(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume- 13, July, 2014

Chapter – 10

Meaning of Brahmagyan or Supreme cult

June, 1958.

What is the meaning of Supreme knowledge? To become one. No body knows the real meaning so far. Why so many diversities in the world? Due to lack of this oneness. Why so many diversities among different religions? That was also due to lack of oneness. Nothing will exist one day.Temples, Churches will not be required. When a human being gets God within his body temple, then only everything will be abolished.

In Vedas it is said, ‘Oh, listen the world you are the son of immortal’ – but this signifies fathership and sonship.  It carries less weight. A higher stage is ‘Svelaketo, you are Thou’ and higher than this is, ‘I am Brahma’ (Supreme).

The Supreme State and the action

1st June, 1958.

Shankaracharya’s Brahma (Supreme) in one sense debatable and what Astabakra Sanghita has mentioned is wonderful. It says, ‘Brahma performs everything being settled in one place. See, I am a living human being and so many things are happening among innumerable people encircling me. But I confine myself within this place. You see me within yourselves from different places. Just imagine what a wonderful quote Astabakra Sanghita is giving! How it is tallying with our phenomenon! Shankaracharya’s Supreme knowledge is individualistic and the zenith is Samadhi which is a type of death. But that won’t do. I have now crossed Samadhi stage. I am a living human being and this living man is within all. This is the state of liberation in living life. In ascent what is called Supreme Knowledge is the Supreme state being appeared within myriads of people. Brahma or Supreme one is a living person who being confined in one place acts throughout the world.

The state of ‘I exist’ comes after seeing Diamond within

8th June, 1958.

These little children, all of them saw me in dreams. We had this idea that before 12 years the door of Susumna does not open. But here everything is happening out of convention. That boy came and saw me in dreams; took his second brother, he saw me, then took his father, he saw m.e His mother saw me sitting at her house. Then youngest brother came, he saw me. At last youngest sister, she also saw me in dreams.

Will you listen another issue? You have seen me, these people have seen me – what is its meaning? Off and on I use the words ‘I only exist’ – it includes them all. Further more you take into consideration its yogic side. You have seen me, all these people have seen me. What does it mean? You are also becoming ‘one’ with them.

A man projects the world from his body

21st June, 1958.

Whenever I am born. I am projecting this world from my body and living in it. As I am growing up, it is also growing. Did you have any idea that there was North Pole or South Pole?

And when I shall demise this world also vanishes.

Now one thing I can understand clearly.  Maximum people who came to me saw me in dreams before they came here. In Isha Upanishad there are eighteen hymns. But they have not mentioned about ‘Nirguna Brahma’ (Supreme one of infinity). They have mentioned about the golden color man in sun., but what was the actual form was not mentioned. Those who wrote this, neither saw nor conceived. For this reason nothing stroke ion their mind. But here so many people saw my specific form in the sun.

Man in sun is visualized within the body, not outside

24th June, 1958.

Till now four persons have seen me in the sun within themselves. They are Saila, Kali, Santosh and Abhay. Most of them told me about their dreams how many will I consider. Let these go on.

Now this man in the sun within the body is described in Isha Upanishad as ‘Param Brahma’(Supreme One) They are describing – O Nourisher (Pusan), the sole Seer (ekarsi), O controller (Yama),O Sun (Surya), offspring of  Prajapati, spread forth thy rays! Gatherthy brilliance (tejas)! What is thy fairest form – that of thee I see. He who is yonder, yonder person (Purusha) – I myself am he! [16]

For a few days I have been reading it. These four persons have seen that ‘Param Brahma’ Isa Upanished have 18 hymns. Only two of them have mentioned about ‘Param Brahma’. Just imagine how much importance they have given on it!

But two things they could not say. One, where this man in sun seen – whether outside or inside. And two, if they saw this person, who was this person and did he look?

See, Isha Upanishad also is making a mistake! They are saying that this person can be seen in the sun outside, and as a result what happens? Thousands and thousands of people tried to perform ‘Tratak’ to see that man in the outside (inIndia) and lost their eyesight. We can see this reference even in the life of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). He had also lost his eyesight by this process. Though by his spiritual power he got back his eyesight. Just imagine what harm did this Upanishad to the mankind!

What Isha Upanishad could not say, these four persons have said. Each of them told me, ‘we have seen a person in the sun in our dreams. And that person was you.’

Why Isha Upanishad could not say this clearly? Because what they have written was not visualized by them. Hearing from other persons they have written. They have also confessed that after hearing from others they have written it. For this reason Upanishads are called ‘Sruti’. They were merely scholars; not Rishis and they had no realizations like Rishis.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 13, July, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Jyotirmay Basak

After graduation in Science I got a service in the accounts department of Calcutta corporation. After three months of joining I was sent to a department where I met a gentleman Sudhindra Nath Sinha in the first day. I was placed on a table just opposite his sit for working. He treated me like his younger brother. In the leisure I used to sing devotional songs in a low voice. Watching this one day he told me, ‘You are in devotional class.’ We had a discussion on Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda). Once he asked me whether I see any dream on Thakur Sri Ramkrishna or gods and goddesses. I said, ‘Yes I have seen Thakur in dream, though most of the dreams I see are about the reality incidents. Besides this I see sometimes on some gods and goddesses.

He said, ‘I shall take you to a place where there is no traditional lecture on religion and no give and take business. Discussions on only God are held on there. Immediately I agreed though I became a bit scared.

However, it was Sunday, 20th March, 1956, at about 3 P.M. I went to brother Sudhin’s house and started for Howrah where Jibankrishna used to reside.  On our way we had many discussions on Jibankrishna.

From Howrah station we availed bus No. 53 and when we reached Jibankrishna’s residence at Kedar Deuti lane we found that already 4-5 pairs of shoes were kept outside. When we pushed the closed door and entered into the room, it seemed as if Thakur Sri Ramkrishna was laying on the cot. One person leaning against the north wall was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna under his portrait. Noticing clearly I observed that there was a slight difference in his form from Thakur. The body was very robust, clean shaved, short beard slightly white. Seeing us he sat on the cot from his half laying posture and said, ‘Who, is it Sudhin? Come! Are you well? Who is with you? Come my boy come!’ On our way to his residence brother Sudhin told me that there was restriction to touch his feet. So touching my head on his cot I bowed to him and sat near his feet. At once he said, ‘Not, there my boy, get up on the cot and sit near me.’ It seemed as if a mother took her son on her lap. But I hesitated as my feet were a bit dirty with road dusts inspite of having shoes. He said, ‘It is all right, come nearer to me.’ I looked at others present in the room and saw their smiling faces.

Then our introductory discussion started. He asked, ‘What is your name my boy?’ I said, ‘Jyotirmay Basak.’ Instantly brother Sudhin said, ‘ He works in my section in Calcutta Corporation. A few days have passed he started his service carrier. His father was a professor in Scottish Church College. Then he said, ‘Have you seen any dreams my boy?’ ‘Yes I see gods and goddesses.’ I answered. From my childhood I had fascination for religion.’ When asked whether I use to meditate, I said, ‘Sometimes I used to close my eyes and sit motionlessly. Once during that operation I lost my sense. Later on by a sound of Shell I got back my sense.

Hearing all these from me he instructed the reader to continue reading. The reading with his yogic interpretation was going on. Truly speaking I was not understanding anything and sweating. Seeing this Jibankrishna started fanning himself with a hand fan in such a way so that I was also feeling its wind. With a great hesitation when I wanted the hand fan from him, he said, ‘It was okay my boy.’

As the time was approaching, more people came inside the room and ultimately the whole room and the front corridor were packed up with listeners. Even some people were standing on the front road.

During interpretation of the Gospel many yogic symptoms were observed on his body, I never saw such Samadhis or ecstasy anywhere. In my mind a mixture of fear, devotion and surprise was playing. In the evening he told me to meditate along with others. Sitting on the cot I started meditation with him. Most of us woke up from meditation prior to him. Then he asked me about my vision. I said, ‘I saw both you and Sri Ramkrishna. First I saw thakur Sri Ramkrishna in standing posture and then only your face. Thereafter he was transformed into you.’ Hearing this he became very happy and said, ‘You have achieved God-the-Preceptor. A man can never be a preceptor, only God is the Preceptor.’ Then he gave explanation of God-the-Preceptor. But still I could not conceive it.

At about 9 P.M. every body started going out after bowing to Jibankrishna. I was thirsty for touching his feet but due to restriction I could not. But what a strange thing when he asked brother Sudhin about a book and as soon as he told me, ‘Come again my boy.’ I almost fell on his feet He said,’ It is okay my boy, it is okay! Whenever you get time, come again.’

Fortunately in the same day I saw first awakening of Kundalini in Anath and another boy. And actually, after touching his feet my body became a bit different. I was feeling a sensation like a wine addicted man having a divine joy and feverish. I was becoming slightly disbalanced with great ecstasy. Jibankrishna told me, ‘Go with Sudhin,’ and told brother Sudhin, ‘Hold him well.’ Throughout my way home I was floating on the ocean of bliss and this sensation persisted for 4-5 days. I could not tolerate any discussion other than God, and a spontaneous and continuous recitation of the name ‘Thakur’ went on for about a month.

For a few days his form used to appear before me off and on. One dream I saw where the whole scene of Buddha’s life coming out of Kapilabastu up to his Buddhahood under ‘Bodhi Brihsha tree.’

August, 1970.

Belgachia, Kolkata.



Volume – 13, July, 2014

Chapter 29

Indication  of  Realizations  in  Descent state of austerity

131.      4th June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  A very high water tank was seen and from the top a chain of innumerable human beings both known and unknown was hanging with heads down, just like the bats hang . Each man is holding the legs of another one and so on. The end of the chain is not traceable.  Standing on the ground I became astonished seeing this peculiar thing  The dream then was off.

After 2-3 days the meaning flashes in my mind —well, does it not  show that the traditional  religion of human race is just opposite to our new concept of religion? Again after a long time another meaning came automatically that this might indicate that in future the seer will have austerity in Descent.

Blessing of  Dasmahavidya  (Ten forms of goddess Kali) and

conversation  with goddess  chamunda

132.        6th June, 1976.

At night I had a trance. Suddenly I heard the voice of an old woman, although she was out of vision. It seemed as if she was saying, ‘Jibankrishna (Diamond) saw me as Chamunda (Another form of the goddess  Kali). It appeared to my mind, then why Jibankrishna could not trace her through his mind focusing in every direction within the brain ?( It happened in reality. In 1960, Diamond or Jibankrishna had a vision of Chamunda). Suddenly it seemed she was telling, ‘my origin was not in the seventh plane but from the lingasarir ( Annyamay kosha or 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane as it seemed to the seer within the dream). I have different forms. Which of these you want to see? I answered through my thoughts (Telepathic language)—I shall see the figure of Kalyani( the last figure of Dasamahavidya). Here the trance was off. It was noteworthy that all the conversations were through telepathic language.

After 8-10 days I saw in a letter of the late Dhirendra Nath Roy on the occasion of Jibankrishna’s vision of Dakshayani (Dakini) that in Lakshmi Tantra different forms of the goddess Kali are described and their origin is in Annyamaya Kosha(Sheath) or 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane and the last form is Kamala which denotes goodness. This vision makes the seer to achieve control over five elements.

Here in the trance of the seer the goddess Kali in the form of an old woman was pleased with the seer and gave him a boon to see the last form, which according to Lakshmi Tantra might be fruitful in his life in future in any way .

Vision  of  other’s  condition

133.       10th June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I had gone somewhere at Sainthia of Birbhum District where Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh, a devotee of  Jibankrishna. It seemed as if Mr. Indra Nath Mukherjee was also accompanying me. As soon as I went to the house, Mr. Ghosh opened the door himself. I noticed that Mr. Ghosh had become very normal . Dhiren Mondal and Debkumar Choudhury, other two devotees were also present there. After a long conversation I came back and the dream went off.

[In reality Mr. Ghosh was passing through some brain abnormalities and became normal at present which was unknown to me. Through dream the real condition was revealed to the seer.]

Stability  of  ‘Dharma  O  Anubhuti’  in  the  body

134.         16th June, 1976.

Just in the pre-awakening condition from sleep in the early morning I was hearing someone’s voice uttering continuously the sound ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’. While hearing this sound I woke up.

[The realization indicates that the effect of the sayings of the book ‘Dharma O Anubhut ‘ is going to be stable within the seer (as per dream no 5)].

Stability  of the Realizations  in  Ascent state of Austerity

135.         17th June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I was climbing up on a hill through a hilly path . Nobody was found anywhere. The path was rough and muddy. After a distance it was pitched. I crossed that part and reached the hill top. At this moment I noticed that a married woman was standing beside me. It seemed as if somebody was with her. She told somebody pointing me—‘He has come to such a long distance place!  It seemed that she had accompanied me up to this place just to help me, but I did not notice her and ignoring her I looked at the top and saw the path was very inaccessible. In spite of that I began to climb up with great difficulty and near the peak through a passage I at last reached the peak. I saw the sky only and felt a great pleasure. Looking on the other side of the hill I noticed a paved platform and a temple-like house.

The scene changed and saw myself talking to one of my friend named Debasish. At that moment I received a photo and with great astonishment I said to my friend, ’look, this is the photo of the scene! Which I experienced a little while ago in my dream’! Saying this I looked and looked on the photo with great surprise and went on thinking—Well, this is that path, then pitch road and then the stiff slope!

Just at the moment of awakening, it flashed in my mind—Oh! This was the path which I saw in a dream on 17th May, 1976! That was the same scene; only I went by a cart pulled by many horses.

[ After many days the seer realized that this scene denoted  the internal condition of the seer—the path and roads indicating different spiritual nerves, the hill top indicating the seventh plane or Sahashrar, then climbing down meaning the descent of ascent and photo indicated that this was established in him and now he will have the experience of descent as he climbed down through another side of the hill.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 13, July, 2014


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

297)     “A  child has got no  caste  distinction,  nor  hatred,  nor

Sense of  purity  or  impurity  in  anything”.

In Paramhansa state, the eight knots located in the waist are cut asunder. It is so seen to happen within the body. If you attain Paramhansa state, your God-the-preceptor will come to you but with some defect in his  body and give you a very sharp weapon. With that weapon you cut asunder the eight eight knots of nerves (Astapash) in the waist. At the time you feel a physical sensation in your waist as well as in the cerebrum and it is clearly and distinctly understood that some changes are taking place in place in the brain.

298) “There are some who after being transformed into God,

Keep the ‘devotee-1’  or  ‘servant-1 and live thereon”

It is Descent.

299)            “Even  after  attainment  of  God,  there  remains

but  a  meager  tinge  of  ‘I’

This is that ‘I’ who sees the display and ecstatic sports of manikin form (Manus Ratan) of God in him known as Avatar or incarnation of God.

300)             “Even  someone  may  attain  God  by  giving  a  thorough  training

to  himself  and  practicing  the  ‘devotee-1’  in him”

It is spoken of them who want to attain God by self-exertion.

301)    “The  path  of true  devotion  leads  one to  the  Supreme  Knowledge”

The course of true devotion is innate and spontaneous . In it God in the body emanates, manifests, shows His sportive forms and ultimately transforms into Supreme Knowledge. Nay, it does not stop here, but it goes further in Descent. “Shiva is coming out from the regions under the earth”—Shri Ramkrishna.

302)     “A  true  devotee  does  not  want  the  Supreme  Knowledge”

Nikasha (the mother of Ravana, the King of * Lanka, in the epic of Ramayana) does not want to get herself merged in the Great Cause.

The word ‘Nikasha’ has also got a different meaning. It means the human body from which God has emanated in full measure.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 13, July, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 18

From Howrah Reading Centre, Ms. Dipali Banerjee has narrated one of her dream :

On April 1, 2002, I saw in my dream that I was standing in the River Ganges water upto the waist. On one of my side was standing Sri Ramkrishna and another side Sri Jibankrishna. I was scared to drown myself in the water. But they said, ‘Drown yourself. Why do you scare, we are there.’

So firstly I drowned upto my chest, then up to the neck and when I drowned myself completely, nothing I could remember and I woke up.

[Here the water is the Holy water where a human being when drowned becomes transformed into Superior Self, uniting with God.]

Dibakar Basu from Howrah Reading Centre has narrated two dreams.

1) On February 23, 2002, I dreamt that I had gone to a sea beach and sat there to see the sun rise. Suddenly I saw that Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna came by a helicopter and got down in-front of me. Just at that time I saw myself as a child of 2 years old without any clothes and holding my hair on the head Jibankrishna started drowning me into the sea water repeatedly saying, ‘My son, Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) is the life – the whole life is Kathamrita.’ Seeing this I was crying and here my dream was off.

[The dream indicates that the austerities of the seer will be performed by the grace of God-the-Preceptor Jibankrishna throughout his life.]

2)            On March 27, 2002, I saw in my dream that my mother was telling me, ‘When you will return from your office, bring a bit Abir (the red coloured powder made of herbs and is used during the celebration of Dol festival of Hindus), to-morrow is ‘Dol Purnima’.

On my way home in the afternoon I bought two wood apple. During purchasing ‘Abir’ I asked many shop keepers, but nowhere I got  good quality of ‘Abir’. Suddenly from inside a shop JIbankrishna’s voice was heard, ‘go to Kali Banerjee Lane,Howrah (Here is a Reading Centre where Samir Banerjee reads the book of Jibankrishna ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ in Bengali), you will get there good quality ‘Abir’.

So I went to Kali Benerjee Lane and saw that many children were buying, ‘Abir’ from there. Asked by me they said, ‘Samir Uncle gave us Abir’.

Entering into the house I saw that Samir uncle was holding a large white in his hand and its gradual enlargement ‘Abir’ was coming out continuously. So I also took some quantity and returned home. My dream was off.

[Red ‘Abir’ symbolizes love for God. From the Reading Centre it is distributed. This means that through these Reading Centers love for God is created after listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book and in reality it is happening so.]

From The Reading Center of 1/1, Kali Banerjee Lane, Howrah  Ms. Swagata Bhattacharjee narrated her two  dreams :

1) On April 29, 2002, Monday, I saw in my dream that in our Reading Centre reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ was going on. Many people were listening. I was also present there. Jibankrishsna was seated on this cot. All the listeners were unknown to me and who was the reader was also unknown. I was seated on the floor looking at Jibankrishna.

Suddenly some ladies started paying their regards by putting garlands, flowers and sandalwood paste at the feet of Jibankrishna. But I sat motionless. I wore an ochre sari. Some of the ladies told me, ‘Bow down to him by placing flowers and garlands at his feet.’ But I did nothing. They began to scold me. Jibankrishna told them, ‘Why are annoying her? She won’t perform all these. Do you know why are you doing this? Each one of you want something. Some want sons, some want money, some want house. But she doesn’t want anything because her soul is liberated during her life time. I have to throw away all these things, otherwise I shall loose this same state.’

Then naming some listeners and readers Jibankrishna said to them, ‘For so long years they have been coming here and what they have earned is gained by her at once due to genetic characters, though she never read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna elaborately.’

Hearing this they asked, ‘Then how has she achieved this state’? Jibankrishna said, ‘Within a twinkling of an eye she has surrendered everything at my feet and so she has achieved the liberation of soul in her life – time, but you haven’t.’ Here my dream was off.

[The dream indicates the spiritual state of the seer, and wherever this book is read, there is appearance of God-the-Preceptor or the writer.]

2) On May 1, 2002, I saw in my dream that I was seated in the midst of a forest. Nobody was there. Suddenly a very strongly built gentleman came and stood before me, He wore dhoti and Punjabi. He said his name as Jiten. He asked me, ‘Do you know where is Ekalabya’? I said, ‘Here he is.’ Saying this he held my hand and said, ‘you see your thumb is not there in your hand and you are Ekalabya.’ My dream was of.

[In the great epic of Hindus ‘Mahabharat’ the story of Ekalabya is narrated like this. He was the son of the Coach of archery Kripacharyya. He wanted to learn the archery from the great Coach of archery Dronacharyya who was the Coach of Pandavas.

He became so skilled in archery that the Pandavas were jealous of him and told Dronacharyya to do something. So Dronacharyya told Ekalabya to give him the return by cutting his own thumb and Ekalabya did so.

After this incident Ekalabya made an idol of Dronacharyya and learned archery without his thumb and became an expert superior to Pandavas. The inner meaning is that instead of human preceptor Ekalabya got God as God-the-Preceptor and he became superior than others.

Here the dream indicates that the seer has become Ekalabya getting God-the-Preceptor within her.]












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