Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 26, December, 2012

Diamond’s body is the conclusion of ‘Twam

Jato Bhabasi Biswatamukhah’ as per Vedas.


From where my austerity in real form has started? First in Pranamaya Kosha (sheath) I saw bluish gurgling water in my lower abdomen (in the 3rd plane). What I have seen in the fourth plane (Manomaya Kosha) – God’s light. In the fifth plane I have seen sky (Marut) and in the cerebrum I have seen the cosmic zone. And now at my age of 69 years, when the eyes are losing power of sight, the ears are losing the power of hearing, the skin is becoming loose, I saw the foot (Earth). What does it mean? I have grown my control on Earth.

When I visualized water, light, sky and cosmic zone it meant that after having my full control over these elements, these appeared in their own forms within my body teaching me that I have grown my control over these elements.

So many years have passed I saw those elements, and now I have full control over earth: That means I am the Master of these five elements.

When I saw the foot, did I wish to see it? Not as I saw it spontaneously, in the same way I have acquired the controlling power over the five elements. This means the attributes of my body are such. This is termed in yoga as ‘Bhutasiddha’ (control over the five elements). Yes, it is showing the completion – the completion of Universalism, oh! How the Rishis have termed it as ‘Paravidya’ (Supreme Cult). Otherwise, think that for no reason I saw my own foot! And this dream was manifested in my brain. See, if you are judicious on the basis of Vedas, then I shall say  – ‘completion’. Because they have mentioned that 20,000 won’t do, it should be innumerable people to see a man attaining godhood in dreams. Now, even more than that have seen me within them, and that is irrespective of caste, religion, sex and age. Still it has not stopped, on the contrary it is increasing still I should say one thing to you – Even if a single person on earth is left to see me, then that flow is mine, not of mankind. Yet, keep it in mind, whether I live or die, this phenomenon of seeing me within the body will continue. I have come to know. In Taitwiriya Upanashad it is mentioned about such person having austerity through different sheaths.They have mentioned this man as macrocosmic Person and mentioned as such:

Fire is His head; His eyes, the moon and sun; the regions of space, His eyes; His voice, the revealed Vedas; Wind, His breath; His heart, the whole world. Out of His feet, the earth. Truly, He is the inner Soul (Atman) of all.(2.1.4).

The austerity of earth – its manifestation in Diamond’s body and effect


I was reading the book ‘The Serpent power’ of John Woodroffe. He understood one thing. He is saying, whatever is in the outside is within this body. He has considered this human body. To- day I shall tell you one thing from this book though he could not say properly.

Some days back I told you that I saw in my dream my own foot. As soon as I read that he has mentioned foot as earth, I conceived it. As soon as Dhiren came, I asked him the meaning of food, instantly he answered, ‘You have seen the foot of Lord Vishnu’. What is written in the scriptures? Vishnu covered the world with his single leg. It means it shows that I have covered the whole world.

However, what is the meaning of this dream? Well, what have I told you? From where my spiritual life began? From this ‘Pranamaya Kosha’ (thrird plane), isn’t so? What I saw in the fourth plane (Heart) – Aura. Then in the fifth plane I saw air in the seventh plane I saw outer space and then what remains there? Earth. I saw my foot – it means I saw earth. And John Woodroffe has mentioned this foot as earth. What a wonderful thing it is! Long time back I saw water in Pranamaya Kosha and after a gap of so long years I saw earth.

The austerity of this earth was continuing within my body and due to its effect I have this realization. Earth is the lowest zone of the planes and this is called th five elements which has come under my control. It is termed as ‘Bhutasiddhi’ in the scripture and it means ‘control over the five elements’

[Thousands of years ago Svetasvetara Upanishad has mentioned on this austerity of earth thus:

When the fivefold quality of yoga has been produced, Arising from earth, water, fire, air, and space,

No sickness, no old age, no death has he, who has obtained a body made of the fire of yoga. (2.12)



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 26, December, 2012

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Bholanath Mukherjee

It was March – April of 1954. My father was seriously ill. I was then 35. I didn’t believe in God at that time, and new nothing about God. For the first time I prayed to that unknown God, ‘Oh God, make my father all right.’

Thereafter 2-3 months had passed. I was roaming here and there with a fervent heart to search for God.

During this time one of my friend Narayan came one day and asked, ‘Bhola, you seemed to be very unmindful. I see you always as if you are thinking something! I answered, ‘I am not liking, anything.’ He said, ‘Will you go to a place with me?’ I told him,’Will you take me there to-day’? He said, ‘To-day I shall not go. But brother Monoj will go to-day. I am introducing you with him. He will take you there.’ Accordingly brother Monoj told me to stand in a fixed place of Howrah Railway Station at 5 PM.

I remember that was one Saturday, July, 1954. At the fixed time brother Monoj took me to a residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Kadamtala, Howrah. It was then 6 PM.

I saw that the room was fully packed with listeners. When I stood near the door, I saw a gentleman with bare upper body and clean shaved head was seated on the floor in front of a cot facing the door. Seeing me standing at the door he asked, ‘Who are you my son? Come inside, come near me.’

I went near him making my passage through the crowed and instantly my head was bowed done by an unknown force.

Now I can say that during that period I was a strong young man, but as soon as my head touched his legs, I fell into a deep sleep state. At that time the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on. I heard nothing, even his conversations about me, what I heard later on from others. He said at that time, ‘See that boy, he fell into Samadhi state. He has no sense. I don’t know from where he has come. Can he return home? Let me interrupt this state. No, no, let him enjoy this divine bliss so long he can resist.’ I heard later on that he started patting from my head downwards with his two hands and uttered, ‘Hail Ramkrishna! Hail Ramkrishna’! At first I had no sense. Later on I felt somebody was patting on my head and back. At once I sat straight and saw that the whole crowd was looking at me. I felt shyness and thought what I had done! How others would take it! Just at that moment I heard his voice, ‘Come my boy, come near me.’ Then dragging me near him asked, ‘you have roamed here and there, isn’t it? Don’t go anywhere.’

The reading again started. With great surprise I was looking at him and thinking ‘Who is he’? After a while the devotional song on Lord Rama started, During that period every Saturday and Sunday this song used to be sung.

Jibankrishna sat on his cot and called some 4-5 people on the cot, so that during this time others would meditate. Looking at me he asked, ‘Will you meditate’? I said, ‘No, I shall sing.’  So he said, ‘Well, Well’!

One thing I should say, when I raised my head from his legs as if from a sleep, he asked me, ‘Have you ever seen Sri Ramkrishna in your dream’? I answered, ‘No Sir.’ ‘Well it is all right’, he said. The song started and I followed others as side singers. Gradually my eyes were closed and sat like a statue without any sense. What I saw I could never forget in my life. I saw that Sri Ramkrishna was dancing like a mad man and was telling me, ‘You also dance.’ But I couldn’t dance. When this vision was over, I felt sad that I couldn’t dance even on request of Sri Ramkrishna. The song was also finished.

I was then looking with a great astonishment on that man JIbnakrishna. He said with smiling face, ‘I marked that you had a deep meditation. Have you seen anything’? At once I said, ‘Yes I have seen.’ ‘What have you seen, say’, he said so I narrated my previous vision to him. I went on thing, how strange! He told me, ‘I saw that you had meditation’! Actually I had no idea about meditation. However, at the end everybody started for their home after bowing down to him. I did the same thing. He asked me, ‘Can you go home alone’? I said, ‘Yes, of course.’ So he said, ‘Well, come again my boy.’ I came to know that he was Jibankrishna by the touch of whom my dormant divine consciousness awakened that day.

From that night I couldn’t free myself from the thought about him. Always I felt a great attraction for him and thought when to go to him.

Next Sunday I was preparing myself for going to Jibankrishna. I heard that he never takes anything from anybody, even woman folks are not allowed there. So I thought, when I couldn’t give him anything, let me take a packet of incense. So I took two packets and ignited the sticks and fixed all round inside the room. The room was filled up with sweet smell and I felt satisfaction. Later on bowing down to him I sat on the floor. He asked me, ‘Have you seen any dream last night’? I said, ‘No Sir’! He said, ‘All right my boy, sit. I thought, why did he ask about dream? And why did I see dream? This reality was okay. While thinking, I noticed that he was looking at me from time to time. With a smiling face he told me, ‘Listen the reading of the Gospel.’ But I was not hearing, on the contrary I fixed my eyes on him watching the yogic expression on his body. At the same time I noticed that whenever any newcomer was entering the room, he was asking him, ‘Are you feeling the smell of incense? That boy has brought it,’ and he was pointing me. At first I thought that it was an appreciation but later on when he repeated it with all the new comers, I realized that this was not an appreciation. I was feeling shame on myself for such work and thought that this was a punishment for me.

It was my fourth meeting with Jibankrishna. Every time I used to think why did he ask me about dreaming and every time I had to give him negative answer.

On my fifth meeting I was sitting in Jibankrishna’s room. He asked me, ‘Have you seen any dream’? I said, ‘Yes, I had a long dream last night, and this was my first dream in my life. I was seeing that the world was going to be destroyed. Huge waves of the sea were observed. So many human beings, animals, bird were floated away. Some were dead, some were half-dead, some were frantically trying to avoid death. I was seeing myself as a helpless witness, standing on a place. So far my eyes reached only water was seen with huge waves. At a far distance I noticed that a person was seated on a huge wave very calmly. When the wave became low, he became out of slight. Again when it became high he became visible. How long this continued, I could not say. When this scene came near me, I observed, oh, this man was Sri Ramkrishna Deva! He was seated just like the portrait of Sri Ramkrishna hanging against this wall (Showing the portrait in the room). But when the scene came too nearer, I exclaimed, ‘Oh, he is Jibankrishna’! Within the dream I was not telling myself,’ As you were far away, I couldn’t recognize you.’ When the wave on which you were seated came nearest to me, became calm, and instantly all the surrounding waves also became calm. Sitting on the wave you asked me with smiling face, ‘Are you scared? What’s the fear? Come near me, sit on my lap.’ Saying this you picked me up with your two hands with very ease. Next moment the sea again became un-restful with huge waves. I was seated on your lap with a great comfort and without any tension, though I was feeling a great mental pain. I saw that you were a huge-sized man. To look at you I had to look at the sky. I noticed that you were very calm as if nothing was happening in the surrounding. I was seated like a child on your lap. But I was feeling restless when I was seeing in the surrounding helpless people, dying children, old men, and women in front of my eyes. I couldn’t resist myself and shouted, ‘You have taken me on your lap, but those people are dying. Please put them on your lap.’ You had become larger than before and looked ferocious with bulging and red eyes and face. Looking at me he scolded me and said, ‘Shut up’! Being scolded I hid myself in his lap like a child. After a while I saw that water was dropping on my head. Looking upwards I noticed that tears were coming out of your ears and dropping on my head. I asked, ‘Are you crying’? No answer. After a while you said, ‘DO you know what happened? I went to take all of them in my lap, but none wants to come.’ What a sweet voice you had. I had never heard such soft and sweet voice. My dream then was off. It was dawn, but I couldn’t get up from my bed. My whole body was shivering. It seemed if I stood up I would fall down. I had no power. I was seared what happened to me. I told my wife, ‘give me a glass of water.’ After drinking I sat on my bed for a few moments and then I felt that the shivering had subsided.

Hearing my dream Jibankrishna said, ‘This great disaster does not mean the outside disaster. It is the total change within your body. You saw Sri Ramkrishna means you saw God and seeing me means you have got me as your God-the-Preceptor.

And you had shelter in his lap.

Then he asked Bankim Chakravarty, ‘Say, what he has seen’? He said, ‘All the annomalys within his body were eliminated.

Jibankrishna asked, ‘But what was that to him’? Bankim – He got a new spiritual body and in that body he visualized God.

Hearing this Jibankrishna fell into Samadhi state and after his Samadhi state he told me, ‘Now can you understand? The goodness was manifested with elimination of evils.’

Bankim (To Jibankrishna) – He got the shelter in your lap. Jibankrishna – yes. And as you saw yourself in my lap, that was not me, but God. He wants to give shelter every human being in his lap, but due to the outward outlook they want worldly enjoyment, and then what is the result of that was shown to you.

Then I asked, ‘But after waking up my body was shivering. What was that?

Jibankrishna – Look, your own divine consciousness was showing the sportive forms within your body, not outside. That power belongs to Brahma or God. However, you will understand all these gradually in due course of time. You have saved me. Now listen to the reading of Gospel.



Volume – 26, December, 2012


The mystery of seeing famous persons and innumerable people known and unknown in dream – A future indication?

11) February 22, 2008, Friday.

Early morning dream: In my dream I again saw Soeb Akhtar, Pakistan’s fast bowler in Cricket team. Recently he joined Kolkata Cricket team in Indian Premier league Cricket tournament.

In the dream I congratulated him for joining  Kolkata team. He spent lots of time with me like a very intimate one and traveled in many places. Here the dream went off.

[In reality Soeb Akhtar admitted that he was feeling a inner power acting on him, but didn’t know the reason.]

Then on 25th February, 2008 I saw in my dream that Sir Garfield Sobers, world’s best all rounder in Cricket had come to our house. But the house was unlike our real house atLakeTown and situated in a different place. My expired mother was also there. She cooked Polao (Fried rice with mutton) for him and he was eating it with great satisfaction. Then he was spending his time at our house like a very familiar person speaking in Bengali language though not so fluently. After while the dream went off.

[Both the above dreams were very vivid and deep. It has been observed that during the last 3-4 months strange dreams have been occurring where not only famous persons but also innumerable people of all sexes and ages are appearing in my dream. It seems mystery to me due to two reasons :

1)    Who are those unknown persons?

2)    Why the famous persons unknown to me are appearing?

The same type of dreams Diamond used to see during the last days of his life where known and unknown people used to appear in his dream.

Diamond used to say that as his form was transformed into the soul of every human being, he will guide human beings from their inside as a pure consciousness, but without their knowledge. In our dream the soul in the form of Diamond acts. Is it the initiation of that forecast? The dream experts may reveal its real meaning.]


The future of a political leader in dream – How it came true

12) April 3, 2009, Friday.

Early morning dream : I had gone to the residence of Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the opposition leader ofWestBengalState(India) at Kalighat, Kolkata. In reality I had never gone to her residence. My elder brother was with me. It was a one storied small house. I sat in her drawing room because I had to hand over a key to her.

She was coming out and in but without any conversation with me. She seemed to be very calm and complacent unlike reality. Then I handed over the key to her. The dream was off.

[The dream seemed to me to be very significant to her future life as in a previous dream I saw her in my dream offering tea to her, and within a short time she became Railway minister of India. Such type of dreams has happened with many other important persons and their future changes were observed.

In this case I felt that she might get an upliftment in her carrier and her aggressive attitude would be transformed into calmness.

Note :  on 16th May, 2009, it was observed that she won with a huge majority from West Bengal for Lok Sabha election of India. Not only so, she had a remarkable change in her attitude making her very calm and patient.]

Then on October 22, 2009, I again saw Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the Railway minister ofIndiain my dream. She had come to me and sat on my cot. She was looking very calm and pleasant. I was giving her many advices, though I couldn’t remember later on. The dream then went off.

[On 13th May, 2011, it was an amazing incident that her party defeated Left front Govt. of West Bengal State with an overwhelming majority and became the Chief Minister of the State.

This is really a mystery why the effect of such type of dreams is seen with the persons appeared in dreams. And it has happened with many others in previous dreams.

Only one conclusion may be drawn that Diamond’s forecast is coming true when he said, ‘I shall control through the inside of a human being in the form of pure consciousness and thoughts changing a man gradually to perfectness and this will happen without his or her knowledge. But this is merely a hypothesis still now and can be established by more and more evidences.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 26, December, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

95).                  “So the Supreme Self (Brahma) and life-power are, though identical, but expressions of different aspects”.

“The Supreme Self is the life-power”—Shri Ramkrishna .

God without attributes and forms becoming God with attributes and forms . It is Descent as seen in the body. It is the manifestation of God in Descent in various stages, or in other words, it is the display of God as Avatar in the body.

“Avatar displays with the aid of life-power”—Shri Ramkrishna .

(i)    Knowledge of the Supreme Self (Brehmagyan)—no-ego-consciousness, and it is in connection with the life-power transforming into Supreme Self (Ascent—Agam). This Ascent ends here .

Then Descent follows .

(ii).    Knowledge of “Thou”—“I—am—not—but—Thou.”

(iii).   This :Thou” takes the form of a very ancient ‘Rishi’.(The ancient man of the Vedas), appears and says, “The Divine consciousness is coming down very soon in the form of Avatar  (Incarnation of God)”.

(iv)    Then the Divine Consciousness is seen. It flares up in a red light in the middle of the seventh  plane. It is called ‘seeing of consciousness’ (Chaitanya Sakshatkar).

“Like a brilliant red light emitting from the stick of a Chinese red-light match box”—Shri Ramkrishna .

(v)      Then the light—not—red—comes down from the seventh plane to the neck . It is self- evident that the light is descending ,

(vi).    Then this very lights seen to come down from the seventh plane to the waist up to the organ of  evacuation.  Now this descent is clearer than the first one.

(vii),   This light again takes the manikin form of “Avatar”, or Incarnation of God. He sings the glory of God by clapping his hands. All these displays do not take place in a single day, but it takes time .

96)                 “One cannot conceive the Absolute without the Relative

Or the Relative without the Absolute “

All the sportive forms of God are but displays and manifestations of the Absolute . Again, the Absolute manifests Himself of these endless sportive forms. This link between the Absolute and the Relative and vice versa is inseparable, contiguous and eternal.

97).                “Life-power is the Supreme Self and the Self is the life-power “.

(a)    ‘Life-power is the Supreme Self-‘is Ascent (Agam). Life-power is transforming into God and becomes God—in the first stage with forms and attributes and finally without forms and unqualified .

(b)     ‘The Supreme Self is the life-power’—It is Descent (Nigam).

It springs up from the no-ego-consciousness and finally takes the from of the manikin or Manus-Ratan, i.e., Avatar.

The problem of the body is still unsolved. This Physical body is but a form of God, the Absolute. “The staircase and the roof are made of the same materials. The seminal fluid is so soft but how stiff and hard flesh and bones are made out of it. Everything is possible in God as it so transpires and is seen”—Shri Ramkrishna.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 26, December, 2012

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Part – 1

Dhruba Mukherjee attends regularly the Lucknow reading center for listening to the reading of Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) book ‘Religion and Realization’ (Bengali version).

After attending the reading center he started seeing Diamond in his dreams and trances. His narration of a few dreams are given here:

1)   One day in the month of July, 1992, in trance I saw that Jibankrishna was walking with me through a passage within a harvested paddy field and discussion about religious aspects. I was feeling as if I was merged in a world of bliss, and at the same time felt that all of my relatives, friends should taste it.

Then he told me the sum and substances of his discussion that the main object of religion is to get this Diamond (God) and then to be transformed into God.

After a while he took me to a new place and said, ‘You will see many new things here and can taste those.’

I saw a huge estate surrounded by a high wall with two gate keepers with guns at the gate. Jibankrishna entered inside with me. The gate keepers saluted him. Inside there was a palace. He took me to an adjacent garden full of many fruit trees. Jibankrishna said, ‘Whatever fruits you like, climb up the tree and eat.’ I told him about wood-apple. So he showed me a wood-apple tree. I picked up a wood-apple from the tree and began to eat. Meanwhile I could not see Jibankrishna beneath the tree. So I began to shout. The gate keepers asked, ‘Why are you shouting?’ I said, ‘That gentleman who was with me so long, where had he gone’? The gate keeper said, ‘This palace belongs to a king and he is the owner of this palace. He has called you on the roof-top.’

So I went near the palace and saw that there were many steps to go to the roof. Whatever steps I took to get up, these put me down. I understood that this was a place to be lost. I asked the gatekeeper about the real steps, but he said that they had no permission to say anything about it.

So, I wanted a rope and he gave me an old rope. At that moment Jibankrishna called me from the roof.

I fixed the rope by throwing it on the roof, I started climbing up. But in the midway suddenly the knot was loosened and I feel down. Seeing me in such a condition Jibankrishna dropped an iron chain from the roof and with case I climbed up on the roof. Jibankrishna said, ‘My boy, you have climbed up on the roof, but you must know the steps to get up and down, otherwise how can you have ascent and descent in your austerity!’

I asked him, ‘You show me the real steps.’ So he began to get down with me by the steps. Jibankrishna old me, ‘In the real steps the green bulbs are glittering while in the fake steps light bulbs are glittering.

Then he took me to a well arranged room. I saw Sri Ramkrishna sitting with closed eyes. Jibankrishna shouted, ‘Dhruba has come.’ Sri Ramkrishna smiled with his two teeths exposed and said, ‘Oh, Dhruba hase come?’ I paid my homage to both of them lying straight on the floor. Sri Ramkrishna asked Jibankrishna, ‘could he get up on the roof?’ Jibankrishna said, ‘yes, but at the first time he himself was trying to get  up with a rope, but it tore and he felt down. Both of them laughed loudly.

Sri Ramkrishna – Then?

Jibankrishna – Then I hanged an iron chain and he climbed up by holding that chain.

Sri Ramkrishna – Yes Dhruba, the main aim is to get up on the roof. But one does not know the path how can he taste the God’s sportive forms. However, you have come to know everything, so we are pleased.

Then Jibankrishna took me to another room. There I saw many idols of Gods and Goddesses. After that I noticed Sarada mother (wife of Sri Ramkrishna). I bowed down to her also. Giving me blessings Mother said, ‘Be your life enlightened.’ Then she gave me some pieces of mango fruit on a dish. When I showed my disinterest both Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrisna told me, ‘you might eat mango previously, but you should not reject it now. It will not be a wise thing if you don’t take from Mother.’ So I took the plate and eat all the pieces and my dream went off.

[The dream indicates many aspects about the austerity of the seer.

  1. Roof symbolizes the seventh plane or the cerebrum. By self-exertion man cannot reach the seventh plane to visualize God, unless God-the-Preceptor or the Holy Ghost gives his grace to the seer.
  2. By the grace of the Holy Ghost the seer’s ascent and descent austerity was performed.
  3. Mother symbolizes this body. By her grace the seer gets the immortality of the spiritual body. Mango is a symbol of ‘Amritatva’ or immortality.]



Volume – 26, December, 2012

[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

June, 1957.

Since last Monday Jibankrishna seemed to be recovered from his fever.  But still now-a-days up to 9-00 PM the reading of the gospel  of Sri Ramkrishna was continuing.

Let me say something about Jibankrishna.  He had a dream.  He was seeing as it his whole lot of shirts was torn and so he called a tailor to make two shirts for him.  When the tailor brought him two ready-made shirts he took out the money from his pocket.  But the tailor was only busy to praise the two shirts.  Hearing this appreciation his dream was off.

Khitish Roychoudhury interpreted as such:

The shirt signifies this body, two shirts means 200 per cent and praising the shirts means that all these things come from Nirguna (Infinity),,that means these are manifested after coming from infinity.  Jibankrishna said, ‘Well it may be, but what is about the tailor? Why tailor?  Have you got the reference of tailor in the gospel’?

Khitish gave some thoughts but failed to give any clue.  Jibankrishna ultimately said, ‘My only life is that gospel.  I have found all the references of washerman, barbar, fisherman, milkman, Steerman etc. but you won’t find the reference of tailor’.

After giving home thoughts he again said, ‘Well whether you remember or not, once I told you about the tailor.  There is a book of Karlail named Sartor Resartus the English translation of which is ‘The tailor retailored’. In that book there is a reference of this esoteric interpretation, though it could not be explained so clearly.  By showing a tailor it reveals the difference between Ramkrishna era and our phenomenon.’

All of us kept looking at him to her some more but he kept looking outside through the door and then said with a cold affected voice, ‘I have a firm belief that this God-the-Preceptor whom you have achie3ved will control you throughout your life.  I have understood it long time before.


June 18, 1957

Last night Jiten Banerjee was reading ‘Bhaktamal’ (A religious book of vaishnava cult. Who worships Lord Krishna).  When it was read about King Jaimal, Jehangir Batliwala (A Persee) asked, ‘Was it a historical fact? Jiten Chatterjee gave his answer, ‘No, it is not’.  Jibankrishna then said, “Do you know what were those things? Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said that these things may happen in reality.  This means that nothing is impossible to happen like this.  Listen, God is almighty.  If He wishes so many incidents may happen.  Then let me tell you a true story.

There was an Excise Inspector of Bihar Government.  But he never liked this job.  You can easily guess how this type of job was in those days.  Actually that man was honest, otherwise why did he dislike such type of job?

One day he had a dream.  He saw that he was going somewhere along the bank of a river by a palanquin.  The whole surrounding was illuminated like moon beam.  At that moment he felt a disposition to evacuate.  So he stopped there and after clearing his bowels on the lower bank of the river when came up he noticed some pearls and diamonds on the bank of the river.  He picked up those jewels and at that moment his dream was off.  Gradually he forgot the dream because of his heavy duty.  One day it happened such that he was travelling in a palanquin in the night.  Ultimately he reached a river bank and he felt a disposition to evacuate.  What to do, he got down through the bank and completed excretion.  Then when he ot up from the water side he saw that something was glittering in the moon beam.  He went near those things and picking up he saw some diamonds and pearls etc.  Then and there he remembered his previous dream and exclaimed, ‘what a strange thing, I had dreamt the same scene’! Then after returning home he resigned from his service and selling all his properties he began to reside at Benaras”.

After narrating this story Jibankrishna told us, ‘Just see that man wanted to lead an honest life and God arranged everything for him.”

We were astonished hearing this story and kept on looking at him.  Seeing our astonishment he said, ‘Nothing is strange in this world, those who have pure desire they get that.  If you have wish that wish is fulfilled…….”