(Volume- 13, October, 2011)


[When the fivefold quality of Yoga has been produced,

Arising from earth, water, fire, air, and space,

No sickness, no old age, no death has he,

Who has obtained a body made out of the Fire of Yoga.

(Svetasvetara Upanishad – 2.12)]

Diamond explained on the basis of his achievement of this quality :  Now we will see, how this Oneness is spread among human beings. The spiritual life of Diamond attaining Godhood gets itself thoroughly pervaded with the five elements of nature. The five elements are:-

(1)  Sky or ether or atom- an invisible one; (2) Air; (3) Fire; (4) Water; (5) Earth.

These five elements of nature having the spirit of the very identical one, the attainer of the Godhood will function and carry the human form of attainer and place within the bodies of myriads of people and thus making one with Him in the spiritual world and thus oneness is established.

1) The function of the sky or ether or atom will bear its own proof. Some numberless people will see Him previously or hearing His name.

2) Air functions in this way- Some people will hear His name and they see Him. It may run so far that you are present here, hear His name and some of you may see Him and He shall make you known with particulars about Him.

3) The third element is fire, that is eye. The eye represents fire that is light and force both combined. Let you come in contact with Him and you may see Him within.

4) Then comes water. There at the outset in the vital sheath bluish gurgling water is seen and the water, undergoing a numberless chemical and physical changes within the laboratory of the human body, assumes the form of a sun in the cerebrum and the attainer of Godhood will be seen there in the sun.

5) Earth is the last of the elements and it also plays the most important role from one hemisphere to another hemisphere like this-

It has been observed in countless people when they read the book written by Diamond based on His personal spiritual experiences of Vedic Truth within His body, they have seen Him within them. Why? Keep a book under the ground for a few months and the book will be transformed into earth.

Thus we find the five elements become the distributors of Oneness. A man by nature’s selection becomes One or God and this Godhood or Oneness is distributed through the agency of five elements and it is made a free gift, because it is a free gift to Him by nature and so to the humanity, making them One or God with Him and thereby it proves and evinces that each and every member of the human race is but God or One in the spiritual world. This is Universal One and Oneness.

[Svetasvetara Upanishad again mentions:

He by whom this whole world is constantly enveloped,

Is intelligent, the author of time, possessor of qualities, omniscient.

Ruled over by Him work revolves –

This which is regarded as earth, water, fire, air, and space. (6.2)]


Volume -13, October, 2011

Indication of wide circulation of Diamond  in Future

4th February, 1977, Friday

Early morning dream : I met a junior ex-student named Anil of my ex-agricultural college at my previous hostel. He was describing many facts about Diamond in a very humorous way.

I was listening to him and at the same time went on thinking – once Diamond saw in his dream a devotee named Anil and explained that Mahabayu or the Great life force came under his control (Anil means Mahabayu or great life force). So I became surprised about the fact that this student’s name was also Anil, means Mahabayu (Great life force) ! Then the dream went off.

The dream may be a future indication when the name of Diamond will widely  spread among the human race.

The future Spiritual condition in Russia

15th February, 1977, Tuesday.

Early morning dream: Someone had sent a letter in an envelope to me and another unknown person said, ‘it seems, it has come from Germany.’ After opening the envelop I saw that one ex-prince of a state of Russia had sent an order on five volumes of ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) and other books on Sri Ramkrishna for the people of Russia. At that moment I was thinking, ‘the base of Russia is very strong to receive such thing.’ At this moment my mother said, ‘Then you have to send this order.’ Just then I was awakened.

The dream is an indication of a future when Russia may be enlightened with Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna (Diamond) idealism.


Volume- 13, October,2011


(My first experience with Diamond)

Arun Purakayastha

I cannot remember the date and month when I first met Diamond. Either in the last part of 1964 or after the winter of 1965 I first met him. One of Diamond’s devote Nisikanta De and myself were in the same section of the office. I noticed that he never wanted to stay at the office after 5-00 PM. After some time asked by me he said that he used to go to one place to listen to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. When I wanted to go with him there, he gave me one book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ 2nd part (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realization’) for reading. On my way to office and home by train I completed that book when I returned it to him he asked whether I had any dream. I told him, ‘I dreamt one night that I was seated beside a disciple of Swami Vivekananda in a car. He was driving himself and ultimately took me near a gate of a place surrounded by a high wall. I got down from the car and entered inside opening the gate. He remained outside. I noticed it was an open space with bushes here and there without any flowers or fruits. A few yards away there was a hut like structure as it was a temple. But no persons were there. In the meantime my dream went off’. Nishi explained that the dream revealed the condition of that person from whom I thought to take initiation as he could not enter the place.  I was surprised hearing such explanation.

After a few days I went to Diamond’s residence with Nishi. I saw an old gentleman with bare body and wearing a Dhoti (white long cloth) was seated on his cot. On the floor someone was engaged in reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. He told me to sit inside. I saluted him with folded hands and sitting on the floor began to listen the reading.

Once he asked me about ‘living in a lonely place’. Having no answer from me he said, ‘this is the lonely place my boy’! I could not realize the meaning that time. Now I have realized that wherever any conversation about God goes on, it becomes the lonely place.

However, after sometime I was on my way back to my residence. Henceforth off and on I started going to him and got puzzled seeing the frequent divine expressions on his body. So long I used to be inside the room all worldly affairs become wiped out from my mind. Though I could not understand his yogic explanations, but I always used to feel a great attraction for him. Another strange thing I noticed whenever anybody used to ask him about seeing God he instantly had ‘Samadhi’ (transformation into God).

One day I was returning home by train and fell asleep and I dreamt that Diamond gave me an unknown food prepared by him. As soon as I took it in my hand, my dream went off. This is my first dream after my meeting with Diamond.

One day hearing about ‘Madhuvidya’ (Honey doctrine) from Diamond I returned home and after washing my body, lied on bed and instantly I had a vision. I saw that on the upper part of my forehead inside my head a bowl was shinning, filled with honey. Then I touched honey with two my two fingers and went on rubbing.

One day on my way home from Diamond’s residence at Kadamtala I sat in the train. It was crowded. After a while I lost my sense and saw a floating white thumb like thing entered into my brain. Then and there I saw a ruffian was staring at me. After it vanished an old bearded man with half opened eyes floated in front of me and then vanished followed by another middle-aged man’s face floating in front of me and then it also vanished. After this I got back my sense.

At a certain period I used to become absent minded during reading his Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’. One night I saw in a dream an old bearded man staring at me. Later on I realized he was Diamond who wanted to teach me to be attentive during reading.

On day I had a dream. I saw that I was seated on a cot inside a room. Beside this there was another cot though nobody was on it. Meanwhile I noticed that Diamond was going towards the corridor passing in between the cots. Seeing me he asked how I was. I answered, ‘I am well’. Then I saw he approached towards the down light and my dream went off.

So, many days passed by, but still I have feelings of a permanent peace in mind and a hilarity always persists in me which he used to tell everybody. This is the ultimate effect of seeing Diamond within ourselves.



Before starting my story I want to introduce Keramutalla Seikh who was a cycle- riksaw-puller in most parts of his life, having a strange go of life.

In 1947, he passed matriculation examination and got a service in Police department as police started a small business. But even this profession could not suit him because he constable. But after some years he could not resist the corruptions and so resigned, could not cheat people in business. He ultimately took his profession as a cycle-riksaw puller and came to Santipur town leaving his home land at Lalbag of Murshidabad district, West Bengal State, India.

At Santipur, he used to take me here and there whenever required. One day, probably in the year 1987-88, I was having a discussion with one of my cousin sister about my magazine and he was waiting there. After a while, when I was returning he asked me, ‘Can you give me such book’? I agreed and after coming home I gave him the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) written by Diamond picked up in the street. He was very glad and took it.

Next day he came to me and said, ‘What a good book it is! I liked this sentence where it is written – God or Allah is within the human body’! Thereafter he always used to take the magazines and the books whenever published. He began to have dreams as well as realizations in reality though for a long, long time he could not realize whom he used to see until after long years I showed him the photograph of Diamond whom he could identify instantly that the same person used to appear in his dream as well as in reality. I told him to submit his experiences for my magazine and he did that.

His realizations in dreams and reality are as such :

1)    One night I fell in a deep sleep after thinking about my hard life. Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘you have slept! This is a dirty place, wakeup’. Just before I woke up. I saw an old man went away. Standing on my feet I saw a snake in front of me.

2)    One day I was walking beside the river Ganges in reality. I heard that somebody was saying from my inside. ‘Go cautiously’. Suddenly there was an erosion of the river bank just in front of me. I understood Allah saved me.

3)    One day I had another incident in reality. In the evening I was sealed on my rickshaw being ill. I was on an attempt for a passenger as I badly needed money. I was thinking what to do. Just at this moment somebody pushed me on the backside saying, ‘Go’! Looking behind I saw a gentleman. He told me to go to Charaktala. I Said, ‘which Charaktala’? (Because there are two Charaktalas in Santipur). So I carried him to Charaktala by my riksha. Getting down he gave a hundred rupees note and when he was going away. I said, ‘I shall take ten rupees fare, as I have no change of hundred rupees.’ But saying ‘I don’t required’ he went away and vanished. I doubted whether he was my inner god who helped me in such a manner?

4)   One night I dreamt, some ruffians came and pushing me out of my bed was trying to hit me with bamboo poles. I was crying, but saw suddenly that another group of people came with poles and seeing them those ruffians ran away. At this moment the same old gentleman came and said, ‘look! Don’t be afraid, I am always with you.’ I went on thinking, who is this gentleman who appears in my dream and reality off and on??

5)    One night I was sitting on my cycle- riksaw being greatly worried  about my family trouble. At that moment the same gentleman came and told me to go home immediately. So did I. And immediately after my departure there was a great chaos in that area. I understood that the same person warned me like that. But I never got the opportunity of asking him anything as in reality he never gave me opportunity to talk to him and I also had such a great respect for the gentleman that I always had a hesitation to talk to him.

6)    One day lying on my bed in the evening I was trying to sleep. But due to tension for my poverty, I could not sleep. That day I badly needed money. However, one time I fell asleep and dreamt that somebody was pushing me saying, ‘wake up, there is a passenger for you.’ I woke up and saw, really a passenger was waiting for me. I took him to his destination and got a good amount of money, which was a great help to me.

I used to feel surprise that all the time during my distress conditions this old man always appears and removes the hazards.

All the above incidents happened in between 1998 and 2006 A.D

On 27.1.2010, I had a remarkable dream: I saw some people completely naked coming to our residence, as if they would cut my wife into pieces. Just then I saw the old man with a turban on his head and a small stick came and shouted at them, ’Get out from here’! They fled immediately and I also woke up and felt a great peace and joy.

When I went to Santipur,  Keramatulla narrated the dream to me. Strangely, I never showed him Diamond’s photo. This time I showed him Diamond’s photo. Seeing the photo he said, ‘I have been seeing him so many times in my dreams and reality. He must be Allah who always appears before me and saves me.’ He said,  ‘I can say that, I have achieved a great peace and divine joy in my mind. So in spite of my hazardous life. I never get morose or nervous. And this has become possible due to all mighty Allah’s grace.


(By Diamond picked up in the street)


Volume – 13, October, 2011


Both Chandogya and Brihad aranyaka Upanishads have dealt with divine dreams. They are of opinion that realizations and manifestations of God in dreams are purer and finer than in an awakened condition of the body….

Joseph was engaged to interpret the dreams of the Pharao in Egypt. God spoke to moses, ‘Henceforth I won’t come and talk to you in person, but I will convey my command in dream.’ In Buddhism the arrival of Buddha in the world sprout out of a dream dreamt by Maya Devi, the mother of Buddha, who dreamt a white elephant, coming from the heaven, entered her womb and in normal course Sri Buddha was born.

Sri Ramkrishna’s father in the present era also dreamt that ‘Raghubir’ ,the household deity, appeared and told him that he would take his birth as a son to him. The Old Testament is full of divine dreams. Mohammed dreamt that he was carried in a chariot of seven horses to Heaven near Allah and from Him he received instructions and command….

God is in the inside of the human body. He, out of mercy to man, manifests Himself in words within the man and thereby He makes him His own chosen man through the words and becomes his guardian and Preceptor….

Somehow or other, to see God and to realize His sportive forms in dreams was a lost chapter. Sri Ramkrishna has again given life to it(in the nineteenth century) and established it….

Susupti is profound sleep. At the outset, as well as at the end of sleep, realizations appear, but neither during the sleep, nor in the full awakened condition. Such realizations are reckoned as realizations in Susupti or profound sleep.

In all the four states of life,viz: (1) Waking;(2) Dreams;(3)) Profound sleep or Susupti and (4) Turiya or Supreme conscious existence, there are different realizations of God’s sportive forms in the body. There are some lucky fellows who see God in all these four states of life. Some again see the sportive forms of God in the three states;(1) Waking,(2) Dreams and (3) Profound sleep. There are some who see God in the two conditions:: Waking and (2)) Dreams. Some again see God and His sportive form in dreams only. In dreams the seer gets his body purified, his thinking and feeling purified, he gets his God-the-Preceptor, he sees God’s light, he gets himself transformed into God and finally he sees the descent of God assuming the form of a man in him. But all these happenings occur through sheer grace of God.

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