Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume-24, November, 2012


On 23.4.1961 Diamond said, “ See, Rishis (Sages)said, ’you visualize Soul or Atman.’ But did not say, ‘Visualize God.’ What is the cause? Can you say what is God? Why they did not utter about God? Soul or Atman is emanated from this body. This Life Power of the human body which is concentrated in the cerebrum and seen – that is God. See, I had all these experiences very elaborately and then what you are doing? You have carried that proof to me. I have said nothing. On the contrary, you are saying what is God. However, why Rishis have not uttered anything about God? As they had no experiences on the austerity of Soul. So how could they say about God?




RicVeda said, ’He is one’ (God is one) and Upanishads said, ‘ I am Brahma.’ When Rishis could not find anything outside, they turned towards their own bodies and then uttered, ‘ I am Brahma.’ Then comes ‘questions about Brahma.’ Though it would be correct had they say, ‘ questions about myself.’ Now I have understood that this ‘myself’ is exposed here. Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘ Visualizing God,’ ‘Being God’. By his grace I have achieved these two. But you see, my individualistic austerity and revelations are not cause for these achievements. I had these experiences to understand the individualistic realizations. Some force is there which did all these within me, and I don’t know anything about it. But it is true that all these have come through my body. There is no outside agency. But it is a strange thing that I don’t know ‘ A,B,C’ of it. Some unknown force has done it.




So long only metaphors and symbols were the sum and substances of religions. But symbolism or metaphors are not the truth. Then what is the truth? This human body and the divine consciousness. Within that consciousness there is a form and you have seen that and in what stage? In dreams, and all these fellows in this room have seen my form. Now say, when the form of a man is manifested within myriads of people, what will you call it? Listen, in the embryo stage within the womb of mother my form exists. And that proof is borne by children, boys, young and old ones, mothers whenever they are saying that they have seen my form within themselves. Now you can deny life power as you have not seen it, you can deny consciousness, but you cannot deny my form which is reality. I exist both in outside and inside. Then you must admit that my form is real and guides this human body. This is the sum and substance. You can raise a question whether this is true only for the present, and in my absence this will be abolished? No! This form is eternal.

[This is established by the fact when Katho Upanishad mentions:

A Person of the measure of a thumb,

Like a light without smoke,

Lord of what has been and what is to be,

He alone is today and tomorrow too.] (4.13)



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 24, November,2012

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Madan Koley

In the year 1954 accidentally I was introduced with a person named Haran Chandra Roy at Shibpur Betaitala, Howrah (West Bengal, India). Our discussion was mainly on Sri Ramkrishna Deva. That was the first time I read the book ‘Kathasar’ on Sri Ramkrishna. During that time every night at the residence of brother Haru devotional songs used to be sung.

Then I met his brother Gopal and thus two years passed. During that time I saw Sri Ramkrishna Deva in dreams.

One night at the end of the devotional songs brother Haru sang ‘Jai Jai Jibankrishna’ (Hail JIbankrishna) and I also followed him. At the end I asked him, ‘Who is this Jibankrishna’? He said, ‘He is God’. Gopal said, ‘If he touches you, you will get everything on spiritualism.’

Previously I had the idea that God resides in the heaven and from there he comes down. So I said, ‘Sri Ramkrishna was the incarnation. Has God comes in the form of incarnation again’? Brother Haru told me, ‘Well, I shall take you there’.

Accordingly, one evening I stood near Bantra Public library. Brother Haru came and said, ‘Let us take tea in this tea shop, because there you will be free at 9 P.M.’ So after taking tea both of us went to Jibankrishna’sresidence nearby and as soon as we entered into the room Jibankrishna said, ‘come brother, come’! Both of us bowed to him by lying on the floor and I said indicating me, ‘He has come with me.’ In reply he said, ‘It is okay, Listen the Gospel my son.’

I understood that he was the same fellow about whom brother Haru was taking.

At that time he was seated on the cot. His head was clean shaved having no mostache and beard (As seen now in his photo). On the floor were seated some persons. One of them (Later on I came to know that e was Dhirendranath Ghosh) was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

In between reading. Jibankrishna was giving explanations on the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna. I have never heard such explanations in my life. During explanation sometimes he was losing his senses (I came to know that this was Samadhi). Being overwhelmed with surprise I was hearing and seeing al these. About two hours I was seated there spell bound. Then somebody saw the clock and said, ‘It is 9 O’clock.’ So it was stopped after finishing the chapter.

At the time of departure, Jibankrishna bowed to everybody touching the Gospel on his head.

When everybody was leaving, brother Haru told me in a suppressed voice, ‘Brother Madan, we shall leave at the last.’ I thought that it would be good that we could talk something with him.

At that time two young listeners were rearranging his bed and he was seated beside the window. At that moment sitting near him with folded hands I asked him with a soft voice, ‘Well Sir, reality, dream and Susupti …’ – but without allowing me to complete, he said, ‘Again there is Turiya, my boy.’ I thought, ‘Oh, where I have come’! Then we left his room. On our way back I thought, from to-day my new life began. At the same time brother Haru also told, ‘From to-day your new life has begun.’

When I was returning home alone, Jibankrishna’s form was continuously penetrating my mind. That night I could not sleep well. Next day the same condition persisted throughout the day. So I couldn’t resist myself and in the evening I almost ran to his residence at Kadamtala. Standing outside I noticed that brother Haru still did not come. I felt hesitation entering alone into his room. So touching my head on the balcony (on the road in the ground floor) I paid my regard ti him and was about to come back. I walked very slowly and came near the main road. In the mean time I heard the voice of a person. ‘Listen brother, listen’! Turing my head I saw that a gentleman (Sushil Banerjee) came near me and touching my body asked, ‘Did you come yesterday with brother Haru? He is calling you, come’! So I entered into the room with him and bowed down to Jibankrishna.’ He asked me, ‘Why did you go away after coming here’? I said, ‘As brother Haru did not come, so I was scared to enter’. He said, ‘you will come alone every day.’ I was overwhelmed with joy and said, ‘I know the 108 names of Lord Krishna. If you order, I can sing before the devotees.’ Hearing this he said, ‘yes, you sing to-day.’ So after reading the Gospel for a while JIbankrishna said, ‘Let it be stopped now. Let us listen to his song.’

I started and sang for about half an hour. He was happy and everybody enjoyed. For that day all of us left after bowing down to him. I used to go to Jibankrishna everyday and within three days I saw Jibankrishna in dream. But I never told him about it. After about a week one day discussions were going on about divine dreams of the listeners, Jibankrishna asked me, ‘Havn’t you seen my dream’? I said, ‘I have seen you in my dream, but I felt shy telling you my dream, because it was such a dream that I couldn’t say. Moreover, I have heard that dreams should not be narrated to anybody.’ He scolded me mildly and said, ‘Narrate your dream, let those rubbish be left.’ Other listeners also requested me to narrate my dream.

So I narrated thus :

There is a market near our Countryside residence. There are two trees near that market. One is Aonla and another one is Beleric. Jibankrishna along with some of the devotees went out for a robbery. Later on I came to know the names of those devotees. Jibankrishna was the leader, and the robbery would be performed in a village named Kanaidanga in that area. There were a number of residences of residences of some milk-men and many of them were rich. In one house the robbery was performed. But in the mean while the residents of many villages came to know and they prepared to catch the robbers. In the meantime Jibankrishna climbed up the Aonla tree and with a loudspeaker announced, ‘Don’t come this side, otherwise all of you will die.’ Hearing this none of them didn’t dare to come there. So the robbery was completed and all the robbers shared the jewelleries and put in their bags.

Brother Jiten (A senior devotee) guarded JIbankrishna and all the robbers fled except one who was running away on a field. He was caught and his jewelleries were snatched. While I was following Jibankrishna, my dream went off.

Hearing this dream Jibankrishna interpreted, ‘This is the robbery of knowledge and devotion, my son’! From now onwards I realized that I have got the real peace and real divine life after coming in contact with Jibankrishna.



Volume – 24, November, 2012


Conversation with unknown and unseen best Oscar winner actress

of Hollywood

7) 7th March, 2005, Monday:

Early morning dream: I was seated alone in a restaurant. Suddenly I noticed that just in front of me the Oscar winner for 2005 Miss Hilari Soank was seated on a chair. This was her second Oscar. I was looking at her and noticed that she was also giving a smile and then she came and sat in front of me and we were having a chat with a great intimacy. After a while I had to leave the place. But before that I asked her, ‘How do you feel after getting the second Oscar’? But she only gave a shy smile. After a while the dream went off.

I went on thinking, what kind of dream is it! I only read in the newspaper about her and even did not see her picture. How and why I saw her in dream?

Then suddenly one meaning came in my mind – Miss Soanki was the best actress of the world – She represents the Adyasakti or Holy mother and is pleased with the seer, or it may be that without the knowledge of her, the spiritual power was transmitted within her from the seer through dream. Previously also such dreams occurred when the seer saw many unknown persons within his dreams. Everything will be understood in future.[But a strange coincidence was there that after a long time once I saw her picture and recognized that I saw this form in my dream. This again is a proof that this whole universe is within the brain and anything can appear through dreams or reality within a pure brain.]

Vision of famous cricket player and indication of spreading of Jibankrishna’s name in England

8) 11h July, 2005, Monday.

Early morning dream: I was sent by a company to London. I got down at an airport in London and went out of the exit gate. I noticed that the captain of the Indian Cricket Team Sourav Ganguly was going by a motorbike with a British young boy sitting behind him. However, it was not known where I would stay. So with a bag in my hand I reached a huge house surrounded by a beautiful garden. Suddenly an Anglo-Indian gentleman came and said, ‘Mr. Sourav Ganguly has arranged your staying with him’. Then he was running here and there for proper arrangement of my documents and I began to room to and-fro. The whole place seemed to be very open with wide roads and old architectural buildings. Very few persons were walking on roads. I noticed that a large number of Indians used to live there. After a while I felt that the gentleman could not e traced. So I went to a house seeming to be like a hostel for Christian young Indians. They were very sober and well mannered welcoming me. But the gentleman could not be traced there also.

Gradually dusk was nearby and I approached towards a huge open field I felt tension thinking about the gentleman and his staying. I noticed small cottages all round the field and felt helpless. In the meantime darkness approached and I kept on thinking what I should do if the gentleman could not be traced. Then suddenly it flashed in my mind that I should sit on the field and recite the name ‘Jibankrishna’ the whole night. As soon as this flashed, spontaneous recitation of the name ‘Jibankrishna’ began to emerge from my brain spreading everywhere. At this stage suddenly my dream went off.

The dram instantly appeared to indicate two aspects : Firstly the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ will be spread just like an essence (‘Sourav’ means essence) and secondly, it indicates the future of Sourav Ganguly’s carrier.

In this context an oracle of  Jibankrishna signifies the same, when in August, 1958 he heard in the oracle. ‘Soon you have to go toLondon.’ Let us see what happens next. The dream also carries the meaning that in future his name will spread here also.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 25, November, 2012


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

85).                      “The  yogi  tries  to  see  the  Supreme  Soul . His end  is  to  get

the  embodies  soul  converted  into  the  Supreme  Soul “.

The embodied soul is transformed into the Supreme Soul, this is called the Great Transformation (Mahayoga). This Great Transformation comes after the unfoldment  of the embodied soul into—

(1)    The Universe is in God.

(2)    It is transformed into a seed.

(3)    The seed is changed into a dream.

(4)    The dream vanishes and nothing remains.

Though the Ascent stops here, in some cases the consciousness comes down and again it goes up when the Supreme Soul is seen.

86).                            “The yogi  withdraws  his  mind  from  the  body  and

tries  to  have  it  transformed  into  the  Supreme  Soul”.

The life-power of yogi is transformed into the Supreme Soul and he is seeing the Supreme Soul. This is realization is taking place from within the Supreme Soul. But yet there is consciousness. To extinct this consciousness is the ideal of a yogi but it never takes place in this stage . To see the Supreme Soul is but a realization and as such it cannot bring about a thorough elimination (Sthita Samadhi).

87).                 “At the first stage of spiritual discipline a yogi retires in solitude and keeps Himself confined in a fixed place and then practices meditation with undivided attention”.

The yogi, or the man of knowledge, or a devotee—all these people have got to get their mind withdrawn from the world and get it confined and concentrated in the seventh plane to see the various sportive forms of God . This is the only way and it is so eternally.

88).                “The man of knowledge with non-dualistic realizations of Vedanta says

that the act of creation, preservation and destruction, and the Universe

and all its living beings are but illusory sports of the Divine power”.

“Non-dualistic realizations of Vedanta—“is the unfoldment of the embodied soul as seen in the seventh plane in four parts, viz., (1)  The universe in Atma or God,  (2)  Seed,  (3)  Dream,  (4)  Elimination of ego-consciousness.

Preservation—is the Universe with all living beings in Atma.

Destruction—in the first stage is a seed, in the second stage is but a dream and then elimination follows.

These realizations are but stage or staircase leading up-wards in the process of  transformation of the life-power into the elimination of ego-consciousness (Stitha-Samadhi).



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 24, November, 2012

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Mrs. Sandhya Adhikary attendsLucknow reading centre to listen to the reading of this man Diamond (Jibankrishna) on regular basis.

On May22, 2000, she saw this man Diamond in dream and narrated as such :

In my dream my, I saw that my elder sister was telling me that in their school the Headmaster would deliver a lecture to-day. So I went with my sister to their school. I saw a huge hall, where all the listeners of the reading centre assembled.

After sometime the whole hall became illuminated, and this man Jibankrishna appeared. He was also so luminous which was beyond any imagination. Seeing his luminous body I had Goosebumps throughout my body and my dream went off.

This was my first meeting with Jibankrishna in dream.


Mrs. Bhagyaluxmi Shome resides at Kanchangha apartment, Noida, UttarPradesh (India), Sector-53. She listens the reading of this man Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) book ‘Religion and Realization’ (Bengali version) frequently.

She narrated two of her dreams after listening to the reading:

1)   June, 1999.

One day I saw in my dream that there would be reading of Jibankrishna’s book in a place. A large gathering was there, with known and unknown persons. Jibankrishna was reading himself. Nirmal brother showing Jibankrishna was saying, ‘see my mother, He is God! He is God!’ Then my dream was off.

[The dream is self – explanatory.]

2)   May 6, 2000.

In my dream I saw that Nirmal Mondal had come to me. I told him, ‘I was thinking about Jibankrishna (Diamond) and you have come. Then you are Jibankrishna. Next moment I saw that he was transformed into Jibankrishna. I bowed down to him and I was satisfied after seeing Jibankrishna after a long time. He discussed with me for a long time, but I couldn’t remember anything later on. Then I woke up.

I again slept and dreamt that I was sitting in a reading centre and Diamond’s book were being read as it used to be held atLucknowreading centre. Late Devi Padmavati, motherAnnapurnaand chanda were present there. I was feeling a great happiness remembering the old days. The whole night I enjoyed this situation and then I woke up.

[The first scene indicates that the seer has grown a sense of oneness and in the next scene the seer is undergoing through spiritual practices which will persist throughout her life.]


Mrs. Sugata Dasgupta is a regular listener at Lucknow reading center where Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) book ‘Religion and Realization’ (Bengali Version) is read regularly.

1)   In the month of April, 2000 after going to Kolkata I had a dream. Somebody touched his hand on my body and instantly there was ignition on my body. I was hearing its sound. When it was repeated twice, I said in my mind, ‘Oh, you minimize your power, so that I can tolerate it. I am having pain.’ Next moment I saw that it was reduced and my body became transparent.

Then I saw that Jibankrishna touched his hand on my spinal cord on seven points starting from the lower zone to the upper zone and each point sparked with light.

Next moment I saw that Jibankrishna was seated wearing red ochre cloth. He was very calm and complacent, eye closed with a smiling face like a child. Then my dream was off. This was my first vision of this man Jibankrishna.

[The seer experienced the knowledge of fire (Fire Brahma) as mentioned in Upanishad. She has also got this man Diamond as her God-the-Preceptor who has awakened her kundalini or life-force.]



Volume – 24, November, 2012



[Letter from Mrs Eli R  Marozzi (Mini) to Sri Jibankrishna]

March 15, 1961

Jibankrishna, Revered Sir,

Mr. Marozzi has spoken to you of my writing.  He is more eloquent and puts things nicely but I shall try to convey two rather recent dreams.

1.      There was a beautiful young man, bare-chested and wearing a headdress such as I associate with Siva, seated on a sort of bench with one foot under him and the other hanging down and resting on the ground.   Beside him (on his right and to my left) was a lovely female companion.  She handed him a babe and as he played with it turning its face down it began to bleed profusely at the mouth – dripping on the ground.  Then he was standing alone with a small bowl in his left hand and stirring the contents slightly with his finger tip placed a mark of sandal paste on his own forehead first and then on mine and it was as if I felt the tangible touch.  This figure disappeared and in dream I seemed to go down a small hillside sitting (not walking or touching the ground) about four inches off the ground gathering a handful or grass which by the time I had reached the place had become a mash like a cow makes when chewing her cud – all but a few blades which were taken by a man in a robe and placed in a fire.  A large elephant then appeared and something was said to him which I do not recall but he stuck his head inside the open window of a building on the hillside and withdrew it and again putting his head inside and trumpeting started the walls to tumbling and the building was being destroyed and sliding down the bill carrying the elephant with it.  It seemed he too would be carried away with the debris but a large rhinoceros with his large horn on the snout came to his rescue and pushed the material aside so that the two climbed up to safety.  All the time other buildings have started to crumble and cries of people could be head yet somewhere from the hill above.  I was viewing all his with no participation and no seeming concern.

Now all of this may not be significant and please do not hesitate to tell me what you think of the whole.

2.      There seemed to be a small hut by a rice paddy and coming there(I always seem to go through the air) I saw a man with a moustache and I asked “Arc you Jibankrishna?” The man said “yes”.  So I saluted and removing shoes went inside to sit before a lighted candle and asked to relate any special experience I might have had.  It seemed that Sri Ganesh came there too – small like a child  – and touched my arm.  When it was time for leaving my shoes could not be found’.

Have been very happy to hear of you from Mr. Marozzi and enjoy reading your commentaries on the Gospel which we have been reading for many years.

Please accept my loving regards,

In the Master




Mr. Eli R. Marozzi (Mini)

1081, Young Street, Honolulu -14,

Hawaii (USA)


Howrah (India)

25th March, 1961

My own beloved self Mini,

My own self you are – when you have seen me and you do announce it – it must be acknowledged that there is but one self  (in the shape of a living person) – Paramatman – though the whole human race bear different forms and names and scattered over all through the world – but at the same time they are within you.  Yes, remember, Thakur’s saying – “One Ram, but he bears thousand names.”  It is a time-immemorial saying but no proof of it has been given either individually or enmasse.  You are the blessed people and first in the annals of the world who bear proof and have enlightened the world that there is oneself – in the form of a living human being – in each and every member of the human race.  Blessed you are – once – twice – thrice and for ever.

Now to your dreams:

1.      It speaks of your experiences and process of going upwards from the lower zone to the higher zone.

2.      It announces your attainment of Sri Ganesh – Siddhi – Perfect – by being identical with “Diamond” – one.

(i)                 Siva – Yes it is Siva – Purusha; here your intuition is alright

(ii)               Lovely female companion – Prakriti.  It is the Philosophy of Sankhya – Prakriti and Purusha.  Generally one’s realizations or experiences start with dualism.

(iii)             Babe – this Universe.

(iv)            Play – Lila of the Puranas.

(v)               Bleed profusely – cruelty.  Apparently, this Lila of the Lord appears to be a cruel game.  But it is not so, as long as a man has desire for enjoyments of the world so long it appears cruel.

The Scene changed.

(vi)              Standing along – There is but only  Purusha.

(vii)            Bowl – Pot of grace.

(viii)          Stirring the contents slightly – awakening of the Life-power or Kundalini.

(ix)              On his own forehead first and then on mine – Raising the Life-power to the sixth plane – first taking place in your casual body and then coming upon the outer body or physical sheath.

(x)                Tangible touch – the current penetrated the physical sheath and left its impression on your memory. Siva – the preceptor of the Universe – gave His grace and disappeared.  Now commences the experiences in your body.

(xi)              Hillside – Your own body – a hillock of flesh and blood.

(xii)            Sitting (not walking or touching the ground) – It is your subtle body which moves.  The peculiar aspect of the subtle body is that it will move but it will not touch the ground.

(xiii)          Gathering a handful of grass – placed in a fire – This is but internal course of experiences and they cannot be identified as they are very subtle.

(xiv)          Large elephant – a spacious mind denoting a big receptacle.

(xv)            A large elephant then appeared carrying the elephant with it.  – Mind is a mad elephant and as long as it is in the lower zone or plane it destroys.

(xvi)          Rhinoceros – Yes, here is a wonderful revelation – this rhinoceros.  Rhino has got a fixed gaze at a certain point.  It indicates that your mind has become fixed on the sixth plane on the forehead.  In the Gospel of Shri Ramkrishna it is pointed out to Arjuna while aiming at the target and Sukdev while on his way, as if like a soldier, fixing his bayonet.

Something more is added here.  Lord Buddha after his attainment came back to Kapilavastu.  He met Gopa (his wife) there in the palace but Rahul (his son) was not there.  Then Lord Buddha left the palace.  Rahul came to Gopa.  She asked her son to meet the father.  But Rahul asked, “How am I to recognize my father?”  Rahul did not see his father as Buddha left the palace when Rahul was only born.  The mother replied.  “Yes, the man who is walking in the street like a rhinoceros is your father.”  We get this rhinoceros some 2500 years back and to-day.  This is the first time in my life the symbol of rhino is used again.  I have heard and interpreted some millions of these divine dreams but nobody up to the time reported a rhino in the dream.  Yours is the first instance and think how deep and powerful is your experience.  Blessed you are.

(xvii)        Horn on the snout – As a rhino runs fixing his gaze on the horn oer the snout, so your process of experiences will run on keeping fixed your eyes on the eyebrow and there will be no deviation from it.

(xviii)      All time other buildings….. from the hill – indicates your Universalism.

(xix)          I was viewing………no seeing concern – The thing (Oneness) will spread through your agency but you will not be aware of.  Your temple (body) will emit and transmit the power without your knowledge (Abhavmukh Chaitanya).

Dream 2.

(i)                 Hut – cerebrum or the seventh plane – It denotes Sattva Guna.

(ii)               Rice paddy – crop – result or effect of Sadhana or experiences.

(iii)             Go through the air – in your aerial body – i.e. subtle body.

(iv)              “Yes” – it is so spoken in the Vedas – the man who speaks in the dream is Brahma.

(v)                Removing shoes – devoid of the gross body.

(vi)              Shoe is the symbol of the gross body.

(vii)            Lighted candle – Light of knowledge – Janana-Dwip (lamp).

(viii)          And asked……….have had – your question was answered by  Shri Ganesh.

(ix)              Ganesh – Siddhi – Perfect.  Only One is Perfect – it is Advaitam.  Furthermore it indicates Universalism – as Ganesh is Lord of the people.

(x)                Small like a child – it is embryo.  The full-fledged effect is to grow and come out.

(xi)              Touched my arm – from within it penetrated your gross body.

(xii)            Shoes could not be found – Devoid of the sense of the body – Videha – i.e.  you are Atman – Brahma.

The whole course of Sadhan is done and the finishing touch is also given when the shoes are not found and this declares that you are Brahma or “Tat Tam Ashi – thou art That.” It is Mahayoga which unites “All into One.”

We are very glad to get your letter which contains such wonderful divine experiences.  The letter was read before our gathering and it was welcome like anything, nay it stuck us with awe and wonder as it is a play of the Mahayoga.

My Own Self forever,

SD/- Jibankrishna