Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-17, August, 2012

Diamond discussed as such:

Diamond is the ‘Akshi Purush’ (The person or Brahma in the eye) mentioned in Upanishad


Sayta Ganguly saw in a dream that a monk was talking too much about religion. Satya told him, ’Say whether you have visualized God’? He couldn’t answer and looked at Satya. Then Satya told him, ‘will you see? If you want to see God, look at my eyes. See Jibankrishna is within my eye’!

Hearing this dream Jibankrishna (Diamond) said, ‘What a powerful dream! This is mentioned in Chandogya Upanishad as ‘To project the Purusha (Person) from the right eye’.

[ Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned thus:

That Person who is seen in the eye –

He is the Self (Atman) of whom I spoke.

That is the Immortal, the fearless.

That is Brahma. (8.7.4)

To see Diamond or Jibankrishna in dreams is beyond Vedanta


This strange phenomenon which you are witnessing here is happening without my knowledge. Why this is happening, who is doing this and what is the reason is not known to me. And it cannot be concluded that this is the final, because there is no beginning or no end to it. This is in existence from time immemorial and will persist forever.

We shall not consider Vedanta, because the writers have considered Vedanta as the last one (End of Vedas). But we are seeing that we have only understood the ‘A’ of this phenomenon, even not ‘B’. So how can we consider it as Vedanta?

Diamond is beyond any knowledge


Do I ask you one question? Who am I? Why do you see me both outside and inside? I am a man. But why people see me within themselves? You are also man. Do you know what kind of man I am? I am such a person about whom nothing can be known. You have plenty of realizations, you are Brahmavid (Person who has known Brahma or Supreme Being). But this is not the end of this phenomenon. You will see me in the next night, then again and so on. And not only you, people irrespective of religions, sexes and ages are seeing me in dreams etc. There is no end of it. And at last you will say, ‘Alas! We have come to know nothing’!

[Svetasvetar Upanishad has mentioned about such person thus:

Without foot or hand, he is swift and a seizer! He sees without eye; He hears without ear! He knows whatever is to be known; Him there is none who knows. Men call Him the Great Primeval Person. (3.1)



Volume – 17, August, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)


My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Ranjit Banerjee

Jibankrishna used to reside at Kali Banerjee Lane (Howrah town, West Bengal State, India) in a one – storied house just beside our residence. It was about 1949-50. I had no idea who he was. His room was just beside the road. It was a small room with a single cot with bed and many times I used to see him seated on that cot along with some gentlemen having some discussions. Specially on Sundays the gathering was more. I was then 22-213 years old.

One day I asked my father, ‘Well father, do you know what happens in that room? They seem to read something.’ My father said, ‘Oh! He is a great noble man and a great devotee of Sri Ramkrishna. He has good connection with renowned saints. He is highly educated and went to foreign for higher studies.’ I was astonished hearing this and a hidden wish was penetrating my mind. On my way to market I used to look at his room.

One day I saw that some two-three boys of seventeen-eighteen years age were sitting there. One of them was reading a book (Later on I came to know his name as Anath). From time to time he was jumping in a sitting posture on the bed and the gentleman was patting on his shoulder to subside him. (Later on he experienced it and came to know from him that it happens due to vigorous awakening of Kundalini or life force of the body on hearing the name of God. I thought what was it!

Later on my father started going to Jibankrishna and we started reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna at our home.

One evening lying on my bed I was reading the Gospel and then after finishing my dinner I again started reading lying on my bed. I was loving to read and after a while keeping the book on my chest I went on sleeping. Then I dreamt: I was standing in my room. Someone came and stood in front of me. He was having like Lord Shiva with twisted long hair on his head, wearing tiger skin and a trisul (three pointed spear generally carried by Hindu saints). He was tall and strongly built body. With hurry he told me, ‘Don’t get late, lie down.’ Looking at him I did so. Bending his body he touched my chest with his right hand. At once I felt that I was floating in the space. He was holding my hand tightly and I continued floating. Reaching a place I couldn’t see him. It was void all around. In one place I noticed that in a place a man was writing something on a desk sitting on the floor. I came to know that his name was Chitragupta (According to Hindu mythology Chitragupta was the clerk of Jamaraj, god of death and his duty was to note down the activities of human being in his life time for judgment by Jamraj).  There were lots of huge and thick note books and he was writing on these.

I stood behind him and then asked him, ‘who was that person who brought me here’? Chitragupta said, ‘He was Jama’. I said, ‘I have come here long time ago. I wish to go back to my home to see what my family members are doing in my absence. He said, ‘then don’t delay, come back soon.  Otherwise Jama will be angry if you are late.’ I said, ‘No, no, I just go and come back soon.’ Then I jumped down in the space and reached home. I was rooming but none could see my body. Nearing our drawing room I saw that discussions were going on about my death ritualism. Still then my dead body was not taken away, though I was not visualizing it. Among the gathering was my second uncle (Sushil Banerjee), my elder brother Narasingha, two gentlemen residing in front of our house, Pareshnath and Madhusudan.

I saw that problem arose for carrying my dead body. My second said, ‘Two men are sufficient to carry a dead body.’ My brother said with grief, ‘will that do? Can two young boys carry a dead body’? Standing in front of them I was listening to their conversation. At that time that my elder brother (Dr. Dinabandhu Banerjee) went out for his medical practice. I felt bad, thinking that when a man lives, he is treated in one way and when he dies he is treated in another way. His body becomes a problem the, with an attitude how to get rid of it. A sense of hatred came in my mind. I left that place. I was feeling bad for my mother. I wanted to see her, and so came to the Kitchen. I saw that my mother was cleaning the floor with broom and saying with tears and grief, ‘I knew what type of boy he was.’ I couldn’t stand that and thought that I could do nothing for her and show myself. So I again left home and came back to my old place through space. I was walking in a lonely place with great grief.

When I woke up, it was 2-00 A.M. Even after waking up, the scene was echoing in my mind and shamed the human being seeing their selfishness and more to those whom I used to think to be my own kith and kin. I said to myself, ‘No body is kith and kin to anybody. Then drinking a glass of water I went on sleeping.

Again I had a dream: This time I saw that my father (Dasarathi Banerjee) expired and I was crying, shedding so much tears that my pillow got wet. It was dawn and I was lying in trance. I saw only the face of Sri Ramkrishna. He said, ‘Just now you were saying that nobody is Kith and Kin to anybody, so why are you crying for your father? This is called maya (illusion).’

When I woke up, it seemed very strange to me. The whole day went on thinking what I saw and why? After a day I informed my mother about my dream. After two to four days I heard that my father gave instruction to inform Jibankrishna about my dream. But I hesitated and informed my mother about my annoyance against my father, ‘why did he inform Jibankrishna about my dream? I can’t tell him about my dream in front of so many people.’

My father said later on, ‘you need not tell him your dream. I have already told him. But he wanted to see you once and you may go any other time to avoid the gathering. You can do another thing. I have kept our cooking utensil with his cousin brother Manik. So you can go there to bring it and at that time you can meet him and you may have some conversations with him.

Next day it was Sunday. At about 9-10 A.M I approached to JIbankrishna’s room. My heart beat increased and suppressing my shyness I entered into his room. The door was open and there was none inside the room except Jibankrishna who was seated on his cot. The distance between the door and his cot was not much. It was about feet. Just entering the room I stretched my hand to his feet to pay my regard. But before that he caught hold my hand and made me sit on his cot.

The first address was, ‘Come my boy, come my boy. What’s the news my boy?

I said, ‘I have come to take the utensil.’

He called his nephew, ‘Hey little Jethu(Young uncle), bring the utensils of Dasubabu. They have sent the boy to take it.’

Then addressing me he said, ‘My boy, you have taken trouble to take it. They could have given to your house.’ ‘Oh! Nothing trouble and I met you also, I said. ‘Well, my boy!’ He said and sat silently for a while.

Then opened his mouth, ‘I won’t lead a family life,’ is it possible for all? Then how the world will run? Saying this he fell in Samadhi. Next moment became quite normal. With great astonishment I went on observing it.

I though, during my, entry I could not bow down to him by touching his feet, but during my departure I must do it, and I did so. After getting down from the cot I touched his feet suddenly, and when I approached towards the door, he heard his sweet voice, ‘Hey, listen once and come inside’! As soon as you touched – my feet, just see what you have done to me’!

Hearing this my heart beat accelerated to a great extent and thought what a great mistake I have done and felt repentant. But stretching his feet on the cot and showing his bare legs he told me, ‘Just see the goose-bump on my legs! Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) used to say that do you know why I love the young ones? They are pure milk. After boiling a bit they can be offered to god.’ With a great surprise I noticed that each hair of his legs gets erected with great ecstasy.

Then he said, ‘Every Saturday and Sunday from 3-4 P.M the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna is read here. Today also there will be reading. Come in the afternoon. Some more young boys like you use to come here.’ So, accordingly I went to Jibankrishna in the afternoon. ‘Just see the fun, both father and son has gathered here’! He exclaimed to everybody present in the room. I saw that my father was also seated on his cot.

My next dream: on the floor of the middle room of our two-storied building arrangement was made on a white cloth for reading the Gospel. In the midst a small desk covered with white cloth was placed for keeping the book and Jibankrishna was reading the Gospel. Here the dream was off.

Henceforth my heavenly life started in spite of all worldly hazards.

1,Kali Banerjee Lane, Howrah.


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from Bengali magazine ‘Manik’ published from Bolpur Reading Center)

Seeing Diamond in dreams before knowing anything about him

Darpanarayan Pal, a resident of Jibankrishna Palli of Sriniketan, Birbhum district (West Bengal, India) has narrated his experience thus :

I have seen Diamond many times in dreams before hearing his name. Even once in reality I saw him when I was walking alone in Uluberia of Howrah district. That time I saw a gentleman with a luminous body appearing before me and then he disappeared. Later on I recognized him to be Diamond.

However, whenever I had any question in my mind Diamond solved it in my dream. Once I asked him, ‘Well, why have you chosen dream as your medium’? He said, ‘I have searched everything, but I have not got any better medium than this. A man dreams through his inner eye. By seeing dreams repeatedly, a man’s mind becomes automatically introvert.

One day in November, 1985, in the last function at Jiten Chatterjee’s residence (Jiten was a regular companion of Diamond and settled at Sriniketan), I had a strange vision in reality. While I was going start reading the hand written magazine ‘Manik’, suddenly I had a vision in front of my eyes. I saw that Diamond, wearing winter dresses was coming down from an ice mountain. When he came near me, I asked him, ‘Oh, you are here?’ He said, ‘yes. As you are calling me, I couldn’t but come to you.’ Then giving his blessings to all of us he said, ‘Now let me go.’ And he went away.

I have marked one thing. Whenever I hear something about Diamond, I see dreams. But it does not happen with other religious teachers.

Once I asked Snehamay (the main reader of Charupalli reading centre), ‘Well where lies the difference between Diamond and other religious teachers’? Snehamay kept silent for a moment and when he was going to answer, I told him, “you need not answer as I have got it from Diamond. He appeared before me and answered the question through a vision. I saw that he was standing on the peak of an in accessible mountain peak. He was holding a bunch of roap, scattered here and there. Each of us was holding one end of each rope. We are standing two-three steps above the ground level. With a strong hand he was dragging us all on the top. I understood that he has the capacity of dragging our spiritual power to a higher level.”

Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘Love is like a rope.’ Diamond, through love for us can lead us to a higher spiritual sphere and this happens without exerting any effort.



Volume -17, August, 2012

Repetition and narration of previous dream


9)      Grace of Adyasakti or Holy Mother – indication of new realizations 

16th May, 1980, Friday :

Early morning dream: I first saw my nephew Sanjay of 12 years old, then saw a baby. Suddenly my mother came there and tearing the upper left side of the baby took out a nerve from inside. Then I noticed that the nerve was Knuckled in different places. The baby was crying and I forcibly held him tight. Mother rearranged the knots very quickly, placed the nerves in proper places and stitched the read. As soon as I woke up I felt as if my own head was operated.

Here the dream clearly indicates that the Holy Mother by her grace prepared the body of the seer by removing all the defects for new and advanced austerity of the seer in future. This is also linked up with the previous dream.

10)    Revelation of previous dream and indication of other’s spiritual condition

19th May, 1980, Monday, Place : Ghatshila.

Early morning dream : I saw again the same body as seen in my dream on 16.05.1980. I was patting him and trying to trace where the operation was done.

The scene changed. I was telling one of the senior companions of Diamond, Indranath Mukherjee, ‘The mental condition does not stick to one point, it always fluctuates and this is the reason that you have so many anomalies in your editing (for publication of ‘Manikya’). But you know that as soon as Jibankrishna (Diamond)is seen within oneself, yogas always persist and continue to flow within the body, though it cannot felt. After this conversation I saw other devotees e.g., Baren Mitra, Ramchandra Das etc. and then the dream went off.

The first scene indicates the confirmation of the effect in reality about the dream seen on 6.05.1980. The scene revealed the reality as was happening in recent days.

 11)    Indication of manifestation of Diamond’s forecast within the seer and repetition of previous dreams

6th August, 1980, Wednesday.

Early morning dream : In the first scene I saw in a room some devotees Mukunda, Himangshu Das and 2-3 other devotees were seated. Conversations were going on with them. But Mukunda could not conceive anything. Once I said, see Jibankrishna (Diamond) said, ‘In my lifetime I have stretched in your sahashrar (cerebrum on me, but after my demise your sahsrar will stretch your mind within you’ In reality, the previous day when copying a diary for ‘Manikya’ magazine, I found this sayings of Jibankrishna. In addition, Jibankrishna continued to say, ‘But it will not be applicable to all. It will depend on the quantity of the enfoldment of God-the-Preceptor’s activities within the body of a seer.’

When I was saying all these to Mukunda, he was showing a sense of ignoring. So being a bit annoyed I said something to him which I could not recapitulate later on.

After this dream when I was about to wake up, I saw myself crying like a child thinking that, Oh! The human beings of earth are still being suffered and oppressed in how many ways, what would happen to them? I was crying as if my heart was broken with pain and at this situation I woke up, though there was no tear in my eyes.

The first scene indicates the fact that the forecast of the Holy Ghost may be unfolded in the life of the seer in future. The second scene indicates a future of the world when human beings in large number may see Jibankrishna within them and find the real peace. It is because a good thinking in one’s mind reveals in the whole humanity.

This dream was corroborated by a dream of the seer seen on 10.09.1979 where Jibankrishna was shedding tears in the midst of war field for the sake of mankind and almost same dreams were experienced by the seer seen on May, 1978 and 27.12.78 where the seer was crying for the sake of mankind. The effects of the dreams may be revealed in future.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -17, August, 2012


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

56).      “There, he is come again”!

Thakur said  and  laughed  aloud .

A true devotee is a joy for ever to God, is a devotee is the accommodation for God’s supreme and highest manifestation . “God’s manifestation  takes place in the highest degree in a man :  –  ShriRamkrishna .

57)       “The Peacock felt the need of intoxication of the opium ;  So it came back in usual time to get a dose of the drug”.

It is the force of habit as displayed in the body . It is understood and easily felt when a devotee gets himself well matured in meditation . There is a time fixed by every devotee for meditation. Meditation comes over the devotee in that time spontaneously. The intoxication of the opium—in the inner urge for meditation as felt.

58)     “He (Thakur) is speaking out the facts. At home I think of him continually—when I shall see again when I shall see him continually—when I shall see him again, when I shall see him  again ! Some unseen force draws me up here . I cannot go elsewhere through I may think otherwise ‘ But I have got to come here”.

The magnet is attracting a piece of iron and the piece of iron is sure to come. It is attraction, and this attraction is felt only by those from whose body God will emanate. It is nothing to them from whose body there will be no emanation of God. The thought and longing to see Thakur are making the mind holy and pure. So there is a mental transformation giving birth to purity.

59)     “He is but a bit advanced is age, So he is so grave”:

The age of Shri M (the author of the Gospel of Shri Ramkrishna) was 27 years at the time. He is spoken of as advanced in age by Thakur . Why so ? God does not emanate in full measure in a man of advanced age.

Thakur saw God in his body at the age of eleven. God-the-Preceptor appears in the body between the age of twelve and thirteen and then there will be a full emanation of God. The word ‘grave’ signifies that there will not be a complete manifestation.

60)     “The  youngsters  are  bursting  out with joy”.

The joy of these young people is more in comparison with Shri M. This ‘more joy’ indicates  that there will be a larger emanation of God in the body .

61)     “Just think of  Hanumana’s  disposition in life . He did not want money, honor, fame.

Creature—comforts or anything else; but he longed for God . While he was fleeing with the infallible weapon kept hidden in the crystal pillar, Mandodari (Wife of Ravana, the king  of Lanka) tried to tempt him with lovely fruits”.

Hanumana—represents a devotee.

Crystal pillar—is the fourth sheath or the sixth plane where God with human form made of God’s light is first seen. This God with form is changed into Atma—the first condition of God without any form in the seventh plane or in the cerebrum . It is called emanation of God from the body and full measure . This condition of God is the infallible weapon to kill the ego-Ravana. It is the complete separation of God and body.

Mandodari, the wife of Ravana,–is Mahamaya who keeps man in bondage and makes him forgetful of real self.

Fruit—represents temptations and allurements of the world.



Volume – 17, August, 2012


The meaning of hidden austerity

March, 1958.

Whatever austerities are manifested within you, I don’t know anything about it. I have understood the meaning of hidden austerities after so many years. Whatever realizations you are experiencing you can understand yourselves. It is same with me also, so to each it is hidden. For this reason this is called hidden sportive forms of God. In universalism nothing is required to be said to anybody. They themselves can understand, I have not surprised you by any means. And nothing I have kept unexposed. So long you do not get anything within you, I do not say, ‘you have to do this thing, that thing.’

In Pantheism it is mentioned – one is all and all is one. Further to say that ‘A normal life is universal and a perfect life is to realize oneself in all’ – you can understand it now!

We have got a concrete picture of human being – In a living human being God is manifested. And we are one in that point. But I don’t want to keep any separate entity in this ‘one’, because it also produces egoism. So ‘All is all’ is established now. I am an ordinary man, I am a very simple man. I have told everybody that ‘A moral life is universal’- ‘one’ does not exist. Then ‘All is All’. In realization there is no imagination. This is established here.


The worldly life is controlled by spiritual life

March, 1958.

This worldly life will become perfect with the advancement of divinity. Here one is transformed into another. Because, from animal passion to divinity – such is the transformation. Though it will happen in due course of time.  And you see my life – a normal life is universal and a perfect life is to realize oneself in all. Three days before I got an oracle, ‘You are in perfectness’.


Past and future are merged in present

March, 1958.

In life time nothing can be said what will happen after death. God keeps that in quite darkness. The present is true. In time annihilation it can be realized that the present exists only. Everything of the past is in the present in finer forms. The present is already there. Again the future happenings can be seen in present. Then everything is in ‘present’.



Diamond donated himself among humanities

March, 1958.

Sri Ramkrishna used to say, donation of ‘self knowledge’ is superior than those of worldly materials and traditional knowledge. What I have donated? I have donated my own self to humanities. I don’t know anything that you see me within you unless you let me know. It means you have become converted into me. Is there any self interest that I have given away my everything to you? No! It is for self enjoyment being from within you. And, this is an ideology that I am negating everything which has produced an effect in me. That is the manifestation of my form within you as ‘Bibhu’. It means the supreme self.