Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 12, June, 2013

Upanishad has become personified in Diamond’s era


‘Tatwagyan’ (‘you are Thy’) means ‘Atmagyan’ (I am Thy) and this proof will be bourn by the world. He himself will not know it. That will be mentioned by human race. This universalism is the proof of godhood. This is mentioned by Upanishad. What we have achieved here is mentioned in Upanishads. What they have said has manifested here and I am not saying so, you are saying. And this Upanishad has mentioned about your stage of perpetual peace. Those who have seen me within, have achieved perpetual peace and happiness. And what happens after this achievement? This is getting me inside. Outside there are many but inside ‘one’ exists only. And to see ‘one’ inside is the knowledge which is never lost. You will remember forever. Would you disbelieve that you have seen me within you? No! So it is eternal.

The religion of imagination creates incarnation and ‘Paramhansa’ and the religion of Upanishad creates ‘Truth’, that means perpetual peace and happiness. Yu are mentioned as ‘Dhira’ in Upanishads. Just think what has happened here!

Having this most precious thing here, our lives are fulfilled to the fullest extent. Here the religion of Upanishads is manifested. Mind that Religion is the perpetual motion of life-power within a human body.


The form of Diamond (Jibankrishna) in sun is eternal and perpetual


Here, so many people have seen me in the sun. King Bharat (as mentioned in Upanishads) was worshipping that man in the sun. Again Vedic Rishis was willing to see that man in the sun. So what does it mean? I am that man. King Bharat worshiped me. So I am eternal. I was in the past, I am in the present and will exist in the future. If the sun in the eras of king Bharat, Rishis and the present is the same, then I am also the same. And so here three generations have seen me within themselves. Now if the fourth generation sees me within, I shall accept it as correct.

[Taittiriya Upanishad has mentioned:

Both he who is here in a person and he who is younder in the sun – he is one (2.8)]

Innumerable people are seeing Diamond in the sun in dreams. Here is an example:

Snchamaya ganguly of Sriniketan, Birbhum district ofWest Bengal State,Indianarrates his dream thus: Far away from me I saw sun rising and the form of Jibankrishna (Diamond) inside it was visible. Holding a baby on my lap, I was calling everybody very loudly and running towards him I put down the baby from my lap. Then the form of Jibankrishna in the sun vanished. In front of me I saw a wall and a dried flower garland floating in the air came to me and automatically encircled my neck. When I woke up I saw that I was reciting Diamond’s name ‘Jibankrishna’.]


Diamond – An unfathomable person


“I would have given you pen and paper saying, what have you understood about me’. But do you know I don’t say that? Because I know there is none in this world who can explain this phenomenon. I cannot say whether anybody in future can explain it”.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume- 12, June, 2013

My experience with Jibankrishna or Diamond and its effect

Dhiren Roy


After meeting Jibankrishna I had innumerable divine dreams a few of which will be narrated here.

1) One night I saw myself sitting on the lap of Sri Ramkrishna on a sea beach. I was like a five year old child. On his left side was seated Swami Utsabananda and on the right side Swami Premanda and Karanananda. Showing the sea I insisted to go there. As I repeated several times, Sri Ramkrishna told Swami Utsabananda, ‘Utsab, take him to the sea.’ Utsabananda said, ‘If go there I shall have no trace. So I cannot go, better, because you can do it only.’

Then Sri Ramkrishna threw me into the sea with his little finger (Though I had no sense that he held my little finger). I was drowning into the sea water. When my I was drowned upto my head, I lost my sense only I was feeling myself as a point, and instead of suffocation, I was feeling a great divine joy being a point. Suddenly getting back my sense I saw myself seated on the lap of Sri Ramkrishna. Then again I insisted to go to the sea and in the same fashion he threw me into the sea water and the same sensation I felt. This was repeated three times. Being awaken I felt the same sensation for a long time.

It was another day’s incident. After the ceremony of wearing sacred thread (It is a ritual practice for Brahman caste and the thread is worn across the shoulder) in my boyhood, I always used to wear it.

One day on my way to office somehow it was lost. As I was in hurry, I had no time to prepare it again. So taking a whole sacred thread I went to office with an intention to prepare it during leisure.

But the whole day was so busy that I could not find time to prepare it.

In the night I saw in a dream that Sri Ramkrishna made me sit on a chair in a laboratory. And strangely I saw my body in a skeleton form instead of flesh and blood body, and in the spinal cord three thin neon light were on. Showing that three lights Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘Ira, Pingala, Susumna, these three nerves are the sacred thread or Brahma-thread. There is necessity of outward thread.’ My dream was off.

2) One night I saw in dream that I went to Jibankrishna but as I could not see him in his room I became depressed and stood on the road outside his room. In the meantiome Sri Ramkrishna came from my back and placing his hand on my shoulder said,



Volume- 12, June, 2013



24)  August. 1973.

Early morning dream:  Sitting alone I was thinking to leave my physical body with the thoughts that I have achieved the truth in my life and so I have no demand in my life. Suddenly Diamond appeared before me and said, ‘why are you thinking like this my boy? God will perform so many works through you in future’? With these words he disappeared suddenly.

[The dream supports the saying in the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ page 21— ‘God-the-Preceptor’ gives blessings to the seer and says, many things will happen in your life’.




25)   August,  1973.

Early morning dream :  Diamond suddenly appeared before me and said, ‘see, they (other devotees who used to gather in one devotee’s residence to have spiritual discussions on Diamond) have become diverted . Since now I often appear before them in their dreams’. Here the dream went off.

[Amazingly, a new phase started within the devotees . After a long gap they started dreaming Diamond frequently and became rejuvenated.]



26)   August, 1973 :

Early morning dream :  I saw many devotees having spiritual conversations between them . One of the devotee named Narayan was seen carrying a Bengali magazine (on Diamond) in his hand. Then the dream went off.

[The dream signifies thus: Seeing many devotees in the dream indicates increasing brain power. Another aspect is that a sense of attractions is growing within the seer for other devotees].



27)   August, 1973.

Early morning dream:  I saw many devotees sitting in a room with Diamond . I sat in front of  Diamond who was looking pale and thin . Suddenly a lady entered the room and went near the self of the wall to drink water in the glass kept for Diamond. I noticed that everybody was annoyed. But the lady ignoring all, wanted to drink water, and at that moment very surprisingly her hand with the whole body started shivering and some water fell on the body of Diamond. She immediately started popping the water from his body. Diamond wanted to prevent her, but she didn’t listen to him. When Diamond scolded her, I took her out of the room. The dream went off.

[In reality, women folks were not allowed to enter Diamond ‘s room. Whenever anybody wanted to do this, she had this similar experience. But strangely, the women folks always used to dream Diamond without seeing him in reality and later on they identified him from outside without his knowledge. ]



28)   16th September, 1973.

Early morning dream:  One patient was brought to a hospital for admission accompanied by two men. The patient was crying due to pain and one of his companion went on weeping putting his head on the patient’s chest . Suddenly I saw another devotee Jiten Chatterjee started reading the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond). After a while the patient became calm. The companion who was weeping also started listening to him. Another companion said, ‘How sweet is the name of Sri Ramkrishna ! These words should be announced by loudspeaker. All troubles and shocks will be vanished .The dream then went off and I woke up.

After a while I again slept and dreamt a nice hilly place. I was standing on the road for a bus.

Marriage ceremonies were going on in two to three places. Hymns were being uttered. Two little girls were observing the ceremonies from behind. But all these could not touch my mind. Being unconcerned I was waiting for the bus and then went to the bus terminus. My dream went off and I woke up.

But again I fell asleep and this time dreamt that one of the devotees named Raghunath Sen was playing a tape recorder listening to devotional songs. When I woke up I felt a great peace and joy in mind.

[The dream signifies thus :

1st dream:  The patient is seer himself who in reality was greatly disturbed in his working place and became upset. Diamond’s book converted his hazards to peace and divine joy.

2nd dream indicates that the seer will be devoid of any ritualism in real life.

The 3rd dream indicates that in future the seer will lead a pure and simple life through continuous spiritual practices].

(Note: In the long run these came true in the seer’s life).



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume- 12, June, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


147)                   “God  is  mother  to  me  and  I  am  but  her  child”.

This is but knowledge of ‘Thou’ as in opposition to ‘ego’ or ‘I’, and this is also called the matured love to Go . There remains no-ego-consciousness in the Supreme Knowledge. But when consciousness comes back, it comes back with ‘thou’ and not ‘I’. This is called conscious-existence of Descent or this is designated as matured love. If this knowledge is once attained this never leaves or deserts the attainer. So those who have attained this knowledge of ‘thou’ can never play the role of preceptor. At every turn Thakur used to say, “God alone is the Preceptor”. God, in one aspect, is this world and it is His sportive form. Thakur without any break in the day or at night was witnessing this God’s sport . His eyes were fixed continually on God. So he was a child to God . How can a child play the part of a preceptor? One of Thakur’s devotees, by name Tej Chandra, asked for initiation . Thakur replied, “I cannot be your preceptor, I simply can be your instructor”.

148)                 “There  are  human  preceptors  by  the  million”.

It is simply and solely ignorance and false vanity which prompts a man to ply the role of a preceptor.

149)                  “Everyone  wants  to  be  a preceptor . There  is  hardly  one  who

condescends  to  be  a disciple”.

Preceptor—means false vanity according to Thakur’s ideology, as a man cannot be a Preceptor.

A disciple is compared  by Thakur as low land . Thakue’s teaching was, “The water of God’s grace does not get accumulated in high land; whereas, it accumulates in the low land”.

150)                  “If  you  are  not  commended  by  God, then  nobody  is  going  to  hear you”.

Without God’s command there will be no force in your instructions and there will be no room for them in the mind of your audience. So God in their bodies will not emanate. They shall not get you as God-the preceptor in them and that proves that you have not got God’s command.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume- 12, June, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

The whole family saw Diamond or Jibankrishna in dreams through his book

Sukla Achariya of Schoolbagan, Bolpur (Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated how she and her mother and sister saw Diamond (Jibankrishna) after attending the reading center of Charupalli, Bolpur, where Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly.

Hearing from aunt (Mrs. Sandhya Rudra) about the reading center of Charupalli, my mother became interested in listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book and so one day she went with my aunt to Charupalli reading center.

After 2 – 3 days she dreamed that my maternal uncle’s child had died and everybody was crying. At that time an aged, complacent gentleman wearing dhoti and Punjabi came. He said, ‘Feed her two spoonful of warm water. She will get back her life.’ As soon as she was fed the warm water she survived again. My mother’s dream was off.

Afterwards seeing Jibankrishna’s photo she was confirmed that the aged man of the dream was JIbankrishna.

Next I also attended the reading and got great joy and satisfaction. In various ways I started dreaming Jibankrishna.

My first dream was such: I was lying on the bed of a hospital. In disguise of a doctor Jibankrishna was doing my treatment. Once when he came to me, I wanted water from him. He said, ‘All the water are dirty. Only I have pure water. Then he gave me water from an army flask and I got great satisfaction after drinking that water. My dream went off.

[Here Doctor Jibankrishna is God who cures the worldly disease of mankind and removes the thirst of human being for God.]

Now I am mentioning my younger sister Piyali’s first dream.

In Kolkata on the occasion of 26th January for Republic day of India, an arrangement was made at Himangshu uncle’s residence for reading of JIbankrishna’s book, when we were singing a song she saw that from Jibankrishna’s photo he came out slowly and stood on the harmonium. Then from there he went to my sister and merged in her body.

[The dream shows that even the photo is living and Jibankrishna appeared as God-the-Preceptor to the seer.]



Volume- 12, June, 2013


Letter of Subrata Banerjee from Sheffild to Ananda Mohan Ghosh after his lecture on oneness in the London Theosophical Society

Dear brother Ananda,

This is an unthinkable success in life! I was garland by a great victory last night.

But before describing the whole incident, let me inform you that during my reading a middle aged (40-45 years) British lady saw the luminous face of Jibankrishna on my forehead. Even after my reading was over saw Jibankrishna’s face on my forehead for a long time. Now let me narrate in brief the whole incident.

Due to the objection of the Theosophical Society I had to change the heading of my lecture. The hall was full of audiences numbering about 50-60. For about 10 minutes I read my lecture.

Then the period of questions and answers started.

People of various races like British, American, African, Indian questioned me on many aspects and I answered them all. Many took my address and became inquisitive to hear more from me.

During this time when I was explaining to a couple, then that British Lady mentioned before came to me and said, ‘still I am seeing the luminous face of Jibankrishna on your forehead.’ What an unexplainable joy it was! I said to others, ‘See the effect and truthfulness of my reading! This is the living proof of what I have said now’!

Today I have returned from London. Take my heartiest love and regard.




Letter from Ananda Mohan Ghosh to Subrata Banerjee residing in England

August 4, 1967.

Quotations from:


An essay in the philosophy of Science by David Hawkins  (University of Colorado)

Publisher: W. H. Freeman & Co.

Sanfrancisco and London.

1.“The learning is not in the life of the individual but in the transition to a new species. The individual, like the soul in Plato’s account of it may know but does not learn. If the species learns it does so only by becoming a new species.” (Page 171 – Line 23)

2.“In the Aristotelian tradition the soul is described as the form of the body, and by ‘form’ is meant all the habitudes and capacities of the body.” (Page 274 – Line 9)

On the above two quotations Jibankrishna gave his interpretations yesterday thus:

1. As per Plato’s version those who saw Jibankrishna within them they have achieved a new life, that means a new human race is created.

2. As per Aristotle’s  tradition the form of soul is the form of Jibankrishna which all of us see within us and the ultimate effect of such visualization is that we get the attributes and capacities of Jibankrishna.
















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