Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-23, November, 2012

Revival of Vedic culture through innumerable

people in Jibankrishna era – What is True Religion


So long nobody said properly what is religion, because this term itself carries no sense. Only some sermons – you do this you do that, then you will have religion. So what is religion? Swami Vivekananda has divided religion into four parts:

(1) Symbolism or ritualism; (2) Mythology; (3) Philosophy and (4) Mysticism – only divisions and divisions!

So many times I told you that I am holding the human beings and this proof is being bourn by you when you say, ‘we have seen you and are seeing you within our bodies’. My own life power, being manifested spontaneously takes my form and is manifested in thousands of people like you. There is no other greater truth than this. What you are seeing is the ‘Truth’. So you say loudly that the Truth which holds us is your form. Otherwise there is no religion. Only a vague term has been given to ‘religion’ so long, and why should we call a vague term as religion? Say, it is the spontaneous revelation of life power in a human body. I, therefore, eradicated the term ‘Religion’. Otherwise taking the opportunity of the term ‘Religion’ everyone will worship ‘dead’ keeping the human being dead. Now the time has come, you have had the right to say by the grace of God, ‘Oh man! you are Brahma (Supreme one)’, not after death but in this life. Remember the sayings of the Rishis of Upanishads, ‘those who worship others without himself have animal passions’. Just imagine how many thousands of years ago they made these comments! And you are the blessed persons who are carrying the same ‘Truth’ given by those Rishis!


The form of Jibankrishna or Diamond is the form of

Atma or soul of every human being its proof


Vedas say, ‘Ekam Rupam Bahudha Yah Karoti’ (one form becomes many). But where is that proof? Mankind has assumed that same Atma or soul is within every human being. Swami Vivekananda has mentioned it as hy0pothesis. But he is not correct. It can be visualized within the body. But so what? Among five hundred billions of people if one person visualize Atma, that is not a proof, though to an individual it is true. but in that issue think, what a clear conception of Upanishads have given! They are saying, ‘Swena Rupena Abhinispadyate, (your form is transformed into the form of every human being sah uttama Purusha’ (He is the best man). And the form of this best man is the Atma or soul. But even they could not cite any proof which you are bearing now by seeing my form within you. Remember, I am a living human being.

[In Maitri Upanishad it is mentioned:

Verily, that One became threefold. He developed forth eightfold, elevenfold, twelvefold, into an infinite number of parts. Because of having developed forth, He is a created being, has entered into and moves among created beings; He became the overlord of created beings. That is the Soul (Atman) within and without – yea, within and without! ((5.2)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 23, November, 2012

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Ganesh Manna

I first met Jibankrishna at end of 1953. One day one of my office colleague Ajit Banerjee told me ‘yesterday I went to a place. I saw a peculiar thing there.’ The person I met resembled Sri Ramkrishna and very frequently he fell into Samadhi state. Will you go? I agreed.

Next day it was Wednesday. In the morning, Ajit, Chandi and I went to the residence of Jibankrishna at Kadamtala, Howrah. We saw that his door was closed. At first Ajit and Chandi and then I entered into the room. We saw that sitting under the picture of Sri Ramkrishna Jibankrishna with closed eyes was listening to the devotional song sung by a person. I sat in front of him. During that period I had a regular practice of meditation. Bowing down to him I started meditation and within a short period I fell into a deep meditation which I never experienced in my life. How long I was in that state and how many songs were sung I could not say. When my meditation was over, Jibankrishna asked, ‘Have you seen anything my boy? I said, ‘yes I have seen light’. He said, ‘Well, my boy, well’!

Then again the song started. Closing my eyes I was listening to the song and I heard that Jibankrishna was telling Ajit and Chandi, ‘See, he has fallen into ecstasy’!

At last touching his feet everybody bowed him. I told him, ‘See for the last ten years I never bowed down to any deities or any persons, but to-day I wished that I should bow down to you.’ So I bowed him touching his feet. He said, ‘Come again my boy.’ From that day I started going to him.

In that very night I saw a dream :

1)On the portico of our house my mother (expired) and I was standing. My mother said, ‘I am seeing everybody, but where is your Jibankrishna’? Looking at the room I saw that inside the room (it seemed to be made of glass) some persons were seated. All were unknown but they seemed to be Jibankrishna’s devotees. Suddenly the form of a man appeared on my left side. He said, ‘whomever he will call will come’. Somebody told me, ‘He is Manikbabu (Jibankrishna’s cousin brother with whom he resides). I though whom to call, whether Sri Ramkrishna or Jibankrishna? In the meantime I saw that on the left side of my chest Sri Ramkrishna’s form and on right side Jibankrishna’s form appeared and my dream was off.

After this dream I started dreaming in innumerable numbers.

2)I would go to Ramrajatala (In Howrah Town) for some work and I was flying. After sometime I noticed from the sky that in a shop varieties of food stuffs were arranged in layers.

The scene changed. Now I saw that inside a room many people were seated. The room had no windows and was made of glass. Everything could be seen through the glass. But all these were seen by my own eyes without any physical body. It was seen that Jibankrishna was seated among the crowd and on his right side my body without eyes was seated. His hand was kept on my back. As soon as he asked my body a question, at once my eyes floating in the air were joined with my body. He asked, ‘What are you seeing’? I answered, ‘I am merged with everything’. Then after standing on the floor I said, ‘I have become everything.’

3)JIbankrishna was teaching me yogas.

4)Another day I saw that Jibankrishna was teaching me yogas and after it was completed I was transformed into Jibankrishna.

5)I saw that only my eyes were running beside the wires of the electric posts at night. In one place I saw that a function was over and there was no crowd. After approaching to a certain distance, it was seen that a person was standing in a place. Immediately after taking my full form I stood in front of him in the air. He taught me many lesions, though nothing I could remember later on. Only one thing I could remember that he advised me to write down whatever I narrated in my dreams. He seemed to be a Vedic Rishi.

Thus throughout my life I was enjoying divine feelings with peace in mind having Jibakrishna as my God-the-Preceptor.



Volume – 23, November, 2012


Future vision of the condition of a political leader and its effect on him

4) 15th January, 2000, Saturday:

Early morning dream : I first saw that the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Sri Jyoti Basu had come to a place resembling the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Kolkata (my working place), though much bigger in area. Securities were with him and I was also roaming to and fro. Mr. Basu got down from the car but he seemed to be much crippled and could not move without anybody’s help. Somebody was holding him for walking. I spontaneously wanted to help him and nobody defended me. Then only I was holding him. Wherever he was going he took my help only. None was beside him. At one time when I was helping him walking, the dream went off.

After some years it was seen that Mr Jyoti Basu retired as Chief Minister due to ill health. The future was thus revealed in the dream.

Future of political leader is indicated

5) 31st October, 2004, Sunday:

Early morning dream: I was talking the Central Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Jadav and said with appreciation, ‘You are doing well. But it will be much better if you screen some bad elements from your party and bring better ones.’ He also nodded with affirmation. The conversation was going on in Hindi. Here the dream went off.

[The meaning was not clear then. But after five and half months, in the newspaper it was found that Mr. Lalu Prasad’s well wishers advised him to screen the bad persons from his party and to bring good ones. Mr. Lalu Prasad also agreed to do so in the next elections.

In recent years, especially after 2000 A.D, such type of dreams off and on occurs, which deals with the material world and indicates that is dominating evils, though to a little extent. But is it the indication of a bigger field?]

Conversation with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

6) 3rd November, 2004, Wednesday:

Early morning dream: I saw a fitton – twice the size of an ordinary one and in its left side was seated Netaji Subhas Bose, with a military dress and a cap on head. I had my attention only on Netaji and so I did not notice whether there were horses or not. Then I got up, entered inside through the right door and without any hesitation began to talk to Netaji. I asked, ‘Well, did you know Dwijendra Nath Roy?’

[Sri Dwijendra Nath Roy was one of the most wanted revolutionaries during British Rule in the early parts of twentieth century and was one of the founder of the R.S.P party of India. He had the association of Jibankrishna in 1960’s very closely and had innumerable realization.]

In reality he had interactions with Netaji for the freedom of India.]

Netaji answered, ‘Yes I did’. I said, ‘He used to stay at Ghatshila. Dr. Bidhan Ch. Roy (Chief Minister of West Bengal after independence) arranged his staying there as he was attacked by tuberculosis during jail life. For his health ground this was arranged. And once he had difference in opinion with you regarding mutiny in Fort Willium. He wanted that at the midst of the Second World War this should be started, but you wanted it at the beginning this should be taken up. But he did not agree. You also sent a very important letter through him. Though he faced the incidence of a pick pocket the original letter was saved as because having a prior small he replaced the original letter with a dummy one. Then he handed over the letter to the right person. Netaji was attentively listening and smiling. [All these incidents happened in reality and was narrated to the seer by Dwijendra Nath Roy during their conversations as the seer used to go to him at Ghatsila from 1974 to 1980. In December, 1980 Mr. Roy expired.]

Then I Continued, ‘You know, but he left all his bright political Carrier after independence of India and incidentally came in contact with a Holy man – Jibankrishna and his life style completely changed. [This also happened in reality.] Then I continued to talk and at this moment the dream went off.

The whole dream remained a mystery to the seer except the indication of the seer’s powerful brain capacity. Jibankrishna also dreamt Netaji and forecasted that he was not alive.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 23, November, 2012


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

83)  “To a devotee every state of life is real. The waking state is a reality to them. The world to them is not a dream. They say that the Universe is His attributive power. All this are His parts and parcels as eternally He is expressing Himself  in the form of sky, stars, moon, sun, mountains, oceans, men, animals, They are but His inseparable glory . He is within us well as in and spreading over all our consciousness . Again He is in the outside all over the world. The devotees who are blessed with the realizations of descent, say that the twenty four cosmic principles and Universe are all but manifestations of His own self. The devotees crave to eat sugar, but they do not want to get themselves transformed into sugar”.

Who is a devotee ?

He who has seen the manikin form of God (Manus Ratan) within his own body and has heard him to sing the glory of God by clasping his hands is a devotee.

A devotee accepts all the forms of transformations as they spring up in the process from the waking of the life-power assumes the form of Manus Ratan . These transformations are but realizations solving the problem of life and death, the world and God, and all questions which may rise in a man. “Knowledge is like a gentlemen who goes and stops in the outer house, but devotion is like a lady and enters in the zenana—“Sri Ramkrishna .

84) “Do you know how a lover of God nurtures his love to God ?

He says, “O God! Thou art the Master and I am Thy servant .

Thou art the Mother and I am Thy child”. Or again “Thou art

both my Father and Mother . Thou art the Full and I am a part”.

He does not like to say, “I am Brahma”.

After attaining the manikin form of God in the body, the lover of God ties himself in a relationship with God and tastes the sweetness of love to God through the body and all over the body.

This relationship has got five forms. They are:–

(1)    Relationship of quietness—transforming into God but not in toto. God is quietness. The only existence of the devotee is left to enjoy the sweetness of quietness, the God . This quietness is felt in two ways. It is felt in a concentrated form as spoken of by Thakur—“a fish kept confined in a jar has been set free in an ocean”. And again, it is felt all over the body.

(2)    Relationship of servant and master. The best example is the life of Shri Hanumana as depicted in the Ramayana—an epic.

(3)    Relationship which springs up between two best friends. The best example is cited in the life of Sreedanma, Sudama. In the Bhagavat .

(4)    The love of mother and her child as between Sri Krishna and Yashoda, or Thakur and Ramlala .

(5)    The love of a lady to her lover as between Shri Radha and Shri Krishna .

There are some specially favored people who get the bliss of these five kinds of relationship with God.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 23, November, 2012

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Mrs. Mira Rajak is a regular listener ofLucknow reading centre where the book ‘Religion and Realization (Bengali version) of this man Diamond is read regularly.

She narrated her dream seen one day in the month of March, 1998 as such:

I saw a market where the reading of Jibankrishna (Diamond) book will be and all the readers of Lucknow reading center had gathered.

At first I saw that the shadow form of Jibankrishna came and sat there. All the listeners also sat in shadow forms encircling Jibankrishna.

Next I saw that Jibankrishna converted all the listeners including me into his own shadow form. When he was doing so, I was feeling very uncomfortable. Then Jibankrishna gave life to all the shadow form and placing them around him started reading.

At the end he gave everybody a glass of honey. All the listeners drank the honey like milk. Jibankrishna told me, ‘I have converted all your bodies to gold. And then uttering ‘Hail Jibankrishna’, ‘Hail Jibankrishna’ he lied down and my dream was off.

[The meaning is: Market represents this world; Shadow form means that Diamond is existing unknowingly within every human body; Honey – divine consciousness; gold means Atma or Soul which is seen in the body in the form of golden colour.  Human being achieves divine consciousness and is transformed into Atma or Diamond’s form by his grace.]



Volume – 23, November, 2012


Feb.22, 1961

Dear Sri Banerjee,

Very much thanks for your two kind letters and for the two sets of sayings 73 to 165 first and 166 to 330 later.  We are reading them avidly with much inspiration and spiritual profit.  As we are related to Sri Manik, we took the occasion of the annual celebration of Sri Thakur to read and discuss with the Vedanta students the introduction and selections from the first part.  They were very interested and wanted to know more about it.  We may include the study of your publication in our class meetings.

We were, of course, most delighted and uplifted to have a letter from Shri Jiban Krishna which we shall duly cherish.  We wrote our humble reply and attempted thereby to acquaint him a little with our status quo-relating some of our recent dreams, etc, and telling him of our work in Honolulu.

We received that last installment just yesterday and are eagerly reading and studying it.  There is certainly a wealth of mystical knowledge here – and coming from the source with conviction and clarity!

Thank you again,


In Sri Thakur

Eli R Marozzi,





February, 1961

Dear, dear, Mr. Marozzi,

No-thanks to Ramkrishna-He is our own Father and Mother.  No child offers thanks to his own parents.  You are Ramkrishna-“Thou art-That”, so no thanks to you.  Thakur said to the Holy Mother in a trance on the very morning after attaining ‘Mahasamadhi’, “I was in the outside world, and now, I am within everybody“.  It is called “Brahamalin” , i.e., one with Brahma’.  Man is a living Brahma, yes, “I am that – Brhama”.  It was os said by the ‘Rishis’ of the past – some thousands and thousands of years ago and it is a perpetual truth – First Principle in a man, nay, fundamental.  So you are one with Ramkrishna, everyone is so, nobody offers and thanks to himself.  Hence no thanks.

Yours is a Vedanta Society – Vedanta in the form of literature has got six aspects as depicted in the Gospel of Sree Ramkrishna.  They are :-

1)      “Swapnavat” – everything is dream.  It is self-hypnotism.

2)      “Brahma” is Truth, the world is illusory and I am That “Brahma” – the whole text taken as one becomes a paradox.

3)      “Sunyam” – Void, – another paradox.

4)      “Advaitam” – ‘I alone exist” – it is Sankar’s Advaitism.  It is but – half – truth.  As it needs Name and Form to be done away with.  It differs from reality.  Some hundred men are in a gathering (here we quote our own experience).  They see one living man within them, of course in form made of God’s light.  Now let us do away the physical forms and names of these hundred men (in imagination, of course).  Then there remains the spiritual form of the living one.  But with names and forms of these hundred men we get the same One.  So there is no necessity to take recourse to imagination.

But it should be remembered that it is not “Visishtadvaita” or Qualified Non-dualistic philo0sophy of Ramanuj.

5)      “Visishtadvaita” of Ramanuj – It is vagueness.

6)      “Self-knowledge” – ‘Atmagnan” or “I am all’.  Yes, it is fact but no proof of ‘it is pushed forth or set up yet’. It is reality but not in the form as outlined in the text –

“Ashta Vakra Samhita.”  Thousands and thousands will see you within.  They shall come and declare “we have seen you within’ – thus seeing within sets up the proof of the identicality or oneness.

What is Vedanta?

The Great Swami Vivekananda twice in his lectures in America in 1893 and in 1900 remarked :

1)      Vedanta continues its search for the final Unity.

2)      “Vedanta is not yet complete.”

“For its final Unity”, please read our ‘preface’ of the booklet “Religion and Realization”.  It concerns only the human race.  As for the Universe and others – vide, the interpretation of Thakur’s “Ma” and “Ra” – God and the Universe.

Yes, now comes completion!

The Evolutionary capacity of the life-power or Kundalini does not know any end.  There is no tape, yet, made to measure God.  “Nikasa” (the mother of Ravana) i.e., this very human body where egoism or ‘I’ness is gone, hankers after an immortal life to witness and taste the wonder of the evolution of the life-power.

As for darshan and instruction – yes, everything will be done in “Mahayoga”.  By the by, if you recently saw anything either in dream, or in meditation, or in awakened condition or in trance, the same may kindly be related to us.

“Belur Math and Swamis in America” – It is God’s world and God speaks.

Dr. Motilal Das has been duly informed and he has been furnished with a copy of your dear letter.

Persistently keep on reading and God within you will make you understand everything.

Thanks for your proposal for helping us but you are already doing it showing such a keen interest for God.

We are sending some more sayings 73 to 165 with their yogic interpretations but they are not done chronologically as in the translation of Swami Nikhilananda.  More will follow.

My own dear self in another form and name,

“Diamond”Or Jibankrishna