Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-21, October, 2012

The form of Diamond is the first in the world to become converted into Soul (Atman) – His form is eternal


So long all the previous religious books even the Upanishads, all of their sayings were based on a hypothesis. But in my case, it is confined with me only – i.e., at the age of 12 years 4 months I saw Sri Ramkrishna in dream within my body. Am I a hypothesis? Ney, a living human being why I am uttering the word ‘living’? Because it is in relation to a man. Man sees and man says. And what they mentioned, that is a hypothesis – why? Because the proof was not manifested in the past within the human body and none witnessed it.

Another important issue is that, as because it was a hypothesis, so there are so many opinions. Truth – that is one, so why variations will come? There is no alternative for Truth. When Hindus see me in dreams, they are not saying that they have seen Shiva, Rama, Krishna, when Muslims see me they are not saying that they have seen Allah, when Christians see me, they are not saying that they have seen God. On the contrary they are saying that they see Jibankrishna – a living man. I am the eternal. Till now no living human being has become converted into Soul. For this reason Swami Vivekananda could say, ‘All religions of the world are but hypothesis’.

This has reference in Katho Upanishad saying thus (18): This knower is not born nor does he die. Nor from anywhere has he become anything. Unborn Enduring, Everlasting and Primordial, he is not killed in the killing of the body.


Diamond  in the sun and Brahma are the same

On 28.12.1960 Diamond said:

Isha Upanishad is mentioning, ‘Oh the Purusha (person) in the sun, check your rays let me see you. I am not praying to you, this is my birth right’. But Chandyogya Upanishad criticizing Isha is saying, ‘That person is in your eyes not in the outside sun’. And the writer of the scripture made comments, ‘Wherever the eyes cast, Lord Krishna is seen’. Even Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna), wherever he cast his eyes he was seeing the divine consciousness. But he could not understand that this consciousness was his causal body and he was seeing in his trance, otherwise he would have mentioned it.

But now what you have established? That Purusha is in the sun and that form is mine. Both the persons in the sun and Hiranmay Kosha are the same. It is not the outside sun and no person lives there. This sun means – the power of this human body – Life. The form of the life power of the whole human race is my form.

[Taittiriya Upanishad has mentioned thus:

Both he who is here in a person and he who is yonder in the sun – he is one.(2.8)]

Upanishad’s ‘He is the supreme one’ has been revealed and proved in Diamond

On 10.1.1961 Diamond said –

See, thousands of years ago Vedic Rishis(Sages) said, ‘Atman or soul can be seen’. It means the visualization of Atman. Then thousands and thousands of years rolled by, we can see now in Sri Ramkrishna – He has said, ‘I have seen God’. It is undoubtedly the most wonderful assertion. But you know what has happened? This is incomplete. ‘I have seen God’ – does not carry any sense. On the contrary, it should be ‘I have become transformed into God’. And even this will not solve anything with such comment uttered from my mouth and what is the proof? Oh! Rishis said, ‘I am Brahma’. Though they uttered this sound, yet they could not prove it and for that reason the first stanza of ‘Brahmasutra’ comments. ‘Question is who is Brahma’?

However, now you say what is the proof that I have become God! First say where is that God. What Vedas say? ‘He is within myriads of people. He is within the body of every human being. So if anybody is transformed into God, his image will be seen within the bodies of innumerable people, in meditation, trances dreams and even in reality. We can get this support in Chandogya Upanishad when they say, the serene on (Samprasada), when he rises up from this body and the reaches the highest light, appears with his own form. Such a one is the supreme person (Uttama Purusha). There such a one goes around laughing, sporting, having enjoyment with woman or chariots or friends, not remembering the appendage of this body. As a draft-animal is yoked in a wagon, even so this spirit (Prana or Life) is yoked in this body. [8.11.2]

But we have got these words only. Its proof lies now in your life, your realizations though I cannot get the proof unless you come and say, ‘we have seen you in dreams’. Did you get these proofs from my side? No! on the contrary, when you began to see me in earlier days, I drove you out saying that these were your hallucinations. Then gradually I realized and you gave me the proof that ‘You and I are one’.

Yes, a man is transformed into God and its proof is borne by man. There is no God anywhere, He is inMan.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 21, October, 2012

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Bankim Chakravarty

It was the month of March, 1953, Saturday. The headmaster of Howrah Belilious School Mr. Anil Bhusan Banerjee told me, ‘Mr. Chakravarty, will you go to a place to listen to Kirtan (devotional song on Lord Krishna)? It is very good song, a singer from Calcutta will come.’

When I asked him about the place, he told me all the details about time and place.

So accordingly at about 7 p.m., I went to that place. It was Kedar Deuti Lane, Kadamtala, Howrah. I saw the room was full packed with listeners. ‘Ramnam’ (Devotional song on Lord Rama) was going on. On the cot a gentleman was seated in meditation.

Somehow entering into the room I bowed to him and sat within the crowed.

At about 9 p.m. the song was finished and with a long sign the gentleman opened his eyes.

All the listeners left the room gradually after bowing down to him, and so did I, but my mind was full of great excitement and ecstasy.

Next day at about 4 p.m. I went there and saw that Sachin De, who was familiar to me was seated, along with some other fellows. Among them one gentleman was holding a thick book. He was seated just below the photo of Sri Ramkrishna hanging on the wall. On the cot was seated the gentleman who was Jibankrishna.

Sachin told me smilingly, ‘Oh Sir, Come! Come!’

Jibankrishna – Sachin, do you know him?

Sachin – Yes Sir, he is my teacher in Belilious School.

I studied under his teaching.

Jiten Banerjee (addressing me) – oh Sir, how are you?

Jibankrishna (addressing Jiten) – Oh Mr. Banerjee you also know him!

Jiten – Yes sir, my sons are his students.

With a great regard I approached towards him to bow down touching his feet. But holding my hand he said, ‘It’s alright brother’! Saying this he made me sit beside him and told the reader to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

Mr. Dhiren Banerjee started reading.

Jibankrishna asked me, ‘Well, Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said (In the Gospel) – There is no way except Sacchidanandaguru’ (God-the-Preceptor), now what is the meaning of ‘Sacchidananda’?

I said, ‘In one place of the Gospel, Thakur is saying, ‘Atma (Great Soul), God and Brahma, these three are the same. Here ‘Sacchidananda’ means Atma or God or Brahma.

Jibankrishna – Then God is the Preceptor and this is admitted by Thakur! What do you say?

Bankim – yes Sir,

It seemed to me as if all these answers were ready before and I answered instantly.

However, the room was gradually filled up with listeners.

Seeing Basanta Samanta (His College Mate) and others Jibankrishna said – Oh, come Basanta, Come! Come Sudhin! Come Basu!

Jibankrishna heartily welcomed everybody.

The reading was stopped now. Monoj Sinha would sing the Ramnam (Devotional song on Lord Rama).

The preparations were made and I felt a great relief. From 6-30 p.m. to 9 p.m. the song was continued and the gathering then dispersed. When everybody was leaving the room after bowing down to him, I also did so. He said to me, ‘Come again and if you have any dream, tell me.’ I nodded and left the room.

In that very night, I saw a dream, though from my very childhood I see dreams. But this dream was some extraordinary. After this dream Jibankrishna seemed to me to be a magnet and I became an iron, being attracted by him and I was feeling a great urge to meet him.

Next day it was Monday and immediately after the school hours, I started for his residence.

As soon as I reached the door, the reader’s voice came to my ear and I heard that he was reading the portion of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna, were he was saying, ‘Hey, he has come again. A peacock was fed hasis…’ When I entered into the room, the listeners and the readers were having some conversations among them. Looking at the cot I found it was empty. I sat beside Jiten Banerjee and they began to smile. From inside the house Jibankrishna said, ‘what happened Jiten Babu? Why did you stop reading?’ So the reading again started. Sushil Banerjee began to smile looking at me.

Within a few minutes Jibnakrishna entered into the room with his towel and seeing me, exclaimed, ‘oh, you have come! Have you seen anything in your dream? For many days you are coming here?’

Bankim – Included to-day it was three days. Last night I had a dream.

As soon as I said this, my body began to shiver. Patting on my head and body Jibankrishna pacified me and then said, ‘Tell me what you have seen.’  Bankim – I saw, as if I have become a five years old child and you are seated on this cot with folded legs. Then I saw that you have milk in your breast and just like a mother you are feeding me your milk. For a long time I fed your milk and then my dream was off. I was feeing a great divine joy.

Looking at the other Listeners Jibankrishna said, ‘To suck milk means to chant God’s name. The Vedic Rishis used to say, ‘Let us such God’s breast milk’ And this gentleman has achieved the state of Rishis or the great sage.

Then putting the hand on my shoulder he said, ‘Well, my brother you have saved me.’

At that moment I couldn’t understand the meaning of his last comments.

Looking at the reader Jibankrihna said, ‘Now start reading.’

The reading was going on and many others entered the room and after bowing down sat on the floor.

Nemai started singing the devotional song of Lord Krishna and it continued upto 7 pm.

At 9 pm the reading was stopped and one by one everybody was leaving the room after bowing down to Jibankrishna.

Within a week I had another strong dream. It was Sunday. After finishing lunch I slept during rest and dreamt that Jibankrishna came into my room wearing a dhoti and I became an eleven year old boy. He said, ‘Come brother, get up on my shoulder.’ So I sat on his shoulder hanging my two legs on both sides of his shoulder. Holding my legs he stood up and then started running. I felt as if I have sat on my father’s shoulder and I was feeling a great pleasure. This feeling persisted for 4-5 days.

Hearing my dream afterwards, JIbankrishna said with smiling face, ‘It is obvious that the enjoyment will be more intense when sitting on another man’s shoulder.

Then he asked Jiten Banerjee, ‘can you explain the meaning’?

Jiten – This shows that you have taken all his responsibilities.

Henceforth I became a regular goer to Jibankrishna and my life became full of divine joy and peace.



Volume – 21, October, 2012



Vision of Nepolean’s statue – It’s effect

1) March, 1976:

In a dream I saw a statue of Nepolean and thought – Oh! What a brave hero he was! He could not care any sort of obstacles in his life!

[After this dream, a new feeling came within me – Nothing seems to be obstacles to me. Perhaps the attributes of Nepolean are stamped into me as because to see somebody in dream means his attributes also falls on the seer. In reality, in the long run this attribute persisted in me.]


Accompaniment with devotees and Srimati Indira Gandhi

2) 7th December, 1977, Sunday, Place : Makardah, Howrah :

Early morning dream : I was at the Makardah (Howrah) residence of Indranath Mukherjee, a companion of Diamond (Jibankrishna) where a large number of companions had assembled. Somebody was engaged in cooking, some in spiritual discussions. They were all staying there as used to be happened in reality. Then I saw Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India who was staying in a very simple manner. Sometimes she used to cut vegetables for cooking. At this moment the dream was off.

Indira menas Lakshi Devi, Hindu Goddess who represents spiritual wealth and peace. The seer will achieve these characteristics and at the same time will have increased brain power as to see so many devotees within, means increasing brain power.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 21, October, 2012


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


77)                     “Mother why have you brought me here in the midst

of these people ? Shall I be able to save them by liberating

God from their body as He is hedged around by their body?”

Hedge—signifies body made of flesh and bones. Thakur means to say that did God take pity on them He would have freed Himself from the body and showed Himself by manifestation in them and would have killed all their dissatisfaction with Supreme Bliss. He did not do so as otherwise these men would not have come to him. Yet it is good that these men have got an opportunity to come in contact with him. It may help them to kindle their lamps within.

78) .

“The  pillow  and  the  pillow  case”.

The pillow—represents life-power and her transformation into God and pillow case—represents body.

When the life-power emanates and is finally transformed into God, the body remains like a pillow case. This condition of the body has been stated by Thakur as dried-up cocoanut or betel nut in a shell . God has separated Himself from the body . The life-power rises towards the cerebrum. (The neck like a pendulum keeps on moving from right to left . In its moving it makes  sound like a cocoanut or betel nut in a shell ). It is seen and heard. This is called Brahma Vidya—the cult of transforming the life-power into tangible God in the body in different sportive forms and in different stages . The inward transformations taking place within make their expressions over the body and they are distinctly visible. They were so seen over the bodies of Shri Chaitanya and Thakur in the state of Bhava(half-transformation of life-power into God)and Samadhi (complete transformation of the life-power into God).

This Brahma Vidya, Supreme Culture, has got its own peculiar aspect. If the man who has attained this supreme cult is asked—‘Sri, dies God separate from the body?”—before he answers, the expression of movement of the neck will be seen over the body accompanied with the sound of a dried betel nut in a shell. It is evinced that the body is but a pillow case.

79).     “The seventh  plane  of  the  devotee  where God  has  manifested  in  full

measure  is  His  particular  drawing  room”.

This ‘drawing-room’ of God is revealed in a different way in two different planes—

(1)   In the fourth plane :  and

(2)   In the seventh plane.

(1)   In the fourth plane it is seen that the whole outer world is besmeared with God’s light  It was so seen by Thakur in the temple of Divine Mother . On whichever side he was casting his eyes, he saw God’s light pervading all the articles—the door-steps, the door, the walls, the pots before him and the image of the Divine Mother . If this God’s light is not seen in the outer world pervading everything which comes within sight then God’s light cannot be seen within the body.

(2)   In the seventh plane God is seen and the God there in the cerebrum holds the whole Universe in God(Viswarup—lit; universal aspect of God). It is the first step of special knowledge of God and also elimination of the mystery surrounding me in connection with ego, God and the world. Thakur very adroitly expressed it by two letters onl . They are “Ma” (Maw) and “Ra” (Raa). “Ma” means God and “Ra” means Universe. God first and then comes the world. Where is God seen? He is seen in the seventh plane. What is God? He who holds the universe in Him is God . All this are showed and seen. God has got innumerable houses all over the world. The drawing room is that where He has manifested His particular mode Viswarup . Other innumerable houses all over the world belong to Him, and He is also there, but only the manifestation and realization vary . In the drawing room He is manifested and in other houses He is in an unmanifested condition . The devotee is fully aware that God has manifested in him but it does not stop there . It gives publicity. God out of grace to some men makes them known that “I am in this particular devotee”. It does not happen in very case. Bharadwaja and other eleven Rishis(saints) came to know that Rama was an Avatar—incarnation of God .He is called Avatar in whom God manifested in full measure . In the rest of the world He is but unseen and invisible . God in full measure is collected and seen only in Avatar. But it does not happen in case of every Avatar as there are some in whom God with forms appears and descends . There is but one God, and where He has manifested He is there and there only and nowhere else, and this is His particular drawing room in the era.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 21, October, 2012

 Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

 Harimohan Das resides atNew Delhi. He went several times to the reading centre of Lucknow (uttar Pradesh, India) to listen to Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma –O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization).Within a few days he had divine dreams which he narrated as such :

1)   May10, 1995.

In the noontime I dreamt that in our Colony the birth-day celebration of the great poet Rabindra Nath Tagore would be held. The committee requested me to deliver a lecture on an essay.

On that day I was present there at the right time. It was very hot and I was praying to Jibankrishna (Diamond) seeking his encouragement for delivering the lecture. In the right time my name was announced in the mike, and standing on the stage I started reading the essay. I finished it very smoothly. Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘why are you tensed so much. You have done well and very body is appreciating.’ I was perplexed to hear this voice and turning my head I saw that Jibankrishna standing there was laughing.

I became nearly emotional and while I was going to hold his legs, he held my hand and said, ‘I have to go now. Hold it.’ Saying this he handed over a big paper box to me and said, ‘open it in Nirmal’s reading room,’ and he disappeared.

I became overwhelmed with joy and surprise. I never thought in my life that I would have such opportunity to talk to Diamond face to face. I thought myself to be a very lucky fellow.

However, the listeners were very eager to see what was inside the box. Norma; opened the box and everybody became surprised to see numerous small statues of Diamond made of Khir (very condensed hard milk). The posture was just like the photo (as is seen in a sitting posture with intermingled fingers kept on the lap). Everybody shouted with the words ‘Hail Jibankrishna).

Nirmal started distributing the mini statues of Diamond among all the listeners. Then with great surprise we noticed that each statue became alive and bigger in size and then merged one by one with Diamond’s photo hanging on the wall.

Everybody was shouting with ‘Hail Jibankrishna’ and it was a heavenly scene which cannot be expressed by languages. Here the dream was off.

2)   August 20, 1995, Noontime.

I dreamt that getting down from the train I was watching the number of a house standing on the main road. After a while a young girl opened the door and asked me whom I was searching. I said, ‘Does Anil Chakravarty live here’?

From her reply I understood that he had gone back to his birth place after 2 years retirement. Meanwhile one aged lady from inside told the young girl to ask me for sitting in the drawing room as she wanted to talk to me.

I sat in the drawing room and that lady came with the young girl. She told me, ‘you are coming from Lucknow, you cannot go without meeting my elder uncle.I noticed the lady had a motherly and affectionate appearance with bright eyes and pleasant personality. She wore a sari and had loose long hairs. It appeared to me as if I had seen her before somewhere. It seemed so familiar to me.

After a while the lady came and told me that the elder uncle was waiting for me. I got up and opened the curtain and a great surprise was awaiting me. I saw that Jibankrishna (Diamond) was seated on a cot. Seeing me he asked me, ‘Oh, how are you? Hope you had no trouble on your way. Have you taken your food properly’? Then he asked about the health of each listener ofLucknowreading centre.

While I was going to bow down to him, with an indication he stopped me from doing so. I sought his blessings and he said, ‘Hold me, you will get peace. You need not have to seek anything. You will get everything automatically.’

Then I saw that he gradually became still with a luminous border around him. I was stunned and then suddenly I got back my consciousness with a flash of light. I saw that on the cot Sri Ramkrishna was seated in a posture of meditation as is seen in his photograph. Beside him was seated Sri Sarada Mother (Sri Ramkrishna Deva’s wife). She had a smiling face.

Then and there it flashed in my mind – Oh! She talked to me a little while ago. She entertained me with nice food and I could not recognize her! With folded hands I sought her blessings and she gave her blessings.

Thereafter both of them became still in separate luminous frames, and with folded hands I was uttering continuously ‘Hail Jibankrishna’, ‘Hail Ramkrishna’, ‘Hail Mother Sarada’ with tears of divine joy on my eyes. Here my dream was off.