Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 21, November, 2013


 [Quite a number of people have seen Jibankrishna or Diamond in the sun in dreams and trances both in his life time and after death. Even after his death in 1967, people still are seeing him in sun through dreams and in trance. This phenomenon has been mentioned in different Upanishads, though the person in sun described by them remained unidentified. They have only mentioned in their hymns.

Then thousands and thousands of years rolled by, but that phenomenon remains a mystery to mankind and thousands of people in India have lost their eyes by looking at the outside sun to trace that person, But in vain!

After so long years Jibankrishna unveiled the mystery when the first man saw him in sun in his dream. Thereafter as days passed by, countless people saw him in sun through their dreams and still it is continuing. A very few examples are recorded to establish the truth described in Upanishads and discussed in the light of Jibankrishna’s versions on different dates with reference to hymns of Upanishads.]

Man in sun is visualized within the body, not outside

24th June, 1958.

Till now four persons have seen me in the sun within themselves. They are Saila, Kali, Santosh and Abhay. Most of them told me about their dreams how many will I consider. Let these go on.

Now this man in the sun within the body is described in Isha Upanishad as ‘Param Brahma’(Supreme One) They are describing – O Nourisher (Pusan), the sole Seer (ekarsi), O controller (Yama),O Sun (Surya), offspring of  Prajapati, spread forth thy rays! Gather thy brilliance (tejas)! What is thy fairest form – that of thee I see. He who is yonder, yonder person (Purusha) – I myself am he! [16]

For a few days I have been reading it. These four persons have seen that ‘Param Brahma.’ Isa Upanished have 18 hymns. Only two of them have mentioned about ‘Param Brahma’. Just imagine how much importance they have given on it!

But two things they could not say. One, where this man in sun seen – whether outside or inside. And two, if they saw this person, who was this person and did he look?

See, Isha Upanishad also is making a mistake! They are saying that this person can be seen in the sun outside, and as a result what happens? Thousands and thousands of people tried to perform ‘Tratak’ to see that man in the outside (inIndia) and lost their eyesight. We can see this reference even in the life of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). He had also lost his eyesight by this process. Though by his spiritual power he got back his eyesight. Just imagine what a harm did this Upanishad to the mankind!

What Isha Upanishad could not say, these four persons have said. Each of them told me, ‘We have seen a person in the sun in our dreams. And that person was you.’

Why Isha Upanishad could not say this clearly? Because what they have written was not visualized by them. Hearing from other persons they have written. They have also confessed that after hearing from others they have written it. For this reason Upanishads are called ‘Sruti’. They were merely scholars; not Rishis and they had no realizations like Rishis.

Jibankrishna  in the sun and Brahma are the same

On 28.12.1960 Diamond said:

Isha Upanishad is mentioning, ‘Oh the Purusha (person) in the sun, check your rays let me see you. I am not praying to you, this is my birth right’. But chandogya Upanishad criticizing Isha is saying, ‘That person is in your eyes not in the outside sun’. And the writer of the scripture made comments, ‘Wherever the eyes cast, Lord Krishna is seen’. Even Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) whenever he casts his eyes. But he could not understand that this consciousness was his causal body and he was seeing in his trance, otherwise he would have mentioned it.

But now what you have established? That Purusha is in the sun and that form is mine. Both the persons in the sun and Hiranmay Kosha are the same. It is not the outside sun and no person lives there. This sun means – the power of this human body – Life. The form of the life power of the whole human race is my form.

The form of Diamond (Jibankrishna) in sun is eternal and perpetual

On 25.8.1962, Diamond said:

Here, so many people have seen me in the sun. King Bharat (as mentioned in Upanishads) was worshipping that man in the sun. Again vedic Rishis was willing to see that man in the sun. So what does it mean? I am that man. King Bharat worshiped me. So I am eternal. I was in the past, I am in the present and will exist in the future. If the sun in the eras of king Bharat, Rishis and the present is the same, then I am also the same. And so here three generations have seen me within themselves. Now if the fourth generation see me within, I shall accept it as correct.

[Taittiriya Upanishad has mentioned:

Both he who is here in a person and he who is younder in the sun – he is one (2.8)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 21, November, 2013

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Sailendra Nath Mitra

One day due to some work I was going towards Makardah Road (Howrah town of West Bengal) through Kedar Deuti Lane.  When I came to the end of the Lane in front of a one-stories house with an open balcony in front, I saw the door of the room was open and on the floor were seated some 20-25 people with rapt attention.  One of them was singing a devotional song.  At the end of the room was a cot.  Leaning against the mosquito net stand of the cot was seated a bright looking gentleman facing east. He had bare upper body and the room was illuminated with bluish light and it seemed to me that quite a number of coloured tiny bulbs were turning of and on.


Later on I came to know from Ashok Ghosh that he was Jibankrishna and there were no bulbs inside the room.  It was my vision in ecstasy.

That day due to hesitation and shyness I could not enter the room.  Praying for entry inside the room. I came back that day.  Then after a few years I was introduced with Ashok Ghosh and he introduced me with Jibankrishna.

That day was an afternoon of Sunday and the time was 3 PM.  Some 4-5 people were seated on the floor.  Seeing me he welcomed, ‘come my boy, come! Come here and sit near the cot.  I bowed down to him with all my devotion.  Putting his hand on my head he said, ‘It’s Okay my boy!  Let me bow to you’ and then folded his two hands.  I have never seen such things anywhere that a person of such a personality returned the ‘pranam’ (Bowing) in this way.

I was present that day upto the completion of the reading.  At the time of my leaving he said, ‘come again my boy’! Let me narrate my first dream about him now:

I was going to Kamarpukur (birth place of Sri Ramkrishna) by a cart drawn by cows.  My wife and sons were with me.  The cart was covered with a small canopy and drawn by two white oxen driven by a driver.  It was morning time.  On both sides open boggy places were seen.  All the paddy fields were lying open after harvesting.  The road became sloppy upwards in front.  In the meantime, I came out of the shed and sat beside the driver.  I asked him, ‘How far is Kamarpukur’?  I got the answer in a very peculiar manner.

Hearing my question a person came and stood before me.  He had bare upper body with a scanty beard.  Looking distinctly I saw that he was Jibankrishna.  Extending his hand to the front he showed me the destination.  He had a sweet smiling face.  Looking forward I saw a white temple.  Morning Sun rays had fallen on the temple and it was illuminated with the rays.  My dream was off. I woke up and saw the morning.  What a peace and divine feeling I enjoyed!



Volume – 21, November, 2013


61)   20th July, 1975.  Early morning dream: I saw myself in a class room with tables and chairs along with a cot. The room was packed with students. Diamond was seated there answering the questions of the students. I was only a spectator.

All on a sudden, a boy whistled intentionally. I thought who made such idiotic job! Then and there Diamond glaring at the culprit pushed him out of the class being greatly annoyed. While Diamond came inside the class room, I threw bricks at the boy and drove him out of the field. The class again resumed and I woke up.

[The dream shows that anybody showing deviation will be punished by God-the-Preceptor  It is applicable to the seer at the same time.]



62)      10th August, 1975.    Early morning dream:  I was standing on a very beautiful place. The sea was visible at a far distance. A river was flowing a little bit away from me. A devotee named Indranath was standing in front of me. I requested him to go there. After a while I noticed a flat boat resting on land in front of me . I stood on it and it automatically started moving on the land . It carried me to a boggy place and thereafter to the river which joined the sea. It was really a very exciting experience. The boat gradually carried me to the junction of the river and the sea . I shouted with joy, ‘The sea! The sea’! Then a huge ship was seen in the sea and I boarded up there. I saw that quite a number of sailors from

different Countries of the world were singing a song ‘Hail the ancient Truth-the jewel man .Jibankrishna …….’ I saw myself conducting the whole music like a bandmaster as on encouragement to them . The song continued for a long time and then the dream went off.

[The dream carries some meanings:

(i)     A boat sails on the water not on dry land-it means impossible things will be possible within the body of the seer. This is in microcosm. In macrocosm, many impossible things may happen in the world by the action of Diamond in future.

Here the life force reaches the ocean i.e. cerebrum. This has a reference in ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ No-258-Kundalini Penetrating through the body reaches the ocean of eternal bliss—the cerebrum . (Vide dream no 5) .

(ii)    In the long run the name and action of Diamond will spread throughout the world among different nations, religions as has happened in India and the seer may have a role in this aspect.]



63)     11th August, 1975.     Early morning dream:  At a devotee’s residence intense spiritual conversations and reading were going on. Many devotees and I were present there. Then the dream went off.

[Regular spiritual practices both in dream and reality increase the brain power with spiritualism.]


64)     15th August, 1975.   Early morning dream:   I was walking on a village road along with Diamond and my school mate Nisith. Diamond wore a dhoti and Punjabi (Bengali common dress) and had a chitchat with me like a very intimate friend, sometimes joking with me. Once he asked me a question. As my answer was not liked, he said, ‘No, it is not so. It will be like that.’ Then he told me the right answer. After I woke up, couldn’t remember the answer.

[In a human life God in the real friend and the seen experienced it. Moreover, long and continuous accompaniment with God-the-Preceptor is increasing the spiritual power of the seer.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 21, November, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


196)     “The  path  of  devotion  yields  a  comfortable  journey  for  attainment  of  God”

If God in form of God-the-preceptor takes one up on His own shoulder then it becomes easier to ford the world.

197)     “God  with  form  is  seen”

God in human form made of God’s light is seen. By human, it is meant that a man may be a devotee of Jesus. God in the form of Jesus, made of God’s light, will come out from his body, stand before him and talk with him.

198)     “Again, God  is  seen  without  any  form”

There are three principal stages of seeing God without any form. They are—(1) God as Atma, (2) God as sky or void zone and (3) God as Supra-consciousness (Paramatma). These three realizations come at long intervals and not in succession.

199)     “So  long  as  the  kiddy  plays  with  the  toys  and  makes  himself  forgetful”

Toy—here represents body. A man making himself forgetful of his own real ‘Self’ thinks that he is human body.

200)     “The  mother  keeps  herself  engaged  in  attending  to

other  household  work  such  as  cooking,  etc.”

God is represented here as Mother. She is in you.

To attend to other household work—means God lying in dormant condition within the body.

201)     “When  the  kiddy  becomes  disgusted  with  his  toys”—

When the human body appears as a source of troubles and displeasure, i.e., when the thirst for worldly pleasure gets abated, nay, discards the man……

202)      “Then  the  kiddy  yells  for  mother”

If a man cries for God and gets a sincere yearning then transformation of life-power within his body takes place spontaneously.

203)     “The  mother  sets  aside  the  cooking  pot”

The mother (God) emanates from the body.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 21, November, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 2

Mrs. Dipali Das from the reading center of Muktaram Dey Lane, Howrah has narrated her vision in reality :


After the evening I was reading Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ at my home. There was none that day at my house. I was deeply engaged in reading. Just for a moment I saw JIbankrishna was standing there. I thought it might be my illusion. So I again started reading. But again I saw that he was standing there wearing a white dhoti covering his body with a winter sheet of cloth. I was speechless seeing him standing there and sat like a statue. After a while I got back my sense.

[From the Reading Center of Bhagawan Chatterjee Lane, Howrah some listeners narrated their dreams. Here Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization’ in English version) is read regularly by Baren Chatterjee, a companion of Jibankrishna.]


Ashutosh Chatterjee has narrated his dreams after attending Howrah Reading Center thus:

After attending the reading Center for a few days I saw this dream :

I had gone to a garden house for a picnic along with our theatre group and some volunteers. That garden house was very big and had many drawing rooms. In one of these rooms music was going on and in another one there was dancing of Radha and Krishna. When I reached the next room. I saw that chairs were arranged all round the room and in the midst many devotees were seated on the floor. Jibankrishna was also seated on a cot as he used to sit in his room at Kadamtala, Howrah in his life time. As soon as I saw this, without seeing anywhere I rushed inside the room and fell down on Jibankrishna’s legs and cried with ecstasy. Jibankrishna said with a smiling face – ‘See the activity of this crazy boy’! Then he told me not to cry and gave his blessings on me. Here my dream went off.

Mrs Bela Kundu from the Reading Center of Bhagawan Chatterjee Lane, Howrah, (West Bengal State, India) has narrated her dreams after listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

1)        I was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna was explaining the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna. But as I was not understanding it, I tore some of the pages and swallowed. Jibankrishna began to laugh.

2)        I was walking on the bank of the river Ganges and suddenly I saw that somebody handed over a diamond to me. Then one person came and wanted it, but I did not give it to him. After this wherever I was casting my eyes, I saw that everything was my form. The dream was off.

[The first dream indicated that the effect and inner meaning of the Gospel will be absorbed by the seer.

The second dream indicated that the seer obtained the most precious thing diamond or God. And she had the realization of Upanishads which mentioned about ‘Aham Asmi’ or ‘Only I exist.’

Mrs. Jyotsna Ghosh from BhagawanChatterjee Lane Reading Center narrated her realization in trance.

While I was listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’, I saw in a state of trance that Jibankrishna (Diamond) was walking and I was following him. Then he went to a sea and drowned into the sea water. Suddenly a huge lotus flower sprouted from inside the water and divine light emerged from the petals. I was full of divine joy. The dream then went off.

[The effect of listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book was seen through the seer. She was following Jibankrishna, which means she will have more realizations. Sea is the God’s ocean. Lotus is the cerebrum or the seventh plane which is the dwelling place of God.]