Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 8, April, 2013

Diamond with thousands of heads, eyes as mentioned

in Upanishads – Its real meaning


See, Chitta has a dream. He was seeing that I had a small pox and even flies were sitting on my body. He asked me, ‘Are you suffering from small pox’? I didn’t answer him. But later on he said, ‘No, that was not small pox. Those were eyes as seen on pineapple’.

Hearing this Dhiren Roy asid, ‘In Purussukta of Ric Veda’ they have described a person with thousands of head, thousands of eyes, thousands of hands’. Chitta’s dream has indicated that you are that Purusha (Person). Again Aitareya Upanishad has mentioned, that Purusha has disappeared. It means that the Purusha who appeared once were never seen later on. And his memory to has been carried by ‘Sruti’ (Later Upanishads). From that era this expectation has been bourne by people of all countries. So Buddha is called ‘Tathagata’ (He will come)’ Christ is called ‘one is to come’, Mohammed is saying, ‘I am the prophet of Allha’, Sri Chaitanya is saying, ‘I am he’, and Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, ‘He who is Ram isKrishnaand now is Ramkrishna’.

Diamond exclaimed, well said! well said! you have explained the thing so wonderfully! But my boy, as you said, ‘That Purusha appeared once and later on he was not seen. Now where did he appear? Of course not in the outer world, otherwise his name was found with his activities just as is found with other Rishis.

So, it is merely a memory. It means, this memory appeared in some Rishis and whatever yogic stages it might be, yet that phenomenon appeared only in memory and so in due course of time it disappeared. Now if you say that the ever-desired person has appeared now with flesh and blood, it will not disappear ever. This will continue perpetually, even after the physical death. Because that Purusha is not merely a memory but a living human being.

After a few days of this discussion on 16th May, 1962, Wednesday discussions were going on about a dream seen by Dwijendra Nath Roy of Ghatshila (Bihar, India).

Diamond said, see, “he didn’t know anything about the discussions going on here. He has written a letter to his next brother sailen”.

The letter was written on 14.5.1962 and Mr. Roy saw the dream on 7.5.1962. The dream was such:

From a single throat innumerable faces were revolving like a disc. The middle face belonged to Jibankrishna (Diamond) and over it the head of Sri Ramkrishna was seen. Both of their heads were fixed but all the heads known and unknown wer revolving. It was just like the picture of Ravana with ten heads, though the number of heads were countless and this scene did not seem to be unusual. Numerous heads were seen and then vanishing with the appearance of more new faces irrespective of old, child, and young, known and unknown and all the faces were continuously revolving except the faces of Jibankrishna and Ramkrishna which were smiling and luminous. Among these faces my face was also there. The dream may indicate the universal oneness. If you find any other meaning, write me.

Hearing this dream Dhiren said, ‘That day we discussed about this matter on thousand heads. But the strange thing is that, my brother was in Ghatshila and he had no idea that we were discussing about this phenomenon. Still he had seen such dream!

Diamond asked Dhiren, ‘well Vedas mentioned about any symptoms of that lost person’?

Dhiren said, ‘Yes, about the symptoms, they are saying, ‘That Purusha has thousands of heads, thousands of eyes.’

Diamond – Well,now can you prove that I have thousand eyes?

Dhiren – Yes, so many people are seeing you within their dreams. Where are they? All are you and their eyes are yours.

Diamond – Yes my boy! This is the proof.

[ Svetasvatara Upanishad has mentioned about the Person with thousand eyes thus:

The Person has a thousand heads;

A thousand eyes, a thousand feet;

He surrounds the earth on all sides,

And stands ten fingers’ breadth beyond. (3.14)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 8, April, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in dreams before meeting him

Nemai Banerjee

Part 2

Returning to Asansal when I narrated all these to Arun Ghosh, he was quite happy.

Every Saturday he used to go to Kolkata and return on Sunday after meeting Jibankrishna. He used to discuss many things about him even in late night. We had a very charming days that time. But for one thing I used to feel sorry that I didn’t see him in dreams.

In the mean while once I had an opportunity to go to Kolkata in the month of September, 1959 for a new service. So I used to go to Jibankrishna every day, being asked by him often, ‘Have you seen any divine dream’? I answered, ‘One day I saw that Sri Ramkrishna was giving some offerings of God in my hand. He was looking just as he is seen in his photo.’ Jibankrishna said, ‘Well, it is very good.’

After my office work I used to go to him almost every day. One thing I shall never forget. It was his daily words, ‘God is within this human body. He is nowhere else.’ When there was discussion about the visualization of God, with folded hands he used to say, ‘Yes, by his grace Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) showed me God.’ During this moment his whole body uses to shiver with the face being blood red. I shall never forget this scene in my life.

One special thing I observed. Whenever anybody wanted to offer him anything, he always said, ‘Take money from the pocket of my shirt. See Thakur told me to live a life of my own earning through hard working.

I remember one day’s incident. One afternoon I had gone to him. I saw that on his back a sore was formed due to the pricking of caterpillar spine. Everybody was asking and suggesting medicines, and he was agreeing at once to him. Whatever was suggested he was using that medicine.

One gentleman brought an ointment and said, ‘If you use 2-3 times it will be cured.’ Hearing the use of the medicine he said, ‘Then it should be used. So what is its price? The gentleman said, ‘No, no, you need not pay for that. It costs very little.’ Jibankrishna said, ‘Then let it be, I need not cure my disease.’ I told him, ‘As you are using so many medicines, it is not cured. In normal course of time it should have been cured without any medicine.’ He said, ‘Yes you are right. Here everything is happening automatically. Nothing is required by self-exertion.’

Another strange thing I observed. Whenever any question arose in my mind, it was solved either by his discussion or through others.

He often told us, ‘Accept everything in rational way. Here no question of faith, everything happens here spontaneously.’

I always thought how could he be so Kith and keen to us? What a great love and affection! Many times any question came in my mind and I wanted to ask him, but couldn’t while looking at him he often asked, ‘Do you want to say something’? I did not answer, but in that very night my question used to be solved when he answered for the same question through dream.

He told us, ‘See, I don’t know any hymns, I never worshipped Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) with flowers or garments, But still how he had showered his grace upon me. I had nothing to do by exertion, yet this phenomenon happened in my life spontaneously.

I never heard him to forecast about anyone or giving any instruction to anybody. When I asked one day, ‘Well, is there no necessity of performing austerities’? He answered with smiling face, ‘How do you spend your time? So you should do meditation, discussion etc. for spending time?

Now I shall narrate a few of my dreams.

1.Two-three days after my first meeting with Jibankrishna I saw a dream.

In reality I was lying on a small cot in the third floor of a mess at Amherst street, Kolkata. For these two-three days I was passing through a half conscious state and always felt that Jibankrishna was with me all the time. The more I was thinking about him, the more I was astonished by his way of life. Was it possible for a man to spend a life with only god! His only topic was religion and God. It was really unimaginable and un-thoughtful.

However in that night I dreamt that he had come and sat near my head. I moved aside and told him, ‘Sit well.’ But he said, ‘It’s Okay, you lie down comfortably and sleep.’ I said, ‘If you want to lie down, do it.’ ‘No, no, I am sitting beside you,’ he said.

So I slept and after a while I felt that during my sleep my feet touched his body and my sleep was disrupted. I saw he was still seated. So I told him, ‘Still you are seated? Will you sit for the whole night? Please lie down.’ He said, ‘I shall drink water.’

I used to keep a glass of water beneath my cot. So I told him, ‘The glass of water is kept there, please take it.’

He took the glass and drank the water in the same fashion as he used to take in reality. Thereafter he discussed with me about lots of religious aspects. But whenever I was waking up I was noticing that he was seated near my head.

When in the morning I really woke up I was searching for him here and there. My eyes were filled with tears and tried to trace whether he really drank the water. This was my first dream.

[In the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna, it is mentioned that once Sri Ramkrishna said to LAtu Maharaj, one of his disciple, ‘See, as God is awaken so we can sleep.’ This dream is a reverberation of that comment.]

2.In a dream I saw that I was dead. All the family members were crying. Those who were carrying my dead body were all unknown, but at the same time my another form was also following the procession. The fire was ignited. It was burning and I was standing in front. Large sores were seen on the dead body and as these were dissolved water was coming out from the sores and dropped on the fire, which was about to be extinguished. One by one every part of the body turned into ashes.   Standing in a place I observed all the operations very minutely and then my dream was off.

[The dream indicated that the seer’s ‘Ego – consciousness’ was burnt or eliminated.]

3.I was dreaming that Jibankrishna was seated beside a pond. I was standing in front of him with a list in my hand. He was looking at it and reading loudly about the depot and expenditure. The dream was off.

[The dream was an indication of the seer’s life.]

4.I was very much disturbed mentally before my marriage as I was not in favour of leading a marriage life. But due to unavoidable circumstances I was bound to do it.

Just one day before my marriage I saw in a dreamt the bank of the river Ganges with flowing water. My waist was wrapped with a rowel and I was looking at the river. Suddenly I felt that I had seen Jibankrishna.

It was the immersion day of the idols of goddess Durga in the river Ganges. I was looking at the immersion. There were many white tents on the river bank.

I saw that an idol of goddess Durga was immersed. But next moment I observed with surprise that goddess Durga emerged from the water and got up on the bank. She was looking like an actress of a drama in the garb of goddess Durga. She crossed me and approached forward. I also walked ahead and saw that within a tent Jibankrishna was standing

Seeing me he smiled. Suddenly sitting near his feet I hugged his feet and cried, saying, ‘Oh Lord, please shower your grace upon me. What have you done to me? Shall I have marriage life ultimately’? He said, ‘sit down here. I shall see your palm. Don’t be scared.’ A mat of palmyra palm was laid on the floor inside the tent and I could see the footsteps of a large number of people. I told him, ‘wait, let me clean it first’, and I cleaned it with my towel.

Then holding my hand he started watching my palm very carefully. Meanwhile that girl entered into the tent. Jibankrishna said nothing. The girl said, ‘I can see that this is good, what you are thinking, it is not that. Just see here, as that is there, this is also there.’ Jibankrishna said, ‘Yes, it is correct.’ My dream was off.

[In the morning a strange thing was observed. It was noticed that in between the eye brows a red scar mark was inscribed.

The family members asked me about that mark. I couldn’t answer. But after 2-3 days this mark disappeared.]

5.I saw in my dream that JiIbankrishna was seated on the floor of his room at Kadamtala. Raising m two hands I bowed to him and as soon as I touched his feet, he said, ‘It’s okay my boy, who bows to whom! God is within you, let me bow to you.’ I felt uneasy by his words.

Suddenly standing up he hugged me,. His beard was touching my body. I stood still with great astonishment. I felt that something with roaring sound moved upwards from his stomach to the cerebrum shivering his whole body. I lost my consciousness. It was an unexpected matter. When I woke up I was still feeling the touch of his beard on my cheek. My both eye were flooded with tears and his cracked voice was entering into my ears with these words, ‘Mahabatyu, Sahasrar, Samadhi’ (great life Force, Cerebrum, Samadhi). In this context I must mention that during my visit to him it appeared to me that what was this Samadhi which I was observing everyday in his room? Though I intended to ask him, but couldn’t ask him due to hesitation. To-day I got that answer through the dream.

6.After my marriage I could not go to Jibnakrishna due to my touchy mentality as I thought what was the utility of such life when my memorable chapter of life came to an end. Again I thought should I go to him after such a long gap, and moreover I got such divine dreams due to my connection with him. Now let me see whether I get any dreams as I have stopped going to him. After a few days I had a dream.

It was Jibankrishna’s room at Kadamtala, Howrah. The room was packed with crowd. I was looking at him, and feeling hesitation to enter. But seeing me he at once welcomed me, ‘Oh, come, come! Come to me in the room.’ I guessed that Arun Ghosh said, ‘He is feeling shy as he marries.’ Hearing this he said, ‘What does it matter for marrying! Why are you feeling shy? Come, come inside. See whatever prejudice or destiny you have, that will take place in your life.’

I was thinking what undefined affection and love for a human being he has! It is uncomparable. When I saw this dream I came to know from a letter of Arun Ghosh that a few days back Jibankrishna demised (November 13, 1969).



Volume – 8, April, 2013


26th April, 1977, Tuesday.

15) Early morning dream : At first I saw my elder brother who was telling me that he saw Diamond in dream. After this I saw that one Asamese gentleman had taken the Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ in his hand. I was thinking probably he could not understand it. When asked, he answered, ‘no, I can read it’. Then I saw many other unknown persons with fervent prayer for seeing Jibankrishna. Here the dream went off and after waking up my mind became depressed due to the ardor of mankind.

The first part of the dream indicates the future of both the elder brother and the Asamese. In future the elder brother as well as the Asamese may see Diamond in their dreams.

The second part is the concluding part of the dream seen on 18.03.1977 where the seer himself was crying in his dream for the human race as they still do not see Diamond within them. Here it is vice-versa. It can be understood in future.


Revelation of future compilation of Diamond’s sayings and its English translation

4th September, 1977, Sunday.

16) Early morning dream : I noticed that my compilation of Diamond’s saying in Bengali was being read by someone  and I was also listening. After a while its English translation would also be read. Thereafter I was awakened.

After a while I again fell asleep and dreamt that my eldest sister Baruna at home said something which raised my anger and with a single dress I went out of my home. I told my mother, ‘I do not know when I shall return’. After going out of home, I thought were to go. So many names came in my mind. Lastly the name of Dhiren Mondal appeared in my mind. Then and there it was noticed that he himself came to take me in his house and I accompanied him towards his house. I then woke up.

The first scene reveals the future when this compilation would be read by many people and also these will be translated into English.

The second scene in microcosm reveals that the seer would become calm as ‘Dhiren’ depicts calmness.

[After fifteen years of hard work, the compilation of Diamond’s sayings was completed and then after thirty three years its English translation is being made for the website by the seer himself.]


Indication of new realizations and indication of spiritualism in Younger generations in future

13th November, 1977, Saturday.

16a) Early morning dream : I was seated on the 1st floor of Indranath Mukherjee’s residence at Makardah and with him was Dhiren Mondal. After a while I noticed that many young boys were coming upwards and went outside through the Cornish. I was surprisingly thinking that were they thieves! With curiosity I looked outside and noticed that on the ground floor a picnic was arranged and many devotees e.g., Dilip Ghosh, Sourendra Nath Bhattacharya and many others were present. I then woke up.

The dream reveals two aspects :  Firstly, there will be more and more realizations within the seer and Diamond will appear in younger generations in future.

[This proved true after some years. The seer is having numerous divine realizations and younger generations are now seeing Diamond within them.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 8, April, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


133),               “God  alone  exists  and  the  existence  is eternal”

This saying has got two aspects in their meaning :

(1)     God with form is real and eternal.

(2)     God without form is also real and eternal.

But in the Supreme Knowledge there exists nothing and even in the state of Supreme Knowledge none exists either to feel the non-existence or to carry the message of non-existence.

There are two states of the Supreme Knowledge—one Relative and other is Absolute . The Relative starts from seeing the formless God in the seventh plane and ultimately it is transformed into Absolute-non-existence after undergoing the following changes—

(1)     The formless God.

(2)      God holding the Universe in Him.

(3)      He turns into a seed.

(4)     The seed turns into a dream.

(5)     The dream does not exist or the state of non-existence of ego.

134)            “All  else  is  unreal,  impermanent  and  ephemeral”

In Ascent it so appears . When life-power ascends from one plane to another, she keeps on discarding till she reaches and is transformed into Absolute and non-existence and then in Descent at the first stage, “Not-I-But-Thou’, the illusory state of everything else, is felt and it transpires that God alone is Real .

135).          “This  Supreme  Knowledge  is  to  be  attained,  realized  and  to  be  felt  Continually”.

It is ‘Sahajia; state . The existence becomes so ; or it becomes one with one’s existence.

136).         “Then  comes  the  real  love  to  God”.

The Supreme Knowledge is succeeded by knowledge of ‘Not-I-but-Thou’, and this is succeeded by attainment of manikin form of God and then springs up the real love of God .

137).            “Yearning  alone  enables  one  to  attain  God”.

Waking of life-power gives impetus to yearning and this life-power is transformed into Supreme Bliss.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 8, April, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Jibanmay Bhandari resides at Jadavpur, Birbhum. He narrates his experience thus:

I heard from my elder sister that they see Jibankrishna and Sri Ramkrishna in their dreams and do not perform any type of ritualistic functions. They only read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna which is their only ritualism.

Strangely, after a few days I also saw JIbankrishna in my dream.

I saw that two white oxes were floating in the sky with their horns curved in the front side. On their backside was following a gentleman with clean shaved head, bare upper body and wearing a dhoti. I said to myself, ‘You cannot deceive me. I have come to know that you are God.’ After waking up I felt that I saw JIbankrishna in my dream. My mind became full of joy.

[In the dream it is revealed that Jibankrishna is the cultivator of this human body to lead the seer to Supremacy.]

My father had no faith on Gods and Goddesses. At the fag end of his life seeing Jibankrishna in dreams his philosophy of life was completely changed. We all were surprised seeing his changes.

One day he saw in his dream that Jibankrishna was seated on the corridor in front of his room. While he was going to bow down to Jibankrishna, he said, ‘Go, Go! Don’t come to me’! My father said, ‘Whatever you say, I am not leaving you. You have to take my responsibility.’ Seeing my father’s attitude, Jibankrishna said, ‘Well, but you have to follow my instruction.’ My father agreed. Jibankrishna gave my father some instruction, and in some cases he relaxed the instructions. Then my father woke up.

My mother also got the grace of Jibankrishna. One day she was not well. There was a body-ache. At night she slept and dreamt – She was lying on bed. One gentleman came and sat beside her and then began to pat on her head.

My mother asked, ‘who are you? Are you a thief or a robber’? The gentleman said in a very calm voice, ‘I have come to see you due to your illness, cann’t you recognized me’? Looking at him properly my mother recognized him to be Jibankrishna and then started calling everybody very loudly,’ ‘come and see who has come here’! He is my all, he is my diamond’! Due to her crying everybody in our house woke up in reality.

Santimay Sarkar of Supur, Birbhum goes to Sriniketan Reading Center where Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ is read regularly. Snehamay is the reader.

The first dream seen by him is narrated in his own version :

Brother Ram and I had gone to a place and saw a large gathering there. Everybody very eagerly was waiting for something looking at a sky height gate. Suddenly a huge black cloth began to descend from the sky. I came to know from others that on whose head this cloth would fall he would be considered as a blessed person by God.

It was a strange thing that the cloth fell on both of our heads and the whole crowd shouted with great joy around us.

On our way back we saw that under a tree our familiar brother Sagar was seated on a mat. The surrounding was very natural. Brother Sagar was wearing dhoti and panjabi and hada very complacent looking. Beside him was seated Snehamay. Going near them we bowed with folded hands and asked, ‘How are you’? Snehamay gave a mysterious smile and asked, ‘Can you recognize him’? I said, ‘Yes, he is brother Sagar.’ With a smiling face Snehamay said, ‘He is Jibankishna’. With a great astonishment I looked at him properly and saw that he was smiling. In the next moment his face began to transform into Jibankrishna’s face. My dream was off.

I find real peace in going to the reading center and enjoy my divine dreams where I see so many sportive forms of God within me.



Volume – 8, April, 2013

[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

December 2, 1958

Yesterday Jibankrishna said on the basis of his version ‘I shall live for ever with this form’ as such : “See, I have got such data and if one fourth of it comes true, then I say that this will come true, otherwise before my death I shall say that all these are hoax.” It was last Saturday, when almost all had left and very few of us were seated with Jibnakrishna, he said, ‘I don’t know if my knowing consciousness manifests within me then something miracle will happen. I shall become insane if I come to know about you all.’

January 12, 1959.

Last Sunday when to went to Jibankrishna, he asked me a question, ‘See when one gets God-the-Preceptor he achieves full austerity in ascent and descent. But why did this occur within any of you as it happened within me? But in your case none had the full-fledged individualistic austerity.’ What would we answer? So we kept silent.

He again said, ‘See, as I had this full-fledged austerity, so I can easily grasp the esoteric meaning of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna, and now I am discarding these. In my case I got Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) as God-the-Preceptor when he was dead, but you have got a living human being, still why did you not have full-fledged individualistic austerity’?

Then he removed our confusion by answering himself. He said, ‘In your case that is not God-the-Preceptor, then you would have the austerity like mine. Do you understand’?

Then for some time the reading of the Gospel was continuing with other discussions.

I asked, ‘Thakur said that unless God-the-Preceptor is achieved nothing will happen, then have we not got anything’?

Jibankrishna said, ‘That is Satchidananda.’ To the scholars of the traditional Hindu scriptures it is Brahma or Supreme self without form. But these are all the things of individualistic austerity. You have got far above it.’

Dilip asked a question, ‘As we are seeing you within us, so how can we understand that others are seeing you within them? Many may tell lies. How can we believe others’?

Jibankrishna said, ‘why, if you think your vision as correct, then you have believe others. If youmake a conclusion that you are only correct and others are wrong, then you will be considered as abnormal. There is no question about the third person here. It is between you and me. This is not the place of others.

Dilip – But can you know anything?

Jibankrishna – No my boy, I don’t know anything.

Ramkrishna (Ghosh) – Don’t you guess by seeing any signs?

Jibankrishna – Not at all.

After a while many persons came in the room. Among them brother Khitish, brother Radhu were also present. During discussion Jibankrishna once said, The terms ‘Nityakali’, ‘Mahakali’ were used in Tantra – ‘Then this universe were not created.’ But who will understand that its esoteric meaning is – ‘I am not born.’ Though they are saying that I am creating this world, yet when and how they could not say. All used their brains after the question, that the world what we are seeing from where it has come. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘That Brahma or Supreme self is there is understood by seeing this world.’

In vedas there is an example – ‘Spider and its net. It produces the net from its body and then lives within it.’ A human being immediately after his birth projects this world simultaneously and lives in it. This is so strange! There are more examples (Showing a Banyan tree in front of the house) can you prove with that tree?

I said, ‘I am growing and the tree is also growing.’

Jibankrishna – Have I not discussed it before’?

This way we are spending our days. Sometimes we feel confusion as we don’t understand all his discussions, but he said, ‘It takes time.’