Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 2, January, 2014


Chapter 36

[Quite a number of people have seen Jibankrishna or Diamond in the sun in dreams and trances both in his life time and after death. Even after his death in 1967, people still are seeing him in sun through dreams and in trance. This phenomenon has been mentioned in different Upanishads, though the person in sun described by them remained unidentified. They have only mentioned in their hymns.

Then thousands and thousands of years rolled by, but that phenomenon remains a mystery to mankind and thousands of people in India have lost their eyes by looking at the outside sun to trace that person, But in vain!

After so long years Jibankrishna unveiled the mystery when the first man saw him in sun in his dream. Thereafter as days passed by, countless people saw him in sun through their dreams and still it is continuing. A very few examples are recorded to establish the truth described in Upanishads and discussed in the light of Jibankrishna’s versions on different dates with reference to hymns of Upanishads.]

From Beleghata Reading Center, Kolkata, Suren Das has narrated his experiences thus:

That was the year 1979.  I was above 70.  How to get God was my constant thought.  I used to listen to the reading of religious books, but never found peace.  It was searching here and there where to her discussion about God.  During this time one of my relatives brought me to this Reading Centre. Here the readers were Charu Bhattacharjee and Sister Mukherjee.

I started listening to the reading with great surprise.  It was something new which I have never heard.  Henceforth I became a regular listener, but didn’t see any dreams.  After about three months I had the first dream and thereafter I saw Jibankrishna in sun.

Within the dream I woke up due to a bursting sound.  Opening my eyes I saw the rising sun and inside that I saw the form of Jibankrishna.  Gradually the sun moved through my right side and merged into my body.  I was at this state for a long time and then my dream was off.

The dream proves that the old Vedic Rishis used to see a person in sun as narrated in Upanishads.  But who Jibankrishna’s era it has been proved that he is that person in sun.

Maitri Upanishad has described as such”

He who is younder, younder person in the sun – I myself am he.  Verily that which is the sun hood of the sun is the Eternal Real.  That is the pure, the personal, the sexless.

Of the bright power that pervades the sky, it is only a portion which, as it was, in the midst of the sun, in the eye and in fire.  That is Brahma.  That is the Immortal.  That is splender.  That is the Eternal Real  (6.35).

From Beleghata Reading Center, Ms. Kajal Ghosh has narrated her dream thus:

On April 26, 1980 I saw in a dream that many companions of Jibankrishna had come from Taltala, Kolkata (where many companions of Jiban Krishna use to assemble for discussion on Jibankrishna after the demise of Jibankrishna) to a place

I cleaned hastily a garden and constructed a hut with bamboos. A companion named Khitish (later on I came to know that there was a Jibankrishna’s companion named Khitish) was about to read.

After the completion of reading everybody started narrating their dreams and I was listening.  At last I began to narrate my dream:

I saw that I had gone to Siddheswari market.  This seemed to be sixteen times bigger than in reality.  In the meanwhile, I saw Sri Ramkrishna going, somewhere by a van.  I asked him, ‘where are you going?  He said, ‘In the place of sun’.  I requested him, will you take me there?  But as he refused, I insisted him many times.  At last he said, ‘well, come’.  So we started.

At first we reached a place which was purple in color and full of fog.  There I saw many beehives with honey.

I asked Sri Ramkrishna, ‘What is the name of this place’? He  said, ‘this is called the place of moon, say what is another name of man’? I said, ‘Sudhakar’.  He said, ‘Yes, Sudha means divine nectar and so it is called Sudhakar’.

Then he showed me many other things.  Lastly I asked him, ‘Will you not go to the place of sun’?  He said, ‘With this body you cannot go there, but you wear this dice of golden elephant’.  I saw that I was covered with a dice of golden elephant.

Sri Ramkrishna took me to the place of sun.  There I saw only fire of orange and red colours.  I could not look at those scenes.  By the heat the cover of golden elephant began to melt.  Just at that moment a gentleman with a nice wristwatch and wearing blue trouser and white shirt held my hand and walked.

Then he showed me his right place.  I saw there a red bright light.  At this moment as my mother called me I woke up.

I felt that I had no power to get up.  Heat was coming out of my body.  My whole body was shivering.  For about half an hour I was in this condition.  After getting up I drank a large quantity of water, but I had little power to raise the drinking glass.

[The seer at first had the experience of Turiya state (The four states of human life : Waking, Dream, Susupti and Turiya).  Then she had experience of devotional state (Moon) and then state of knowledge (Sun). Lastly Jibankrishna (God) has crossed her all these states.  She had also experienced the state of divine consciousness (Honey).

Sri Ramkrishna – Incarnation of God, the gentleman in the sun is Jibankrishna – Parama Brahma or Supreme self].


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 2, January, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Siddheswar Ganguly.

I cannot remember the exact date and year, but so far as I remember from my memory I am narrating my experience of meeting Jibankrishna.

Probably at the end of March, 1955 I had gone to my own village Dutta Barutia of Murshidabad district (West Bengal, India) from my working place Belur of Howrah district. After 2-30 days my elder brother satya Ganguly had also gone to the village. For a long time he had not gone to the village and even we did not meet each other, The meeting happened unexpectedly.

On our way back to Kolkata both of us started together. From our village to railway station the road was about 1 kilometer. Both of us were walking. Suddenly leaving aside our discussion on family affairs he started discussing on Sri Ramkrishna and also about Jibankrishna of kadamtala, Howrah. He also narrated his experiences and dreams on Jibankrishna.

Hearing about Jibankrishna from my brother I grew a great urge to meet him. Throughout our journey in train he discussed about Jibankrishna. So, we made a decision to meet him and accordingly in the first week of April I went to Jibankrishna’s residence with my brother. My brother gave my introduction to Jibankrishna who became very happy. With a great affectionate voice he welcomed me and said, ‘ Come my boy, come, sit here near me on the cot! I obeyed him. After a while he said, ‘Just have a meditation my boy! But I never meditated before, so according to his instruction I closed my eyes and sat. After a few moments I saw in meditation that I had entered into a deep forest. I was scared as different kinds of animals were running towards me. Seeing this I almost cried. Then I began to call Sri Ramkrishna and said, ‘ Where had I come, save me, They are going to attack me! Suddenly my meditation was off. Opening my eyes I saw that I was seated beside Jibankrishna. Still then my heart was palpitating with fear. In that evening I bowed down to Jibankrishna and came out. Thereafter whenever I used find time I had gone to Jibankrishna.

After a few days I saw him in dream. I saw that Jibankrishna was calling me but where to go I had no idea. Another day I saw that I had gone to river Ganges to take a bath. Three-four persons accompanied me. It was tidal at that time. Sitting on the bank I was rubbing mustard oil on my body.  Other companions went for bath, but after a while coming back they said that due to tidal condition I should not take a bath and also the wharp  was full of dirty matters. After a while when I went for bath I saw that the wharp became clear. After taking my bath I saw that Jibankrishna was standing there. Then my dream was off.

After my first dream I saw many dreams many of which I forgot. After changing my working place when I came to Durgapur I was detached from Jibankrishan. In the month of December, 1972 I started reading the tri-monthly Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’ where dreams and diaries used to be published and got great enjoyment.

On March 31, 1973 it was 12 noon. I was supposed to go to office in the afternoon. After taking lunch I was taking rest. I felt sleepy and dreamed that my brother and I had gone to Jibankrishna. He was taking rest on his cot. Seeing us he said, ‘What happens my boy. During this hot noon why have you come? Come, Come inside. Close the windows and take rest. Later on when all will come the reading will be commenced’.  We did accordingly. After a while brother Ramchandra Das come  and we got up. Jibankrishna also got up and told me, ‘ Tell us a story about thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and we shall listen. When all will come we will read ‘ the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’. My dream was off I woke up and with a great joy I went for the duty.

Another dream I had where I saw that two ladies and a gentleman of Bali, Howrah (Where I used to stay at that time and who have expired) were asking me, ‘How did you go to Durgapur and how you were brought up’? I said, ‘ By the order of Jibankrishna I came here’. They said, ‘Can you show us Jibankrishna’? I said, ‘Yes, if he wishes you can see him’. When we were having this conversation I saw that Jibankrishna was seat with folded legs on air with his right hand raised upwards and the fingers were intermingled with each other. In front there was a river filled with water. I was looking at it and then told them, ‘See our Jibankrishna was coming to us himself’. They said, ‘Where is he, we can not see him’! But I clearly saw that he was coming to us in that posture with a smiling face. Lastly I saw that from his forehead light was emerging from his forehead like a torch light. By the grace of Jibankrishna I could see him but they could not see. On July 9, 1973 I saw a dream in the night that I came to Uttarpara (Hooghly district) from my elder sister’s house at Makla by bicycle and saw a gathering on the road. Among the gathering there were some familiar faces. Seeing them I got down from the bicycle and, asked, ‘What happens here? Why it is so crowed? One person from the crowd said, ‘Here is a Thakur, so it is so croweded,’ I wished to see this Thakur. So entering into the crowd I saw that our Jibankrishna was seated on a cot and quite a number of people were seated on the floor. The reading of Sri Ramkrishna was going on. Seeing me he said, ‘ How are you my boy? For so many days you have not come. Are you okay’? I said, ‘I am very well. How are you’? He said, ‘ I am also very well.’ I said, ‘You know that now a days I use to live at a far away place (Durgapur) I always intend to come to you, but how can II come’! He then said, ‘ Its okay, whenever you will find time come to me. Now listen to the reading of the Gospel’. After sitting for a long time at about 9 p.m. I told him, ‘ I have night duty. Allow me now to go for my duty’. He again said, ‘Come whenever you will have time’. I said of course I shall come’, and then bowing down to him when I came back home I saw that on the balcony a lady with red ochre dress sitting on the balcony was cutting fruits of many varieties. Among the fruits there were many big size mangoes.

I asked her, ‘ Mother, you are cutting so many fruits, what will you do with these’? She said, ‘ To-day Thakur does not eat boiled rice, he takes only fruits. So this arrangement is made’.

Looking properly it seemed that mother Sarada (wife of Sri Ramkrishna) talked to me. Then again bowing down to Jibankrishna I came out. Next day again I saw that Jibankrishna was seated in that same room and reading of ‘the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ was going on. I sat for listening to the reading and then my dream was off.

Durgapur. September, 1973.



Volume – 2, January, 2014


80.     14th December, 1975.

Early morning dream:   The outer lining of my coat was torn, although the inside was alright. I went on thinking whether this could be repaired.

Meanwhile a tailor came and took me to his shop for repairing the coat. I noticed that the shop was new, very big and sophisticated. The tailors of the shop saw the bottom portion of the coat and told me that the bottom portion should be cut up to the waist length and accordingly they took my measurements. One of them then showed me different types of cloths for lining on the outer surface of the coat. I told them, ‘these are costly and very glazy. I don’t want these cloths. Give me cheap, plain and simple cloths for the outer lining’. After saying this I left the shop. Just at that moment when the dream was going to be off, the figure of Diamond wearing a Punjabi appeared before my mental eyes.

[Here the tailor means God who takes the measurement of the human body. The coat was to be cut up to waist level, this means the seer will have realizations in descent up to waist. The cloth for outer lining is plain and simple and cheap—it indicates that there will be no outward shows of the seer in future.The appearance of Diamond means that he himself was the tailor.]


81.    17th December, 1975.

Early morning dream :  I was going out of my house to commit suicide and my mother also was running out of the house to find me out . After a while I found my dead body lying and my mother was crying. But with a surprise I found myself alive and here the dream was off.

[This dream revealed that the seer had a feeling of Sthita Samadhi (Death) or Mahakaran as depicted in Tantra Sastra. This return from death may give the seer in future more spiritual powers  as he came back from Nirguna or infinity.


82.     21st December, 1975.

Early morning dream:  I saw a huge and unlimited open space as if there was no end of it.  A huge  building was seen in the midst of it .It seemed as if this building belonged to me. There was a good gathering of Jibankrishna (Diamond) followers inside the building and reading of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) was going on with discussions. At the end of discussions everybody was prepared to leave and I went out to see them off . The most prominent figure amongst them seemed to be  Indranath Mukherjee.

At this moment it seemed as if an attack was going to be performed by robbers on the house . I started going back to the house to protect my family members and immediately after entering my house I noticed that the robbers  surrounded the house . I took all the members to a zigzag tunnel underneath the house which was familiar only to me . Then and there the police men came and shoot the robbers to death . The dream went off .

[The dream reveals thus: Robbers mean animalities; Police—Good brain cells; Big house means the big brain capacity of the seer . During different stages of austerity animal passions try to attack the seer in different ways, but the Holy Ghost protects him.


83.    26th December, 1975:

Early morning dream: Many companions of Jibankrishna (Diamond) were seated in a room . Among them  Anath Mondal and  Ananda Mohan Ghosh seemed to be prominent . Somebody said, brother Ananda will be returning to Kanpur to-morrow, so he should read Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). Thereafter  Anath Mondal started singing devotional songs . Here the dream went off and after waking up with a great surprise I heard that Anath Mondal was singing  the same song which was sung by him in the dream.

[This dream reveals that the feeling will be established in the seer in future when there will be no difference between the dream and waking condition—this was a realization of Vadanta.

In the long run the seer has achieved such realization on many occasions.]


84.     3rd January, 1976.  Place:  The Agri-Horticultural Society of  India .

In reality the annual flower show was going on in the Society. At present I had to stay at the garden as in-charge of the Society to conduct the Show. At night when I slept, I saw a dream. In the dream the same flower show was going on, but at the same time spontaneous uttering of the word ‘Jibankrishna’ was going on in my body. The whole body was full of joy .At this moment the dream went off . Throughout the day even in the midst of the show the same joy persisted in my body followed with the same uttering of the word ‘Jibankrishna’.

[Here the same realization was reveled in the seer where there was no difference between dream and waking condition.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 2, January, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

227)     “In a  congregational  sing  in  the  praise  live  of  God,  at  the  outset  a  man

keeps  on singing—“Nitai (a devotee  of  Shri  Chaitanya)  is  a  mad  elephant,

Nitai  is  a  mad  elephant”

It is but to have the transformation of life-power set in motion. The curd is going to be churned for butter; the life-power is in the course of transformation into God.

228)     “The  devotional  mood  deepens  and  the  singer  only

utters—‘Elephant’, ‘Elephant’  (‘Hati’, ‘Hati’)”

The life-power is coursing her way between fifth and the sixth plane. The vocabulary power is also transformed; as to speak is part and parcel of life-power and it is almost lost.

229)     “In  the  end,  the  man  keeps  on  uttering  only

one  syllable—‘Ha’ —(‘Ele’  of  elephant)”

It is the entrance from the sixth plane to the seventh plane.

230)     “Then  the  singer  becomes  silent”

The life-power has entered the seventh plane and has been transformed into God. All outward functions of life are stopped.

231)     “When  the  Brahmins  are  fed  in  a  feast,

there  is  much  noise  at  the  beginning”

At the start, a man is prone to make a parade of his devotion to God with grandeur and pomp.

232)     ”Then  they  sit  with  plantain—leaves  in  front  of  them”.

(In  a  fest  of  Bengal  plantain  leaves  serve  the  purpose  of  plates).

When a man becomes composed and quite, then God in him emanates and life-power concentrates and wake up.

233)     “Bring  some  ‘luchi’, bring  some  ‘uchi’ (unlaven  bread

Fried  in  clarified  butter)”

This signifies a through yearning for God and also that an inner transformation of life-power is going on.

234)     “Then  they  commence  partaking  of  ‘luchi’ and  other  dishes”

Then start various kinds of realizations.

235)     “Some  three  quarters  of  the  noise  of  feast  have  subsided”

God from the body has emanated by three quarters and the man is enjoying the tuch of God in himself. “A monk has got three quarters of his mind in touch with God in himself—Shri Ramkrishna.

236)     “Curd  succeeds  luchi  and  other  dishes”.

Here curd represents the seventh plane. In the course of the transformation of life-power, the seventh plane or cerebrum is seen.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 2, January, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

I saw Jibankrishna in dreams without seeing his photo

From Howrah Reading center Krishna Mohan Banerjee’s narration :

It happened in the year 1978. Once I intended very much to take initiation. But I couldn’t decide from whom I should take it.

One day my wife told me, ‘Why are you hankering after taking initiation? Pray to Sri Ramkrishna and recite his name.’

One day on my way to office accidentally I met Radharam Chatterjee who was a reader of Jibankrishna’s book at the residence of a gentleman. Within a few days I went to his house and after listening to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and about Jibankrishna I was highly satisfied. Then one day I took my wife there. Henceforth I started a Reading Center at my residence where every Friday reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dhaarma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) has been continuing for the last three years. I have dreamed both Jibankrishna and Sri Ramkrishna.

My wife as well as my sons and daughters have seen many divine dreams.

Some of my remarkable dreams are given here :

1.        I have not still seen the photo of Jibankrishna. One day I dreamed a room which was very spacious with two doors. Entering through one door inside the room I saw a man sitting in front of the opposite wall and cutting a fruit with a knife and a 7-8 years old girl was seated in front of him. Looking on the back of the gentleman I realized that he was very strongly built. Suddenly the girl ran inside and the gentleman followed her. Next moment returning inside the room he washed the knife in the basin and as soon as he turned, his white dhoti was about to be loosened from his waist. He held tightly the dhoti and said with laugh, ‘I have become old’! I said, ‘No, No! Not at all, you are a heavy weight man so it is natural.’ Then with a smiling look at me he left the room. My dream was off.

When I told Radharaman about this dream, he said, ‘you have seen Jibankrishna’, and he showed me his photo. Then and there I recognized that I saw JIbankrishna in my dream.

[The seer got Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor.]

2.       After a few days I saw in my dream that Jibankrishna had come to a devotee’s house. Hearing this I rushed towards that house with a hope to see him.

The house was huge and two sections and there was a green lawn adjacent to it. When I came to the lawn I saw that Jibankrishna was going out of the house to go to another devotee’s house.

On his backside a tall handsome young man was supporting him by placing his hand on his back. Lying on the lawn I bowed to him. Next moment I saw that he reached the horizon far away from me and my dream was off. I felt a great divine peace in my mind.

[The dream was a sportive form of God-the-Preceptor.]

3.        I dreamed that I was going somewhere through a wide road. On the left side of the road there was a field and a few people were standing there. A Canopy was erected there. Sitting inside the group a middle-aged gentleman was saying something with a smiling face. I noticed that his two front were a bit bigger. Then my dream was off.

4.        On the same day I again dreamed that I had gone to a monarch. But saw that this was the place which I didn’t want. I was thinking what to do. At that moment a middle aged strongly built person asked me, ‘Do you want to go to that place’? I said, ‘Yes’. So he said, ‘Let me take you there.’ I followed him. Crossing many roads gardens he took me to a house. I saw that this was the place where I wanted to come. Then that person took me inside a room.

I noticed a cot inside the room and a very healthy aged gentleman with bare upper body was seated there. On the floor was seated a beautiful. Complacent lady wearing red Benarasi Saree and Ornaments. Her head was down. I sat on the cot. The person who took me there was standing.

Before sitting when I was going to bow down to him, he extended his legs towards me. Touching his legs I bowed and observed that he had big nails on his legs. At this moment my dream was off.

I Thought whether I saw Jibankrishna again! I decided that I should ask Radharaman. Later on on my way to market unexpectedly Radharaman and asked whether Jibankrishna had big front two teeth and big nails. He told me, ‘Yes, his two front teeth were slightly bigger and sometimes the nails grew bigger.

Hearing this I was overwhelmed with joy thinking that I rally saw Jibankrishna in my dreams.

[The dream indicated that Jibankrishna is eternal and his form is stamped in every human being and for this reason people see him in dreams, trances and reality getting him as their God-the-Preceptor.]