(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 5, March, 2014

Chapter – 2


August 25,1955  How do I recognize a real saint?  Whom   I shall see within me whether it is in dreams or trances or meditations, he will be the saint to me. Because God is the only saint in this world.  He is within our bodies. When He will manifest  within  ourselves in the form of a person, He will be the saint to me.


November 16,1955

Your realizations are much superior than the specific ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’ visualization. Suppose you have seen Sri Ramkrishna within yourself. Now he had all these austerities on Vedas, Atman, Vedanta, Godhood and so on. So, whenever you are seeing him within, all these attributes are absorbed within you. Whoever will see him within,  according to the capacity of his body he will get these attributes accordingly. Now, the explanation is thus –  Where are you seeing Sri Ramkrishna? Within your body. Then automatically you are becoming Sri Ramkrishna. I am in my form, again I am in his form – both simultaneously.


December 20, 1955.

Long time back it flashed in my mind, Oh! So many woman-folks used to come to Sri Ramkrishna and he used to give them spiritual advices. But in my case nobody is allowed to come  as restricted by sri Ramkrishna. It came in my mind,   how spiritualism would grow in them? Afterwards  in an unconcerned way I began to tell everybody that merely by sitting inside their houses, woman-folks will see me within them. And after that I saw, whoever were coming to me, their wives, daughters, maids began to see me in their dreams and even in flesh and blood bodies.


January 1, 1956

Religion is nothing but a cult. It is created from within this body. Whatever you are seeing outside, you have already seen before within you. Here is the difference between Western and Eastern philosophy. They say, first we see outside and then take inside. We say first we see inside and then take outside. First is Soul or Atman and then the universe within Atman.

Vedas have mentioned about spiders. Immediately after birth they eject nets from inside and the live inside the net. The net was not outside, it was inside. In the similar manner whatever we see inside, we reflect outside afterwards.

The oracles also do not come from outside. It is created within the brain. Socrates got the oracle, from a priest of the oracle of Delphi, ‘You are the wisest man in Greece’. This also happened within his brain. Otherwise, why others could not hear that? Were they deaf?


January 2, 1956

If God liberates Himself within the body, then only there will be true liberation. God is in the human body. He liberates Himself like a scent and taking the form of a person attaining godhood teaches the seer. This person is the God-the-Preceptor. The explanation runs thus: God, with the help of Yoga, through gradual enfoldment and transformations is seen within the human body as bliss and then again through yogas this bliss being concentrated takes the form of a person and teaches the seer yogas.

Sri Ramkrishna has given us a completely new thing when he said, ‘man cannot be a spiritual teacher, only God-the-Preceptor can teach spiritualism.

At my 12 years 4 months I first saw Sri Ramkrishna in my dream. At that time even I did not hear his name or see his picture. At 13 years 8 months I saw Buddha (later on realized as Swami Vivekananda). Throughout the night he taught me ‘Rajyoga’.

Every night Sri Ramkrishna came to me in dream and used to teach me on yogas. But I couldn’t understand anything. When I was 15 years old, I first saw his picture and then thought, oh, he comes to me every night and teaches me yogas!



When a person attains Godhood, he will sit quietly in a place. There will be no need of preaching. As on iron material is attracted by magnet, anybody having a good prejudice will come automatically to that person.

This man (secretary of a school) saw me in reality many times before coming to me. Then one day he came to me. This phenomenon is above the nature. And another boy, who saw me in dreams four months ago, came to me recently and recognized me to be the same man seen in his dream. This is a stage where I am merged in nature. And those who heard about me before and then saw me in dreams are in the middle stage.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 5, March, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Bimal sarkar


When Jibankrishna was in the hospital, I went to him once or twice. To avoid disturbance I used to go to him rarely. Raghunath understood my fervent desire. So one day he took me to Jibankrishna. With a very gloomy eyes he looked at me and said, ‘You have come’! when another person came I came out.

Being recovered he came to the new residence of his cousin brother Manik lal Bose. I went there once or twice to know about his health.

I could not even imagine that he would expire. I am now narrating a dream several days before his demise. I was at that time at Madras. Within the dream I was thinking whether he would expire. Just at that moment, Jibankrishna came and said, ‘I shall give you a funny dream’. Then and there my dream was off. After coming to office I heard the news from Asim that Jibankrishna had expired. After 10-11 days I was ill.

I remember when I used to go to Jibankrishna often I thought that Jibankrishna always told Ram to give him drinking water but never said to me. One night I dreamed that due to my absence for attending Jibankrishna for a few days, he himself came to my house to enquire about my health. Then he said, ‘Give me a glass of water’. I was overwhelmed with joy’ and gave him water in the same fashion as brother Ram used to give him drinking water in reality. Then my dream was off. Thus he fulfilled my desire through dream.

One night I was seeing in my dream that my brother and I were going through a deep forest. I saw that Jibankrishna was guiding us lighting a torch in front of us. He was giving us many advice specially my brother.

In another dream I was a large field and in the middle of it there was a room. Jibankrishna used to live there. The field was surrounded by a wall and half filled with a huge gathering of people. The physical strength of Jibankrishna seemed to immence. He was holding each of them one by one and beat him with a cane stick, throwing him outside the wall. He caught my brother and by beating him threw outside the wall. I was shivering with fear, but he told me, ‘You need not fear, as you don’t require this treatment’. Later on when I narrated this dream to Jibankrishna, he said, ‘I am attracting your brother’.

It was another night’s dream: Many of us were seated in his room. He asked a question, but as nobody could answer, he said, ‘Hang it, you can’t do anything. I have got such a great thing, and I can’t make you conceive’. Saying this he went outside and we followed him. Going to the market he shouted’, I have got a great thing, I shall give it you then the dream was off.

Let me narrate one vision in meditation. That day was a holiday due to Rathayatra festival. I had gone to Jibankrishna earlier. He said, ‘To-day, there will be no reading. Let us sit for meditation.’ All of us sat for meditation. Then I had a vision. I saw a chariot. It was like that of the age of mythology dragged by many horses in front. Jibankrishna was driving it. Inside it all of us who used to go to Jibankrishna were seated. I was thinking with a great surprise how were we fitted in such a small chariot! He was also driving it for an unlimited period.

When Jibankrishna went to Puri I also went there and stayed for two days at Puri Hotel. Early in the morning I used to walk with him. But he used to walk so fast that I could not match with this speed. After coming back we had our meal and at noon after lunch he used to take a little rest and then sat for meditation. After meditation the reading of Gospel used to be started. It was a second day’s incident. In the night I was returning to the hotel form Jibankrishna alone by the side of a cemetery. I was scared. Suddenly I saw that another gentleman was accompanying me. After a while I noticed that he was my another form. When I reached hotel, he vanished.

September, 1974,

Ballyguange Terree, Kolkata.



Volume – 5, March, 2014


96.     5th February, 1976.

Late night’s dream:   Along with other devotees I was seated in  a room of Diamond, the Holy Ghost. Discussions were going on at night it was finished. Everybody was returning home including me. On road somebody told that Jibankrishna (Diamond) ordered for purchasing something and the balance money had to be returned to him. I said. ‘Well, I shall go to him’, and so I went to Diamond. I saw him putting off his Punjabi after a short walk for taking rest. I was scared of telling him from taking a rest. So I sat outside and thought how I would place this fact before him. Suddenly with great hesitation I told him, ‘Someone has returned the balance 5paise to you, so I have brought it’. Hearing this he uttered, ‘well done! See, if even 1 paisa or 2 paisa is to be paid to anybody, never keep it due’. Then touching his head on floor I returned home.

[The dream shows that the Holy Ghost always gives teachings to a blessed devotee through dreams.]



97.      8th February,  1076.    At night on bed, there was a spontaneous utterance of the word within me ‘Bhagawan’ (God) and then automatically  it stopped and then continued with the word ‘Jibankrishna, Jibankrishna’. During this time I was in a half conscious state but at the same time it revealed in me – the word ‘Bhagawan’ is the traditional and imaginary while Jibankrishna is a man and this is the truth! That’s why his name is repeatedly .uttered eliminating the prejudices from my mind.

After this incident, I went asleep and dreamt that somebody was  threatening  me.  At this moment the word ‘Jibankrishna’ spontaneously continued to be uttered in me. I became fearless and dominated them. After a while when I woke up, still the word ‘Jibankrishna’ continued to be uttered in my brain for a long time and then gradually with the advent of time it disappeared.

[Diamond used to say—‘the stage of ‘Manus-tatva’ ( Human cult) is higher than that of ‘Bhagawan tatva’and the dream indicates that the seer will attain this state in time and in due course he will also attain the state of ‘Fearlessness’.



98.     24th February, 1976.

Early morning dream:  Many companions of Diamond were seated in a room . Among them most prominent figure was Mr. Mrityunjay Roy, while others could not be remembered . Mr. Roy was narrating one of his dream—He was converted into a doll of salt and went for measuring a sea, but again came back without being melted (This has been described by Sri Ramkrishna deva in Kathamrita).  While Mr. Roy was narrating this dream he became very emotional. Then someone bowed down to him.

Throughout this time I was seated and listening to the narration. –Here the dream went off.

[ The dream indicates that  in future the seer will thrive after the experience of Ascent and have the experience of descent.]



99.      29th February, 1976.

Early morning dream:  An old companion Mr. Indranath Mukherjee, and I was going somewhere, but with a very unconcerned manner.

As soon as the dream went off and I woke up, the Sanskrit hymn ‘Brahmanandang paramasukhodang’ continued to be echoed within my brain making me plunged into joy. Afterwards even on road the same state continued. This gradually faded away during working hours.

[The dream reveals that the condition of bliss has become permanent in the body of the seer.].



100.     3rd March, 1976.

Early morning dream:   I was seated in a room where Jibankrishna had come back to me after his previous life. I was overwhelmed with joy for his coming after a long gap and was not willing at all to leave him. He was seated in front of me. Mr. Arun Ghosh was also seen sitting among us.

Jibankrishna was reading his Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’(Religion and Realization) loudly and was falling frequently into ‘Samadhi’. Seeing this  Mr. Ghosh  and I became alert and went sitting straight as because we were listening to  Jibankrishna in a  half lying posture. Suddenly I noticed someone pointing us not to be alert and be relaxed as we were before.

Then I saw my youngest cousin sister named Prakriti (Nature) wanting to read an essay on Sri Ramkrishna Deva . But astonishingly she seemed to be a male to me.  Then I said, ‘No, it is not needed as because he is reading ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ and the reading will be disturbed’.

After this incident still  Jibankrishna stayed with me for a longtime. Then the dream went off.

[(a)  The first seen indicates the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna ‘when one is blessed with the Holy Ghost, he gets a pillow to have a comfort’—Here the seer has got that pillow;  (b)  The second scene indicates like this—in future the femaleness may disappear from the seer’s body, but it may be conditional and lastly, within the seer only ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ will persist and there will be no need of Sri Ramkrishna Deva’s Kathamrita or The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 5, March, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

The  Master  and  Vijay  Goswami

at  Dakshineswar

Thursday—December  14, 1882

245)     “It was  his  last  birth”

Here, a real devotee who saw God with form committed suicide, Thakur made this remark, “It was last birth”

Last birth—means to be merged in the Great Cause. But it is the last phase of realization as laid down in the Tantras. Here in the life of this devotee, God did not manifest Himself in Supreme Knowledge ; then he would have remained to fulfill God’s  mission in life. “If God needs then He manifests Himself in Supreme Knowledge in a man”. Here the devotee died, so he had no God’s mission of fulfillment in life. It transpires that he did not attain the Supreme Knowledge. To attain Supreme Knowledge needs manifestation of God in the five sheaths as laid down in the Vedas. The man in whose body God manifests Himself as Supreme Knowledge lives being liberated from the bondage of body. There is no ego or ‘I’ for the liberated one but a perpetual “Thou”; so there would not have been any suicide.

246)     “Such  happenings  come  into  existence”

This is that very unexpected and spontaneous favourable  circumstances which a man experiences in ordinary course of life. This favourable circumstances arise through the grace of God and a man takes its advantage through innate inclination.

In the course of realizations in various forms of God as Atma in the seventh plane it transpires that the three chambers—Past, Present and Future—of time are but one, and everything is predestined. Nothing is to come bur everything is in existence. There is no future but a continuous present. Present in the existence as it is predestined.

Thakur yearned for a bower of holy basil plants (Tulsi Kanan). But he had no arrangement for it. All necessary equipments for the bower came afloating in theGanges. The gardener noticed it and informed Thakur. So the bower of holy basil plants was made.

ThetempleofDakshineswarwas constructed for Thakur(Shri Ramkrishna) to live and to talk about the sportive forms of God as seen in the human body. Rani Rasmani, the owner of the temple-garden, was ordered to build the temple in a dream.

The ‘Bhairabi’ (woman adapt in Tantrik disciplines) being commanded in a dream came to Dakshineswar to help Thakur in his realizations of the sportive forms of God as laid down in the 64 Tantras. Puri Maharaj (the itinerant monk who helped Thakur in his realizations of the Vedanta in the seventh plane) came to Dakahineswar being led by the same cause. It is to happen and it happens.

247)     “After  a  gold  image  is  cast  into  a  clay  mould  you  may

Preserve  the  clay  mould  or  it  may  be  broken”

Gold image—is the form of body made of God’s light as seen in the forth sheath or the sixth plane. The ‘form of body’ made of God’s light changes to Atma—God. After seeing this Atma, if God so wills then the man lives or otherwise within 21 days of transformation of the life-power into Atma, the attainer of this state gives up his body.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 5, March, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 10

From Dasnagar Reading Center Mrs. Mrinalini Seth narrated her dreams after attending for a few days.

On November 14, 1988,I saw in my dream a large river. There were many boats, steamers and ships. Beside the river there were many huge buildings. After a while I noticed hills, forests, open fields, varieties of animals. All these I was watching from the sky and gradually I was losing my sense. Then I prayed to Jibankrishna, ‘Oh Lord! Let my body be perished, but don’t leave me’! Then my dream was off.

[The dream indicated the dedication of the seer for God.]

Another day I saw either in dream or in trance an ocean of divine light and I was drowning inside it. Gradually I lost my sense. After a long time I got my sense back but felt as if my death was coming.

[The ocean of light is the ocean of Supreme divinity or Bliss and the seer was formuate to feel it. At the same time she was transformed into Divine Bliss in Samadhi stage by the grace of Jibankrishna, God-the-Preceptor.]

From Dasnagar Reading Center Mrs. Aparna Chatterjee narrated her dreams and meditations thus :

1) On December 12, 1988 I was in meditation and first saw Sri Ramkrishna with one end of his dhoti on his shoulder an one hand with a saving posture. Then I saw Jibankrishna in Samadhi state. After that I saw goddess Kali standing on Shiva.

[The seer saw at a time God incarnation, God-the-Preceptor and Adyasakti (Holy Mother)].

2) On January23, 1989 I was dreaming that I had gone to goddess Annapurna temple after taking bath in the river Ganges, but couldn’t see any idol inside the temple. My dream then was off.

[The dream indicated that the seer became free from the traditional prejudices about idol worship. After getting Jibankrishna as God-the-Preceptor the seer becomes free from all old traditional ritualism.]

How Jibankrishna (Diamond) gave his own introduction through dreams

From Charabagan Reading Center (Howrah Town, West Bengal, India) Biswanath Ghosh narrated his strange experience in dreams.

On September 26, 1984 I saw in my dream that my wife, an aged widow and I had gone to a house for listening to the reading of Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’. The reader was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna sitting on a cot facing west side. The light was on. Inside the room there was a wooden Almira and some old materials. The reader was a bit tall and healthy with a slight black complexion. After listening for a while we were about o come out. The we saw that the reader started reading without uttering ant sound, and we said, ‘Let us go’. He answered, ‘Yes, come again.’ The dream was off.

This dream I narrated later on to some of the listeners. Hearing this Sailen De and Mani Dey both asked, ‘Did you guess that you had seen Jibankrishna’? I said, ‘I can’t say’.

Just next day I again saw in my dream that same scene and somebody said, ‘Oh! That was me’! It flashed in my mind, Oh! Then I saw Jibankrishna the previous day in my dream! Then my dream was off.

[Thus Jibankrishna gave his own introduction in dream.]

On December25, 1989, I dreamt that I was going to some one’s house accompanied by 7-8 persons. On our way we saw a big pond in front of the house with paved steps. All round there were trees and bushes and a huge surrounding the house. Seeing this beautiful scene I exclaimed, ‘Oh, are we not allowed to stay at this nice place’! Just at that moment somebody said, ‘This is Jibankrishna’s house. Anyone is allowed o stay here without any permission. The door is opened to all’ Then all of us entered into the house. There was a huge room with 7-8 huge cots and the mosquito nets were packed up on the cot.

The whole day we spent there. After cooking we finished our lunch and dinner and then went to bed at night. Many of us already lied down. Brother Gopal was going to cover his body with a sheet of cloth, in the mean time 7-8 people accompanied by an aged man with small beared, covered with winter garment entered into our room. When he came near our cots, brother Gopal hastily got up and holding the shoulders of the old man said with surprise, ‘Oh Sir, you are here! You have come here’! He said with a mild jerk of Gopal’s shoulder, ‘Don’t worry. Better you keep these three in this room and the rest of us are going to another room.’ When this conversation was going on, looking at the old man I realized that he is Jibanklrishna! Oh, he has come at last! I was feeling so happy.

Later on when they went to another room, we lied down on bed.

At dawn we went outside. But due to some work we came back and saw that from one of the cots, smoke was coming out. Seeing this I cried and called all Many of them came inside the room. We guessed that Amar Adhya probably was sleeping on that cot. We thought, perhaps he had the habit of smoking, so due to his carelessness it might be ignited. But when we opened the mosquito net we saw that he was brother Gopal. Then and there my dream was off.

[This dream shows the sportive form of God-the-Preceptor.]

On December 26, 1989, at noontime I had a dream. As if I was going to a Reading Center. There was a huge pond in front of the house with a paved wharf. While crossing that house I got down there and saw that a huge fish was moving in the water and some people where standing on the bank. They said, Catch that fish. It should be about 40-50 kg in weight.’ I said, ‘I don’t need it’ and I went to bathroom. After a while when I returned, saw that those persons caught the fish and was quarrelling with each other for proper division among them.

Then I came inside the room to listen to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. I saw that Sailen Dey, Gopal Roy, Moni Dey, Basanta Ghosh and many others were seated there.

At the end many listeners left. Some of us were still sitting. At this moment brother Gopal told Jibankrishna, ‘My Lord, Say something about God.’ So standing on the floor Jibankrishna kept his hand on his chest and repeatedly said, ‘Oh my boy, man is God!’ Brother Gopal kept looking at him surprisingly. Then showing himself Jibankrishna patted mildly on his chest and said, ‘My boy, I am that God! I am that God!’

Hearing this Basanta began to shout in a sweet tone and raising his two hands, ‘Then who we are! Who we are!’ Seeing this Sailen also shouted jokingly melodious tune and raising both hands, ‘Then who we are! Who we are’!

At that moment we saw that Basanta lied down on the floor. We felt that he went into Samadhi state. Seeing this Sailen realized that this was not a joke. So he told somebody to bring water and raising Basanta splashed water on his face. At this moment my dream was off.

[Fish is a symbol of Atma or Soul. The seer saw Symbolic Atma.

In the second scene God-the-Preceptor gave his  own introduction through dream.]








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