Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 7, April, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

Brahma or Supreme Being – The Divine Self of human being –

The self of Brahma is Bliss

11.4.1962. Brihad Aranyaka, Chandogya, Svetasvetara, Isha Upanishads have mentioned the phenomena happening here. They have mentioned many things about us. But actually, the writers did not have any experiences like ours. They have said that they have written on the basis of sruti (on the basis of memories generation after generation). The actual phenomenon happened long, long years ago which cannot be conceived. But ultimately these did not last, and even it cannot be said whether this phenomenon will last or not. Brihad Aaranyaka Upanishad has mentioned – Then ‘He’ can understand that He creates all. When this ‘creates’ and ‘He’ becomes merged, then He becomes the creator. When they are giving emphasis on the term ‘He’, it means they have considered a human being. Those who are knowledgeable can understand it. ‘Knowledgeable’ means knowledge of supreme cult and to understand all these realizations are required, otherwise nothing can be conceived.

How strange is my spiritual life! And this life has transformed the spiritual life of all into my spiritual life.

Now what is Brahma (Supreme Being)? He is your Divine Self. And the own self of Brahma is Bliss.


Diamond personified honey cult – the revival of honey cult

12.5.1962. There has been a remarkable change in my spiritual life within these two-three months. At first this honey cult – what happens? One person dreamt that my whole body has been transformed into beehive. Nobody can understand about this honey cult by merely reading Upanishads.

What Upanishad has mentioned about the honey cult? Above all the outer space below it is the sky and the sun in it and the man in that sun. What does it mean and what a man will understand after reading it? Brihad Aranyaka could not say anything about honey cult. Thanks to Chandyogya that they have used this metaphor and after reading I instantly understood that they have meant the honey cake as sky and when I heard from that man that he saw my body as beehive, then and there I understood that I am sky or void. And then where is this world? This is within me and at the same time outside also. In my esoteric condition there occurred a flow of honey and simultaneously I am seeing the same thing in the outside world.

Then Chitta saw in his dream that throughout my body eyes were formed. At first I could not understand, but later on when I asked Dhiren, he said that in ‘Taittiriya Brahman’ where Vedas have started the chapter of ritualistic performances, they have mentioned about the primeval man who had thousands of eyes, thousands of hands, thousands of heads and he was a lost person. To get him back they have started these ritualistic performances.

Probably you can remember that I have told you, that this phenomenon happened sometimes thousands and thousands of years ago and for some reason it was abolished. And in that Taittiriya Brahman’, they have started all these ritualistic performances.

[Svetasvatar Upanishad has described this primeval man as such. The person has a thousand heads, A thousand eyes, a thousand feet; He surrounds the earth on all sides; And stands then fingers’ breadth beyond. (3.14)]




(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 7, April, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in dreams before meeting him

Nemai Banerjee

Part – 1

Before starting my story I remember one of my strange experience happened at my 4-5 years age. I was suffering from malaria. My mother and grandmother were seated near my head, probably wetting my head with water – soaked cloth.

We had day room and I was lying on a cot. Suddenly all ever the wall different forms of Gods and Goddesses were inscribed, as if drawn by a narrow stick or wire.

Among these there were pictures of the war between gods and demons with elephants, horses and lions. I was shivering telling my grandmother, ‘Oh, can’t you see those pictures? See, See, who drew these pictures! Oh, those pictures are moving’! Then nothing I could remember.

As I was growing up, thoughts about what was religion began to appear in my mind. I used to love loneliness and I had fascination for monks and sages. I used to think who were they, whom they were searching for? Sitting near them I used to notice their activities, and ask questions, though many of the answers I did not like. But I used to pray always to God to know the truth or the connect to the right person.

I never liked the traditional religion with superstitions and ritualism. With such mentality I came to Asansol (West Bengal, India) to join my service in the month of December, 1957.

But in the office I never liked gatherings and kept myself aloof from others. I distinguished the difference of mental attitude between me and others. I always liked Sri Ramkrishna and his gospel. I bought some books about him, and always repented why I was not born during his time. I always thought was there none who could explain and discuss religious matter like Sri Ramkrishna?

In the same mess one gentleman named Arun Ghosh was residing during that time. He was a Railway employee. He used to notice me minutely sometimes asked me about my movement. I liked him because I noticed that he also used to keep himself aloof from any noise. I was surprised seeing the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna with him and thought that he was quite different from others.

Quite often he used to call is room and discuss about Sri Ramkrishna. It was my impression that his life was controlled by some unknown force.

However, once I expressed my willingness about my query on truth.

It was the beginning of March, 1958, I went home. One day I had gone to a saloon about five miles away from our residence and was dressing my hair. Different types of pictures were hanging on the walls, starting from gods and goddesses to even film stars. In one place I noticed the picture of Sri Ramkrishna, with 2-3 pictures of film stars beside. I was not liking it and prayed, ‘Oh Lord is there not anybody who could know you properly and live his life you’? Suddenly my whole body began to shiver and sweat. I hard clearly that some broken voice was saying, ‘yes there is! Yes there is! Yes there is’! And the form of a gentleman of strong body wearing Punjabi and dhoti, not so tall as Sri Ramkrishna appeared before my eyes. Thereafter I remembered nothing as 3 became unconscious. When I got back my consciousness I saw myself lying on the floor and 2-3 persons were sprinkling water on my face. How long I was in that state couldn’t remember but that voice was echoing for a long time with appearance of that form of a gentleman in front of my eyes.

I was going to get up being very much surprised with this incident though others were not allowing me to get up.

I had a good physique and covered five miles distance with a bicycle. So everybody was surprised and asked how did it happened to me. But I had no clue to answer them.

The hair cutting was not yet complete. So I again sat on the chair and looking at the picture of Sri Ramkrishna. I was feeling something unusual in my body.

After my hair – cutting was completed I returned home with a kind of great joy with the same echoing sound ‘there is, there is, and the form of an unknown gentleman.

After I came back to Asansol during our discussion with Arun Ghosh about Sri Ramkrishna I narrated the incident happened in my village. He listened very attentively and remarked, ‘It is very strange’! He was more keen to know about the form of the gentleman and then said, ‘When you come to Kolkata and if you find time. I can take you to Kadamtala, Howrah (Adjacent to Kolkata on the opposite side of river Ganges) where a gentleman resides. He lives a life like Sri Ramkrishna and knows nothing beyond Sri Ramkrishna.’

I went to Kolkata merely 2-3 times and with other companions. I was scared about being lost there. So I was tensed about going there. But he gave me all details about the location, bus number etc.

So in the month of April, 1958, one day I went out for going to Kadamtala and at last reached there by bus. It was about 2 PM. It was very hot and there roads were thinly crowded. After asking the pedestrians at last I got Kedar Deuti Lane and was passing a small room with a balcony in front. The door was opened and I was looking inside with an intention to ask anybody inside the room about the house I was looking for. I saw a gentleman, very strongly built body with a short beard at the cheek seated on a cot. As soon as he noticed me said, ‘Oh, Come, Come! Yes, Come here inside the room my boy’! I was puzzled after hearing his voice. Then entering the room I saw another gentleman sitting with a thick book in his hand. On the top of his head a picture of Sri Ramkrishna was hanging on the wall.

The old gentleman began to fan me with a hand fan. Though I said, ‘No, no, let me fan myself,’ but he did not listen and said, ‘My boy, how much strain you took to come here! Sit down my boy. Well can you say anytime you saw Sri Ramkrishna or any gods and goddesses in your dream’? So I narrated my experience happened in my childhood. Hearing this he became serious and said, ‘Well, my boy, well.’ Then he asked another gentleman,

‘Have you heard it! Well, start reading’.

In one portion of the gospel it was mentioned that Sri Ramkrishna was saying pointing out his picture, ‘one day this picture will be worshipped in every house.’ Hearing this the old man said, ‘See, how his forecast has come true. His picture is now available in every house, shops etc. But though it is worshipped, is anyone taking idealism’? Then he asked me, ‘Well, have you seen me before’? I said, ‘No, but I have heard your voice before and let me tell you about an incident.’ Then I narrated the whole incident in the saloon and then said, ‘Just now what was read in that book and you remarked, that same topic. I was thinking that day and at that same moment I heard the same voice like yours, ‘Yes, there is! Yes there is! Yes there is!’ The same voice was echoing still today. I also saw a form of a gentleman, not so tall as Sri Ramkrishna and very healthy.’ Hearing this he only smiled.

Gradually the room was full of crowed. It was about 4 P.M. Suddenly he stood on his cot and wearing a Punjabi he was smiling looking at me./ Then said, ‘Now, can you recognize me’? With a great surprise I looked at him and realized, ‘Oh, this is the same form! That same white Punjabi, the same voice and the same topic about Sri Ramkrishna, everything is synchronizing with each other! I was ashamed as I could not recognize so long as he was without Punjabi.

The room was packed up with listeners and looking at everybody he said, ‘All of you look at him and see how he saw me before coming to me and seeing me before. Say my boy, again say.’ That day I had to repeat my narrations several times. Once he said, ‘See my boy, that voice was an oracle and the man you saw was the supreme self. I bow down to you my boy.’ At about 7-300 PM bowing down to him I left his room. All the way his voice was echoing and his form was appearing before me.

Next day at about 2 P.M. – 2.30 P.M going to his residence I saw that his door was closed. I thought he was taking rest, so let me wait on the balcony. But within a moment he opened the door and seeing me said, ‘How long you have come my boy? Why haven’t you called me? I said, ‘I thought that you were taking rest and I have come just now.’ He said, ‘come my boy, come inside, will you drink water? Take the hand fan.’ Entering the room when I was going to bow down to him, he said, ‘Bow down to Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna), then it will serve the purpose. See, you have never seen me before, but you have seen me in your realization see, many people here saw me in this manner. I am really astonished. Can you say how does this happen’? Afterwards listeners began to come and the room became fully packed. With a great charm and astonishment I was hearing his explanation on the Gospel.

One thing I was noticing that everybody there had this idea of being loved by hi and so I also. While entering the room his welcome with the words, ‘come my boy’ and while leaving his room, his words, ‘come again my boy,’ all these sweet languages always seemed so charming to me.



Volume – 7, April, 2013


Indication of wide circulation of Jibankrishna( Diamond)  in Future

4th February, 1977, Friday

12) Early morning dream: I met a junior ex-student named Anil of my ex-agricultural college at my previous hostel. He was describing many facts about Diamond in a very humorous way.

I was listening to him and at the same time went on thinking – once Diamond saw in his dream a devotee named Anil Krishna Nath and explained that Mahabayu or the Great Life Force came under his control (It happened so). So I became surprised about the fact that this student’s name was also Anil, means Mahabayu (Great Life Force) ! Then the dream went off.

The dream may be a future indication when the name of Diamond will be widely  spread through Mahabayu  among the human race.


The future Spiritual condition in Russia

15th February, 1977, Tuesday.

13) Early morning dream: Someone had sent a letter in an envelope to me and another unknown person said, ‘it seems, it has come from Germany.’ After opening the envelop I saw that one ex-prince of a state of Russia had sent an order on five volumes of ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) and other books on Sri Ramkrishna for the people of Russia. At that moment I was thinking, ‘the base ofRussiais very strong to receive such thing.’ At this moment my mother said, ‘Then you have to send this order.’ Just then I was awakened.

[The dream is an indication of a future when Russia may be enlightened with Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna (Diamond) idealism. In reality, strangely, opportunities have come to the seer to send articles to Russia through websites which was beyond imagination, and this happened after thirty four years of the dream.]

Future of Sikhs and Revelation of the seer’s spiritual condition

15th April, 1977, Friday.

14) Early morning dream : The first scene opened with a very wide and empty road without any public or vehicle. Only myself along with some devotees named Khitish Roy Choudhury, Sudhindranath Sinha and it seemed that Arun Ghosh also was walking very freely. Everybody was in a joyous mood. Mr. Sinha asked me with a smile, ‘Well, you write the matters about Sri Jibankrishna ( Diamonjd) in your school, does anybody know’? (In reality, I, by the grace of God-the-Preceptor left the topmost post of a 150 years old Institution of National importance and joined an English medium school in Kolkata of great reputation for finding more time to write about the matters for the magazine ‘Manikya’ on Diamond).

I answered, ‘not at all, I don’t let anybody know about this.’ He said, ‘very good’.

After this Mr. Ghosh said about his dream. Then Mr. Roychoudhury also told, ‘I had a dream where somebody was saying – He (I) has reached the stage of Brahmahood (Supreme One). So I said, ‘two days before (12.4.77) I also had a dream about Brahma, where somebody was announcing that the Own-self of Brahma is Ananda or Divine joy.

In the next scene I saw that my school building became much bigger and went up to the top floor. There I saw Dwijendra Nath Roy of Ghatshila and an old aged devotee with a very joyous mood. I also became more surprised to see there Khitish Roy Choudhury, Sudhindra Nath Sinha and Dhiren Mondal.

Then I had a long conversation with Mr. Roy but nothing could be remembered later on. After getting down to the ground floor I  went up again to the top floor and still saw only Mr. Roy sitting there. I had more conversations with Mr. Roy. I also saw a Sikh gentleman along with his wife and then the dream went off.

The first scene reveals that the ‘Brahmahood’ has became established in the seer which had been confirmed by others.

The second scene indicates that the seer has availed the power of getting up and down freely in different planes of the body during austerity. Showing Mr. Roy it indicates that the seer is going to have the universal realizations in future as Diamond used to remark, ‘Mr. Roy has a great capacity for universal austerity.’

By showing Sikh Couple it reveals that in the long run Diamond’s philosophy will spread among the Sikh community.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 7, April, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

128).           “When  the  stalk  turns  into  a  trunk,  the  fence  in  removed”.

It means the attainment of the Supreme Cult in the body. Then no further concealment is necessary, because, as a sign of attainment of the Supreme Cult, God in the body will be seen to manifest itself over the body.

129).          “Then  the  trunk  will  not  get  the  least  hurt  even  if  an  elephant  is  tied  to  it”.

Elephant—is the symbol of mind and mind is called an wild elephant .

130 ).         “The  disease  is  typhoid”.

‘I’ or ‘ego’ has been compared with typhoid. In typhoid a patient sees illusion. So ‘I’ is nothing but an illusion. Then what is reality? ‘I’ is never born and cannot be born (Ajo—that which is never born). How does ‘that-which-never-born’ look in the typhoid of illusion?

Emanation of God in the body commences from the gross physical sheath. Then at the end of Ascent, the Supreme Cult reveals the Supreme Knowledge. Then comes “Descent”. The knowledge of “Thou” appears and reigns. Then the illusion of ‘I’ vanishes and a man is in state to declare “That-which-never-born”. The special feature of the disease typhoid ‘I’ is that it makes unreal appear real.

131).           “In the room of the typhoid patient, there are huge

Water pot and jars of pickles and tamarinds”.

Room—represents body, the gross physical sheath. Typhoid patient—is ‘I’ or ‘ego’—a subject of illusions. Huge water pot and jars of pickles and tamarinds—are six aspects of human passions—lust, anger, greediness, delusion, pride and envy.

132).            “If you want to get the patient cured of his ‘I’ illusion,

then he must be removed from the room”.

‘I’—is body, the physical sheath at first.

The commencement of God’s emanation stars from the physical sheath. Life-power of the emanated God from the body undergoes transformations in His sportive forms in five sheaths or seven plans. Then follows the attainment of the Supreme Knowledge. The Ascent ends here. The Descent starts now and knowledge of ‘I-am-not-but-thou’ prevails. This is called ‘removal of the patient from the room’ or the gross physical sheath.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 7, April, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Uttam Pradhan resides at Ruppur, , Birbhum District of West Bengal State, India. He has described his experience as such :

At Jambuni (Birbhum District) I heard from my friend Sukumar about the phenomenon of Jibankrishna (Diamond) and became encouraged a lot. So I joined the reading center there to listen to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) regularly. Though I saw Jibankrishna at a later stage, my other family members saw him earlier. It seemed very strange to me and once told brother Snehamay, ‘why I am not seeing Jibankrishna in dream’? However, later on he appeared in my dream many times.

I told my mother and sister to inform me about their dreams. After one or two days, my mother narrated a dream. She was seeing that she was grinding rice by a ‘Jheki’ (In West Bengal villages in early days people used to grind rice by a sea saw like heavy wooden structure). Suddenly Jibankrishna came out of that ‘dheki’. My mother guessed him to be Jibankrishna. After this, she saw Jibankrishna many times.

It was also a strange thing that my sister saw Jibankrishna in dream before hearing anything about him. She saw that she entered in a room to bring potatoes. At that moment she saw a tall – figured, complacent gentleman standing at the door. She cried with fear and told her elder aunt to move him away. Aunt said, ‘He is Jibankrishna. How can I move him away’? The dream was off.

The next day she saw a photo of Jibankrishna at Sukumar’s residence and identified him to be the same person seen in here dream. When she told me about it, I became perplexed.

After a few days she handed me over a paper with a dream she saw a few days back, and told me, ‘Take it to the reading center.’

Her narration is like this : “My elder sister and I had gone to a shop to buy sugar pellets for the worship of snake Goddess. On the way we met Jibankrishna. He asked, ‘where are you going’? I said, ‘To buy small sugar pellets for worship.’ He said, ‘can you use sugar pellets for worship’?

Then again we went to the worship place of Goddess Durga. There also we met Jibankrishna. He said, ‘Don’t worship like this. Go home and what you have dreamt now, you write it down and give it to the reading center.’ I thought ‘Am I dreaming’? Just at that moment my dream was off.”

I realized the cause of my sister’s request to take her recorded dream to the reading center.

One day I saw in my dream that sitting on the shoulder of Jibankrishna I was visiting many places.

Every night I remember JIbankrishna and go to bed. During the MS.W examination period one day I went to bed late in the night after preparation my study keeping the book on my chect. Suddenly I heard that somebody was reciting the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ continuously. Hastily I got up but seeing nobody I realized that I was dreaming.

Another night I saw in my dream as if to-day is the immersion ceremony of Goddess Durga. My mother and I was distributing sweets to many people. At this moment one masked man came to me. He said ‘I have seen many noble persons. I saw Jesus Christ.’ As soon as he said this he was transformed into Christ. Then he said, ‘I have seen God.’ Then and there he was transformed into Jibankrishna.’ I told my mother, ‘Now you can believe’! When I woke up, I realized that this dream was seen to eliminate my doubts.



Volume – 7, April, 2013


[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

July 4, 1958.

Day before yesterday Jibankrishna saw a dream. He narrated thus : ‘I saw the large room of Manik’s (His cousin brother with whom he used to stay)village residence at Alpukur (Howrah), and then saw a man named Purna with his red eyes. He sat there and said, ‘Season is over, and it was not possible to go to Allahabad.’

How will you interpret me? Many of us went on thinking. Brother Khitish said, ‘To see Purna means completion of austerity and getting fulfillment.’

Then he himself interpreted, ‘It was mentioned in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and it is corroborated.  And why the eyes were red?

Brother Bhola – It is indicating the sun.

Jibankrishna – yes, it may have another meaning that Isha Upanishad is true. I knew this man Purna (Fulfilment). He after used to go to Allahabad for change of season. But what is the meaning of ‘Season is over’?

Brother Khitish – Your body will retain now.

Jibankrishna – You have given such  interpretation!

But I have made another interpretation in the reverse way.

Brother Khitish – Why? Going to Allahabad was not possible means you will live now.

Yesterday, Asim’s (Biswas) elder brother narrated a dream to Jibankrishna :

I saw in my dream a sea and inside it there was a man. You are walking on the sea and then keep your one leg on the man’s head. He was going to drown deep into the sea. Then there was an oracle, “The eight thousand years’ traditions are drowned.” Jibankrishna interpreted as such, “whatever old traditions are there, I have destroyed everything. There is another meaning : “Whatever you dream is not symbolic, and when you see me, that is not also a symbol. Can you say why this is not symbolic’?

Radhu Mitra – We are also seeing you outside.

Jibankrishna – yes. You are not only seeing me inside you, again you are seeing my form outside. Jiten Chatterjee narrated his dream to Jibankrishna. I was seeing this room fully packed with listeners. Then you and I came to an open place outside the room. There was a marble platform. You sat on it and then vanished. Then Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) came and after sitting on that platform vanished. Next came Shivaji (Marahata Emperor during Aurangjeb’s reign) and after sitting on the platform vanished. Lastly came a Sikh and the same incident happened.

Lastly the voice of you was heard, “The religious war is knocking at the door, all of you be prepared. You are sure to win this war.”

Jibankrishna asked everybody, ‘What do you say”?

Everybody said, “yes”.

Abhay Mukherjee said one of his dreams: Many listeners were seated in this room and you were pasting the husis, saying, ‘Eat it as much as you can. You will not get such things anymore.’ Then you were distributing to everybody.’

Hearing this dream all were laughing. We also laughed and had a joke.

At the last moment Jibankrishna said to everybody, ‘This you will take in your brain and think why so many people are seeing a man within their bodies. Thousands of you are seeing me within you.’











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