Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-22, October, 2012


The proof of Upanishad’s ‘You have become Universal’

is first borne by man in present era

17.1.1961. ‘Incarnation is the Semitic Religion’ – not Vedic cult. Now you see what has happened here? My image is being seen in every human being and then what lesson it bears? A man says, ‘see, you and I are one’. Outside we are many, but inside we are one in the form of a living man. This is the first time living proof that every human being is one inside. And that proof is not borne by me but you. I don’t know anything about it unless you come and tell me. How wonderful! So long individual man said and the world listened, but here is vice-versa – the world is saying and one man listens with great astonishment –

Thou art woman. Thou art man; Thou art the youth and the maiden too ; Thou as an old man tottering with a staff ; Being born, thou becomes facing in every direction. [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4.3]


Truth cannot be achieved by exertion – It reveals   spontaneously


Suka, Janak, Narada, they are mythological personnel. Why were they created by Puran makers? Just to create an idealism. Now the question is, whether this idealism can give the Truth to human beings. Well, let me say that they created metaphors in a very simple manner. But what is the objective? Is this the idealism and does it give the Truth? No! Never! Why? Oh! Truth is revealed spontaneously. Whenever attempt will be taken to produce Truth through idealism this will become an exertion and exertion can never give Truth. This is clearly mentioned in Upanishads –

This Soul (Atma) is not to be obtained by instruction, Nor by intellect, nor by much learning. He is to be obtained only by the one whom he chooses; To such one that Soul (Atman) reveals his own person.  [Katha Upanishad  2.23]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 22, October, 2012

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Achievement of healing power after meeting Jibankrishna (Diamond)

(Sushil Mitra)

I heard that sages after performing austerity gets some powers of performing miracles. I am a very ordinary man without any austerities. But after meeting Jibnakrishna, I achieved a little bit power of performing miracles and how those were eliminated by the grace of him I shall narrated now.

After 6-7months of meeting Jibankrishna and seeing him in dreams, whomever I used to say something uttering the word ‘Hail Jibnakrishna’, came true. To know something about somebody I used to tell Jibankrishna before going to bed at night and in dreams these revealed. I felt a great fun in it. For example, someone got a transfer order at North Bengal. He approached me for help as this was not possible for him to go there and he had no source to change the order. So I said, ‘Well, you order will be changed. You need not go there.’ Within fifteen days that order was cancelled.

Now let me say about a very serious matter. One of my office colleague told me, ‘Whatever you say to somebody, it becomes true. Tell me something about me and let me see whether it comes true.’ I said, ‘Returning home you will see that your wife will give birth of a son.’ I uttered in my mind, ‘Hail Jibankrishna,’ and then said myself, ‘when you go home, you will see that a son is born.’ But all these words came out of my mind spontaneously.

However, hearing my words, my colleague laughed at me and said, ‘This time your prediction will fail, because my wife’s pregnancy period is only seven months.’ I felt a bit nervousness. Next day that gentleman did not come to office. But on the third day he came to office and said, ‘your prediction came true. That day after going back home I saw that my wife gave birth of a child and there was no second person at home.’

I became very excited and told my Colleague Prafulla (who was a regular companion of Jibankrishna) about the strength of Jibankrishna’s name. He wanted to know everything in details, but did not say anything to me. In the night I saw in my dream that a little boy fell down from the lift and was hospitalized. My dream was off. But I could not find its meaning.

After going to office I met Prafulla and asked about the meaning of this dream. But without saying anything he told me, ‘Yesterday I told Jibankrishna about you and he seriously told me that you should not perform such things. In the spiritual world during austerity he may fall down during this child stage.’

Hearing this, the meaning of my dream became quite clear. I became surprised, how did I see this dream about which Jibankrishna said in the previous day about me!

After this I checked myself and dropped this idea. In the last part of 1960 I saw in my dream, if I give marigold flower and leaves of wood apple to a cancer patient he will recover. So I again became restless to perform an experiment. But remembering my previous dream I could not dare to do it.

One day in the month of January, 1961, one of my office Colleague sitting beside me said that one of his relative was suffering to a great extent by cancer and he was greatly worried. Suddenly I told him, ‘I got a medicine in dream but due to some problem I could not give it for his relative.’ He insisted me and said, ‘You have got this medicine from God through dream for the benefit of mankind.’

I thought that it is true and I did not get it by wanting. I got it automatically and so let me try it once now much true is my dream.

So I touched a marigold flower and wood apple leaves on my head and gave to my colleague.

Every day I was getting the news that my colleague’s relative was improving. After fifteen days I heard that the doctors became astonished to see how such critical cancer patient was improving day by day. According to the there was no fear out of this cancer. But after a month I heard from my colleague that his relative expired by a sudden heart attack. I had nothing to do as I had no power to give life to anybody. I gave consolation to myself on the plea that at least he expired not by cancer but by heart attack.

After a few days I heard that one of my uncle was attacked by cancer. My mother told me to try with the medicine I got in dream. And I agreed.

My mother gave money to our maid to buy marigold and wood apple leaves. When she came back from the market strangely these were not traced in the bag. Second day the same thing happened. Being annoyed my mother told our maid, ‘Don’t bring the flowers and leaves in your bag. Tie this inside the end of your sari (Bengali women garments). So she did that and when came home from the market she united the sari, but strange! There was no trace of the flowers and the leaves! I used to think beforehand that she might forget to buy the flowers and the leaves from the market and used say, ‘Yes, I brought it!’ But to-day all of us became so much astonished. I realized that God was not wanting me to do such things.

In that night I saw a dream : I was drinking milk sitting on a footpath. A couple on my right side was taking to each other saying, ‘We should cure this disease through him.’ After finishing my milk I found no trace of the milk pot.

After the dream was off, I realized that this power was removed from me by my God-the-Preceptor Jibankrishna in such a manner.

Wellington Street,




Volume – 22, October, 2012


Kargil war – Future vision on finish of war – meeting with

American President, Vice – President & Indian Prime Minister

3) 24th June, 1999, Thursday.

Early morning dream: In a huge room I was seated on a chair. On my left side Prime Minister Atal Behari Bajpeyi of India was seated on another chair face to face resting his legs on a table kept on his front side.  Just in front of me Vice-President Algore of U.S.A. was seated on a chair and on front right side President Bill Clinton of U.S.A. was seated on another chair putting one leg on another.

I was giving a long lecture to Al Gore though nothing could be remembered later on. Both President and Prime Minister were listening very attentively.

After a while the conference was finished and I saw that the ambassador of U.S.A. had come. I said something also to him and told, ‘I shall bring ghee from Shantipur for you.’ Just at that moment the dream went off.

Within a short while I again went asleep and dreamt that my another figure was in a standing posture in front of me. That figure vanished and was transformed into Diamond’s figure wearing dhoti and Punjabi, standing silently. Then I woke up.

As soon as I woke up, spontaneously it flashed in my mind. Whether the Kargil was going to be finished, though I neglected the dream. But became surprised when I saw in the newspaper next morning that the ambassador of U.S.A. is coming to India which was not known to me and strangely the war came to an end within a short time.

It revealed then to me why my figure was transformed into Diamond! Instantly I realized that he is the own self of every human being and whatever happens in dreams (divine) it comes to reality as this happens in the body of Diamond and not in a seer.

I also realized that in the dream bringing ghee from Shantipur meant good consciousness will arise in everybody and ‘Shantipur’ means place of peace (in reality people used to stay at Shantipur for mental peace long  time ago and the name had been given for this).



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 22, October, 2012


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

80)                    “The  Jnanis  call  Him—Brahma,  the  Yogis  call  Him

Atma,  and  the  Bhakts  call  Him—Bhagwan”

Jnanis (man of knowledge) are those who have attained the knowledge that they do not exist . Only God exists . It is the process of elimination and at its end the ego is eliminated and then what remains cannot be said . It is the summum bonum condition in the process of Ascent. ‘Jnanis’ God is without any form, i.e, an unqualified one . Jnanis do not get all the sportive forms God in the process of transformation of life-power  into God as planes do not unfold.Yogis are those in whose body the process of  transformation takes place and it is seen. They call God ‘Atma’ as He has grown out of the body and in the body . Atma means that which grows out of self in the form of light . Bhaktas are those whose God holds the Universe within Him . It is special knowledge of God and this is the first phase of attaining the stage of a Bhakta . The final stage of a “Bhakta” is to get the yogis, ‘Bhagwan’ of the devotees, and  ‘Brahma’ of the men of knowledge are but one God in the body in the way of Ascent in three different stages .

Atma is seen in the seventh plane in the first stage. God-the-Preceptor shows Atma and He flattens in the end like a bunch of paddy.

Bhagwan is that condition of God when nothing can be spoken of Him.

81).              “The  same  man  when  he  worships  in  a  temple  is  called

a  priest  and  when  he  prepares  a  meal  is  a  cook”.

There is but one God. He at first appears as life-power in the body, and finally transforms into Supreme Bliss. These are all but various aspects of God with forms, and nothing can be said of God without any form .

82) .             “The  man  of  knowledge  (Jnani) sticks  to  the  path  of  Knowledge

and  as  he  proceeds  he  reasons—“not this, not  this”1  Brahma  is

neither  this, nor  that,  not these living  beings,  nor  this  Universe,

Elimination  succeeds  elimination  and  then  mind  is  transformed

into  a  point  (a  zero)  and  then  comes  “Sthitha  Samadhi”.  The

Brahmajnani  knows  it for  certain  that  God it  real  and  the

Universe  is  unreal—not  in  existence . Like  dream, all  these

Names  and  forms  are  illusory . It  cannot  be  said  that  God  is  a

Person . All men  of  knowledge,  known  as  Vedantists, say  like  this”.

Who are Vedantists ?

The Vedantisis are those who see and realize God in these five aspects in the seventh plane .

They   are—

(1)     Atma ;

(2)     Atma holding the Universe within Him ;

(3)     This Vast Universe is transforming into a seed ;

(4)     The seed is transformed into a dream ; and,

(5)     The dream in its turn evaporates and what remains,

nobody knows .



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 22, October, 2012

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Mrs. Kalpana Nath is a regular listener ofLucknow reading Centre where the book of Diamond (Jibankrishna) ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realization’) is read regularly.

She narrated some of her dreams after attending the reading for a few days.

1) January 9, 1998.

I was dreaming that in a place there was a gathering of thousands of people. On the dias Sri M. (Mahendra Nath Gupta, author of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) was giving a lecture. Meanwhile Sri Ramkrishna came on the dias and taking the speaker from Sri M. announced that henceforth nothing need not be said by anybody. Whatever would be required Jibankrishna (Diamond) would say.

Then addressing the listeners he said, ‘Here thousands to lamps are illuminating. There is no need of burning 108 lamps.’ Hearing this from Sri Ramkrishna I thought what was the meaning of lighting of thousand lamps! At that moment Sri Ramkrishna called me at the stage. I saw that inside every listener from chest to head there was fire as if thousands of lamps were burning. At the same time I saw that aunty Devi Padmabati sitting at one corner was crying with ecstasy and singing devotional songs.

The first line I could remember. It was as such: ‘In the life within your body always sing the name of Jibankrishna’. At this moment dream went off.

2)       December 20, 1998.

I dreamt that it was raining very heavily and at the same time there was an earthquake. I was standing in front of a temple. All the steps of the temple were drowning by heavy shower. And in front of the temple Sri Ramkrishna was announcing, ‘I cannot save, I cannot save. Call one person.’

I noticed that the Late Devi Padmavati, mother Annapurna, mother Chanda and another unknown person were present there. Moter Padma holding the hand of Sri Ramkrishna was asking, ‘What is the name of that person? Tell me whom we have to call’. Sri Ramkrishna said, you know his name. That person is Jibankrishna (Diamond).’ As soon as he finished his sentence, he was transformed into Jibankrishna. Then I noticed a boat on a water body. He took all the people on the boat and starting rowing the boat. I saw everywhere was full of water and my dream was off.

[Diamond is the future savior of mankind]

3)       February 18, 1999.

In my dream it seemed as if there would be reading of Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Religion and Realization’ beneath a tree. The road was very far. When I was going there by the road, an old man told me, ‘you have a bag of Diamonds with me. Take this bag’. I took the bag and started for my destination, though I it was hard for me to carry the bag, while walking I was looking at that old man and he was smiling. Ultimately when I reached the destination, I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) was reading his book under a tree. Surrounding him were seated many listeners, known and unknown. Reaching there I opened the bag and told Jibankrishna, ‘Sir, you have sent these diamonds. I cannot carry such heavy weight. You take it.’ He told, ‘you are not taking a single one, you are giving all’! Well I have understood.’ Saying this he gave me a large diamond and said, ‘This one will serve your purpose. You distribute this to everybody’. Then the rest diamonds he distributed to all. And my dream was off.

[God-the-Preceptor has given the power to the seer of distributing spiritualism to others.]

4)      March 24, 1999.

In my Dream I saw myself reading Diamond’s book ‘Religion and Realization’. During reading Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna (Diamond) came there. Displacing me Diamond began to read himself. After a while he asked the listeners, ‘What have you understood’? Then Somebabu, Bhagyaluxmi, and I answered at a time, ‘We have become one with you.’ Hearing this diamond      became very happy and expressed his joy extending both his hands vertically upwards and here my dream was off.

[Seeing Diamond in dreams the seers become one with him.]

5) April 2, 2001.

In my dream I saw that the whole night I was roaming holding a diamond in my left hand. In my right hand I was holding a stick and the words ‘The life-stick of Jibankrishna’ were inscribed on it. I was touching the stick with the diamond and whomever I was touching that stick, his dormant divine consciousness was awakening and Jibankrishna or Diamond was appearing within the person. This way the whole night this phenomenon happened and I spent the whole night by touching the stick on innumerable people.

[Diamond represents the Soul or Atma which is seen in the cerebrum or the seventh plane. The own self of every human being is Diamond or Jibankrishna who appears within a human being when he wishes.

Whoever has seen Jibankrishna within the body he or she will have the power of transmitting the spiritual power to others as is happening in reality.]



Volume – 22, October, 2012


Dec, 22, 1960

1081 Young St, Honolulu 14, Hawaii


Dear Sri S. C. Banerjee,

Many thanks for your book “Religion and Realization” which you kindly sent to us.  It is a wonderful thing you have done to publish.  It is a remarkable writing! For us who are disciples of Sri Ramkrishna through the Ramkrishna Mission it is of particular interest and has special meaning.  We ourselves have been reading the ‘Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna (translated into English by Swami Nikhilananda) almost daily since its publication in 1942.  As it is a living book and full of profoundest meaning-so also is your publication a living book and full of meaning.  We are hoping more shall be written in the same way, throwing light on the meaning of the statements of Ramkrishna.

As to your preface, it succeeds well, in a unique way establishing the spiritual standing of the Holy Man discussed.  It arouses a curiosity in us as to who he is and we want to know more about him.

Yes, please send us more copies.  Send 12 copies for the present and we shall remit by international money order to you.

We would like to know from you from what source you came to know about us.  We are conducting small Vedanta society here, working along with the Ramkrishna Mission.

Thank you again,

With namaskars,

In the Master,

Mr. Eli R. Marozzi (M.A)



January 23, 1961

Dear Mr. Banerjee,

Many thanks for your letter and the manuscript copy of the first chapter of your book which you so kindly sent so promptly!  We are glad to know more about the Holy Man responsible for the writing.  Can his name be known and can he be visited for darshan or instruction?

We are of course, full of praise for such a work.  We feel that its importance cannot be exaggerated.  As the Kathamrita is significant and unique in the history of the world being a first-hand report of the exact words of the Avatar, so also is your work which is an enlightened commentary on the Kathamrita – directed and inspired by Sri Ramkrishna – equally important and unique.  The style of the writing has a charm and directness which arises from a mind that is clear, humble and steeped in the glow of the spiritual truth of which it speaks.  As to the meaning and content we realize that on the first reading we can understand only in a limited way the deeper meaning of what is written and know that the full meaning will unfold with the development of our own spiritual life.

We are very grateful to you for sending us the 12 copies of your introduction book.  If we can help you in any way please let us know.

We shall be waiting for the second chapter when it is ready and you can send it.  Thank you!

Sincerely, in the Master,

Eli R. Marozzi



E. R. Marozzi,

1081 Young St, Honolulu 14, Hawaii


Feb 22, 1961

Rev, “Diamond” Jibankrishnaji,

C/o Sri S. C. Banerjee

1, Kali Banerjee Lane,Howrah, West Bengal,


Revered Jibankrishna,

Though you do not want thanks, at least as a formality let me thank you for your enlightening and most inspiring letter which you were so kind to send me.  Those instructions will be cherished and re-read  We feel that is due to Thakur’s grace that this contact between us has come about.

The sayings 73 to 165 have been duly received and are being read and studied.  Also just yesterday the saying 166 to 330 arrived together with Banerjee’s kind letter.  Last week on the occasion of the annual celebration of Sri Thakur which occurred on the 17 Feb.  This year, we took the opportunity to read and discuss your introduction and first part to the students and devotees of Vedanta.  Their reaction was one of intense interest and of wanting to know more.  We shall distribute copies of the introduction when they arrive.

Regarding experiences in dream or waking which we had lately I may mention the following:

In a state between waking and dream there was seen a dark pile of scrap metal and over & above it a brilliant light filled with bliss.  This reminds us of the friend’s dream on the hill of cow dung and lotus over it related in your introduction.

In dream a tall man in a white robe is seen standing and extending his hand saying, ‘you are welcome here’.  His face could not be seen.  It seemed to be Christ but perhaps it was Manik.

In meditation the light within takes the form of the image of the deity – as described in your text.

Among those experiences which occurred in the past, there is one on which we wish your opinion: In a dream state we were at Dakshineswar Kalibari outside Thakur’s room.  In one of the verandas thee was a pan of Ganges water which was being saluted by Swami Vivekananda and others in the traditional bowing-down position.  As I was beginning also to bow down and was in a kneeling position, Sri Thakur came in from another room carrying his wearing cloth under this arm.  He dipped his finger in the Ganges water and applied it to my fore-head and then walked on.  Do you think that this is tantamount to initiation?  There was no talking and no Mantra was given – though the mantra was given by a Swami of the Ramkrishna Mission some years earlier.  It was not long after this – that is, the above dream – that the Vedanta Society followers grew up around us.

Perhaps you know from Dr. Motilal Das, that Mrs. Marozzi and myself work in the world as teachers of art in the local schools.  We have been living the life of Vanaprastha, each having our own apartment and following the pattern set by Sri Thakur and the Holy Mother – observing continence and a regular routine of spiritual practices, by His Grace.

I visited India in 1950 and resided at Belur Math for a time and also in Calcutta but did not have the good-fortune to meet you as we were not informed by anyone about you then.  We are hoping we may be able to come again in the future, Lord willing.

We are writing separately to Sri Banerjee in reply to his two kind letters.

Our love and pranams to you,

In Sri Thakur

Eli R. Marozzi









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