Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 16, August, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]


One day in December, 1964 Diamond said –

The most wonderful contribution of Sri Ramkrishna to the world when he said very specifically, ‘I swear that I have seen God’ – nobody has ever said these words to the world.

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Jagyabalka mentioned this as ‘Atma or soul can be seen and heard etc.’ He was using the word ‘can’ or ‘should’. It means whether he had seen God or not. Then, coming to Svetasvatar Upanishad, we find these words, ’I know this mighty Person (Purusha) of the color of the Sun, beyond darkness. Only by knowing Him does one pass over death. There is no other path for going there.(3.8)

I had this vision and I knew it. And I have pointed it out in the third part of my book ‘Religion and Realization’. I have mentioned that this is not the actual visualization of God or Brahma. This is a visualization of Yogic form when the life power or Kundalini comes suddenly to the mid eyebrow and from there goes to the cerebrum straight. Then a flash of this Divine Consciousness is seen from the cerebrum to the throat. I have mentioned under it that this is not the actual visualization of God. God is seen in trinity and I have explained it as many may think that this is the proper visualization of God. As, Sri Ramkrishan is mentioning in the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna that some unknown person will come, just as he came in my case, and at that time he was unknown to me. Though, when he was showing me God in my cerebrum, he was not unknown to me. For this reason I have mentioned in my book that God – the – Preceptor or the Holy Ghost comes and shows God. Therefore I have seen him many times and he was

shown me so many things. What does it mean? This is, ‘when He wishes He is seen’. It is my own divine consciousness – imperceptibly made its way to the cerebrum and there assumed the form of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and came down to me again and carried me there in Brahmapur (cerebrum) – In a nut shell I have described it.

What Taittiriya Upanishad describes in macrocosm

it is in microcosm in Diamond

December, 1964

Taittiriya Upanishad is saying ‘He deserves that I shall become many and take birth’. But come to me! In my life time you innumerable in number are giving birth of my form within you – do I deserve this! How can I? I had no idea about it, how the question of ‘deserving’ will come? Then you have seen me, narrated to me, so I have understood that I have become many. The same phenomenon is reverberated in Swami Vevekananda’s quote ‘I have become many to see my own form’. So why such anomalies in Taittiriya Upanishad that He will become many? Because they are keeping Brahma outside – in macrocosm. And we are saying the same thing in microcosm i.e., in esoteric condition, within our bodies what is happening in reality.

[Taittiriya Upanishad says –

He desired: ‘Would that I were many! Let me procreate myself!’]



It is written in Hindu religious books that out of four parts of Brahma only one part  is exposed. The rest three parts are yet in dark. That one part is Veda. But that one part was not said completely. Though instead of four parts there are five parts, out of which Veda is an incomplete part. The rest four parts I shall expose and write.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume –14, July, 2013

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Narendranath Acharya

I had a long close relation with my brother like Sudhin (Sudhindra Nath Sinha).  In my Ayurvedic dispensary off and on we had spiritual discussion.  Sometimes at the end of the year 1954 Sudhin told me, ‘Brother, I want to take you in a place where you will fulfill with divine joy.’ I told him, ‘yes of course I shall go, but you should inform me one day before’.

After this conversation I was feeling a great excitement about that place and its mission.  After a few days one day he said, ‘To-morrow I shall take you to that place and please be ready at that time’.


Next day he came in time and both of us started.  At first we went by tram to Howrah Station and then by bus to Kadamtala market from where we walked to a lane in front of a one-storied house.  Sudhin said, ‘come into this room’.  At first he entered into the room and I stood behind him.  The room was east facing with a large door having some windows.  Inside the room some 20-25 people were seated having a fixed look at a very holy looking person sitting on a cot on the west side.

Sudhin went to that person and said something to him.  Then and there with a very affectionate voice he welcomed me, ‘come, come sir! Come near me! Though I thought that I would sit a bit away from the cot, but hearing his sweet welcome I became softened.  I have never heard such sweet welcome in my life. I looked at him and become overwhelmed with surprise when I saw that on the cot was seated no other than Sri Ramkrishna.  I was perplexed to see this scene, and about thought why he was here.

However, I approached to him and touched his feet.  Instantly I felt a shock entering into my body.  I could not bear this shock and became senseless falling on the ground.  After a while I got back my sense with an utterance of ‘Hail Rama, hail Rama’. I opened my eyes and saw that Jibankrishna was uttering the words, ‘Hail Rama, hail Rama’.  Some devotees were fanning me with hand fan.  Ultimately I god back my full sense.

After a few minutes I heard that he was saying, ‘The blessings of Sri Sri Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) are showered on you’.  Within a moment I saw that he fells into Samadhi state (profound meditation merging in God).  After a while he became normal and with an ecstasy he told the devotees, ‘Carry on reading’. I understood that every day the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna is read.One devotee started reading.

I had traveled in many sacred places of India and saw many sages, saints and hermits and talked to them.  But I have never seen such yogi falling in such frequent Samadhi state.  The first time I saw such a holy man and found my spiritual guide in my life.

Gradually my mind became fixed on the reading.  Jibankrishna was giving yogic interpretation on the metaphors and sayings of Sri Ramkrishna in a very simple manner specially a word quoted from Upanishad Sacchidanandaswarupah’ which means ‘In the self of perpetual Bliss’.  I was really overwhelmed by such simple interpretations.

It was then 8-00 P.M. gradually the devotees began to leave after bowing down to Jibankrishna.  But brother Sudhin bowed to Jibankrishna and told me, ‘Let us go home’.  I bowed down to Jibankrishna.  He told me, ‘come again’.  I bowed down to Jibankrishna.  He told me, ‘come again’.  Then both of us left his room.  It was then 9-00 P.M. I told brother Sudhin, I would have been honoured and blessed had you taken me here beforehand’.

I became really perplexed seeing such similarity between the figures of Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna.  Who was this holy man without any red-orchard dress?  I became restless to know the details of this man.  Brother Sudhin told me, ‘He is not Ramkrishna, his name is Jibankrishna Ghosh’.  Then my confusion was removed.

That night I could not sleep well.  In the last night I felt sleepy and went into trance.  I saw that Jibankrishna was patting on my head with great affection and said, ‘Thakur’s blessings are bestowed on you.  With regular spiritual practice God-the-Preceptor will be achieved’.  Suddenly my trance was off.

Two days passed, but I could not be easy and felt always that a snake was running towards me, though it was not real.  I could not fix my mind on anything.  In every work I was feeling the snake fobia.

On the third day I went to Jibankrishna in the evening.  With a great affectionate voice he told me, ‘come Kaviraj masai (Ayurveda Doctor), come near me’.  I bowed to him and sat on the floor beside his cot.  He asked me, ‘Have you seen any dream’?  I narrated my three days’ happenings and the vision of dream.  With a sweet smile he told me, ‘you had a good dream.  And nothing to worry about snake fobia.  These visions will hasten of getting God-the-Preceptor and then  a pure mind and consciousness will be achieved. Then I gve attention to the reading of the gospel.  At about 8-00 P.M. I left his residence after bowing down to him.

Thereafter, I went to him off and on and I had numerous realizations.  In the year 1956 I had the opportunity of staying with him when he was in Benaras for a few days.  Early in the morning reciting God’s name he used to awake everybody. The days used to begin with recitation of God’s name and humans and after taking morning tea reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna used to be started.

After lunch having a rest again the gospel used to be read with his yogic interpretation.  In the afternoon after a walk beside the ganges again reading the gospel used to be continued up to 9-00 P.M.

Herein Benaras one day I was a bit worried.  I saw in a dream that Jibankrishna was seated near my head and was giving me assurance that no harm would come.

Then I went out and reached near a jungle in a lonely place.  Far away from me I saw a large banyan tree.  Sudddenly near that tree an earthen hut was visible.  I reached there and saw Jibankrishna in a Samadhi state.  The whole body was reddish and the face was full of divine bliss.  My dream was then off.  Another day in Benaras I saw in my dream that I went out to pay a visit to Lord Shiva temple.  I saw Lord Shiva with huge figure with the garlands of Balearic fruit in hand was standing covering the read.  Later on I woke up.

Throughout my life I am having the blessings and grace of God-the-Preceptor Jibankrishna which gives me divine peace and bliss.

November, 1971




Volume – 14, July, 2013

Vision of past and Future

Future vision – Indication of leaving all contacts with the magazine ‘Manikya’

18th October, 1992. Sunday.

41) At 2-30 AM I woke up from his sleep at the end of a dream. I tried to remember the dream and ultimately remembered that I dreamt about a dispute happened about the publication of the magazine ‘Manikya’. A manuscript was held by Arun Ghosh and beside him was seated Anath Mondal. Arun Ghosh was going to say something and I told, ‘I have a suggestion to solve this problem.’ But Arun Ghosh said that my suggestion would not be accepted. Then I said, ‘If my suggestions are not accepted. I will not involve myself in this affair.’ Saying this I went to another room. At this stage the dream went off.

[This type of dream occurred previously and came true. This dream also came to reality later on. I had to leave  conducting publication of ‘Manikya’ and publish another magazine on  Jibankrishna (Diamond).

Meeting expired mother – Future indication of telepathic achievement by human race

2nd March, 1993, Tuesday

42) Early morning dream : I saw my demised mother was standing near a door of a house by holding the door-panel, wearing a new sari. But it seemed to me as if she had come from another world and she seemed to be quite aloof of everybody. I could read her mind, still I was delighted by seeing my mother. Then she sat in a room along with many others. I held the hands of my mother and said, ‘you have come to me after a long gap. You should come off and on like this.’ I talked in telepathic language. Then the dream went off.

The dream has an indication that the seer may acquire power of reading other’s mind in future having a superior brain faculty. Nearly two years’ back he had a telepathic conversation with his demised mother in a dream with an indication of his superior and powerful brain power. This also indicates that in far future the human brain will acquire such power.

Transformation into Garura of Purana (Hindu mythology) and realization on the presence of Mohammed – my past lives and the future effect

21st September, 1993, Tuesday.

43) Early morning dream. The dream had three parts : The first scene opened with my mother (expired in August,1991) calling by my name very sweetly standing near the door of my room.  It was so real that uttering the word ‘Mother’ I opened the mosquito net and came to the door.

In the second scene I saw myself sitting on the floor. Suddenly with a great surprise I noticed that my face was transforming into a bird like creature with long lips, though my body remained like a human being. Then I heard an oracle, ‘you have become Garura’.

Third scene : I saw that some of my familiar ones were entering into a mosque wearing cloths wrapped on heads. I also put off my shoes and wrapping cloth on my head entered into the mosque and immediately I felt the presence of Mohammed there. Then and there I fell into ecstasy. The dream went off.

[The first scene indicates that the grace of the Holy Mother is still being bestowed upon the seer.

The second scene has a long lasting effect on the life style of the seer of being transformed into Garura, the hero of the Hindu mythology who used to exist several thousand years ago in the Vedic era. It means that the seer is going to have all the attributes of Garura. In the mythology it was decried thus: He went for collecting ‘Amrita’(Nectar) for the immortality of the gods to free his mother from slavery. By his great bravery and courage he was given the title ‘Garura’ by a section of Rishis as his original name was ‘Suparna’. Then he was graced by ‘Narayana’ ( Another name of God Vishnu according to Hindu mythology), who being pleased with his work wanted to grant him a boon and he wanted to be placed above Narayana and so he kept a place for Garura on the top of his chariot. Though it was a metaphor and means that Garura became companionless and would have higher realizations to perform on higher spheres. However, the effect in this case was thus, that the seer, after a hard work in spite of many hazards in his life collected and compiled all about Jibankrishna’s spiritual affairs from huge works published in thousands of pages of the magazine ‘Manikya’ and other diaries of many devotees in the form of books and which is a form of ‘Amrita’ giving peace in mind of innumerable people. In a dream (16.08.1992) also  Jibankrishna became happy and pleased by hearing from the seer about his work. After long years many of the realizations were experienced by the seer which were forecasted by  Jibankrishna.

The third scene probably indicates the seer’s previous birth as a devotee of Muhammed. Such type of dreams on previous birth were also experienced by the seer with Jesus Christ, Chaitanyadeb and Sri Ramkrishnadeva, though, it is explained by the fact that everything of the universe including past, present and future is within our brain and according to necessity these appear in a pure mind.].



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -14, July, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

The  Master  with  the  Brahma  devotees

Benimadhab  Pal’s  Garden  House,  Sinthee.

28th  October,  1882 .

166)     “Well, here  is  Shivanath,  Look  here, you  are  a devotee  and  it

gladdens  me  to  see  you. It  gives  much  pleasure  to  a  hemp-

smoker  to  meet  another”.

At the sight of a real devotee God in Thakur leaps up with joy and it gladdens him to a degree.

“To see an Avatar is equivalent to see God”.  —-Sri  Ramkrishna .

Thakur is an Avatar and hence he is God. There is an easy trial of testing an Avatar . If any devotee with real devotion bows down to the Avatar then the inner-self of the letter will at once get transformed into Supreme Bliss, and outward manifestation will be seen to be exhibited on his face and body. A piece of dry wood flares up if it is rubbed against a stone.

167)     “Just   possible, they  will  embrace  each  other”.

God—the—preceptor renders the devotee his own, gets the consciousness of the devotee merged into his own consciousness and makes the devotee conscious of oneness (Brahmagyan).

“A master being highly pleased with his steward, holds his hand, makes him sit by him and says, ‘Well, well! Sit by me . We are but one”.  —–Shri  Ramkrishna

A certain friend saw with eyes wide open that his God-the-preceptor was swallowing him . God-the-preceptor was making the devotee one with him.

Another friend dreamt that a big royal Bengal tiger made him lie down on his back and with his big paws was trying to embrace him. The tiger by his embrace was trying to make the devotee one with him. The tiger represents God-the-preceptor. A man must be a tiger in spirit in order to break through the net of illusion.

168)     “Whom  I  see  that  he  has  got  no  yearning  for  God”.

Thakur used to get the appearance of the man within his own body and then he could read very easily their mental disposition. It is but a bubble of getting God within oneself. The world is in God. The man before Thakur is part and parcel of the world. So Thakur gets the man in him and comes to know everything about him.

169)     “If I   find  man  involved  in  gross  worldliness”.

A gross worldly man may be tested in a funny way. Let you talk about God before him and he will leave the place at once. The physical formation of the gross worldly man is so that God does not emanate from his body.

170)       “If  a  worldly  man is  asked  to  renounce  everything  and  get  himself  whole-heartedly  engaged  in  devotion  of  God  then  he  will not  pay  the  least  attention  to  your words”.

If a worldly man asks another worldly man to be a real devotee of God then it will not do any good . Mere words cannot produce any effect. Of course, it was different thing with Thakur or any Avatar. Simply if anybody comes in contact with them and here about God’s sportive forms in the body from them then they in no time shall get their inner self transformed into God according to the capacity of their body. “If God out of sheer pity frees Himself from the body then there is liberation.”



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 14, July, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Jibankrishna’s(Diamond) action on worldly life after his death

Savita Ghosh

Savita narrated how Jibankrishna (Diamond) looks after her through dream. The narration is thus :

Jibankrishna is our friend, philosopher guide and everything. His blessings are always poured upon us in our daily life, both in spiritual and worldly lives. Even through dreams he solved many of my problems. Once it was decided to construct our new house and through a neighbour’s dream we came to know that the plan was liked by Jibankrishna. The construction started but we faced financial crisis. In a dream Jibankrishna told that we need not worry. The problem would be solved.

Next day one of our husband’s colleague gave us information that a according to a new scheme from my husband’s department loan could be availed at a cheap and easy installment. So my husband availed it.

But after some progresses of the construction work there was a leakage on the roof and we were worried. In a dream Jibankrishna told me, ‘Why are worrying so much. I am with you.’ I got strength in mind and surprisingly a mason came next day and said, ‘with my own responsibility I shall make a water-proof roof at a cheaper rate.’ And he made it. It is surprising that even the quarrel between our husband and wife is solved by Jibankrishna. Through dreams either he used to scold us or point out our flaws.

It was my nature to help others without of my interest. But later on many used to hurt me and I was wounded. After getting Jibankrishna as my God-the-Preceptor he gives me prior intimation in dreams about the nature of the person and I became cautious.

In many of my dreams Jibankrishna told me about specific medicines for my illness and taking that medicine in reality I recovered. Even for other I got the names of medicines in dreams from him and they recovered.

A few days back my husband’s grandmother expired. We did not follow the Sradh Ceremony (After – death ceremony) though in her life time we sought her permission and she had no objection.

One day in my husband’s dream grandma came to him and said, ‘I have come to you. You utter Jibankrishna’s name and I shall be liberated. Tell everybody that your grandma has told not to follow any ritualism. Only utter the same of Jibankrishna, then it will do good to me.’ After a few days our other relatives wanted money from us to feed the invites on account of the Sradh ceremony. We could not settle what to do.

In a night my husband saw in his dream, that Jibankrishna was telling him, ‘Don’t give any expenditure for the ceremony. It is all the same. Rather you read my book on that day.’ And I saw in my dream that grandma came and told me, ‘you pray to Jibankrishna. Unless he bestows his grace I shall not be liberated.’ So with a concentrated mind I began to call Jibankrishna and he came he had a brass bowl in his hand. It was filled with water. He poured the water on grandma’s body. Then and there she was transformed into a beautiful young woman. She bowed down to JIbankrishna and my dream was off.

After waking up I began to think that it might have adverse effects on my neighbors. But after two days when a poor neighbor came to us to help them for feeding their invitees for the Sradh (Ritual performances of a dead person in Hindu religion) ceremony my husband told them, ‘We should not give anything for the Sradh Ceremony.’ Strangely, they said, ‘It’s okay! It’s Okay! Don’t take it otherwise as we have wanted something from you.’ We were surprised, but realized that we need not worry about any problems as this is Jibankrishna responsibility, not ours.