Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume – 20, October, 2013



Chapter 30

Some thousands of years ago Maîtri Upanishad mentioned thus:

He who is yonder, younder Person in the sun – I myself am he. Verily that which is the sunhood of the sun is the Eternal Real. That is the pure, the personal, the sexless.

Of the bright power that pervades the sky, it is only a portion which is, as it were in the midst of the sun, in the eye and in fire. That is Bramha. That is the Immortal. That is Splender. That is the Eternal Real. (6.35)

Again  Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned:

1) That golden Person who is seen within the sun,

Has a golden beard and golden hair. He is exceedingly brilliant,

All, even to the fingernail tips. (1.6.6)

2) The Person who is seen within the eye is the hymn,

Is the chant, is the recitation, is the sacrificial formula,

is the prayer.

The form of this one is the same as the form of that

(Person in the sun).

He is Lord of the worlds which are under this one,

And also of men’s desires….. (1.7.5/6)

[Quite a number of people have seen Jibankrishna or Diamond in the sun in dreams and trances both in his life time and after death. Even after his death in 1967, people still are seeing him in sun through dreams and in trance. This phenomenon has been mentioned in different Upanishads, though the person in sun described by them remained unidentified. They have only mentioned in their hymns.

Then thousands and thousands of years rolled by, but that phenomenon remains a mystery to mankind and thousands of people in India have lost their eyes by looking at the outside sun to trace that person, But in vain!

After so long years Jibankrishna unveiled the mystery when the first man saw him in sun in his dream. Thereafter as days passed by, countless people saw him in sun through their dreams and still it is continuing. A very few examples are recorded to establish the truth described in Upanishads and discussed in the light of Jibankrishna’s versions on different dates with reference to hymns of Upanishads.]

Man in the sun – Who is He

Jibankrishna explained thus:

A man becomes God, but spiritually or otherwise physically he is but a man like you. He is seen within by thousands. The man seen within by thousands becomes Absolute and seers see the Leela (sportive forms) within.

According to the Isha Upanishad, the man seen is the ‘Man in the sun’ and seers see Him in their own ‘Gold-sheath’ (Hiranmoy Kosha as mentioned in Upanishad). Sun is the symbol of life-power in the seventh plane and some 30men and women have seen the ‘Diamond’ so within them.

It may be taken as Plato’s ‘Absolute Equality’ and Abstract Equality’.

Five of the Upanishads: 1) Brihad Aranyaka, 2) Chandogya, 3) Maitri, 4) Taittiriya and 5) Isha point out the ‘Man in the sun’. It is but macrocosm; whereas, the thing actually takes place in the microcosm. The plain meaning is not in the outside world but in the human body. ‘The sun’ and the ‘Man-in-the-sun’ are seen. It is so experienced here by many but within their own cerebrum and reported to Jibankrishna. And they are some 30 or more. Even now it is running (1962-63).

Jibankrishna – Man in the Sun as mentioned in Upanishad

Diamond discussed one day in June, 1958.

What a wonderful dream you saw Saila (Chakravarty)! Have you heard what has been written in Isa Upanishad? They said, ‘The man in Sun is Brahma’ (Supreme One).And you have seen him! This means that you are also transformed into him. It was even written thousands of years before in Isa Upanishad. Then these realizations have been continuing through Sruti (By memorizing). Again thousands of years after Upanishad were written we are discussing this. But what they saw in sun could not say clearly. Here, as you are seeing my form in the sun, they could not say so specifically.

I knew that they saw this form. I knew that my form exists in the sun, because that form is unchangeable. Though in Vedas what has been written was in macrocosm. Everybody thought that the form would be seen in the outside sun in the sky. For these reasons Hindus Practice ‘Tratak’ (worshiping outside sun by constant looking at the sun). But with this practice their eyes became fixed gaze or lost their eye-sight. Sri Ramkrishna also practiced it for six months and he got fixed gazed eyes. See the difference! Saila has said that he has seen my form in the sun within the body and Isa Upanishad has mentioned about the outside sun.

See, I never used to read these types of books. But why I have brought these books now? A proof may be of three categories: – (1) Guessing; (2) Ascent and (3) Direct. The ascent proof is what Rishis (Sages) or Great Religious Teachers have said is to be accepted and direct proof is the own realization. Your proofs are direct. Because you have seen yourselves in dreams my form. Now I am hearing that altogether 12-13 people have seen my form in the sun. These books are brought here to establish your direct proof with the ascent proof of the Vedic Rishis.

When you have seen my form in the sun, you have gained Supreme knowledge. Thereafter you have austerities of the lower planes. This is just opposite to Vedas or Tantras, when they say that flowers first and then fruits. Why flowers? To produce fruits of Supreme knowledge. Here you have got first the Supreme knowledge  whenever you have seen my form within yourselves.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 20, October, 2013

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Mrityunjay Roy

That was the year 1954, I was working in the Chief Engineer’s office of Eastern Railway of India.  We had two adjacent sections.  One was drawing and another was clerical.  I was working in the drawing section and brother Radhu in the clerical section.

One day Radhu told me, ‘uncle (I used to be called by colleagues as maternal uncle), I along with many others often go to a holy person at Kadamtala, Howrah.  He is very wonderful.  If you go there, I shall be happy.  Will you go’? I said, ‘Surely I go, but not now, because I am at present very worried for some incidents.’

Then the year 1954 ended.  It might be the first part of 1955, probably it was Saturday.  I had some conversations with Kalinath Chakraborty (office colleague) about meeting a holy man at Kadamtala.  Then and there I remembered brother Radhu’s request.  So I told brother Radhu, ‘Brother Radhu, you told me to take to a person at Kadamtala, probably you remember it?  Will you take me today?  Seeing my urge he looked at me and said, ‘will you go? OK, I shall take you to-day’.

However, du to some difficulties we could not go this Saturday, so next Saturday brother Radhu took both Kali Babu and me to Jibankrishna at Kadamtala.  As soon as we entered into his room, we heard the sweet welcome, ‘come my boy, come, sit’! Saying this he kept on sitting closing his eyes.  I guessed that he went on meditate.  Looking at him for a while I also felt for meditation and my eyes also closed with a feeling of divine joy.

One thing stroke my mind that as soon as I entered into his room he seemed to be familiar to me and as if I saw him before somewhere, but till to-day I could not fathom it.

I remember an incident happened that day.  One person came to his room.  Jibankrishna used to call him Gouri Pandit (A character mentioned in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna).  At 9 PM when I was about to leave, Jibankrishna told me, ‘see, you come every day.  I tell few very persons to come every day.’  I softly and hesitatingly said, ‘will it be possible for me to come every day after the office hours’? He said, ‘yes it is possible.  You should come every day’. After three –four days of meeting Jibankrishna it was the birthday of Sri Ramkrishna.  One day before at night I had a discussion with Kali Babu that we would go to Dakshineswar (where Sri Ramkrishna spent most of his life at goddess Kali temple).  In that same night I had a remarkable dream. During that time I used to live with my elder maternal nephew Parimal Roy at Cosssipore of Calcutta.  For this reason, Jibankrishna used to call me ‘Cossipore’. My dream was thus:

A forceful wind was rising upward from my naval region and instantly it seemed to me tht this was called the great Life Force.  Then and there the luminous form of Jibankrishna appeared before me and behind that form a lump of bright light like the Sun emerged.  I was lying on my back and facing me Jibankrishna sat on my chest and fell into Samadhi state (Profound meditation merging in God).  I was looking at that scene.  When I woke up I saw it was 4 AM coming out I ran here and there and saw that same form before my eyes, s if that form stuck with my eyes and could not be removed.  I can not explain that situation. However, after taking both I availed a bus for Dakshineswar temple, but lost my sense in the bus.  Near Baranagar market a boy escaped from being run over and so due to noise I got my sense back. But still I was feeling as if my mind was pressing my brain.  Just at this moment I heard a voice, ‘go to your house straight, everything is kept well arranged’.  This was something strange!  However, like a machine I went to one of elder brother’s house at Dakshineswar and entered into a room used for religious purpose.  The name of this brother was Jibankrishna Roy.  Later on he also went to Jibankrishna and saw him in dream.  I sat inside that room and went to meditate.

How long I was in meditation I could not say, but suddenly after my meditation was over I saw that my elder brother was standing near me holding a bunch of flowers.  I just told my brother, ‘At least come with me to Dakshineswar Kali temple at Dakshineswar.  With that mood of ecstasy I went to the temple with my brother.  The floor was not yet opened.  Seeing my condition the gate keeper opened the door and told me to go inside.  I went inside and taking the bunch of flowers from my brother I offered to the feet of the idol.

Then as soon as I entered into the living room of Sri Ramkrishna I was merged into deep meditation.  At about 3 PM I went to Belur Math.  I was in the same condition when I went there.

In the evening I sat for a long time at the wharp of Cossipore Ganges, with that same ecstasy.  Next morning even after waking up I had the same feeling.

Thereafter I had seen Jibankrishna many times in dream but my first meeting would never be forgotten due to its charming experience.

May, 1971

P.O. Makhla, Dist. Hooghly,

West Bengal, India.



Volume – 20, October, 2013


55)     April, 1975:    Mid-day dream:   I was living in a house. I saw that a small elephant was behaving in an un-restful manner on the ground floor. I went to the top floor and with a pistol I shoot the elephant who gradually became senseless. The dream then went off.

[Surprisingly the dream had a great effect on the sublimation of the seer’s un-restful mind persisting for some days. Here elephant symbolizes mind. The dream also reveals that during different phases of austerity the supreme power within the body always protects the seer from all hazards through His sportive forms in dream.]


56)     27th April, 1975.  At night I had a dream:   A huge open field with Paths around it was visible. On one side on the roof of a house I was standing along with some devotees.

After a while Diamond came and I took my seat with one devotee Ramkrishna Ghosh and Diamond . At this moment I saw that another devotee Ravi Ganguly was coming with a gorgeous procession from the opposite of the field. He came to Diamond and started taking to him in a very devotional manner. But it was so showy and exaggerated that Diamond became greatly annoyed. One time, when it exceeded the limit, Diamond held the neck of Ravi and dashed him on the ground.Ravibecame senseless.

I noticed that Diamond began to slap on his cheeks and the scar marks of the fingers. appeared vividly on Ravi’s cheek. I only went on observing these incidents and at the same time one story mentioned in one old religious book of the Hindus was appearing in my memory. It was also described in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna where it was described that Sri Jagannath of Puri (India) [God in the form of Jagannath] slapped on the cheeks of one devotee Pundarik Vidyanidi and the sears appeared on his cheeks.

Jagannath did it for Pundarik’s lesions. Just at this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicates three aspects:

i)    The condition of Ravi Ganguly was revealed to the seer, as during the phase of austerity in ascent other’s spiritual conditions are revealed to the seer. This is termed as bubbles of ‘Brahmagyan’.

ii)    Ravi Ganguly’s previous birth was revealed.

iii)    Through the lesson of other God-the-Preceptor is removing the emotional feelings with exaggeration from the mind of the seer. Religion is not emotion, it is reality with proof.]


57)    16th May,1975.     Early morning dream:  I noticed that someone at the residence of one devotee khagendra Ghosh was announcing in a louder voice, ‘Some people who will come here will burst to death, some will face brain paralysis. But Khagendra was not visible at that moment. After a while I saw an old lady falling senselessly on me . An automatic recitation of Sri Ramkrishna’s name began to come-out of my mouth, and at this moment my dream went off.

[The dream indicated the growing spiritual power of Mr. Ghosh and at the same time of the seer, through indirectly.“The dream corroborates the saying no 758 of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’—the condition of other devotee will be revealed to the seer during his phases of ascent.]



58)    17th May,1975.     Early morning dream:   Along with Diamond I was drinking tea on the dining table. Diamond was clean shaved wearing a punjabi. While drinking, he suddenly told me, ‘See, there was a cause that you were detached from me during your student life (It happened so in reality). I became eager to listen to the cause from his mouth. But he did not explain anything and at this moment the dream went off.

[* The dream did not reveal anything at that moment. Perhaps in future it will reveal.]

(* After long years , I realized that it happened due to the fact that God will perform His work through me by recording so many facts .and my research experiences will be useful to perform such work, otherwise my life would have been like any classmates or Colleagues living a luxurious life .’]



59).    2nd July, 1975.         Early morning dream:  I was seated face to face with Diamond. Another devotee Arun Ghosh was also seated beside me. I felt that Diamond again came back to me after he departed. But all of us had conversation and sat with full concentration of mind.

After a long time the scene changed and again I saw Arun Ghosh whom I told , ‘I have seen you in my first dream’. Here the dream went off.

[ The dream corroborates with saying no 93 of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ –The mind of yogi becomes concentrated in the body and so with ‘Gyani’ and also ‘Devotee’. Whoever is blessed by God attains this condition.

Another significant aspect of the dream is that by narrating the previous dream within the next one the increased brain power of the seer is indicated.]



60)      4th July, 1975.   Early morning dream:   I saw in front of me a tree bearing wood apple like fruits at 1east 3-4 times bigger than the normal one. I immediately picked up one from the tree .And while holding this fruit in my hand, my dream went off .

[This dream corroborated with the saying of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ page 24 .

Such type of realization eradicates the ego-consciousness of the seer and is similar to that of Diamond.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 20, October, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

189)           “So God  assumes  a  human  form  (made  of  God’s  light)

and  appears  before  a  devotee”.

It is a realization of the sixth plane.

190)            “A  man  of  Supreme  knowledge  becomes  conscious  of

God  without  any  form  in  divine  consciousness”.

It is so realized in meditation. It is the last tinge of divine consciousness and after that what comes cannot be said as no divine consciousness also remains.

191)            “It  is  exactly  like  an  onion . Let  you  peel  off  the  skin .

First  you  take  of  the  red  outer  skin, then  the  thick

White skin, and  so  on. At  last  there  remains  nothing”.

Onion—is compared with this human body.

Skin of Onion—represents sheaths of body. There are five sheaths in the body. The last sheath is “Supreme Bliss”. Beyond the last sheath there lies the First Cause, the Great Unknown.

192)             “In  filling  an  empty  pitcher  with  water  in  a  lake,

Gurgling  sound  comes  out  and  continues”.

Pitcher—represents human body.

Filling the pitcher in the lake—means to be merged in the First Cause.

Gurgling sound—represents all the sportive forms God with forms or without forms as seen in the body in the course of transformation of life-power and lastly to get merged into the Great Unknown . Of course, then follows Descent .

193    “No  boat  ever  returns  from  the  ‘black  water’ of  the  ocean”,

Black water—is the First Cause.

Boat—is ego-consciousness.

Ever returns—means merges in the First Cause.

It is the ego of an Avatar or incarnation of God.

194)    “The  ego  of  a  devotee”

The manikin or Manus Ratan is within the body and the devotee sees Him. This consciousness of seeing the Manus Ratan is the ego of real and true devotee.

195)     “You  are  not  Vedantist,  nor  you  are  men  of  knowledge  of  God”

Vedantists are those who witness the sportive forms of God in the seventh plane ending in the Void zone. A man of knowledge is he who is perpetually conscious that he is not body but he is God.

You shall not be blessed with the realizations of God’s sportive forms in the seventh plane, nor you will get perpetual consciousness that you are not body but you are God. You lack in God’s grace in your life as you are fettered with the worldly pursuits.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 20, October, 2013

Howrah Reading Center

Chapter 1

[In Howrah town of Howrah district, West Bengal, India a number of reading centers are established where Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly. After listening to the reading innumerable people of all ages, sexes and races see Diamond in their dreams, trances and in physical body even after his demise in 1967. Here are some experiences narrated by these people.]

Mrs. Usharani Chatterjee from Howrah Reading center has narrated her dreams thus:

One day in the year 1969, I saw in my dream that I had gone to the residence of Jibankrishna at Betaitala, Howrah. He was reading some books lying on his cot. Seeing me he welcomed and said, ‘Come, come, sit down.’ I sat on the floor. And he continued reading as before. After some time he told me, ‘Bring a flower bud from that basket.’ I noticed that there was nothing in the room except a big basket in one corner full of lotus buds, with nearly two feet stock. Bring a bud I handed over to him. After sprouting he handed it over to me. I saw with surprise that inside the flower Jibankrishna was smiling but at the same time he was lying on his cot. Then my dream was off.

Seeing Jibankrishna or Diamond in sun

Mrs. Kali Bhattacharjee from Howrah Reading center has narrated her dream thus:

It was 1990

(1) One day I saw in my dream that in a place Jibankrishna’s Bengali book is read and he himself was reading. After listening for some time I came back and my dream was off.

(2)  Another night I saw in my dream red morning sun on the eastern sky. Inside the sun a half-burst red colored form of a man was seen. Watching minutely I saw that he had short beard and short hair-cutting. I recognized that he was Jibankrishna whom I saw in dream several times. Then my dream was off.

Mrs. Ushavati Choudhury from Howrah Reading center has narrated her dream thus:

It was the month of September – October, 1970. One night I saw in my dream that I was walking very fast towards a river ferry as if I would go somewhere. Nearing the ferry I noticed that a boat was coming, and from the boat a line of a song was floating to my ear. When it came near the quay I saw that Nikunja Das, a reader of the reading Center was singing that song. He told me, ‘get up quickly, they are waiting at Navadwip ferry.’ I asked, ‘what is that ferry’? He said, ‘Gourange ferry.’ I said, ‘can I get up so high’? ‘Yes, you can,’ he said and he held me up. When reached Navadwip ferry I saw that many listeners were waiting there. Among them was Jibankrishna wearing a black long coat. I wanted to bow him getting down from the  ferry, but others prevented me from doing so. I was feeling uneasy, as I couldn’t bow him. I saw him walking along the bank but I observed that his legs were not touching the ground. He told me, ‘So what? I am always going with you.’ Here the dream went off.

Mrs. Debika Ghosh has narrated her dreams after attending the Howrah Reading Center thus:

In the year 1971 after attending the reading Center of M. C. Ghosh Lane, Howrah, I had several dreams.

1)        Jibankrishna (Diamond) was seated in a place and he gave me a sweet on a banana leaf.

2)        Swami Vivekananda was cleaning a bush and all round him was illuminated with divine light.

3)        Jibankrishna was seated on the bank of a river. From a distant place I went to him and bowed down on his leg. The legs seemed to be as soft as cotton.

4)        I was going somewhere by a boat. Jibankrishna was the stearer. I had some pearls in my palm. Somehow those pearls dropped inside the river. Leaning down I search for the pearls from inside the water and found a huge pearl.

5)        I was going somewhere by a train. I had a bedding with me. I was feeling very cold and thought to open the bedding to take out the winter garment for covering my body. But noticed that somebody did it before. I was surprised and saw that Jibankrishna was seated a distance away. He told me, ‘Mother, I have covered your body.’ The dream was off.