Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 9, May, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

In Diamond’s era the Supreme cult will manifest through brain

power unlike the physical strength of the Vedic era


This ‘Paravidya’ (Supreme Cult) has manifested now with the help of brain power. In vedic era it used to manifest through physical strength as they used to say, ‘Nayomatma Balahinena Lavyah’ (Atma or soul cannot be seen by weaklings). But now it is different. Yesterday I said this, but I couldn’t understand that I have already written it in the first part of my book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version). I understood a few moment back. I described that Babu (gentleman) is covered with cloth upto his neck (Diamond’s dream). That dream indicated that the Supreme Cult will manifest through brain power. I have seen this dream forty years back and that time I gave the meaning that nobody will have his austerity of the lower planes. After such a long period I got another meaning.


Diamond is the Adi Purush (the Great Primeval man of Vedas)


It is mentioned in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad – In the beginning He was alone in the shape of a person and this is the Adi Purush (the Great Primeval man) of Vedas. This means, this phenomenon occurs encircling such man. Probably this phenomenon happened once thousands of years ago, and now we are seeing the same thing happening here. As you see my form within you, he is that most primeval man.

[Svetasvetara Upanishad has mentioned about such person like this :

Without foot or hand, he is swift and a seizer! He sees without eye; he hears without ear! He knows whatever is to be known; him there is none who knows; Men call him the Great Primeval Person. (3.19)


Man is Brahma with proof – Diamond is the life of every human being


What is the sportive forms of life-power? I am enjoying the sportive forms of life-power with my form within you. What a wonderful phenomenon! How wonderful is this human body! How can I explain to you how wonderful this human body is! There is no language to explain it. We are the blessed ones that we have come to this earth with this human body! Our life is fulfilled! We have realized what is the immense power of this human body! Don’t take anything, only think why so many people are seeing a man within them!

You have seen me within you. Then what is happening? When you are seeing a person within you besides your existence, it proves that you are in existence. As you have seen one within you is borne by the proof of all these people present here. They are giving the same proof when you are casting your eyes outside. What does it mean? This bears the proof that man is Brahma (one). Listen, I have no eyes. I see through you! You are seeing me and after your narration I can see. Both seeing and listening are identical as mentioned in Patanjal.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 9, May, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in dreams before meeting him and

first visit to Jibankrishna (Diamond)

Bhupati Ranjan Das

It was a holiday in the year 1960. At about 2 P.M. I left my house and went with Dhiren Roy for our destination Kadamtala, Howrah by a taxi. He convinced me to go to Kadamtala after noticing a few of my special activities. Let me brief it thus :

During our leisure in the office one day I had a discussion with Dhiren on a personal level. He wanted to know whether I had any dream. Why I used to be absent minded or thoughtful. I answered in short, and told him some of my dreams on past, present and future. Even I told him some dreams about his past and future and he confirmed it later on after getting the proof.

Dhiren gave much emphasis when he heard about my getting initiation from Sri Ramkrishna in dream. I also told him many dreams on Sri Ramkrishna, Jibankrishna, Jesus Christ, Buddha and many other noble persons, sacred places. Hearing these dreams with great emotion he hugged me and said, ‘In Sri Ramkrishna’s version you are Kripasiddha and Swapnasiddha’ (Achieving the highest level of austerity by the grace of God as well as in dreams). I joked with him saying, yes I am boiled like potato.’

However, day by day Dhiren went on insisting me to go to Jibankrishna, but I was citing many excuses for avoiding. Though I could have described the room of Jibankrishna to Dhiren, yet I suppressed my intention.

At last Dhiren succeeded and took me to Kadamtala. By walking on the main road we reached Jibnakrishna’s residence. Entering into his room I noticed that facing the picture of Sri Ramkrishna hanging on the wall he was seated on his cot with posture of meditation just like Sri Ramkrishna. I became Surprised with a whispering sound Dhiren wanted to know whether I had recognized him. I said, ‘Yes, I have recognized but there is a confusion with Sri Ramkrishna’s stature, though I saw the same room and surroundings in my dreams.

Seeing Jibnakrishna I was almost going to shed tears. My speech had stopped. I was going to be suffocated. Suddenly his meditation was over and his eyes were fixed on both of us with a smiling face.

I touched my forehead on his feet. With soft hands he patted me and told to sit beside him.

He directly asked about dreams, though my intention was to talk as less as possible. But before I talked Dhiren said about my confusion that I could not differentiate between Jibankrishna and Sri Ramkrishna and he got the initiation from Sri Ramkrishna. Hearing this Jibankrishna was happy and Said, ‘Well! Well!’

I felt again his soft touch on my back. Within a few seconds I realized that he was not in a normal awakening condition. BY a gesture Dhiren showed ‘Samadhi’ state of Jibankrishna. Then and there he was having frequent ‘Samadhis’. Both of us were observing silently.

Later on the words ‘Infinite greatness’ came up, and he asked me, ‘Well my boy, can you define ‘Infinite’? I said, ‘No, I can’t. I cannot conceive it.’ Looking at both of us he was smiling. It remained a mystery to me yet, why he had pin pointed the term ‘Infinite’ on that day.

However, hearing my answer, he said, ‘your conceive-ness is very clear and transparent. You have realizations.’ I put down my head with shyness, and Dhiren enjoyed it.

Then Jibankrishna wanted my introduction. Dhiren gave my introduction in such a manner as if I was of his same status in his office, though he was under secretary of Finance department under Government of India and I was merely a clerk. I tried to correct this introduction but the topic was changed quickly.

I came to know many aspects from Dhiren about Jibankrishna.

About 4-5 days after the demise of Jibankrishna (November 13, 1967) I had a vivid vision which I told Dhiren though I didn’t know about his demise. After calculation he told me that the vision I had was on the same day of Jibankrishna’s demise.

The vision was thus :

In the morning at about 5-30 AM I left my bed and opened the door. My vision fell on the sky. It was clear and blue, and the floating form of Jibankrishna in the posture of meditation was seen in the sky’ He was silver in colour. Whichever direction I was changing my vision the form was also changing position.

I was hastily completing my daily work. It was 8-10 A.M. Everyday I used to come to Kolkata from Ashoknagar by train. But to-day whenever my eye-sight was falling on the sky the same scene was visible. Then I went out of my residence and saw the floating form of Jibankrishna in the sky. I took the train and the same scene I was seeing from the compartment. What was it signifying? I began to think deeply but couldn’t find any clue. Getting down at Sealdah Station I started walking for the office and the same scene was appearing in the sky. Jibankrishna was floating with me in a sitting posture throughout the distance. I couldn’t understand the reason that day and ultimately came to know the reason from Dhiren.

Now I shall narrate a few of my dreams.

1)            April 2, 1974.

Jibankrishna gave me white flower. It was like a plumeria though the petals were a bit small. I held it with my three fingers. I asked him, ‘How much I have to pay’? He said, ‘whatever you like.’ ‘Well, I am giving 30 paise.’ But he said, ‘How can you give such less price? So I said, ‘Jokingly, I said 30 paise. I am prepared to give 50 paise.’ He became happy hearing this.

[Fifty paise means the austerity of the seer will be performed on 50 per cent basis. White flower signifies the purity of the seer’s mind. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor who is donating austerities to the seer.]

2)            April 22, 1974.

I was having a discussion with Jibankrishna. In the meantime a blind man appeared there. With my golden pen I wrote the name ‘Jibnakrishna’ on the left eye lid of that person and instantly he got back his vision and he opened his eyes. At once somebody uttered from within my body, ‘give vision to blind, give life to dead.’ My dream was off.

[Here the dream indicated that God-the-Preceptor gives the blind man vision which means those who are without divine consciousness will get the eye of Supreme knowledge. Dead means ‘Ego consciousnesses.’ By the grace of God-the-Preceptor ‘Ego consciousnesses’ is transformed into Divinity.]

3)            April 23, 1974.

Jibankrishna was telling me, ‘Don’t write in the form of Novel, write it in the form of Buddha’s life.’ As soon as I woke up I realized within my body that he meant not to write in dialogue form.

[The dream indicates that the austerity will be manifested within the seer’s body similar to Buddha’s life, but spontaneously.]



Volume – 9 ,  May , 2013

The indication of future publicity of Diamond and new phase of austerity of the seer

25th November, 1977, Friday.

17) Early morning dream : Ragunath Sen, a companion of Diamond was telling somebody about the latest spiritual condition of mine explaining that my condition was such that I became incapable of scrutinizing the examination papers of the students and some other persons should do it. Hearing this I was going somewhere with a bunch of examination papers. Meanwhile I noticed that in some very young boys some of Diamond’s sayings  were manifested. Seeing this I said to a young boy, ‘see, each saying of Diamond is a seed and that seed is fallen in each human being; wherever it gets favorable condition, it will be manifested. It is just like seeds which are carried by birds and germinate in favorable conditions. Next I noticed a building which belonged to me. On the back side there was a lot of open space. Big holes were seen in rows for planting of fruit plants and these were nine in numbers. Meanwhile I saw that my next brother Asit was going to transplant some vegetable seedlings beside those holes. I told him, ‘The saplings of fruit plants will be planted here, you better transplant the vegetable seedlings in that area.’ Saying this pointed out that particular place which was ready for transplantation. So he went there for transplanting. So he went there for transplanting and the dream went off.

The first scene indicates the superior spiritual condition of the seer. The second part of the first scene indicates the future when Diamond will be manifested in innumerable young generations.

After some years the manifestation of Diamond was observed in many young generations in many places.

The second scene indicates that new realizations will occur in the seer in both long term and short term basis, as fruit plants give fruit after long years and vegetables are short term crops.

[ This came true in the long run when the seer was having innumerable divine realizations within him.]


Experience of time-machine – Revelation and vision of the present and future status of the world

19th December, 1977

18) Early morning dream :I had gone to Kadamtala, Howrah and stayed at someone’s house where a devotee Raghunath Sen was also staying.

Both of us were non-attached to anything. After a while I was coming alone towards Kolkata and while crossing the Howrah Bridge saw a machine of rectangular shape with a glass fixed in front and kept on the bridge. With a great curiosity I fixed my eyes on that machine and suddenly all the scenes were completely changed. The machine seemed to be a time machine by which one can visualize either past or future through annihilation of time. I was visualizing a future when a war had started. The bridge was packed with soldiers. Civilians were very few, but it was calm and quite in the surrounding. Many frigates were seen moving in the river Ganges. I was roaming unconcerned in that future. Then when I moved my eyes from the machine, I got back the present time.

Thereafter I crossed that bridge and went to a house situated at Kolkata. It was huge and there I met my mother. She told me, ‘I have seen a spirit.’ I said, ‘you have seen a good thing – it is ‘Paravidya’ (Supreme knowledge).’ Saying this I began to get up on the top floor of the building and reaching a landing saw a cut head of a woman lying on one corner mixed up with dust and almost dried. The eyes were full of sorrow. Giving a surprise to me the head started talking to me narrating here distress condition. I told her, ‘you chant the name of God, the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) and it will be good to you.’ She then started chanting the name of Jibankrishna.

Then I came down and while moving on the road met Diamond (my God-the-Preceptor). But his figure was a bit different. I narrated the past incident to him. He asked, ‘what you have said’? I answered, ‘I said, you chant the name of God and then it will serve your purpose.’ Hearing this he said, ‘you have said very well’. At this moment the dream went off.

Again when I fell asleep, I saw another dream.’ I was supposed to go to Diamond’s residence at Kadamtala After hearing the news that he had again come to Kadamtala. It was 7-30 AM then. While starting for Kadamtala, I thought, ‘Oh, he is now at Betaitala (Howrah)’. Then it again revealed in my mind, ‘now I have to attend the school and it will be late, so I shall go in the afternoon’! But instantly my mind revolted and said to myself ‘hang everything! I shall go to him now and stay with him forever and won’t go anywhere. I shall go even by walking if necessary.’  With this strong attitude I started walking for Diamond. Here the dream went off.

The first scene showed a time machine which is a dream of the scientists and trying to invent with great efforts. The seer had the experience of the time machine – it means the brain-cell is already exposed and in future it may be invented with much advancement of science. Moreover it requires very advanced brain capacity which the seer has achieved in embryo.

The second dream indicates the future of the seer.

Jibankrishna(Diamond) had almost the similar dream long time back where he said to a distressed woman with sorrowful face to chant the name of ‘God’.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 9, May, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

138).        “As  if,  it  was  a  fight  between  Shiva  and  Rama”.

In an epic of India, it has been depicted that there was a fight between Shiva and Rama—the preceptor turns into God-with-Form . It is so seen in meditation and this is seeing God-with-Form. Again, when the God-the-Preceptor shows God-without-Form in the seventh plane and merges into God, this explains the allegory how God-the-preceptor Shiva changes into Rama means One, that is, non-dualistic state in the seventh plane.

Shri Ramkrishna fought this fight of Shiva and Rama in the cottage of meditation beneath the group of five trees at the garden-temple of Dakshineswar while he has engaged in realization of the Supreme Knowledge . Puri Maharaj (one of Thakur’s spiritual conductor and guide) made Rhahur sit in meditation in the cottage, closed the door from the outside and left the place. Thakur dipped deep in meditation. But when ever his mind wanted to cross the sixth plane the blissful from of the Divine Mother barred the passage to the seventh plane . One becomes forgetful of everything when he sees his own dear God-with-Form . Thakur had no desire left to him to proceed to the seventh plane . Some couple of hours went by in this way . Now Puri Maharaj entered the cottage . Thakur very eagerly spoke out “Well, Ican’t leave the sixth plane and proceed further!”

“Pooh, don’t be so hasty. It is sure to come”, saying this, Puri Maharaj picked up a sharpened piece of glass of and pierced the middle place of the two eyebrows of Thakur to a point only and side, “Take up your mind here”. The door was again closed from the outside and Thakur composed himself in deep meditation. Again the joyous form the Divine Mother appeared. This time Thakur drew out his sword of knowledge and cut the joyous form the Divine Mother into pieces. His mind entered the seventh plane like lightning and was transformed into Supreme Self or One. Some three hours went by in this way when Puri Maharaj again entered the cottage and seeing the outward signs on the body of the Thakur exclaimed “Oh, how wonderful is God’s grace! It took me some forty years to reach this state but this has happened here in no time”!

The fight between the Divine Mother and Thakur, i.e, fight between Shiva and Rama—between God-the-preceptor and the disciple — was over in the seventh plane in a non-dualistic condition .

139.         “Mother  and  her  daughter”.

Mother—Signifies  body from where the soul emanates .

Daughter—is born of the mother, that is, God-with-Form as seen in the sixth plane .

140).        “Without  Jatila  and  Kutila, the  mischief-mongers, God’s sport  does  not  develop”.

Had there been nobody then there would have been no manifestation of God in the cerebrum.

141).         “There   is  no  fun  but  for  Jatila—Kutila”.

It is body which yields the Supreme Bliss.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 9,  May, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Seeing Diamond in Sun

Debranjan Chatterjee is about nine years old and goes to listen to the reading of Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) at Sriniketan (Birbhum, West Bengal, India) reading Center.

After 2-3 days of listening he began to dream Jibankrishna (Diamond) in various ways. He narrated three of his dreams as such :

1)    On 04.12.1992 I saw that as soon as a match stick was rubbed on the wall, the whole room was ignited. I told my mother, ‘Flee from here’. My mother said, ‘I am annoyed with you.’ Then I saw a bamboo pole of my height fixed on the ground in front of our house. Inside the pole I saw thumb like Jibankrishna. He became converted into full length and gave me his blessings. I saw that the fire was off and the wall became cold. My dream was off.

[Bamboo is the body. Fire is knowledge of fire or Brahma as described in Upanishads. Thum like Jibankrishna is also Soul which is described in Svetasvetara Upanishad. The boy had all theserealizations in the dream.

2)    On 05.08.1992, I saw that a swan was swimming in a pond. Suddenly it was transformed into Jibankrishna. I was very surprised seeing this scene. I asked him, ‘Who are you’? He said, ‘I am sun.’ I asked, ‘Then where are your rays’? He said, ‘will you see.’ As soon as I said, ‘Yes’, he was transformed into a sun. Inside it a lotus was seen and on it Jibankrishna was having a meditation. From his body dazzling light was emerging. He said, ‘see it’! And my dream was off.

[Lotus – Seventh plane or cerebrum; Sun – The life i.e., Jibankrishna (Life + Krishna). He is seen in Sun. Upanishad has mentioned that the person in Sun is Paramabrahma or the Supreme Being.]

3)    I saw that I was walking through a forest. Looking on a tree I surprisingly observed that on that tree only a leaf-like small Jibankrishna was attached and there were no leaves. My dream was off.

[The tree is this body where only Jiankrishna is in existence. This is also mentioned in Upanishads.]

The whole family saw Diamond in dreams through Reading Center

Mrs. Chabi Banerjee of Surul, Sriniketan, Birbum (West Bengal, India) narrated the experiences of her family members thus :

When Jiten Chatterjee used to reside at Sriniketan I used to attend his reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) regularly. I spent those days very happily. But now-a-days I couldn’t find time to attend Charupalli Reading Center, though in some occasions I go there and read the Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’. I still dream by the grace of Jibankrishna. My husband and sons also have seen him in dreams.

I am narrating one of my dream :

I saw that I was going to Keder Badri (secret place on Himalaya at a high attitude). From a particular place pilgrims had to go by horse riding. So I also hired a horse and started. I kept both my legs on one side of the horse. All the horses belonged to one owner. The owner had bare upper body (even in that cold) and fully shaved head. I told him, ‘See, my legs are paining I cannot go like this.’ He said, ‘Well, I am arranging everything.’ He brought a small horse and arranged for my proper sitting on the horse. While going my dream was off. When I woke up I felt that really my legs were paining and moreover I realized that the owner was Jibankrishna himself.

[Horse is a symbol of life force of a human body. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor who guides and helps a human being to attend Godhood by awakening life force.]

My elder son Subhasmay’s dream as per his version :

I saw that a ruffian type man was injecting my mother also. I gave him a punch and ran away with a fear. I hide myself at brother Dilip’s house. Ultimately I surrendered to that fellow. He brought a ‘Choudala’ and told me to enter into that, and then my dream was off.

But I became surprised when I identified that person as JIbankrishna after seeing his photo.

[Injection – God injects a human being from inside to wake up the life force to reach God.]

My husband’s (Suryendu) dream :

I was hearing the devotional song sung by Bharat at the residence of Biswanath Mondal, Jambuni. Beside Bharat was standing my preceptor Jagadish Bada. I paid  my homage to him with folded hands.

Then I saw – Oh! He was not my preceptor. He wore dhoti up to knee, and had bare upper body, clean shaved head and stood up to the completion of the song. When the song was finished, he was not seen.

Later on after seeing Jibankrishna;s photo I realized that the man in the dream was Jibankrishna.

[Man cannot be the Preceptor. Only God has the right to become Preceptor. The seer achieved Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor.]



Volume – 9, May, 2013

Letter from Puri by Anananda Mohan Ghosh to Godinda expressing Jibankrishna’s great love

April,  1963.

Dear brother Gobinda,

As soon as your letter was received by Jibankrishna he stopped reading of ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and told me to read the letter.

I started reading and tried to avoid the portion where you have expressed your worry for his blood oozing due to piles and said these lines were not clearly understood. So he took the letter from me and read.

Unfortunately since last Saturday I had been suffering from fever and swelling of ………………… But as Ranjit had come we were relieved. He wanted to book a hotel, but Jibankrishna told that he should stay with us.

In this situation Jibankrishna was coming to me again and again and patted on my head and body. Once he was   asking me, ‘Will you drink water’? Sometimes he was telling Ramkrishna da, ‘give him tea with biscuit and butter.’ Sometimes infront of his bed he was arranging for my bed so that I had no inconvenience. He stopped reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

Yesterday when I requested several times very unwillingly he told somebody to read the Gospel.

He sat near the door on a chair to watch for the milkman so that he was not missed.

In the night he himself arranged for m mosquito net so as to give me comfort. I was helpless to prevent him. To give me mental relaxation sometimes he used to tell different funny stories and incidents happened during his stay in Landon in his early life, in addition to the food habit and about the people.

I only cried upto 3 A.M. thinking about this great love and affection shedding tears continuously. This was an unforgettable memory.

However, let me inform you that this morning I noticed blood stain on his cloth. For the last few days I could not watch it.

My treatment was also going on. Now I have become a bit better and hope to recover within 2-3 days. To-day Jibankrishna said, ‘Last Saturday I got an oracle, ‘Still now so many works are left to be completed.’

Recently a gentleman from Howrah came with his maternal son-in-law. He was familiar to Jibankrishna. His maternal son-in-law said that two years back he saw Jibankrishna in a dream.

After they went away he remarked, ‘with so many signs on his body, what could be understand’! Later on he said, ‘you will understand in the long run what I have done for you.’

With love