(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 11, June, 2014

Chapter – 8

 The era of Diamond is further development of Sri Ramkrishna’s era

17th May, 1958.

If you compare the era of Sri Ramkrishna with our era, you will find that here it shows further development. In his time only 4-5 persons saw him in dreams. But here so long 4-5 thousand people have seen me in dreams. The austerity starting after seeing God-the-Preceptor in dreams means the austerity of the seer through the Preceptor.

You have witnessed yourselves the extent of the influence of my austerity on your life through dreams. And coming to me you are bearing that message. But I know nothing about it unless you tell me. It is no doubt showing an initial picture of universal austerity for the future.

But you should know one thing. Here you are having oneness after seeing me within yourselves. If the whole  world see me within, there will be dissolution ultimately and that is not possible.

Man is Brahma – the creator with fathomless wealth

18th May, 1958.

This mother of Gopal (as mentioned in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) used to play with Gopal (child Lord Krishna) in reality. But it is not the visualizing of God. This is a type of sportive form of God. And this is a proof that a man creates from body as he is Brahma (supreme). It cannot be fathomed about the vast wealth of a human body. If a man knows that God is in his body, he will become crazy for him. But one thing is there, if it happens spontaneously, then the man approaches to perfectness gradually, because visualizing God is an esoteric condition and it occurs in the cerebrum.

Diamond’s ailment for mankind

20th May, 1958.

I have spent my whole life by sitting on my cot for a maximum period. At 12 years 4 months age I saw Sri Ramkrishna in my dream. Every night he used to teach me numerous aspects of yogas. I often thought to tour whole Calcutta sitting on his shoulder. But here was a drawback. I did not have the intention to tour the whole world. Then at 15 years age seeing his picture I came to know, oh! He was Sri Ramkrishna who teaches me very night!

Getting the knowledge of self I was able to understand the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna.

Only 4-5 thousand people have seen me in dreams so far. If two Russians see me what will happen? I am waiting to see these sportive forms of God. I am waiting whether this barrier is broken and spread throughout the world outside India. There is a burden grown in my brain now.

Realizations in dream are the purest

31st May, 1958.

These divine dreams are discussed in many ways in Bible, Quran, Sri Chaitanya’s era and Sri Ramkrishna’s sayings, as the realizations in dreams are the purest. When a man sleeps, the actions of his outer mind gradually dissolves. In meditation a man’s subconscious mind exists and for meditation a separate time is required. But no question arises in case of dreams as sleeping at night is a natural course and at that time the man will see dreams. How wonderful

Monk’s life begins from Buddha’s era

31st May, 1958.

We find the reference of monks from Lord Buddha’s era. Before that it was not in vogue. Vedic Rishis lead family life. They got ‘Self – knowledge’ being in family lives. In ‘Astabakra Sanghita’ Astabakra mentioned about family and non- family class wonderfully. He said, ‘those who lust, they are categorized as family man, and those who have not last are termed as non-family man.’

Diamond is beyond Samadhi – the Zenith of individual austerity

31st May, 1958.

As you see me within you, he is God-the-Preceptor. But now I am saying that he is ‘Parama Brahma’ (Supreme one). Yes, now I am existing beyond Samadhi. One experiences Samadhi stage coming down from Parama Brahma stage. The ecstasies as you saw before are also extinct. Now you are becoming one with me. The more you will see me, the more you will get my entity. What a wonderful phenomenon has happened here! See some time ago I got this oracle, ‘The Western world are crying for you, kindly you go there.’ Now had I gone there, I would have got fame, money etc. But what would have happened? All these miraculous powers would be wiped out.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 11, June, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Raghunath Sen

It was the year 1955. I used to work in the head office of Eastern Rail at Kolkata with my college mate Nirod Baran Roy (Manu) in the same building.

One day we had a discussion how to live a life. Manu said, ‘Either live a family life or take the path of Thakur Sri Ramkrishna.’ I said, ‘ I have gone to many saints and monks etc, but every where I have seen pomp and grandeur and women. I don’t like it.’ So he said at last, ‘Will you go to a place? There is no pomp and grandeur, no woman come there and there is neither money nor flower offering. And there is no distinction between rich and poor.’

On November 9, Tuesday, after our office hours both of us started for Howrah. We had some conversations on our way and after getting down from bus at Kadamtala we took some food in a sweet shop and reached the house. By touching our head we saw the man inside the room. The room was packed up and reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on. When we were entering the room I heard a sweet welcome, ‘Oh, is it Nirod? Come my boy, come!’ I was a man of Vaishnava family under the class of Sri Ramanuj. It was custom to lie completely on the floor to pay our respect to a saint. So as soon as I did that, he said, ‘Oh, he gave such bowing, he is done!’ I could not understand its meaning that day. Still I could not conceive completely. But one thing I have understood. From that very day a great attraction is pulling me behind him all through my life. Nothing could create obstacles for that. From that very first day till his death he did not cut my companionship with him by his grace. One thing I should say that we have realized from the core of our heart that God is within our body and all His sportive forms occur within our body and not outside.

However, as soon as I raised my body I heard his voice, ‘God is the preceptor. Man can never be preceptor. It is his beyond capacity to liberate soul or Atama from his body, it happens only when He out of His grace liberates.’

Before coming to Jibankrishna I read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna many times and heard, but I never had realized such depth and power as I am hearing here. Then he welcomed me with a sweet voice, ‘Come my boy, come near me and then instructed me to meditate by sitting beside him on the cot. After a while when my meditation was over, he asked, ‘Have you seen anything my boy?’ I said, ‘I have seen only light.’ He said, ‘You are in the class of without form.’ I thought what are all these things! I think myself in the class of with form (Sakar).

One person (Later on I came to know his name as Ashok) was meditating beside me. Seeing his complacent and deeply meditating body I was surprised. When he woke up from meditation he asked him, ‘Have you any vision?’ He replied, ‘I saw that a snake coming out from your feet bites this gentleman beside me.’ Jibankrishna did not make any remark. Later on as usual reading and explanation continued.

At the end of the reading Jibankrishna bowed to the Gospel by holding it and touched on his head. Then uttering the words ‘Hail Ramkrishna, hail Ramkrishna’ and looking at the portrait of Sri Ramkrishna hanging on the wall he bowed. After this addressing all present in the room he said, ‘Let me bow to you all.’ This kind of bowing to the Gospel was followed by every body and then when the listeners came out of the room, he also came out and with folded hands he again uttered ‘Hail Ramkrishna.’ I was feeling a sensation like drinking wine, my legs were becoming disbalanced. Then somehow I came back home.

I told my mother about my visit to a saint. So when I returned home, she asked, ‘What have you seen?’ I said, ‘He is a strange man mother. There is a special type of divine enjoyment with him, he is quite different from the traditional saints or monks and his religion is also quite different. I was feeling all the time that something has happened to me.’Next Sunday at noon I slept and dreamed that one old gentleman showing his two fingers was saying, ‘King, see this.’ Gradually the two fingers being united become one. My dream was off. After walking up I was thinking, ‘What is this? What is its meaning? Have I heard the same thing (There will ultimately remain only one) in Kadamtala, and he showed me the same thing in dream?’

As I had to wait for a long time to get Jibankrishna in dream I always used to have a sorrow feeling when others used to tell their dreams with Jibankrishna in his room. I used to pray to him so that he shows himself in my dream.

I first saw Jibankrishna in my dream after my first visit to him.

I saw that many devotees and I had gone to puri with Jibankrishna and stayed at a Dharamsala. Arrangements were going on for bathing in the sea. In the mean time being in ecstasy Jibankrishna was running very fast raising his two hands and we were also running behind him to catch him. When he was about to jump in a big pond paved with steps all round I held him in the last step and placed on my lap. Then I saw him that he became a child. When I was going up through the steps I woke up, and my mind was filled up with a great divine joy.

May, 1970,

3/6,A, Taltala Lane, Kolkata- 14.



Volume – 11, June, 2014

Chapter 27

Increase of  spiritual  power

121.  9th May , 1976.    Early morning dream:  In the first scene Mr. Khitish  Roychoudhury and Mr. Arun Ghosh were seen. Discussions on spiritual aspects were going on with them. Nothing more were remembered.

In the second scene, I saw myself walking with Mr. Arun Ghosh at Dalhousie square area on their way of returning from the Raghunath Sen’s house at Taltala, Calcutta. Thereafter I became alone and stood at a place. Suddenly I saw a very fine thing coming out of my body and fell on the ground. I went on observing the thing and thought that this was a poison and came out of my body. Suddenly a voice was heard saying ‘This is also called metal poison. Then the scene changed.

In the third scene it was observed as if I ordered for my pajama (loose trouser made of thin cloth) in a tailor’s shop, and so I went to the tailor’s shop whether it was made. But the tailor showed me a very colorful pajama. I said, ‘this is not my pajama’. At this time my elder brother came there followed by the owner of the shop. I told the tailor about this matter but at the same time thought—‘oh!’ I have not given them the order for a pajama, then why should I come here!’ So I came out.

The scene again changed and in the fourth scene I was hearing the voice of my elder brother saying that I ate hot chilies. Then and there elder brother said, ‘It is not enough’, Hearing this I woke up.

Every scene has got meaning: The first scene indicates that the seer has got continuous practices on spiritualism; the second scene indicates that factors detrimental to spiritual advancement are being removed from the body of the seer; the third scene shows that the body of the seer is not yet ready for realizations under the waist; the last scene  indicates that the spiritual power although has been increased within the seer, yet more realizations will occur within him as is said by his elder brother or God .  Jibankrishna depicted elder brother as symbol of God as mentioned in the book ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’.

Fixation  of  spontaneous  recitation  of

Jibankrishna’s  name  in  the  brain       

122.    10th May, 1976.

To-day as soon as I woke up early morning, spontaneous recitation of the name ‘Jibankrishna’ (Diamond) used to occur in my mind. During work it used to be stopped temporarily but as soon as I was off from the work, it used to continue and lasted for the whole day even during conversations with others. It stopped before going to bed at night.

This condition shows that the seer need not do anything with self exertion. Everything is spontaneous.

Accompaniment  with  devotees  and  spontaneous  

spiritual  practices   

123.       14th May, 1976.  Early morning dream:  Many devotees have come to my house. The prominent figures were Anath Nath Mondal and  Arun Mukherjee. Both of them could not come during a gathering in reality and so I was a bit worried. After a while the dream went off.

The lacking in reality is thus fulfilled in dream, of course in the spiritual world.

Indication  of  achieving  new  realizations

124.     15th May, 1976.

Early morning dream:  During sleeping I turned from left side to right side. At the moment I fell into a half awakened condition, suddenly I felt a bursting sound inside my head as if the cork of a soda water bottle was opened.  For a moment I felt a slight nervousness, but immediately controlled myself. Thereafter two to three consecutive sounds were heard. Then I fell asleep.

The dream signifies that some new cells in the brain have opened up for future realizations.

Indication of high potentiality of brain power

and realizations in Ascent during Austerity             

125.      17th May, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I was climbing up a hill top by a vehicle pulled by a number of horses. After travelling for a long distance I reached the hill top. That place was covered with fog. The vehicle stopped there. Then I climbed down to the other side and reached a house. But the owner of the house was unknown to me. Everything there was unknown to me. The dream went off.

The dream shows that the potentiality of the seer’s brain power has become very high as indicated by the horse-power. The fog indicates ‘Paramatma’  or Supreme Being and climbing down indicates that the seer in future will have the austerity in Ascent.

Accompaniment with  devotees  and  spiritual  practices

126.      24th May, 1976.

Early morning dream:  Many devotees e,g, Khitish Roy Choudhury . Arun Ghosh, Dilip Ghosh etc. had come to my house. All of them were on the roof . Dilip Ghosh seemed to be highly

delighted. Everybody was enjoying with devotional songs and reading of the books Kathamrita etc. Here the dream went off.

The seer is enjoying the spiritual practices even in dream as in reality.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 11, June, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

279)    “This egoism  has  kept  everything  latent”.

It does not permit the true Self to get expressions in the form of reality. “When there is one false master (i.e.,ego) in the store, the real master does not come”.—Shri Ramkrishna.

280)    “Every  trouble  ends  when  ‘ego’ dies”.

It is to be merged in the Great Cause ( Sthita Samadhi). Descent is an extraordinary case and it seldom happens. It only happens to them who are specially marked for it by God.

281)     “For  a  bit  of  fleecy  cloud  the  sun  is  not  visible”

It is the entrance to the seventh plane when a thin silken curtain is seen hanging and sun is shining behind it,

282)     “The  cloud  is  removed  and  the  sun  is  seen”

The thin silken curtain is removed and God is shown by God-the-Preceptor in the seventh plane.

283)     “If  by  the  grace  of  God-the-Preceptor,

ego  vanishes  then  a  man  sees  God”

The consciousness that ‘I-am-He’ springs up in a man and he sees that God and the Universe is within God. All these happen within him and his vision is confined within. Again, when he opens his eyes, he finds the Universe before him and it transpires that God-the-Universe within and outside are but identical.

284)     “God  is  nearest  of  al  to  us”.

God is within a man and he carries God within himself.

285)     “Each  additional  attribute  of  ego

Tightens  the  bondage  of  a  man”

More the worldly senses grow, more the man is distracted from the path of God.

286)     “A frog  had  some  money  in  his  hole. One  day  an  elephant  walked  over  the  hole,

The  frog  in a  fit  of  anger  came  out, uplifted  its  foot  and  showed  a kick  to  the       elephant”

Wealth is another factor keeping a man in separation from God. Sometimes elephant, i.e., white elephant i.e, mind hankers after God, but the weight of wealth arrests its upward course.

287)     “The  light  is  seen  within  a lantern  but  it  cannot  be  touched”.

It is in the sixth plane that a lantern, with a light within, it seen.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 11, June, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 16

Narration of Jibankrishna’s birth history by Sri Ramkrishna

Ms. Uttara Banerjee is the wife of Samir Bnerjee, companion of Jibankrishna. She attends the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization’ in English version) regularly.

She also belongs to the 6th generation of Sri Ramkrishna’s family from his brother’s line.

She narrated her dream thus :

One June 20, 2001. I was dreaming that a religions conference would be organized for Sri Ramkrishna and for that reason he sent me an invitation letter. So I attended the conference. Large number of audience gathered there. On the stage were seated many honorable guests like Sri Ramkrishna, Sri Jibankrishna, my father-in-law Sushil Banerjee (companion of Sri Jibankrishna) and many others. Among the audience I was seated in the first row. Sri Ramkrishna called me and said, ‘Come mother, sit near me.’ With slight hesitation I sat near him. All of them were seated on beautiful bed instead of chairs and arranged with pillows. All of them were leaning against the pillows and so I did the same thing.

Sri Ramkrishna’s upper body was bare wearing a dhoti (white cloth). As I requested him, he covered his upper body with a corner of the dhoti.

He started saying something about ‘Brahmavidya’ (Supreme Cult) on mike. Then he told me, ‘Do you know Jibankrishna? He is a wise man.’ I said, ‘Thakur, I am a stupid.’ With a smile he said, ‘Are you stupid! I am also a stupid. Now you know from where he has come? Come and listen.’ Saying this taking me to a remote corner of the conference hall he said, ‘To-day I shall show you the eclipse of the moon.’

I saw that we were seated in a void zone of the space. From there I saw that the earth and the moon were rotating, but the sun remained motionless. Then I saw that Sri Ramkrishna Deva was the sun and Sri Jibankrishna was the moon. Sri Ramkrishna continued to say, ‘In my life time (In the mid eighteenth century when he was middle-aged) something happened in my stomach for which I had to go repeatedly for excretion but I couldn’t. When I was 46-47 years old I used to cough and vomit with excretion of saliva (At that moment I could see that scene). The saliva was filled with illuminated Circle and inside that, innumerable tiny illuminated seeds were seen. Inside those a huge bright diamond was illuminated. After 12 years that diamond entered into the womb of Jibankrishna’s mother Annapurna Devi and I was born as Jibankrishna’. At that moment I saw a glass jar and inside that a child’s face filled with saliva. Then Sri Ramkrishna showed me the house where Sri Jibankrishna was born and thus he narrated the whole episode of Jibankrishna’s birth and my dream was off.

[In reality Sri Ramkrishna once said, ‘There is a light but from where it is coming I can’t understand? This dream seemed the revelation of that saying.

The dream also confirms the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna, ‘one gets a pillow, so it is easy to lean.’ The yogic meaning is that when one gets God-the-Preceptor, the seer does not require to exert for achieving Godhood. God-the-Preceptor will guide. Here the seer’s spiritual condition is indicated. There is another indication about the relation between Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna. Sri Jibankrishna who is the symbol of Universalism is an extension of Sri Ramkrishna who is the symbol of individualism. Both are identical.]