(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 6, March, 2014

Chapter – 3



This world what you are seeing outside, is not really that. As soon as a child is born he projects this world outside from his body and lives there. Vedas have mentioned about a spider and his net. As a spider ejects net from his body and then lives there, similarly we also do the same thing. And it is the case with every creature.



We find in Koran that Mohammed used to go to Allah by a Chariot of seven horses. Actually it means seven nerves which are connected to the Seventh plane or Cerebrum. These nerves are Ira, Pingola, Susumna, Chitra, Bajrani and two others. These seven nerves are depicted as the chariot drawn by seven horses. He used to meet the Supreme one through these seven nerves.



Well, Sri Ramkrishna used to cry for God saying ‘Mother, Mother’, while Christ used to say ‘Father, Father!’ In Vedic period, the Rishis (Sages) also used the word ‘Father’ for want of God. Do you know what does it mean? They used to see God as their Father within their bodies teaching them Yogas. They could realize that God used to take the form of their fathers.

Mohammed’s God-the-Preceptor was Gabriel-Holy Ghost. I was instructed within my dream to read Koran and I learnt one valuable remarks. ‘Allah is great and intelligent with divine consciousness.



Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘If God preaches then only it will be perfect’. See here! You are getting the grace of God-the-Preceptor without giving any exertion. It happens automatically.

Listen, the traditional preaching will be abolished. One day will come when spiritualism will be preached by God-the-Preceptor among human race from within of course if he has religious prejudices. And whenever anyone gets his God-the-Preceptor he will see me within him.



If you consult the world religious history, you will find that all religious teachers wanted to unite all. Now come to the political history. What you will find? Take French revolution – what happened? Their slogans were –Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – means to unite all. Karl Marx – from economic point of view he tried to unite all and its indirect effect was Russian revolution in 1917 – to unite all. But were these successful?

After so long years we can see an initiation ‘Oneness’ where everybody is centralized to a point by seeing my form within the body. But when it will materialize in full-fledged form is very difficult to predict, though it has started. Vedas have mentioned, ‘He is the one, but others mention as many’.


July 13,1957

Shankaracharya wrote like this – ‘when I used to go for meditation inside the cave of Malabar hills (in India), Gourpad used to teach me’. But he could not understand that Gourpad used to come out of his body and teach him.

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) saw male and female Kinnaris while traveling through Himalayan ranges. He thought that those people used to live there. He also could not realize that they came out of his body.

People go to Kailash (At manas sarobar, China) hills. That is a very inaccessible place. Maximum people pay their salute from a distant place. Kailash is nearly 15,600 feet high. Very rarely a few people can reach there and hear a sound. They think that it is the sound of the hills or god Mahadeva. But not al all. If anybody goes to that altitude, this sound is heard from inside the body. When they return the sound vanishes. It is very difficult to understand this phenomenon.


January, 1958

Listen! Keep in mind the true explanation of love. When love comes, what a man does? He wants to convert those into him whom he loves. I have grown real love in me. I love myself so much that whoever I get within me, I transform the person he or she into my own form. This love is universal. For this reason God is called Universal lover. No one is high or low to Him. See, any class of people whether he is of the lowest class or higher class whenever come to my room, he is transformed into me. This is the real love – Universal love.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 6, March, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Jyotish Chandra Roychoudhary.

It was in the middle of December, 1956, Sunday. Availing a leave from the office I have come from Allahabad to my second brother Khitish Chandra Roychoudhary’s house at Howrah. The purpose was to solve a family problem.

In the noon time we were  having our lunch. In the mean time Radhu (Radhacharan Chatterjee, Mrs. Roychoudhury’s sister’s husband) accompanied by Hiru (Hiren Chatterjee) and Khitish’s friend. Then and there they started conversation about a holy. After some time Radhu told me, ‘Let’s go brother to that holy man. The fact is that, you have come here for that purpose without your knowledge.’ When we reached to that holy man’s residence, it was almost evening. The room was packed with listeners and the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was read. The holy man was seated on his cot with some listeners. On the floor were seated many more listeners among whom I saw my youngest maternal uncle Sudhin (Sudhindra Nath Sinha). Radhu and Hiru introduced me with the holy man whose name I come to know as Jibankrishna. With cordial welcome he invited me to sit near him and asked, ‘Have you ever read the Gospel my boy?’ I said, ‘Yes sir, to some extent I have read it But I have never seen Thakur Sri Ramkrishna in dreams.’ ‘Well, it is alright.’ Then he instructed the reader to continue reading. Some times he was giving the yogic interpretation of the Gospel during reading and there were changes in his body expression during this time. I have never seen such thing anywhere.

After a while the reading was stopped. My maternal uncle and many others started the devotional songs on Sri Ramkrishna. Before that he told me to start meditation and he himself started meditation along with many others who did not join the song.

The songs were finished and Jibankrishna’s meditation was over. My meditation was over before hand though it was my first meditation in my life. Then he asked me, ‘Have you seen anything in meditation my boy?’ I gave a negative answer. With a sweet smile he said, ‘ Well, it is okay.’

Carrying a great emotion I returned home. Next day I again went to Jibankrishna and as soon as I took my seat, he asked, ‘Have you seen a dream last night my boy?’ When again I gave him negative answer, with the same sweet smile he said, ‘Well, it is okay!’

It was the third night. It was about 4 A.M. Suddenly I woke up by a call from somebody, ‘Get up! Get up!’ Whether it was dream I could not understand. When in the morning I asked my brother, he said, ‘No, it was a dream, and it was a good dream.’ But I was not satisfied as I saw neither Jibankrishna nor Thakur. However, when I went to Jibankrishna in the afternoon, I narrated my vision to him. He listened to my vision and said, ‘It is okay.’ But I felt myself ashamed and decided not to go to him unless I would have seen him in dream.

In the same night, I saw such a remarkable dream which I never forgot in my life. It was as such:

On I huge globe I was I was walking restlessly. It was whirling. I was crossing from one latitude to and another and from one longitude to another. Suddenly in one place I stopped and the whirling of the globe stopped. I saw myself standing at the base of a mountain. All round there were numerous waterfalls. It was really an unnatural scene. With a great astonishment I looked forward and saw some huts. Among these, Three were special and those were adjacent. Again among these three huts the middle one was uncomparable in beauty.

Suddenly the door of the left hut opened. With a great surprise I saw that Jesus Christ was approaching towards me with a sweet smile raising both his hands. Again I saw that from the right hut Sri Ramkrishna opened the door and approached towards me. Jesus Christ disappeared and I was looking at Thakur with full satisfaction. Then I was more surprised when I saw that from the middle hut Jibankrishna was approaching towards me keeping Thakur behind me. After a while I noticed that Thakur vanished and only Jibankrishna remained. I was looking at him with fixed eyes and then coming near me held my hands and went inside the hut.

Entering into the hut I saw a huge open place just like a playground and was full of crowed, though boys and males were more in number. All of them were seated for supper. Among them many were European dresses of ancient ages as I saw Jesus and his disciples in the picture. Again there were many who wore Indian dresses of anicient days. None of them was familiar. Though there was a huge crowd, but there was no noise. The surrounding was very calm.

Jibankrishna placed me on place and arranging the plates went to bring food for me. I was waiting for a long time and thought that probably there was shortage of food stuff. Suddenly he brought some chapattis (Flat roasted wheat), and gave some on my plate. There were some golden color square preparation. After eating the chapattis these seemed so delicious to me and thought that unless I fed my friends I would not be happy. Suddenly with a great surprise I saw that these chapattis took the form of old scriptures and I packed them up in my cloth and returned.

In the evening I narrated the dream to Jibankrishna and he was very happy. He said, ‘My boy, you have dressed the root!’ You were present both in the eras of Jesus Christ and Thakur and already you are present now. Three rebirths were shown to you.

Radhu told him, ‘Brother decided not to come to you unless he saw you in dream.’ Hearing this he laughed and said, ‘ Is it so! Listen, this is called the fervent state.



Volume – 6, March, 2014



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 6, March, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

248)     “So  some,  after  attainment  of  knowledge  and  seeing  God  cast  away

their  bodies;  but  to  give  up  body  in  that  way  a  very  tall  talk”

Attainment of knowledge—means to see God in the form of Atma and to have the sense grown that ‘I am not body but I am God’.

Seeing  God—is to see the Universe in Atma—God.

I am Atma. The Universe is in Atma, that is, the Universe is in me—the Atma—God

But such realization comes only to one marked man of God in an era. So the question of casting away the body after attainment of knowledge does not arise. The attainment of knowledge—i.e. seeing God in the form of Atma identical with Atma and then to see that the Universe is in Atma are but rare realizations and they happen through sheer grace of God, as the blessed man of all these realizations is born to receive God’s commandment for relating the sportive forms of God as seen in the body.

249)     “Though  an  ordinary  man  is  a  victim  to  the  innumerable  troubles

and  miseries  of  the  world,  yet  the  better  sense  in  him  does  not  wake  up”

God does not emanate from the body of such a callous man.

250)     “A  hog  plum  has  but  stone  and skin  and  hardly  any  pulp”

There are some men in whose body God does not emanate and they never taste the sweetness and beatification of God’s emanation and disembodiment of Atma from the body. There body is but a burden of flesh and bones.

251)     “The  worm  that  grows  in  filth  is  quite  cosy  and  happy  there;  but  if  it  is

removed  and  kept  in  a  pot  of  pudding,  it  dies”

It is exactly the case with some men who cannot bear the company of holy and pious men. They leave the place at once if God’s glory is spoken of.

The yogic form of the metaphor runs thus  :—-

Worm grows in filth—An ordinary man’s mind is in the lower part of the body i.e.,  (a)  organ of evacuation, (b)  organ of generation, and  (c)  navel.

Pot  of  pudding—the seventh plane.

It  dies—An ordinary man (Jivakati) if reaches the cerebrum then he will die as he won’t be able to come down again. The best example is the death of young Avimanyu as depicted in the great epic Mahabharata.

252)     “It  is  only  God’s  grace  which  creates  a  keen  renunciation  in  a  man”

There are two kinds of renunciation. One is attained by self-exertion such as by spiritual discipline, fasting, keeping oneself confined to a monastery or in a solitary cave of mountain, etc,; and the other is spontaneous. Even in a case of self-exertion there is God’s grace, as otherwise such thoughts and action would not have occurred and come. But in a case where spontaneous renunciation comes, it is different. This spontaneous renunciation comes of them who have got spontaneous emanation in their body. The more the emanation of God in the body takes place the more renunciation is expressed in the outer world. The maximum manifestations of renunciation were expressed and also seen in the body of Thakur so far they could be had in the record of the world. If a piece of coin, even any metal, were placed in his hand, his hand would immediately get Paralysed. If a woman would come to him then he used to see utter darkness or his life-power would spontaneously be transformed into formless God within him i.e., he would be in Samadhi.

253)     “There  is  a  drought  in  a  certain  place”

There is want of God’s grace there. In a dream if a man sees to rain, then it is a divine dream and the shower of rain is the form of God’s grace.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 6, March, 2014


Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 11

The effect after listening to the reading of Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book

Motital Das is a regular listener of the Reading Center at residence, Nabanagar, Andul, Howrah Town (West Bengal, India) where the Bengal book of Jibankrishna (Diamond) ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ is read regularly.

After listening to the reading, within a few days he saw a dream. It was March 6, 1989 and the dream is thus according to his narration.

I was seeing the ocean of light inside my room. It was covering the whole surrounding I was walking on it saying, ‘This is the ocean of great bliss (Sacchidananda).

Suddenly I saw that some people were running towards me raising both their hands and sitting on the ocean I was saying loudly ‘Jibankrishna, Jibankrishna’. At this moment my dream was off and I felt a great divine joy.

Mrs. Renuka Das, wife of Mr. Motilal Das has opened a Reading Center at her residence, Nabanagar, Andul of Howrah Town where the Bengali book of Jibankrishna (Diamond) is read regularly. She has narrated her experience thus :

I came to know first about Jibankrishna from Beleghata Center, Kolkata. After 6-7 years of my first attendance at this Center, one day in the month of November I saw Jibankrishna in dream. It is as such :

During this time I was suffering to a great extent from my family hazard. One day I saw a dream. There was a huge pond and in the midst of it a large snake was seen. Then it came out of the water and I had no way to run out. SO I sat down with folded legs and the snake climbed up and gradually fixed on my body. It penetrated its mouth into my mouth and gradually poured poison. I kept on sitting with my head down. My body became paralyzed gradually and I thought that I was going to die. I attempted to raise my head and then saw that the snake went away. I stood up slowly and saw that Lord Shiva held the head of a huge snake firmly with his right hand. He wore tiger skin holding Trisul (Three headed spears) on his left hand and had a strongly built body.

Seeing the snake I cried, ‘Again snake’! Looking at Lord Shiva I saw that he had just finished his bath and suddenly he was transformed into Jibankrishna. He seemed to finish his bath wearing a towel.

Seeing Jibankrishna I said, ‘Father you! Father you’! I started crying and said to him, ‘Father, you have to say what is my fault. Why I am suffering so much.’

Patting on my body and head he began to consol me. When he was going to go away, I told him, ‘Father, don’t go! Don’t go’!

While going away he sat on the ground with bend knees and was observing through some banana plants what I was doing. At that time I was continuously crying and here my dream was off.

[Within a few days all the hazards of my family were eliminated and I started a reading center at my residence where Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ used to be read regularly. Later on the number of listeners increased and all of them started seeing Jibankrishna in dreams and got peace and divine joy in their life.

In the year 1980 one day I saw a strange dream :

There was a huge pond and the water was looking like glass. It was fenced all round. Outside the fence my father Mani was standing and I was inside. My husband and I was drinking the pond water with both the hands.  Seeing the water somebody was saying, That is ‘Sacchidanandabari’ (Water of God). Hearing this I asked that unknown person, ‘Is my husband drinking that God’s water’? I got the answer, ‘Yes, he is drinking God’s water.’

The scene changed. Carrying a jug I went to the same pond to take the water. Some unknown voice was heard, ‘can a jug of one seer (nearly one kilogram) capacity be filled up with four seer water? Then that unknown person said, ‘Why do you worry? You are the servant of God, you need not worry and be tensed. You are liberated! You are liberated! You are liberated.’ My dream was off.

[The dream is self – explanatory].