(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 9, May, 2014

Chapter – 6

There is no relation between eating and spirituality

21st April, 1958.

See, how wonderful phenomenon is happening here, but still I am an ordinary man! I have to servive by eating. And whenever anyone eats animal passion exists. But you see, the day I used to eat more by ordering friend rice, meat etc. produced maximum divine dreams or realizations. God sent a message that there is no relation between eating and divine realizations.

Creation – Existence – Dissolution

25th April, 1958.

All three actions like creation, existence and dissolution are running within this human body. A mother says, ‘My child becomes 6 days old’. What does it mean? He approaches 6 days towards death. Everything is predestined for a man’s life-cycle.

A man is born – Creation; lives – Existence; and approaches towards death – Dissolution. These three things are running within a man since his birth to death.

The esoteric meaning is like this : Visualization of ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’ within the body – Creation; seeing universe within the ‘Atman’ – Existence; to dissolve in infinity – Dissolution.

What is Omnipotency of God

26th April, 1958.

Vedic Rishis said, ‘Rising from own body …..’ – this we are getting in Sanskrit language. But actually what was the actual language they used, we don’t know. This has been coming since time immemorial.

Now, this Godhood – people always seek Omnipotency. And the spiritual writers are also explaining on the basis of Omnipotency. But what I consider? His Omnipotency is special attributes. You can understand this if I explain through the phenomenon happening here. What is the special attributes here? My form is created within you by God.

Forecast about the future world

26th April, 1958.

I am a human being. I am one and at the same time I am many whenever you are seeing my form within you. And to become many is not conveyed by me. On the contrary, you are informing me that you are seeing me within you.

The form of mine which is created within you, is no other than God. Then all of us are becoming one. Where is the duality? Everything is one and this can be explained very easily through one unit.

After 500-700 years later, those who have these experiences, this phenomenon will continue in their families. Even after that how this culture will grow, cannot be concluded. Again many will experience these through your contact. And this way this phenomenon may spread.

This human body is a form of Soul

27th April, 1958.

This human body is a form or state of Soul. So is the whole universe. It can be conceived when a body undergoes various divine realizations. The real Divine Joy depends on the conception about the existence of God. Brahma means one and every human being is Brahma.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 9, May, 2014

My experience with Jibankrishna (Diamond)

Jitu Chatterjee

After my thirty years’ age my affinity for God began to increase and I started joining religious organizations. But my thirst for God was not fulfilled.

Days passed on. It was the end of February, 1955. I was returning from my office and I saw Kalipada Banerjee, my office colleague on my way. During conversation he informed me that recently he met a holy man who lives at Kedar Deuti Lane, Howrah. He never accepts anybody’s gift on service. He never goes to any body’s house and never gives initiation to anybody. Still numerous people see him in dreams, trances, meditation etc.Though his narration was short yet it seems very unique to me. Hence my friend often gave me proposal to meet the holy man, but due to confusion in my mind I hesitated to go. But as days passed on my urge went on increasing to meet that noble man. I shall never forget the date 12th April, 1955. From the very morning of that day what a great urge I was feeling! Generally I used to give full attention in my office work, but that day some kind of burning sensation I was feeling, I could not fix my mind in my work. In the evening after returning home I could not stay at home, I went out for that noble man. It was ten minutes walk from my home to that destination. I went there and stood  outside the house at Kedar Deuti Lane, Kadamtala, Howrah, I was looking at the gentleman with fixed eyes. He had so well balanced body, so penetrating look, that I cannot explain. At that time reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on. One gentleman was reading and Jibankrishna was giving yogic interpretation. But his form completely covered my mind instead of hearing the interpretation. In the mean time all the burning sensation, pain and restlessness were gone. After a while the reading was completed. Everybody touched the book on their heads. One or two persons had their eyes on me at that time. They requested me to come inside. But I was a bit hesitant. Lastly that very man welcomed me with a very sweet saying, ‘Who is that man, come inside my boy!’ So I went inside. He was sitting on the floor. As he indicated I kept my head on his lap and surrendered myself. I felt his mild touch of hand on my head and back. I fell in the ocean of bliss. My body was benumbed with divine joy.

For a few days I remained overwhelmed with joy. I was not feeling any apetite or could sleep due to unlimited divine joy.

It was four days later. That was 16th April, Saturday. During  that time every evening Ramnam (Devotional song on lord Rama) used to be sung by a group of people. At first Ramnam and then slokas on Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Saradamani used to be sung.

The song was finished that day, almost every body went out. Jibankrishna was seated on his cot. After I bowed down to him he asked, ‘Yes my boy, have you seen in vision?’ When I nodded, he told me to bow down to him again and so did I. At that time I felt his soft touch of hand on my body. I was almost half paralysed. But when raised my head with great astonishment I saw in place of him, a golden luminous person with smiling face. Behind him rays of light were illuminating. It was impossible to turn my look from him. I was having mild electric shock on my body. In that situation I was feeling a laughing sensation, though from inside a question was raised, ‘Who are you? Are you that person (The Golden person or the Supreme self as described in Upanishad?) And strangely whenever this question was coming in my mind, his answer was ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ (In telepathic language).

May, 1955, 19 V. Road, Howrah.



Volume – 9, May, 2014

Chapter 25


113.    24th April, 1976.

Today again I had a realization in reality. After waking up, I felt that my eyes had become the eyes of Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost. This condition persisted for a long time.

[This realization indicates that in future the seer will see everything in the eyes of Diamond.]


114.  26th  April, 1976.

Early morning dream :  I got the information that Diamond had come again after his demise to his residence at Kadamtala. Many people were going to meet him. My father had already gone to him and made comments after returning, ‘Oh! What I saw! I never thought of it’! Saying this he was about to go for another work, but I prevented him and started talking about God to him. I also noticed that my friend  Nisith Bairagi,(who took me to Jibankrishna in early life had also gone to Diamond. I asked him, ‘Were there any of his companions’? He said, ‘all new people’. I asked, ‘Had he recognized you. As because he had returned after so long years’? He said, ‘Yes he recognized me’. Again I asked. ‘How did you see him’? He answered, ‘Just like a boy, there was no sign of old age’.

After this conversation, I thought whether Arun Ghosh had gone to him, because he was supposed to go . But immediately some thoughts came in my mind—‘If I go to him, I shall remain there forever, I shall not go anywhere’. But again I thought—‘Oh! Afterall Jibankrishna is our own man, of course I have to go to him, but I have to go to office to-day’! But instantly I said to myself—‘Hang it! Let everything be left, I shall go to him and remain forever’. While thinking all these, a sense of hilarity was playing in my mind and body, as because Jibankrishna had again come back after his demise, just like the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But ultimately I could not see him. The dream went off.

[ Here the dream indicates that the seer, in future may lead a life with Jibankrishna only  Furthermore such long lasting and frequent accompaniment of the Holy Ghost is giving new spiritual energy to the seer and a feeling is always playing in his mind— a sound ‘Jibankrishna’ is emerging not only from his body but also from the whole universe. This type of feeling along with a continuous hilarity persisted for a month and then subsided down.]


115.  27th April, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I saw a very peculiar scene: A Marwari lady residing in a house in front of our residence came at the edge of their roof and suddenly dived with her head downwards. Then and there I heard a cracking sound of her head and body. Many people witnessed this incident but I sat unconcerned and emotionless. Here the dream went off. I woke up. But for a long period this cracking sound persisted in my ear.

[ Here the Marwari lady represents money which is detrimental to Yoga . Therefore, the Holy Ghost will eliminate these hazards from the life of the seer so that he may have scopes for more spiritual realizations.]


116.  29th April, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I had gone to  Khagendra Nath Ghosh’s ( Diamond’s companion) house . In the next scene I observed a huge mound. I went to the top of the mound and then through the other side I began to get down and reached a point from where the place was very steep. I did not dare to get down with a fear that I might  slip down. I waited for a few moments and saw many young boys at the base. Suddenly I noticed that a path for going down was automatically made and I went down immediately.

[The dream indicates that the passage for descent (Nigam) becomes automatically clear for the seer for which he will have more and more realizations in descent during his austerity.]


117.   1st  May,  1976.

Early morning dream:  I was severely undergoing vomiting and loose motion. Some people took me to hospital. I am surprised why did they take me to hospital! It seemed that I was attacked by Cholera. The Doctor came and gave injection. Thereafter I was released from the hospital. Here the dream was off.

[In reality also I had loose motion and feared about Cholera. But afterwards the condition became normal.

When new spiritual phases come this condition comes as it came in the life of Jibankrishna on 3rd June, 1958, when the individualism entered into universalism in him . Here in the seer there may be a change in his spiritual condition and moreover his restless condition gradually comes down to calmness.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 9, May, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

267)     “God  the  human  form  appears  and  hands  down written

document  containing  God’s  commandment”.

God-the-bliss, assumes the human form of a very nearest and dearest elderly superior man, such as, father. appears, writes the commandment and shows it to the recipient of the commandment.

There is another class of commandment. God in the body speaks. It is called God’s voice. It is heard distinctly. The voice carries so much solemnity that the recipient understands that he will be compelled to carry out of the order.

268)     “A  man  cannot  discharge  the  hard  duty  of  a teacher  until  and

unless  he  receives  God’s  power  from  God  in  person”

A man plays the role of a teacher only when God in Descent takes the manikin form (Manus Ratan) in him, otherwise not. In this stage it is seen that God is the doer and author of everything from within. “Divine Mother! Am I talking, or you are speaking out from within through me?’—Shri Ramkrishna, God’s voice must be made human to be understood by human beings.

269)     “It  does  not  lie  in  the  power  of  human  being  to  get  God  released

from  the  bondage  of  the  body  another  human  being”

If God out of grace frees Himself from the body then there is liberation”.—Shri Ramkrishna.

270)     “He  alone  can  free  a  man  from  the  charm  of  illusion  (Maya)  as  it  is

His  enchanting  illusion  which  has  kept  the  whole  Universe  enchanted

with  the  most  charming  enchantment”.

Charming enchantment—is the unman body—the ego. This body turns in the fourth sheath as causal body. The causal body in its turn changes and appears as God with form. Then follows God without form. The Universe is seen within God without form. Then God turns into a seed. The seed appears as a dream. The dream vanishes and there remains no-ego-consciousness. Then flashes ‘I-am-not-but-Thou’. This state is liberation in life (Jibanmukti). Then starts the knowledge of ‘Thou’. God in the body shows his various sportive forms and these are but various conditions and stages of “I”. The “Thou” is changed into “I”.

271)     “A man’s real  religious  life  starts  after  attainment

Of  God-the-Preceptor  in  his  body”

At the outset God-the-Preceptor ushers in the body in the process of Descent (Nigam) and stops in the fourth sheath as causal body. Life-power in embryo at first gets awakened in the body of God-the-Preceptor. Without the body of God-the-Preceptor, life-power never awakes, nor she can have an upward motion.

272)     “They who  have  not  attained  God  in  them”

The attainment of God is firstly to see God in the seventh plane as shown by God-the-Preceptor and then to have the life-power transformed into Supreme Bliss.

273)     “They who  have  not  received  God’s  commandment”

The man who has received God’s commandment will appear as God-the-Preceptor to a real devotee. The devotee must have no previous knowledge of his God-the-Preceptor. The form of God-the-Preceptor is a real teacher; or in other words, it is God in human form.

“If you see me in dream to give you religious instructions then let you know that it is God speaking in human form”—Shri Ramkrishna. It is but a lower standard of God’s manifestation in the body as it has sprung up though coming in contact.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 9, May, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 14

Experiences from Howrah Kali Banerjee Lane Reading Center

Quite a good number of listeners go to this Reading Center of Sushil Banerjee’s (Jibankrishna or Diamond’s old companion) residence at 1, Kali Banerjee Lane, Howrah. Here Sushil Banerjee’s son Samir Banerjee is the reader of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (‘Religion and Realization’ in English version). Some of listeners’ dreams are narrated.

Seeing Jibankrishna in Sun

Mrs. Renu Dutta from Howrah Reading center narrated her dream thus :

In the month of May, 1996, one night I dreamt that I had gone to Puri. The sea was very wavy. Suddenly I saw that a huge disc like sun was rising from the sea and inside the sun Jibankrishna was seated on a lotus. The whole surrounding was illuminated with divine light. My dream was off.

[In Upanishads the person in the sun was mentioned as ‘Parama Brahma’ or Supreme Self. The seer saw Jibankrishna as ‘Parama Brahma’.]

Socretes seen in dream

Mrs. Rapali Basu from Howrah reading center narrated her dreams thus:

1) July 25, 1998

In dream I saw a glass laboratory and Socretes was sitting there. He was bald headed and complexion was fair. Inside the laboratory there were many snakes. Socretes was experimenting with the poisons. After a while he was not seen and in place of him brother Samir (Reader) was working with the snakes. The dream was off.

[The past was seen through drams and at the same time the spiritual condition of the reader was shown. Snakes are symbols of Kundalini or life power. The reader is awakening the Kundalini of the listeners through reading.]

2) August, 1998

For two days I could not go to brother Samir’s house for listening to the reading, because I decided to go to my brother’s house.

In the night I dreamt that Jibankrishna was telling me, ‘Go to the Reading Center daily’.

So, I cancelled my program.

[God-the-Preceptor guided the seer in dreams in all aspect.]

3) August 10, 1998

I dreamt that brother Samir was seated in the room where Jibankrishna’s book is read regularly. A golden snake entwisted his body. Jibankrishna was also seated there. The snake’s tongue was coming out and again entered the mouth. Nearly five minutes had passed. Then Jibankrishna stood and taking out the snake from brother Samir’s body kept in his wooden sandal box. The dream was off.

[Snake or Kundalini through her upward movement from Muladhar (the root of Spinal cord) to Sahasrar or cerebrum is transformed into Atma or Soul or God. The Soul or Atma is described in Upanishads as golden color. So the snake was shown golden colour.

The control of Kundalini is in the hand of God-the-Preceptor. So he kept her under his control by keeping in his sandal box.]


Chabi Das resides at Andul, Howrah (West Bengal, India). She attends the reading of Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) regularly. After a month of attending the center she saw Diamond (Jibankrishna) in her dream which she narrated thus :

One day in the month of May, 2007 I saw in my dream that my son and I was going to Purbapara for taking bath in a pond. Then I saw that many people were taking bath in the pond of Manna. So I also started taking bath. When I was going to come back, I saw a man who requested me, ‘Can you rub the soap on my body’? I agreed. He stood and I began to rub the soap on his neck. It was so soft like a butter. He was a little bit black complexioned with short hair cut. Standing on the platform of the pond I completed rubbing the soap on his body and my dream was off. Later on seeing the photo I recognized that he was Jibankrishna.

[The seer got the grace o Jibankrishna in dream as an effect of listening to the reading of his book.]




by Dabkumar Choudhury

Volume – 9, May, 2014

Part 2

Now, we are to discuss how does this transformation take place; how is life-power transformed into Atma or God; in other words, how a man is transformed into God i.e., how a man attains Godhood. For this   purpose, the human body may be divided into five sheaths or Koshas.

1.  Annamaya  Kosha  —  the physical body.

2.  Pranamaya  Kosha  —  the sheath of the life power.

3   Manamaya  Kosha  —  the sheath of the mind.

4.  Vijnanamaya  kosha —  the sheath where special knowledge is attained that the knower is not this body

but Atma or God.

5.  Anandamaya Kosha —  Where divine bliss is obtained consequent upon getting himself transformed

into God.

These five sheaths cover seven plane. Of these five sheaths the first sheath is the ordinary physical body i.e., the body before the transformation has transformation starts. It is the sheath of the life-power wherefrom the transformation starts. The process of this transformation is known as ‘Rajayoga’. ‘Yoga’ means King. The body is regarded as King; because, it is the main factor. In fact God can be seen only in this human body and not in the temple, the mosque, the church or anywhere else. This is the secret of all success both outward and inward. It is the treasure of all treasures. Thus, king is the body and yoga means transformation. So, ‘Rajayoga’ means transformation of this body.

The second sheath i.e., the sheath of the life-power comprises the first three planes viz :

(a)   the organ of generation.

(b)   the organ of evacuation, and

(c)   at the navel.

The third sheath i.e., the sheath of the mind is the region where the heart is situated. It is fourth plane.

The fourth sheath i.e., the sheath of the special knowledge comprises the following :—

(a)   the fifth plane—the throat.

(b)   the sixth plane—the forehead situated between the two eye brows, and

(c)   Part of the seventh plane—the region between the forehead and the approach to the cerebrum.

The fifth sheath is the seventh plane—the cerebrum.

The life-power, as you know, is spread throughout the body. If there is any pain at any part of the body, it is felt all over the body. Before the transformation takes place, the life-power remain in the first sheath i.e., the physical body. When the transformation starts, the life-power begins to rise upwards.











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