(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 7, April, 2014

Chapter – 4



Why such miraculous phenomenon happens encircling me? I am the most mysterious man in the arena of the universe. No other mysterious man is born other than me. Can you say why? Whatever ideologies about traditional religions have been existing so far this phenomenon has crashed everything. It is showing that a true religion occurs encircling a living human being. Here so many people say that they have seen me before they come to me. Do you know why? I am one with nature. Nay, a bit more – I am the nature.

Universalism is much higher than individualistic austerity

March, 1958.

This phenomenon happening here is termed as Universalism, much higher than individualism. Here all are same, there is no different in the spiritual world. This is oneness.

Sri Ramkrishna had individualistic austerity. We have universal austerity. Whatever individualistic realization I had, I discarded. I visualized that you will have the realizations above fifth plane. So the austerity above fifth plane will be transformed into universalism.

A man first will achieve knowledge of self. Then good attributes will grow in him. No effort is required for this. When he will know that he himself is Brahma of ‘Self’, then only he will get ‘self knowledge’. Step by step he will be promoted to higher self.

I have discarded even ‘Parama Brahma’ (superior self), as this created egoism. I have discarded knowledge of ‘Thou’, as this is individualistic austerity. Here everybody is getting the knowledge of ‘self’. Everybody is seeing me within.

In Vedas it is mentioned, who talks in dreams, he is Brahma (God).

The meaning of hidden austerity

March, 1958.

Whatever austerities are manifested within you, I don’t know anything about it. I have understood the meaning of hidden austerities after so many years. Whatever realizations you are experiencing you can understand yourselves. It is same with me also, so to each it is hidden. For this reason this is called hidden sportive forms of God. In universalism nothing is required to be said to anybody. They themselves can understand, I have not surprised you by any means. And nothing I have kept unexposed. So long you do not get anything within you, I do not say, ‘you have to do this thing, that thing.’

In Pantheism it is mentioned – one is all and all is one. Further to say that ‘A normal life is universal and a perfect life is to realize oneself in all’ – you are understanding it now!

We have got a concrete picture of human being – In a living human being God is manifested. And we are one in that point. But I don’t want to keep any separate entity in this ‘one’, because it also produces egoism. So ‘All is all’ is established now. I am an ordinary man, I am a very simple man. I have told everybody that ‘A moral life is universal’- ‘one’ does not exist. Then ‘All is All’. In realization there is no imagination. This is established here.

The worldly life is controlled by spiritual life

March, 1958.

This worldly life will become perfect with the advancement of divinity. Here one is transformed into another. Because, from animal passion to divinity – such is the transformation. Though it will happen in due course of time.  And you see my life – a normal life is universal and a perfect life is to realize oneself in all. Three days before I got an oracle, ‘You are in perfectness’.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 7, April, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Nirod Baran Roy

Part 1

I cannot say exactly the date, but it was a day of November, 1955 when I had the opportunity of meeting Jibankrishna at Kadamtala, Howrah.

One of my colleagues Jiten Bairagi often discussed about God and offered several times to go to a holy man at Kadamtala. But I never felt any urge to go. Ultimately I could not avoid it and had to go to Jibankrishna. In the meanwhile let me say about a divine dream seen by me on a day of December, 1945. In the dream I saw that I had gone to Brindaban ( A sacred place of Hindus where Lord Krishna spent many years according to Hindu mythology). The road where I was walking was narrow and covered with morum. The surroundings were very beautiful full of bushes here and there along with trees. Sweet voices of various birds were heard and peacocks were roaming everywhere. I saw that on the leaves of trees some reddish words were  inscribed. Out of curiocity I examined a leaf and saw that these words, ‘Hare Krishna hare Ram were inscribed in red letters. I examined other leaves and saw the same words. I was full of divine joy and divine shivering in my body. When I woke up I saw that I saw sweating even during the winter season.

On the first day in the evening when I went inside the house of Jibankrishna, I saw that he was seated on the floor. Many people were listening to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna with rapt attention. The reader was Dhiren Ghosh. When after bowing down I sat on the first floor, Jibankrishna asked with a very sweet voice, ‘My boy, are you coming here for the first time?’ Jiten Bairagi introduced me as his office colleague. Jibankrishna said, ‘Sit my boy, listen to the reading.’ After a few minutes Jibankrishna said, ‘Those who will want meditate.’ I had no idea how to meditate and I confessed it to Jibankrishna. So he said, ‘Look at the portrait of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) on the wall and sit with closed eyes.’ I sat according to his instruction for a while. After I closed my eyes his form began to appear before me again and again. After a while I saw a hazy temple. Gradually it became clear and I saw that it was the Kali tample of Dakshineswar (where Sri Ramkrishna spent major part of his life) and in front of it Thakur Sri Ramkrishna was standing. Then he vanished and saw goddess Kali inside the temple.’

When I opened my eyes I saw that Jibankrishna was still in meditation with many others. After a while with a sigh Jibankrishna opened his eyes and asked me, ‘My boy, have you seen anything? I saw that you had a good meditation.’ I narrated what I saw and with a smile he said, ‘Your vision is very good.’

Gradually many listeners went away and when the crowd was thin I sat near him and narrated to him my first dream mentioned before. I also said that I went to Brindaban later on but could not get that divine joy which I got in my dream. He said, ‘It was a very nice dream and this showed your previous birth. You have seen the dream within you and so you got such divine joy. Come again my boy.’

Henceforth according to my opportunities I started going to Jibankrishna. Whenever I had gone to him, he used to ask whether I had seen any dream. But every time with a great disappointment I had to give him negative answer, because every time I saw that many were narrating their dreams. Not only that, they used to narrate the dreams of their family members and even their maids. After a few days I saw him in a dream. In a small house Jibankrishna was seated alone. I went to him and sat. He asked, ‘Oh, you have come! Sit, sit! Whenever you will find time, come to me like this’. When I woke up my mind was full of divine joy. When in the afternoon I went to him, I narrated my dream. He said, ‘Oh, you have seen a dream. Well! Well!

My next dream was that I was seated in front of Jibankrishna. Then gradually he started vanishing and ultimately in his place Sri Ramkrishna came. Lastly goddess kali was seen.

Hearing this dream Jibankrishna said, ‘Oh my boy; it is good as your preceptor and Ista were merged.’ Henceforth, whenever I went to him, he used to ask, ‘Hey, has your wife seen any dream?’ Strangely within a few days she had a dream. She saw that she was seated for worship and in the meantime a strongly built aged gentleman with bare upper body stood in front her and said, ‘Are you seated for worshiping? Well, sit, sit.’ The dream was then off. When she narrated this dream to me and described the body stature of the old man, I had this belief that she must have seen Jibankrishna. When I told her about my belief, she became very eager to corroborate the man with Jibankrishna. But as there was restriction about the entry of woman to Jibankrishna’s room I prevented her from going there.

After hearing my wife’s dream Jibankrishna said, ’Oh, my brain pressure is not relieved!’

After a few days my wife took the daughter of Jiten to Jibankrishna’s residence and from outside she gave a glance inside the room and identified Jibankrishna to be the same man seen in her dream.



Volume – 7, April, 2014

Chapter 23


102.      After the previous dream I saw a statue of Napoleon and thought—oh! What a brave hero he was! He could not care any sort of obstacles in his life!

[After this dream, a new feeling came in me—Nothing seemed to be obstacles to me. Perhaps the attributes of Napoleon were stamped into me as because to see somebody in dream means his attributes also falls on the seer.

As days passed, there were many changes in me—the feelings of irritations were removed and a sense of calmness was coming.]


103.     Mid week of March, 1976.

The day Mr. Dhiren Mondal, a companion of Diamond came back from the residence (Sainthia, Birbhum District) of Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh, another companion of Diamond, I had a dream at night –I was going to Mr. Ghosh’s residence and as soon as I went nearer to his residence, I was in ecstasy and the words ‘Bhagawan’ ‘Bhagawan’(God) used to be uttered spontaneously from my mouth . As soon as I entered the house of Mr. Ghosh, I said to myself, ‘Oh! I have not brought anything with me. I have come with only one cloth’! Hearing this Mr. Ghosh began laughing and said, ‘Don’t worry’ it doesn’t matter’. Then what happened, I couldn’t remember after the dream went off.

[Here the dream indicates that the seer is reaching a superior stage in the spiritual world where he is becoming devoid of any materialistic matters and his sense of God is persisting in his body always.]


104.     31st March, 1976 .    Early morning dream  :  Mr. Indranath Mukherjee, a companion of Diamond, during discussions with me, was saying, ‘I shall only eat and sleep, then let anything be happened (in the spiritual world) . Dream went off .

[ The dream shows the condition of Mr. Mukherjee confirming the effect of the saying of Sri Ramkrishna Deva .’I shall eat and sleep ——- .It means the spiritual manifestation will come automatically, nothing to do . The effect also may come to the seer .]


105 .     3rd  April ,  1976 .   Early morning dream  :  Mr. Dhiren Mondal, Diamond’s companion, was  standing in front of me and his left cheek  swelled with ‘Bhava; (ecstasy). The dream went off.

The dream indicates the stage of another devotee which is generally seen by a seer during his  period of austerity—as  the past, present and future—everything is within the human body . As and when necessary anything can be seen in dream or realization.


106.  4th April,  1976 .   Before going to bed at night, I was seated on my bed with legs hanging from the bed . A song appeared in my brain ‘Banophool Dole…’ (a devotional song ) and continued. Gradually symptoms of ecstasy with body hairs straightening and divine joy appeared in my body. The body began to swing with emotion, eyes closed and the existence of the Holy Ghost Jibankrishna became prominent, this stage persisted for a long time and then I went on sleep. Even after the night this condition persisted for two more days and then disappeared.

[This condition seemed to be the after-effect of the dream seen on the previous day where a symptom of ecstasy appeared in Mr. Dhiren Mondal. It explains that attributes of a person seen in the dream may appear within the seer provided his body is pure and receptive.]


107.   5th April, 1976.  Dream at mid night:   Along with Mr. Ramkrishna Ghosh, a companion of Diamond I had gone to the residence of Mr. Ghagendra Nath Ghosh at Sainthia, Birbhum District. Then all  of us came together to Kolkata . Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh accompanied by Mr. Ramkrishna Ghosh went out somewhere . After a while they came back to  me. The dream went off.

[In dream this type of accompany with other devotees off and on has got some good effects on the seer, as, long time back, in a dream such accompany pleased Jibankrishna and he said to the seer’, ‘Look, you are mixing with the devotees (in the dream) in such way—this will be good to you and the effect of dreams will be permanent within your body’].


108.   9th April, 1976.

Early morning dream:  Mr. Indranath Mukherjee and I were going to the residence of Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh at Sainthia. Mr. Dhiren Mondal said, ‘I shall also go’. So I waited for him at the time of their departure . But ultimately news came that he would not be able to go as he fell in an accident. Hearing this I became gloomy. But after a while he came and said, ‘It is nothing, the accident is not serious’. In spite of that he was unable to accompany us and the dream went off .

[The same thing happened in reality—Mr. Mondal, due to some unavoidable circumstances couldn’t accompany us for Sainthia, although I was completely unaware that Mr, Mondal decided to go with us to Sainthia.

This phenomenon, i.e., seeing the past or future in a dream is possible because the whole universe is within a human brain including past, present and future. Whenever necessary, this can be seen in dreams.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 7, April, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

254)     “The  Peasantry  began  to  excavate  elongated  channel

to  bring  water  to  the  field”.

These people want to get God by self-exertion.

Channel—represents the hollow in the backbone as this is the passage of the life-power to the cerebrum or the seventh plane.

Water—here represent life-power.

255)     “Till   the  channel  meets  the  river”

Till life-power reaches the cerebrum.

256)     “Daughter  and  wife”

These two forms of womanhood are the greatest bondage and fetters to a man. Wife is but an ephemeral charmer and a daughter is the image of softness and sweetness, i.e., good qualities. Both of them are fetters, one is absorptive and the other is distractive.

257)     “The  peasant  held  a  chase,  spade  in hand and scared

away  both  wife  and  daughter”

The man broke the bondage of woman. He freed himself from the fetters of charming illusion (Maya) around a man.

258)     “The channel  was  connected  with  the river”.

The life-power in the man reached the cerebrum or the seventh plane.

259)     “Then  the  peasant  took  his  bath  and  meal”

Then the man realized various sportive forms of God.

260)     “At  last  the  peasant  slept”

The man attained no-ego state—the last phase of transformation of life-power when there is no-ego-consciousness. It is called Sthitha Samadhi or merging into the Great Cause.

261)     “The  woman  and  Gold keep  God  tied  up  in  the

body and  do  not  permit  God’s  liberation”.

Woman and Gold must be shunned in case of a man, and in case of woman, she must be shunning the company of man and gold.

“A man will be he-eunuch and a woman will be she-eunuch; then there will be liberation of God from the body”.  —Shri  Ramkrishna.

It does not mean physical but it is to embrace voluntary renunciation.

You must be earning your livelihood but it must be an honest earning and it will not be allowed to exceed your bare requirements. So far gold is permitted to be earned, as otherwise you have got to depend on others and that is also an impediment,

The man who is blessed with spontaneous liberation of God from the body is not required to exert himself for abstaining from “woman and gold”.

“The father has got his child on his shoulder and there is no fear for the child to have a fall”. —Sri Ramkrishna.

The man who is blessed with the protection of God will keep himself aloof from the company of woman and he will never accept any gift of money from others. These two phenomena will be distinctly marked in the usual course of his everyday life.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 7, April, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 12

The effect after listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) book


Madhusudan Samanta first heard about Jibankrishna at the reading center of Biswanath Ghosh’s residence at Howrah. His narration is such :

After attending the reading center I started seeing Jibnakrishna in my dreams. But I remembered a dream seen long time before attending the reading center.

1.        I had gone to the Kali temple at Dakshineswar. It seemed to me that Sri Ramkrishna was staying here at present. But as I could not find him at the temple, I went to find near the river Ganges flowing beside. I saw that the water was dried up on the southern side, and standing on that land Sri Ramkrishna was making a structure of the goddess Durga’s idol. Silently I stood beside him. After a long time he once looked at me. At this moment my dream was off.

I was about 25-26 years old when I saw this dream. Now I am 73.

2.        About two years back one night I was dreaming that I was arranging to go to a big religious conference. All the listeners of the reading center were communicated. Jibankrishna would say something on spiritualism in that conference. We were supposed to go there via the river Ganges. For this purpose a boat was highered. Beds were placed on the floor of the coat. There were three pillows for the comfort of Jibankrishna, as we had to cover a long distance. The boat was beautifully arranged.

The boat was ready and JIbankrishna boarded along with all of us. We were altogether 10-12 in number. I could remember some of the companions who were Sailen, Gopal, Dilip, Naba, Moni and Biswanath.

Now the boat left the ferry. We all were enjoying the journey. After covering a long distance we noticed from the boat the conference place. We noticed that the ferry where we had to get down was full of mud. We were worried thinking how Jibankrishna would get down there. We discussed with the steerman. They sailed the boat on the mud in such a fashion that the boat smoothly moved and the mud was automatically displaced on both sides. Where we stopped was a bit dry land.

Now all of us got down and approached towards the conference place. Nearing the ball we noticed that the lecture platform was made a bit high, and decorated with flower garments. Microphones and lights were arranged on all sides. But strangely the place was looking a bit dark.

As soon as we reached the entrance door, all the lights were turned on and the place was looking luminous. We realized that this illumination was due to the presence of Jibankrishna. At this moment my dream was off.

[This is a kind of sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor.]

3.        One night in the year 1993 I saw a dream : I was talking to Biswanath standing near his residence. At this moment I saw that Sri Ramkrishna was passing by my right side Jibankrishna was passing by my left side. Showing Sri Ramkrishna I was telling Biswanath, ‘He has given Jibankrishna the Honey Cult (mentioned in Upanishad.). While saying this my dream was off.

[Through Honey Cult Jibankrishna is seen by myriads of people in dreams, trances, meditation establishing oneness.]


Nikhil Ghosh Dastidar is a regular reader of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (English version is Religion and Realization) at his residence of Jigacha V.I.P. Colony, Howrah Town.

He narrated one of his drea seen in the last part of May,1995 how he saw Jibankrishna in a dream.

The dream is as such :

I was doing a work very attentively sitting on my cot. In the meantime a very familiar person came inside my room and sat on my cot. Without raising my head from my work I started talking to him. I could only see his feet upto his knee. Once he asked me, ‘Well, will you go’? I said, ‘See, it is not wise to go there every day.’

He said, ‘Why’? Then I said, ‘Where we go is a sacred place. If those people who have made this world dirty and impure go there and make the same thing, what will happen?

He said, ‘Oh no! Can ordinary people go there’?

Hearing this I remembered a previous day’s incident of going there (as if I often go there with him).

At this moment that scene appeared before my eyes and I saw that both of us were rising upwards. After rising to a certain height it seemed as if we were falling inside a tunnel. After descending to a certain distance we again rose up and stood on such a place which was blocked in front of us. Looking on the back side I observed that leaning on any direction we would fall down inside the tunnel.

I was thinking where had we come! Looking at him I realized that he could guess my mind. With a smiling face he leaned in front and began to roll the blocked portion like a curtain. After rolling it upwards the passage was made and both of us went to the other side. The scene was interrupted by his voice, ‘Oh, will you go’? With these words he held my hand. I clearly saw that he held my hand, though I had no sensation in my hand. At this moment I could clearly see his body though the face was bit hazy.

Just now I saw that my another form came out of my body and holding that body he began to rise upwards and my previous body was lying on the floor.

As he was rising upwards with this body. I saw That my previous body lying on the floor was shivering. Just at this moment my dream was off and after turning on the light I noticed that one of the corner of my mosquito net was teared, the pillow fell on the floor and everything was in a chaotic condition. I tried to get up but couldn’t as my heart was severely palpitating and I was sweating. After staying in such a condition for a long time I become normal and drank a glass of water.

Being normal I remembered the dream and realized that I saw Jibankrishna in my dream because in a previous dream I heard his voice.

[The dream showed the grace of God-the-Preceptor on the seer. It indicated that the seer’s life – force entered from the sixth plane to the seventh plane through removing the passage by God-the-Preceptor. Another body was his causal body which experiences divine realizations by the grace of God.]



Volume – 7, April, 2014



By Debkumar Choudhury

Part 1

My own self in different Name & Forms I

At the very outset I would like to extend to you my hearty thanks for giving me an opportunity to speak of a subject which is old in title but new in substance. I have some Parsi friends who are very intimate with my Master i.e., ‘Diamond’. I have noticed that they are not confined in dogmatism and are broad enough to approach truth. I do expect the same spirit from my other friends present here. Let us all come together and know truth which is same for all irrespective of one’s religious faith. I earnestly appeal to you to give me a patient hearing.

My subject, is Religion. But I have chosen to concentrate on a topic which has been mentioned in your Pamphlet as “The Manifestation of God in the human body”.

I will prefer the term ‘truth’ to ‘religion’. The truth I speck is the eternal truth which vibrated, vibrates and shall vibrate in the heart of every member of the human race ever born, is born today and to be born in future. This truth gets its origin in the human body, manifests itself in various stages and ultimately envelops the entire globe. This is a truth which man has been seeking for since the time when he was in the cradle of civilization; this is a truth which is bound to satisfy every seeker of truth—a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Parsi or even an atheist; because, it is not to be attained by philosophical studies but  is established by positive proof borne by thousands and thousands of men, women and children belonging to almost all known religions of the world.I will endeavour to explain, to you how the truth originates in the human body, how it develops and how it pervades the entire world. It is nothing but spontaneous evolution of the life-power. Broadly speaking, there are two types of development of the life—power—inward and outward. Generally, we take into account only the outward development which is manifested in outward activities of a man. Here, however, we are concerned with the inward development of the life-power in a man. How does this development take place? Here I will use one Vedic lore which is to be found in Chhandogya Upanishad and runs thus :

“Ebam Eba Esha Samprasada.

Asmat Sarirat Samuthyaya.

Param Jyoti Upasampadya,

Swena Rupena Abhinispadyate;

Sa Uttama Purusha”.

“The literal meaning of this Sloka is this;

Thus rising from the body of this marked

man it attans Supreme Light. And this

attainment is proveid by his own form.

He is the best man.

But the literal translation will not do. We will have to go deep into it. Let me tell you that the exact content of this sloka cannot be unfolded unless the things as spoken of in this Sloka actually happens. Let us analyse the Sloka. It can be divided into several parts. In the first part we find thus rising from the body of this marked man. Who is this ‘marked man’? Yes, he is not an ordinary man. The ‘marked man’ is he in whose body the life power spontaneously gets transformed into God, or to be more precise, Atma.