Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 10,  May, 2013

The existence of the Person of Brahmapur or Cerebrum is proved

On 8.6.1962, Diamond said:

In the scriptures what is said? If anyone worships symbol, he is confined within the symbol. And if one has his austerity without symbol, then a person comes from Brahmapur (seventh plane or cerebrum). Then what does he do? He takes the seer to Brahmapur. You all know that the person comes from Brahmapur. From where God-the-Preceptor comes? From ‘Nigam’ (Descent).

So far nobody knows what is Brahmagyan (Suupreme Cult). These European scholars have translated Vedas and Upanishads and what they have understood? When they have translated that person comes from Brahmapur, they thought that these are myth. But what are you seeing here? We have seen that these are true of course who will understand all these? Unless man has realizations, he will not conceive all these.

[It has the reference in Svetasvatar Upanishad like this:

The Person has a thousand heads, A thousand eyes, a thousand feet; He surrounds the earth on all sides, And stand ten fingers’ breath beyond. (3.14)


Revival of Vedas in the era of Diamond

On 10.6.1962 Diamond said –

What has happened here? What is Veda, and what is that Lost Purusha (mentioned in Vedas) – those were lost. Today that has been revived and shown to us. But even Vedas could not clarify the phenomenon of the ‘Lost Purusha’ clearly, though Upanishads to some extent clarified it. What is the real phenomenon, nobody could say. Even this phenomenon happened long long years before Vedas. They have only mentioned on the basis of Sruti (hearing generations after generations). That this is the story of human beings they could not say. Now this mystery has been exposed to us today.

Listen, after millions of years this Purusha revives.


Discarding all the states of austerity by Diamond


I am the most ordinary man, but still people are seeing me in the sun. Firstly, Abhay saw me in sun in his dream and when he narrated to me, I thought, what an imagination! But after a long time when I got Isha Upanishad in my hand, I saw that they have mentioned about the man in sun.

At present, my state is the state of primeval man of the Vedas. But still I could not stick to any state so long. Why I could not accept? It is because if anyone has lacking he will accept, otherwise not.




(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 10, May, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in dreams  without prior meeting and Knowing anything about him

Dhiren Roy


The day was December 9, 1959. In the late night I saw in a dream an old bearded man, bare upper body. Wearing a dhoti was taking me somewhere holding my hand. The road was without any crowed. After a while Swami Avedananda (Direct disciple of Sri Ramkrishna) came from the opposite side. We had a little discussion with him. Then Swamiji lied down on a fire place on his left side. It was ignited automatically, but he remained motionless. That unknown gentleman with whom I was walking was attracting me by some unknown force. All the time he kept holding my hand. Looking at a glance on that fire place he again approached holding my hand. After a while he stopped and began to talk with somebody. I could not remember those conversation and even couldn’t see anybody in front. Then with whom he was talking? Looking properly I noticed that somebody was standing behind him. I couldn’t see him as he was covered by that unknown gentleman. Now I could see him and was surprised that he was Sri Ramkrishna. The unknown gentleman pressed my right thigh with an intention so that I should not listen their conversation or to look at Sri Ramkrishna. But due to an unknown force I was wanting to look at Sri Ramkrishna again and again.

Thereafter telling the unknown gentleman something he merged into his body. I was perplexed seeing this scene. Then gentleman then approached again holding my hand.

After waking up I saw Goosebumps on my body. On my way to office I narrated this dream to my second elder brother Sailen. But I couldn’t conceive who was that unknown gentleman in my dream, though I had read the lives of many saints of India in many books or had seen their pictures. But I couldn’t tall that gentleman with anybody.

I spent the whole day in my office with a great divine feeling and signed all the papers with some half consciousness state. I realized one thing that such higher state of mind was due to seeing that unknown gentleman in dream. With that state of mind I sat at the dispensary of Sailen after my office hour.

After some time a gentleman came with winter garment on his body having white hair on head. Sailen told that gentleman, ‘Sudhin Babu, this is my younger brother Dhiren, an officer under Government of India finance department. I told you in the morning about his dream.’

Sudhin told me, ‘I have heard your wonderful dream from your brother. Yet if you have no objection I want to hear it from your own mouth.’

After hearing my dream he calmly said, ‘You have read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. You know that Sri Ramkrishna said that God is the companion, He takes the devotee holding his hand to higher spheres. Your dream is the reverberation of that saying? Then hearing the description of that unknown gentleman he said, ‘I have no doubt that he is Jibankrishna himself who resides at Howrah. He is blessed by Sri Ramkrishna whom he saw in his boyhood and got as his God-the-Preceptor. Whatever austerities Sri Ramkrishna had, all them were also manifested within his body spontaneously.

By the grace of Thakur Ramkrishna he visualized Atman or great Soul at 24 years 8 months age, then had the austerity of Vedanta within him which took 12 years for completion. Thereafter having all the austerities of descent he became transformed into Supreme self.’ Then Sudhin said, ‘go there and see whether he is your unknown person seen in dream.’ He also said that later on he would give me the address and direction.

Later on I got the address from Nalini Banerjee who used to go to Jibnakrishna off and on.

But one confusion arose in my mind. As soon as I heard that the name of this gentleman was Jibankrishna Ghosh, I became a bit depressed as how a non-Brahmin caste could be a Supreme Soul. Because according to our ideas only Brahmins can be the authority of Supreme Cult. So I prayed to Holy mother Dakshina Kali, ‘Mother, what have you done? At last I have to contact a non-Brahmin’! So I showed less interest to get the address.

In the meantime I had a dream. I saw myself standing on a vast sea beach. Somebody was taking bath in the sea water. The water level reached only up to his chest. While I was thinking who he might be, I saw that he drowned himself inside the water and as soon as he stood I saw him in the form of Lord Rama. Again he drowned and stood. This time he became Lord Krishna. After drowning he became Sri Ramkrishna. When after the last drowning he stood I saw that the same gentleman of the dream was standing there.

After a few days I got the address and on December 19, 1959, Saturday after my office hour at about 3 PM I reached his residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Howrah. I saw him seated inside the room and became overwhelmed with surprise when I saw that he was the same gentleman whom I saw twice in my dreams. Putting off my shoes outside I entered into the room. I kept on looking at him with great surprise thinking how was it possible! I was so puzzled that I even forget to bow to him. Later on all my confusion were eliminated about his status of caste.

After a while when he saw me, asked from where I had come and from whom I got his news.

When I named Sudhin he said, ‘Oh Sudhin has sent you! Do you know him’? I said, ‘No, not so much, but I had a dream.’ When he asked about the dream, I narrated the dream. Hearing my dream he asked, ‘So have you found him who was walking holding his hand’? I said, ‘Coming here now I see that you are he.’ As soon as he heard it he had frequent ‘Samadhis’ (Profound meditations being merged with Supreme self). His face became swelled and red like morning sun. I had never seen Samadhi before. Here only I witnessed it.

With a cracked voice and in that state of Samadhi he said indicating a person (Kalinath Chakravarty), ‘This man who is reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna also saw me in dream before coming to me.’ Showing some other persons in the room he again said that those persons also saw me in dreams without coming to me before and many would still come after the office hours. Then he told me, ‘Women folks see me in dreams merely sitting in their houses. Can you say how do they dream me without seeing me before. I don’t know anything about these affairs. I don’t know anything about your seeing me in dream. When you have told me I come to know. See here, so many people have seen me in dreams I don’t know anything about these. So I am asking you why so many people see a particular man in dreams, and I don’t know a single hymn, I only know Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna0 who appeared within my dream at 12 years 4 months age and performed austerity within my body in a systematic manner. By his grace he showed me God. At 13 years 8 months Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) appeared in dream and taught ‘Rajyoga’ (King of yaga) and my inside matter within the brain became completely reversed. From that date during any conversation on dreams my mind goes to Kemel and the skin is left aside. I had this idea that perhaps everybody has such condition, because I got all these without any self-exertion’. He then said, ‘I don’t know any scriptures, I only know the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna which is the extract of all scriptures. He visualized God (He again fell into ‘Samadhi’ State), and so after hearing his sayings god will automatically manifest Himself within a human body.

So, here I give esoteric interpretations on Thakur’s metaphors so that people can understand easily. He then told me, ‘When you will have time, come from time to time.’ Durin my departure he told one young man Arun to see me off at the bus stand.

Thereafter I had series of dreams.




Volume – 10 , May, 2013

Long accompaniment of God-the-Preceptor and the seer’s future

18a).    27th April, 1978, Thursday .     Early morning dream:   I saw a house which belonged to me. My God-the-Preceptor had come there and it seemed to me as if this was the second phase after he had left his physical body and come back again. Some other devotees were also with me. Jibankrishna seemed to be very cheerful. All of them having chit-chats and sometimes reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on as it used to happen in his life time. I was also attending my school and after taking class I was accompanying  Jibankrishna. Every moment was appearing joyous.

Once I told a devotee Dhiren Monsdal, ‘I shall not even go to school as I can hear more words from his mouth’.

The dream was thus running.  Sometimes I was waking up and again was accompanying with  Jibankrishna in the midst of the dream and thus the morning came when the dream went off.

The dream has two aspects : First the Holy Ghost is bestowing his blessings upon the seer by giving long accompaniment in dream and secondly, the future is shown when the seer will have more and more time to spend his life with Jibankrishna’s cult after leaving the school. It happened in 1992, when circumstances forced  the seer to leave the school and devote more times for collection and compilation of  the sayings and diaries on  Jibankrishna .


Future effect of dream on a person

Sometime in the midst of July, 1978.

19) One day in an early morning I saw in a dream that the Principal of my school called me through a messenger. I asked, ‘why’? I was told that the Principal had seen Diamond in a dream. While going to him my dream went off.

[In the long run the Principal became very much helpful to the seer in continuing his compilation work about Diamond’s sayings and dreams etc. which the seer used to do in the school during off times.’


The future indication – spreading of Diamond’s name among young ones

1st August, 1978, Monday.

20) Early morning dream:  In a football ground some young boys were playing football. I was watching it from the verandah of a house beside the ground. Then I heard some boys discussing among themselves about dreams, during the interval of the game near the verandah. Hearing this I began to explain about dreams to the boys. Here the dream went off.

This dream indicates that in future the name of Diamond may spread among young generations.

[Within a few years quite a good number of young students began to see Diamond in dreams in Bolpur, Birbhun District of West Bengal. Not only so, strangely, the same scene was repeated at Sriniketan,Bolpur after a few years, but it happened with Snehamay, a young man who discussed with the boys playing football. He saw Diamond in dreams and was a regular reader in Bolpur reading center where Diamond’s book is regularly read.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 10, May, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

142).          “You  pick  up  your  disciples  without  reading  their  nature, so  they  go  away  from  you”.

It is fundamental for becoming a disciple to get the form of the preceptor as God-the-Preceptor in his body. A human being cannot be a preceptor. God is in the physical sheath. He emanates. He assumes a human form. The form of God-the-Preceptor, and if that form is a living one then it indicates that God is in a fully emanated and awakened condition in this form.

143).          “Cakes  called  “Puli” (a Bengali  cake)  look all  alike  but  their  contents  vary .

Some ‘Pulis’ have  got  condensed  milk  in  them, some  have  sweetened .

Cocoanut  kernel  and  some  past  of  pulse”.

Puli—represents human body.

Condensed milk—in body means to see God-with-Form in body (Sttava).

Sweetened cocoanut kernel—means the aerial body as a man sees his own prototype while he files in dream (Rajas).

Paste of pulse—means that there will be no emanation of God in their physical sheath (Tamas).

144).             “I eat, drink  and  live, and  all  the  rests  are  known  to  my  Divine  Mother  in  me”.

The existence of Thakur consisted in keeping the body and soul together devoid of all other animal signs. He existed to see the sports of the Divine Mother in his own body as well as in the world around.

145).           “Preceptor,  Master,  and  Father,  these  three  words  make a shudder  pass  through  me”.

Preceptor—“A man can never be a preceptor . God-the-preceptor is the only preceptor”—Sri Ramkrishna.

Master—God is the Master of the world and everybody else in the world is but a sight-seer and a passer-by.

Father—It means to be entrapped in the temptation of the world.

After attainment of the Supreme Cult, the attainer is always protected by the awakened God in his body, so he cannot have a fall. The Supreme Cult never deserts the attainer.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 10,  May, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Abhijit Gayen from Jambuny, Bolpur (Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated his experiences after listening to the reading of Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

When I first heard about Jibankrishna I liked it very much. It was a completely new thing. But to tell frankly, I could not receive it in full-fledged form. Later on when I saw him in my dreams, I got the proof written in the books and there was a drastic change in my thoughts on spiritualism.

When first time I saw Jibankrishna in my dream, I was in Kolkata. On 26th January it was supposed to read Jibankrishna’s book at the residence of Himangshu Das (a companion of Jibankrishna) and I was supposed to join that occasion. But due to eye infection I couldn’t go.

At noon I slept and I dreamt that JIbankrishna came and stood in front of me. He said, ‘If you do not go to listen the reading, come with me.’ Saying this he forwarded his stick to me. Holding the stick I followed him (In reality I could not open my eyes fully due to infection). So much I was approaching I was sinking into an ocean of Bliss. At this moment my dream was off.

Later on in one of my wife’s dream Jibankrishna told my wife about my visualization of God (in the previous dream).

For the present moment (about mid 80’s). I have to stay at Gauhati (Assam, India) due to my official work. Here I also see many divine dreams and see Jibankrishna in dreams. I am mentioning a remarkable dream here :  I saw a large gathering in a hall and I was standing there as if I was explaining something to them. Beside me instead of black board I was seeing the infinite space and it seemed to me as if this was the whole universe. I had a long stick in my hand. In that universe there was a portion which was undulating and from an area the form of Sri Ramkrishna appeared. I explained something to the audience about him. His form then disappeared. In the similar fashion a form of Swami Vivekananda appeared with a red light. I explained about him to the audience. This similar incident happened with Rabindranath Tagor and many other great men. Lastly the form of Jibankrishna appeared and I told about him to the audience. When I finished my lecture Jibankrishna told me, ‘Now you tell the audience about you.’ His words were echoing within my brain repeatedly, but I could not say anything and my dream was off.

[So long human being was quite ignorant about himself. He completely forgot that he is himself Brahma or Supreme Being. Jibankrishna came and awakened the consciousness among mankind to be aware that he is Brahma.]



Volume – 10, May, 2013

Summary of letters by Ananda Mohan Ghosh to Dhirendra Nath Roy

and Dwijendra Nath Roy

May 15, 1966

For a few days we are observing Jibankrishna full of ecstasy. One day his Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) was read. The quote of Lord Buddha ‘Nirvana’ (Dissolution) was read.

Jibankrishna said, ‘If anybody challenges you, what will be your answer? See, the religion is manifested in life time, not after death.’ What is the proof that a man achieves religion in his life time?

(Pointing out to all the listeners present in he room)  ‘Swena Rupena Abhinispadyate’ (He transform his form within everybody. What am I doing? I am transforming everybody into my form. Where? It is in the spiritual world. Why? Then they will get my attributes. Here is Patanjal’s example – ‘The attribute of the moon in the sky will be manifested within the innumerable reflected moon.’ This is both conscious and unconscious.

Vedas are saying, ‘The Soul or Atma is within everything …’ Now the question may arise : Sir, Vedas are also saying the same thing, so there this is not a new thing! No, they made an imagination. But here it is manifested with a concrete proof. What a strange and wonderful phenomenon has happened here! Who knows what has happened within me, but strangely my form was manifested within you all.’

This was an incident of yesterday. I was reading, ‘God is for all.’ Jibankrishna said, ‘This is purely academic that God is for all. But where is the proof? Then it cannot be answered. Karl Marx, Nitsche raised this question. Where is the proof that God is for all?

In modern Europe these doctrines like existentialism, Pragmatism have evolved. They are also searching the proof.’

Then he asked Jiten Banerjee, ‘Jiten Babu, your Lord Krishna was advising Arjuna, – wipe out all weakness and follow me. But in our case it is by oneness, by love.’