ONE AND ONENESS (By Diamond picked up in the street)
Volume – 15,November,2011

In the gospel, ‘coming down from samadhi’ Sri Ramkrishna spoke; ‘What lies beyond the transient and intransient (Kshara and Akshara) cannot be spoken by tongue’.
i) He means to say that the state which exists beyond changing experiences, i.e. the permanent data, cannot be given out by human vocabularies.
Here he speaks about the Yoga of annihilation of consciousness or ‘Laya Yoga’. But before annihilation comes, there is ‘Yea’ (Asti or an Ascent in the fines form and it lingers). Nothing can be said of the void zone (shunyam) which succeeds ‘yea’ but after coming back from Samadhi, it transpires that ‘yea’ – ‘There is’. The last ‘yea’ is but a memory work – a sort of revelation that takes place in the cerebrum called the plane of ‘Tejas’. This is afterward, addressed as ‘Thou’ (Twam).
Yes, now comes changing or transforming data and they are but the variegated and multifarious experiences gathered during the course of the life power (Kundalini) on her upward march to the seventh plane. In the Pranamaya Kosha or the sheath of the vital power is seen, and this water again in the Monomaya kosha i.e., the fourth plane or the sheath of mind changes into fire. In the Vijnanmaya kosha or the sheath of special knowledge i.e., the fifth plane, the fire is transformed into sky or ‘kha’. Yes, changes run on as in the second zone of the vijnanmaya kosha, i.e., the sixth plane – between the two eyebrows in the forehead – aurora with a rising sun (symbol of knowledge) is seen. Here the so called changes of the elements in the human body stop and the permanent or intransient (Akshara) ‘Atma’ or ‘god’ or ‘Brahmapura and having been, afterwards himself merged in it, remains luminous with all its glory. This data in everyman remains ever intranscient. If Moses saw ‘Atma’ then the very same Atma will be seen by you even today and after millions of years if anybody is lucky enough to visualize ‘Atma’ then the very same ‘Atma’ will be seen by him also.
In the long run (of course, there are innumerable experiences in the midway) the zone of annihilation is reached and Sri Ramkrishna mentioned this very thing with the remark that nothing could be said beyond it.
(ii) The vedic principle differs, marches on, and points out with a proof bearing evidences by millions of men that there is the ‘Perfect one’- (sa uttama purushah). If your ‘Kshara’ – ‘Jiva’ is transformed into ‘Akshara’ – ‘Paramatma’ then you shall be distributing your ‘oneness’ to millions of others as it is the sole function of attaining this perfection. The humanity, having attained this perfection with you, will declare ‘oneness’ with you. There is no other means to be ‘Perfect’ save and except this process that nature creates a perfect one and the very identical perfect one makes the humanity one and the same with him. The most wonderfully realistic feature of the ‘one world’ in the ‘Atma’ or spiritual sphere!

Volume – 15


(My first meeting with Diamond after seeing him in dreams)
Dwijendra Nath Roy,Ghatsila(Jharkhand)

In 1960, my youngest brother Dhiren Roy come to me at Ghatshila (Bihar State, India). I heard for the first time the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) from him, specially about dreams and allied matters. So long he was with me, he always used to discuss about Diamond. We also used to discuss about symbols, Freud, Jung etc. regarding dreams when I heard about symbolic meanings, I realized that these are quite different from Freud or Jung and asked him who made these interpretations and what was its value. I also narrated some of m dreams which I could not understand. He said that after returning to Calcutta he would write tome giving their meanings. But yet I was not convinced or impressed, though the interpretations seemed to me very attractive. There was another reason behind it, that I was not a follower of traditional or ritualistic religions. I first heard from Dhiren that quite a number of people dreamt Diamond with out seeing him before.
One day on 2nd July, 1960, I had a dream last night-I entered into a big house where there was a very large hall and some people were seated there, some on standing posture, as if some reading was going on. Swami Avedananda (Disciple of Sri Ramkrishna) was seated on one side. At that moment from the group Swami Sadatmananda (The present President of Ramkrishna Mission) called me to him and pointing out to a gentleman with his finger said, ‘He is Jibankrishna’. I noticed that he was an old man with French cut beard and was smiling. His front tooth was a bit bigger. At this moment my dream went off.
After this dream I become curious about identifying Diamond in Calcutta. So after a few months I went to Calcutta and the next day after reaching Calcutta, my brothers Dhiren and Sailen took me to the residence of Diamond at Kadamtala, Howrah.
As soon as I entered into the room, I became perplexed by seeing the gentleman who was the same man seen in my dream. I had never an experience in my life. I approached towards him for paying my honor and said, ‘Brother’! He also hugged me and said the same word, ‘Brother’!
Thereafter my new life started encircling Diamond and had innumerable divine dreams almost every day.
Whenever I used to come to Diamond we had various discussions, specially dreams and their meanings.
One day I narrated a few of my dreams to him.
(1) I saw in a big city 8-10 numbers of wide roads met at one place. Diamond and I came to that junction. But again from there both of us went to different directions. After some time we again met there. Both of us were searching the same road and its name was Alfa, which means ‘one’. After a long searching we at last found a shop with a signboard ‘Alfa’ and entering there we found that this was a general store and innumerable people were purchasing commodities. The customers were of various classes starting from the elite class to the poorest class. But we were not purchasing anything and nobody was talking to us. We were merely roaming inside the store and after sometime we came out and were lost in the mob. The dream went off.
For a few days we discussed about its interpretations but got no clue. Diamond’s main question was, why, instead of a single item shop, it was a general store and why people from every class of the society were there? And over all why we were lost in the mob? Having no clues, he narrated a dream seen 2-3 days back – ‘I was seated under a tree. From overhead rays of light were falling in front of me and spread left and right directions. It was like a search light and I noticed a black monster-like man emerged from my body and went out. Then I saw a procession of countless people, coming and going in front of me. But none was noticing me or talking tome. Ultimately I was also lost in the mob.
This dream was seen by him just the previous day of my dream. Now his question came, ‘why that monster? Can your science give any clue’? I answered, ‘Jung in his book depth psychology has mentioned it. After an extensive analysis of dreams seen by several thousand people of all classes in the world, he found that most of them have seen the monsters in their dreams. From this analysis he came to this conclusion that in many mythologies of different countries, the imagination of monsters or dreams came from those dreams. And his final conclusion was that the collective unconsciousness of the humanity was personified. Suddenly Diamond shouted, ‘Brother, they are always having unconsciousness phobia! Now the inner meanings of the dreams are clear. A very remarkable thing has sprouted. That is, one and oneness or merging in Paramatma (The Great Soul or Atman) whatever you say is the real. In both the dreams were lost in the mob of human beings, it means we have traced ‘Alfa’ or oneness. Collective humanity is my Paramatma. Even Swami Vivekananda said – not unity but oneness. ‘The difference is that he remarked by his intellect only –academically, but he did not achieve it. But here it becomes a fact.’
I had so many remarkable dreams in my life and discussed with Diamond whenever I used to go to him. I came to realize that he was Upanishad personified and over crossed that.

The mysterious book of Diamond and his action through reading centers
(Collected and translated from the experiences in Bolpur Reading Centre)

Part – 1
A brief history of Bolpur reading center and the amazing facts
In the year 1982. Mr. Jiten Chatterjee, a regular companion of Diamond came to a village Surul near Shantiniketan to spend his retired life and settled there buying a house. He named his house as ‘Mrinmayee’. But after two years, having no surrounding of his choice he began to think to leave the place and again go back to Kolkata. During that period he was introduced with Snehamay Ganguly, an Agricultural student of Sri Niketan Agricultural Institute. One day he discussed with Snehamay about Rabindranath Tagor’s remarks about the universal man and mentioned about a person Diamond in whose life this term became manifested. Then he shortly narrated about Diamond. Hearing this Snehamay became very moved. The next day he went to the adjacent village Jambuni and read a portion of the Bengali book of Diamond ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) in front of his sister’s husband. His sister was busy at that time with cooking. She could not listen to these discussions. But one day after she told snehamay that she had a strange, dream. An old man was telling her, ‘will you take initiation’? She agreed. Then the old man said, ‘At such a young age will you take initiation’? Saying this the old man began to laugh. Bisakha saw that a child was standing holding the old man’s legs and then the scene vanished and she saw that two golden balls were running towards her with great speed and with great fear she woke up.
Hearing this dream Snehamaya went to Jiten Chatterjee to know its meaning. He said, ‘Bisakha must have seen Diamond.’ So he told Snehamaya, ‘you go and show her Diamond’s photo.’ Snehamay took a photo to Bisakha. She was greatly surprised seeing the photo and said, ‘yes, I have seen him in my dream.’
Here started the amazing sportive forms of Diamond at Sriniketan among innumerable people of all ages, sexes, religions and student communities.
Jiten chatterjee started regular reading of Diamond’s book at his residence in presence of Snehamay and one of his friend once a week. And within a few days the number of listeners began to increase.
One listener Sushil Ghosh saw one day a dream which he narrated : I saw that while I was walking on the road, my head become detached from my body and fell on the ground. I thought, while I saw my own face in the mirror, at this moment I would see my own form. But as soon as I looked at my own form I was surprised seeing that it was not my form, but of Diamond! Within the dream it flashed in my mind that after death his soul is not destroyed, but I could not see any form of Atma! On the contrary, I saw the form of Diamond. Then, is it a fact that the form of soul is the form of Diamond!
Thus among numerous listeners Diamond began to appear in dreams and within a few days through two drams an indication came to publish a magazine ‘Manik’ about all these phenomena, and strangely, instructions about every detail was revealed in the dreams.
On 22nd May, 1984 the first issue was published.
Premamay Ganguly never believed these dreams and laughed at it. One days he dreamt that on a Cinema Screen Diamond was seated having meditation. He ran from the audience seat and bowed down on the feet of Diamond. But even after this dream he never attended the reading of Diamond’s book at Jiten Chatterjee’s residence. One day he got an instruction in dream to go there after attending the reading within a few days his Kundalini or life power was awakened very severely which surprised everybody. Some though it to be a disease. One of the listener Ms. Chabi Banerjee had doubt in her mind that these are all hoax. But one day in her dream she had the same experience and coming next day to the reading centre, she narrated her dream.

By Diamond picked up in the street
November, 2011

The Vedic Truth
“The Truth in the Vedas is the spontaneous evolution of the life-power innate in a man and its manifestation and the experiences in the individual life as well as in the universalism making the man La Homme Universalle…..
Truth – The very Eternal Truth which vibrated, vibrates and shall vibrate in the heart of each and every member of the human race ever lived, is living and shall live in this beautiful earth.
The truth was experienced in the past, and is also experienced at present and shall be experienced by the future generations to come…..
It is perennial everlasting, the very cosmic law in the human body.
Popularly it is called Religion. It gets its birth in the human body and then envelops the globe. About this very Truth, it is spoken in the Vedas.
This very Vedic Truth as experienced in one’s life is going to be related with its full-fledged form; how it works in a man and what experiences are made when the goal is attained. It is personal experiences narrated. According to the Vedas, it is ‘Ritam’ (Personal realization) and thus, it is ‘Truth’. And the veracity of this personal Truth will be corroborated when it becomes Universal as spoken in the Vedas. By the form of the experienced man it proves its own Truth and this form will appear within the body of innumerable men, women and children. It is meant for each and every man, boy and the old alike. It is en-masse, as the attainer of the supreme light in the cerebrum is the La Homme Universalle.
‘I am the perfect and the Supreme One’ – The ancient Vedic Rishis experienced this very Truth in the days of yore and with an open heart, they vested this heritage to the human race. On, the good old Rishis, what a heritage they left for the human race!
Even today, to our utter astonishment and bewilderment, we find the very same heritage winding its course in every human heart to burst out like a midday sun to illuminate the globe and to shower a world of bliss over the human race by uniting them into ‘one and oneness’. By personal experiences as well as by bearing the proof of the ‘oneness’, it passes unchallenged, as it is experienced by the person himself. By these personal experiences, the challenger becomes a witness to the veracity of the Vedic Truth, may, not an idle witness, but becomes an active announcer….. No, it is not confined here, I mean, in an individual human being, but at once it will come to …. – let a man attains this ‘Brahmahood’ and in the immediate succession follows the Vedic Truth, that is, thousands and thousands of people will see him (the attainer of the Supreme one) in his living human form, that is, the very identical form of the attainer within them and speak out the wonderful statement of the Vedic Truth, ‘you are born to be universal’.
The Vedic Truth is meant for the whole human race. It is not confined to any ‘ism’. I mean, it is the cosmic law of the mankind which conducts him in each and every second of his life. Nay, it is the very vibration and breathing of his heart. It evinces that the Vedas are not the monopoly of the Hindus alone, and again, I say, it is not confined to any race and in India alone. It is meant for the lowliest of the low and the highest of the high. It pervades the globe from one end to the other’……

(Vision of past and future)
Volume – 15
November, 2011

Future of Sikhs and Revelation of the seer’s spiritual condition
15th April, 1977, Friday.

13) Early morning dream : The first scene opened with a very wide and empty road without any public or vehicle. Only myself along with some devotees named Khitish Roy Choudhury, Sudhindranath Sinha and it seemed that Arun Ghosh also was walking very freely. Everybody was in a joyous mood. Mr. Sinha asked me with a smile, ‘Well, you write the matters about Sri Jibankrishna ( Diamonjd) in your school, does anybody know’? (In reality, I, by the grace of God-the-Preceptor left the topmost post of a 150 years old Institution of National importance and joined an English medium school in Kolkata of great reputation for finding more time to write about the matters for the magazine ‘Manikya’ on Diamond).
I answered, ‘not at all, I don’t let anybody know about this.’ He said, ‘very good’.
After this Mr. Ghosh said about his dream. Then Mr. Roychoudhury also told, ‘I had a dream where somebody was saying – He (I) has reached the stage of Brahmahood (Supreme One). So I said, ‘two days before (12.4.77) I also had a dream about Brahma, where somebody was announcing that the Own-self of Brahma is Ananda or Divine joy.
In the next scene I saw that my school building became much bigger and went up to the top floor. There I saw Dwijendra Nath Roy of Ghatshila and an old aged devotee with a very joyous mood. I also became more surprised to see there Khitish Roy Choudhury, Sudhindra Nath Sinha and Dhiren Mondal.
Then I had a long conversation with Mr. Roy but nothing could be remembered later on. After getting down to the ground floor I went up again to the top floor and still saw only Mr. Roy sitting there. I had more conversations with Mr. Roy. I also saw a Sikh gentleman along with his wife and then the dream went off.
The first scene reveals that the ‘Brahmahood’ has became established in the seer which had been confirmed by others.
The second scene indicates that the seer has availed the power of getting up and down freely in different planes of the body during austerity. Showing Mr. Roy it indicates that the seer is going to have the universal realizations in future as Diamond used to remark, ‘Mr. Roy has a great capacity for universal austerity.’
By showing Sikh Couple it reveals that in the long run Diamond’s philosophy will spread among the Sikh community.


26th April, 1977, Tuesday.
14) Early morning dream : At first I saw my elder brother who was telling me that he saw Diamond in dream. After this I saw that one Asamese gentleman had taken the Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ in his hand. I was thinking probably he could not understand it. When asked, he answered, ‘no, I can read it’. Then I saw many other unknown persons with fervent prayer for seeing Jibankrishna within them. Here the dream went off and after waking up my mind became depressed due to the ardor of mankind.
The first part of the dream indicates the future of both the elder brother and the Asamese. In future the elder brother as well as the Asamese may see Diamond in their dreams.
The second part is the concluding part of the dream seen on 18.03.1977 where the seer himself was crying in his dream for the human race as they still do not see Diamond within them. Here it is vice-versa. It can be understood in future.