Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 11, June, 2013

The symptom of ‘Bhuma’ (Bliss of God or Brahma) and

the ultimate result of achieving ‘Bhumananda’ (Supreme Bliss)


So long Upanishad has only mentioned about ‘Bhuma’, but could not say what is it. And seeing (in my dream) that papaya and a man Bhumanada I have understood what is it. I have now understood what is ‘Bhumaiba sukham’ (Perpetual happiness).

The papaya has many seeds. This means that I see you all now within me. This is called Bhuma. It has been mentioned in Kashmiri Shavaism as ‘Sadakhyatatwa’. And what is ‘Sadvidyatatwa’? – One is all, all is one……But Kashmiri Shaivaism could not say all these things what have happened here. This has manifested within my body, though without my knowledge and I don’t know A, B, C of these. I can give you a rational explanation that, for the last five thousand years what has not manifested in anybody’s brain is manifested within my brain. My brain has created that papaya and then makes me understand that this is ‘Bhumananda’ (Supreme Joy). What a strange thing that nobody has achieved this for the last five thousand years!

You have seen me i.e., a mango with a single seed – you have ‘Brahmananda’ (Individualistic) and I see you all within me – the papaya with many seeds – I have ‘Bhumananda’ (Univesal joy or bliss of Brahma)

[Taittiriya Upanishad has mentioned thus:

Where from words turn back; Together with the mind; not having attained; the bliss of Brahma he who knows; Fears not from anything at all. (2.9)]



On 21.6.1962 Diamond said, ”Ric Veda says. ’He who dwells in a man and he who dwells in the sun are one and the same. This might be experienced some thousands of years ago. So they could say like this. Does it mean that thousands and thousands of years rolled by and none during this period had this experience? And these experiences are being achieved by so many people after such a long time and why this happened in me? Who am I I am the most ordinary man like you. I have understood that my brain power is increased


The man in the Sun as mentioned in Upanishad is not outside but inside


Well, these Rishis (Sages) have mentioned in Upanishads about the man in the Sun – could they say where is this sun? No! But here 14-15 people hae seen the man in the sun – where have they seen? Within their bodies, not outside. You have seen me in dreams, isn’t it? Then what does it matter? Rishis have said – ‘He who dwells in the man, and he who dwells in the sun are one and the same’, why havn’t they said that the sun is within this human body and the person dwells in that sun? As because they have taken this sun outside and in place of that what you are saying? Yes that man in the sun exists, but that is not outside, that is inside.

Do you know what has happened? I am Truth and the Truth has revealed in me. The world is within me, and the Truth, what has been revealed in me has revealed in the outside world simultaneously. And so what have you done? You have corrected the wrong interpretations of the Rishis and established the Truth. While Rishis have said that the sun and the man in sun are outside, you have established that they are within the body. Then compare yourselves with those Rishis. You are the real Rishis. ‘Rishis’ means who visualize the Truth so what we have got here? Our human birth is fulfilled. We are born as human beings. On, we are honored by being human beings!

[Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned about the man in sun thus:

Earth, fir, food, sun (are forms of me, But) the person who is seen in the sun – I am he, I am he indeed. (4.11.1)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume- 11, June, 2013

My experience with Jibankrishna or Diamond and its effect

Dhiren Roy


One night I saw this dream.

I had gone to a large fair covering a huge field. At the entrance a sage was lying on a spine bed. Seeing me he said, ‘Why are you worrying? One Rama has become all. Go and see the fair. After entering into the fair I saw that all the shopkeepers were Jibankrishna, all the spectators were Jibankrishna. The idols as well as the priests of the temple were Jibankrishna. I saw that some thieves and hooligans were being arrested by Police. All of them were Jibankrishna. I was overwhelmed with surprise and again came near the entrance and sat near the sage, and I noticed that the body of the sage had become huge in size and in each of his body hair Jibankrishna was seated in a meditation posture. I was really surprised to see so many forms of Jibankrishna. Gradually when my vision fell on his face I saw that face also belonged to Jibankrishna and he was smiling.

Even after I woke up was having goosebump. On my return from office going to Jibankrishna I narrated this dream to him and he had frequent Samadhi. All the listeners of the room were surprised. When Sudhin Sinha came, Jibankrishna asked him, ‘Sudhin, can you say what he saw in dream’?

Sudhin listened to my dream and then said, ‘So long all our conceivement about God has been surprised by your spiritual state.

Hearing this touching the cheek of Sudhin Jibankrishna said, ‘Sudhin you cannot pacify me by saying this. I am an ordinary man like you all. No better, no worse.’ Next moment he again fell in frequent Samadhi.

Jibankrishna used to say, As you are seeing me in dreams, that form is not me, ‘Tattamasi’ (you are He) – He is you. Showing my form God is showing that outside human beings are different but inside they are one – this is Brahmahood – this is oneness.

One night during reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna Jibankrishna asked me, ‘you have seen Braburam  Maharaj (Swami Premananda, direct disciple of Sri Ramkrishna), nobody can conceive how much affection and love he had for all.’ I said, ‘How can I see him? He expired in the year 1918 and that time I was a child.’

In that very night I was lying on my cot and dreamt that lying on the floor near the door Sri Ramkrishna was calling, ‘Baburam, hey Baburam’! Immediately Baburam Maharaj entered into the room. He had very fair reddish complexion and was in Brahmachari dress. Bending his knees he sat near the face of Sri Ramkrishna and asked, ‘Why have you called me’? Sri Ramkrishna told him something and he went out. At that moment Sri Ramkrishna was transformed into Jibankrishna. My dream was off and I understood that Truth follows him. The saying of God is unchangeable and it must be true, which is shown through my dream.

In Jibankrishna’s room a regular discussion used to be held that in many of the family members of the listeners used to see Jibankrishna in dreams one day my elder aunty (Basanti) in a cheerful mood told me, “Dhiru, last night I saw a peculiar dream. I saw that a gentleman resembling Sri Ramkrishna was standing before me and he was undergoing frequent Samadhi. From his backside Sri Ramkrishna was holding him and raisin your finger towards that noble person you are saying, ‘Aunty, see! See!’ There was no doubt that the noble person was Jibankrishna. This was a real strange phenomenon, which was beyond any self perception or intellect.

Another incident happened after a long time, when I was posted at Delhi. My next sister Aparna’s daughter was dreaming that Jibankrishna wrote her a letter. The dream gave so much deep impression that after waking up she told her mother, ‘Mom, where is my letter, which is written by Jibankrishna’?

My cousin brother, Bodhisatwa and his wife Uma saw Jibankrishna in dreams in various ways and still see. During the first issue of Uma was admitted in Duffrin Hospital and one day saw Jibankrishna seated with raised fingers giving assurance of safety. He told Uma, ‘Why are scared mother? I am coming as your son.’

That son Aruni once was studying at their residence of Remount Road, Kolkata. His mother was a bit drowsy. Suddenly she heard that his son was crying, ‘Mom, Mom, god has taken away my pencil and got down through the steps.’ Uma thought perhaps her son was crying in mischief. So she asked Aruni, ‘How are your God looking’? Showing the cover outline picture of Jibanrksihna in the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Written by Jibankrishna or Diamond) he said, ‘Just like this.’ He again said that another day god came and at that time I was sleeping.

Once it was discussed in Jibankrishna’s room that this tradition of seeing Jibankrishna in dreams would continue for unlimited time. Bodhisatwa and Uma both saw Jibankrishna in dreams and Aruni was born after that. So this is a proof that this tradition may continue in future.

Once (1962-63 A.D) Jibankrishna was staying at Puri (Orissa State, India). Dasarathi Banerjee’s son Ranjit went to accompany Jibankrishna for a few days. The miad who used to work in that house, one day told Ranjit not to keep Jibankrishna’s plate after supper with those of others. In Orissa language she explained that Lord Jagannath Told her in a dream not to consider Jibankrishna as an ordinary man, because he and Jibankrishna are one. So she said, ‘Jibankrishna is Lord Jagannath, himself, and he told me in dreams.’

She used to take the residual food from Jibankrishna’s plate as an offering to god.

Once a cook was sent to Jibankrishna during his stay at Puri. His name was Ayodhya. There was strange history behind it. He was working at Jaipur of Rajasthan. One night he dreamt that a camel was chasing him He had no way to escape. In the meantime one noble person (Jibankrishna) appeared and showing my second elder brother (Kaviraj Sailen, a herbal Doctor) told him, ‘Go to them at Kolkata. They are facing troubles.’ Ayodhya used to cook at our residence longtime before. Then suddenly he came to our Kolkata residence and showed interest to go to Jibankrishna. After going to Jibankrishna in Puri, within a few days he dreamt that a procession with different instruments was moving on the road. He was also in the crowd. Suddenly he saw that in a litter carried by four bearers Jibankrishna was seated dressed like a bridegroom. The face was illuminating with divine smile. After hearing this dream Jibankrishna hugged Ayodhya with great pleasure.



Volume- 11, June, 2013


21)    16th September, 1972.

Early morning dream:  I was standing alone on a place. Suddenly a serpent jumped on my back and sticking all alone my spinal cord gradually opened her fan on my head. Without any fear I stood still. And then the serpent moved away and jumped on the ground in front of me.

After this incident I went to Diamond and saw a number of devotees seated around him. I felt that I went to him after a long gap. One of the devotees was reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond was giving explanations as he used to do in his lifetime.

Diamond was seated on his cot and I also sat on the floor in front of him. After a while Diamond started conversation with me.

Me –See, as I did my Ph. D. course, so I was deprived of your company and missed such a great phenomenon.

Diamond—No, No, my boy! It is good that you have got a footing.

Me—When I used to come to you long time back, I was a bit immatured. I could not under- stand you and your sayings.

Diamond—See, it matters little. You know that you were a teenager at that time and it is a natural habit for that age. Don’t worry for that.

Meanwhile I noticed that everybody was leaving the room one by one. Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me. He was looking very joyous. I thought that I had been chatting with him for such a long time, let me tell him that I was incapable of doing meditation. But I felt very uneasy to beg something from him as this was my natural habit in reality also.

Another thought came in my mind that he had expired 5 years ago, but looking so joyous and rejuvenated! Moreover I was having him in front of me, so why should I need meditation?

Then I told him, ‘So long I did not come to you, I should never do such mistake. The Puja holiday is knocking at the door, I shall come to you at noon and stay full time’. He gave a sweet smile and said, ‘Yes you do that’. The dream was then off.

[The first scene indicated that kundalini, in the form of snake is awakened within the seer.

The second scene indicated that all the happenings happened in the real life of the seer are being wiped out by God-the-Preceptor from the seer’s mind through consolation.]



22)   6th December, 1972, Wednesday .

Early morning dream :  I had gone to Howrah town (adjacent to Calcutta where Diamond used to reside). But with a great surprise, I noticed that most of the old buildings had been demolished substituted by new ones. Everything was looking attractive with lakes, gardens, modern architectural buildings . I went on thinking that henceforth I should stay here permanently.

However, I also noticed that the lane where one of my friend Nisith (who took me to Diamond in reality) used to reside became widened and I was sitting in a Doctor’s Chamber just at the entrance of the lane (in reality it was so). Suddenly I saw that Diamond came and sat beside me. I began to read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna so that he could hear it : I had also some conversations with him in between reading. Diamond looked very joyous and I felt very happy seeing him after a long gap . But I was feeling guilty for having a long gap of meeting him (which happened in reality). So I asked him, ‘well, since I left you, you must have  forgotten me’ !

Diamond—What are you saying! Why should I not remember you!

Me—You have never seen me within you in trance, then I am not your close associate!

Diamond—Oh, No! No! Who said this to you!

While saying these to me, he continued patting on my body. Meanwhile he went out to the corridor. I kept sitting holding the book in my hand. Suddenly I noticed that my elder brother was also seated  there  However, I thought that before Diamond’s departure, I should pay my salute on his feet . But at this moment suddenly I woke up and thought that the dream remained incomplete. Let me sleep again to see the last part of my dream and so I slept again and saw in the dream that Diamond again had come to me in the same place as before. This time he was standing on the corridor (as he did in the previous dream) and continued our conversations.

Me—You know that I had a dream. Diamond came forward and said, ‘Say , what you have dreamt’. I narrated the same dream seen in my first dream and asked, ‘well, is this dream signifying my reflection of mind’? With a smiling face he said, ‘I shall say something to you’. But he did not say anything and went away. The dream went off.

[Firstly, the dream was a corroboration of the serial number 811 of the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond based on his personal reflections . (Vide dream no 5).

Secondly, this was the first experience in dream where I narrated the previous scene in the next one.]


23)   9th December, 1972.  Saturday.  Early morning dream:  I had gone to Diamond at Kadamtala, Howrah. He was then seated on his cot. I entered into the room and sat on the floor. There were many other devotees sitting on floor. Conversations were going on. Later on all except one went away. That person was unknown to me. Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me. Then he took a piece of paper and told me to sign on the paper. It seemed as if he wanted to make a will for the seer. However, I signed on the paper. But it seemed to be a bit wetly and soft. Diamond asked me, ‘can you take a good dictation’? I said, ‘Yes’. He then started giving dictation in English and I also started writing: with a hard pencil . I noticed that the unknown person was sitting, there as if he was the witness.

I said to Diamond, ‘How wonderful is your English’! But I noticed that due to softness of the paper, the writing seemed to be hazy. Diamond began to scold me for this. So I told him, ‘It is a hard pencil, that’s why it is hazy. Wait, let me bring a pen’. But suddenly I woke up and thought, ‘Oh! This is an incomplete dream, let me sleep again to see the last. So I again slept  and said to myself in the dream that I had already completed taking the dictation with a pen .

Scene changed. I was now seeing that God-the-Preceptor and I was living together in a house and I was taking advice from him though nothing could be remembered after dream.

At the last moment in the dream I observed that he was going to take a bath. After completing the bath he wore clothes putting off his towel. I asked him, ‘Have you taken bath’? He said, ‘Yes’, I told him,’ then I am now going to take my bath. And I went to take my bath. Here the dream went off.

[The dream is very significant as this indicates that in future many realizations of Diamond will be experienced by the seer. Will is given to son by father. It means that all the wealth of father will be enjoyed by his son .Here wealth means spiritual wealth.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume- 11, June, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

146).           “Preceptor  is  only  God-the-Preceptor”.

God-the-Preceptor assumes human form, appears before you, blesses you and says . “You will attain God-head”. God in the body takes this unknown or by-gone human form, selects you as a bridegroom, in other words, makes your body a play ground for this blissful and joyous sports.

He teaches you the whole course of Rajayoga—the emanation and transformation of God through the five sheaths or the seven plane into the Supreme Bliss.

He gets Himself changed before your very eyes as your deity to whom you daily pray. As for instance, a man has gotSt. Paulas his God-the-Preceptor. But his deity is Jesus as he prays to Him. Before his very eyes he will see that the form of St, Paul is changed into the form of Jesus. Again in the seventh plane, God-the-Preceptor shows God and merges into God.

Without attainment of God-the-Preceptor, a devotee is not lucky enough to see God in various states in him ; nay not only this, but he will not get the least response of God in him .

Thakur says, “Without the bliss of God-the-Preceptor, there cannot be any upward progress. “This upward progress means he upward motion of the life-power in a man, that is, waking of life-power and her march in the seventh plane . Without the attainment of God-the-Preceptor, the life-power does not wake up. There cannot be any realization without life-power being wakened up.

The attainment of God-the-Preceptor is a kind of transformation into God-with-Form as God in the body assumes that form out of sheer mercy.

God-the-Preceptor expresses himself in the body in various measures. They are:–

(1)    “Some unknown man (a human form made of God’s light) will appear and tell you, ‘Come along with me’; then it will be a very easy journey to make climbing on his shoulder”.—Sri Ramkrishna .

This unknown man is God-the-Preceptor in full measure and he comes to the seer at an early age of twelve to thirteen.

‘Unknown man’ means the human form of God-the-preceptor whom you did not see before ; but afterwards you will be coming to know everything about him .

(2)     A devotee used to pray to God for a good preceptor. God heard his prayer and appeared before him in the form of God-the-Preceptor. The form of God-the-preceptor was a living one.It denoted that God in full measure was manifested and that the living man was God-Himself-with-form.

(3)     God-the-preceptor appears, shows the devotee his favorite deity and merges himself into the deity. Here both God-the-preceptor and the deity are made of God’s light.

(4)     God-the-preceptor appears all on a sudden with an aspect of one mad in God’s love, and with up-lifted hands indicating that God in him has separated from his body and speaks, “Remember God and talk of God—all along”.

(5)     It was dusk in a dense forest. The sky was covered with black clouds. Lightning and thunders succeeded each other, a high gale was blowing and it was tempestuous. A poor traveler was exasperated and in bewilderment cried out. “How am I to cross this forest?” A voice was heard and it spoke, “Remember God, take God’s name and there will not be the least difficulty for you to go out of the forest”.

(6)     A devotee is seeing that God-the-preceptor is giving him instruction about the waking of life-power.

(7)     A devotee is in a boat and his God-the-preceptor is the boatman and plying the boat in a river.

(8)     A devotee is standing on the sea-shore. There is a boat on the shore. His God-the-preceptor is on the boat and the helm of the boat is in his hand. The devotee is maddened with joy at the sight . He cries aloud, “Well, well, Sir! What brings you here”? The reply comes, “I have come to learn that you shall be due here and so I have come”. The devotee then gets into the boat.

(9)     God-the-preceptor assumes the form of an old man and beckons the devotee .

(10)    God-the-preceptor appears as an ancient sage (Rishi) and gives instructions .

All these realizations came upon a group of devotees in dreams.

“Does realization in dream bear any less value ?”—Shri Ramkrishna . The Brihadaranyaka and Chandogya (Upanishads), parts of the Vedas, say that realizations in dreams are purer then the realizations made with open eyes.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume- 11, June, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Uttam Jash resides at Sian, Birbhum district of West Bengal State (India). He narrated his experiences about Jibankrishna (Diamond) after reading his Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

I was acquainted with brother Sridhar Ghosh, the librarian of our village library for a long period. Whenever I used to go to his library, we had different discussion. One day during our discussion he asked me, ‘Well, Uttam, do you see any dream?’ I said, ‘Why you are asking this’? He said, ‘Through dreams God manifests himself within a human body.’ I laughed at him for that moment, but out of curiosity one day I went to his residence to listen to the reading. At the end of reading Snehamay (the reader) was explaining the meaning of dreams of many audiences. But I could not understand anything. However, I returned home and in that right I saw a dream. Somebody was telling me, ‘wake up’. Who said this I couldn’t understand. That evening I told brother Sridhar about my dream. He said, ‘This unknown person is God’. Since then I became a regular listener of the reading at his residence. In spite of so many hazards in my family life, I always used to remember Jibankrishna.

I had two remarkable dreams which I am narrating here:

1) Once I was stabbed by one relative due to our family affairs. I was seriously injured and was admitted into hospital without any sense. I was then transferred to another hospital at Burdwan town from Sian. I was lying on the operation theatre. Suddenly I had a vision. I saw that Jibankrishna was standing near my head. He said, ‘I am with you. No need to worry.’

Later on I was cured very fast beyond Doctor’s expectation.

2) I saw in my dream that in the late night I went out for a walk through the bank of river Ganges. The other side of the river was full of jungle. I walked for a long time. From behind my back side one old man crossed me. Surprisingly he walked on the river water and went to the other side. So I also tried to follow him but my feet were sinking into the water. I told the gentleman, ‘Oh father! Take me to the other side with you’! Hearing my call, he came back and holding my hand he started walking on the water. When we reached the midway, I saw the rising sun on the other side. Reaching the other side I recognized the old man as Jibankrishna. The sun was seen just behind him as his background and he stood there raising his two hands in the posture of blessing. My dream was off.

[Jibankrishna crossed the seer and approached which means he is in more advance stage in spiritualism than any other. Then he held the hand of the seer to take him to the other side. It means as God-the-Preceptor he leads human race to divinity through destruction of animal passion. The sun behind him signifies him as the man in the sun, mentioned in Upanishads who termed him as Parama Brahma or Supreme Being.]



Volume- 11, June, 2013

Letter of Ananda Mohan Ghosh to Jibankrishna’s companion Dhiren Roy

September 24, 1966

It was the last 20th September, Jibankrishna was newly settled in the new constructed house of Maniklal Bose (Jibankrishna’s cousin brother with whom he used to stay) at Betaitala, Howrah.

At about 7 p.m. I went to him. He told me to read your newly received letter. He was still looking a bit weak that day, though he was feeling better. Probably you have already heard that a thorough medical examination was made on his urine, stool and blood. But everything was normal except the gall bladder which was not properly functioning.

I am now talking about the discussion held on day before yesterday. He was saying, ‘See how practical is this religion, and why it has manifested in me! Was there no other person in this world! If asked, some will say that it was Nature’s selection. But is that enough? It is a type of suppression. But why it has happened and what is this phenomenon cannot be understood.

See, what a huge number of books I have read and what a wonderful memory I have! Still I cannot fathom its mystery.

Let me say one thing to you. In due course of time the Aryans’ colour become ultimately four – red, white, yellow and black. Have you ever heard that the body colour of the Aryans were four?

I am now telling you yesterday’s incident. A young boy who works in the wood factory of Gopal has seen a dream. Though he has not seen me in reality, yet he was seeing that I was walking on the road and my body color was changing to white, yellow, red and black. Then his dream was off.

What a strange dream he saw, just imagine! Yesterday I discussed about this and in the same night he saw this dream. Then what does this mean? Whatever I shall say will come true. I had an oracle – ‘I will have a new life, and this is the further extension.

In the coming 1t October, 1966 at about 11 AM he will start for Madhupur by train. His companions will be Ram, Tepu and Raghunath. The cook will be Pasupati. Your next elder brother (Sailendra Ray) has arranged everything. After arranging everything there, Raghu will return.

With regard