Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 17, September, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

Brahma as mentioned in Vedas is a living human being – Man is the Eternal Truth 

One day Diamond said –  You know, that I saw in my vision that I will illuminate the whole world with ‘Oneness’, and now you have proved it. I have never crossed anybody’s door. On the contrary you have come to me and said, ‘we have seen you within us’. This is not done by me. You have seen and you have done all these. I am not concerned at all. Everything happening here is automatic. People of all religions are seeing me within themselves. It means all religions are becoming one, and there is no difference.

In every religion there is incarnation. Gabriel said to Mohammed, ‘you are the Prophet’, Jesus said, ‘I am the son of God’; Buddha was termed as ‘one is to come’. But Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘Incarnation is a proven one. There is mankind within the body of a man’, and also said, ‘I am seeing everyone as Ram. But no one saw him. Only he saw and people may not believe it. But here all of you are seeing that you are one (in one point). Ram means ‘one’ i.e., Brahma and the man you are seeing within you is a living human being. Then ‘Brahma’ is a living human being! When you are seeing me within you, you are transforming into me. Thus all of you are becoming one.

Sri Ramkrishna mentioned man as the best creature on earth. But before him Chandidas ( a saint and a creator of many devotional lyrics inBengalin mid centuries) has mentioned like this: ‘The Truth above all is Man and nothing is there above that’. My boys, this man is Brahma or the Truth. And here is the full definition of Brahma. If everybody is one, then there is no necessity of incarnation or devotees. And here it exceeds all the past religions.


The Person in Brahmapur is the Soul or Atma – in the form of Diamond

Diamond said one day:

There is another person within this human body and He is Brahma (or Supreme Being). Vedas have mentioned that there is a person in Brahmapur (cerebrum) and He should be visualized. Within the causal body that Person appears in the form of goddess Kali, Krishna, sometimes as Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Sri Ramkrishna or Sri Chaitanya and tries to teach the seer that ‘I am all these. Because there is no ‘Two’, there is only ‘one’.

[Katho Upanishad has mentioned about this person thus:

He who is awake in those that sleep,

The Person who fashions desire after desire –

That indeed is the Pure. That is Brahma.

That indeed is called the Immortal.

On it all the worlds do rest;

And no one so ever goes beyond it. (5.8)


Diamond’s form is in existence in every

human being as Paramatma or Supreme Being

 Diamond said one day:

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) used to say, ‘To donate food and education comes under inferior category. To donate knowledge is superior than the two. I have donated myself to you. Whatever I have achieved I have donated that to you. As you see me within you, and have realizations, I cannot know anything about that, unless you come and inform me. This means that you have been transformed into me (in the spiritual world). Why I have donated all of my attributes? Is it for my interest? No, from within you I shall enjoy myself. I don’t take anything and always go for negation – this is an idealism’, the effect of which we are seeing here.

As ‘Bibhu’ my form is manifested in so many people. Bibhu means ‘Paramatma’ or ‘Supreme Being’.

{In this context Svetasvetara Upanishad has mentioned like this:

The one God, hidden in all things,

All pervading, the Inner Soul of all things,

The overseer of deeds, in all things abiding,

The witness, the sole thinker, devoid of qualities. (6.11)




Volume –17, September, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) in dream before meeting him

Atindra Gopal Singha Roy

It was the year 1954.  In the Tegharipara residence (Nabadwip, West Bengal, India) of Mr. Radhikanath Mukherjee some persons and I used to attend the reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and other religious books. In the month of October – November Radhikanath’s son Bholanath Mukherjee informed in a letter that he had found a holy man who often falls in Samadhi (Profound-meditation merging in God) like Sri Ramkrishna and he was going to him off and on.

Hearing this news we became interested to meet him.  Radhikanath told us that one day he would go to him and then we three would go.

In the month of October, 1954, one day Radhikanath went to meet the holy man with Bholanath and after coming back when they narrated their experience, I felt a great urge to go there.  But the holy man whose name was Jibankrishna told them that as we were old, we should go after the winter.  So we had to wait till the spring time.

In the first week of February one day along with Radhikanath, Surendranath and I went to Howrah Station at about 10 AM and waited for Bholanath who was supposed to take us after taking leave from the office.  At about 12 noon he met us at the Station.  In the meantime, we purchased some oranges as a tradition to meet a holy man.  Till then we had no idea that Jibankrishna never accepts anybody’s gift.

Ultimately we reached Jibankrishna’s house.  After getting our introduction he became very helpless what to do with us.  He told Bholanath to arrange a mat on the floor for our sitting.  Before sitting we kept on looking at him and seeing his complacent and divine form we were both charmed and embarrassed.  All of us bowed him with folded hands and he did the same thing.

After enquiry about our health he asked whether we dreamed Sri Ramkrishna.  We gave negative answer.  Then he asked, ‘where are you searching for God? He is within you.  He is nowhere except in your body’.

During this conversation he gave some money to Bholanath and told him to bring some sweets from the shop nearby.  Then he continued to say, ‘Head Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) be here, he would have fed you so many food’.

Thereafter we had so many conversations on God.  He said, ‘Thakur said, I cannot be Preceptor.  I can be a deputy.  The Preceptor can be only God.  A human being can never be Preceptor.

In the meanwhile, Bholanath brought sweets.  He distributed the sweets to us.  We took the sweets as his offering and again he discussed continuously about God till 3 PM.  We were supposed to avail the train of 3-52 PM.  So we stood up for leaving and kept the oranges on his cot.  He said, ‘I do not take only body’s gift.  We said, ‘Thakur said to bring some fruits during a visit to a sage’.  He said, ‘that is all right, but in my case he made exception’.  Then he told Bholanath, ‘see, take these oranges for your sick brother.  They will feel hurt if I return to them.  All of us bowed him and he did the same in return.  Henceforth, we became regular visitor and will never forget those sweet memories.

Now I shall narrate a dream in which I saw Jibankrishna as an unknown man and how it was clarified by him:

It was the year 1938 when I was posted as Station Master at Tribeni (Hooghly district of West Bengal).  One night I saw a dream: A streaming river was seen.  On it there was a railway bridge and a warp beside it.  Many people and I got up on a boat to cross the river.  When it came in the midst of the river, due to a sudden storm it was reversed.  All of us were casted away by waves.  With the recitation of ‘Hail Preceptor’ I was swimming alone in the river.  I was scared if a crocodile caught me.  However, I crossed the river, but all my cloths were missing.  Being completely naked I was bound to reach the shore.  I noticed the raised rail line near by and beneath it there was an one-storied house surrounded by a beautiful garden.  The garden path led to the house from the gate.  The house was bright red colour.  I reached the house through the path.  The front room was triangular shaped.  The floor was raised with steps.  Inside the room an oval shaped table was placed and beside it a gentleman was seated on a chair facing the outside.  He had short hair cutting with a thin beard on his cheek.  Seeing me he came hastily saying, ‘come my boy, come’! And then he hugged me.  Just at this moment I woke up.

In the year 1955 when I first went to Jibankrishna I forgot this dream.  But one day in the year 1957 when I was meditating at my son-in-law’s residence the same dream appeared in my meditation.  On the same day I narrated the dream to Jibankrishna.  Hearing this dream he sat putting his hands on his cheek and after a while he said, Mr. Singha Roy you have surprised me.  In the year 1938 the house at Chandra Halder Lane of Kalighat where I used to live was shown to you in your dream and so I am surprised so much.

The room was at that time packed up with listeners.  Jibankrishna told everybody, ‘Mr. Singha Roy saw me long time before coming to me’?

I was overwhelmed with job after hearing this from Jibankrishna.

May, 1970

Tegharipara, Nabadwip, Nadia,

West Bengal, India.



Volume – 17, September, 2013


Vision of own birth and cosmic existence of Diamond – Vision of past and future

3rd October, 1993, Sunday.

44) Midnight dream : I saw that my own soul came out of someone’s dead body and taking the form of astral body entered into the outer space with an automatic continuous recitation of the word ‘God’ which was spreading through air and sky, enveloping the whole universe.

Just at that moment I was feeling the cosmic existence of Diamond. From high and high in the outer space I saw Diamond covered the whole globe and seated alone with folded legs. There was nothing except him in the whole world and it seemed to me as if he was the root of my origin. I had no sense of my physical body but was feeling the existence of my astral body, a feeling like a free bird flying in the sky in a cloud of bliss. The sky was seeming unnatural having no similarity with the visible worldly sky and everything seemed joyous. I was continuing flying for an indefinite period and how long I could not fathom – for days, months and years. At last at a certain period I began to go down towards the earth,uter space I saw Diamond covered the wh and reached a three storied building which seemed to be belonging to me. The house was full of family members whom I could not remember except my grandfather who expired long time ago. The house seemed to be just like my childhood home at Santipur when it was full of relatives in large number as I used to live in a joint family. At this moment the dream went off.

[A feeling of great joy persisted in my mind and body for the whole day and it flashed in my mind just after the dream that the whole dream showed my rebirth and not only so, it also indicated the truth of Diamond’s saying, ‘you all are born with my dice in your body’. Secondly, the dream indicated the cosmic existence of Diamond; thirdly, he used to say in his life time, ‘when I shall utter the word Bhagawan (God) within me, it will envelop the whole world’. We have no existence of our own self within a divine dream except Diamond or the Supreme Being. Reciting ‘Bhagawan, Bhagawan’ within a dream means he is doing it and so it has the same effect on mankind in future.


Stability of the attributes of Garura in the seer

25th December, 1993.

45) Early morning dream:  I had gone to the residence of Raghunath Sen, a senior companion of Diamond at Taltala, Kolkata. He was sitting there alone. I was showing to him the magazine ‘Manikya’ saying, ‘There are many mistakes in printing this time’. But he said nothing.

Then I narrated a dream seen on 21.09.1993 where I was transformed into Garura. Hearing this he became very surprised and said, ‘what are you saying! What meaning you have done’? I then began to tell him, ‘Siddhartha (a known young boy) has said that Garura brought the Amrita (which makes immortal) evolved by churning the ocean by gods and Asuras, for the release of his mother from slavery and afterwards God Narayan being pleased with his bravery gave him boons and he was placed above the Chariot of Narayan and became his charioteer. Hearing this from him I also said that in my life also, I have done the same thing by collecting the huge collections from the magazine Manikya for so many years (20 years). These collections are also as good as Amrita giving divine joy to human race and the magazine Manikya also is as good as ocean ( More than twenty thousand  pages). These are for the sake of whole human race’. Hearing this from me Raghunath fell in ecstasy.

In the meantime I noticed that Sudhindra Nath  Sinha came and stood near the door. At that moment I woke up.

[This dream has revealed the confirmation of the previous dream seen on 21.09.1993, it means the effect of the dream has been established in the body of the seer. It also seems to the seer that all the dreams on Garura seen on 16.08.1992, 21.09.1993 and today’s dream all are linked up.

Later on Mr. Sinha named the book on the compilation of the sayings of Diamond as ‘Amritadhara’ (Flow of Amrita).


Indication of a devotee’s death

10th January, 1997, Tuesday.

46) Early morning dream: I saw Diamond very vividly. He was passing through Kedar Deuti Lane infront of his residence towards Makardah Road. Through the door of his residence I saw that Diamond was seated alone on his cot. I became overwhelmed with joy and thought that I would return to him as fast as possible and did so. I noticed that Abala Kant Dutta and another one entering inside the room were paying their respect touching their heads on the cot. I also did so and Diamond holding my chin patted though there was no conversation.

After this he sat on the floor amongst them silently, but without any conversation. I went on thinking that I had so many talks to have with him. At this moment the dream went off.

In the afternoon the news of death of Khagen Ghosh (a devotee) of Sainthia came to me and then and there it flashed in my mind why in the dream Diamond kept himself so silent and gloomy. In this way the indication of a devotee’s death was conveyed to the seer.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -17, September, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

171)       “Nitai (The  first  disciple  of  Sri  Chaitanya)  somehow  or

other  used  to  induce  a  man  to  repeat  God’s  name”.

Nitai made his disciples indiscriminately. This indiscrimination gave out a bad effect . It could not produce a real devotee, the gift of Avatar of the era evaporated for want of a real devotee .

Who is a real devotee?

He is a real devotee whose form you will within you in meditation or at any time . God within you assumes that form and makes you acquainted and reveals the real state of the man. On the reverse again, the real devotee will get and see you in him. Thus on both sides there will be such revelations and then both of them will come to know their real respective nature.

172)       “God’s  name  has  got  its  own  charm”.

God and God’s name do not carry any distinction or difference . A devotee finds that the name of God assumes the form of God. Let you repeat the name of Jesus with all devotion, then God in you takes pity. He will appear before you in the form of Jesus, he will show you His sportive forms, will give you instructions and talk with you . It will be similar in case of Mary (Mother of Jesus), Buddha, Lao-tzse, Zoroaster, Mohammed and Shri Ramkrishna . It will reveal to you that every human form on the face of the earth is God, but with a marked distinction that in some His power is manifested in a greater degree and in some in a less quantit , in some as good and again some bad.

173)       “God’s name  may  not  in  some  cases  produce  any  off-hand

result  but  it  is  positive  to  bear  fruit  in  the  long  run”.

The Supreme Cult never leaves a man . It never gets destroyed or evaporated . It is God’s grace and it is sure to bear fruit in its own time.

174)      “In  the  cornice  of  a  building  a  seed  was  left . In  the  course  of  time,

the  building  crumbled,  the  seed  fell  on  the  earth, germinated  and  bore  fruits”.

You get the seed of God’s name. The seed may not germinate at once . But it is sure to germinate, become a tree and bear fruits. This is not a mere simile or analogy . This tree is seen at the end . It is one of the sportive forms of God. Some see it as banian tree and some again as mango tree . A mango tree is better than a banian tree. A banyan tree indicates merging into no-ego-consciousness and there is no Descent. But a mango tree with green and ripe fruits of big size indicates Descent. As without Descent the complete and thorough mystery of this human body cannot be realized.

175)       “A  man  endowed  with  God’s  goodness  shall

never take  money  from  others  by  flattery”.

This is the marked distinction of a man endowed with goodness given by God.

Thakur used to say about himself, “I do not take any money from others”.

176)      “The  man  who  out  of  devotion  has  got  the  third  and lowest  principle

(Tamas) wakened  up  for  God  has  got  a  burning  faith”.

There are three principles of devotion in man . They are called—

(1)    Sattvik Bhakti .

(2)    Rajasik  Bhakti  and

(3)    Tamasik  Bhakti

Sattivik  Bhakti is the first principle of devotion of goodness and sanctity .

Rajasik Bhakti is the second principle devotion .

Tamasik Bhakti is the third principle of devotion without any rational base.

Has got the third and lowest principle wakened up—means to get a strong yearning for God but it has no rationalistic base.

Faith is God’s mercy.

Burning faith gets, all on a sudden, God’s light kindled in the body . A devotee of this type gets God’s light all on a sudden. “A light flares up in a room kept in darkness for a thousand years”.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 17, September, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Diamond’s after death action on material world

Satyaban Lohar of Ruppur, Birbhum (west Bengal, India) once went to Sridhar Ghosh’s house to construct a shed. Sri Dhar saw Diamond (Jibankrishna) in dreams through Reading Center at Bolpur (Birbhum District, West Bengal, India).

Sridhar had discussions on Diamond with Snehamay Ganguly, a reader. Satyban used to hear their discussions on dreams and got great pleasure. Ultimately he started dreaming which he narrated thus.

I had come strange dreams on Jibankrihsna. Once I bought a deep red shirt from brother Sukumar which he rejected. One night I saw in my dream that JIbankrishna along with some 5-6 people came to my house holding a strong bamboo stick, and called by my name. When I came out he told me ‘Why have you wore red shirt? Never wear such bright color dress.’ Then showing some light color piece of clothes he told me, ‘See these! Wear such light colour clothes. Sukumar rejected the shirt for such bright color. You should also avoid it.’ My dream was off.

Another strange dream I had after some days. For some days I could not go for my labour and so I started whole sale trade of goats. I was earning a good amount, though I had to tell lies for such trade.

One night I saw in my dream that I was standing near a pond o take bath. Suddenly somebody attacked me. I rushed towards a sugarcane field and got relief. All on a sudden I heard the voice of Jibankrishna. Though I could not see him but I heard that he was telling me, ‘Don’t try to earn money by cheating others. You cannot keep that money.’ I was shivering after hearing that voice and my dream was off.

Once I was going to sing for an open drama on Srikrishna. I was on the back sit of someone’s bicycle. My eyes became closed and I fell in a trance.

Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna was asking me, ‘Where are you going’? I said, ‘To sing a song for a drama. And then I bowed down to him. He said, ‘You will sing nicely. Go’! It came true that day. My song became very appealing and got great appreciation from many intellectual people present at the drama.

Once I saw in my dream that I stood near a river. A huge boat came there. Jibankrishna was the steersman, and he took me to the other side of the river.

Once in a dream I saw that I was sunk within a mud. Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘Don’t be afraid’. Then and there the mud became hard. I got up and started walking. I saw that a light fell on my path. I followed the light and noticed that the light was coming from Jibankrihsna’s hand. He raised the hand with a saving posture and here my dream was off.

Once an educated boy of my village asked me, ‘what have you understood after seeing Jibankishna in dreams? And what is your impression about the reading centers’? I answered, ‘It anyone wants to enjoy he can go to temple and worship idols. But if anyone wants to get God he will have to go to the Reading Centers (where Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ is read regularly) to listen to the grace of Jibankrishna and Sri Ramkrishna and to see them within the body.













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