Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 5, March, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

The Honey cult – personified in Diamond – His form is eternal


One young chap crosses regularly my residence. All of their four brothers have seen me in dreams. Come days back (10.3.1962) that boy came to me in the morning and said, ‘Are you sick’? I asked, ‘Why? what happens’? He said, ‘Last might I saw in my dream that your whole body was covered with white swollen spots just like the behives’.

How could I explain the thing to him that my whole body was covered with honey and it was shown to him! But strongly he had no knowledge about the phenomenon happening here.

I saw the huge pipul tree within my cerebrum full of sprouting green leaves and within the dream I was thinking, oh, this is the spring season! Then when I woke up, I thought, how such a huge tree was accommodated within my brain! And what explanation did I give you? Something new would happen and so it was shown to me like this.

Then Dhiren brought the book ‘Brahmasutra’ and I saw in that book that they have written – ‘world tree rooted in Brahman’.

Now, it was shown to me long time back that I am personified ‘Madhuvidya’ (Honey cult). Radhu said afterwards, ‘showing my whole body covered with honey in the young boys dream indicates that I am personified Madhuvidya’.

See, some twenty-twenty two years ago in my dream I saw that my bed, double the size of my present bed was covered with white bed cover. From somewhere three to four drops of honey fell on my bed. Within the dream I thought, ‘Oh, my bed will become dirty’! So with my hand I began to wipe it out. But the more I was wiping it out, the more the honey covered the whole bed.

Then after ten-twelve years Nagen Babu saw in his dream – In the market honey was distributed which I have already written in the first part of my Bengali book ‘Dharma –O-Anubhuti’ (religion and Realization in English version). I gave explanation in that book that to see honey in the dream means visualizing divine consciousness of the second class. Yes, it is so, because I knew that to visualize divine consciousness of the first class (non-symbolic) is difficult.

Up till now eighteen people have seen me in the sun. Then three years ago, satya dreamed that my head become like bee hive and bees were sitting on my head. I took it casually. But that day the young boy saw in dream that my whole body became white bee hive. Dhiren brought the book ‘Brahmasutra’ and I saw that they have written – ‘as in Madhuvidya Sun indeed is the honey’. So I have become honey personified. The sun is the honey and my form is the sun and substance of the honey.

Later on Dhiren brought Chandyogya, Brihad Aranhoka Upanishad and Ric Veda. I saw that in macrocosmChandyogya has described this cult. Brihad Aranyaka has explained also in macrocosm. In Ric Veda I saw that they have mentioned about the effect in ‘Madhumati Suktam’. They have said, ‘Madhubataritayate, Madhu Kharnti Sindhabah…’ All of them have mentioned about the effect only. But actually none is saying what is real thing. They are saying – ‘Madhu pistak (Honey dice) – outer space, Honey – sun’. As sun enlightens the world, so my life force is enveloping the whole world. Upanishad is a mysterious cult and now this mystery is solved when myriads of people are seeing my form within them. So far this mystery was not solved. But now it is solved. But you should know that ‘Madhuvidya’ (Honey cult) is the first chapter and Upanishad is the second chapter.

This mystery cult of Upanishad is no more a mystery cult and is solved in my esoteric condition. And that man is seen by myriads of people irrespective of sexes, ages and religions. How and why he is seen is solved now.

RicVeda says, ‘Madhubata Ritayate Madhu Kharanti Sindhabah’ – these words carry very little senses. They have only mentioned the effect.

What happens when this cult occurs? The cerebrum becomes covered with honey, that honey envelops the life force and that life force covers the whole world. And ultimately that Honey cult is manifested.

The seed which was sown some twenty – twenty two years ago, germinated now with continuous practicing and what is the effect? You have seen that cult and informed me. The first manifestation occurred within me and its further development is borne by the world.

Abala has seen in his dream. I was lying dead here. My whole body is the bee hive. Only two eyes were opened. Eye is the symbol of sun – life. I am not within me but exist in every human being. It is not a theory but a proof which you are bearing.

There is another meaning of this dream – Even after my physical death, I shall survive 9with spiritual body) and look for ever. That means that I was in existence eternally is without proof. But I exist and will exist – this is with proof.

[Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad mentions:

This mankind is honey for all things and all things are honey for this mankind. This shinning immortal Person who is in this mankind, and, with reference to oneself, this shinning, immortal person who exists as a human being – he is just this soul, this immortal, this Brahma, this All]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 5, March, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) in dream before I met him in reality

Radharaman Chattopadhyay

I had never any idea about true religion in my life.  I had this idea that religion was only donation, worshipping and touring in sacred places.  My wife repeatedly used to insist me to take initiation from a human preceptor, but I got no urge to do it.  But ultimately I was bound to take initiation.

Prior to this I borrowed the book’the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ from one of my friends and I liked it very much.

After taking initiation I felt great urge to visit Dakshineswar Kali temple (Kolkata), and so often I started going there.  Going there I used to have meditation in the room of Sri Ramkrishna (the living room of Sri Ramkrishna in the nineteenth century).

I was now talking about one incident happened in the year 1956 which was after 4-5 months of my taking initiation.  From Dakshineswar kali temple I was returning home by Vivekananda Bridge on river Ganges, accidentally I was introduced with a gentleman who was having conversation with some other gentlemen.  I guessed from the conversation that they were talking about god.  I intended to be introduced with that gentleman.  His name was Jiten Chatterjee.

During conversation with him I was regretting that I used to read the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna where Sri Ramkrishna mentioned about accompanying saints.  But I never got a real saint.  Hearing this he said, ‘this happened in my case also, but god had arranged that for me.  Just see here! How we are introduced with each other by the grace of god! You may realize later on why you are introduced with me, of course if god wishes’.

After a while he said, ‘your ground preparation is very good. Every Sunday evening in the first floor of Dr. Prakash Adhya’s residence at Salkia, Howrah we read the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.  A few people come there for listening to the discussion and reading.  When you reside there, you can come there’.

Though Mr. Chatterjee discussed many things but he never discussed about Jiban Krishna (Diamond).  However, I went there twice and one night I saw a dream.

I saw in my dream that I was crossing a huge field.  It was very dark.  I was walking down from a higher place hastily. I had a half-conscious man on my lap.  He required a rest and drinking water. Within a moment I noticed a large building and I placed that man learning against the wall.  He already vomited on my palm, and it was mixed with blood.  Seeing this I was scared and looked to and fro.  I saw a temple nearby.  I ran towards that temple and forcibly opening the door entered into the temple.  I saw on the floor some flowers and water in a container.  I took these and ran towards the man.  But I did not trace that man.  I was looking around and noticed on my back side some monks with clean shaved heads wearing ochre cloths.  They gestured that the man was well.  Then and there I saw that in the moon light at a distance someone was having supper.  He had short beard, and short hair cutting.  I came in front of him and stood speechless.  Then while I was on the way of returning he shouted, ‘wherever you will go, I shall be with you’. The sound seemed to me like a bomb bursting by ears.  Waking up I sat on my bed and my throat became dehydrated. I could not sleep any more.  It wad dawn then and I engaged myself in family work.  After shopping I went to office.  It seemed the whole day as if I was drunk.  In the afternoon I rushed to Mr. Chatterjee’s office if he could enlighten me about this.

Hearing my dream in details he wrote a name with address and gave me.  Accordingly I went there and saw that a group of people were sitting inside a room and a person was reading loudly the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.  I sat there.  There was no interrogation from anyone.  I thought, was there no permission to enter here or was there no leader or owner here? I was searching for any known person among the group of people.  Ultimately my eyes were fixed on a person.  Ohhes! He was the man! This dawn he talked to me in my dream! With a smiling face he asked me, ‘will you say something my boy’? I narrated the dream and on hearing he was very happy and joyous.  He was telling everybody, ‘see, see, I am hearing his dream and I am having goose bumps on my body! Touch it!

At this moment I was remembering the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna where he was saying, ‘If in a dream you see me giving advice to you, you should know that he is Sachhidananda’ (god-the-preceptor or Holy Ghost). Then Jiban Krishna has become my holy ghost!

August 1969

48, Sitanath Basu Lane,

Salkia, Howrah.



Volume – 5, March, 2013

Future Vision – Forecast of the Diamond (Jibankrishna) for seeing him by human being in flesh and blood in future

8th March, 1976:

9) Early morning dream : I saw myself within a distant past ages – a period of Buddists, with Buddhist caves and temples. I was roaming here and there aimlessly.

The scene changes – now I was seated with Bhabani Bandyopadhyaya, a devotee of Diamond in a room. He was asking me, ‘well, do you weep in a dream’? I answered, ‘I have a special stage in a dream – that is a condition of Samadhi’. As soon as I uttered this I instantly fell into Samadhi returning from this condition wanted to say the same thing and again I fell into the same condition. At last being in a normal condition, I said, ‘yes, I shed tears but that is completely different – that is the shedding of tears with love for God.’

The scene again changed – now I was approaching to my previous agricultural school at Vidyanagar of 24–Parganas (South) via Diamond Harbor Road by Bus. There I was Indranath Mukgerjee, a devotee of Diamond in my previous quarter where I used to stay long time back during my research work. It seems to me as if Mr. Mukherjee had been staying there for a long time. He was seen cooking something. I took Chapatis from him and ate.

After a while I began to roaming here and there and went on thinking – oh! Diamond had spent some days here and Mr. Mukherjee also enjoyed with him! It would have been a great pleasure to me had I accompany him here!

Again the scene changed – I was now present at Mr. Mukherjee’s house at Makardah, Howrah. There I saw many of my relatives who had recently come to the house. Suddenly I noticed that Diamond had come there as if he would spend some days with the seer. A feeling was also persisting within my mind as if Diamond had come back to stay with me after his demise. I became overwhelmed with joy and was intending not to leave him. Diamond was seated near the seer along with the seer’s father. After some time Diamond had gone somewhere for a work and I noticed that my father was having meditation.

After Diamond came back, he started discussions with me on many spiritual topics. By the way he suddenly told me, ‘see, before I leave my previous physical body, you appeared in my mind.’ With great surprise I asked him, ‘how is it possible? For so many years I am off from you (From 1962 onwards till his demise), and how you can remember me! Besides, there is a similar incident when for months Dilip (Dilip Mitra, a devotee) could not come to you and when he came to you, you couldn’t remember him’. With a smiling face he answered – ‘No, No, it is not like that.’

Then I asked him, ‘well now you are appearing before us in dreams after your demise, can it be possible in future that you would appear before us in physical body as because this strange phenomenon never happened before in the spiritual world? He answered – ‘Yes it is possible.’

After a while, he gave me an enamel cup saying, ‘Give me water in this cup.’ I went outside with the cup and noticed that it was dirty so I took another glass, washed it thoroughly, filled with water, entered the room and handed it over to Diamond with a posture of kneel-down. He with his hands shivering just he used to take water during his physical existence. I wanted to take it from his hand, but he told, ‘No, I myself am going.’ But when he came out of the room, I also came out and told him to hand over the glass to me. Then he handed it over to me.

Diamond then entered the room and me also. Then I observed, Diamond was playing cards with my father and uncles. After a while he sat with his mouth shut. Meanwhile somebody entered the room and started talking to Diamond, but when he became a bit rough during talking, I became furious and told the gentleman, ‘what he did, is right.’ When the gentleman turned his head to see who made these cements, I angrily said, ‘I have told it, who else would say!’

After a while Diamond gave me a dose of homeopathic globules saying, ‘tell your mother to take this medicine.’ Meanwhile my mother entered the room and Diamond told her, ‘Mother, I have given you this medicine, take it into your mouth.’

After this I had a long accompaniment with Diamond although nothing couldn’t be remembered after the dream went off.

Throughout the day it seemed to me as if I had a long accompaniment with the Hole Ghost in reality, the dream was so realistic!

The dream indicated many aspects :

The seer had an experience of Samadhi in the causal body;

God-the-Preceptor gave me a long company removing all my grievances of being detached from Diamond;

(a)He pours his blessings upon the relatives of the seer through him

(b)Diamond is forecasting and confirming that in future the human race will see him in flesh and blood [It has really happened in his life time.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 5, March, 2013

MARCH, 1882

Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

122).                        “If the name of God is taken repeatedly by a man,

then it makes him pure in mind and body .”

There is no difference between God and God’s name. The name of God makes God manifested in the body.

123).                         I only prayed for devotion is my Divine Mother.”

Is it only a mental operation?  Oh  no!

The Divine Mother stands before the very eyes of the devotee . She wants to offer some of the attributes to the devotee. The devotee on his part does not want any . He bows down simply to the Divine Mother, takes the dust of her feet, places it on his head and says. “Oh Mother, may I be blessed with love of God only”! The Mother becomes highly please.

Love of God is the fixed star and it cannot be defined. To obtain the manikin form of God in one’s body is the highest realization of God’s love in a man.

124).                        “All on a sudden one cannot be king Janaka . In solitude

Janaka had to practice server austerity.

Janaka was a king of the great epic Ramayana , In his body God got Himself separated. It was a spontaneous separation. But Janaka was made to practice austerity in solitude in order to realize the bliss of depth of God’s manifestation in the body as well as for setting example to others for practicing austerity, because, everyone cannot be blessed with spontaneous expression of God in the body . The character of Janaka is so depicted, as after separation of God from the body a man may live anywhere.

125).                   “One may live in the world but he must go

into solitude every now and then”.

The environment of everybody life hurts and hardens the body and it stands on the way of God’s manifestation in a man . “If milk is kept on a stirring state then there cannot be any cure”–. Sri Ramkrishna .

It does not permit transformation of life—power into Supreme Bliss.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 5, March, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Seeing Diamond in dreams by a whole family

Souvik Mukherjee is a boy of about ten years and resides at Malibandi of Hoogly district, West Bengal State, India. His father has a great respect for Diamond, but he never saw Diamond in dreams.

He narrated his experiences as such :

In the month of October, 1986 I came to Jambuni while going by bus to Sultanpur I slept for a while in the bus. I saw in my dream that in my two eyes two forms of Diamond were seated wearing dhoti and Punjabi. Raising his two hands he gave his blessings to me. Then my dream was off.

[A man in the eyes is mentioned in Maitri Upanishad like this :

That PPerson who is seen in the eye –

He is the Self 9AAtman) of whom I spoke

That is the Immortal, the fearless.

That is Brahma. (8.7.4)

After this dream I began to see Diamond in dreams in various ways. Once I saw in dream that he had come to our house with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti. I was lying on my bed, I told him, ‘Sir, you give me intelligence, so that I can study well.’ He said, ‘well, that will happen.’ Then he gave his blessings to me. I said, ‘Wait, let me take some sweets.’ He sat on my cot. I went to bring sweet and water. But after coming back I couldn’t see him. My dream then was off, but my mind became a bit heavy as I could not feed him sweet and water.

My mother never believed that diamond is God. She was a devotee of goddess Mangal Chandi (a form of goddess Kali). Once she dreamt that goddess Mangal Chandi appeared in her dream. Looking at the face of goddess my mother saw that her face belonged to Diamond. Since then she started believing that Diamond is God Himself.

His brother Kaushik has also seen diamond in dreams. His narration is like this:

My father, mother and brother all have seen diamond in dreams. After a long time I saw him in my dream. In the month of Oct, 1986 I saw him in  my dream that I was bowing down to goddess Durga. Suddenly diamond came out of the idol and blessed me.

Before this dream I saw in my dream that I was walking on a road and became tired. Suddenly I heard the voice of Diamond. He told me, ‘My boy, march forward.’ Then my dream was off. I was feeling very happy after seeing Diamond in dream.

As in our village there is no reading centre (for reading Diamond’s Bengali book ‘dharma-O-Anubhuti’), we two brothers use to read Diamond’s book regularly in each Wednesday and Friday.



Volume – 5, March, 2013

[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

January 5, 1958.

On December 31 (1957 AD) Binay and I went to Jibankrishna.  He discussed many things with us.  Firstly after knowing about our health he kept silent for a moment and then said, ‘See, Achintya Sengupta (A famous Bengali novelist) came to me.  First I thought to tell him about an incident of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) thinking that perhaps he might come again.

Beforehand it flashed in my mind about this incident.  I got the same thing in Sri M’s (Mahendra Nath Dutta, Writer of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) book.  He never used to talk anything except Thakur.

Sri M. was having a discussion with Sibram who was the nephew of Thakur.  Sri M asked him, ‘say something about Thakur.

Sibram started narrating an incident happened with Thakur.  One day four ruffians came to the room of Thakur.  They had come to beat Thakur.  As soon as they came Thakur welcomed them very cordially and then went to Hanspukur.  After a while he brought a huge jackfruit carrying on his shoulder.  It was about 10 kilos in weight.  The season was January-February.

He had sweets in his room.  Then he entertained those four persons with sweets and jackfruit.  After that they went away with great joy, though they came with an intention of beating Thakur.

Another incident was narrated by Sibram thus :

Thakur was seated at Panchavati of Dakshineswar (Kolkata).  Sri M. was seated in front of him.  Thakur told Sri M., ‘I saw that a stone pebble was dancing like a human being and then fell into the Ganges water.’  Hearing such absurd thing Sri M. began to laugh.’

Narrating these incidents suddenly Jibankrishna asked Binay, ‘well, can you believe that stone pebble dances like human being’?  Binay said, ‘why don’t we believe’?  Jibankrishna asked, ‘Then how does it happen explain, otherwise only belief won’t stand’.

Both of us kept silent like a fool having no clue about this matter.  Seeing our helpless condition he smiled and then said, do you know that Thakur comments on seeing this world as divine consciousness.  This consciousness is within Thakur.  Then as soon as it appears in his mind that even this pebble can be alive.  Then and there that consciousness was translocated into that, stone and it became alive.  Do you understand now?  Both of us agreed.

Then he said, ‘yes my boy! Once I had gone to Thakur’s village Kamarpukur and sat on the portico of the Shiva temple.  A major part of the wall was paved with stone.  Now everything is changed.  You won’t see those things.  However, I sat there and started meditation.  I was having goose bumps.  When my meditation was over, I looked at the wall against which I was leaning and was greatly surprised to see that the stone wall was also having goose bumps.  So, these things may happen.

All these incidents were bubbling in my mind thinking that I should tell Achintya Sengupta all these strange things.  But he had not come any more.

Now about himself he said, ‘Thakur used to say, in the morning my mind covers the whole world that means it becomes universal.

Where is this universe?  It is in the cerebrum, isn’t so? Now a days, I am having the same sensation.  In the morning hours I can’t talk to anybody as it troubles me.’

April 16, 1958

That day Jibankrishna told us, ‘will it be confined within the Bengali race?  Why will it not spread.  I cannot find any cause.’ He said it while talking about the omnipotency of God.  It may be called an expression of grief.

Another day he said, ‘Hey, what you have achieved in your life (getting God-the –Preceptor within the body) has never happened in the world before, do you understand?  Though you may think, then way these things like anger, lust etc., are not eliminate?  Moreover, we are married leading family lives!  Still let it be, nothing is barrier to this phenomenon…………











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