ONENESS by Diamond picked up in the street



Volume – 14

November, 2011

Diamond’s version:

The Yogic individualism and universalism are based on the Rajyoga and this Rajyoga comes spontaneously in a man’s life and can never be cultivated or to be obtained by culture.

What is Individualism ?

Its experiences are confined in an individual man. He speaks about it. You have got to hear it and to have faith in it. There is no chance for the hearer or even for an ordinary man to get these experiences realized by him. It does not bear any  objective  proof  by which the speaker who has experienced all these experiences can be understood. The hearer and the people at large are left to believe him. They believe because they have not any such experience and as such it passes unchallenged.

It means an unconditional surrender though there is hardly any chance for experience or realization. No, not only that, a man gets self-hypnotized and is a lost one.

What is Universalism ?

The Vedic Rishi says :

If you have got these individual experiences in their fullest scope and full-fledged form without any or the least defect as basing on the Vedic principles (Yamevaisha vrinute tena labhyah) that is Vidyat, spontaneous manifestations and expression of the inner ‘Self” or ‘Brahma’ in you then the concomitant factor universalism follows in immediate succession. What characteristic does that universalism bear? In relation to it the Vedic hymns rum, the meanings of which are –

(i) “The attainer of Brahmahood will be seen by all in them (in their own bodies) and he himself will see all in him (i.e, within his own body) and there is nothing furthermore.”

(ii) “The attainer of Brahmahood will see all in him and he will be seen by all in them. Thus the attainer cannot remain hidden. His attainment of Brahmahood cannot be kept latent but is ventilated and ventilated with a definite proof of the attainment.”

Really, it is the amazing proof in the life of a religious, pious and pure man in the annals of the human race.

(iii) “The attainer of Brahmahood will be seen by women, men, young boys, young girls, ole men and in short, it speaks that the attainer becomes the whole human race in the ‘Atmic’ (Spiritual) sphere in the human body.

The above hymns have got one spirit and they play the same tune. But they bear the most wonderful and most mysterious proof of this universalism both subjective and objective.

(a)  Subjective – They all see me within – it is subjective to them; and they relate and I hear – it is objective to me.

(b) I see them within – they become subject. They hear it from me – thus they become object.

It is reciprocal and vice-versa. It is the Vedic Pantheism – on actual and factual date as in opposition to an imaginary hypothesis.

The philosophy knows in the world as Pantheism announces, ‘One is All and All is One’. Who is this ‘One’?

If the version form the very birth of the vocabulary and up to the date is collected we shall find it is but a hypothesis and no definite proof of this ‘One’ can be had. Yes, it is very ancient ‘one’ and ‘that one’! It is very vague ‘one’ with no fixed whereabouts in the surface of the earth or no locus standi.

Now, it is an acknowledged fact that the most ancient book of religion is the Rikh Veda.

The Rikh Veda declares – ‘He is but one’. There is no substantive proof – it is but conjectural and let us keep it aside.

Lo, look there Rishi Jajnavalka stands on the stage of the world in the midst of the human race and gives out an open unheard of declaration which the human race hears for the first time, ‘I am Brahma the supreme one’!

It means – a Man is Brahma. So the father Uddalaka says to his son Svetaketu, ‘Thou art that’.

Later on, ‘Thou art That’ is interpreted as – “Thou art man, woman, young man, young woman, the old man tottering on a stick. Thou art but each and every member of the human race”.

This is Universalism. It is not a sublime thought, a poetic imagery, an ideology or intellectualism, but it is de-facto and it bears its own proof.


Volume – 14

November, 2011


My experience with Diamond

Dhiren Mondal, Kolkata

Before meeting Diamond an incident happened in my life. In my boyhood my elder brother took me to Dakhsineswar (Sri Ramkrishna Deva’s place of austerity). Showing a place my brother told me, ‘Here Sri Ramkrishna used to meditate’. Instantly it appeared in my mind, Oh, had I been that time, I could have seen him!

However, after long years one of my very closest one Arun Ghosh told me to go to a pious man called Jibankrishna (known also as Diamond) residing at Howrah, opposite to Calcutta on the other side of the river Ganges. Accordingly, I went with him to his residence. I noticed that Gospel of Ramkrishna was read by someone and Diamond was explaining the inner meaning of Sri Ramkrishna’s metaphors described in the Gospel and very frequently he was becoming still with great jerks of the body during explaining something. Later on I came to know that this was called Samadhi and transformation into Godhood.

However, after the reading is over, at night when I paid my salute to him, I noticed that his glaring eyes were fixed on me. Suddenly with a very   grave voice, ‘I had no talking with you say God is within you’. Till than I had this knowledge that God exists in temples. Having no answer from my side, he again uttered gravely, ‘say, God is within you’! This time also I kept silent. Third time he uttered the same question. Then with a weak voice I said, ‘God is within me.’ He said, ‘It’s O.K. If you ever have any dream, tell me.’

Afterwards I realized that as soon as Diamond uttered ‘O.K’, all my doubts and obstacles were removed from me.

His companion began henceforth and I used to go to him whenever I had times.

Then my first dream started thus : Diamond was a pilgrim. He was almost running well behind him was following an old devotee Sudhin Sinha, and behind him I was following. After a while I got hold of Sudhin Sinha and said, ‘He is going on pilgrimage, should we not give him some traveling expenses’? He answered, ‘That is not required’. Dream went off.

When I narrated this dream to Diamond, he was very excited and went on telling everybody in the room about my dream. What explanations he gave! I did not remember. But I was filled with great divine joy.

Every time I returned home, something used to push my mind  to go to him again and again.

I am now 84, but he appears in my dreams off and on. I am full to the brim with peace having innumerable dreams throughout my life.


How Mrs Jyoti Kumar saw Diamond in dreams and reality after his death

Mrs Jyoti Kumar,an Agricultural expert was my junior colleague at the Agri-Horticultural Society of India,Kolkata.After graduating in Agriculture, she got married and joined the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Calcutta.

In August, 1997, I joined the Society as Landscape advisor. She was much junior to me, but due to regard and hesitation she could not dare to talk too much except some official matters.

One day during a discussion about dreams with my typist Mrs. Banerjee, she told her, ‘I use to have dreams and sometimes those happen in real life. I use to see gods and goddesses and I had keen interest in religious matter from my childhood.’ When I came to know about it, I become curious and asked her about the type of dreams. So she narrated some of her dreams seen since last August as described in her version :

‘In August, I dreamed one day that I was standing beside a lake and saw many people standing there. I asked them, ‘What happened there’? One of them said,’ God is seen inside the lake. If you wish you can also see that.’ So, I went there and looked through the water. With great surprise I saw only beautiful greeneries therewith a very sweet music. It was so calm situation there! I came out but having something in my mind, I again went there and this time I saw inside the transparent water a face with beard and smiling face looking at me. He was an old man. My dream went off, but that face still was illuminating in front of me.

The next incident was stranger. After two days these dream, I was returning to our apartment from the Society. I saw that an old man with the same face seen in the dream was walking in front of me. I was surprised as I thought, ‘Oh, I have seen him in dream two days ago!’ I was thinking to ask him questions, but felt a bit shyness to talk to him as the gate keepers were sitting nearby. While thinking all these, I noticed that he, with a smiling face was looking at me. Being puzzled I went home.

In September, I again saw a dream like this: That same man with a shortcut hair style and short beard, wearing a white dress was standing in a cloud and numerous devotees with folded hands were standing around him. It was a clam situation. A devotee told me, ‘He is our master; you pay your salute to him’. So did I.

One feeling I had at that time that so long I was there, I had a strange calmness in my mind. Even after the dream I had the same feeling’.

When she narrated all these dreams and incidents to me I told that I would bring a photo of a man whether she could recognize him.

Next day I brought two photos, one with sitting posture without beard and bald head and in another he was beard and short cut hair style taken for cemetery work from Hospital after he expired due to cancer.

When she saw the first one, could not recognize, but seeing the second one with a great astonishment she said, ‘Oh, I have seen this man in my dreams and reality!’

I explained to her everything about this man who was known as Jibankrishna or Diamond. I also said that Diamond is the cosmic Law- he is merged in the five elements in his lifetime and so people everywhere see him in dreams or reality without hearing or knowing anything about him.

I shall finish my story after hearing from her another incident happened in May, 2000 when she left the job and used to stay at home. As she narrated :

‘That was morning time. I went out of my flat. My elder son was 6 and the younger was one plus.’

The sky was cloudy and it started drizzling. I feared about my children as they might be drenched. So I was frantically searching for a taxi. Suddenly I heard an old man’s voice, ‘come my mother, I called a taxi for you’. I ran towards the taxi and entered into the taxi and again heard the same voice, ‘Mother are you seated well’? I was then placing my children on the seat thinking that I had to thank him. All on a suddenly it flashed in my mind, ‘oh, this is the same old man whom I saw in dreams and in reality beforehand’! A strange feeling was playing then in my mind. Meanwhile the driver, asked me, ‘well mother, who was that old gentleman who called me for you? Where did he go? He was here a short while ago’! I realized that, all the incidents were real and the taxi driver saw him also. But, it remained mystery to me why he was showering his blessings upon me repeatedly’. When she told me this, I told Jyoti,’ God really has his blessings upon you. You are a blessed lady’.

13th November,1997.


By Diamond picked up in the street





A real devotee sees that the image is made of God’s light. At first a shinning light is seen all round in the image. Then the light develops and covers the image. The image appears to be made of light only. This light does not come from outside but it emits from the eyes of the devotee First it takes the shape of image in outline and then it covers the whole image and lastly there remains the form of image made of God’s light. The God is within you and from there comes out His light through your eyes and shrouds the image. Apparently on the surface it appears so, but if a deep penetration is made then it transpires that the devotee is seeing this image of light in his own brain and the happening before his sight is but an outward reflection of his inner condition.

At this stage the devotee is not in a position to demarcate the inside from the outside. He knows that it is an outward  occurrence.

Another realization is cited here which will throw more light and clarify the thing. God is seen. Then various sportive forms of God are also seen. By such continuous realizations the body becomes very light. At this stage it is seen that God with form comes out of the body and enters the body again. God in the body makes you know that God with form seen in the outside does not come from without  but comes out from your own body.


If  God makes one understand all about God then one understands what God is. If God out of His own accord emanates and manifests Himself from and in the body and realization in full degree covers every stage of transformation of the life force to God then God is seen, understood and can be spoken of. Nobody knows who is God or what is God. If God makes Himself  known to you then you are in a state to know.

“God emanates from the body and transforms into ‘no-ego-consciousness’ and again from ‘no-ego-consciousness’ comes God with form.”(Sri Ramkrishna)

God with form is seen in the fourth sheath or the sixth plane. Here the devotee sees his God with form. You are a devotee of Jesus and if God in you takes pity on you then He will come out from your body in the form of Jesus and you will see Him; Nay, you may even talk to Him though not in all cases.

There is another form of higher realization of God with forms. Jesus you see before you but that Jesus will transform before your very eyes into Mary, and Mary again may change into Ramkrishna and so on. It makes you conscious that there is one God but He appears in various forms.

God without form starts from seeing ‘Atma’ in the cerebrum till God, after various sportive forms, reaches and transforms into ‘no-ego-consciousness’ and if God wills it then He may descend into divine consciousness only to give out- ‘Not I, but Thou and Thou.’


(Vision of past and future)

Volume – 14

November, 2011

Indication of wide circulation of Diamond  in Future

4th February, 1977, Friday

11) Early morning dream : I met a junior ex-student named Anil of my ex-agricultural college at my previous hostel. He was describing many facts about Diamond in a very humorous way.

I was listening to him and at the same time went on thinking – once Diamond saw in his dream a devotee named Anil Krishna Nath and explained that Mahabayu or the great life force came under his control. So I became surprised about the fact that this student’s name was also Anil, means Mahabayu (Great Life Force) ! Then the dream went off.

The dream may be a future indication when the name of Diamond will be widely  spread through Mahabayu  among the human race.

The future Spiritual condition in Russia

15th February, 1977, Tuesday.

12) Early morning dream: Someone had sent a letter in an envelope to me and another unknown person said, ‘it seems, it has come from Germany.’ After opening the envelop I saw that one ex-prince of a state of Russia had sent an order on five volumes of ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) and other books on Sri Ramkrishna for the people of Russia. At that moment I was thinking, ‘the base of Russia is very strong to receive such thing.’ At this moment my mother said, ‘Then you have to send this order.’ Just then I was awakened.

[The dream is an indication of a future when Russia may be enlightened with Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna (Diamond) idealism. In reality, strangely, opportunities have come to the seer to send articles to Russia through websites which was beyond imagination, and this happened after thirty four years of the dream.]

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