Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 3, February, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

Diamond – Vedanta personified

On 29.10.1961 Diamond said –

‘Ma’ means Atma or Self. I visualized Atma – what happened? I am that Atma or self. ‘Ra’ means world. I visualized the world within Atma. What happened? I am the world. World means this human race only. What happened then? I am the human race. Then the world is converted into seed. What happened? I am the seed.

Vedanta’s realizations are (1) ‘Ma’; (2) ‘Ra’; (3) Seed; (4) Dream; (5) Vanished.

Out of these five realizations the first three have the proofs and I have given, but only to-day I have realized, though it happened long time back.

See, I am Atma. Where is the proof? Atma is within the human body. Vedas quote, ‘He is within every human being’ and so my image is being seen in innumerable people.

Then I saw the universe within Atma – it means I have become this universe. The proof for it is being given by human race, when they say, ‘We have seen you and are seeing within our bodies’.

Then comes seed. I saw seed or point. What happened? I was transformed into a seed or point.

Here comes Sankaracharyya’s Advaitism – ‘Remove your name? Here also you eradicate your name. Then what remains? The seed remains. This is the seed in mother’s womb. I am that seed. And the evolution of that seed is my image which you are visualizing within yourself.

Here even there is no need of removing the name. You have your names, but I am within all of you in seed form. Wherever it is germinated, he or she is seeing my image within, saying, ‘we are in non-existent, you are in existence. Where these are not germinated, even there also I am in existence and can be expressed.

Then comes ‘dream status’ – I have this status and you are the proof. Had I have not such stage, you would not have seen me within yourselves. Light produces light. This I have told you long time back.

This has reference in Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad (5.1) saying: This earth is honey for all creatures, and all creatures are honey for this earth. This shining, immortal person who is in this earth, and with reference to oneself, this shining, immortal person who is in the body he, indeed, is just this soul (Atma), this immortal, this Brahma, this All.


Revival of Premordial Religion (Vedic Truth) – Diamond’s Real Divine Life


Listen! The religion of the Vedic Rishis or the primordial religion of Upanishads are manifested here. Here the Life divine is established in true to sense. If anyone achieves Divine life, then innumerable people will see him within themselves like this.

Oh! How wonderful is Rabindranath Tagore! He has considered living human being during his explanations on Upanishads. For this reason he used the term ‘Human religion’. He has forecasted about this phenomenon.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 3, February, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in physical body before I met him in reality

Dwipendra Krishna Chanda

It was then an employee in zoological survey of India.  In the month of January, 1960 I was transferred to Sillong (Meghalay, India) and used to stay at a mess.  It might be the month of August or September of the same year, one afternoon at about 4-00 P.M. I was working alone in the office; suddenly it seemed to me that somebody was passing through the front corridor.  Raising my head I noticed that somebody ran inside the room in front of my room.  Though that room was locked but the inside was visible through the gap of the door.  There I saw distinctly a man wearing white dress, the body was a slightly reddish, hair cut was short and a beard on his check, resembling much our watchman.

There were two doors of that room. I doubted what the watchman was doing in that room! I rushed towards the back door.  Seeing that closed, I o up on the window and watched the inside of the room.  I shouted by the name ‘Sovani’ (The watchman’s name) but received any response.  My doubt was increasing gradually.

When it was evening, the room was illuminated by the street lights of the hilly roads and Sovani was only visible inside the room.  At that time I felt my body to be a bit heavy and being much scared instead of staying at office, I went through the sloppy road to Man Singh’s tea shop.  But with a great surprise I noticed that Sovani was present there and was having a chat with very relaxing mood. I charged him, ‘how did you come out of the laboratory?  I saw you running inside the room at 4-30 P.M.? With a great astonishment he answered, ‘I had been here since 4 P.M. you may ask them’.  However, I took him with me and opened laboratory number one.  But I saw that the other door was also closed by hinge from inside.  There was no way out.  Sovani told me, ‘it is sure that you saw the Saturn’.  Hearing this I got frightened and told him to follow me upto the main road.  From that day onwards, I had this impression that I saw a ghost and since then I used to keep the watchman beside me whenever working after the office hour.

I had this impression up to December 6, 1965 that is until I saw Jiban Krishna face to fact at his residence of Kadamtala, Howrah.   While staying at Shillong I used to see dreams but I never gave importance.  In the year 1962 I was transferred to Jabbalpur (Madhya Pradesh, India).  Then in the year 1964 I was transferred to Kolkata, that was the month of November.  I was used to stay at our own house at Chetla, Kolkata.  Sudhangshu Das was our neighbor.  In the mid November he arranged a Reading Centre at his residence.  There was a background behind this.  He dreamt that opening a Reading Centre in his house would be good for human beings and the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna should be read and discussed.  In the first day many people came here to listen to the reading and in the first night when I listened to the reading saw a dream.  I saw in the dream that in a pond beside a temple near our house I was going to take a path after visiting the temple.  Then after clearing the water hyacinth I began to wash my vest.  But strangely without using any soap it became milky white.

After listening to my dream brother Sudhangshu explained that my old prejudices were eradicated. Henceforth, I started to listen the reading regularly.  During reading I had a deep meditation and visions.  During the first two days I saw the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha.  Brother Sudhangshu explained that my mind had gone up to sixth plane because these forms of gods and goddesses can be seen in the sixth plane.

December 1, as usual after listening to the reading I had my dinner and went to bed.  I fell in a trance, suddenly my body jerked violently.  I opened my eyes and saw that above my chest a face up to neck moved away from my left side to right side.  I clearly noticed that the face had short hairs on head, white beard on check with large eyes and sharp nose.  The portion beside his right ear was reddish.  After this vision I was scared.  I did not dare to switch on the light.  I got down to the ground floor and told my mother about this vision.  Hearing this she said, ‘perhaps you have seen that noble man about whom Sudhangshu discuss in the Reading Center’.

Next day when I narrated this vision to brother Sudhangshu, he hugged me with great joy.  He decided to take me to a house at Howrah in the next Sunday.

In the next Sunday morning I went to Jibankrishna’s residence at Kadamtala, Howrah with brother Sudhangshu.  At that time he was lying on his cot  probably after his morning walk.

As soon as he saw me with brother Sudhangshu he said, ‘oh my boy, come my boy’!  Then he sat on his cot.

I told him, ‘a few days back I saw your face moving from my left side to the right side’.  He said, ‘no, not me, you saw your own fact’.  I said emphatically, ‘no, I saw your fact’.  With louder voice he again said, ‘no, you saw your face’.  But again I said the same thing.  After these repeated debates he fell into Samadhi (profound meditation merging into goodhood).  After a while he said, ‘you had a vision of chetan Samadhi (Samadhi upto neck) and you have become preacher.  Whomever you will say that god is within you, he will see god.  Come here from time to time my boy!

In the meantime, Adhir Ghosh came,  Jibankrishna told him to read ‘Individualism and universalism’ from his book ‘Religion and Realization’.  Brother Adhir read 20-25 pages with louder voice.  Jibankrishna asked me whether I understood it.  I said, ‘I have understood nothing, because this is the first time I am hearing all these’.

Lastly during my departure after bowing down to him, he came with me up to the door.  Seeing him in standing posture suddenly the incident at shilling flashed within me.  Whom I saw there was none but he.  Thereafter, I met Jiban Krishna at his residence several times and every time he requested me to go to read in the Reading Centre but as I was scared I could not go for reading.  But one day he called me through brother Sudhangshu and told me to read at his room.  So brother Sudhangshu gave me his own book ‘The gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and told me to go to Jiban Krishna in the afternoon.  Having no other alternatives, I went to Jiban Krishna’s residence with the gospel and my personal Bengali book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) written by Jiban Krishna (Diamond). Going there I saw that brother Barendra Nath Mitra was reading the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.  Sushil Banerjee was seated on the cot with Jibankrishna.  Showing me Jiban Krishna told Sushil Banerjee, ‘Sushil Babu, I have given you an assistant.  Take him to Beleghata Reading Centre for reading’ with a great hesitation I told Jibankrishna, ‘Sir, I am incapable of reading, because my knowledge about religion is limited’ with a very louder voice he told me, ‘go as I am saying’.  Brother Barendra making a gesture told me not to be afraid, as Jiban Krishna gave me reading power.

Henceforth, I have become a regular reader.



Volume – 3, February, 2013

Vision of past and future

Indication  of  Publicity  of  my  dream  in  future

4)  23rd, June, 1972  Friday.   Early morning dream:  Accompanied by my friend Nisith, younger sister Prakriti and younger brother Malay I went out for a walk . While walking, I was narrating my dreams to Nisith and here the dream went off.

[The dream was revealed to me thus: Prakriti is the symbol of Nature , Malay denotes gentle breeze and Nisith means nirguna or darkness which means infinite. My dreams will remain in dark and in due course of time these will spread like a gentle breeze in nature or in the world. After 20 years my dreams are being published in a Bengali magazine and after 38 years being translated into English are published in different websites.]


Teachings in Dream – My future life

5)   16th  September , 1973 .  Early morning dream :  One patient was brought to a hospital for admission accompanied by two men . The patient was crying due to pain and one of his companion went on weeping putting his head on the patient’s chest . Suddenly I saw another devotee Jiten Chatterjee started reading the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond). After a while the patient became quite. The companion who was weeping also started listening to him . Another companion said, ‘How sweet is the name of Sri Ramkrishna ! These words should be announced  by loudspeaker . All troubles and shocks will be vanished .The dream then went off and I woke up .

After a while I again slept and dreamt a nice hilly place . I was standing on the road for a bus.

Marriage ceremonies were going on in two to three places . Hymns were being uttered. Two little girls were observing the ceremonies from  behind . But all these could not touch my mind . Being unconcerned I was waiting for the bus and then went to the bus terminus. My dream went off and I woke up.

But again I fell asleep and this time dreamt that one of the devotee named Raghunath Sen was playing a tape recorder listening to devotional songs . When I woke up I felt a great peace and joy in mind .

[ The dream signifies thus :

1st dream:  The patient is seer himself who in reality was greatly disturbed in his working place and became upset. Diamond’s book converted his hazards to peace and divine joy.

*2nd dream indicates that the seer will be devoid of any ritualism in real life.

*The 3rd dream indicates that in future the seer will lead a pure and simple life through continuous spiritual practices].

(Note: In the long run these came true in the seer’s life



26th October, 1973.

6) Early morning dream : I  saw a tall young man of about 6’ high or more with a strong and stout figure, wearing a ‘Kaupin’ (a small piece of cloth) and standing inside a mud hut, as if he was going to leave the house. It appeared in my mind –

Is he Chaitanyadeva? Suddenly somebody said inside me – He is Sri Chaitanyadeva. I continued to look at him for a long time and then the dream went off.

(a) To see Chaitanyadeva means to see ‘Chaitanya’ or Divine Consciousness in figure within the body ;

(b) ‘Kaupin’ means detachment from all worldly matters.

The effect of the dream came in this way – whole day the name ‘Krishna’ (God) used to be uttered in my brain

(c) In one sense the dream also indicates my previous birth. And it is also a strange thing that the real figure of Chaitanyadeva was such tall and strongly built as described by the then his companions . The traditional figure seen in imaginary pictures are not real.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 3 , February, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple of  Dakshineswar.

111).                   “God out of a hundred thousand, gets Himself liberated in one “.

The blessed man in whose body God liberates in full measure, manifests and expresses His various sportive forms is a liberated one . He is freed from the bondage of body. The primal idea of a man is that he is body with all the senses and other attributes and corelated functions . When Atma is shown and seen, he comes to know that he is Atma and the question of body does not arise at all . The final stage of liberation is to get oneself freed from the ego-consciousness . Here ends Ascent and if it is followed by Descent then the man does not find “I” in him but there reigns the divine consciousness “Thou”.

112).                         “It  is  His  will”.

His will is expressed in two ways, that is, either by keeping in bondage or by freeing Himself in the body, though it may be one in one hundred thousand.

113).                         “Solid and liquid  by  parts”.

It is the measure of God liberating from the body . The liquid denotes the liberation of God and solid is that portion from where God is not freed . Liquid God is seen in the second sheath in the abdomen of the right side—‘Pranamaya Kosha’.

114).                        “I am  burnt  up  through  excess”.

God emanated in full measure from the body of Thakur

So ‘I’ in Thakur is burnt up. It is seen . It flares up like red light (Chaitanya) in the cerebrum.

115).              “Mind  keeps  one  in  bondage .  Again, mind  sets  one  free”.

A purified mind cannot think that it is in bondage . Until and unless a man sees God in his body, he cannot get his mind purified. To see God is the measure of purification and the sight of God in the body purifies everything concerning body. The evaporation of animal passion from the body is the practical shape of purification. It is visible in one’s body. As soon as any word concerning animal passion will be spoken by the man, a shudder starting from the lower part of the body will be seen to come over the body and the shudder will be seen to rise upwards in the cerebrum of the seventh plane.

116).                       “The  mind  is  all  in  all”.

The mind of Shri Radha (the heroine of Shri Bhagavat—a holy epic) was transformed into the image of Shri Krishna (the hero). So on whatever side she was casting her sight, her eyes met with the image of Shri Krishna .



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 3, February, 2013

Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) appearance in a family through dreams

Ms. Sharmistha Mondal has narrated her own experiences and the dreams of her sister and mother as such :

In the year 1984-85 at a playground I heard about Diamond (expired in 1967) from Snehamay (He uses to see Diamond in dreams and a reader of Sriniketan reading centre where the book of Diamond is read). I saw him in my dream before seeing his photo and was surprised after identifying him through his photo. In various ways he explained to me that he is God.

My first dream was such:

I saw two legs up to knee. It seemed that these belonged to God. There were many coins on the two legs. Then two hands came out of the legs and holding some coins in the hands told me to take the coins. I took the coins and saw that in each coin the form of Diamond was inscribed. Then I saw that Diamond came down from the sky and holding my hand he flew p in the sky. I was feeling so comfortable! At this moment my dream was off.

My sister’s (Banani) dream in her version:

I saw Diamond in my dream before seeing his photo. I saw in my dream that I stood first in the music competition in ourSrinandaSchool. I got four coupons from the school. Showing the coupons I sat for taking food in the school. I saw that in my plate the form of Diamond was inscribed. To remove my doubt I ran to Snehamaya’s residence with the plate. There was a photo of Diamond hanging on the wall. I corroborated the form of Diamond on the plate and found similarity. I felt very happy and then my dream went off.

My mother’s dream in her own version:

I saw in my dream that I was beating a cat ruthlessly. He became almost half dead. My husband told me, ‘Why are you beating her any more’? Suddenly the cat was transformed into Diamond. He was holding a stick in his hand. He became very angry and said, ‘Every day I come to your house and you return me every time’! I was shocked hearing his words. At that moment my elder daughter called me and my dream was off.


Seeing Diamond in dreams before seeing his photo

Arabinda Nandi is a resident of Charupalli, Bolpur (Birbhum Distrcict,West Bengal State, India).

In the year 1985 I first heard the name of Diamond from Premamaya. It seemed very strange to me and I didn’t believe it. At that very night I had a dream. I saw a huge figured aged man with bare upper body having shaved head and wearing a dhoti. He was trying to enter into my room but being scared I was trying to close the door. For a long time both of us were pushing the door from opposite sides. Once I woke up.

Next day I went to Jiten Chatterjee’s Regular companion of Diamond and presently settled in Sriniketan) residence where the book of Diamond was read regularly. In the reading room seeing the photo of Diamond hanging on the wall I was perplexed and exclaimed, ‘Oh! I have seen this gentleman in my dream last night’!

Incidentally I could not go there for five years. But in the month of December,1990, one noon time Snehamay gave me a hand written Bengali magazine ‘Manik’ for reading. During that time I was having mental agonies for many reasons. But after reading that magazine I felt a great calmness and peace in my mind. Thereafter a flow of divine dreams started. One day I saw a heap of old religious books and on it was seated Diamond in a posture of meditation. Gradually he started to be my dearest one in my consciousness. At every leisure moment he used to appear in my mind. In dreams, sometimes I used to see that I was weighting tea leaves filling up packets and he was helping me. Sometimes I was busy in some works and he was walking inside my room, as if he was my guardian.

One day before going to bed at night I bowed down to the photos of a religious teacher and other deities but forgot to bow down to Diamond who was standing beside my bed. Hastily I bowed down to him and raising my head I couldn’t see him. I felt myself fulfilled in my life.



Volume – 3, February, 2013

[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

July 16, 1957.

Now-a-days all new topics are being discussed.  Let me narrate last Sunday’s incident.

Mrityunjay Roy was saying that one deaf staff gentleman of his office saw Jibankrishna in dream.  In another dream he saw that brother Mrityunjay standing in front of his residence was calling him.  When he came out brother Mrityunjay gave him ten mangoes and said, ‘I have given these for your sons’.  When the person insisted brother Mrityunjay to come inside his house, he said that he should be apologized as he never goes to anybody’s house.

The strange thing was that deaf gentleman never saw brother Mrityunjay before and later on he came to know.

Jibankrishna said, ‘this is really strange and a magic’! For a moment Jibankrishna kept silent and then said with grief, ‘But do you know what was the necessity of firefly’s light, and then made a sigh.

To remove the heavy atmosphere of the room he said, ‘well, can you say why Mrityunjay did not enter into that person’s house’?  He answered himself, ‘Do you know what happens?  Mrityunjay has achieved the state of a Sannyas (Asceticism).  It is forbidden for an ascetic person to take anything from anybody, or to go to anybody’s house.

Jibankrishna once said about this light of firefly as such: ‘Whatever you say about this God-the-Preceptor or anything, all are happening on the basis of symbolism.  What is its real value?  Whoever will have this spiritual realizations, that should be in real form.

I have told you many times that I have never seen a snake (symbol of kundalini or life power).  And it is not that all my realizations occurred in dreams.  So many realizations occurred in reality’. The other day Bholanath told Jibankrishna, ‘you have eradicated all our ritualism.  And the only aspect God-the-Preceptor, even you eradicate that one, what should we follow’?

Jibankrishna answered that day, ‘I do not say all these hard things, and otherwise this will seem to be dry.’  We should remember one important version of Jibankrishna, ‘Don’t worry about anything.  Only think that God is mine and let me lead a life remembering Him, letting the realizations be kept aside.

 August 4, 1957.

That day might be Tuesday.  Jibankrishna was telling Jahangir, ‘Jahangir, can you tell me why do you come here’?  Jahangir said, ‘God attracts me.’

But ignoring his answer Jibankrishna  said, ‘Oh!  It is your imagination, you simply imagine it.  No, that is not proper way.  Just explain it’.

Jahangir gave a mild smile but did not talk anything. Jibankrishna kept silent for a moment.  Others were thinking what should be the answer.

So long Jibankrishna was talking with louder voice, but now he spoke in a soft tone, ‘you my call it attraction, attachment or affection, whatever you may like, but why to me?  To this place’?

Khitish Roychoudhury was sitting on the floor beside the south facing window and cot.  He was not noticed so long.  Suddenly he said, ‘there is no egoism in you.’  As soon as Jibankrishna heard it,  with a roar of joy he shivered and then said ‘yes, no egoism here, only God, and then he pointed out to his body.

The whole room kept silent looking with overwhelming astonishment at him.  But it was only for a moment and then he said with a sweet smile, ‘otherwise do you get me within you?  If not, such phenomenon would have never happened.’

It was Thursday.  As usual at about 6-45 PM all of us began to meditate at Jibankrishna’s room.  At about 7-45 PM one by one Netai, Anath, Ramkrishnada completed their meditation.  Souren was still merged in meditation and his head was moving from time to time.  Pointing towards him Jibankrishna told brother Khitish, ‘can you see how strange it is! Why is he doing that? The body and soul are trying to be separated, and for that reason his head is moving, though he is completely unaware about that.’

All of us mentally bowed to him as we had nothing to say.

It was Friday.  In the midst of a discussion looking at Souren Jibankrishna said, ‘My boy, can you retain all these in future?  It is happening now’.  With a wetly eyes Souren kept on looking at him.

Jibankrishna continued to say, ‘If God saves somebody and even tht is also His grace, then only these can be retained otherwise not.  Austerities are performed but to retain that is a hard job’.

Let me say a few words about Saturday’s discussion.  In the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna a part was read, ‘The bajra (Bomb used by God Indra the Chief God of Hindu mythology) on Lord Shiva’s head’.  Jibankrishna asked all about its esoteric meaning.

All of us kept silent.

Prafulla said, ‘Kundalini (life power) moves up to the cerebrum.’

Bankin Chakraborty was seated behind Jibankrishna on the cot.  He said, ‘visualizing ‘Paramatma’ (great soul).

Jibankrishna said, ‘yes, it is visualizing Paramatma.’

Then he clarified ‘these are extempore vision.  The Bajra on the head of Shiva Shiva is the insignia of non-dualism, and bajra (Bomb) is Paramatma.  That means when a man remains in the state of non-dualism during that time he visualizes ‘Paramatma’. When non-dualism stte comes nothing remains there, no ‘You’ or ‘I’ to exist.  During that period at one side of the cerebrum this vision takes place.  Now can you understand that it is an extempore vision.  Here there is such person who hand visualized ‘ Suddhatma’ (Pure Soul or Atma).  Do you know why this has happened’? One person from behind said, ‘Because you have seen, so they have this experience.’

Jibankrishna said, ‘No, reference is needed. Unless they had this experience, nothing could be proved. It I would say that I had seen God and if none here had similar experience, then you would have said, ‘what the hell is he saying! As if he has the authority on God and we are nothing! Something he has created!  For that reason brother kesto, Mr. Mukherjee and Nemai have visualized God (partly) for reference’.  After the discussion devotional songs were sung by brother Monoj and then brother khagen and then everybody left for their home.











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