Mondal.

I was telling Mr. Roychoudhury, ‘you know Khitishda (Brother Khitish), the dream I saw before (01.12.1978) where the condensed form of the life force was moving up and down within the spinal cord in between 3rd and 4th plane, now I am feeling its effect and about this I am sure now. Though my mind is existing in the lower zone but I have no attraction for anything and at the same time the mind does not move to the upper zone – It is a peculiar state which persists in me and which is very difficult to bear.’ Then Khitishda said, smiling, ‘Oh! It should not happen in me.’ Dhiren Mondal was so long listening keeping himself quite. Then the dream went off.

8)       Narration of previous dreams to the Holy Ghost and his blessings

24th March, 1980, Monday, Place : Santipur

Early morning dream : The morning has started. I was in hurry to go to my school. In the mean time Diamond had come to me and it seemed to me as if Diamond had come with his physical body. Both of us were feeling joyous and spending the time with great joy. I felt no urge to go to school. But he was insisting me saying, ‘Go, Go, otherwise you will be late.’

So I went to the bus terminus, kept my line reserved and came back. As after long time I met Diamond, so I said, ‘In the meantime I had a number of dreams. Amongst them should I tell you about my last two dreams (21.02.1980 and 14.03.1980) first? And the meanings of these dreams which revealed in me, I will corroborate with your explanations, He said, ‘Of course I will listen to your dreams. Then you start from the beginning. Oh! Devine dreams are so important!’ No sooner he uttered these words, symptoms of great ecstasy were seen in his body and each and every hair tips of his body became erected and his whole body became red like red meats as if the whole body became toasted. Pointing every symptom he said to me, ‘See! See!’ Along with it I was also having ecstasy. Then I was thinking, which of the dreams I would start – at the same time the last two dreams were not being remembered by me. Then I said, ‘my condition was such in these days that I used to feel myself within dreams even in reality.’ Hearing this Diamond said with ecstasy, ‘Aah! What a wonderful thing this is’!

At last I thought that I should tell him the dream seen on 01.02.1974, where coming out of the residence of my friend Nisith Bairagi I said to an unknown person, ‘America means capitalism – Individualism; Russia is Socialism – Universalism. So when I told Diamond about Nisith, he said, ‘Yes, yes, I know Nisith, but he is a bad guy.’ Hearing this, I thought with a great surprise – why he was saying so!

However, in the midst of our conversation, I said, ‘Well, I had a dream where I chewed a woman named Prakriti (Nature). Well, even if this effect is not taken by body, but there must be a little bit effect of it’? He nodded. Then and there I thought that I should stand in the queue for bus, otherwise I would be late in school and Diamond was also wanting. So very unwillingly I went forward and Diamond also gave accompaniment. Both of us were in a very intimate mood. Looking at him I went on thinking – He is now 86-87 years age (in reality he would be of such age, so he is looking such old, but in spite of that he is walking so steadily! With great affection I told him, ‘Come like this, watch the road, go cautiously etc.’ Once I said, ‘you know that at every 2-3 months interval I go to Dwijendra Nath Roy at Ghatshila.’ (In reality this used to happen). Hearing this he became very happy. As soon as I came near the bus terminus, the dream went off.

Firstly, here the dream and reality were merged together. Secondly as the effects of dreams will be established in the body of the seer, so these were corroborated and confirmed by the Holy Ghost.

In recent days since 2-3 months, a change has come within the mind and body of the seer – a great peace as well as a continuous hilarity has come in the mind which is continuous. Long time ago Jibankrishna (Diamond) used to say, ‘You will see that you will feel a continuous hilarity in your mind,’- this has come true in the seer’s life.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -16, July, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

50)     “It is called Samadhi.”

Samadhi means transformation of life-power to God .

There are three stages of this transformation—

1)    To see God in the seventh plane.

2)    To be transformed into God—‘I am He’.

3)    To be eliminated in the Absolute, or in other words, to lose the sense of ego-existence—Sthitha Samadhi .

The Buddhist in their list have got 135 kinds of transformations (Samadhi). It is as if to measure God with a measuring tape . Every time this transformation reveal a new character . An ordinary man is not blessed with this kind of realization . Only the Nityasiddha, Iswarkati, Avarats (vide Foreword—Page26) are favoured with realizations like this which come to pass every now and then.

The transformation as experienced in meditation is of lower category. This transformation has been divided into four classes by Thakur :

1)    Unmana—to collect the mind and to have it fixed at the meeting point of the two eye brows. The mind here looks like the point of a needle made of God’s light .

2)    Chetan—the point of the needle penetrates into the cerebrum and God’s light flashes in the inside from neck to head. The ego-consciousness remains in this part of the body only and not in the lower portion.

3)    Jara—It is to collect and transform the life-power to a point only . The point remains bearing the sense of the point only . Its location is at the end of the seventh plane and it is to be reckoned as a geometrical point.

4)    Sthitha—It is entire elimination of ego-existence and nothing can be said of it .

51)     “A light  spasm  came  over  the  body  of  Shri  Ramkrishna”.

This light spasm (Siharan) is one of the eight insignia as manifested and seen in the body when life-power within undergoes transformation. In fact life-power makes her way in the cerebrum, touches the cerebrum and tries to flash into God’s light . She does not stop there but comes back and again goes back to the cerebrum. It is called her dance of joy.

52)     “All through  and  over  his  body  hairs  stood  on  end”.

Standing of hair on end signifies manifestation of God in the body. A change is taking place within the body and the expression of changes appears on the body . It is also one of the signs belonging to the group of eight outwards signs of inward transformations (Asta Sattvik Lakshman).

53)    “Tears  of  joy  rolled  down  the  cheeks”.

It signifies that transformation is taking place within the body . Life-power is on way to the cerebrum. It acts within, and as an insignia of action tears come down .

54)    “As  if,  from  time  to time  he  is  seeing  something  in  him  and  smiling “.

No, he is not smiling at all. When life-power enters the cerebrum the cheeks heave and the lips are parted. To an ordinary man it will appear like a smile.

When God separates from the body some expressions bearing the marks of separation come over the body. One of them is light parting of the lips with slight trembling as if it is a smile. In fact, it is not a smile but mark of separation of God from the body (Paramhansa condition).

55)    “ Is  he  seeing  within  himself  God  with  form  made  of  God’s  light” ?

There are two kinds of God’s light. One is with form and another is a splash of light only. The later is of superior type to the former. Form made of light is seen in the sixth plane, whereas splash of light at the entrance of the seventh plane.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Amritadhara’)

Volume – 16, July, 2012



If you consult the world religious history, you will find that all religious teachers wanted to unite all. Now come to the political history. What you will find? Take French revolution – what happened? Their slogans were –Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – means to unite all. Karl Marx – from economic point of view he tried to unite all and its indirect effect was Russian revolution in 1917 – to unite all. But were these successful?

After so long years we can see an initiation ‘Oneness’ where everybody is centralized to a point by seeing my form within the body. But when it will materialize in full-fledged form is very difficult to predict, though it has started. Vedas have mentioned, ‘He is the one, but others mention as many’.



July 13,1957

Shankaracharya wrote like this – ‘when I used to go for meditation inside the cave of Malabar hills (in India), Gourpad used to teach me’. But he could not understand that Gourpad used to come out of his body and teach him.

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) saw male and female Kinnaris while traveling through Himalayan ranges. He thought that those people used to live there. He also could not realize that they came out of his body.

People go to Kailash (At manas sarobar, China) hills. That is a very inaccessible place. Maximum people pay their salute from a distant place. Kailash is nearly 15,600 feet high. Very rarely a few people can reach there and hear a sound. They think that it is the sound of the hills or Lord Shiva, but not at all. If anybody goes to that altitude, this sound is heard from inside the body. When they return the sound vanishes. It is very difficult to understand this phenomenon.



January, 1958

Listen! Keep in mind the true explanation of love. When love comes, what a man does? He wants to convert those into him whom he loves. I have grown real love in me. I love myself so much that whoever I get within me, I transform the person he or she into my own form. This love is universal. For this reason God is called Universal lover. No one is high or low to Him. See, any class of people whether he is of the lowest class or higher class whenever come to my room, he is transformed into me. This is the real love – Universal love.




Why such miraculous phenomenon happens encircling me? I am the most mysterious man in the erena of the universe. No other mysterious man is born other than me. Can you say why? Whatever ideologies about traditional religions have been in existence so far this phenomenon has crashed everything. It is showing that a true religion occurs encircling a living human being. Here so many people say that they have seen me before they come to me. Do you know why? I am one with nature. Nay, a bit more – I am the nature.



March, 1958.

This phenomenon happening here is termed as Universalism, much higher than individualism. Here all are same, there is no different in the spiritual world. This is oneness.

Sri Ramkrishna had individualistic austerity. We have universal austerity. Whatever individualistic realization I had, I discarded. I visualized that you will have the realizations above fifth plane. So the austerity above fifth plane will be transformed into universalism.

A man first will achieve knowledge of self. Then good attributes will grow in him. No effort is required for this. When he will know that he himself is Brahma of ‘Self’, then only he will get ‘self knowledge’. Step by step he will be promoted to higher self.

I have discarded even ‘Parama Brahma’ (superior self), as this created egoism. I have discarded knowledge of ‘Thou’, as this is individualistic austerity. Here everybody is getting the knowledge of ‘self’. Everybody is seeing me within.

In Vedas it is mentioned, who talks in dreams, he is Brahma (God).









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