Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 13, July, 2013

Diamond is the dearest one to every human being


“None other than me is dearest to me. For this reason I have transformed every human being into my form – of course in the spiritual world. Who is this magician? Who did it and how did it happen? Still now it remains mystery to me. Since my birth up to this 71 years I have been carrying this phenomenon with me, but still I couldn’t fathom it. Who is world creator? The meaning of world creator is that who creates in this world. What creation does he perform? He creates Himself within the body of human race”.

[Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad has mentioned on such person like this:

He who knows this becomes the Self of all beings. As is that divinity, so is he….]


The consequence of seeing Diamond in Sun

One day in the month of January, 1963, Diamond said:

These people see me in the sun in dreams. What is it? Why they didn’t see any other people in the sun? Had anybody seen Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) in the sun? No, not at all! I have given you so many explanations on seeing me in the sun. Today listen to another explanation. As the whole world see the sun, so they will see my form one day. Showing me in the sun indicates that one day everybody throughout the world will see my form in the sun within their bodies.

[Examples of seeing Diamond in the sun in his life time:

After three days, Abhay Mukherjee from Calcutta met Diamond (Jibankrishna), saw a dream. From the east side of a pond the sun was rising and inside the sun Diamond was seated. On the other side of the pond a monk (seen before) lying on a cot was drowning in the pond. Here the dream went off.

Even after 44 years of Diamond’s death myriads of people are seeing Diamond in dreams and physical body and many see him in the sun. Here is one such example:

Aparna Biswas from Simurali, 24-Parganas (North) of West Bengal State, India, has narrated her dream thus:

I was feeling that I had become a girl of 16 years. Along with my elder sister and brother-in-law I had gone to an unknown place. After coming back hone I arranged their staying in a room and then went into the room of my second uncle. There he handed over a bundle of notes (Rupees) to me. Putting the bundle inside my bag as soon as I came out to the portico, I saw the red sun in the sky as it was dawn then. My uncle was repeatedly paying his homage with folded hands looking at the sun. My sister said, ‘what happened to uncle’? I said, ‘As the sun has risen, so he is doing so’. But saying these words, as soon as I looked at the sun, I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) with a huge body seated in meditation inside the sun. On her left side was standing goddess Kali and on the back side god Shiva. I told my sister, ‘See! See! The Maha Jogi’! but my sister couldn’t see anybody and so she asked, ‘Where’? I thought I was wrong. So again I looked at the sun and saw the same scene. I said, ‘Oh God! What have you shown me! Oh God!’ And then my dream was off.]



One day in the month of January, 1963 Diamond said,  “Why this cult has been expressed in my body? Can you explain? Because ‘Sa Uttama Purusha’ – The best man. The best man in the midst of human race. Have you understood? Now the question is whether this has revealed after my birth or beginning of my birth? Both are  true.”

This phenomenon has been mentioned in Aitareya Upanishad(5.4) like this about Rishi Bamdeva – ‘So he, having ascended aloft from his world with that intelligent Self(Atman), obtained all desires in you heavenly world and became immortal – yea, became immortal.’



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 13, July,2013

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Sachindranath De

I used to discuss with Balai Banerjee on religious matters.  One day he told me, ‘Sachin, I am blessed by coming in contact with a great man.  He used to have Samadhi (profound meditation being merged in God) and soon comes to normalcy.  In his room discussions are made on divine dreams.  Those who see him in dreams are lucky to get him as God-the-Preceptor’.

Brother Balai also had seen him in dreams and he used to narrate his dreams to me, with Jibankrishna’s yogic interpretations.  I felt great enjoyment hearing those dreams.  Strangely, I also began to see divine dreams and brother Balai always used to interpret these  dreams.

Thereafter I heard that my neighboring lawyer Mr. Bishnudas Pal also had meet Jibankrishna.  So I started discussing with him about Jibankrishna one day Bishnu Babu told me, ‘Sachin, I have given to Dhiren Babu (Typist) some articles of Jibankrishna.  He will come next Saturday.  You take him to Dhiren Babu.  Hearing this I felt myself lucky.

The next Saturday at noon Bishnu Babu called me and said, ‘Sachin, go and see what is the progress of typing.  Jibankrishna is supposed to come in time’.

I went to Dhiren Babu and verifying the progress of typing when I was returning saw that a complacent gentleman was standing near the steps.  When I reached near him, he asked me, ‘My boy, can you say where does typist Dhiren Babu sit’?  I showed him the office of Dhiren Babu.  He went away and I came back to my own department.  I guessed that the gentleman was Jibankrishna about whom I had been hearing for so many days from brother Balai and Bishnu Babu.  I was overwhelmed with joy after seeing and talking to Jibankrishna.  After a few days of this incident, one day brother Balai told me, ‘Sachin, will you go to Jibankrishna to Kali Banerjee Lane (Howrah)’?  When I agreed he told me the direction.  So I reached Jibankrishna’s residence in one evening.  Through the window I could see his Samadhi and next time hear his yogic interpretation on Samadhi.  Seeing his I was so puzzled that I could not enter into his room and came back home after some time.

After a few days, probably it was one Sunday in the months of July or August, 1954, I went with brother Balai to Jibankrishna’s residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Howrah.  In the meanwhile he had shifted here from kali Banerjee Lane.  At tht time only Jibankrishna was present in the room with two other young ones.  One of them was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.  Later on I came to know that he was the brother of Binay Roy.  Brother Balai gave my introduction to Jibankrishna.  He told me to sit on the cot.  I had some conversations with him that day.  I sat for some time and then bowing down to him I came back home with brother Balai.  Henceforth, I stared going to Jibankrishna every Saturday and Sunday.  After meeting Jibankrishna a drastic change came in me regarding the traditional religion and ritualism.  All my confusions were eradicated through him.  I am really grateful to brother Balai.

Now I am narrating a few of my dreams:

1)    I saw in a dream a huge water body, either a river or sea and fishing nets w4ere laid in the water.  Many people and I were swimming there.  All of us were caught inside the net.  Ultimately, I was able to tear the net and landed on an island.  My dream was off.  [By the grace of God-the-Preceptor I can overcome the illusions of life].

2)    I had gone to a field. There was a big gathering there.  Then evening came and the surroundings were covered with darkness.  Nobody was visible.  I was thinking how to walk on the road.  Suddenly I saw that a headlight illuminated the road.  Not only so, that light was flashing in front me to guide me for moving forward and I went on walking forward.  It seemed as if some invisible power was controlling that looking backside I found nobody, but it seemed that it was not the headlight of a motorcar and it was not dazzling but soothing.  When my dream was off, I felt an unfathomable bliss.

[This was the light of God which will show the seer the right path throughout his life.]

3)    One night I saw that the roof of my residence was illuminated with blue light. Then I saw numerous small forms of Jibankrishna within the light.  The dream was off.  But even after that I had a long lasting touch of bliss.

[The form of Jibankrishna is made of God’s light which was shown in the dream.]

4)    One night I saw that Jibankrishna in the form of Ardhanariswar (half man, half woman) came to our house.  Being overwhelmed with joy I told my mother, ‘Mom, Thakur has come to our house’!  My dream was off. [Jibankrishna saw himself in reality as half man and half woman which proves his Godhood as God or soul or Atma is neither male nor female.]


5)    One night I saw that Jibankrishna was walking on the road at Dharmatala area (Esplanade area in Kolkata) casually.  Some children were saying, ‘see God is going’!  My dream was off. [The dream indicated the Godhood state of Jibankrishn.]

6)    One night I saw that as if the earth burst out by the roaring sound of great thunder.  My heart was palpitating.  Then that sound was transformed into a dazzling sound for a moment and then vanished.  It was so dazzling that nothing can be compared with it.  My dream was off.  [The seer visualized suddha atma (The great pure soul)]



Volume – 13, July, 2013

Indication of devotee’s death

7th February, 1980, Thursday.

29) The previous day the news of a Diamond’s companion Binay Roy’s heart attack made me very gloomy.

Early in the morning I saw in my dream that many of the companions had assembled in a room. Meanwhile Binay Roy suddenly entered into the room with a bag in his hand with very bright figure and joyous mood. Seeing him I asked, ‘oh! You are not well and admitted in the hospital! How have you come here!’ Binay Roy said with a smiling face, ‘No, No, that is not correct. Nothing has happened to me,’ then and there the dream went off.

The dream revealed to me in both ways : either he will be recovered or he will expire and in the afternoon Binay Roy expired. Thus the dream came true in reality.


Vision of the glory of ‘Manikya’ magazine

4th April, 1980, Friday.

30) Early morning dream :  I have gone to my birth place Santipur. With me was another old devotee Dhiren Mondal. There we met a familiar boy Subhendu and had conversations for a while and I took him to my house.

Then we saw a boy with black complexion and drunken who told us harshly to follow him. With an attacking mood I asked him, What was he doing? He said, he used to arrange matters for the magazine ‘Manikya’. I became astonished. The boy then said that he was going to leave drinking wine only for this. I noticed that the boy, though harsh from outside became changed due to influence of ‘Manikya’. Then the dream went off.

[The dream indicated a future when human beings by merely reading books on Diamond will be transformed into perfection. In reality this is happening now and then. Innumerable people after reading diamond’s book and also the magazine on him are seeing him in dreams, trances and reality.]


Vision of future – Establishment of Truth

13th April, 1980, Sunday.

31) Early morning dream:  I saw that a narrow flag from one side of the horizon to another was waving.  I could not see my own physical body but only was feeling my existence. It was revealing in my mind that after a long-lasting war as if peace had come and only Khagendra Nath Ghosh and I had survived as witnesses. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicated that ultimately the Victory flag of truth will be established on earth overcoming all the evils and the seer may witness an initiation of it.]


Vision of future – Leaving of attachment with ‘Manikya’ publication

25th March, 1980, Tuesday.

32) Early morning dream :  At the residence of Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala the matters for ‘Manikya’ magazine were read and discussed for publication. Khitish Roy Choudhury, Raghunath Sen, Indranath Mukherjee and Arun Ghosh were present. I was making some comments on the matter written by Asim Biswas, but noticed that many were not liking it. So I went on thinking, when they could not understand, I  should keep silent. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream gave an indication of a future incident about my attachment with the magazine ‘Manikya”.

[Note: It came true when I became detached from ‘Manikya”’ publication.]


Dream coming to reality

9th August, 1980, Wednesday.

33) Early morning dream :  In a room many devotee had assembled and Arun Ghosh was also present there, though still with an injury in his spinal cord (in reality he fell down from the hanging balcony of the 1st floor and got injury in his spinal cord).

While the spiritual talks were continuing his neck began to move due to upward thrust of Kundalini. I got scared and pointed it out to another devotee Raghunath Sen that it might hurt him more. Then as I looked at Arun Ghosh, he said, ‘no, no, nothing happened to me, it became cured.’ The dream was off.

In reality also Arun Ghosh was cured very soon thus proving the dream to be true.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -13, July, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple of  Dakshineswar .

151)                “So  long  the fire  the  fuel  burns  beneath,  the  milk  puffs  up”.

Fuel—represents the physical body of the devotee. Fire—is Thakur. God is represented as—milk. Puffs up—means manifestations and realizations in the body.

The metaphor means that when a devotee comes near Thakur he gets tastes and realizations of God.

152)                  “When fire  is  withdrawn,  there  remains  no  puffing  up  of  the  milk”.

When a devotee goes away from Thakur, his longing for God and realizations also vanish .

153)               “The  people  of  Calcutta  are  fond  of  sensation .  They  start  digging

a well  at  a  place  but  if  they  strike  a  stone  then  they  will  leave

the  place . It  so  happens  that  sand  comes  out . They  will  leave  the

place  and  begin  at  another  place .  And  this  goes  on”.

The devotees around Thakur in the steam-boat with Shri Keshab were all elderly men . So there was hardly any chance for them to get spontaneous emanation of God in their bodies. Thakur was instructing to be firm and fixed and then to try to get God’s grace by self-exertion. Thakur was fully aware that it was a rare thing; still the merciful God takes pity and gives His grace .

154)                “How  powerful  are  the  words  of  a teacher  who  has

got  commandment ! A  mountain  moves  at  his  words”.

The words of a man who has got God’s commandment make God wake up in others who are blessed enough to listen to him. But this is conditional. The hearer must be young like St. Francis as otherwise there is hardly any chance.

Mountain—represents  body.

Moves—-means waking of life-power in the body.

The wakened life-power startles one, shakes him and then like a monkey takes a jump to the seventh plane and is transformed into Supreme Bliss. It so happens in a matured condition but not with a beginner.

155)                  “One  needs  a badge  of  authority  if  he  wants  to  teach  others”.

God-the-preceptor appears, writes the authority on a paper and shows it to the devotee. This is called ‘badge of authority’.

156)                 “One  who  has  attained  God  within  himself  has  got  an  inner  sight”.

If anybody comes to the man who has got God in him then the attainer of God finds the reflective form the new-comer in him and then follows a spontaneous revelation of the nature of the new-comer. It makes the attainer know the pros and cons of the comer . It so often happened with Thakur.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 13, July, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Ram Ranjan Chatterjee is about ten years old and studies in class five at Sian School (Birbhum district, West Bengal State, India).

After attending the reading center where Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly, Ram started seeing Jibankrishna in deams. Some of his dreams are given according to his own version.

1)    In our school many of our classmates used to see Jibankrishna even in flesh and blood body. I became amazed after hearing it.

One day (31.07.1992) in the reading center listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book a scene appeared in front of me in trance. I saw that I was giving lecture about Jibankrishna before numerous listeners at Kolkata. One listener was not believing me and said, ‘All those are bogus things.’ I said, ‘Do you want to see the proof’? He said, ‘Yes’, Then I shouted, ‘Hail Jibankrishna’. Then and there within the chests and stomachs of all the listeners tiny forms of meditated Jibankrishna were seen. Seeing that scene the man said with folded hands, ‘I have made a mistake. Now I can believe.’

2)       On 28.01.1992 I went to see television at my uncle’s residence and was scared after having a vision in reality. I came back home. In the night I saw a dream. I was telling my maternal uncle Snehamay about my fear seeing the vision in day time. He gave something in my hand and said, ‘Give this to Jibankrishna, then you will have no fear. At the end of the village where the bi-cycle sports are going on, you will find Jibankrishna there.’ Running towards that place I saw that everybody was Jibankrishna. To find out the real Jibankrishna I tested everybody by pressing the body. One of the body of Jibankrishna seemed to be as soft as cotton. It seemed to me that he might be the real Jibankrishna. So I handed over the thing to him. Then and there he became mammoth size and it was so huge that the whole body was not visible. The rest of the people then was transformed into their own forms. After a while parts of JIbankrishna became separated and were being united with the rest of people and ultimately nothing left with him. The last part of his body became united with me. Then it appeared in my mind that for this reason I saw everybody as Jibankrishna. The dream then was off.

[A soft body is ideal for manifestation of God. Mamothsize Jibankrishna means Brahma or Supreme Being who is mentioned in Upanishads as huge and tiny. Parts were united with others. It means that Jibankrishna has donated himself to every human being and by showing that all were Jibankrishna indicates that all are one.]

3)    In dreams many of the explanations are sometimes corroborated. I saw such a dream.

On 01.09.1992, I saw in my dream that I was walking with some of my friends. Suddenly a mango tree was notice. It was searing heavy fruits and each mango was made of gold. I told my friends that in  the reading center my maternal uncle Snehamay told that it is good to see golden mango. Just at the moment I saw that the sun in the sky came nearer to me. And inside Jibankrishna was seated on a Lotus. He told me, ‘Snehamay has said rightly that to see golden mango is good.’ My dream was off.

4)    On 05.08.1992, I saw in my dream that I was coming from Sultanpur. The river water level was increased and cattle was flooded away. After a while the water became gold till. In the midst of the river many words seen written as ‘Hail JIbankrishna.’ Then I saw that those words were away in a queue. Then my dream was off.

[The life force of the seer was transformed into gold or Brahma or Supreme Being who is mentioned in Upanishad as Brahma of golden color. The names of Jibankrishna were flooded away which means that in future this name will flood the world.]

5)    On 02.01.1993, I saw in my dream that some people were intending to beat me as if I was a culprit to them. But I was not aware about my fault. They gave me a glass of poison and holding the glass in my hand I shouted, ‘Hail Jibankrishna’. Then and there I started dreaming (within my dream) that I was transformed into Jibankrishna and instead of poison the glass was full of honey. I drank the honey and my main dream was off.

[The world will hit you but with the name of Jibankrishna you will overcome everything and achieve the divine consciousness. Honey is a symbol of divine consciousness.]












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