Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 4, February, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

The question of Upanishad era is solved in Diamond’s era


The Rishis with their great intellectualism said, ‘Listen the sons of immortals’. Then said, ‘you are thou’ and in advance again said ‘I am Brahma’. Well! Is that all? So this question is left – the whole human race in front of me – who are they? But what we are getting here? I and the whole human race in front of me are one, though many outside but ‘one’ inside. What is our heritage? Vedas? Upanishads? No! Our heritage is ‘Rajyoga’ (spontaneous evolution of self).


Diamond – The future ruler of the spiritual world – The cause


Diamond says:

The book ‘Kashmir Shaivism’ has classified the esoteric condition of a human being – Param shiva, Shiva-Shakti, Sadashib, Iswartatwa and Sadashivtatwa or Sadakhyatatwa.

Paramshiva – esoteric condition of a man; Shiva-Shakri this body-both physical body and the esoteric condition i.e., this physical body and Atma or soul; Sadashiva within this human body there is always a hilarity flowing perpetual bliss and prosperity; Iswartatwa – I am this human race and Sadvidyatatwa – All these I am i.e., one is all and all is one. Here they have finished, and could not say the next stage. But I have understood that there are things above it and that is this controlling power of a human being within a man there is a possibility to achieve the control over the world.

Just see, a few days back, at noon time I had a deep meditation and saw a man named ‘Dakshina’ – the most insignificant man seen last forty two years ago. He used to live in the same lane though I had no introduction with him. I only knew that he was called as Dakshina by the neighbors.

Just imagine forty two years back I saw him last and I forgot him totally but he appeared in my meditation without my any intension to see him. As soon as I told others in my room, Dhiren told me that there was a reference of a meditation on ‘Dakshina’ by god Shankar or Mahadeb. He brought the book and I told Khitish to read it at his home. Next day I asked him, ‘What have you understood’? He said, ‘yes, this reference indicated this hymn as the ruler of the world’.

I also understood that this indicated the same meaning. When I was thinking about this meaning suddenly the form of Gopal ( a companion) appeared before me – double action. I was thinking on me aspect but another one appeared before me. I could not keep quite. So I asked them, ‘can you say why I saw Gopal’? Khitish said, ‘go’ means world, ‘pal’ means to nurture. It means who rules the world’.

I also thought about the hymns of Vedas – ‘Rudra jatte Dakshinamukham tena pang pahi nityam’. ‘Well, can we consider the term ‘nurture’ as to control’? Dhiren said, ‘yes, it can be’. Well, now this Rudra (Destroyer) – who are they? Then we have to back to history. What do we get in history? We get these warlords like Alexander, Caesar, Tolemy, Attila, Kaizar. What Alexander wanted? He wanted to bring the humanities under the control of him. He realized that if he could bring all under the rule of a single man, then only there will be peace, prosperity, and happiness in the world. We also find in case of the Emperor Ashoka who wanted to bring all under his rule. But what we see in its place? Through these warlords the world became full of sorrow instead of peace.

Now, why I was shown the form, ‘Dakshina’? It means through this benevolence the actual peace will be showered on earth (Dakshina means who is benevolent).

[Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad has mentioned about such person attaining Godhood thus:

He who has found and has awakened to the soul;

That has entered this conglomerate abode –

He is the maker of everything, for he is the creator of all;

The world is his; indeed, he is the world itself.

And Svetasvetar Upanishad is mentioning thus:

When the five- fold quality of yoga has been produced; Arising from earth, water, fir, air, and space; No sickness, no old age, no death has he; who has obtained a body out of the fire of yoga. (2.12)



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 4, February, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in dreams before I met him in reality.

Saktipada Bhattacharya

It was in the year 1960. I used to teach in primary classes in Jogendra Smriti Siksha Mandir at Kadamtala, Howrah (West Bengal, India).  It was one day’s incident.  My mind was disturbed for some reasons.  I went out of the institution and unmindfully began to walk towards Kadamtala market and ultimately entered into Kedar Deuti Lane.  While walking I noticed a one-storied house and through the window a cot was visible and a gentleman was seated on that cot, was robust, with bare upper body and wearing a white dhoti.  At once, I was shocked with a little bit surprise.  But while looking at him I again thought that he might take an offense. But my mind was not settled.  So I went near the door to observe him properly.  Then that gentleman called me by waving his hand and said, ‘come and sit on the cot’.  Bowing down to him I sat on the cot.  He asked me, ‘what is your name? Where do you you stay’? I said, ‘My name is Saktipada Bhattacharya, I like at Brindaban Mallik Lane’.  He said, ‘you have a good name.  Have you seen any divine dreams’?

I said, ‘I dreamt of many gods and goddesses.  Once I saw that sitting on the lap of the Holy  Goddess Kali I was drinking milk.’ ‘Oh, this is a good dream’, saying this he touched my head with his hand.  I became half conscious and instantly some dreams seen long time back flashed in my mind.  The dreams were such:

1)    In the first week of April, 1947, I saw in a dream that I was walking through a wide lonely road.  Suddenly I noticed a reddish cloud in the sky.  Gradually a storm outbursted and I was scared.  I saw an open field in front.  I began to run and saw afterwards a school building, but without any students.  Entering into a room of the school I saw a gentleman wearing a dhoti and having a short beard.  I told him, ‘see, what a violent storm’!  Then gradually, the storm subsided, though the sky was till covered with reddish cloud.  I kept on looking at the gentleman for a while and when I became absent minded I did not see him.  The dram was off.

2)    After one year I saw in a dream that I was approaching by a railway line.  I noticed a gentleman wearing white shirt and dhoti.  He told me, ‘Don’t go to office to-morrow, I shall meet you, you remain at your house’.  Then the dram was off.

3)    Another day I saw in a dream that I was about to return home from Kadamtala by Toy Train.  Suddenly I felt a bit depression.  Though the road I approached covering a certain distance.  Suddenly I saw a Pipul Tree (Ficus religiosa) and beneath that three was seated a bearded gentleman, surrounded by many cut human heads.  I told him, ‘probably you are a Tantrik (who performs austerity, according to Tantra) who performs austerity with so many cut heads’.  He answered, ‘I don’t know anything about austerity, but these are living human beings, see properly.’  Then I saw that numerous people were seated there and my dream was off.

When I got my full sense, I mentioned to him about my first and the third dreams.  Hearing this he said, ‘see properly whether that man as me or somebody else’.  I said, ‘no, he was you’! Then he said, ‘here everyday the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna is read.  So many listeners come here.  You should come and listen to the reading.  I agreed and then bowing down to him I came out.

Later on I came to know that his name was Jiban Krishna (Diamond). Henceforth, I used to go to him regularly.  I had numerous dreams after meeting Jiban Krishna.  Here are a few dreams in the years 1961/62/63.

Year – 1961

1)    I was going somewhere and on the way I met Dhiren Roy.  He said, ‘let us go to Shiva Temple’.  I said, ‘Jiban Krishna has said that temples are not true’.  He said, ‘oh, he is in the temple’! Hearing this I went with him and entering into the temple I saw that sitting inside Jiban Krishna was smiling.  Seeing me, he came out and placing his hand on my head said, ‘god’s grace is on you’.  Next day I narrated this dream to Jiban Krishna.

2)    I was roaming here and there and ultimately went to Burrabazar of Kolkata. I saw that Jiban Krishna was selling milk in a shop.  In a big pan milk was boiled and he was distributing one big spoon of milk to everybody.  I also went there with a pot to take some milk.  He gave me milk and said, ‘I have given you 3 poa milk’ (about 3/4thkilogram).  I began to drink it and then the dream was off.

Year – 1662

1)    Many fortune-tellers told me that I would not have any son.  I was depressed hearing this.  Suddenly I saw that Jiban Krishna was telling me, ‘you will have son, I am saying it to you.’  Then I had a son.  Afterwards, Jiban Krishna told me, ‘give your son to me’. I handed over my son to him and he received him by his hand.  The dream was off.

2)    I was going somewhere.  Suddenly I saw that Jiban Krishna was coming from opposite side with an opened umbrella.  In a five-crossing road we met each other.  He said, ‘come under my umbrella’.  Then I was walking in front and holding the umbrella on my head from behind he followed me.  Then my dream was off.

Year – 1963

1)    I went to a place and saw that a train was running. I saw a big mango orchard.  I went inside and saw that trees were full of mangoes.  I climbed up a tree and saw that my dead body was lying on the ground. I cried, Thakur ! Thakur what happened to me!  My dead body was lying on the ground! I was crying and shouting.  Suddenly Jibankrishna shouted at me and said,’ utter Om through your right nose and enter into your body’. So I came near my dead body and uttered ‘Om’.  Then my dream was off.

Next day when I narrated this dream to Jibankrishna, he said, ‘how many realizations you will have liked fireworks’.

2)    Jibankrishna was telling me, ‘see, arrange these books in the small chest, it will be good for you.  He was telling this sitting on an arm chair.  I was placing the books in the chest.  Next moment I saw that my father (Kalicharan Bhattacharya) was seated on that chair.  Seeing him I said to him, ‘Where did Jibankrishna go’? Again I saw that Jibankrishna was seated.  I rubbed my eyes and again say my father.  This was repeated several times and then I told Jiban Krishna, ‘you are sometimes my father and sometimes you’.  Hearing it Jiban Krishna came up and touching his right hand on my heart said, ‘I am life of your life’.  Suddenly my dream was off.  Hearing my dream he said, ‘those happen sometimes.’

3)    I was going by a ship to an unknown place.  Suddenly there was a violent storm and the ship downed.  Uttering the name ‘Jibankrishna’ I was floating.  Ultimately I found an island and went there.  I saw that lighting an earthen lamp Jiban Krishna was seated there.  Seeing me be began to smile.  I narrated the whole incident to him.  He said, ‘sit here.  This place is known as sea the great sea, so I am seated here lighting a lamp. The dream was off.  Next day when I told Jibankrishna about this dream, he said, ‘You will have numerous dreams.  Only watch these dreams.

4)    I had gone to an unknown place. There was a beautiful garden with pond and quay. Inside the garden there was a wonderful small house paved with white marble stone.  In front there was a nice garden.  Looking at the house I was thinking what a nice house!  All on a sudden a huge dog ran towards me and biting my right hand dragged me inside the house.  There I saw Jibankrishna seated.  The dog went away and he began to smile looking at me.  Then he said, ‘come and sit here’ and he placed his hand on my head.  My dream was then off.

Next day hearing my dream Jiban Krishna said, ‘dog is the insignia of traditional religious, so he took you to me and left.’



Volume – 4, February, 2013

Vision of Past and Future


7)   June , 1974 .  Early morning dream:  I was looking at the sky. Suddenly a huge image of Jesus Christ up to bust appeared in the sky covering its major portion. It was so living and wonderful! Then the image disappeared, and the scene was off.

In the next scene I saw that on the top of a hill there was a plateau and Jesus Christ was seated on an open place. I had some conversations with him. In the mean time I saw that Arun Ghosh along with some other devotees of Diamond had gathered there surrounding Jesus. They were listening to His teachings with rapt attention.

After sometime, with great curiosity I asked Arun Ghosh , ‘What a strange thing ! How did we come to Jesus Christ’? He said, ‘from era to era we use to come with ‘these Prophets as their companions’. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream is self-explanatory. During advancement of austerity these previous births are seen, though it can be explained like this in microcosm: The whole universe including past, present and future is within Atman or great soul. Atman is within the human body. So the whole universe is within the human brain. At any time this past or future may reveal in a pure and divine body. It is a strange coincidence that in the month of May, 2011, I saw a photograph in a website about a hill top( where Christ gave the sermons and it is the same place which I saw in my dream. These types of coincidences happened many times in my dreams. ]



7a)  10th  August,  1975.    Early morning dream:  I was standing on a very beautiful place. The sea was visible at a far distance. A river was flowing a little bit away from me. A devotee named Indranath was standing in front of me . I requested him to go there. After a while I noticed a flat boat resting on land in front of me. I stood on it and it automatically started moving on the land. It carried me to a boggy place and thereafter to the river which joined the sea. It was really a very exciting experience. The boat gradually carried me to the junction of the river and the sea I shouted with joy, ‘The sea ! The sea ‘! Then a huge ship was seen in the sea and I boarded up there. I saw that quite a number of sailors from different Countries of the world were singing a song ‘Hail the ancient Truth – the jewel man .Jibankrishna …….’ I saw myself conducting the whole music like a bandmaster as an encouragement to them. The song continued for a long time and then the dream went off.

[ The dream carries some meanings  :

(i)     A boat sails on the water not on dry land – it means impossible things will be possible within the body of the seer . This is in microcosm. In macrocosm, many impossible things may happen in the world by the action of Diamond in future. Here the life force reaches the ocean i.e. cerebrum. This has a reference in ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ No-258-Kundalini Penetrating through the body reaches the ocean of eternal bliss—the cerebrum .

(ii)    In the long run the name and action of Diamond will spread throughout the world among different nations, religions as has happened in India and the seer may have a role in this aspect.]


Forecast of Diamond – the spreading of his image in future

11th January, 1976.

8) Early morning dream : A huge building was seen on a vast land and Diamond was seated on its first floor. I was also seated in front of him. Diamond seemed to be in a very joyous mood and discussions were going on among us. Suddenly I noticed that many ladies were seated near him listening to his advices. I took my mouth near the ear of Diamond and made comment that lots of ladies were seated nearby. But he did not give any importance to my remarks and continued to be seated with a smiling face.

I again said, but is it not following the old tradition’? He said, ‘it matters nothing.’

Then I asked, ‘well, you have discarded the term ‘Netaresam’ (not for all – as per Upanishad) but it is seen that this spiritual development does not occur in everybody, although your image is within every human body, though in a dormant condition. So why this is not blooming’? He told me many thing, the sum and substance of which revealed to me that gradually and slowly the brain power of human race would be developed and his image would bloom accordingly within the human body.

However, after all these conversations, I had in my mind, ‘Oh!  When these opportunities have come, should not miss it, I should tape all these words uttered by Diamond. With these in mind, I took a tape recorder kept in my custody and noticed Indranath Mukherjee (a devotee) sitting nearby. I told him, ‘I shall keep the recorder behind you and tape all his conversations so that it is not visible to him.’ With these words thought that the batteries should be charged and so I opened the recorder, putting new batteries in proper place.  As soon as I wanted to tape Diamond’s words, the tape did not work. ‘Oh sheet’! with these words and with great annoyance I left that place and went to one of my familiar person named ‘Ajit’, took meal and again returned to the previous house, though in another block where Diamond was present. I spent some time with Diamond. Here the dream went off.

Again I fell asleep and dreamt the same house where I saw many devotees sitting there. When I described my previous dream to them, one of them made a comment, ‘the dream indicates the condition of Indranath Mukerjee.

In the same dream the scene again changed – I have gone to my native place, Shantipur. There I was standing near my house. There were buildings all over, but surprisingly without any human being. It seemed to me that the whole world was without any human being, and I was the only one person in the whole world.

Unmindfully I was roaming here and there and was continuously singing, the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) in the tune of country-song. The meaning of the song was thus- ‘Jibankrishna pervades everywhere and everything’. With this song I was merged into a bliss and as if the song was echoed throughout the universe, as if it was making me mad. The song continued for a long time and then the dream went off. While I woke up I noticed that tears were coming out of my eyes on my cheeks. But overcoming all these I got up from the bed.

The 1st scene indicates that Diamond removed all the barriers and obstacles of the spiritual wold.

The 2nd scene indicates also the future of the world where ultimately the philosophy of Diamond will dominate everything and also the life of the seer will be ultimately dedicated to only Diamond.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 4, February, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

117).                      “But  there  is  one  mind”.

The mind has got various phases. But all these phases merge and are transformed into one “Atma”—God with forms and attributes, and finally God without forms and attributes.

118).                    “Mind keeps a man in bondage . Mind makes a man free. I am

free man.

It is no matter if I live in the world or in the forest. What can

keep me bound?

I am a child of God. He is king of the kings. As such, who

dares keep me in bondage”?

If a man is bitten by a snake and if he keeps on saying emphatically, “There is no venom in me” then the venom leaves him. So if a man keeps on saying with right earnestness,

“I am not bound, I am free” then he turns out to be free”!

It is a prayer of a devotee to God. He listens to the prayer. One Mr. Hazra asked Thakur, “Will my prayer be heard by God” ? Thakur at once replied, “Yes, hundred times”. The above prayer has the character of self-exertion . To attain God by self-exertion then at the time of death, through the grace of God, he may have liberation—but the bliss of liberation cannot be enjoyed when alive. It is only spontaneous emanation which can set a man free to have its bliss in the lifetime .Spontaneous emanation of God from the body is the way of a kitten. It is exactly as if a father has taken charge of his own child. In case of a monkey cub, it is the cub which clutches the neck of its mother.

119).                        The wretched man who keeps on saying, ‘I am bound.

I am bound,’ gets himself really bound. He who says

day and night, ‘I am but a sinner.’ ‘I am but a sinner,’

in fact becomes a sinner .”

The intellect is colored by mind, and continued thinking of sin tarnishes the intellect. A tarnished intellect makes a man go down .

120).                         “To  see  God  is  the  end  of  life”

No one can attain God by self-exertion . But if self-exertion persists vehemently then an advance may be made . It is through sheer grace of God that one can attain God . This grace of God is but spontaneous emanation .

121).                        “A man must have burning faith in Him that he may say,

‘What! I have repeatedly taken the name of God, and so

sin cannot cling to me . There is no sin in me. I am not bondage”.


Such mental force may be ascribed to God’s grace. What is God’s grace? It is exactly to carry a burning light in a room keep in darkness for a thousand years and the room is illuminated in the twinkling of an eye. God’s grace is not a mental phenomenon. It is seen and it is obtained, but by one or two in an era.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 4, February, 2013

Seeing Diamond in sun before seeing his photo

Mrs. Luxmi Roy of 87 years old lady residing at Charupalli saw Diamond in dream before seeing his photo, though she heard about Diamond from Jiten Chatterjee (a regular companion of Diamond and at present settled in Sriniketan).

She narrated her experience thus :

Once I saw in my dream that I was going to take a bath in the river Ganges. Suddenly a huge figured gentleman stood obstructing my path. There was another man behind him. The gentleman told me, ‘I shall not allow you to take bath in the Ganges’. His upper body was bared wearing only a dhoti. I said, ‘Leave me.’ But he didn’t leave my way. My dream then went off.

Afterwards seeing Diamond’s photo I recognized him to be the same man.

Once Snehamay and Moni was discussing about Diamond sitting in the balcony. Suddenly my eyes were fixed on a mango tree in the adjacent house. With a great surprise I noticed that the face of Diamond was illuminating there. I saw it in reality.

Another time in my dream I saw Diamond sitting in the sun. I could not forget that scene for a long time.

I had another remarkable dream which I am mentioning now. I saw that the head and body of a fish being separated were floating in a pond. Binay took the head and kept it on the platform of goddess Durga, but he couldn’t find the body. I went near the platform and saw that the head belonged to Diamond. The face seemed to be fatigued and ill. I felt sadness after seeing this scene and it continued for a few days. Then one day I saw in my dream that I was washing utensils near a well and Diamond was walking to and fro. His health was very bright with smiling face. I felt ease after seeing him in such condition and my dream was off.

After seeing Diamond in dream so many times I felt great changes in my life. All my ritualistic practices were wiped out and I always feel great peace and divine joy in my mind.

[In this context Diamond discussed on June, 1958:

What a wonderful dream you saw Saila (Chakravarty)! Have you heard what has been written in Isa Upanishad? They said, ‘The man in Sun is Brahma’ (supreme one).And you have seen him! This means that you are also transformed into him. It was even written thousands of years before Isa Upanishad was written. Then these realizations have been continuing through Sruti (By memorizing). Again thousands of years after Upanishad were written we are discussion this. But what they saw in sun could not say clearly. Here, as you are seeing my form in the sun, they could not say so specifically.

I knew that they saw this form. I knew that my form exists in the sun, because that form is unchangeable. Though in Vedas what has been written was in macrocosm. Everybody thinks that form will be seen in the outside sun in the sky. For these reasons Hindus Practise ‘Tratak’ (worshiping outside sun by constant looking at the sun). But with this practice their eyes become fixed gaze or lose their eye-sight. Sri Ramkrishna also practised it for six months and he got fixed gazed eyes. See the difference! Saila has said that he has seen my form in the sun within the body and Isa Upanishad has mentioned about the outside sun.

See, I never used to read these types of books. But why I have brought these books now? A proof may be of three categories: – (1) Guessing; (2) Ascent and (3) Direct. The ascent proof is what Rishis or Great Religious Teachers have said is to be accepted and direct proof is the own realization. Your proofs are direct. Because you have seen yourselves in dreams my form. Now I am hearing that altogether 12-13 people have seen my form in the sun. These books are brought here to establish your direct proof with the ascent proof of the Vedic Rishis.

When you have seen my form in the sun, you have gained Supreme knowledge. Thereafter you have austerities of the lower planes. This is just opposite to Vedas or Tantras, when they say that flowers first and then fruits. Why flowers? To produce fruits of Supreme knowledge. Here you have got first the Supreme knowledge  whenever you have seen my form within yourselves.

Man in the sun is described in Maitri Upanishad. It is described like this :

“He who is in fire, and he who is here in the heart, and he who is younder in the sun – he is One” (6.17)]




Volume – 4, February, 2013

[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

August 7, 1957.

On Monday when I went to Jibankrishna’s  room he asked Dilip Dutta, ‘Hey, can you say, how long this God-the-Preceptor will stay’?

Dilip kept silent.  So he asked me, ‘Ananda, Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, ‘Sannyasi – Nasi, Nasi – World Preceptor!  So how long this World Preceptor will stay’?  I thought that this discussion was based on God-the-Preceptor.  So I said about my life.  But he said, No, that is spoken on individualism.’

Brother Ashu was reading the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Either he or brother Bhola said, ‘so long this world exists, God-the-Preceptor will exist’.

Supporting this answer Jibankrishna said with great joy, ‘yes!  So long this world exists; this God-the-Preceptor will exist’.  Then with a sigh he asked me, ‘Now can you understand’?  I nodded.

At about 8 PM after meditation Jibankrishna asked, ‘well, how do we know that we have become free from Maya (illusion)?  Then he himself clarified, ‘Listen, who is free from this illusion, he remain alone without any connection with anybody.  Cannot you understand’? Then he raised the debate and asked, ‘Then what are all these that all of you come here?  This question may arise.  Is not so’?

With a mild tone brother Bhola said, ‘Yes’.

Then again Jibankrishna said, ‘But the situation here is not so.  It has surpassed all those states.  Here God is performing such a new thing which cannot be explained.  We are quite ignorant about this phenomenon and it is completely new in the world.’

After a while on the same context Jibankrishna said, ‘what is my explanation when you see me in dream?  I say that, he is not me.  God taking my form shows.  His sportive forms.  But is it all?  Actually I don’t know anything about its real interpretation. I say that he is God-the-Preceptor.  And you also know that he is God-the-Preceptor.  But hat is it really, none of us know.’ Within a moment he said, with a louder voice, ‘Try to remember always what I am saying.  During visualization of God, only Gyan-Gyeya and Gyata (knowledge, knowledge cable person and the seer) exist.  This is called Trinity.  During visualizing of Atma or soul this Trinity state exists.  At that time the Preceptor will explain to you the form of Preceptor which you are visualizing is another form  of Atma.  And saying this the Preceptor will merge into that Atma.  Then only Gyeya and Gyata will remain. Do you understand? I have said a very important topic to-day, try to retain it’.

September 13, 1957.

In the morning, Binay Roy brought one of his cousin brothers to Jibankrishna.  He asked Binay once, ‘Binay, if I expire, what will you do’?  Binay kept silent.  But insisted by Jibankrishna repeatedly Binay answered, ‘what shall I do, I shall talk to my friends, and in case any hazards come, I shall confine myself in my room and read the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna alone and meditate.  Jibankrishna aid, ‘you are right’.

At night Jibankrishna said, ‘see what is happening here (After seeing him in dream before coming to him or seeing him 20-25 years ago in dream and then narrating to him) does not come under the category of ‘Sacchidananda Guru’ (God-the-Preceptor or Holy ghost).  There is something beyond it which we don’t know.  And if this remains confined within the scope of God-the-Preceptor’ then it won’t do.  When you are seeing me within you after coming in contact with me, then I must say that there is a flow in it.

But see my life!  Had I come in contact with Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna)?  Not at all.

Then he said after a pause, ‘Now you think whether you can run away or I have to run away.  Saying this be began to laugh.  Then again he said, ‘Everything is God’s will.  Perhaps it is His will also and so it is happening.’










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