(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume- 12, June, 2014

Chapter – 9

A new religion is established in Jibankrishna’s era beyond the traditional religion

June, 1958.

Whatever old traditions of the religious world are in existence, Sri Ramkrishna has given a barrier to that and stood at the door, and pushed us beyond that. We are observing old religious traditions through Sri Ramkrishna. Why has he pushed us? There is no necessity of old traditions. He has said clearly, ‘the money of Badsahi era is not in vogue in Nababi era.’ What he has done by giving the barriers to the old religion? He said, ‘ Man can never be the Guru or Preceptor.’ Saying this he eradicated the tradition of man-preceptor system coming since Buddha’s era, and said, ‘God is the Preceptor.’ The meaning of God-the-Preceptor is Brahma (supreme). He is within all as the Preceptor. One time is required, as and when it will be necessary it will be manifested. In Upanishad it is said, ‘He is Brahma who appears in dreams.’ In dreams you see me saying so many things. Then who is he? He is Brahma.

Devotion is a process by which a man is transformed into Supreme one

June, 1958.

The term ‘devotee’ has no meaning. It carries no sense. It is self imposed term – only to cheat ownself, to express own ego man used this term. Devotion is a process by which a man is transformed into a supreme one. Sri Ramkrishna has remarked rightly that if God by his grace liberates himself from the body then it is the real liberation.

Diamond – born  universal man

June, 1958.

Sri Ramkrishna has said, ‘what Mahamaya (The Holy goddess) has shown? A single point of light gradually envelops the whole universe.’ But nobody can understand it. Sri Ramkrishna has said about visualizing of verse in God, but in tidbits. For this reason I used to say before whether I shall be transformed into kalapahar (a destroyer)!  Now I can see that I am so, but not in that sense.

Now I see that all the old traditions are automatically suppressed. So long I have used the term God-the-Preceptor, but now I see that this is not that, it is Parama Brahma or Supreme one. Nothing is required for attaining such stage.

Can it be explained, why people saw me in drams without seeing me before? Some saw me fifty years back, some twenty five years and some ten years. What do you say? It establishes the fact that I am born with Universalism.

Man in the Sun is Diamond

June, 1958.

What a wonderful dream you saw Saila (Chakravarty)! Have you heard what has been written in Isa Upanishad? They said, ‘The man in Sun is Brahma’ (supreme one).And you have seen him! This means that you are also transformed into him. It was even written thousands of years before Isa Upanishad was written. Then these realizations have been continuing through Sruti (By memorizing). Again thousands of years after Upanishad were written we are discussion this. But what they saw in sun could not say clearly. Here, as you are seeing my form in the sun, they could not say so specifically.

I knew that they saw this form. I knew that my form exists in the sun, because that form is unchangeable. Though in Vedas what has been written was in macrocosm. Everybody thinks that form will be seen in the outside sun in the sky. For these reasons Hindus Practise ‘Tratak’ (worshiping outside sun by constant looking at the sun). But with this practice their eyes become fixed gaze or lose their eye-sight. Sri Ramkrishna also practised it for six months and he got fixed gazed eyes. See the difference! Saila has said that he has seen my form in the sun within the body and Isa Upanishad has mentioned about the outside sun.

See, I never used to read these types of books. But why I have brought these books now? A proof may be of three categories: – (1) Guessing; (2) Ascent and (3) Direct. The ascent proof is what Rishis or Great Religious Teachers have said is to be accepted and direct proof is the own realization. Your proofs are direct. Because you have seen yourselves in dreams my form. Now I am hearing that altogether 12-13 people have seen my form in the sun. These books are brought here to establish your direct proof with the ascent proof of the Vedic Rishis.

When you have seen my form in the sun, you have gained knowledge of Supreme. Thereafter you have austerities of the lower planes. This is just opposite to Vedas or Tantras, when they say that flowers first and then fruits. Why flowers? To produce fruits of knowledge of Supreme one. Here you have got first the knowledge of Supreme whenever you have seen my form within yourselves.

The own self of man

June, 1958.

Can you say what is the own self of a human being? The form of the man in sun is the own self of human being. Sometimes soul is called as the own self of human being. But during visualization of ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’ nobody says that Soul is the own self of mankind. So that is logical. And a man is born with form of this man in the sun. Where is the proof? The proof lies with that wife of Jiten who at her 8 years age saw me in dream. At that time she had neither seen me nor heard about me. When I was 15, people saw me in their dreams. Why do they see me? Because the form of the man in the sun is my own self and with that form a man is born.

To see Diamond in dreams remains mystery

June, 1958.

I have been continuously hammering you, if I get something from you. On 4th June (1958) I have put a question to you – why so many people see me within them? That question still remains unsolved. For seventeen years I have been observing keeping myself silent. Everything is happening before my eyes, but I have discarded everything. It means negation and negation. Now the phenomenon is conceived.




(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 12, June, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Nagendra Nath Chanda

My office colleague Kalipada Banerjee used to go to Jibankrishna and discuss with us along with some other colleagues in the office. I used to listen attentively. After 2-3 days Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna appeared in my dream and said many things about God. So one day I went to Jibankrishna with Kalibabu. That might be the year 1956. As soon as I went near the door, with great eager he welcomed me, ‘Come my boy, come!’ Then he made me sit beside him on the cot. The reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on at that time. He told me to listen. While listening I almost lost my senseless and sat like an inert object. But I was feeling a great divine sense within me. When after long time I got back my full sense I observed different yogic symptoms like Samadhi and ecstasy within the body of Jibankrishna during giving yogic interpretation of the Gospel and he was explaining different symptoms .

After a while I went out and all the way feeling a divine bliss within me I returned home.

My first dream: With a few boys I was going somewhere on a road. There were big tree on both sides of the road. Just at this moment I saw kali temple of Dakshineswar (Kolkata) and Sri Ramkrishna with sacred  thread on his neck, wearing a red bordered white dhoti and with bare upper body was returning from worshiping goddess Kali. He was holding Kosha-kushi (Brass bowls used in worship) in his hand. A gentleman was with him. Coming in front of me he was telling that gentleman, ‘See, how sacred names are coming out of his body!’ Then my dream was off.

January, 1968. Behala, Kolkata.



Volume – 12, June, 2014

Chapter 28

Indication of  Mass  Austerity and  Realizations

127.     25th May, 1976.

In the early morning just at the moment of awakening the face of Sri Khitish Chandra Roychoudhury appeared in front of me and then vanished.

The realization indicates that in future the seer may have the experience of universal austerity as ‘Khitish’ means universalism.

Allurement  of  women folks

128 .  26th May, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I was traveling on a bus. Suddenly a married woman sat beside me very intimately. I felt very uneasy. She was talking to another man. Then when she was going to talk to me, she felt that I was not her husband. So she suddenly got up and went away.  With a sense of relief I sat quietly. The dream went off. .

The dream shows the future life of the seer when there will be many allurements in his life but by the grace of the Holy Ghost all will be removed. [In fact, the dream came true in the life of the seer.]

Receiving  the  blessings  of  the  Holy Ghost

129.     27th May, 1976,

Early morning dream:   First I saw Dhirendra Nath Roy and many other devotees. Then I saw that my Holy Ghost stood beside me. I was realizing that this was the second life of the Holy Ghost after his demise.

The place was my working place in the garden of the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Kolkata. The Holy Ghost was saying to me so many things and I went on listening to him fixing my eyes on the earth. We were on a very easy mood. Suddenly I felt, oh! Why I had fixed my eyes on the earth! I should fix my eyes on the Holy Ghost and listen to his sayings and this would serve the purpose if I only looked at him. Realizing this I went on looking at the Holy Ghost and listening to his words. The Holy Ghost was saying all about yogas and I was asking questions now and then, though nothing I could remember after the dream.

After a while the Holy Ghost came to my house. Near a door of a room he was half lying resting one of his hand on the cheek. I was also seated near his lap. Once my legs unintentionally touched the Holy Ghost’s body but I did not mind for it as I was feeling myself like a child to him and his dearest one. At this moment one of my uncles came inside the room and then left the room taking something in his hand. I felt hurt thinking why my uncle remained emotionless even after seeing Jibankrishna! Thereafter one of my aunty entered the room and  I noticed that a thin net cover blocked the eyes of the Holy Ghost (In reality the Holy Ghost used to describe this phenomenon that whenever any woman folk used to come before him his eyes used to be covered with a very thin net cover). Then my aunty left the room.

After a while the Holy Ghost expressed his willingness to accompany me for lunch. I saw that my mother entered the room with a plate full of food and the Holy Ghost said something to her. Then he sat for eating. I said to my mother that I also would take some food. My mother gave me a bowl of paios (a sweet dish made with rice, sugar and milk). But surprisingly the Holy Ghost took the bowl from the seer and started eating the paes. I observed that he was cherishing paios along with bread. After finishing the dish he said to me, ‘I shall sleep with you’. I went on thinking that this is a blocked room, how he would sleep with me! But the Holy Ghost did not listen to me and decided to sleep with me and here the dream went off.

The long dream shows that the Holy Ghost has a great fascination for the seer and continues to teach the seer all about yogas.

Merging  of  dream  into  reality

130.      30th May, 1976.  Place:  Makardah, Howrah.

It was 4A.M. Mr. Indranath Mukherjee was reading the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Written by Jibankrishna or Diamond)), 3rd part after finishing Sri Ramkrishna-Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). Sometimes  I was falling asleep and sometimes I was in the awakening condition . During this time I was hearing the reading of Mr. Mukherjee. Then once he fell into a deep sleep and had a dream—I went out of Mr. Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala after long discussions with many other devotees as usual practice and came towards Esplanade.  Mr. Mukherjee was accompanying me and reading very loudly ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti‘. I was hearing this loud sound and thought—Oh! Why he is reading all these things so loudly among so much crowd ! But Mr. Mukherjee continued reading near my ears. When I again woke up, I was hearing the reading of Mr. Mukherjee inside the room. Again I slept and again I had the same experience as before and wherever I was going  Mr. Mukherjee continued reading near my ears. At last when I woke up finally, I heard that Mr. Mukherjee still was continuing reading the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’.

I realized  that what Mr. Mukherjee was reading in reality the same thing I was hearing even in dream.

Thus both dream and reality merged inside me which is a symptom of a very highly powerful brain power.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 12, June, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


 Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

288)     “This  ‘ego’ standing  between  man  and  God  keeps  them  in  separation”.

A tripartite distinction has been drawn here between man, ego and God. It is simply to make the thing clear. They are but three aspects of the very same thing. When the ego dies, a man is transformed into God. “The Primal force and the Supreme Self are identical.”—Shri Ramkrishna.

289)     “It  is  only  one  or  two  who, by  getting  themselves

transformed  into  God,  can  get  rid  of  ego”.

It is only one man in an era. Thakur was the sole man in his era.

290)     “If  ego  is  adamant  and  not  disposed  to  leave  you  at  all,  all  right

let  the  rascal  remain  as  a  servant  to  God”.

This is ego of the sixth plane. It is here that God with form is first seen and a devotee surrenders himself to his deity.

291)     “This  path  of  devotion  is  the  easiest  one”.

True devotion is brought by a man long with his birth as a heritage . Its spontaneity manifests itself.

292)     “It  is  an  ‘ego’  of  a  child”

It is ‘I’ in the state of Paramhansa. It comes after liberation and it speaks only the glory of ‘Thou’.

293)     “Yes, ‘servant—I’, or ‘I am a servant to God’ ‘I am a devotee—this type of egoism;

and  it not  faulty; on  the  contrary,  it  aids  one  to  attain  God  in  him.”

It is ‘I’ in the course of transformation of life—power. It is creating devotion and love of God in one’s body. It is not ‘I’ in the liberated state or ‘I’ to speak the glory of ‘thou’.

294)     “If  after  attainment  of  God  there  remains  a  ‘servant—I’, or a  devotee—I’,

then  that  ‘I’,  cannot  do  the  least  injury  to  others”.

This ‘I’ does not contain the least animality in him. It is a vidine ‘I’ and it is only to witness God’s sportive forms and to speak out the joy and beatitudeness of their display.

295)     “A  touch  of  the  philosopher’s  stone  changes  an  iron

sword  into  a  golden  one  and  it cannot  injure  others”.

Firstly, it needs to be merged in no-ego-consciousness and to come down in Descent in the knowledge of ‘thou’ and also in the display of incarnation of God. Then there remains not a single iota of animality in the body. It becomes a holy receptacle for expressions and manifestations of God as seen in the photograph of Thakur in standing posture being transformed into God (Samadhi). It is called turning of the iron sword into a golden one.

296)    “A  boy  is  not  fastened  to either  of  these  three  qualities :

(1)  Sattva—Goodness; (2)  Rajas—activity   and  (3)  Tamas—inertia”



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 12, June, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 17

From Howrah Reading Centre, Ms. Sujata Halder narrated her two dreams :

1) In the year 2001 I saw in a dream that we three sisters had gone to Howrah. On our return it seemed that Sri Ramkrishna was guiding us. We could se his back side which seemed that he was tall and strongly – built, wearing dhoti, Punjabi and a coat. However we followed him.

Then we came near the river Ganges and we had to cross it. Some 50 people boarded on the boat. Two persons were helping to board the passengers standing in the water upto their necks. One of them said, ‘It will be filled up with one more person.

We come to Esplanade after crossing the river. It was late night, the road lights were on. Three of us were walking. Just at this moment one plane flew in the sky, and within a short moment it fell into an accident. The whole plane was transformed into a lump of fire.

After waking up I realized that the gentleman in the dream was not Sri Ramkrishna but he was Sri JIbankrishna.

[The dream indicated that the seer visualized the Supreme Being in the form of fire. It is mentioned in Upanishad.]

2) We three sisters were going either to Darjeeling or Digha sea beach. It seemed a combination of both, because on both sides of the road the sea was visible. We entered into a glasshouse. Far away a hill whitish and soothing was visible. The hill was so high as if it merged into the sky. All round it was foggy and the hill top was looking silvery as if made of ice. My second sister climbed up to a certain height but the younger one couldn’t. She told me to climb up, but I said, ‘When time comes I shall climb up.’ My dream was then off.’

Later on I prayed to Sri Jibankrishna, ‘Thakur, what is the meaning of this dream’?

Just after two days he appeared before me in dream and said, ‘That hill was the Pure Soul (Suddha Atman).’

In such a manner I got my question solved my God-the-Preceptor.

Ms. Puspa Pal from Howrah Reading Centre has narrated two dreams :

1) On January 8, 2002, I saw in my dream that the base of a very thick trunk of a tree was smeared into leaving a gap in between and inside that Brahma (Supreme Self) and Sakti (Supreme Mother) were standing. Ultimately they united into one my dream was off.

[Sri Ramkrishna mentioned that Brahma and Sakti are identical. It means the Supreme Self is neither male nor female. The seer experienced it in her dream.]

2) On October 26, 2002, Saturday during listening to the reading of Sri Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) I saw in a trance that Sri Jibankrishna wearing dhoti and Punjabi was sitting on the reader Samir Banerjee’s shoulder hanging his two legs on both sides of the shoulder. Over his head a tiny form of Sri Jibankrishna was standing inside the bright sun. The trance then was off.

[The trance indicated that in any Reading Centre where Jibankrshna’s book is read, the listeners see him in dreams, trances etc.

The dream also indicated the spiritual condition of the reader and at the same time indicated that Sri Jibankrishna is Parama Brahma or Supreme Self as Upanishads described the Person in Sun as the Supreme Self.]