(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume- 8, April, 2014

Chapter – 5

Past and future are merged in present

March, 1958.

In life time nothing can be said what will happen after death. God keeps that in quite darkness The present is true. In time annihilation it can be realized that the present exists only. Everything of the past is in the present in finer forms. The present is already there. Again the future happenings can be seen in present. Then everything is in ‘present’.

Diamond donated himself among humanities

March, 1958.

Sri Ramkrishna used to say, donation of ‘self knowledge’ is superior than those of worldly materials and traditional knowledge. What I have donated? I have donated my own self to humanities. I don’t know anything that you see me within you unless you let me know. It means you have become converted into me. Is there any self interest that I have given away my everything to you? No! It is for self enjoyment being from within you. And, this is an ideology that I am negating everything which has produced an effect in me. That is the manifestation of my form within you as ‘Bibhu’. It means the supreme self.

Every man is God but there should be manifestation within a human being

19th April, 1958.

Every human being has the birth right to become God, though it should be manifested. To see God means to become God – A man is converted into God, though his manifestation varies according to necessities in different eras. Just see here, what a wonderful phenomenon has been created by God! I am a living human being and a very simple man, spent my livelihood by service. And see, how many divine realizations are occurring among countless people encircling me! Of course I have also experienced numerous individualistic realizations.

All are basic things. Then we can conclude that a human being can be transformed into God.

Oh! For this reason we have realized the comments of Rishi Uddalak (in Upanishad) while saying to his son Svetoketo  ‘Thou art Svetoketo’. A man is God. Though some may say, ‘Where is the omnipotency’? No doubt God is omnipotent. Time is infinite. So there will be infinite phenomena, because God’s sportive forms are infinite. It should be realized like this – it will manifest according to necessity.

When a man attains Godhood innumerable people will see him within themselves

19th April, 1958.

When a man sees deities or Prophets within themselves, it carries little sense, because it seems as if there are different gods. But that won’t do. A man is transformed into God. And thousands and thousands of people irrespective of religions, ages and sexes will see him within themselves and then gain the true Religion. He will then understand what is true religion. It should be definite and then only the man will understand clearly what you are experiencing here, that is the Truth. Oh! Man is Brahma and the proof is borne by myriads of people. See I also used to discard these things beforehand. But for a long period when I experienced such wonderful phenomenon, I began to realize all these.

The whole universe is within this human body

19th April, 1958.

Where is this Universe? This is also within you.  At the time of birth the child reflects the world and lives within it. This reflection is spontaneous and for this reason the man cannot realize it.

In Vedas it is mentioned like this: The spider ejects the net from saliva from its body and lives within it. Though it is one-sided comparison. Through realization it can be realized. Beforehand I used to think that such big universe is within me! But actually it is so. After visualization of ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’, when the seer gets the experience of visualizing the universe within ‘Atman’, then only it can be understood. Then what happens? This universe is transformed into seed form, seed is merged into dream and ultimately the dream vanishes.

Manifestation of Universal Religion in Diamond’s era – but there is no end of it

21st April, 1958.

Well, you have got me as your God-the-Preceptor. Now come on, even if the whole human race see me within them like you, it will not serve the purpose. Even after this there may be innumerable phenomena. Everything happens by the wish of God, it means these happen automatically.

I have to eat every day. How people do understand if I am called Universal man? But see, here this phenomenon has manifested.

We shall only consider human beings, not the animals, trees and other creatures. Because they are not coming here to say, ‘Sir, we have seen within ourselves’. But listen, to every creature this earth exists according to their own necessities. See, how tough is my brain! I am talking only about human being!



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 8, April, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Nirod Baran Roy

Part -2

Now two more dreams are coming in my memory. One night I dreamed that somebody told me that Jibankrishna was very ill and he would go to Benaras. He would never return. Hearing this news my heart became heavy with sorrow and went on thinking that I would never hear such sweet and cordial welcome ‘come my boy, come!’ I thought that I got very little time to go to him and now that would also go.

On that very day (in dream) I went to Jibankrishna and saw that he was half lying on the floor. I bowed down to him by putting my head on his feet and was patting his legs (That time there was restriction to touch his feet in reality). He said, ‘What is the matter? To-day I saw that your devotion is flooded. Get up, get up. Tell me what happens’. I said, ‘You know that happens, what shall Isay to you’. He said, ‘Oh, you are thinking that everything is lost to you. See, God is within you. It is God’s world, whatever is to be done. He will do it, what will you do. It required He will drag you up. You live, eat and remember Him always.’ Here my dream was off. This dream made a deep impression throughout my life.

The second vision I had in half-Conscious state one day being tired I was returning from office by train. My eyes become closed with fatigue, suddenly I heard a very loud sound and somebody was saying, ‘Do you know what is this ? This is called ‘Nad’ (Cosmic sound). Nad is Brahma (God), this is eternal and is always in action. How does it happen?’ Saying this he began to call by my name with great extension – ‘Ni-Ro-D-Ba- Ran’. At that moment I was feeling that this sound was arising from my naval region. In the meanwhile the train started and crossed several stations. I went on thinking, what had happened to me!

One day I told Jibankrishna about this realization. He said, ‘ Oh, what an era it is! How many people gave self-exertion for eras after eras to get such realization and here without any effort you are getting such kind of realization! This is called the penetration of ‘Nad’ (Cosmic sound). Whatever obstruction will come during austerity is removed by this sound.’

I missed the opportunity to accompany jibankrishna when went to Benaras. I felt hurt for this. But it was removed when I got the opportunity to go to him when he was living at Puri for some months. I stayed for one day only and I met him with my child daughter.

After a few months I went to Puri with my family and stayed for some days in a rented house near Jibankrishna’s rented house. One day I took my old father and daughter to him. Later on I had the opportunity to stay with him at puri. I saw that he was helping Dhiren Mondal in cooking. When Dhiren went away I became in-charge of cooking. I used to feel great satisfaction after seeing his satisfaction for my cooking, but at the same time he was always eager and cautious about our supper.

For 19 days I was with him in Puri. Only one day I saw a dream. In the noontime after finishing the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna , Jibankrishna was about to go for a walk and I was seated on an easy-chair in front of him. I was looking at him and then suddenly my head was feeling dizzy. My eyes became closed and a question arose in my mind – Who is he? Just at this moment I saw the clear sky and saw huge leter ‘ Maw’ inscribed in the sky. I was thinking then that Sri Ramkrishna said that ‘Maw’ means Almighty God and ‘Raa’ means universe. Then and there I realized that Jibankrishna is God. After a while when told him about my vision, he only gave a sweet smile. This was my only dream in Puri. Always I was cautious that he should not feel any trouble. For these days I forgot everything even my family.

My next accompaniment with Jibankrishna was in Srirampur (Hooghly district, West Bengal). It was almost like a mess and many of his companions used to come after their office hours. I noticed that he used to become restless about what they would be fed. He himself arranged their food stuff and then with satisfaction sat for reading the Gospel.

In one noon time after lunch I was sitting and fell in trance. I heard that somebody was saying, ‘Kamchar was completed’. Several times I heard it and was surprised, that I have never heard this word ‘Kamchar’. However, When I told Jibankrishna about this vision, he told others, ‘What a strange action of God. In the morning we discussed about this word and still we are discussing about it but he does not know anything about our discussion!’

For about two months he stayed at Srirampur and then again came back to his cousin brother Maniklal Bose at Kadamtala. From there they shifted to Betaitala, Howrah. During that time he was not well. Now he is not with us in physical body, but we are not still deprive of his grace. Still now he appears in my dreams.

With the last dream I shall conclude:

In a small room he was seated alone. I went there and bowed down to him. He said, ‘ Come my boy, are you well?’ I said, ‘Yes, I am well, but I can not see you in dream off and on.’ He gave a sweet smile and said, ‘ It is okay my boy! It is okay!’

May, 1977,

Sri Rampur, Hooghly, West Bengal.



Volume – 8, April, 2014


109. 14th April , 1976.

In reality  Mr. Indranath Mukherjee and I were staying  at Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh’s house at Saintha. At noon Mr. Mukherjee was reading the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’(the Bengali version of the book ‘Religion and Realisation’ by Diamond picked up in the Street’). I was listening with great attention, and fell in trance.  Then suddenly the face of my youngest aunt appeared   hazily in front of my eyes, and it became gradually distinct. Then the trance was off.

[The name of Aunt is ‘Kalyani’ which means who creates goodness. This means the seer will have the blessings always by the body or ‘Adya Sakti’(The oldest power or another form of the goddess Kali’). Here the figure of a human face appeared before the seer, which means the seer is devoid of any prejudices of old religious traditions.]


110.   16th April, 1976.   Place:  Sainthia (Birbhum  Dist).

Early morning dream:  Khagendra Nath Ghosh was saying –For sometime nobody will see him ( Jibankrishna) in dream.  I said, ‘how is it possible’? Still he said, ‘No, that will happen’. Here ended the dream.

[In recent days,  Khagen Ghosh was being frequently seen in dream by the seer . Khagendra means ‘Garura’,(a mythological hero of the Vedic era and his  great activities have been described in Purana mythology.Ultimately he got the boon of ‘Narayana’ or ‘Bhagaban Vishnu’ to become his Sarathi and was placed on the top of his Chariot) . The dream indicates that there is a possibility in future that the seer may achieve the attributes of ‘Garura’.

In reality after 17 years, in a dream(21/9/93) the seer was really transformed into Garura and was announced by an oracle that the seer had become ‘Garura’. This means that the seer will achieve the attributes of Garura.]


111.     18th April ,  1976 .   After returning from  Khagendra Nath Ghosh ‘s house at Sainthia, I had a dream at night—Different types of figures of woman folks were passing by in front of  my  eyes. I was observing all these with thoughts that during the period of austerity these types of allurements come to the life of a seer! But  immediately I ignored all these and thought. ‘let these come and hang it’!

Thereafter he began to have discussions with one of my friend named ‘Siddhartha’ and then went to a house to see a known person named Bimala Kinkar whom I saw being trapped in some women folks . I was in a hurry to go to Taltala to meet Jibankrishna’s companions, so I started and went to a far-off house where I found Jibankrishna living in that house. I complained to him about the annoyance made to me by woman folks. Hearing this he came out of the house with a glaring and hard looking eyes. This expression revealed to me that he took charge of me with protection against all allurements.  With a great relief I started for Taltala and here the dream went off.

[The dream reveals that during the period of austerity many such allurements will come but by the grace of the Holy Ghost all will be removed. The same condition came in the life of Gautam Buddha during his period austerity when he was known as Siddhartha In dream the friend Siddhartha explains the name-sake.]


112.  22nd April, 1976.

Early in the morning when I was in a condition of waking up, suddenly the figure of  Mrityunjay Roy appeared before me in trance and then disappeared . Before this vision in the dream I had been to  Arun Ghosh’s residence where  Dhiren Mondal was also present.

[Here the trance indicates that the form of the seer’s figure may retain forever.]

In recent days some realizations in reality appeared in me:

(1)         One day I had gone to Taltala. The day was cloudy. After sitting in the room for a while. I fell in a drowsy condition, my eyes began to close from time to time and it seemed to me as if something was happening in my brain, as if my brain was covering the whole outer world and everything was within my brain. This condition became clear when I came outside and was walking on the road. In a place some people were quarreling with each other and the seer with the same condition prevailing in the room felt as if they were quarreling within his brain—both outside and inside became simultaneous to him . This condition persisted for two more days and then became normal.

[After about two years of this realization the seer realized that this condition was described in Upanishad—the universe is within Atma orSoul. Whatever happens inside, simultaneously it occurs outside being projected by the seer. The seer had the same realization.]

I had another realization in another day in reality—After waking up in one morning, I felt that the name ‘Jibankrishna’ was automatically coming out of my mouth. After a while the name ‘Jibankrishna’ began to come out of my body like flowers pouring everywhere. A feeling of great calmness came in my mind. The previous realization was also experienced by Jibankrishna in his early years.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 8, April, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

262)     “When  a  woman  accompanies  a  man,

he  is  doomed  to  lose  his  spiritual  power”

The human body is so constituted that man and woman in close contact with each other acts and reacts over each other’s body. It holds up the progress of transformation of life-power; nay, not only this, but it lulls the life-power into sleep. If life-power gets asleep there it will sleep for good and then there will be no upward course for it.

It was the garden-house in Cossipore—a suburb ofCalcutta. Here Thakur was taken for treatment at the last phase of his illness. A young man of some twenty years age was brought by his relatives near Thakur for pointing out what happened to the young man as he appeared to be in a high beatitude state. Thakur saw the young man and told his relatives that all on a sudden a high spiritual life (Madhura Bhava) flared up in this young man, and would be better if they would leaves this young man with him (Thakur) there, as otherwise in their house he would be coming in contact with woman and would lose his spiritual life. The relatives of the young man did not obey Thakur. They took the young man away. A disciple (afterwards Swami Saradananda) of Thakur was present at the time. Sometimes after Thakur’s passing away from the world he remembered the incident and went to enquire about the young man in the latter’s place and so taste the truth of the forecast made by Thakur. To this utter surprise Swami Saradananda found that the young man, as a matter of fact, came in contact with some woman and lost his spiritual life as well as his beatitude state.

263)     “Then  there  remains  no  attachments  of  woman  in  a  devotee”.

The devotee has attained God in him, i.e., in his own body. His inward physical condition is changed. It changes. The life-power jumps upto the cerebrum, dances there and softens it and is ultimately transformed into God. This happening causes lust (Kama) to get evaporated from the brain as well as from the body. Not only this, along with the attainment of God in the body, the angle of vision is also changed. “A woman to me appears like a tigress,”—Shri Ramkrishna. (This happens with a devotee at the time of observing religious discipline).

“A woman is but a small magnet to God—the bigger magnet”—Shri Ramkrishna, God, the bigger magnet, draws and protects the devotee and the attraction of a woman fails. In other words, the attraction of God in the cerebrum is very superior. It comes spontaneously with those who attain God in their body.

264)     “After  attainment  of  God  a  devotee  verily  sees  that  a  woman  is

but  part  and  parcel  of  the  divine  Mother,  or  calls  the  woman  as

mother  and  worships  her  as  Divine  Mother”

Thakur himself worshipped his wife (Sadoshi Puja) but it was possible for Thakur only. It is better not to undergo the adventure.

It is fact that every woman is but a prototype of the Divine Mother. They should be so worshipped, but it is better to do so from a distance.

“When I see that some woman keep on sitting in my room and are not showing the least intention to go away, I myself get up and go outside”.  —Shri Ramkrishna.

265)     “Let  you  come  every  now  and  then, as

I  like  to  get  you  in  my  company  very  much”.

God always wants a real devotee as there will be a talk about God’s display in the body. Without a real devotee this talk about God’s sportive forms does not come out spontaneously. God does not collect and manifest elsewhere save and except in the body of a real devotee.

266)     “Without  commandment  from  Him  in  Person,

God  in  others  cannot  be  awakened”.

The man who gets commandment, also gets the power to awaken God in others.

“The Divine Mother showed me that I have many devotees”—Shri Ramkrishna. Even after such commandment, there is a certain class of devotees who keep silence over the matter. No devotee, however, unwilling he may be to play the role of a teacher, is a match to God. God chalks out His own way. He, in the form of the recipient of commandments, i.e., God-the-Preceptor, appears in some real devotees—unknowingly being ready, awaiting the advent of God-the-Preceptor and asks him to go to the teacher. Here the form of the teacher, a living man, and God-the-preceptor are indentical.

This devotee who gets the teacher as God-the-Preceptor had no real knowledge of the teacher, may, the teacher is an unknown man to him. Thakur out of his grace has revealed this new method to us.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 8, April, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 13

Seeing Jibankrishna (Diamond) in physical body and dream

Sukumar Moitra goes to the residence (Santragachi, Howrah) of Deb Kumar Choudhury companion of Jibankrishna to listen his reading of JIbankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (English version ‘Religion and Realization).

He narrated his experience how he saw Jibankrishna in physical body and in a dream.

On January 30, 1995 I saw walking on the road for going to my office. Suddenly I saw a rickshaw coming behind me. As soon as it came near me, it stopped. Turing my face behind I saw that Jibankrishna was seated on the Rickshaw. He had fair complexion, very strongly built body.

The rickshaw driver got down from the rickshaw, but it moved automatically to a certain distance. While moving, the nuts of the rear tire scratched my leg and tore a portion of my cloth. I became agitated and wanted to scold the rickshaw driver. But all on a sudden all my agitation was removed by some unknown cause. So I told the drive, ‘What has happened is predestined. What will you do? Don’t mind. Go! But my cloth is torn. I have only two cloths. How shall I manage’?  I noticed that Jibankrishna was seated o the rickshaw silently.

While I approached to a certain distance, I realized that all these incidents happened in my half – conscious state, nothing happened in physical eye.

My dream :

In the last week of March, 1995 I saw in my dream a huge hall, and Jibankrishna was seated there. He had a robust health and wore a dhoti raised up to his knee with bare upper body, clean – shaved moustache and beard. About 400-500 devotees were seated in front of him. All of them wore white Punjabi and dhoti. Swinging on the front and back side he asked with a smiling face, ‘Why do you see me within you? Can you say’? Two times he asked, but nobody replied. Then he said, ‘As you come here, so you see me within you.’ The dream was off.

After waking up, it flashed in my mind that all of us are already connected with him spiritually, so we see him within us.

The grace of Jibankrishna falls on the listener

Mrs. Sadhan Khan is a regular listener of the reading of Jibankrishna (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (‘Religion and Realization’ in English version) at Anil Mukherjee’s (Jibankrishna’s companion) reading center, Howrah.

She narrated her dream after attending the Reading Center for a few days.

It was sometime in the year 1999, I saw in my dream that my husband was sleeping on the cot and then Jibankrishna came and sat on the cot. Near my husband’s legs I was seated along with brother Netai and Amulya (Reader). Sitting on the cot Jibankrishna started reading his book. I noticed that he was feeling drowsy. So I told him, ‘give me the book, I am reading. Better you lie down.

After a while he came outside and sat on a chair in the portico. Then entering the room he took a five rupees note and told me, ‘Buy some rosgullas (A type of sweet). Let everybody eat after the reading.’ Hearing his words I aid, ‘I am also contributing some money, let everybody eat more.’

[The dream indicated that God-the-Preceptor has his grace on the seer and shows his sportive forms in dreams.]



Volume – 8, April, 2014



Part 2

Now, we are to discuss how does this transformation take place; how is life-power transformed into Atma or God; in other words, how a man is transformed into God i.e., how a man attains Godhood. For this purpose, the human body may be divided into five sheaths or Koshas.

1.  Annamaya  Kosha  —  the physical body.

2.  Pranamaya  Kosha  —  the sheath of the life power.

3   Manamaya  Kosha  —  the sheath of the mind.

4.  Vijnanamaya  kosha —  the sheath where special knowledge is attained that the knower is not this body

but Atma or God.

5.  Anandamaya Kosha —  Where divine bliss is obtained consequent upon getting himself transformed

into God.

These five sheaths cover seven plane. Of these five sheaths the first sheath is the ordinary physical body i.e., the body before the transformation has transformation starts. It is the sheath of the life-power wherefrom the transformation starts. The process of this transformation is known as ‘Rajayoga’. ‘Yoga’ means King. The body is regarded as King; because, it is the main factor. In fact God can be seen only in this human body and not in the temple, the mosque, the church or anywhere else. This is the secret of all success both outward and inward. It is the treasure of all treasures. Thus, king is the body and yoga means transformation. So, ‘Rajayoga’ means transformation of this body.

The second sheath i.e., the sheath of the life-power comprises the first three planes viz :

(a)   the organ of generation.

(b)   the organ of evacuation, and

(c)   at the navel.

The third sheath i.e., the sheath of the mind is the region where the heart is situated. It is fourth plane.

The fourth sheath i.e., the sheath of the special knowledge comprises the following :—

(a)   the fifth plane—the throat.

(b)   the sixth plane—the forehead situated between the two eye brows, and

(c)   Part of the seventh plane—the region between the forehead and the approach to the cerebrum.

The fifth sheath is the seventh plane—the cerebrum.

The life-power, as you know, is spread throughout the body. If there is any pain at any part of the body, it is felt all over the body. Before the transformation takes place, the life-power remains in the first sheath i.e., the physical body. When the transformation starts, the life-power begins to rise upwards.

– To be continued