Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume – 25, December, 2012

Diamond is the Purusha who awakes in dreams

as mentioned in Upanishad

It was 14th June, 1961, Monday Diamond once said to the listeners present in his room at Kadamtala, Howrah in context to divine dreams, “See I should tell you one thing about divine drams. What is a dream? It relates to the Soul or Atman. Ney, it is not the Soul. Whenever I shall use the term ‘Soul’ some imaginary object will come in the brain. It is the spontaneous evolution of life power of a human body. But I am talking about the divine dream not the animal dream which is the expression of subconscious state. It is not so with divine dreams. Even I should not term as ‘Life’. Have you seen the form of ‘Life’? No! You have seen my divine form within you. So my form is your life. Vedas have said, ‘When will be the manifestation of this life power? When the man goes to sleep. Though this term ‘dream’ is not appropriate. Vedas have mentioned, ‘within the dream the person who awakes He is Brahma (supreme)’. And His different sportive forms you see within your dream. When this happens during ascent (progress towards susupti) it may not be true. But when it comes down during descent from Susupti, it becomes true.

This has reference in Katho Upanishad (5.8) like this: who fashions desire after desire,that indeed is the pure; That is Brahma; That indeed is called the Immortal; On it all the worlds do rest; And no one so ever goes beyond it?

In this context Diamond said, ‘without dream that Purusha ( the Supreme Being mentioned in Vedas) won’t awake. So within dream He awakes without any doubt and this waking state will spread in future. Remember one thing always, that Purusha and Soul have become identical. So why should we call it Soul or Atman when nobody except one or two has visualized. But my own form which myriads of people have seen in various ways within them is not an imagination, or perception. It is real and direct.

[Katho Upanishad Has mentioned thus:

He who is awake in those that sleep,

The Person who fashions desire after desire _

That indeed is the Pure. That is Brahma.

That indeed is called the Immortal.

On it all the worlds do rest;

And no one so ever goes beyond it.(5.8)


The life power of human being is the form of Jibankrishna or Diamond and his sportive forms are seen in dreams


Let me say something about dreams. What is a dream? it is a sportive form of Atma or soul. No, let me not mention the term ‘Soul’ otherwise it may create some imaginary data about ‘soul’. Dream is the spontaneous manifestation of life power within a human body. But I am talking about only divine dreams, not animal dreams which are the expressions of subconscious mind in a human body. But why should I mention about life power? Have you seen life power? You are seeing my archetype form. So my form is your life power.

Vedas are saying, when this spontaneous manifestation will occur? When a man sleeps.  It is not proper to call it dream. Vedas are mentioning, when a man sleeps this ‘Purusha’ (person of divine consciousness) appears and He is called ‘Brahma’ or the Supreme Being. And you see the various sportive forms of this Purusha when you sleep. When this revelation occurs in ascent (towards Susupti, i.e, after the stage of dream), the dream may or may not be true. But when the life force comes down from Susupti, the dream becomes true in all respects.

[ Katho Upanishad has mentioned:

He who is awake in those that sleep; The Person who fashions desire after desire – That indeed is the Pure. That is Brahma; That  indeed is called the Immortal. On it all the world do rest; And no one so ever goes beyond it. (5.8).



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 25, Decembe, 2012

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Madan Koley

In the year 1954 accidentally I was introduced with a person named Haran Chandra Roy at Shibpur Betaitala, Howrah (West Bengal, India). Our discussion was mainly on Sri Ramkrishna Deva. That was the first time I read the book ‘Kathasar’ on Sri Ramkrishna. During that time every night at the residence of brother Haru devotional songs used to be sung.

Then I met his brother Gopal and thus two years passed. During that time I saw Sri Ramkrishna Deva in dreams.

One night at the end of the devotional songs brother Haru sanf ‘Jai Jai Jibankrishna’ (Hail JIbankrishna) and I also followed him. At the end I asked him, ‘Who is this Jibankrishna’? He said, ‘He is God’. Gopal said, ‘If he touches you, you will get everything on spiritualism.’

Previously I had the idea that God resides in the heaven and from there he comes down. So I said, ‘Sri Ramkrishna was the incarnation. Has God comes in the form of incarnation again’? Brother Haru told me, ‘Well, I shall take you there’.

Accordingly, one evening I stood near Bantra Public library. Brother Haru came and said, ‘Let us take tea in this tea shop, because there you will be free at 9 P.M.’ So after taking tea both of us went to Jibankrishna’sresidence nearby and as soon as we entered into the room Jibankrishna said, ‘come brother, come’! Both of us bowed to him by lying on the floor and I said indicating me, ‘He has come with me.’ In reply he said, ‘It is okay, Listen the Gospel my son.’

I understood that he was the same fellow about whom brother Haru was taking.

At that time he was seated on the cot. His head was clean shaved having no mostache and beard (As seen now in his photo). On the floor were seated some persons. One of them (Later on I came to know that e was Dhirendranath Ghosh) was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

In between reading. Jibankrishna was giving explanations on the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna. I have never heard such explanations in my life. During explanation sometimes he was losing his senses (I came to know that this was Samadhi). Being overwhelmed with surprise I was hearing and seeing al these. About two hours I was seated there spell bound. Then somebody saw the clock and said, ‘It is 9 O’clock.’ So it was stopped after finishing the chapter.

At the time of departure, Jibankrishna bowed to everybody touching the Gospel on his head.

When everybody was leaving, brother Haru told me in a suppressed voice, ‘Brother Madan, we shall leave at the last.’ I thought that it would be good that we could talk something with him.

At that time two young listeners were rearranging his bed and he was seated beside the window. At that moment sitting near him with foldedhands I asked him with a soft voice, ‘Well Sir, reality, dream and Susupti …’ – but without allowing me to complete, he said, ‘Again there is Turiya, my boy.’ I thought, ‘Oh, where I have come’! Then we left his room. On our way back I thought, from to-day my new life began. At the same time brother Haru also told, ‘From to-day your new life has begun.’

When I was returning home alone, Jibankrishna’s form was continuously penetrating my mind. That night I could not sleep well. Next day the same condition persisted throughout the day. So I couldn’t resist myself and in the evening I almost ran to his residence at Kadamtala. Standing outside I noticed that brother Haru still did not come. I felt hesitation entering alone into his room. So touching my head on the balcony (on the road in the ground floor) I paid my regard ti him and was about to come back. I walked very slowly and came near the main road. In the mean time I heard the voice of a person. ‘Listen brother, listen’! Turing my head I saw that a gentleman (Sushil Banerjee) came near me and touching my body asked, ‘Did you come yesterday with brother Haru? He is calling you, come’! So I entered into the room with him and bowed down to Jibankrishna.’ He asked me, ‘Why did you go away after coming here’? I said, ‘As brother Haru did not come, so I was scared to enter’. He said, ‘you will come alone every day.’ I was overwhelmed with joy and said, ‘I know the 108 names of Lord Krishna. If you order. I can sing before the devotees.’ Hearing this he said, ‘yes, you sing to-day.’ So after  reading the Gospel for a while JIbankrishna said, ‘Let it be stopped now. Let us listen to his song.’

I started and sang for about half an hour. He was happy and everybody enjoyed. For that day all of us left after bowing down to him. I used to go to Jibankrishna everyday and within three days I saw Jibankrishna in dream. But I never told him about it. After about a week one day discussions were going on about divine dreams of the listeners, Jibankrishna asked me, ‘Havn’t you seen my dream’? I said, ‘I have seen you in my dream, but I felt shy telling you my dream, because it was such a dream that I couldn’t say. Moreover, I have heard that dreams should not be narrated to anybody.’ He scolded me mildly and said, ‘Narrate your dream, let that rubbish be left.’ Other listeners also requested me to narrate my dream.

So I narrated thus:

There is a market near our Countryside residence. There are two trees near that market. One is Aonla and another one is Beleric. Jibankrishna along with some of the devotees went out for a robbery. Later on I came to know the names of those devotees. Jibankrishna was the leader, and the robbery would be performed in a village named Kanaidanga in that area. There were a number of residences of residences of some milk-men and many of them were rich. In one house the robbery was performed. But in the mean while the residents of many villages came to know and they prepared to catch the robbers. In the meantime Jibankrishna climbed up the Aonla tree and with a loudspeaker announced, ‘Don’t come this side, otherwise all of you will die.’ Hearing this none of them didn’t dare to come there. So the robbery was completed and all the robbers shared the jewelleries and put in their bags.

Brother Jiten (A senior devotee) guarded JIbankrishna and all the robbers fled except one who was running away on a field. He was caught and his jewelleries were snatched. While I was following Jibankrishna, my dream went off.

Hearing this dream Jibankrishna interpreted, ‘This is the robbery of knowledge and devotion, my son’! From now onwards I realized that I have got the real peace and real divine life after coming in contact with Jibankrishna.



Volume – 25, December, 2012


Future indication of a famous Cricket player and it came true

9) December 16, 2005, Friday.

Early morning dream : I was seated in the lounge of Calcutta Airport. I saw that the former Indian Cricket Captain Sourav Ganguly coming down from the plane came to me. He wore a T-shirt carrying a bag in his hand. He was looking at me with an intention of sitting beside me. So I gave him a place beside me. We had a long discussion and ultimately I took him to my birth place at Santipur (Nadia district,West Bengal StateIndia) I was preparation tea for me at our residence but at this moment my dream was off.

[The dream appeared to me on two aspects :

1)  There may be a change in Sourav’s Cricket carrier towards  betterment. And next day I was surprised to see the newspaper. The whole country was agitating for his inclusion in the Indian Cricket Team as he was under the unjustified decision of the then National Cricket Coach to be out of the team. This meaning is in macrocosm.

2)    In microcosm the dream is indicating that in future my dreams may be spread like a sent as ‘Sourav’ means inscence.]

The dream came true

10)  November 12, 2007.

Early morning dream : I was staying at our  residence (my birth place) of Santipur (Nadia District,West Bengal State,India). Somebody said, ‘The Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee ofWest Bengalis coming to me.’ So I started to arrange everything properly to receive him. Within a moment I saw that the pilot car came infront of our house and the Chief Minister was about to get down from his car. The dream became off.

[For a longtime a great chaos and public agitation were continuing at Nandigram for land acquisition on account of industrial setup. It flashed in my mind that this chaos may be stopped now. The reason is that ‘Santi’ means a peace; ‘pur’ means place. In eighteenth and nineteenth century people used to reside there due to its peace and un-disturbing situation. Moreover, this place is nearly eleven hundred years old town and a center of high religious culture and education inWest Bengal.

The Chief Minister came to Santipur which indicates that peace will come at Nandigram. And strangely from the next day the situation at Nandigram was becoming normal.

The same type of dream occurred during Kargil was near India Pakistan border where the President Bil Clinton and Vice – President Al-Gore of the United States of America and the Prime Minister Atal Behari Bajpayee of India had a discussion with me and after the dream the war stopped, though the reason remained mystery.

This type of dream also remains mystery.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 25, Decembe, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

89).                 “Upward  realizations  reveal  that  all these

realizations  are  but  illusory  like  a  dream”.

Realizations are relative truths and as such they appear as illusory as dream in comparison with the fundamental Truth or Absolute.

90).                 “Brahma  is  real”.

It is so revealed in four stages. They are;–

(1)    Atma  or  God ;

(2)    Jara  Samadhi—to get the life-power transformed intoEuclid’s point ;

(3)    Elimination of ego-consciousness;  and

(4)    to come back in the Descent with the knowledge of positiveness,

91).           “All  else  is  unsubstantial”.

They do not exist at all .

92)            “The life-power  is in  dream  and  not  in  existence”.

The ultimate transformation of life-power assumes the form of a dream and at the end there remains cannot be side.

93).            “Let  you realise in thousand folds, but till you are transformed

into God (Samadhi) you are not out of bound of the Jurisdiction

of power (Sakti)”.

The translation of the saying contains its own explanation as it has been so rendered.

94).            “I am in meditation, I am thinking God.—all these are but within the

Jurisdiction of life-power and they are attributive forms of life-power”.

Even at the vanishing point of ego-consciousness leaves what remains or not, nothing can be said as there is none to speak out .



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 25, December, 2012

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Mrs. Aloka Dutta goes occasionally to Lucknow reading center where Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (‘Religion and Realization’ in English version) is read regularly. She has narrated her dreams as such:

1)   January 8, 1997.

In my dream I saw that I was going to visit a sacred place on a hill top. I was accompanied by a number of people including my husband.

My husband was climbing up well ahead but I was feeling uncomfortable to climb up. Someone said, ‘Mother, are you feeling uncomfortable? Then you go back.’ I said, ‘No, I shall climb up to see the Holy person. At that moment I could not see my husband. However, with a great effort I reached a place. There I noticed two roads, one was narrow and the other was wide. Somebody said, ‘Nobody can go through this narrow road, but if anybody can go he will meet the Holy person.’ Next moment I saw Sushil Banerje (a regular companion of Diamond) standing on the road. He told me, ‘Mother, you follow the narrow road. There is no fear.’ So I went through the narrow road in the dark and after going up through seven steps I reached a roof like area. I saw a big tree on the midst of the roof but couldn’t see anybody. Suddenly Jibankrishna came out from behind the tree. Seeing him I asked, ‘Oh, you are here!’ Are you the Holy man’? He smiled and said, ‘Yes, I am that man’. I asked, ’What is that tree’? He said, ‘That is a precious tree – a tree of austerity’. Saying this he merged into the tree.

[The seer has got the grace of God in the form of Jibankrishna or Diamond. Seven steps indicate seven planes of the body and God is visible in the seventh plane.]

2)   October 11, 1998.

In dream I saw that I had gone to a fair. Huge number of people had gathered there. My younger brother also had come with his son. I was very happy to see my brother and I started talking with him.

Suddenly there was a rumor that a saint had come in the fair. Leaving my brother I went for searching the saint. Somehow through the mob I went to a place where I saw a room. There was a big door in the room and I entered into the room but did not see anyone. I couldn’t find the way to come out of the room and searched for a door to go out. Ultimately I found a similar room with a door and I entered into that room. This room was bigger than the previous one. But here also I didn’t find anyone. So, I walked forward and found another room which was bigger than the second one. But here also nobody was there.

After entering into six consecutive rooms ultimately when I entered into the seventh room I saw a portico where four – five people were moving. All were silent. Standing there I saw a platform in the midst of the portico. There were five steps to reach the platform. Crossing the steps when I reached the platform I saw that a boy sitting on a tool was oscillating his two legs. He had bared upper body, wearing a half trouser. His head was very big with large eyes and cars. Looking at me he began to smile and said, ‘why, you have come here after leaving such a nice fair?’ I said, ‘I have heard that a great saint is staying here and so I have come to visit him.’ The boy again said, but you have come here leaving such nice fair’! Well, I have attracted you here because I love you. Sit here’. Then he began to talk with me for a long time. Once he said, ‘My age is 12 yeas 4 months’. As soon as I heard it, I remembered that at this age Jibankrishna saw Sri Ramkrishna in his dream and got him as his God-the-Preceptor. When I asked the boy about this incident he said, ‘yes, it is so.’

Then I asked the boy, ‘Do you know where does he live’? He said, ‘you follow that road which you are seeing in front, and then you will find the Holy man. He is the Supreme Being.’

I looked at the road and saw that it was dark and full of water. It seemed to be a very inaccessible road. So I asked the boy, ‘Will you accompany me’? He said, ‘See, God broken both my legs. I cannot go anywhere, so I sit here. Whom I like I attract him. I have liked you, so I have called you and had a gossip.’ In spite of my repeated request he did not agree and again said, ‘you go alone, don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen to you.’

So I walked through that road very cautiously. After approaching quite a distance I found a large hall. Entering into that room I saw that Jibankrishna was seated in meditation. I recognized him but at the same time I thought that the boy whom I saw before must by his boyhood form. So I again ran towards that previous place but found none. I came back crying to the same place and saw that reading arrangements were made their and Jibankrishna was having meditation. I bowed down to him lying on the ground. My dream was off.

[The dream indicates that Diamond is eternal as he is seen in dreams in all his ages. Moreover the dream indicates that he is the Supreme Being.]

3)   November, 1998.

One day I was seeing a noble person. He asked me, ‘Say who is your Preceptor’? I was thinking what name should I tell him, whether Sri Ramkrishna or Jibankrishna. Lastly I said, ‘Jibankrishna is my Preceptor’. He again asked, ‘what do you call him’? I said, ‘Om Namo Jibankrishna’. He then asked, ‘What do you pray to him’? I recited the Sanskrit hymn to him,’Om sthapakaya cha Dharmasya sarbe – dharma swarupena; Namoste Jibankrishna tasmai Sri Gurabe Namoh’. Hearing my answer he began to laugh and said, ‘Yes, say like it.’ Then he disappeared. I understood that this person was Jibankrishna himself. To test me he took the form of a Holy man. Then my dream was off.

[The dream is self-explanatory.]



Volume – 25, December, 2012

[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

June 2, 1957

Jibankrishna was ill for some days.  Yesterday was Saturday.  When we went to him, he was lying on his bed.  Those 4-5 persons who went earlier told me that the reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna would commence from 6 PM to 7 PM.  There would be no Ramnam (Song on Lord Rama) to-day and to-morrow. Seeing us he said, ‘see for the last two days I saw in dreams for the whole night the reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

I was seeing that the room was packed up and I was giving interpretation of the gospel.  I have become so pressurized that I could not listen to the reading of the gospel any more’.

Then he narrated to us a strange dream.  His narration is like this :

I saw that I was lying on my bed.  In the meantime two persons entered into the room.  They were very strong and stout, about more than six feet in height, middle aged, above fifty and with long hairs.  The faces were dry looking but complacent.  One of them was black, the other was white.

The black man came to me and bowed to me touching his head on my cot.  He seemed to be a bit older than the other.  The white man bowed me touching his head on the floor near the window.  Then both of them sat side by side on the floor near the window’.

Jibankrishna paused for a while and then again said, ‘My dream was off.  At first I thought probably some new devotees would come.  But at once it flashed in my mind that, no, they were Krishna and Arjuna. (Lord Krishna and the hero of Arjuna of Mahabharata)!

But why Krishna bowed down to me, can you say?  Long time back I saw in reality that Lord Krishna Came out of my body in the disguise of Parthasarathi (as described in Mahabharata) and sat on my left thigh and then again entered into my body.  I have told you this incident many times.  However, can you say anything about that bowing?  I did not recognize those Krishna etc.  I only know this body and the manifestation of Atma or Soul within this body.  Do you know what had been shown?  For the last two days as the interpretation on the gospel was given for the whole nights, so to indicate the relation between soul and body.  And that is why Krishna and Arjuna came to me (Krishna – Atma or Soul, Arjuna – Body).  Though it is understandable, but why bowing down’?  Though, it is understandable, but why bowing down’?  For a while Jibankrishna remained silent and then after thinking he made a long sigh and said, ‘Who knows’?

In the mean while, many listeners came.  During discussion Kanti of Srirampur said, “one person from our place came here one day.  He once asked me, well, what have you understood after going there?  I said we have understood that a man can never be’ spiritual preceptor, only God can be the Preceptor.”

Jibankrishna said, ‘It won’t do, my boy.  Who will understand what is God-the-Preceptor, unless he has realization’?

Then addressing all he said ‘ If anyone asks you what you have understood, then you say we have understood that in this human body God exists.  He is within us and nowhere else.  After hearing this he will become silent and tell him that God can be seen within this body.’However, yesterday after completion of gospel reading from 5-30 PM to 6-30 PM all of us left the room.