Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-18, August, 2012

Brahma remains active even in inert state

which is established in Diamond’s life


Upanishad is mentioning, ‘Who is Brahma or Supreme Being, he never goes anywhere to make propaganda that He is Brahma’. But nowhere its proof is mentioned. Can you give its proof? To see my form within you is its proof. The best proof is, who, without seeing, hearing or knowing about me’ has seen my form within them. When a man is transformed into Supreme Being, he need not say, ‘I have seen God’. The human race will say, ‘Thou art woman, thou art man; Thou art the youth and the maiden too; Thou as an old man tottering with a staff, Being born, Thou becomest facing in every direction’ (Svetasvetara Upanishad 4.3).


Visualization of the Universal man by the Vedic

Rishis is proofless but in Diamond it is with proof


It is true that Vedic Rishis visualized the universal man within them but as they did not get him outside, ‘Sankhya’ has remarked God as without proof (Iswarasiddheh pramanavat). But here you see! I exist in both outside and inside you. And among you some are Hindus, some are Christians, some are Muslims and many other religions. Now you have understood that if anybody wants a proof on the basis of their versions, this will come upon us.

[This has reference in Chandyogya Upanishad about Universal man as such: Universal man – who exists in varieties of human beings in his own form. An he exists in the form of earth, water, fire, wind and sky.]


Vedic Rishis could not mention the realizations of five sheaths or seven planes which were manifested in Jibankrishna or Diamond


It is unfathomable how much infinite attributes and power a human body bears. See, this austerity of the five sheaths have been manifested within my body step by step, Vedas have mentioned only about five sheaths or seven steps but they couldn’t say about the realizations of every sheath or plane. Why? Because their bodies did not permit.

This visualization of Atma or Soul – I had it within this body: The universe within Atma, the universe becomes seed those occurred within this body. The seed becomes dream; Then the dream vanishes -–all these happened in my body. Then seeing my form within your body – so long I have been hearing from your mouth. Now for several months I have started seeing you within me. How many more attributes this human body bears cannot be conceived. Now one question you can raise – whether those attributes belong to this physical body or the divine consciousness of this body? But listen, you cannot discard this physical body, as because without this physical the consciousness cannot exist and be seen. So it won’t do that you will consider only consciousness. The carnal, pulp, seed, every- thing should be considered. Now my body is a human body. When you see my form, do you see my consciousness? My whole body is divine consciousness and that one you see within you. But is it the end? No there are more. Even if you judge it for unlimited years, you cannot fathom it. There is another explanation – Each and every human being has got his own attributes, but all are merging into one attribute – He is one – ‘Sah Ekah’ (Veda). So there is no end of it.



Volume – 18, August, 2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)


My first visit to Jibankrishna (Diamond)

Hrishikesh Dutta

That was about the month of April,1952. One afternoon, it was a holiday, after waking up from bed early in the morning I was washing my mouth by the tube well water in front of our house. At that time I saw that my friend Staya (Satya Charan Ghosh) was passing. He was the elder brother of Srikanta Ghosh. I asked him, ‘where are you going? Let us go and listen to the reading of religious book at the nearly Ashrama.’ He said, ‘No brother! Where I am going, from there everywhere it seems dull to me. Nothing can be compared with that.’ So he went away, but his words echoed in my mind. After a few days, on one Saturday again I saw that Satya was passing by that road. I became curious and told him, ‘Let me go with you to-day.’

That was my meeting with Jibankrishna. Entering into the room I saw that he was seated on his cot. On the floor were seated many people. It was slightly cold inside the room. After bowing down Satya sat on the floor. I did the same thing. A book was read at the time. Later on I came to know that it was the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

When the reading was finished when everyone was returning home after bowing down to him, I also bowed to him touching his legs and stood in front of him. With a smiling face he said, ‘Come again.’ Henceforth almost every day I use to go. Whenever I used to go to him, he asked me, ‘Well Sir, have you seen any dreams’? And by nodding my neck I used to answer, ‘No, nothing I had seen.’ Then after ten-twelve days I had a dram, but I thought it to be such insignificant as not to be mentioned to anybody. But he insisted me to tell him. Ultimately I described my dream – As if I had gone to a market. In spite of various vegetable stalls I went directly to the fish stall. I saw in a seller’s stall that he had some dead fishes on a platform and cheap. Underneath there were some living fishes in a tumbler full of water and they ere a bit costly. However I purchased a big fish kept on the platform and returned home, and my dream was off.

Hearing this dream Jibankrishna said, ‘Hey Sir, you have a nice dream! God took the form of fish (According to Hindu mythology) and you have seen both dead and living fishes’! Now listen to the reading of Gospel.’

A few days passed and then again I dreamt. I saw that I had gone to him at Kadamtala. As soon as I went to his residence he called me, ‘Come! Come beside me’! As per his instruction I sat beside him on his cot without any shyness. During that time Dhiren Ghosh was reading the Gospel. Here my dream was off.

When I narrated this dream to him, he told me, ‘Oh, you have saved me. Now I have become tensionless.’ I told him smiling, ‘How did I make you tensionless’? He told, ‘The Vedic Rishis (Sages) termed it as the Physical Cult. With aging it does not manifest in a human body. You have become aged and have so many sons, so I thought whether you would have realizations. However all my worries have been removed by Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). It is not a matter of joke that at such an age, you have seen such dream.’

This was my first dream about Jibankrishna. Thereafter I experienced plenty of divine dreams. I was then 54.


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Debswapner Kahini’)



This was the narration of Mrs. Anima Chatterjee of Howrah, West Bengal, India.

I met Prabal Dutta, son of Patit Paban Dutta, a regular companion of Diamond  in his life time. After a few conversations on Diamond he gave some books ‘Beyond Upanished’, ‘He Mahajiban’ and some old issues of the magazine ‘Manikya’ about Diamond. For a few days I read these books and suddenly one day, I saw a dream, though I couldn’t remember the date or year. I saw in my dream, ‘a photo of Diamond was hanging against the south facing wall of my bed room with a sentence written beneath the photo, ‘Man is the Eternal Truth’. Then suddenly I saw his another photo in a posture of meditation came out of the existing photo and got fixed against the north facing wall opposite to my feet. Immediately after that I saw Swami Vivekananda with a turban and a red ochre cloth standing on the floor. He then patted me from foot to head and went away. I also followed him. But reaching to our electric meter room he disappeared. At that moment while standing near the meter room. I saw Diamond placing his right hand on my head and here my dream went off. Thus I got Diamond as my God-the-Preceptor and series of divine dreams began to appear within me gradually”.





This incident happened one day in the year 1975 at Howrah Town. Prafulla Das a resident of Howrah Town (West Bengal, India) had frequent conversations with one of his friend on Diamond. One day while he was going to one devotee’s house for reading ‘Religion and Realization’ etc. he met his friend on the road. He said to Prafulla, ‘you know, I met Diamond on my way coming here. Prafulla got surprised and asked, ‘what are you saying’! He said, ‘yes, I had a long conversation with him. He was holding a can in his hand and he more Dhoti and Punjabi (Bengali National dress).

Prafulla told him, ‘I never told you that he expired in 1967’. He became speechless and kept looking at Prafulla with mere astonishment.

This incident is beyond any explanation that the friend of Prafulla saw Diamond inflesh and blood after his demise 43 year back.


In the year 1975,   Patit Paban Dutta shifted to their newly built house from Salkia to Shibpur at Howrah. The house was not yet completed. Some portions were under construction one day one of the masson told Patit, ‘you know, to-day one gentleman came here. After surveying everything he told that the house was constructed nicely’. Patit ignored it. But after 3-4 days he thought something and decided that he would show Diamond’s photo to the mason and asked, ‘is this the gentleman who came to you’? He at once said, ‘yes, yes, he was the man who came to me that day’.  Patit told him nothing but thought that the mason got the grace of God without his knowledge [Diamond expired in 1967].



Volume -18, August, 2012


12)    The materialization of a very old dream of a devotee in the seer’s body

 15th January, 1998, Thursday.

Early morning dream: I had a dream; Along with Diamond, and many other companions was seated in a place chatting with each other. Diamond was enjoying this. At that moment a devotee, Arun Ghosh was saying very harshly to another devotee Dhiren Mondal which was not liked Diamond and he was feeling annoyed.

After a while I noticed that Diamond had a razor in his hand but of peculiar shape just like the razor used by a barber. It seemed he was holding it for his own saving. Seeing this I took it from his hand and began to save him. Holding his face by hand I went on saving his chin and he was also giving instructions to me where and how to save. I was taking a great caution as Diamond used to keep French cut beard. So I saved his beard with great care.

As soon as the dream went off, instantly a word ‘Govardhan Paramanik’ flashed in my brain and then there a dream of an old devotee Srikanta Ghosh seen some thirty years back flashed in my mind. The dream was thus : He was dreaming that Jibankrishna (Diamond) was telling him that he had given all his monthly pension to Govardhan Paramanik before hand. Hearing this dream from Srikanta Ghosh Jibankrishna said to him, ‘you will remember this dream’ and at the same time told other devotees to write it down and said, ‘Afterwards you will understand what is the meaning of this dream.’

However, I thought that my surname is Pramanik, not Paramanik and at last he was given the surname ‘Paramanik’ which denotes barbers by cast. The dream, however, remained mystery to me with a faint meaning like this : All the attributes and realizations of Jibankrishna will be poured upon me in the long run. This is also being corroborated by many of my previous dreams.

13)    Giving detailed description of the previous dream to the Holy Ghost

 7th February, 1998, Saturday.

Early morning dream : Accompanied by Dhiren Mondal I was approaching to Diamond’s residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Kandamtala, Howrah. I was carrying an umbrella and a single Lawn Mower. I told brother Dhiren, ‘Jibankrishna (Diamond) is now staying here, let us go to him. But let us keep this machine somewhere here.’ Brother Dhiren said, ‘give it to me, I shall keep it properly.’

Then we entered into Diamond’s room. It was morning then, I thought that after coming back from him I would go to my own residence and will have supper.

Brother Dhiren and I was having a Chit Chat with Diamond though very casually. He sometimes was lying on mat on the floor, sometimes having Chit Chat with us.

It was noticed that Diamond’s living room remained the same as it used to be in reality, though many new rooms had been constructed surrounding his room.

Time was passing this way. I forget about my meal. Suddenly me sleep went off due to urinary pressure. I saw it was 5-50 A.M. After coming back from the bathroom I again went to sleep. Other days I used to have no sleep, but strangely I went to a deep sleep and reached the same place of the pervious dream. But now I noticed that I had become alone with Diamond and it was now noon time (later on I realized that the dream was in action within my brain even after I woke up). I felt so intimacy with Diamond and as if I was looking after him.

I saw that dust had accumulated on the floor as if Diamond had returned after a long gap. His luggage was dumped under the cot. I took a broom and began to clean the floor. Meanwhile one old worker of our house came and cleaned the floor with the broom.

Diamond sometimes was sitting on the cot and sometimes on the floor. At this moment I told him, ‘should I tell you some of my recent dreams’? Diamond had been lying so long, now he got up and said, ‘Say’.

I started, ‘you know, let me first tell you a dream seen recently (seen on 15.01.1998). I was seeing that along with you and other devotees I was seated in a room. Conversations were going on amongst us. Then I saw a razor in your hand, looking like  double edged razor with a shape like ‘I’ instead of ‘T’, as is used by Barbers. It seemed that you would save your beard. So I took that razor from your hand and said, let me save you. Saying this I held your chin and began to save with great care. You were also giving me instruction how to save because you used to keep French cut bear.’

Hearing this Diamond began to laugh. Then I continued narrating ‘After saving being completed, my sleep went off and a recitation came out of my mouth ‘Gobardhan Paramanik’, ‘Gobardhan Paramanik’. Diamond kept for a moment silent and then said, only ‘it showed the right thing.’

But again I went on saying, ‘this dream was seen by Srikanta Ghosh long time ago. He saw that you were telling him, ‘I have given all my monthly pension to Gobardhan Paramanik long time ago’ and you told Srikanta Babu, ‘Srikanta Babu, you will remember this dream’ and told others, ‘you should note down this dream. ‘Oh, this thing is seen in this way’!

Completing this narration I told him, ‘But we are Pramanik, not Paramanik’. He did not answer anything on this but asked me, ‘Were you present that day’? I said, ‘I have got it in the diary ‘Ritam Badisyami. But how could I remember that incident? I was then very young.’ He did not say anything. (In reality it happened like this).

I was then thinking that now I should tell him the realization experienced at the residence of Souren Bhattacharjee at Barasat on 18.10.1997 where I visualized in trance the heavy rains of honey which flooded everything. But at this moment I saw that my youngest uncle (Motilal), an ex-Army Doctor stood on the floor and read a paper which seemed to be a medical report of Diamond.

It seemed to me at that moment that the original room of Diamond remained unchanged, but the surrounding rooms did belong to me and not to Manik Bose, Cousin brother of Diamond.

In the meantime a tall man entered into the room but I could not recognize him. It seemed that he had also come to meet after hearing the news of his coming. I was then arranging to lay the mat on the floor. At this moment I saw that my next brother’s wife came into the room and sat on the cot to feed her son. Diamond was at that time undergoing meditation sitting on the cot facing the entrance door in between his room and the main house. Seeing this scene being worried I told my brother’s wife, ‘what are you doing, what are you doing! Go just now to another room’! Saying this I pushed her out, but saw that another unknown woman sat on the cot. I told her also to get down. She also hurriedly got down. I felt relief seeing that Diamond could not see anything.

Due to all these incidents I could not narrate any more my other dreams and is dream went off. It was then 6-40 A.M.

The dream indicated many things :

1) The brain capacity of the seer has become so powerful that he could narrate very specifically and elaborately his previous dreams in a correct manner.

2) The seer had confusion about his previous dream. This was confirmed by God-the-Preceptor saying that the dream showed the right thing.

3) Extension of room surrounding Diamond’s room means that many cells have grown up within the seer for more new realizations as these rooms belong to him. The effect, however, will be judged in future.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -16, July, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

62)     “But  nothing  could tempt  Hanumana  to forget  his  great  mission”.

Hanumana could not be tempted as he was all along protected by God-the-Preceptor from within.

63)    “As his  picture  is seen  the  photograph “.

In a photo of Thakur, he is seen in a sitting posture with half-closed eyes and motionless body . It means Jara Samadhi . The life power is collected and transformed to a point and the point is that of Euclid’s point.

64)        “ Every  lover  comes  very  often  to  his  sweetness  at  the

commencement  of  love  for  tasting  its  sweetness”.

In the fourth sheath a man gets the taste of sweetness of God’s manifestation in the body Karanananda . It is so much so joyful that he longs to have more and more of it without any break till he loses himself in it . In the long run it turns out to be so as the ego-consciousness loses itself and changes into Eternal Bliss (Satchidananda).

65)          “A  Peasant  goes  to  market  to  buy  bullocks”.

A preceptor is out to select a disciple .

Present—is Preceptor and bullock—represents disciples .

66)          “The peasant  makes  distinction  between  bullock

with  mettle  and  a  meek  one”.

Bullock with mettle—is one whose life-power will awake with full force.

Meek one—is one in whom there will be no response of life-power.

67)          “The peasant selects  the  bullock which being touched

at the tail frisks about and shows spirit”.

This spirited bullock is a big receptacle and as such life-power may awake there in full-fledged form and God’s sportive forms will get their display in a better way .

68)          “How  do  you  regard  me  ?”

This is God’s grace to a devotee. God is kindling the power of light in the devotee so that he may know Avatar in the form of God-the-preceptor in him. This is a kind of transferring power (Shakti) by words and this will help to get the sleeping consciousness awakened in the body . But this form of transferring power by words is possible only in case of Thakur.



Volume – 18, August, 2012

Jibankrishna (Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings 


Every man is God but there should be manifestation within a human being

19th April, 1958.

Every human being has the birth right to become God, though it should be manifested. To see God means to become God – A man is converted into God, though his manifestation varies according to necessities in different eras. Just see here, what a wonderful phenomenon has been created by God! I am a living human being and a very simple man, spent my livelihood by service. And see, how many divine realizations are occurring among countless people encircling me! Of course I have also experienced numerous individualistic realizations.

All are basic things. Then we can conclude that a human being can be transformed into God.

Oh! For this reason we have  realized the comments of Rishi Uddalak (in Upanishad) while saying to his son Svetoketo  ‘Thou art Svetoketo’. A man is God. Though some may say, ‘where is the omnipotency’? No doubt God is omnipotent. Time is infinite. So there will be infinite phenomena, because God’s sportive forms are infinite. It should be realized like this – it will manifest according to necessity.


When a man attains Godhood innumerable people will see him within themselves.

19th April, 1958.

When a man sees deities or Prophets within themselves, it carried little sense, because it seems as if there are different Gods. But that won’t do. A man is transformed into God. And thousands and thousands of people irrespective of religions, ages and sexes will see him within themselves and then gain the true Religion. He will then understand what is true religion. It should be definite and then only the man will understand clearly what you are experiencing here, that is the Truth. Oh! Man is Brahma and the proof is borne by myriads of people. See I also used to discard these things beforehand. But for a long period when I experienced such wonderful phenomenon, I began to realize all these.


The whole universe is within this human body

19th April, 1958.

Where is this Universe? This is also within you.  At the time of birth the child reflects the world and lives within it. This reflection is spontaneous and for this reason the man cannot realize it.

In Vedas it is mentioned like this : The spider ejects the net from saliva from its body and lives within it. Though it is one-sided comparison. Through realization it can be realized. Beforehand I used to think that such big universe is within me! But actually it is so. After visualization of ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’, when the seer gets the experience of visualizing the universe within ‘Atman’, then only it can be understood. Then what happens? This universe is transformed into seed form, seed is merged into dream and ultimately the dream vanishes.


Manifestation of Universal Religion in Diamond’s era – but there is no end of it

21st April, 1958.

Well, you have got means your God-the-Preceptor. Now come on, even if the whole human race see me within them like you, it will not serve the purpose. Even after this there may be innumerable phenomena. Everything happens by the wish of God, it means these happen automatically.

I have to eat every day. How people do understand if I am called Universal man? But see, here this phenomenon has manifested.

We shall only consider human beings, not the animals, trees and other creatures. Because they are not coming here to say, ‘Sir, we have seen within ourselves’. But listen, to every creature this earth exists according to their own necessities. See, how tough is my brain! I am talking only about human being!